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Starship Samudram
by Saurabh Dashora
$0.00, 422 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #5 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Space Exploration
Journey to Titan like never before

"Amazing book!!! Very interesting from start to end" - GoodReads Member

"The author has great imagination with a wonderful way of depicting story. Couldn't put this book down" - GoodReads Member

"Starship Samudram is an enthralling read that grips you from the get-go" - GoodReads Member

Earth is dying. Starship Samudram, carrying a crew of 1000 people, travels to Saturn's largest moon, Titan. Their mission is to colonize it. But they are not aware of the secret hidden behind Titan's thick atmosphere. Something lurks within the very elements of this enigmatic world and waits for their arrival.

What will happen when they land on Titan where methane rains instead of water and where the skies are dominated by the mighty presence of Saturn? Will they perish in the icy wastes of this strange world? Or will they be able to survive and unveil the mystery?

More Praise for Starship Samudram

"It is full of surprises. It has everything - strength, fear, trust, deception, love, romance, horror, kindness, pride, happiness, sorrow, and hope" - Amazon Customer

"An amazing book with lot of elements to it. It is not just a mere Sci-Fi book,but there are many layers to it. A very good read." - Amazon Customer

If you enjoy a thrilling ride into the future of space exploration, Starship Samudram is for you.

Into Darkness (Song of the Lorekeeper Book 1)
by Patricia Renard Scholes
$0.00, 115 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #31 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Colonization
The Intergalactic Faj conquer whole worlds. Over a generation ago, the Faj sent Nevians to conquer the planet, a peaceful homeland holding three separate cultures. They introduced strange and horrifying concepts like slavery and slaughter. They confiscated the land and forced the people into Sectors.

The Krindarwee in Sector One, the ones hardest hit by the invaders, prayed for a deliverer. Twenty years ago, the Daughter was born, and trained into her purpose to share the stories and songs of her people, to release those held in slavery, and to eliminate the Faj from their planet.

No one expected for the Daughter to become infatuated with the Prince in the Faj, or for the Prince to have the ability to completely dominate a person’s mind.

EON (Chronos Ring #1)
by Earl E. Hardman
$0.00, 202 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (6 reviews), #1 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Space Exploration
In the far future, mankind lives safe and secure behind the Chronos Ring – an automatic defense system that encircles the area of space occupied by human beings. The Ring keeps out all of humanity’s enemies – in particular, a vicious race of reptilians known as the Parsnaak.

On the outer fringe of human-occupied space is the planet Muse, an entire world dedicated and established as a colossal museum – a storehouse of antiquities and relics from the ancient histories of both men and aliens. There, Ian Lotus, a man with his own mysterious past, has chosen to live in deliberate obscurity, harboring secrets that could reshape mankind’s destiny.

Now, the impossible has happened: the Chronos Ring has been breached – rendered inert – and Lotus finds himself no longer able to hide in the shadows as he becomes the object of a massive interplanetary manhunt. However, his problems go well beyond simply being the most wanted man in the galaxy. There’s also the approaching Parsnaak invasion fleet to deal with, as well as an enigmatic, extra-dimensional being of immense power who, for reasons unknown, wants Lotus dead.

Doctor Mars (Mindcop Dossiers Book 1)
by T.A. Uner
$0.00, 43 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (25 reviews), #51 in > Short Reads > One hour (33-43 pages) > Teen & Young Adult
The First Episode of the Mindcop Dossiers series!

In the future, Mars has been fully colonized by humans. On this new Earth colony the members of the MCPF (Mars Colonial Police Force) keep the peace. Liberty Rise is a gifted mutant with a strange power. As a member of the Mindcop Division, she must use her skill to solve paranormal crimes.

When a recluse scientist threatens the safety of Mars, Liberty and the MCPF must intervene.

Code of Conduct (The Jani Kilian Chronicles Book 1)
by Kristine Smith
$0.00, 316 pages, 3.8 out of 5.0 (87 reviews)
Captain Jani Kilian’s life should have ended in front of a firing squad. Instead, she evaded battlefield justice by dying in a transport crash. End of story, according to official Commonwealth Service records.

But doctors repaired her in secret, using the most advanced Service Medical technologies available, or so they assured her. In the last days of the idomeni civil war, she escaped their homeworld of Shèrá, and spent the next 18 years on the run.

But someone like Jani leaves a trail no matter how hard they try to hide it, and she soon learns the Service hunt for her never ended. When Interior Minister Evan van Reuter, her former lover, tracks her down and begs her help in finding his wife’s killer, she has no choice but to agree.

The search takes her to the Commonwealth capital of Chicago, a hotbed of political intrigue as dangerous as any warzone. As the danger mounts, so do Jani’s struggles. Her rebuilt body is breaking down, and memories long suppressed are flooding back. Of one horrible night 18 years ago, and the gut-wrenching decision that changed her life forever.

Sacrifice (Star Wanderers Book 3)
by Joe Vasicek
$0.00, 96 pages, 3.3 out of 5.0 (11 reviews), #16 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Colonization

When Jeremiah found himself alone on his starship with an accidental bride, he had no idea how much his life would soon change. Now, with Noemi's quiet confidence supporting him as she carries their first child, it's hard to imagine life without her.

But life in the Outworlds isn't so simple. Good men are hard to come by, and Noemi's friends expect her to share. As part of a colony mission bound for an unsettled star, Jeremiah can't say no without causing a rift in the community. But if he says yes, his new-found happiness may soon come to an end. One way or another, he will have to make a sacrifice—one that could tear their starbound family apart.

This series is rated T according to the AO3 content rating system.

Slave to the Alien Dragon
by Abella Ward
$0.00, 555 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 Customer Reviews), #8 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Anthologies & Short Stories
A curvy slave fighting as a gladiator PLUS a hot dragon warrior fighting for his planet PLUS an enemy looking to destroy them!

The mighty, proud race of dragon shapeshifters, the Kinai, have kept to themselves, guarding their secrets from outsiders and living their lives in relative peace.

Then, an old enemy begins to haunt their shores yet again, searching for a way to defeat and enslave them so they can use their power to conquer the entire planet of Elamaren.

Commander Kenner of the elite Darkwing Squadron is his race’s greatest shield against those who would do them harm, but he finds his mission compromised when fate brings him face to face with the only Earthling on his planet – the big, bold and beautiful Teresa Echeveria.

The victim of an alien abduction, Teresa is sold away into slavery on the strange and amazing planet, all hopes of ever returning to Earth lost forever...

Forced to fight in the gladiatorial arena, she’s holding on to the last reserves of her will to keep going when Kenner swoops in on his majestic wings to save her.

But treachery and jealousy lurk in the shadows, and the unlikely lovers must fight for both their love and their lives against impossible odds. All they have left is their faith in each other... but will that be enough?

NOTE: This book includes 5 bonus stories!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a 60-page stand-alone story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers! Story contains mature themes and language and is intended for 18+ readers only.