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Newly Free Vampires Kindle Books for 2019-06-13

Twice Bitten: A Bi MFM Vampire Romance (The Nocturne Agency Book 2)
by G.A. Rael
$0.00, 212 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (56 reviews), #5008 in Paranormal Vampire Romance
Once bitten, twice shy. Isn’t that what they say?

The scars a merciless vampire left on me a year ago have healed, but his message to my father remains clear: the Belmonte family is playing an immortal’s game.

Drugs. Murder. Missing people no one really misses. They’re all things I’ve learned to turn a blind eye to ever since I was a child.

I’ve been promised to a monster to protect my family’s legacy. Fight fire with fire, right?

One night with a vampire of a different kind, arranged by my friends, is supposed to cure me of my fear and erase the etchings of trauma carved deep into my soul. But Galen’s mark goes deeper still.

His mate, Eli, is as ruthless as the man who kidnapped me--and Eli is starting to fall for me too. This can’t work… so why does it feel so right when they call me their Kindred?

He’s a vampire. She’s a woman. Neither are what my coven expected I’d choose for a mate, but I want them both.

I need them.

That’s selfish, isn’t it? Loving more than one person? And yet, it’s only when I’m with Eli and our Mina that I feel whole.

They say you can’t help who you love, but it’s clear “they” have certain people in mind. Certain limits.

I’ll have to shatter every last one of them if I’m going to get my happily ever after. I’ll have to make them understand.

This vampire romance contains mature subject material. Adult audiences only.

The Girl Who Sees (Sasha Urban Series Book 1)
by Dima Zales
$0.00, 350 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (108 reviews), #1 in Humorous Fantasy (Kindle Store)
I'm an illusionist, not a psychic.

Going on TV is supposed to advance my career, but things go wrong.

Like vampires and zombies kind of wrong.

My name is Sasha Urban, and this is how I learned what I am.

The Shadow Reader (A Shadow Reader Novel Book 1)
by Sandy Williams
$0.00, pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (149 reviews), #57 in Children's eBooks (Kindle Store)
Some humans can see the fae. McKenzie Lewis can track them, reading the shadows they leave behind. But some shadows lead to danger. Others lead to lies.

A Houston college student trying to finish her degree, McKenzie has been working for the fae king for years, tracking vicious rebels who would claim the Realm. Her job isn't her only secret. For just as long, she's been in love with Kyol, the king's sword-master--and relationships between humans and fae are forbidden.

Any hope for a normal life is shattered when she's captured by Aren, the fierce and uncompromising rebel leader. He teaches her the forbidden fae language and tells her dark truths about the Court, all to persuade her to turn against the king. Time is running out, and as the fight starts to claim human lives, McKenzie has to decide once and for all whom to trust--and where she ultimately stands in the face of a cataclysmic civil war.

Magic War Episode One
by Odette C. Bell
$0.00, pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #376 in Paranormal & Urban Fantasy (Kindle Store)
In a world of broken myths and lies, Veronique thinks she’s a fighter. She’s wrong. She’s a sacrifice for an ancient vampire who shall rise once more.
Veronique is a magical Lemurian warrior. Every night, she prowls the city streets dispatching ghoulish nightmares called husks. She’s been alone for years. Until now. When a human army captain is thrown into her world, she vows to keep him safe. Together, they’re thrust into a realm of ancient lies, violence, and vampires who hide in plain sight and myth. Veronique has one chance – learn the truth or sacrifice her blood to lies.

Magic War is a sprawling action-adventure fantasy sure to please fans of Odette C. Bell’s the Frozen Witch.

Newly Free Paranormal Kindle Books for 2019-06-13

The Grisly Grizzlies: Kneecap (The Grizzly Bear Shifters of Redemption Creek Book 3)
by Kim Fox
$0.00, 133 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (99 reviews), #13 in Paranormal & Urban Fantasy (Kindle Store)
Wild. Ferocious. Untamed. Vicious. And that’s just Kneecap in his human form. His savage grizzly bear on the other hand… watch out! Nothing and no one has been able to tame this half barbarian/half shifter in thirty years, but there’s a glimmer of hope when a curvy girl named Nora walks onto the ranch.

Nora Marchesi has come to Montana to find her sister. What she didn’t come to find was a naked caveman stalking her through the forest, but that’s exactly what she gets. He has long hair to his shoulders, a long beard to his chest, and a long (you-know-what) to his knees. And for some reason, he seems to have a big crush on her.

Redemption Creek’s most savage grizzly bear is in a constant battle with his human companion Kneecap. Will they be able to work together to charm the pretty girl who is running away from them screaming? And when old enemies come to visit, will Kneecap’s new civilized manner be enough to stop them?

Find out in Book Three of The Grizzly Bear Shifters of Redemption Creek by Kim Fox!

Legacy of the Sorceress (A Gargoyle and Sorceress Tale Book 6)
by Lisa Blackwood
$0.00, 303 pages, 4.9 out of 5.0 (25 reviews), #14 in Paranormal & Urban Fantasy (Kindle Store)
A roll of the dice and Fate thrusts Corporal Anna Mackenzie into a new situation.

With her soul hanging in the balance, the young gargoyle, Shadowlight, makes a deal with the Lord of the Underworld to save Anna’s life.

The demigod saves her, then sends the pair to Haven, a city outside time, where they will heal.

The price?

Thirteen years.

The length of time Anna will need to embrace the healing stone sleep of gargoyles.

When she wakes, an adult gargoyle is waiting for her. He goes by the name Obsidian, but she’d once known him by another—Shadowlight.

Obsidian might be a stranger, but she’d promised Shadowlight she’d never leave him.

Now his older self wants her to honor that promise and stay, training alongside him to become one of Lord Death’s military leaders.

To honor the memory of a gargoyle cub she’d once loved like a little brother, Anna agrees to join the Lord of the Underworld’s cause.

Is she working for the good guys? Or has she traded in one Overlord for another?

Either way she’s staying.

Her promises don’t come with an expiration date and the more she gets to know Obsidian, the more she sees Shadowlight in him.

There’s no way she’s abandoning the kid a second time.

***Author's Note: This book contains swearing and adult situations.

The Gargoyle and Sorceress Tales:

Dawn of the Sorceress (A prequel short story)
Sorceress Awakening (Book One)
Sorceress Rising (Book Two)
Sorceress Hunting (Book Three)
Sorceress at War (Book Four)
Sorceress Enraged (Book Five)
Legacy of the Sorceress (Book Six)
Sorcery & Firedrakes (Book Seven))

The Nexis Awakening: YA Fantasy Romance (The Nexis Angel Series Book 0)
by Barbara Hartzler
$0.00, 88 pages, 4.9 out of 5.0 (23 reviews), #11 in Teen & Young Adult Religious Fiction eBooks

To save his sister, one brother must outmaneuver the world's most dangerous secret society.

James McAllen just found out the truth ... he's not the Seer. Which means his younger sister is next in line. Now, he must find a way to outsmart the all-powerful Nexis Society before they brainwash Lucy into helping them taking over the world.

Lucy McAllen can't wait to follow in her big brother's footsteps. After all, he's the president of the Nexis Society at Montrose Academy and bound for Yale after graduation. Soon, she starts having strange dreams and visions of a supernatural angels and demons. Little does she know that two secret societies want her ability ... and will tearing her family apart for her gifts.

Can James protect Lucy from the dreaded Nexis Society, and stay alive in the process? Find out in The Nexis Awakening, the much-anticipated prequel to the award-winning book, The Nexis Secret.

If you like intrigue, sass, and life or death choices, The Nexis Awakening is for you. This free YA Angel Romance blurs the lines of teen angst with angels and spiritual warfare. It's a fast-moving, visually-descriptive young adult fantasy full of action, adventure, and romance that really makes you think.

Making a splash in clean paranormal romance, one reviewer called the Nexis series, "The best paranormal books of the year."

Download it today for your FREE chance to enter the secret world of The Nexis Society.

You'll like The Nexis Awakening if you like:

YA angel romance like Fallen, by Lauren Kate
Clean paranormal romance like Angel Eyes, by Shannon Dittemore
Coming of age teen girl novels like the Ellie Sweet Series by Stephanie Morrill
Young adult fantasy romance like Storm Siren, by Mary Weber
Free YA Angel Academy reads like Hidden Wings, by Cameo Renae
Award winning books for teens and young adults like The Gifting, by K.E. Ganshert
Young Adult supernatural romance stories like Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Dragon's Bond: A Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Romance (House of Quercus Book 2)
by Eve Laird
$0.00, 364 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (34 reviews), #1552 in Paranormal Demons & Devils Romance
When her fated dragon mate travels through time for her, a fallen Angel must learn to love him or it will mean destruction for the entire world.

The histories told of a dragon race that protected the Other Natured. I didn’t believe them. Then, I found myself tending one as he slept for three hundred years.

Now, he’s awake and he's roused more than just the hidden fire magick within me.

He gave me a vivid vision of the future, forever seared into my memory: our fates and our futures are linked.

How am I supposed to remain focused on the duty required of us both when all I want to do is give in to the darkest temptations I've felt for centuries?

The Goddess blessed me with one last time shift to return to my mate. Vita must submit to me, body and soul.

If she rejects our Bond, the House of Quercus and the innocents it protects will fall. Vampires, shifters, Magick Born: without Vita, none will survive. She's our last hope.

My duty is to guide Vita to the one who will save us all. My desire is to keep her safe.

Even if that costs me everything, including her.

Dragon's Bond is the first full novel in the House of Quercus series.
Reading Order:

  • Dragon's Oath (Available now for free! ASIN: B07JNCC9LW)
  • Dragon's Bond (Available now: ASIN: B07JM9NYF5)
  • Magick Awakened (Available Now! ASIN: B07KQJ78T2)
  • Hidden Blood (Available Now! ASIN: B07NLB619R)
  • Darkened by Demons (Coming Soon in 2019)
  • watch out for more of the series!

Fly Away With Me (Magical Love Series Book 1)
by Dixie Painter
$0.00, 333 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (36 reviews), #116 in Coming of Age Fantasy eBooks
Fly Away With Me

Quinn Greene can't stop the dreams. Every night, a mystery man invades her life only to be ripped from her arms. She's trying to live as normal a life as possible in little Maryvell, Pennsylvania, focusing on her career at the museum, her cat and her friends but when your stepfather and stepbrothers are werewolves and the women in your family are Fae, well, there's not much normality there.

Walker MacGuire's life is a cliché in falling apart. After a series of losses, he takes a leap of faith and begins a new career based on a hobby—photography. His travels as a photographer bring him to a quaint town nestled in the foothills of southwestern Pennsylvania.

When their two worlds collide, it's fireworks and foreplay. But a dark force is coming for Quinn and Maryvell. Can Walker accept who and what Quinn is? Can she protect him from what's coming? Can they stand together against the darkness or will it destroy them both?

**Fly Away With Me is the first book in the Magical Love Series. Each book is a stand-alone, and follows a different couple in the town of Maryvell, Pennsylvania.

This book contains scenes of a sexual nature, strong language and adult themes, and is intended for readers over the age of 18.

Alfheim Seoul: YA Fantasy Adventure (Magic Parcel Service Book 1)
by Chris Coleman
$0.00, 230 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (15 reviews), #378 in Coming of Age Fantasy eBooks
Sixteen-year-old Alecia doesn't know anything about goblins or magic. She’s never even heard of Alfheim. She's just trying to get through high school and get her driver's license.

And then she meets a faerie creature who needs her help. One impulsive bargain later and she has magic powers, her grandfather kidnapped, and the FBI is involved. But she knows she did the right thing. Can she pull it all together before things entirely spiral out of control?

Alfheim Seoul is a fast-paced, fantasy adventure.

This is the first novel in the Magic Parcel Service series.

Clean. Suitable for all ages.

Shadow Detective Urban Fantasy Horror Series: Books 1-3 (Shadow Detective Boxset Book 1)
by William Massa
$0.00, 410 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (29 reviews), #1 in Occult Suspense
My name is Mike Raven, but the world knows me as the Shadow Detective.

Orphaned by demons at the age of ten, I have dedicated my life to keeping the world safe from nightmares. Trained by one of the greatest monster hunters who ever lived, and armed with an arsenal of mystical weapons, I battle forces beyond human understanding. Trust me, it’s not as glamorous as it sounds.

The Shadow Detective Boxed Set collects the first three supernatural action chillers of the bestselling urban fantasy horror series in one place for one great price. You get: Cursed City, Soul Catcher and Blood Rain.


My name is Mike Raven. I hunt nightmares.

Demons murdered my parents when I was eight. Turns out my folks were paranormal investigators and Hell always settles its scores. Naturally I decided to join the family business.

For two decades I've studied the occult and traveled the world fighting monsters. Vampires. Shifters. Demons. Ghosts. I've faced them all. But my biggest challenge lay ahead...

From the moment Celeste stepped into my office, I knew she was in trouble. Black magic trouble. Her father had promised her soul to a powerful demon on the day she was born. Now, twenty-one years later, the forces of darkness were gathering to collect their long-awaited prize.

Guess who's about to pick a fight with the Devil himself...


My name is Mike Raven. I hunt monsters. But today the monsters are hunting me.

There are two worlds. The world of the living--and the world of the dead. Sometimes they overlap. And sometimes they collide.

The spirit of a diabolical killer has returned from the grave to stalk the woman I love. Guess who's going to pick a fight with a dead murderer and his legion of the damned?


My name is Mike Raven. I've always hunted monsters. But now one of them is the woman I love.

I tried to save Detective Jane Archer's life. Instead I turned her into a creature of the night.

I know she's out there. Hunting. Killing.

It's only a matter of time before our paths cross. Before I must make a terrible decision: Do I put her down or let my city drown in a rain of blood?

The Shadow Detective eBook categories:

Dark Fantasy
Witches & Wizards
Myths & Legends
Supernatural Thriller
Urban Fantasy Thriller
Coming of Age
Angels & Demons
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Supernatural Mystery and Suspense
Vampires and Werewolves
Supernatural Shifter

by Larynn Ford
$0.00, 180 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (25 reviews), #1119 in Paranormal & Urban Fantasy (Kindle Store)
Fiercely independent and determined to be taken seriously in a man’s world, PI Rose Baxter will do whatever it takes to find the kids who are disappearing from the streets and bring them home safe, even teaming up with PI Marty Brown, a man hot enough to burn whatever part of her gets too close—her fingers, her sheets, her life, and her other nature’s whiskers.

But her other nature knows whiskers grow back and will accept nothing less than this man as her mate for life, a plan Marty’s all in on. Sparks fly when she refuses to be the little woman. Besides, those kids need her and their time’s running out. But, thrown together 24/7, can she fight their growing attraction?

Pisces (Zodiac Twin Flames Book 1)
by Rachel Medhurst
$0.00, 154 pages, 3.9 out of 5.0 (140 reviews), #235 in Paranormal & Urban Fantasy (Kindle Store)
When good vs evil, love always wins.

★★★★★ "Great read! I love paranormal so this was a sweet read!"
★★★★★ "Loved every page~!"
★★★★★ "Captivates you from first chapter, you can see it play out like a movie in your mind."

Most people cringe when they hear that my name’s Pisces, but I happen to like the name. As a love warrior, my mission in life is to find the man I’m supposed to unite with. Yeah, love might sound boring, but choosing evil is a death-wish.

When Nick, my evil enemy, kidnaps me, only my soulmate can save me. However, I don’t know who he is. I can’t exactly use my power of breathing underwater to find him. If we don’t unite while I’m alive, Nick will end love on earth for good. Will my soulmate find me in time?

Chasing Light's Shadow: Strike a deal. Delve into darkness. Seal a contract.
by Brenna Cariker
$0.00, 309 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #279 in Paranormal & Urban Fantasy (Kindle Store)
To make a living, seventeen-year-old Eloise Wylde helps her alcoholic dad cheat during poker games. But when Eloise makes a mistake, her dad’s life is threatened. Either she counts cards for Randy, the infamous drug dealer they’ve cheated, or her Dad dies. As if by magic, Eloise stumbles upon the green-eyed Light, who has an even darker past than herself. He promises to save her dad if she strikes a deal with him. However, his calm and collected personality hides a shadowy secret. Eloise agrees and Light plunges her into a world where the police are animalistic, mermaids run a black market, and inter-dimensional portals resemble airports. When Eloise realizes she must choose between her anticipated reunion with her dad or saving Light from a grim fate, she discovers love is like sealing a demonic contract–it can kill you.

The Korr Stigmata
by Tim Dugan
$0.00, 355 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (9 reviews), #12 in Historical Fantasy Fiction
In September 1940 the German blitz began pounding England in preparation for invasion, and it looked for all the world as if mighty Britain would be the next European state to fall to Nazi Germany. Graduate student Grace Arundel, who recently ended a long engagement, finds herself suddenly alone in the middle of the war and her world is in complete turmoil. The crisis throws her together with historian John Perceval and a new relationship blossoms, and it is at that time that the incredible begins. Arthur, the once and future king, appears to Grace and tells her she is “important” to the unfolding conflict.

Shaped around actual WWII events, including the SS search for the Holy Grail, the story becomes a desperate race for the lost Grail, the mysterious but powerful key that will turn the war in favor of its possessor. Grace is caught up in the chase along with Arthur, John and the druid Merlin, and before it’s over she discovers the staggering secrets passed down from her ancestors that eventually make her the object of the race. The Korr Stigmata is an adventure, and it also has mystical elements. But at the core it is the story about Grace at the most pivotal point in her life, and what she has to do and learn and overcome in order to find out who she truly is.

The Beasts Within (The Beast And Me Book 6)
by D.S. Wrights
$0.00, 108 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #9836 in Paranormal & Urban Fantasy (Kindle Store)
With Jay slowly regaining his memories, he decides to secretly help Daniel fight through the procedure all the other beasts went through to get their memories erased. But Peter has other plans, which put both Jay and Dan in imminent danger. Soon they have to try their best to keep up the facade, while feelings of guilt, jealousy, and silent reproach, as well as Peter's efforts to learn about Meghan's whereabouts taking their physical and psychological toll on both men, as they fight for their life and their identity.

We had troubles with uploading the final edit of this book. There might be the chance that you've received the ARC version. If so, please contact and we will provide you with the final version immediately.

Junior: A Wyrdos Universe Novella (Wyrdos Tales Book 3)
by Gwendolyn Druyor
$0.00, 125 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #410 in Coming of Age Fantasy eBooks

You can die of fright. 

Junior can’t live without it. 

Junior Leo just found out he’s the boogeyman’s bastard and it’s his job to terrify children. 

Trick is, none of us ever really grow up. We’re all children at heart. 

Even Junior. 

It’s the rare child that dreams of growing up to be a villain. Junior never did. But can you fight your genetic inheritance? Could he be a hero? 

He’s been hiding from the question for eight years but he’s about to encounter an ancient artifact that’s going to show everyone the truth about Junior Leo.

Especially, Junior Leo.

Junior is the third standalone in the Wyrdos Tales series. The Tales each feature a different supernatural character’s involvement in the same apocalyptic event.  You get to live it through different eyes each time. 

If you like the snark, magic, and action of Jim Butcher and Patricia Briggs’ books, then you’ll love The Wyrdos Tales series by Gwendolyn Druyor!

Download the story that won't let people sleep!

Read Junior for FREE with your Kindle Unlimited subscription or listen to the audiobook, read by the author!

Connect with Gwendolyn

Visit for more about the author and her many diverse endeavors. And her dogs. Don’t forget to check out her dogs.

Author Interview

I see this is the third book in the Wyrdos Tales. Do I have to read Dee and Laylea first? 

Read them in any order. They’re all standalones. Read them all to get the whole story. 

Where did you get the term Wyrdos? 

That’s easy. I toured with Shenandoah Shakespeare for a year. One of the eleven characters I played in Macbeth was Witch #1. I WAS a wyrd sister. (Some nights Witch #2 would wear blue contacts. I loved the look on her which is why Jane has blue eyes. It is definitely not because I'm secretly in love with Gary Dourdan from C.S.I.)

It comes up in Dee, the banshee's tale: 

“Wyrdos can usually recognize other wyrdos.”
“You mean supernatural beings?”
Dee could sense disapproval in Anne’s tone.  “You know I spell that in my head with a Y, like Wyrd sisters?  No?  Yes.  Supernatural is what I mean.”

What inspired you to write about the boogeyman? 

I don’t remember exactly where Junior came from. It may have been from an experimental short film I shot a few years ago. But I grew up having awful nightmares. Some teacher told me I should talk to the boogeyman and ask him why he kept scaring me. I’m pretty sure I rolled my eyes at that adult. But, the advice stayed with me and worked its way into Junior.  And right now I'm working on a short story based on one of my nightmares. It's going to be an exclusive for  my newsletter subscribers! You can sign up at

Andalusian in Jerusalem
by Mois Benarroch
$0.00, 168 pages, 3.8 out of 5.0 (9 reviews), #9 in Paranormal & Urban Fantasy (Kindle Store)
New novel by Mois Benarroch, author of the bestselling books Gates to Tangier and The Expelled, about the Jerusalem Syndrome, the strange delusions that grip tourists in that city. Back in Spain, a schoolboy decides to reveal a false secret to his closest friend and declares he is a Jew. To his surprise his friend reacts with “I knew it!” as if this was the best-known secret in the world. In a matter of hours the whole school calls him the Jew. No denial or acceptance that he told a lie will change his nickname. This fib will lead him to be a respected writer, till he finally writes a historical novel about the Jews. This novel is his first to be translated and to his surprise it is translated into Hebrew. The novel gets him invited to a strange writer’s festival in Jerusalem, where he meets an old woman who looks like his recently deceased mother, and she is convinced that he is her long-lost son, who disappeared several years earlier during the Lebanon War. He will also meet Charly, a Jewish-Moroccan-Israeli writer suffering from chronic discrimination as a Sephardi, who is taking his first steps in writing a novel about Lucena in Spanish, his mother tongue, which he has half forgotten in order to write in Hebrew. Jerusalem is at the center of Andalusian in Jerusalem, a short but intense novel where Madrid meets Jerusalem and the Jewish world becomes more fantastic than the novels of the writers who try to describe it. The Jewish past of Spain leads to Jerusalem, and Spanish is at the heart of the Jewish world.

Agkeli (Malum Curse Book 1)
by Lauren Sluss
$0.00, 387 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #477 in Paranormal & Urban Fantasy (Kindle Store)
The Agkeli were beautiful, and as Nature's first children held great power. But an evil took hold that caused them to turn to something dark and terrifying; Malum. The curse took Iradore, forcing the elves from their home and onto Earth for safety. Now, twenty years later, they have come to Earth to take from the elves the only thing they didn't get the first time. The emerald, a gem containing the power to replenish the tarnished decaying land of Iradore. Ellowyn, Cynder, and Daeron must return to their once thriving home to retrieve the stone, and they must go alone, according to the Elders. However, destiny has other plans and unexpected visitors join the fight. Can they return the emerald to the elves or will the Malum curse overtake them?
***This book contains mature content not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen.

Daughter of the Alpha: A Werewolf Romance Fantasy Story (The Great Masquerade Book 3)
by Jasmina Mareye
$0.00, 185 pages, 3.8 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #1403 in Paranormal & Urban Fantasy (Kindle Store)
Twenty years after the heart warming, thrilling series of Adventures of Carter Sparks, a broken girl who had found her mate in a twisted tale of mystery and love, comes the thrilling news series known as Hidden.

Clary Night is the daughter of the alpha, strong and bold with a fierce stubbornness that always causes trouble to find her. With a mischievous grin and an attitude to match, she finds herself in the prime of her youth, living life to the fullest with her friends as she turns seventeen. Ready to lead her family pack and to show the world she's ready for anything that comes her way, Clary begins to take charge of her life-
Just as everything falls apart.

Now forced to go to the same Masquerade ball as her parents, Clary finds her life thrown upside down as she meets new people, unearths dark secrets and suddenly becomes the center of an unfolding crisis that could destroy everything she has ever known.

Tags: werewolf, werewolves, wolf, alpha, alpha wolf, alpha male, alpha pack, daughter, fantasy, paranormal, fantastic, erotica, romance, urban, modern, contemporary, adult, love, pack, hidden, conceled, secrets, dark secrets, adventures, broken girl, strong, fierce, stubborn, masquerade, story, crisis, twist, interesting.

The Unlikely Recluse
by Celeste L. Hessler
$0.00, 113 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #23002 in Paranormal & Urban Fantasy (Kindle Store)
Sarah Goodwin, a former ballerina has become a recluse due to an odd reason. After suffering a brain injury while performing, she sees strange visions around people's heads. Returning to Wesley, her hometown in upstate New York, she finds the beauty in living a simple life, ultimately realizing how much the town is a part of her being. The visions she sees help guide her in planning her life's path.

Places Between: Wielder World Book 2.5
by Nat Kennedy
$0.00, 25 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #79 in 45-Minute Literature & Fiction Short Reads
Bethany Wolfe-Martin, a crack agent for the Bureau of Wielder Services, has dedicated her life to fighting Wielder crimes. A new branch of Wielding is dropping bodies over the city. Can she find this Wielder killer without failing her duty to her husband and daughter? It’s a balancing act she’s struggling to maintain.

Places Between is a short story glimpse into the Wielder World series—gay urban fantasy full of danger, power, and dedication born of trial and blood.

(this short story falls between after Center of Deception and before Afflicted to the Core.)

Flatlined: A Near-Death Experience. Paranormal Thriller
by John Meany
$0.00, 222 pages, 3.3 out of 5.0 (7 reviews), #129 in Paranormal & Urban Fantasy (Kindle Store)
Before losing control of the car I heard Annie yell, “No! No way! No! Luke! Luke! Turn the wheel back! Turn the wheel back!”

The car skidded on the wet pavement, fishtailed.

Then we crashed into the tree.


All thoughts stopped.

The medics rushed me to the trauma center.

The next thing I remember I was suddenly floating above my body, I heard the cardiac monitor flat line, indicating that either my heart had just stopped or that I had died.

I wasn’t frightened though. No.

In fact, I felt fine.

I experienced a tremendous sense of calm, well-being and painlessness.

My body might have been in trouble, but not me.

As I watched the operating procedure from the ceiling, aware that I no longer had any attachment to my physical self, none whatsoever, I realized I had become a mist, a vapor, a subatomic particle, something.

I hovered in the air, near the ultraviolet lights like a crumb on the back of a moth. I was still in tune with my senses, actually, I was more in tune with them than I had ever been; my senses were heightened.

Among the handful of surgeons and assistants, all of whom were dressed in green gowns and caps, there seemed to be a lot agitation. The medical team worked on my injured body in a decidedly critical manner. The fact that I had just flat lined had caused a great deal of confusion.

Extraordinarily, the next thing I became aware of was two ghostly beings, which were human-like in that these phantasmagoric beings were shaped like people. Based on the mold of their bodies I could distinguish that one of the beings was male, the other was a female. These entities were floating in the air with me, hovering near the ceiling. However, they made no distinguishable sound; all I could hear was the surgeons down below talking among one another.

The Nightjar Sneak Peek
by Deborah Hewitt
$0.00, pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #358 in 90-Minute Literature & Fiction Short Reads

Download a FREE sneak peek of The Nightjar by Deborah Hewitt, a stunning contemporary fantasy debut about another London, a magical world hidden behind the bustling modern city we know!

Alice Wyndham has been plagued by visions of birds her whole life...until the mysterious Crowley reveals that Alice is an ‘aviarist’: capable of seeing nightjars, magical birds that guard human souls. When her best friend is hit by a car, only Alice can find and save her nightjar.

With Crowley’s help, Alice travels to the Rookery, a hidden, magical alternate London to hone her newfound talents. But a faction intent on annihilating magic users will stop at nothing to destroy the new aviarist. And is Crowley really working with her, or against her? Alice must risk everything to save her best friend—and uncover the strange truth about herself.

At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Newly Free Sword and Sorcery Kindle Books for 2019-06-13

The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-Boy, Box Set: Tales of the Meiji Era (The Toki-Girl and the Sparow-Boy Book 123)
by Claire Youmans
$0.00, 142 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (18 reviews), #3 in Asian Myth & Legend eBooks
This three-book omni edition contains the entire text of the first three books in the highly-rated The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-Boy series!
The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-Boy

Book One: Coming home (2014; American I Publishing)

Azuki, the girl who can become a Toki, races across Meiji-era Japan to join her bird-kin. Her parents dead, herself hunted because of her beautiful feathers – what else can she do? Shota, her Sparrow-boy brother, hurries after her. They must return to claim their human status or spend the rest of their lives as human outcasts. Shota know they need to be able to live as both human and bird. Ghosts, ogres, dragons and talking horses – nothing can stand in their way. Shota has to find his sister and get them home in time.

When they arrive, there’s war brewing over the domain. They’re not home safely yet.

The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-Boy

Book Two: Chasing Dreams (2015; American I Publishing)

In the middle of battle, Azuki discovers an asset even more valuable than her feathers. Now, Shota and Azuki must reach their lord, secure their status and never, ever give up on themselves or their dreams. As orphaned children, though, their options are limited. Harassed by Tengu, helped by Tanuki, surrounded by stunning technologies and strange new people, Azuki and Shota find a long-lost uncle and can go home at last.

The Toki-Girl and the Sparrow-Boy

Book Three: Together (2016; American I Publishing)

Azuki and Shota are finally home! Life in their corner of rural 19th Century Japan is nearly perfect – but Azuki’s sick and Shota doubts his friendship with the Dragon Princess, who is upset because her mother rejects her dual nature. Shota defies his uncle to track down the legendary Crane-girl to help Azuki and impress the Princess. This leads to the discovery of a new and better way to incorporate Azuki’s spectacular feathers in fabrics. When Shota takes his beloved boat to deliver Azuki’s work, he finds trouble – and not just among humans! Even the Dragon King and Princess Renko’s European mother must join forces with Azuki and Shota to repel a sea-monster’s challenge, but it’s Uncle Yuta who crafts a lasting peace.

Cephrael's Hand: A Pattern of Shadow & Light Book One
by Melissa McPhail
$0.00, 780 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (294 reviews), #4 in Dark Fantasy Horror
“All things are composed of patterns...” And within the pattern of the realm of Alorin, three strands must cross:

In Alorin...three hundred years after the genocidal Adept Wars, the realm is dying, and the blessed Adept race dies with it. One man holds the secret to reverting this decline: Bjorn van Gelderan, a dangerous and enigmatic man whose shocking betrayal three centuries past earned him a traitor’s brand. It is the Adept Vestal Raine D’Lacourte’s mission to learn what Bjorn knows in the hope of salvaging his race. But first he’ll have to find him...

In the kingdom of Dannym...the young Prince Ean val Lorian faces a tenuous future as the last living heir to the coveted Eagle Throne. When his blood-brother is slain during a failed assassination, Ean embarks on a desperate hunt for the man responsible. Yet his advisors have their own agendas, and his quest for vengeance leads him ever deeper into a sinuous plot masterminded by a mysterious and powerful man, the one they call First Lord...

In the Nadori desert...tormented by the missing pieces of his life, a soldier named Trell heads off to uncover the truth of his shadowed past. But when disaster places him in the debt of Wildlings sworn to the First Lord, Trell begins to suspect a deadlier, darker secret motivating them.

Sworn To Transfer (Courtlight Book 2)
by Terah Edun
$0.00, 354 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (169 reviews), #2 in Teen & Young Adult Royalty Fairy Tales & Folklore eBooks
A fun and riveting young adult fantasy romance for the ages! Check out BOOK TWO in the series that is the Selection meets Game of Thrones in Kindle Unlimited today!

Eighteen-year-old companion trainee Ciardis Weathervane has won the friendship of the royal heir and saved his claim to the throne. Yet her interference in the inheritance rights leaves more harm done than good. With the death of the Princess Heir, the Ameles forest - the home of the kith, is dying.

The inhabitants of the forest, magic-wielding non-humans,are defiant. They have not forgotten their long struggles nor are they content to watch as the last of their lands perish. As humans begin to die in gruesome deaths, the Emperor dispatches the royal heir to the forests with the solution to the kith concerns.

With enemies closing ranks in Sandrin, Ciardis can little afford to leave the city's nest of vipers to take on a new task. But she's given no choice when her loyalty to the crown and courts are called into question.

To keep the Companions' Guild happy and the favor of the Imperial Court, Ciardis will be tested in frightening new ways, especially when she's faced with an obstacle that could risk the lives of her friends and the family she never thought she had.

This second novel continues the story of Ciardis Weathervane from Sworn To Raise.

The Buried Symbol: A Discovery of Magic (Runes of Issalia Book 1)
by Jeffrey L. Kohanek
$0.00, 336 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (150 reviews), #1 in Teen & Young Adult Epic Fantasy eBooks
A controlling empire. An outcast behind a false identity. The mystery of a long forgotten magic.
They tell Unchosen, "Accept your fate and you'll be rewarded in the next life."
The threat of execution is their recourse.

Rejecting his role as an outcast, Brock risks his life and obtains a false rune, marking him a member of the Empire's ruling class. Under a veil of deception and backed by natural talent, he then schemes his way into a school where the Empire's future leaders are trained.
Can he maintain this charade?

Within an academy of magic, science, and combat, he discovers secrets kept from society, among which is a forbidden magic he is able to wield.
While he is determined to tame his frightening new abilities, one misstep could destroy him.

The Final Lesson
by Shakyra Dunn
$0.00, 434 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (13 reviews), #4163 in Teen & Young Adult Sword & Sorcery Fantasy
#40 on ReadFreely's Top 50 Indie Books, 2018
Finalist in Golden Book Box Publishing Golden Quill Awards, 2018

"Trust none but yourself."

Leilana Erovina's got a bid for power as she takes the final test to become one of her realm's Warlords. As such, she sets out to travel the lands of Adrylis and log magical totems from respectful folk with only one hitch—no ancestral help. The quest is a pilgrimage to learn the basics of human nature. Some would call concepts like gentleness and passion fables of the heart.

In another perspective, war brews in the kingdom of Linmus, throwing Adrylis into chaos. Prince Remiel Vesarus finds himself in exile, vengeance on his mind for those who tore his life asunder. His attendant Solus Brenner at his side, they plan on restoring their kingdom against all odds.

Fate has drawn these two parties together. Conjoined at the hip, the traveler, prince and right-hand will learn the old saying of magic: "It always comes with a price."

From Cellar to Throne: Zen's Quest for Immortality 7: Fierce Competitions and Strong Opponents (From Cellar to Throne: Zen's Quest for Immortality Series)
by Mobo Reader
$0.00, 299 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (7 reviews), #1 in Asian Myth & Legend eBooks
Falling from nobility, Zen Luo became a humble slave and served as a human punchbag for his former cousins. Inadvertently, he found a way to refine himself into a weapon and a legend started because of that. With a strong belief in never surrender, he strove for revenges and pursued big dreams. Warriors from various clans contended for hegemony and the world was stirred. Relying on the body that was comparable to a powerful weapon, Zen beat his numerous enemies on his way to the immortality. Would he succeed eventually?

The Whispering of Dragons (Salient Dreams Book 1)
by Neal Levin
$0.00, 251 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #234 in Coming of Age Fantasy eBooks
To destroy the darkness, one needs only a single candle.

A simple baker’s assistant, Megan dreams of grand adventure…of danger…of love. Not content with her safe, quiet drudgery, she finds escape where she may, daring when she can to sneak into a library to lose herself among the books, where learning and adventure abound, never imagining the course this small rebellion would set her on.

A creature of the Court, the King's Agent, Quinn Shannon, is out of his element on the common streets. Yet he is sworn to protect the realm against a darkness that threatens to cut the city of Killian from its parent country, Andor, and consume it. Though he sets out with a squad of King’s knights to investigate reports of disturbing occurrences, Shannon is the only one to reach the city gates. He can only wonder how to protect the realm when he cannot even find his way.

As commoner and courtier cross paths, Fate takes a hand in the grandest adventure yet. With Megan as guide, and Shannon as protector, the pair delve into mysteries destined to rattle the kingdom, leaving at least one noble family shattered in their wake. But there is danger inherent in such a quest, and Meghan comes to discover she’s is anything but common as she is imbued with unrealized magic, ancient and powerful, and, above all, dangerous.

Megan only dreamt of adventure…until the day she was called to help rescue the realm. Maybe, just maybe she'll survive... to dream next of reclaiming her simple life.

These are her Salient Dreams.

"It reminds me of Sherlock Holmes in many ways. Of course that would mean Sherlock was a young female bakery maid and Watson is a swashbuckling court wizard. Adding in wizards, necromancy, dragons, and open warfare just ups the ante. Madcap fun, but these authors somehow make it work." - Fantasy Book Critic

Eyrie (Gryphon Insurrection Book 1)
by K. Vale Nagle
$0.00, 240 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #3747 in Sword & Sorcery Fantasy eBooks
Gryphons, murder, war, and tasty fish!
Zeph is the craftiest gryphon in his pride. Living in the untamed wilds, he hunts in the shadow of the massive sky-cities of the opinici, evolved gryphon cousins. His taste for parrots leads him to a murder scene and a blood-stained notebook—a notebook the opinici will do anything to get back before he unravels the mystery at the heart of the eyrie.

Kia is a serious opinicus scholar with no time for gryphons, but when her best friend goes missing and only a strange notebook holds a clue of his whereabouts, she’ll even team up with an uncivilized parrot hunter to get him back.

When the peace that has held for so long is shattered, they’ll find themselves mixed up with curious songbird scholars, legendary cranes, murderous owl gryphons, mad scientists, and the cunning peafowl who rules them all. Will Zeph make the sacrifices necessary to protect the life he’s always known, or will both their worlds crumble to ash?

“Vale’s writing is dark but never bleak, bright but never glib, barbed but never harsh. You will find just how blurry the line is between humans and animals. You will see yourself in these stories. There is madness here, and beauty, and terror. But there is, above all else, humanity and a deep, abiding sense of compassion.” – Trevor Dawson

"Perfect for fans of Song of the Summer King and (dare I say it?) Griffin Ranger, Eyrie provides all the griffin action a reader could wish for!" – Roz Gibson, author of the Griffin Ranger series.

Dragon Born
by Aaron Hodges
$0.00, 130 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #15 in Dark Fantasy Horror
A legend is born…

For five long years, Enala has lived in exile. And for five years she has trained, mastering the arts of war and survival. Yet she remains trapped, forbidden to leave the boundaries of the forest. Smothered by her parents, she longs for adventure, for the chance to escape the stagnation of her life. Desperate, Enala turns to the only creatures that might help. The Gold Dragons…

Start reading now and receive a free excerpt from 'Stormwielder', the first novel in the bestselling Sword of Light Trilogy by New York Times Bestselling Author Aaron Hodges.

Exposition Be With You: Magic Be With You: Episode Four
by Jamie Brindle
$0.00, 59 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #112 in General Humorous Fiction
Elainer has fled her companions, convinced that everyone wants to kill her, which actually is quite plausible because she’s so annoying. But where will she go? And will it have anything to do with the Oracle’s prophesy regarding red-haired she-devils corrupting the Tower? She’s not sure, but surely the very-evil looking crone she has found will be able to shed some light on things…

Meanwhile, Majilda and Ravenglass have (literally) stumbled upon some people who will prove to be vital to the Very Clever Plan Scarlet Macaw came up with…but only if they can prevail against their strange (but legitimate and entirely appropriate) ancient ethnic practices.

Now Majilda has to learn entirely new skills if she wants to survive: really powerful fighting skills. But when the blows start to rain down thick and fast, will magic (and physical prowess) be with her?

Cleansed (The True Tree Chronicles)
by G. S. Scott
$0.00, 298 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #125 in Teen & Young Adult Coming of Age Fantasy eBooks
The world is in the grasp of the God of Chaos, his only mantra: Do as Thou Wilt.

In the slums of Tuilar, Dirge is an apprentice to the Brotherhood of Assassins who worship the god of Death. His only friend Jacob, a jovial young man, feels at home in the world as it is, but Dirge craves structure.

When Chaos orchestrates the Cleansing, a mass slaughter of children, people stand up against him. Amid the revolt, the Prophet of the forgotten God of Order appears. Dirge is intrigued with the ways of Order, and finds himself at odds with those who raised him. The gods of Chaos, Death, and Order clash, their followers facing off in bloody battle, and Dirge must decide whether to honor his adopted family or the calling to his heart. Jacob believes they should stay out of the fray, wanting nothing to do with any of it.

Hope and honor are Dirge’s shield as he wallows in uncertainty and remorse. The gods are at play, and the world is their game-board. How can Dirge choose when men and gods alike are deceitful? The decision he makes may well damn him.

Sir Knight and How Not to Save the Princess
by Andrei Tanase
$0.00, 11 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #36 in General Humorous Fiction
The comical adventure of Sir Knight, in a short-story packed with silliness, jokes and weird humor. Maybe not that weird. Sir Knight has finally graduated from the Knight School and he is ready for an epic adventure. He is set to free the princess from the tower in which she's captive - the only problem - a fierce dragon is blocking his path. With great courage and a steel mind - he sets out to become the ultimate hero - only to find out the unlikely phobia of the dragon.

A comic short-story, placed in a fantasy world, with silly characters and -hopefully- good jokes.

Blood of an Exile Sneak Peek
by Brian Naslund
$0.00, 45 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #252 in 90-Minute Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Reads

Download a FREE sneak peek of Brian Naslund's Blood of an Exile, a fast-paced adventure perfect for comic readers and fans of heroic fantasy!

Bershad was supposed to die...

When he was caught trying to assassinate a fellow noble, Flawless Bershad was given a death sentence. Fight monsters so that he would die serving the kingdom. But Bershad can’t die.

He’s never lost a fight, the most successful dragon slayer in history but marked as a doomed man, Bershad stands apart from the world. But that is about to change.

The man who sentenced Bershad to his fate has just given him an out. Kill a king and walk free forever. But Bershad could care less about the fates of kings and kingdoms, until, that is, he discovers he is the only person able to save an innocent child and, possibly, the life of every creature in Terra.

At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Torn Into Hell: One man versus the demonic hordes
by Simon Sidney-Eriksen
$0.00, 203 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #558 in Horror Comedy
Step knee deep into Hell and just hope that the contract with the merchants of doom ends soon.

To make them happy Conway Smith has to bring them the souls of the city's evil and bad, the type who stalk the streets killing the innocents. But what happens when you retire and maybe gain a conscience? Is it even possible to stop?

Now caught between the corruption of the good and the blood lust of the bad he tries to fulfill one last contract. However to settle everything, for good, he is going to have to make some tough decisions! It was easier when he was just a police officer working homicide.

An angel will fall to Earth and satanic beasts will be thrown down through the Earth's depths and into the fiery pits of lava and death. But to what end? More importantly can it all be brought to an end and for good?

Green Storm (Chronicles of the Allmothers)
by Khidra Kay
$0.00, 132 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #255 in Children's Sword & Sorcery Fantasy Books
The summoning chant echoes through the jungle as Val tries to understand what's going on. She only came to find her missing brother. Now, she's trying to remain hidden as the Seven use ancient magic to summon... something. But why are they killing people and what do they hope to gain?

Val is an assassin who returns to her hometown of Varhamn to find her missing brother. Like all magic users, she had gone to Alhana, hoping to never walk the six islands again.

Varhamn was fading before she left. Now there's hardly any magic left in the city on the river. Or so she thought.

Something strange is going on in the jungle. So far, the ruling Council is doing their best to cover up the dead and missing people, claiming it's an animal.

The annual Celebration is in just a few days. Val wants to be long gone by then. But she gets pulled into the mystery along with one of the Council members. Together they search the ancient temple and uncover long-forgotten secrets.

Will Varhamn survive more adversity? Will they?

Green Storm is a freestanding epic fantasy novella that takes place in the world of the Chronicles of the Allmothers series.

The House of Skulls
by Gavin Chappell
$0.00, 71 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #248 in Fantasy Anthologies & Short Stories (Kindle Store)
Yeduza, a warrior woman of the Emperor Mtogo's bodyguard, fights against the zombie army that assails the land of Nago. She must seek support among the pygmies of the jungle and make a pact with the nomads of the northern desert before she has a chance to defeat her sinister foes.

And even then, peril awaits...

Coalescence: The Dendemon Satellites (The Rauyome Chronicles Book 1)
by Dennis Fueyo
$0.00, pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #132 in Fantasy Anthologies & Short Stories (Kindle Store)
Satellites fall to the Earth from planet Dendemon-24 carrying historical records of other worldly civilizations. Deciphering these records in secret, a translation team successfully transcribes The Rauyome Chronicles. One of many chronicles stored in the satellites, this story begins on Chapter 51 as told by "Misfo". Misfo awakens to imprisonment in the desert with a horrific bout of amnesia and joins four friends to escape, all talented in both the art of combat and riling each other into a tizzy. One is a psychopath, two are mischievous assassins, and one is a proverbial Viking who can enchant items. They rediscover their world spinning in political subterfuge and monsters.

Shadow: Stormbird 3
by Rob Skyhawk
$0.00, 483 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Sword and Sorcery
Shadow Warrior

Does Rox realise the danger? Or does she even know what she is ‎looking for?‎

Arafael is settling down to life as the Countess of Sombersea; she has ‎found her feet in a Duchy fired by the passion and zeal of her tall cousin. It ‎is supposed to be a quiet, formal visit to the Duchess in her crater peak ‎manor; but nothing is ever really quiet and formal when Rox Antasha takes ‎an interest.‎
There is news from the lost province of High Fells; the Shadow Warrior ‎has taken over the old Baronial residence of Winterstorm Castle. He kills ‎anybody who enters the derelict building, his shadowy style of fighting ‎bringing madness before the final blow can fall. There is further news that ‎Armandillo and Feriam’s unlamented sire lived in Winterstorm Castle too. ‎Taken together these facts are enough to bring Rox’s attention abruptly onto ‎the contested province; the fifth of the Duchy if she manages to get there ‎first with her men.‎
But over the bay, watching her every move, is the rogue count Pantrol ‎Morgan. He has a definite interest in getting a foothold in High Fells, ‎whatever Meredor, the Alderman of Baronhaem, has to say about the matter. ‎Or maybe he already has a foothold? After all, nobody knows who the ‎Shadow Warrior is, or what his nefarious agenda might be.‎

Rox is the new fantasy hero of our time! A brilliant and masterful book, ‎written by the past master of fantasy adventure - James Elric McLeod

It’s time the ladies took centre stage in the world of superb fantasy ‎narrative – Amanda von Blajn

Newly Free Fantasy Kindle Books for 2019-06-13

Werewolves Only (Crescent City Wolf Pack Book 1)
by Carrie Pulkinen
$0.00, 362 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (119 reviews), #1 in Psychic Suspense
Macey doesn't know she's hunting demons.

Luke is making sure she never discovers the truth.

Detective Macey Carpenter has been on the trail of a vicious attacker for weeks. The evidence keeps disappearing, and it seems she'll never solve the case. Finding love is the least of her worries, but she can't deny her attraction to a mysterious man who knows more about the crimes than he should.

A man who may be more than he seems...

When Luke falls head over tail for the feisty human detective, supernatural secrets aren't the only things at stake.

He has to mate with another werewolf or he'll sacrifice his position as alpha. But as heat builds between the pair, he discovers Macey has a few secrets of her own.

She may hold the key to ridding New Orleans of its demons...

But his feelings for her will tear his pack apart.

If you like sexy shifters and fated mates, you'll love this thrilling paranormal romance.

Get it now!

Winner 2nd Place Paranormal Novel - International Digital Awards
Winner 2nd Place Shifter Novel - Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer's Choice Awards

The Devil and the Wolf
by Richard Pastore
$0.00, 393 pages, 4.9 out of 5.0 (17 reviews), #14 in General Humorous Fiction
In this comedy, Heaven, Hell and Earth collide as Mephistopheles and his assistant JR attempt to outmaneuver an obsessed angel, a power-hungry devil, and a vindictive employee; all while entertaining old friends, new friends, and a would-be assassin.

Hex Appeal: A Hexy Witch Mystery (Womby's School for Wayward Witches Book 15)
by Sarina Dorie
$0.00, 191 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (23 reviews), #797 in Occult Fiction
The day Clarissa Lawrence got married, she didn’t just gain a husband, but she lost a fairy godmother—to the Raven Queen.
While Clarissa desperately searches for a magical solution to rescue the woman who raised her and kept her safe from the evil Fae, she finds herself immersed in other problems. Students come to her for help with their morally questionable choices, the principal is bent on firing Clarissa, and her new husband is resistant to teaching her the defensive magic she needs to defeat their enemies.
Meanwhile, time is running out for her fairy godmother. Only if Clarissa delivers the answers of the Fae Fertility Paradox, is there a chance she might be reunited with her mom. Yet if the Raven Queen knows how to produce heirs and populate the Fae race again, she will also produce an army of invincible Red affinities who will serve as her slaves and wipe out other Fae and Witchkin.
Can Clarissa bargain with the devil and survive?

Get a little more cozy with this cozy mystery.

Wishing For Them: A Reverse Harem Academy Novel (Fairy Godmother In Training Book 1)
by Ellabee Andrews
$0.00, 198 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (48 reviews), #1 in African American Literature (Kindle Store)
As a fairy living in a small town, my goals are pretty simple: go to the community college, own a coffee shop, and live my life drama-free. But all that changes when my name is chosen to receive a full scholarship to Aradia, the most prestigious supernatural academy in the world. On a dare, I had entered, never expecting to be chosen, yet here I am.

Surrounded by the best of the best, I feel like the small fish in an ocean full of sharks, until three handsome guys and my sexy Succubus roommate come to my rescue.

With new friends and the real Fairy Godmother as my mentor, I may just survive this, that is if someone doesn’t kill me first. So much for living drama-free.

This is a reverse harem romance with a female in the harem.

Also, this is a 50 k novel and right at 200 print pages.

Prophecy Awakened: Prime Prophecy Series Book 1
by Tamar Sloan
$0.00, 368 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (125 reviews), #1 in Teen & Young Adult New Experience Fiction eBooks

2018 RONE YA Book of the Year! Hundreds of thousands of pages read! Discover the phenomenon of a love that defies boundaries.

When Eden starts at a new school during her senior year, she has no idea how much her life is about to change. Until she meets Noah, who immediately draws her in with his summer sky eyes and the secrets he hides behind them.

Their connection is as inexplicable as it is undeniable. It's a connection that has Eden running and Noah burning to know more about this shy, wounded girl.

But it's also a connection that's destined to spark a prophecy that neither knew existed.

A prophecy others are willing to kill for.

As families fracture and struggle to realign, as their hearts connect and ignite, Eden learns to trust. But with love and life on the line, Eden must find the power to believe.

If you're a fan of epic romance, then you'll enjoy this captivating series of a love that defies boundaries. Scroll up and grab your copy now!

Ashes: A Fantasy Romance of the Crimson Court (Tales of the Crimson Court Book 2)
by Jessica Aspen
$0.00, 348 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (21 reviews), #874 in Mythology (Kindle Store)

An enslaved princess, a charming thief, and a power-hungry step-mother out for revenge…

ASHES: a twisted Cinderella tale of romance and magic

Forced into a life of drudgery by her step-mother, the evil queen, PRINCESS ELLASIN DREAMS OF ESCAPE. When sexy, devil-may-care Finn Aduain breaks in and invites her to take a walk on the wild side, instead of danger—Ella sees opportunity.

DISGRACED PRINCE TURNED CHARMING THIEF— Finn has his own SECRETS. But when he meets the charmingly innocent ash-girl, he’s intrigued. Seducing Ella into leaving the life she’s always known becomes his new mission.

Desperate for power, the queen has decreed a ball for Ella’s step-sisters to find husbands. This is the perfect night to escape. With the assistance of Finn, the castle ghost, and her own surprisingly strong magic, Ella finally discovers freedom. But FREEDOM COMES AT A PRICE.

Dare to discover Jessica Aspen’s world of steamy, fantasy romance in her brand new twisted fairy tale series: Tales of the Crimson Court


  • "I was totally captivated."
  • “If you read no other fairytale retelling this year, you owe it to yourself to read this one.”
  • “I enjoyed this story it had so much more magic to it than the original version of Cinderella, I liked the characters, the princess with her magical powers bound, the wicked stepmother was so very evil as were the step sisters together with a host of other interesting characters. But Finn was so much more interesting and sexy than just some prince!”
  • “I truly enjoyed this book. From beginning to end it was a wonderful adventure a twist on Cinderella right down to the evil queen this was a fantastic book.”

One click and begin the adventure today.

Rupert of Hentzau: Dystopian Novel
by Anthony Hope
$0.00, 207 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (185 reviews), #26 in Action & Adventure Fantasy (Kindle Store)
Queen Flavia, dutifully but unhappily married to her cousin Rudolf V, writes to her true love Rudolf Rassendyll. The letter is carried by von Tarlenheim and his servant Bauer to be delivered by hand, but Fritz is betrayed by Bauer and it is stolen by the exiled Rupert of Hentzau and his loyal cousin the Count of Luzau-Rischenheim. Hentzau sees in it a chance to return to favor by informing the pathologically jealous and paranoid King.

The Prisoner of Zenda: Dystopian Novel
by Anthony Hope
$0.00, 146 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (185 reviews), #24 in Action & Adventure Fantasy (Kindle Store)
The Prisoner of Zenda is a dystopian adventure novel in which the King of Ruritania is drugged on the eve of his coronation and thus is unable to attend the ceremony. Political forces within the realm are such that, in order for the king to retain the crown, his coronation must proceed. Fortuitously, an English gentleman on holiday in Ruritania who resembles the monarch is persuaded to act as his political decoy in an effort to save the unstable political situation of the interregnum.

The Jacobite Officer
by Matthew Donnachie
$0.00, pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #117 in Mythology & Folk Tales (Kindle Store)
It is 1745 in the Scottish Highlands. Donnachaidh Mhor, son of Robertson of Struan, has been commissioned as a Jacobite Officer in Charles Edward Stewart's army. After being chosen by his peers to deliver a Royal sealed letter to MacDonald of Sleat, Donnachaidh Mhor becomes lost to the Otherworld after freeing a mythical creature at the Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye … is it to be a gift or a curse?

Trapped and haunted by images of the future and the past, hunted by a beast of his present, can the Jacobite Officer ever return to the mortal world or is he destined to live as a shadow in the Otherworld of Tír na nÓg?

Walk with him from the land of mortals into a world of darkness …

The Protectorate Wars: Born Hero
by S.A. Shaffer
$0.00, 248 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #6 in Steampunk Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
Sixty cycles after the Protectorate War all seems well with Alönia and the rest of the Fertile Plains, especially to David, a determined young aide with a keen mind and a caring heart. Pain and turmoil have plagued his life, but he's worked hard and things should improve at his new job as assistant to a popular politician. He has no idea that during the next few seasons political saboteurs will slander his mentor, murder his colleagues, and threaten everything for which he stands. Only time will tell if David can solve Alönia's governmental corruption before the rest of the Fertile Plains fall into chaos.

Take flight in spectacular airships and soar through the clouds. Feel the wind in your hair along daring voyages and narrow escapes. Solve murders, forge friendships and watch an ordinary boy become the hero he was born to be.

Without Armor: Elemental Fire (A Dark Faerie Tale Series Companion #4)
by Alexia Purdy
$0.00, 66 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (10 reviews), #21 in Teen & Young Adult Myth & Legend eBooks

The Unseelie are up to no good…

My name is Benton, and I hunt the darkest of creatures in existence.

Especially when they get unruly and try to invade my home, the human realm.

Betrayal, broken hearts and uncharted magic…I never saw it coming.

Series Reading Order:
The Withering Palace (Book #0.1, Companion story #1)
Evangeline (Book #0.5, Companion story #2)
Ever Shade (Book #1)
Ever Fire (Book #2)
Ever Winter (Book #3)
The Cursed (Book #3.5, Companion story #3)
Ever Wrath (Book #4)
History of Fire (Book #5)
Without Armor (Book #4.5, Companion story #4)
Ever Dead (Book #6)
Legends of Fire (Book #7)
Guardians of Fire (Book #8) Coming soon

Morrigan's Brood
by Heather Poinsett Dunbar
$0.00, 314 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (8 reviews), #133 in Mythology & Folk Tales (Kindle Store)
I am a child of the Goddess Morrigan…
I was born in the land of Éire…
And my heart blazes with its fury…
I have lived through the ages…
I seek to right those who have wronged…
I am the Maintainer of the Balance…
The Balance must be maintained

Evil reigns throughout much of the western world in the mid sixth century. Following the collapse of the Roman Empire, a group of blood-drinkers called the Lamia begin the search for a long, lost relic that will restore power to the Roman Empire. After traveling much of the known world, the Lamia discover the relic’s location: Ireland. The Lamia invasion forces win a foothold on the Island of Éire and hasten their search for this most important relic.

Standing in their way is an outcast Roman general from many ages before, a Briton who would rather tell bawdy jokes than fight, and a young woman who has found her newly acquired lands under siege by a manipulative Lamia seeking vengeance against his oldest foe.

They are not alone.

The Lamia are not the only blood-drinking line on earth. A race called the Deargh Du, who draw their lineage from the Goddess Morrigan, will rise up and face the challenges of those who would tip the balance.

Join the Journey, the first in a series of stories revolving around the Deargh Du through the ages.

200+ Mulla Nasrudin Stories and Jokes
by Rodney Ohebsion
$0.00, 93 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (29 reviews), #3540 in Two-Hour Humor & Entertainment Short Reads
Mulla Nasrudin is the starring character in a vast number of amusing tales told in regions all over the world, particularly in countries in or near the Middle East. Each tale depicts Nasrudin in a different situation, and through his viewpoint they humorously reveal commentary and lessons on various life themes.

The Time Traveler and the Princess: Book 3
by Joe Corso
$0.00, 242 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #27 in Action & Adventure Literary Fiction

A 21st Century Time Traveler In Camelot?

Lucky Campo, the CIA operative, cannot sit still long. Time travel comes in handy sometimes. First it made Lucky a very wealthy man. Now, it continues to provide him with an escape to a land of Medieval adventure and hazards. Lucky for Lucky, he is armed with 21st Century technology… or can that backfire?

>>>Changing the Past and Alternative Histories

The Queen prays for the Wizard’s return but this time, Lucky may have bitten off more than he can chew. History can be altered. There can be devastating results. A Princess is dying and a Greek, madman billionaire, known for bankrupting countries and handpicking leaders of foreign nations, is trying to rule the world.

>>>Can Lucky and his friend Mickey make it before the shadows of the sun pass?

They take on evils and darkness around the world, in different centuries, but can only do so with the Time Portal.

Scroll Up and Grab Your Copy Today!

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I use the description "newly free" for these book lists. That means I won't list a book again if I've listed it recently. There are so many books that are permanently free, or frequently free, that it makes it difficult to find "newly free" books manually looking through the Amazon search results. There are just too many repeats every day. But I have included the links to those Amazon searches on the category headers, so you can always click the link to see the full list if you'd like. My process just extracts the "newly free" books from those search results, by keeping a record of books I've listed in the past.

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Galaxy Science Fiction was an American digest-size science fiction magazine, published from 1950 to 1980, and they are now offered free online:

​They can be downloaded as mobi files for the Kindle as well as being read online.​ Used to be one of my favorite SF magazines. I almost always had one with me when I was in high school.


If you're more interested in mainstream books, check to see what options you have from your local library. Many use the Overdrive or Libby sites to loan out Kindle books. If that's not available to you, or your local library has a limited collection, the "Free Library of Philadelphia" has an extensive Overdrive collection, and an out-of-state library card is only $50 per year. Less than half the price of KU.


Project Gutenberg, founded in 1971, is an Internet archive of free public domain books, created via a volunteer effort that digitizes and archives such books. You can download the Kindle format of a book and then transfer the book to your Kindle directly using a USB cable or by emailing it to your Kindle via its Send-to-Kindle email address using your email client or something like the Amazon Send-To-Kindle tool or an eBook management tool like Calibre.


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