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Heartlines (Thirty Seconds To Die Series, Book 3): The Thirty Seconds To Die Trilogy
by S.G. Holster
$0.00, 251 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #35 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Epic
**Heartlines is the third and final installment in the Thirty Seconds To Die Series and is not intended to be read as a standalone**

Sometimes in battle surrender is the strongest move of all.

Brett Owen, the son of a Sentori leader, promised himself he’d never do the work of his brotherhood - killing reborn souls. He’d been naive to make such a vow. He’d been naive about a lot of things – such as the bond of family and love.

Taunted by a Sentori hunter, Brett does whatever he can to survive, even if it means embracing his dark Sentori side and earning the unwanted attention of the Sentori leaders. His life had never looked so frantic. And all the while, his true family is infecting his heart and mind.

When his heart is tied to an unexpected soul, he finds himself fighting for a future he desperately wants to live to see. It becomes clear that whatever freedoms Brett is hoping to win will not be gained without a fight. Fragile lives that had been carefully woven together will be ripped apart swiftly and easily.
Faith is betrayed.
Remorse and innocence intertwine.
Fate and chance collide to mend the tattered strands of Brett’s heart in the shocking conclusion to the Thirty Seconds To Die Series.

Forever Inanna
by Floreana Nativo
$0.00, 195 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #495 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Fairy Tales
This story begins with the first myths of the world, “when the earth was young and the gods walked among men.”
It is the story of Inanna, the most ancient of all goddesses, and of the pantheon of the gods worshiped by peoples whose traces are lost in the mists of time: Mesopotamia, the Sumerians, the first people at the threshold of civilisation, and their gods, Enki, Enlil, Utu and indeed, Inanna, the star Venus.
A journey that begins with the creation of Man and follows the vicissitudes of the Gods, whose characters are often so similar to those of men they could be mistaken for them. An era in which vicissitudes of mankind are almost always due to the will and whims of their Creators. Yet the opposite is also true: how could there be a god if there were no one to worship him?
The myths, the legends come to life, and serve to explain events beyond the reach of intellect, to give a valid and unassailable justification of disasters and misfortunes.
These are the ancient stories of the world, like that of Sargon found in a basket in the waters who goes on to become King. Stories that the Hebrews heard over the years while held captive in Babylon and made their own, in the Bible.
The novel unfolds on two temporal planes: on the one hand the evolution of the ancient world, with Inanna as the central figure, and on the other, the discoveries of the sites in Mesopotamia from the nineteenth century up to the present day Italian expedition to Ebla, organised by La Sapienza University of Rome.
Through the archaeologists’ work, the roots of the history of the world come to light; a history that often repeats itself in its many myths. Along with Inanna, who will change people and name, we will discover that struggles for power exist among the Gods as well, and only those who know how to adapt along with the changes of history will survive. Thus the warrior goddess Inanna will become the goddess of love, of birth and of procreation. She will be called Istar, Ishtar, Atargatis and we shall follow her through time and space until she occupies the gate of Babylon and the heart of the new king of the gods, Marduk. Her characteristics will change, and along with representing the planet Venus, she will also be the Moon.
The sequence of events is re-lived, through documents and visions, by Gianna, an epigrapher who takes part in the Italian expedition to Ebla. She becomes the protagonist in the present day, with its uncertainties and turmoil and with some strange coincidences that pertain to her, anamneses of bygone eras that seem to appear at times in her memory, leaving her confused and fascinated at the same time. Gianna’s determination to find out as much as possible about the fate of Inanna/Ishtar leads her to make some risky choices, putting her academic career in jeopardy. The reason for such tenacity can be found in the name: Gianna is the oldest name that exists and derives from Inanna.

Lily and the Enchanted Forest
by Victor A. Wilkie, Jonathon Earl Bowser
$0.00, 181 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #38 in > Children's eBooks > Fairy Tales, Folk Tales & Myths > Collections
With an original take on mythological storytelling, “Lily and the Enchanted Forest” is a touchingly human story, one that entertains with powerful elements of family, love, adventure and romance. This is an enchanting read for all ages.

After centuries of destruction and fighting among gods and mortals alike, Zeus, the king of gods, became weary. So it was that he conspired with Mother Earth, the goddess Gaea, to create a place of peace and beauty. Far to the north, away from human centers of empire and commerce, Zeus and Gaea crafted this forest paradise in the region that would come to be known as Scotland.
As time passed and the human population grew however, inhabitants of the region grew fearful of the forest and its mysteries. Soon came the legends of the lady of the forest, a giant wolf and a mysteriously powerful entity who moves as the mist.
Refusing to believe that there is anything dark or evil about the forest, a mortal child named Brianna is drawn there, where she meets the mythical lady of the forest and spies glimpses of the future. But what will the future truly hold? Can this paradise survive the suspicion and retribution of human villagers, many of whom blame forest magic for their own trials and tribulations? What will come of the jealousies and wrath of Ares, god of war, who becomes threatened by the forest’s power? How will the Fates intervene?
The answers are revealed as Brianna grows, as she learns that happiness, like true power, is to be found in the things of the heart…

Dragonlord (The Camelot Prophecies Book 2)
by Lady Antiva
$0.00, 98 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 review), #47 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Arthurian
[Updated to Ver 2.0 on 1 April 2012 with BONUS Content]

[You do not need to start with Vol 1 of this series to enjoy the Novel - any volume will bring you right into the story instantaneously]

And it came about when King Arthur passed on, Morgana quickly consolidate her powers. A key reason for her new found might was found in the Dragonlords. A pact she made with Na-Sheol brought about assured victory every battle led by the fiercesome Dragonlords. But Morgana was cunning, not wanting to be held ransom to Na-Sheol forever, she secretly worked on a new minion - a Camelot traitor, who would become the Crown of Morgan.

Meanwhile, Merlin has assembled four of the most unlikely adventurers who were prophesied to be the ones to save Camelot. This novel traces their path into desert Talmisrra to discover the secret to defeat Morgana, and their encounter with Sheja - guardian of the Tower of Dreams.

What will it take to bring about the downfall of the Dark Queen? Are the heroes up to the task? Who is the Knight of Light and what form did he take in a different age long ago? The War for Camelot begins in this volume.

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The Geek Who Learned To Charm (The Orlando Series Book 2)
by William Coles
$0.00, 56 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 review), #65 in > Children's eBooks > Fairy Tales, Folk Tales & Myths > Collections
The Geek Who Learned To Charm: A fable for our times, a tale about how to engage with strangers.
It is a delightful short story. A geek sets out to win the heart of the most beautiful woman in the world.
But it's much more than a fable about charm.
It is also a route-map for anyone, even the geekiest of geeks, who wishes to acquire this tricksiest of skills.

Cookies with Santa
by Daniel Millhouse
$0.00, 7 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 review), #203 in > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Holidays
Christmas is the busiest time of the year for the jolly old man, but he still enjoys providing joy to all the children of the world. While delivering presents to a children's hospital, Santa is discovered by a kid that life has knocked around. The hand that life has dealt the child breaks Santa's heart and even on the busiest of nights, Santa decides to spend an extra few moments with the kid.

Santa Clown (Santa Trilogy Book 1)
by AM Sardar
$0.00, pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 review), #529 in > Humor & Entertainment > Humor
A festive tale of the forgotten Santa

Once there were two boys, Kris and Karl Kringle, who belonged to the ancient family of Santas; but only one could be Santa.

Santa Clown delivered his gifts with a joke and a laugh until, one Christmas Eve he disappeared into the night, and was replaced by his brother Santa Claus. Santa Clown was forgotten, lost in the mists of old Christmas's.

Now there is trouble in Santa's Workshop! Saboteurs are wrecking the production lines and demanding the return of the Forgotten One; "Shoot Santa Claus down, Bring back the Santa Clown".

Mr Drole, the long suffering Head Troll, is trying desperately to meet the Christmas Eve deadline whilst hunting the trouble-makers and sorting out his messed up love life; can the gifts be delivered as usual or is this the Christmas when it all falls part? Whatever happens, Christmas will never be the same again.

A searing Christian-Marxist fantasy analyzing rampant Christmas commercialism or a critique of unsustainable models of growth and delivery?
Or, just a very silly story about Elves

The Greatest Gift is a Child's Smile.

Lion's Heart & Lemongrass (The Chronicles of de Vespi and the House of Wickham Book 1)
by Jasper Smithey, Maria Forrester
$0.00, 140 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 review), #173 in > Literature & Fiction > Horror > Occult
A lonesome kashaf with a long cultic family history discovers the death of his closest friend’s wife brings out more than skeletons from their closet.

For centuries kashefa families, hidden in plain sight with an assortment of peculiarities like blending lavender and lady’s mantle tonic or hosting a midnight Samhain festival, have passed on their ancient traditions from mother to daughter until two sons from neighboring kashefa families, both born near the festival of Mabon, throw a wrench into the works. The son from the de Vespi family line has lived in the shadow of his best friend, the golden boy from the Wickham household. But when the kashefa’s curse raises its ugly head, taking the cherished wife from one of them, the two sons learn more than they ever thought possible about loyalty, themselves, and their own history.

"Cousin Aurelia and cousin Phoebe taught me a few family secrets. Crush some dried coltsfoot with boiled waterpepper and mullein leaves to heal the cough. Cowslip flowers and walnut syrup heal baldness. Mugwort root, beth root, and lady’s mantle tonic prevent miscarriages. Lavender makes the best fragrance for the home, and welcoming parties go best with chamomile tea and lemongrass."

The Queen's Alchemist: And More Tales of Atharron
by Poppy Reid
$0.00, 18 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (13 reviews), #57 in > Short Reads > 30 minutes (12-21 pages) > Science Fiction & Fantasy
The Mages came from Atharron. Immortal, kingly beings, they rule over Theldiniya and guide us towards peace and salvation. But what about before these godly men arrived on Theldinese soil? What drove them away from their homeland? From the land of of Atharron, where Giants roam and Magic is forbidden, we explore their stories...

The Guardians: Daoine Maithe Book 2
by Dan O'Sullivan
$0.00, 374 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (12 reviews), #52 in > Romance > Fantasy
Book 2. The Guardians

Relentlessly pursued by ruthless Fallen warriors, Kelian, Prince of Alkira, rushes to the Dwellings, home of the immortal and powerful Guardians, only to learn that Kelian’s city of Castle has been violently destroyed and the King has disappeared.
Kelian returns to the ruins of Castle, and is dismayed to discover that the attack was contrived by ancient enemies of the Guardians; a flesh hungry race known as Nailmarni. When the Nailmarni lay siege to the devastated city, forcing those trapped in the ruins to furtively evacuate, Kelian flees into the surrounding forest where he takes refuge in the rocky hills. He sends his friend Dale north to the city of Emerald to see to the safety of the citizens, but on arrival, Dale finds this city is also under threat, betrayed by traitors within the royal armed forces.
Kelian and Dale fight to take control of the escalating horror befalling their citizens, leading the people to shelter in the protected land of the Guardians, but their actions have terrible consequences when the Nailmarni’s invasion spreads even to lands once thought safe.
The Guardians is the second book in the Daoine Maithe series, a fast-paced and intriguing instalment, filled with danger, romance and adventure, loyalty, passion and revenge.

Kill Kill Kill (Part 4): There is No Apotheosis
by Mike Leon
$0.00, 170 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (7 reviews), #16 in > Literature & Fiction > Horror > Comedy

It’s about as metal as a terminator robot flying on a dragon into a dogfight with Zeroes over Pearl Harbor while Zakk Wylde wails through a face melter on the deck of an aircraft carrier crewed entirely by coked up Penthouse Pets.

This volume contains chapters 71-100 of KILL KILL KILL and the Epilogue.

Crown of Steel (Chaos Awakens Book 2)
by Heath Pfaff, Hannah Bartlett
$0.00, 255 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (13 reviews), #132 in > Literature & Fiction > Horror > Dark Fantasy
Book 2 of the Chaos Awakens series, sequel to Servant of Steel (

The world is falling into chaos. The trolls, humanities long cursed brothers, are rising from the holes they were driven into, and a vile plague is decimating the human population. Xandrith, the unlikely but determined hero, has gone missing, and hope is dwindling day by day.

Meanwhile, Haley, Xandrith’s apprentice, is growing frustrated at her mentor’s continued absence. She fears the worst, but none of her companions seem willing to do anything. She soon realizes that if she doesn’t take matters into her own hands she may never find her mentor again, and without Xan what will become of the world? Determined to force action from those around her, Haley confronts them only to unwittingly uncover a dark secret.

Haley and Kassa soon find themselves set upon a dangerous road, drawn together by their shared affection for a lost friend. Hope seems a distant memory, and the future is far from certain. Their journey will take them through the magic ways of the Fae and to a city cursed to darkness by its own rulers. Will they find a way to end the encroaching destruction, or will they succumb to it themselves?

The Road to Grafenwöhr
by Edward C. Patterson
$0.00, 374 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (15 reviews), #90 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Historical
Set in a tense Cold War atmosphere during both the invasion of Czechoslovakia and the Vietnam call to arms, The Road to Grafenwoehr is one man's emotional journey to square nature's justice with humankind's disregard for it. It’s a summons for a least likely and reluctant champion. But those called to service rarely choose where they serve. They just answer it, ripening to their purpose. For Quincy Summerson, a hero’s life is not his choice, but can he ignore the call? Can he stay off the road once the twilight snares him?

PFC Quincy Summerson begins his military adventure in 1968 in Bavaria realizing that his presence stirs the paradigm - the thin line between twilight and night. His hyperactive imagination gets the better of him, and soon he's enlisted for another purpose - to travel the road to Grafenwoehr, where the forest is enlivened by ancient lore.

Billy Brown Bear and Friends: Short Stories, Fuzzy Animals, and Life Lessons (Karma for Kids Books)
by Norma MacDonald
$0.00, 32 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (8 reviews), #10 in > Children's eBooks > Fairy Tales, Folk Tales & Myths > Collections
Billy Brown Bear was a bully. He was the biggest animal in the whole class and he picked on all the smaller animals. When Penny Puppy brought her tennis ball collection for show and tell, Billy Brown Bear threw them all over the fence. When Carl Crow taught the class how to build bird nests, Billy Brown Bear crushed them all with his big bear paws. Can his classmates teach him a lesson? Can Billy Brown Bear change his ways?

Chapters include fun and interesting stories with lessons on:


Karma for Kids Books

We once knew a beautiful Labrador Retriever named Karma. Yes, Karma is a retriever. Whatever we threw out, Karma was happy to bring it back to us. It didn't matter what it was, she always brought it back. It's the same in life. Whatever you send out, is what you will get back. Our Karma for Kids Books hopes to instill this simple Law of the Universe into the lives of young children everywhere. Life can be amazing!

The Vengeful Malice: Hungering Saga 2 (The Hungering Saga)
by Heath Pfaff, Andrea Brooks
$0.00, 332 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #299 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Epic
All men who would change the world, must first be willing to destroy it. The continuation of the epic saga began in The Noble Fool, The Vengeful Malice returns to the memories of Lowin Fenly as he is stirred from his respite of self loathing and forced on a quest to bring peace to his people, his land, and himself.

A new menace comes from the sea, and it has come to devour mankind whole. The kingdom is at war with itself, and with a new enemy, and powerful men have decided that Lowin will play an important role in the upcoming conflict whether he wishes it or not.

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Thank you for taking interest in an independent writer! Your support aids us in improving the quality of our final products, and encourages creativity and innovation beyond what the major publication houses will print. For up to the date information on Heath's latest projects, contests, and inane ramblings follow us on facebook. The Hungering Saga

The Fallen: Daoine Maithe Book 1
by Dan O'Sullivan
$0.00, 414 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (16 reviews), #13 in > Romance > Fantasy
Book 1. The Fallen

Unable to prevent the abduction of his fiancée Elena and her sisters, Kelian Prince of Alkira, defies his father and accompanies elite soldiers in pursuit of Nandul of Tarl, dangerous leader of the treacherous and vengeful people known as Fallen. Though once of the immortal and protective race of Guardians, the Fallen no longer possess the gifts or power of their Guardian kin, having forsaken these abilities to obtain their freedom. Obsessed with regaining these lost gifts, Nandul kidnaps Elena and her Guardian sister Louisa, obsessed with his desire to mate with a Guardian and produce an immortal heir bearing both freedom and power.

The most ruthless and deadly of fallen warriors, Milgorry of Tarl is confounded when he finds he is unable to tolerate the abuse and violence poured upon the captives. Deeply in love with Louisa, he contrives their escape only to be recaptured and taken to the village of Weema in Nyinaku.
Prince Kelian and two gifted Guardians, Timbul and Araas, pass the burning sands of Sheldon’s Quest and head for Weema in search of the captives. He is pursued relentlessly by the Fallen as he treks over the Ice Mountains facing overwhelming obstacles in his attempt to save the hostages.

Suspenseful, gripping, and exhilarating, The Fallen captures your imagination and draws you into a dangerous and disturbing world where formidable and mystically powerful beings create chaos in their battles for supremacy. Accompany Kelian in search of his abducted love, along with his loyal friends and guardians, on his grueling journey of danger and wonder, romance and revenge.

More Than Scars
by Sarah Brocious
$0.00, 333 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (44 reviews), #56 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Fairy Tales
Disclaimer: This story is a modern day Fairytale. Prepare for events that go beyond the normal day events you are use to. Plan on a happily ever after escape.

They say that the best way to heal is to find someone who suffers more and invest in their healing. Nerissa Meadows decides to make a change in career and experiences the strangest of interviews. She had been through so much but nothing like her soon to be employer, Liam Byrne. His scars have stolen from him...from his two little girls. It's as if life has ceased to exist outside of his own front door in order to protect what he loves and keep out what he fears. He perceives his weakness but Nerissa sees in him a wounded hero. Her heart aches for his two girls. Their young lives have been touched by too much sadness! They need her and she finds that she most desperately needs them. Fairytales can take shape in the most unlikely of places!

It's Always Christmastime In Cratchitville
by Gary Paul Corcoran
$0.00, 104 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (14 reviews), #70 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Fairy Tales
It's Christmastime in Pleasant Hollow, a faraway place with horse drawn sleighs and gingerbread cottages with snow covered roofs. The kids jokingly like to call it Cratchitville, well, because old man Cratchit owns half the town. Whatever you choose to call Pleasant Hollow, the kids have bigger concerns. Like why does it always seem to be Christmastime around here and why don’t any of the adults know what goes on over the next hill?
This lovely little holiday story with a dark secret will charm your heart and keep you guessing until the very last page is turned.

Death Or Fortune
by James Chesney, James Smith
$0.00, 550 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (7 reviews), #193 in > Literature & Fiction > Action & Adventure > Fantasy
This is the story of Darmot Kromwell, as told by him, in his words. It details his journey from the land of Eystlund to Arcadia and beyond.

The Mermaid's Lament
by Lori Worley
$0.00, 187 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (7 reviews), #13 in > Literature & Fiction > Literary Fiction > Romance
"My world blurred around me and collapsed in a kaleidoscope of brilliant colors. I felt the faint feeling of my mother’s fingers as she traced the shape of my eyes and the line of my bottom lip but rougher hands replaced them, sealing my nostrils and shoving my head back with unexpected pressure. I could taste the bitterness of all my mother’s lost hope in the witches’ poison, sliding down my throat, thick with resolve. I fought against it, sending tendrils of black mucus into the water around my face. The agony was already spreading as though my father had used the same hand he had restrained me with to begin ripping my tail down the side of me, and then there was only blackness and it was blinding."

Aggrafina is a mermaid cast out of the sea and the life she knows. She is found by Adrik, a man who is bitter and lost amongst his own kind. The show is where Adrik allows the world a small glimpse into the anomalies that hide in its forests and wash up from its seas. Aggrafina becomes an unwilling participant in the show just as her very presence causes Adrik to become an unwilling participant in reliving parts of his past. Despite the new relationships found within the stone buildings on an isolated island Aggraafina's restless heart wants only one go home, but will she?

The Hunter's Tale (The Guiding Hand Book 1)
by S. A. Lytle
$0.00, 293 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #212 in > Literature & Fiction > Action & Adventure > Romance
The small Kingdom of Delnun is steeped in legend. Though magic has failed the land over the centuries, the people believe a curse on the Royal Family remains that could bring the country to ruin. Why then does someone keep trying to kill the Queen?

Queen Iola knows that her husband didn't die in a hunting accident. She knows exactly who murdered him. The man who died bringing her the information left behind a wife and four children she promised to protect.

When the man's son Eraph is brought before her for poaching on royal lands, Iola decides to use the boy for her revenge, despite the misgivings of her bodyguard Mica.

Eraph has struggled to find his place since his father died. As the oldest son, it's his duty to supply for his family. But he's angry. He's lost.

Together with Elan the youngest brother of the murdered King, and Eraph's younger sister, Eraph and Mica become tangled in a web of intrigue and murder that threatens the lives of the Queen, their families and the entire Kingdom.