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Newly Free Zombies Kindle Books for 2020-04-02

The Walking Plague Trilogy
by J.R. Rain
$0.00, 378 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (21 reviews), #410 in Literature & Fiction (Kindle Store)
The epic saga of one family against an army of the undead. The complete #1 bestselling "Walking Plague" trilogy by J.R. Rain, now available in one volume!


Los Angeles County park ranger, Jack Carter, is about to discover that not all is as it seems in his tranquil life. Once responsible for patrolling the many public parks, in particular the popular Griffith Park with its famous observatory and zoo, Jack is about to discover that a whole new kind of animal roams his woods. The undead kind. It begins when his brother, on leave from the military, arrives sick. Deathly sick. Jack's concern turns to alarm when his own flesh and blood turns on him, forcing the park ranger to take drastic measures. Now searching for answers and help for his brother, Jack finds himself on the run from a lethal group of government agents―and from something monstrous that stalks his woods. Something not of this world...and hungry for flesh.


Now, as Jack struggles to stay sane - as the hunger within him grows to insatiable, uncontrollable levels―he's about to confront his greatest fear. Indeed, the cure to the worldwide infection just might be worse than the zombies themselves. Now, with the walking dead spreading like wildfire, feasting on all those unlucky enough to cross their paths, one family just might have come across a cure to save all family against an army of the undead.


Now, with his daughter bitten, it's a race against time to save her―and stop a madman hellbent on destroying everything that Jack has fought so hard to save. With timing running out, and a doomsday clock ticking, Jack Carter will sacrifice everything to save the ones he loves...even while the walking dead multiply...and grow hungrier and hungrier.

Weep: The Irish Epidemic
by Eoin Brady
$0.00, 446 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (12 reviews), #6 in Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
There is no evacuation.
Survival will cost your humanity.
Expected death toll: a nation.

Yesterday Fin was a nightporter. Today he is a survivor.
Within days the outbreak devoured Ireland. It started with a fever hot enough to burn away the soul. What remained was violent, deranged and ravenous, no longer human: weepers. At first, they lured victims with anguished cries. Now, the sound causes terror. The sick must hunt.
Death offers no rest from the disease and the infected rise again to spread the plague as zombies.

Fearing pandemic, foreign warships quarantine Ireland, seeking containment at all cost. Chaos and panic engulf a world preparing for the end. While at home, a dwindling population flee ruined cities, forced into a frozen countryside of vacant graves.

Extinction has been stopped — for now.

In what could be the last days of recorded history, Fin must survive amongst the desperate and the dead to find his family — on the opposite side of Ireland, no matter the cost.

How much of yourself would you give to save the ones you love?

World of Dead: Volume 1: Issue 1
by Broderick Johnson
$0.00, 22 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #85 in 45-Minute Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Short Reads
“World of Dead” is an apocalyptic series of short stories that will be released every month in the form of an eBook. “World of Dead” is an ongoing story about a young, teenage girl who has to survive in the apocalypse with her parents and newborn baby sister. In this months story, we learn about Kyra and her family. Kyra, a 16 year old girl, has witnessed the world she knows suffer from an attack that has released a virus into the Earth’s atmosphere. Now, hidden away at their lake house in upstate New York, Kyra and her family are going to find that the apocalypse is not far from where they are hiding.

The Uninvited
by Jonathan Daniel
$0.00, 207 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (58 reviews), #268 in Horror (Kindle Store)
While on vacation in Thailand in 2004, Owen Decker lost his wife to a tsunami and barely escaped with his own life. From that moment on, he has been deathly afraid of the water. Then he receives an invitation to attend a company retreat on the CEO's private island in the Bahamas. Owen sees it as an opportunity to move on, to confront his fears and conquer them once and for all.

But something is waiting on the island; an evil beyond comprehension.

Once again, Owen is running for his life.

And on this island, there aren’t many places to hide.

by Darren Scothern
$0.00, 177 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #288 in Occult Horror
The Darkness Beyond the Veil

Nine tales of the supernatural from Darren R. Scothern

Nadine is a lonely, frightened, single young mother. She knows nothing about the world. So how can she choose between God and Demons…

It’s 1970, and in the sleepy northern English village of Chapelbank, ten-year-old friends Tom and Pete come face to face with a monstrous force of evil…

Nigel is a strange boy… but he is on the cusp of a magical transformation. All he needs is blood, and the love of his mother…

One year after Tom dispensed a line, the spotlight is on Pete, and his pretty new friend Rebecca, as the evil presence in Chapelbank is roused once more.

Old Mrs Mulligan wants good quality produce - there’s nothing wrong with that. So why is Frank so worried?

Secrets, lies, and long lost love. What exactly did happen to Paul all those years ago, on that lonely road through the woods?

In the climactic story of Tom and Pete’s adventures, the true cosmic scope of the forces converging on Chapelbank is revealed, as the friends head for a final confrontation with evil.

Time is running out. Who will die next? A brilliantly original and surreal tale of death and destiny.

An unwelcome familiar face from Chapelbank is at the centre of this grim tale of revenge and victimisation.

After Us
by Em Dehaney
$0.00, pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #69916 in Short Stories (Books)
The dead never stayed buried in New Orleans.
After Us, The Flood is a nightmare tale set among the drowned buildings of Hurricane Katrina. Can Low Jenkins and his small band of jazz fiends and party animals survive the flood? Something is stirring in the water...

With bonus story Mama's Here.
Which is stronger? A mother's love, or the hatred that burns at 3am?

The Dead on Black River
by Aaron Saylor
$0.00, 21 pages, 3.9 out of 5.0 (6 reviews), #1467 in Single Authors Short Stories
Two men trek through a snowstorm along the frozen Black River, seeking safety from the undead that pursue them.

Twilight of the Living Dead
by Scott M. Baker
$0.00, 82 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #153 in Historical Fiction (Kindle Store)
April 1945. World War II in Europe is entering its bloody finale. Berlin has been invaded – not by the Red Army, but by an army of the living dead. The zombie outbreak has ravaged the capital, leaving as the only survivors those who sought refuge in the city’s three fortified flak towers.

Oberst Dieter Bock, commander of the Tiergarten Flak Tower with thirty thousand civilians under his care, faces the dilemma of watching everyone slowly starve to death, attempting a mass breakout through the hordes of the living dead, or deserting his post and making his way to safety with his lover Margarethe.

The decision is made for Bock when a failed rescue attempt to save the Führer leads to the flak tower becoming the final battleground between the living and the dead.

This novella also contains the short story “Lebenden Toten at the Gates” about Wehrmacht soldiers battling Soviet zombies at Stalingrad.

by J. A. Santos
$0.00, 345 pages, 3.4 out of 5.0 (10 reviews), #99 in Horror Suspense
Sara Garber has been drifting for more than 12 years, hiding, fleeing those who imprisoned her at the age of fifteen. Now at 33, and by chance, those after her, looking for 2 monsters like her, ask for help. As these monsters are driven by the same hunger, a disease which drives an insane state of mind for blood and flesh and with the help of her estranged father and one who she could fall in love with, finds a plan which could mean her death.

Thrive: Episode Four
by Harrison J. Lamb
$0.00, 46 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #270 in 90-Minute Literature & Fiction Short Reads
Episode 4: "Rescue"

Kingsley wanders the snapper-ridden streets of Colchester alone, unable to deal with the pressure of responsibility for his group. Eric and the women are faced by Darren's wrathful friends holding Sammy captive and making impossible demands of them. And Emma is caught in the crossfire, though she wants nothing more than to be with her sister. Only one thing is certain: blood will be shed.

In this gripping zombie serial, everyone must ask themselves what matters most as they fight to survive, to rebuild and to thrive.

Angel Face: A Zombie Apocalypse Short Story (Story 2 of the Apocalypse Collection)
by Sean Deville
$0.00, 31 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #10 in British Short Stories
When the zombie infection hit, nobody really stood a chance.

Despite initially being free of the zombie virus, the city Jazmin lived in rapidly fell apart.
Anarchy, chaos and murder owned the streets, humanity turning on itself in a frenzy of madness and slaughter.
As a fortunate survivor of the zombie apocalypse, all Jazmin felt she could do was cower in her city centre apartment and hope the agents of chaos passed her by.

But then one morning she heard the desperate pleas of a child in distress and everything changed.

Ask yourself what you would do in that situation?
Would you try and ignore those harrowing cries, or would you risk leaving the safety of your home to go to a child's aid?
What if you knew that every second outside would put you in mortal peril?
Would you be hero or coward?

Jazmin chose to be a hero, but she was about to discover that there were worse things than zombies out there.

Angel Face is the second story in Sean Devilles Apocalyptic Short Story collection

Tooth: A zombie apocalypse short story (Story 8 of the Apocalypse Collection)
by Sean Deville
$0.00, 22 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #8132 in 45-Minute Literature & Fiction Short Reads
The threat of it was always there, waiting, haunting.
And when it struck, it left its victims helpless and afraid.

That was why Clive forced himself to go to the dentist despite the fear that churned him up inside.
He thought the treatment had worked. He thought he would be spared any more pain.
But life wasn't going to let him off that easy.

Because the Lazarus Virus struck, and everything changed.

As Clive became trapped in his apartment due to the unstoppable armies of the undead, the tooth started to hurt again.
Clawing, gnawing driving him insane.
In a world now owned by the undead, there are sometimes worse things than the zombies to worry about.

Tooth is the eighth story in Sean Deville's Apocalyptic Short Story collection. Warning, this story contains graphic scenes.

Unnatural: A Collection of Short Stories
by A.L. Wiley
$0.00, 64 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #647 in 90-Minute Literature & Fiction Short Reads
A collection of short stories perfect for Halloween with just enough chill to make you shiver, enough character to make you cry and enough humor to make you laugh while you do it. Comprised of fifteen stories each under five thousand words, there’s zombies, Death on a Monday, monster’s under the bed, dolls and puppets, out of control cyborgs and everything else you would want for a quick read in October or anytime you want a little shiver and a giggle.

Newly Free Vampires Kindle Books for 2020-04-02

Dream Encounters
by Kellen Geneva
$0.00, 494 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (6 reviews), #69 in Dark Fantasy Horror
Adrie Woods thought she had settled into her new life as a werewolf, keeping the secrets of her past away from the pack. But when she meets Brian, a rogue vampire with a dark history pursuing him, everything changes. A prophecy is fulfilled and an ancient evil awakens, invading Adrie’s dreams and choosing her to help set in motion a plan made centuries ago. The voice in her dreams calls to Adrie’s unrealized identity, the “Dream Walker.”When a mysterious book is delivered to Adrie, unwanted attention is brought from outsiders seeking its power. The past is not all that it seems. Secrets will be uncovered as Adrie finds herself thrown into the midst of a battle much more dangerous than the forbidden love that manifests between her and Brian. Dynamics are shifted, and things will never be the same.

Food Of The Gods
by Em Dehaney
$0.00, 132 pages, 4.9 out of 5.0 (19 reviews), #220 in Dark Fantasy Horror
A perfect corpse floats forever in a watery grave.
A gang member takes a terrifying trip to the seaside.
A deserted cross-channel ferry that serves only the finest Slovakian wines.
Gods and monsters.
Mermaids and witches.
Blood and magic.
Love and death.
From the dark and decadent mind of Em Dehaney come eight tales of seafoam secrets and sweet treats.
Nothing is quite what it seems, but everything is delicious.
This is Food Of The Gods.

Envied (Immortal Chronicles Book 6)
by Samantha Britt
$0.00, 124 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #124 in Paranormal Vampire Romance

Vampire. Second in command. Heartbroken male.

Gregory Fang never does anything for himself. He’s spent his entire immortal life serving the vampire king. Things almost changed when he fell in love with the girl of his dreams. Unfortunately, she is destined to be with another, and Gregory seems destined to be alone.

Resigned to mend his disappointed heart, Gregory throws himself into work. While on a mission to subdue rebel vampires, he is reunited with an old friend. Paige Green is a werebeast, but she isn’t the angsty teenager he remembers.

Together, Paige and Gregory combat vampires, witches, missing persons, and unsuspected enemies. All the while, they are finding out just how much two years can change someone.

Find out what Gregory's future holds in Envied: Immortal Chronicles Book 6.

WARNING: While Envied is a standalone story, there are spoilers for The Immortal Chronicles Series Books I-IV. Reader beware.

I Never Eat... Cheesesteak
by Paul Lubaczewski
$0.00, 235 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #112 in General Humorous Fiction
They say life is what happens when you're making other plans. It is also what happens when you need cash to record a demo, but that isn't as catchy in a song, or a meme. Al was coasting through life without a plan or a clue when he was offered a way to make quick cash without doing anything illegal, mainly because killing vampires is not technically against any laws. If he agrees he jump starts his musical career, but on the downside he has to combat the forces of undead evil, including their horrific fashion sense. Will Al survive? Will his punk rocker sister Angie finally dump her loser boyfriend? Will Al's girlfriend come to her senses and dump him? Will Al's gruff partner Abdiel become "woke"? (depends on your definition) Will the citizens of Philadelphia discover the dark festering evil that lurks in their very city?(other than Eagles fans) Will anyone eat an actual cheesesteak? The only way to find out is to read this book, because there will probably never be a Cliff Notes for this one!

Vampyrnomicon (Book II of The Vampire Hunters Trilogy 2)
by Scott Baker
$0.00, 295 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #203 in Horror (Kindle Store)
Ash was haunted by the Necronomicon.

Drake's hopes are connected to the Vampyrnomicon.

Following the battle against the vampire coven that wanted to rule Washington, Drake, Alison and the team hope to catch a break. Yet it is only the silence before the storm.

The Vampyrnomicon is rumored to be a vampire Bible covered in human skin that holds the knowledge to destroy humans or vampires... depending on who is using it. Great sources of power attract the strongest players in a game, and Drake and Alison end up facing the mistress of all vampires.

Who will find the clues to get the power over the forbidden powerful ancient book?

Family Blood
by Gina Harris
$0.00, 147 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #276 in Occult Horror
Sarah and Matt Caldwell are building a new life for themselves after family tragedy left them alone in the world. Tyler's band needs a bass player, and they are trying Matt out. Sarah is starting to think about things beyond just keeping Matt alive. Everything seems to be going well, until Matt is found with a bloody throat.

"Tell Sarah they found us."

Ulysses Exposed (Blaire Thorne Book 1)
by N Gray
$0.00, 236 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #7 in Contemporary Fantasy Fiction

She’s alone, injured and doesn’t remember how she got here.

Three men emerge from the shadows and approach her. She doesn't recognize them and unsure whether they are the reason this happened to her.

Before she can protect herself, she passes out from blood loss. When she wakes, she’s lying between strangers in an unknown place and has healed from her near-fatal wounds.

Can she trust the vampire who saved her life or the were-animal who helps her understand the past before the threat returns in this fast-paced suspense novel?

Fans of True Blood and Twilight will be transported into a new world where nothing is as it seems.

Scroll up and BUY NOW to begin a new thrilling paranormal series...

Reader discretion is advised, recommended ages 17+ due to language and sexual content.

Other books in the Blaire Thorne series:

Ulysses Exposed - Book 1: B07VR5LJXW

Voodoo Priest - Book 2: B07ZG2DTFX

Butterflies and Hurricanes - Book 3: B082BJFSZL

Salvation - Book 4: B0829SR487

If you enjoy reading books from Ilona Andrews, Bella Forrest, Laurell K. Hamilton, K.F. Breene, J.R. Ward, Shayne Silvers, or Shannon Mayer, you won't be able to put down the highly addictive Blaire Thorne Series.

What readers are saying:

★★★★ 'If you are looking for an easy quick-reading urban fantasy novel, then I recommend this. I read it in a couple of hours and thoroughly enjoyed it, I am probably going to go read the sequel now.'

★★★★ 'This was a fun thriller with a bit of romance. A very small bit. There is a fair amount of swearing and one somewhat explicit scene. The chemistry between Blaire and Sebastian is a slow burn which is somewhat refreshing. I like how their relationship is developing. I'm interested to see what happens in the next book.'

Revoking the Witch (The Faction Series Book 3)
by Lindsey Jayne
$0.00, 423 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #1509 in Werewolf & Shifter Thrillers
After one horrific tragedy to the next, Elora succumbed to the temptation of the darkness chasing her. It took her memories, it took her fight, it consumed her soul.

It took a mother from her baby, leaving the threat of an innocent child to grow up motherless and alone.

Deacon must try, one final time to save her from Cassandra and the black future waiting to devour her, but more than this, he must save her from herself. He must win back the love they shared. He must remind Elora of the life she knew.

Will Elora allow the darkness to win and leave so much heartbreak in its wake, taking her away from all whom she loves, forever?

And exactly how much of Elora will be left to save? Especially since Deacon is now the enemy.

A new evil is on the horizon, one that comes from the very depths of hell itself; an evil that is capable of so much more than the mere parlour tricks and black magic of anyone before him.
An evil with ties to Elora’s past.

Nothing and no one will stand in the way of what he wants, and he wants Elora. For himself. Again. Once and for all.

With her memory gone, and a dark influence vying for her vulnerable and impressionable mind, can Elora be saved before she does something so sinister, that it will not only change her destiny, but will taint the world forever?

And with the enemy on both sides, will she even survive it?

Captured (The Blood Prophecy Book 1)
by Catherine Stovall
$0.00, 216 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #49 in Paranormal Demons & Devils Romance
Jenda Meyer had it all—the perfect friends, the perfect family, the perfect life—but it was all a lie. When her best friend, Soborgne Jinx, disappears, leaving nothing but a bloody crime scene and a mystery in her wake, it all begins to unravel. Following strange signs that her friend is still alive, Jenda sets out to discover the truth, but what she unveils is almost more than she can take.
Matteo Angelleti is a lost soul who only wants to be loved, but his unfortunate bond to the psychopathic and blood thirsty Belle Gunther stands between him and the woman he is inexplicably drawn too. Caught up in a mad plan to find an heir to reign at Belle’s side as the only vampires able to walk in the sun, Matteo must make a choice that quite literally leaves lives hanging in the balance.
As the four characters’ worlds collide in a place where blood flows like wine, lives are lost and rules are broken. Disappointment in love and life bring out the worst in humans, but with vampires, it leads to a chilling tale of romance and mystery.

Vampyre: From Blood to Ashes Prologue
by Kestra Pingree
$0.00, 38 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #4 in One-Hour Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Reads
I’m a prisoner.
A toy.
A tool.
And I’m done playing nice.

I am a vampyre, a male vampire. According to the females, my sole purpose is to be a breeder.

I was prepared for this duty my entire life. Maybe I would have done it too, if I hadn’t tasted something forbidden and sweet.

Maybe even freedom.
Just to have it all ripped away.

I’ll never give them what they want, but the latest vampire they’ve paired me with is a monster.

Lisette will be the one to break me.
Or she’ll be the one to save me.

Note: Vampyre is the prologue to an adult dark fantasy series, From Blood to Ashes. While it’s a love story, it isn’t for every reader. It contains violent and sexual situations some might find triggering. But never fear. Our heroine and hero will overcome.

When Darkness Comes
by G. Allen Wilbanks
$0.00, 348 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #183 in Occult Horror
Gregory is an average grad student at college. His grades are good, he has friends, and he has an active social life. Everything seems to be exactly the way he wants it. Then, he meets the girl of his dreams at a party, and everything changes.

Her name is Andi. She is beautiful, smart, sexy and mysterious, and Gregory falls in love the moment he lays eyes on her. What Gregory does not know is that Andi is a vampire.

What Gregory also does not know is that Andi is going to kill him. And that is just the beginning of her plans for him.

Body and Soul
by Emrys Apollo
$0.00, 22 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #75 in 45-Minute Literature & Fiction Short Reads

An evil King prepares to finish off an enemy, but first he's going to set a trap to turn his captive Princess into his weapon, all while her Prince watches helplessly. Is this the beginning of the end for the young Gods, or will they embrace their new vampiric lover?

Will force rule over tenderness? Can you love someone even as they commit evil acts?

18+ for sensuality and fantasy violence.

Halloween Special Edition : Monster of Monsters #1 Part Two: Mortem's Contestant (Halloween Special Edition Monster of Monsters Science Fiction Horror Action Adventure Novella Serial Series Book 2)
by Kristie Lynn Higgins
$0.00, 127 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #27 in Horror Fiction Classics
Halloween Special Edition:
Type: novella and the word count is about 43,600 words.
Join Kein in this novella serial series and explore a realm of terror through the eyes of one who wants nothing more than to find a family of her own. Start this endearing and yet heartbreaking story by reading the short story, Monster of Monsters #1 Part One: Mortem's Opening.

Monster of Monsters #1 Part Two: Mortem's Contestant

Light and darkness... Love and revenge...

All Kein wanted was to be devoured. As an orphan, she had been told since joining her school that it was very important that a house or clan devour her so when she met a creature promising to devour her, she was confused at first, but then she was consoled that someone wanted her.

A world of monsters and a world of humans... A world of joy and a world of terror...

Loneliness can be a very strong emotion, but it can also be a very strong motivator so even when a creature of the darkness invited her to come to her, innocence heeded the call. Kein began an adventure of heartache and joy as she walked the paths of shadow and light. She would discover what it was to be devoured as a dangerous game drew her into a deadly realm of wishes, revenge, hope, desire, love, and horror.

Monster of Monsters Science Fiction Horror Action Adventure Novella Serial Series:
1. Monster of Monsters #1 Part One: Mortem's Opening
2. Monster of Monsters #1 Part Two: Mortem's Contestant
3. Monster of Monsters #1 Part Three: And Let The Real Games Begin
4. Monster of Monsters #1 Part Four: A Bargain Has Been Struck, Too Bad For You

My novels, novellas, short stories, and flash fiction range from science fiction, fantasy, action-adventure, horror with elements of mystery, thriller, suspense, dark fantasy, gothic, a mix of fairy tales, legends, and epic fantasy. Explore my worlds of magic, tech, werewolf, sword and sorcery, killer robots, UFO, witches, dragon baby, undead, demented games, vampires, villains, flying saucers, dungeons and dragons, werewolves, ghosts, mummies, assassins, monsters, androids, leviathan, aliens, curse of the mummy, mutants, warlocks, dragon riders, sorcerer, superheroes, zombies, mutant creatures, etc.

Firstborn: Night of the Penanggal
by Jill Girardi
$0.00, 19 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #51 in Horror Short Stories
In a small village in rural Malaysia, Adi Mansur and his wife Hajar are expecting their first child. The coming birth awakens an ancient evil called Penanggal- a cursed entity that drinks the blood of pregnant women and newborn babies.

Family Reunion (Family Blood Book 3)
by Gina Harris
$0.00, 102 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #277 in Occult Horror
Sarah and Tyler are starting a new life together, but on their way to their honeymoon they are horribly interrupted. Tyler is injured and Sarah is kidnapped by vampires. All of their friends will have to work together to save Sarah and to stay alive.

Horror Story: Can You Keep My Secret: Paranormal Vampire Story.
by Paul O.A.Patrick
$0.00, 72 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #732 in Vampire Horror
Stella is your adorable regular girl, loved by many. Her father the mayor and her loving mother to support him.

But the village is scared of the blood red moon.. the vampires come out to feed and kill.. they even take children.

But Stella has a huge secret.

Never Ceese, Forever Richard, Cyn No More and Electric Angel
by Sue Dent
$0.00, pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #569 in Paranormal & Urban Fantasy (Kindle Store)
Never Ceese

What happens when a determined werewolf and a skeptical vampire join forces at the request of an aging friend?

Will they succeed in finding a way to rid themselves of their respective curses in spite of their natural hatred for each other or will they suffer at the hands of a radical and evil stem cell researcher who wants the fame and immortality he believes their blood will give him?

Never Ceese made the Bram Stocker 2005 Preliminary Ballot for Superior achievement in a First Novel.

"Spunky heroes.....crisp storytelling.....the straightforward prose, vivid action and moral crises of our favorite monsters will enthrall audiences...." -W.D. Gagliani (author, Wolf's Trap) for Horror World

"Sue has a gift of bringing her characters to life, drawing the reader in to experience every emotion and scenery..." MaryAnn Boo British Fantasy Society Reviewer

Forever Richard - A new vampire inhabiting Richard's castle, a stranger with the alleged knife of the Akedah, a malevolent werewolf stalking Ceese, and the impossible-to-kill Professor Henderson.

Now mortal once again, Richard and Ceese thought their troubles were behind them. What will they do when they learn that isn't true? And how will they survive the new evil that threatens to destroy them all?

Made the 2009 British Fantasy Society Long-List

"Insightful, thought provoking . . . Well worth the wait!" Maryann Boo, British Fantasy Society reviewer.

"Sue Dent's characters lept off the page and into my mind, as alive as the viewer reading them."
--Char Hardin for Horrorphilia

"Forever Richard continues to showcase Dent's clever storytelling and witty dialogue." Jake Chism/Christian Manifesto

Electric Angel - "Because of her cancer, Anna Chadwick wouldn't live long
enough to carry her twin infants to term. Yet she wanted nothing more than for them to have a chance at living.
Learning one would be stillborn didn't lessen her desire.

It would take a she prayed for one.

When an electrical entity arrives to take the place of her stillborn, some would reflect that prayers aren't always
answered the way we'd expect them to be."

Editorial reviews:

Sue Dent's novel Electric Angel is a high voltage read, amped up with believable characters struggling in a unique plot. You likely won't read a novel like this one. Dent is an excellent wordsmith, her ideas original, and her work both entertaining and insightful. Definitely an up-and-coming author.

Nancy Kilpatrick Writer - The Power of the Blood trilogy Editor - Danse Macabre: Close Encounters With the Reaper

"Simply Brilliant. Sue has produced another page turner and truly original concept and I am very excited for her next book."
Maryann Boo reviewer for the British Fantasy Society

"There were several parts that had me nearly giving myself paper-cuts to turn the page fast enough . . . I thoroughly enjoyed this story." Open Book Society

"Sue Dent's storytelling was vivid . . . I truly could not put this book down once I started reading!" Char Hardin Horror reviewer and Podcast host of Charred Remains on BlogTalkRadio

"High Voltage Horror and Suspense Coursing Throughout 'Electric Angel' by Sue Dent" Target Audience Magazine

A Subtle Agency Omnibus
by Graeme Rodaughan
$0.00, 666 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #80 in Dark Fantasy Horror

Three Thrilling Dark Fantasy Action Adventures, A Subtle Agency, A Traitor's War, and The Dragon's Den in One Volume.

Hunters and vampires are fighting a secret war for control of the fabric of reality. Whoever acquires mastery of the reality shifting powers of the Metaframe will become the new gods of the universe.

"Imagine if you could change the rules of the game, what rules would you choose?"

Witness to a brutal murder, 18 year old Anton Slayne is inducted by the mysterious Mr Wu into the secret society of vampire hunters, the Order of Thoth. He soon discovers that vicious local gangsters, determined Boston police detectives, and relentless Shadowstone operatives pale into insignificance as he is drawn into the machinations of the enigmatic vampire general, Chloe Armitage.

Thrust into a maelstrom of hidden conflicts, the truth is hard to find and trust all but non-existent. Anton must master a legacy of extraordinary powers or be swept aside by those who seek to shape all of reality to their dark desires. Will his new powers be enough to save the future? Or, will everything he loves be swept aside as if it had never existed?

"When mastery over your soul is at stake, survival is the least of your problems."

"Like Underworld on speed, it's got all the adrenaline and action-packing shots of entertainment you could want, wrapped up in a no-nonsense narrative." - Adam Smith, Cultured Vultures

Be prepared to be blown away by a high-octane, dark fantasy, action adventure thriller, that would be at home in a summer movie blockbuster.

Join the heroes of the Metaframe War, buy A Subtle Agency Omnibus now.

The Great Tribulation
by David Chandler
$0.00, 376 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #5009 in Science Fiction Graphic Novels (Books)
Years after the Dark Ages, the Anathema, an upscale vampire race appears to begin a new age of darkness, but a secret society of vampire elitists known as the Illuminati stands in their way. Will the human race be caught in the middle and used as slaves to these oligarchs, or will light triumph over the darkness?

Moonrise Falling: A Modern Gothic Tale
by Adrian L. Jawort
$0.00, 293 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #300 in Horror (Kindle Store)
From the tripadelic mind of Native American author Adrian L. Jawort comes a noir-styled modern day gothic tale of losing & finding one's self through the midst of darkness. Abidan Drew, or A.D., is a brilliant but haunted young artistic soul who thrill seeks via sociopathic behavior, until one night a robbery goes awry & turns violent. He vows to change. Enter: the beauteously strange Deedra who bestows vampiric powers onto A.D. before taking him on an undead journey fraught with disturbing perils.
Come, take a mind blowing paranormal trip & discover love, heartbreak, & solace with our all too human anti-heroes as they strive to find deeper meaning in a ruthless, bloody existence that tests their morality & very sanity.

Newly Free Witches and Wizards Kindle Books for 2020-04-02

by Lynn Bohart
$0.00, 36 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (25 reviews), #49 in One-Hour Literature & Fiction Short Reads
It's Halloween, and everyone loves a pumpkin patch. But even pumpkin patches can be dangerous, especially if people go missing. When the FBI arrives to investigate, even they aren't prepared for what they find - a blind woman reputed to be a witch, unearthly scarecrows, and a strange boy with a ghostly sister named, Beatrice. Once you read this short story, you may never look at Halloween the same again.

Infernal Stock: Dovetail
by Ronnie Schiller
$0.00, 200 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (7 reviews), #54 in Satire Fiction (Kindle Store)
Dixon Azel is back in action, using his charm and ruthless wit to conquer new missions in the name of The Corporation. Dixon’s new boss is a company man from the top of his silver hair to the tips of his Italian loafers. This powerful demon controls Dixon’s career, and takes advantage of his pride in a job done well.
Outside the office, Dixon must submit to the control of the Council: an army of peaceful warriors comprising humans, witches, angels, and demons. The Council strives to maintain balance between The Corporation and their Competitor. The Council saved Dixon from damnation when he was discovered in the company of Council member Julia Porter. He owes them as much obedience as a demon can muster.
Faced with the ultimate peril, Dixon struggles to complete a critical mission while wrestling with the emergence of emotions granted to him through the sacrifice of a friend. If he reaches for redemption, he faces almost certain death. Can he divide his loyalties and drive for the end of the conflict without harming his friends in the Council? Can he find a way to bring his double life together in peace?
An Urban Fantasy set in the American Southwest, INFERNAL STOCK - II: DOVETAIL was written by a 10-year survivor of Fortune 500 corporate bureaucracy. Full of dark humor, it is the tale of a regular guy working for a heartless corporation, where the CEO happens to be Satan.

Infernal Stock: Deliverance
by Ronnie Schiller
$0.00, 235 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #53 in Satire Fiction (Kindle Store)
Will you forever be the person you were born to be?

Dixon Azel faces the greatest threat to his way of life when he is obligated to let a pregnant friend hide out in his sworn bachelor den of a house. His manly sanctuary becomes a social center for the women of the Council as they attend to the expectant mother, and the charming demon must adapt.

In the final installment of Infernal Stock, Dixon teams up with friends old and new to protect the unborn child against attackers from above, below, and places unknown. Through their trials, the compatriots will come to understand the true source of identity, and discover what it means to live with free will in the face of one’s greatest hopes and darkest fears.

A Satirical Urban Fantasy set in the American Southwest, INFERNAL STOCK - III: DELIVERANCE was written by a 10-year survivor of Fortune 500 corporate bureaucracy. Full of dark humor, it is the tale of a regular guy working for a heartless corporation, where the CEO happens to be Satan.

Hag's Trail
by Daniel Fox
$0.00, 252 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #412 in Horror (Kindle Store)
Louis Doyle is prepared to be nasty. A witch went and took his daughter, and in his eyes that gives a man license to do whatever he has to in order to get her back. Armed with little more than a rusty old rifle and one ferocious attitude, Louis sets out to carve his way through anything and anyone who gets in his way. And then he meets sexy, sassy Marigold Steakley - a powerful witch in her own right - and suddenly the path Louis has been blazing doesn't seem so straightforward.

Louis doesn't have anything left but the chase. He's let go of his home and all the good people who once took him in. After years of pursuit he might finally have the chance to catch up with the hag who took his daughter - if he can be a bad enough man to use up and burn out the one good woman who has shed a little light into his dark and depraved life.

Deadspeaker: The Books of The Dead Book 1
by Tracey Clare
$0.00, 270 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #425 in Dark Fantasy Horror
It was a lovely day to be pottering in the garden, but, then again, Avril was always of that opinion, no matter what the weather decided to do. Avril Romney was not an indoor type of lady.

As she walked slowly through the neat rows of flourishing herbs, she wondered what, precisely, she was. She was long past the age of asking herself such questions, that she knew, but something was making her mind return to this point, time and time again. How, precisely, would she describe herself? Most importantly, what name would she give to what she did?

Running her hand lightly over the top of the Old English lavender bush, Avril reflected that she had better return to her kitchen. It was nearly time for lunch, which meant that the news report would be showing on the television. She had come into the garden to find a little peace before turning the television set on, hoping to settle her mind. The Dead had told her that there was another one awaiting her attention.

With a sigh, Avril Romney turned back towards her charming country cottage, a wicker basket filled with harvested herbs swaying gently in the crook of her right elbow. When The Dead called, she had to listen. This was what she was. For Avril Romney listened to The Dead and they nearly always had something to say.

Much, much later that same night, Avril Romney climbed into bed feeling old and alone. Well, she told herself, you are both of those things. Only The Dead keep you company and, some days, the living just will not listen. Today had been one of those days.

Avril had walked calmly back to the cottage she had fallen in love with as a young wife. Now, Bert was long gone and the house was more like a familiar old friend. It was a little tired around the edges and most people would say that it was in need of modernising, but that was how she liked it. Given that she spent most of her time with The Dead, she was not a great fan of modernity.

Even the television set which she used to keep abreast of the news was old. Large, but not in the sleek, flat manner of the monstrosities which she saw in the shop windows on the little high street. Still, for the programmes she watched, she did not desire to see higher definition or have it pop out at her, as people told her technology now made possible. No, she liked to keep her life as simple as could be because, for her, it was all too real, already.

Deadspeaker, they whispered behind her back when they thought she could not hear. The people in the village did not care if she heard what they said, or not, and they tended to use harsher appellations. Crackpot and lunatic were amongst the least offensive. In a village as small as Appleton, word was bound to get around.

She was tired, having spent four hours sat at the police station, her body rigid with tension as she attempted to pretend that the stares and sniggers did not register with her, did not shatter the sense of calm which she had brought into that place with her. She had not even managed to convince herself that she had succeeded. Her nerves jangled louder than wind chimes.

“I’ve got a few minutes to spare, if you would care to come through here,” the voice informed her.

It seemed that Appleton & District Police would see her, after all.

Back to Her
by Mack Moyer
$0.00, 82 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #265 in Two-Hour Literature & Fiction Short Reads
When they were just kids, Kevin and his two best friends found themselves enraptured with a mysterious, seemingly magical older woman named Lisa. Despite her loving, matronly personality, it soon became apparent that Lisa was manipulating the boys to satiate her perverse, evil urges. The boys banded together to kill Lisa, freeing themselves from her grip.

Twenty years later, Kevin discovers that Lisa has somehow returned from the dead. As he wrestles with the demons from his traumatic childhood, Kevin struggles to find a way to finally break free from Lisa’s control in this surrealist horror novella.

Visions and Nightmares: Ten Stories of Dark Fantasy and Horror
by A. F. Stewart
$0.00, 104 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #975 in Horror Short Stories

Tragedy spares no one... and takes no prisoners.

In the twilight shadows, secrets are revealed past the whispers of madness.

Wander into the realm of the old gods with Elenora, where humanity and marriage are a prison.
Step through a looking glass of dark horrors with an Alice you never knew.
Join with Zenna to seek the truth as her death by magic grows closer.
Journey with Olivia as she crosses paths with a monster of the forest and runs for her life.
Watch Isobel summon the faerie to solve her problem of an unwanted husband.
Shiver as Doctor Killbride experiments with corpses to create life from death.
All that and more await within the pages.

Ten stories. Ten women.
Who will survive? Who will fall? And who will succumb to their inner evil?
Find out in Visions and Nightmares.

Warning: This book contains disturbing scenes that may be upsetting to some readers.

Six Black Candles: playscript
by Des Dillon
$0.00, 174 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #304 in Occult Horror
Plenty of productions can boast such a strong team, of course. But it is rare to find a play which works as well as Des Dillon's story of six sisters who set out, with their Ma and Grandma, to avenge the infidelity of the eldest sister's husband. The eldest is Caroline. Having bought her council house in a decrepit 60s Coatbridge block, her husband Bobby has done a runner with the babysitter, Stacie Gracie. And if Caroline can't find ten grand by tomorrow, the flat will be repossessed. Enter seven witches. Or the next best thing, if Caroline's five sisters, mother and pointedly Catholic grandmother are not, technically, a coven. Accompanied, as they would need to be, by an extra bottle of vodka, a few cans of lager, a plentiful supply of fags and a couple of packets of biscuits. Exit, into Caroline's stupendously inappropriate fireplace, many pairs of Bobby's underwear. Each for a member of the number as they arrive. Up to and including Father Boyle, new to the parish, whose entrance disturbs the main object of the gathering: to hex Stacie Gracie's frozen head. Wielding a cast of cantankerous, outspoken and spiteful siblings is never going to be easy for either playwright or director. The lines need to come hurtling out with such speed that they are realistic, but equally with such good delivery that you don't mind missing a punchline - another will be along in a minute. Des Dillon's script doesn't disappoint. And if it never lets up in its delivery, it is also naturally paced so that the action ebbs and flows, giving each sister time to establish themselves with all sorts of sub-plots and intricacies of character coming to the surface, while the actual plot arrives at a satisfying conclusion.

by J. P. Scott
$0.00, 40 pages, 2.8 out of 5.0 (15 reviews), #966 in One-Hour Literature & Fiction Short Reads

Potential Best Seller!

Read The Full Description Below

A beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed, 109 year old witch (Look Inside to see why this old woman is beautiful) is bored with her normal trapping and killing of other powerful witches and decides to take down something bigger but got much more than she bargained for.

In this modern day tale of an arrogant witch’s quest for ultimate power, she uncovers supreme evil that cannot be controlled. As with all of those that have tasted power, this witch can’t conceive of anything that could possibly destroy her or the Earth where we all reside short of Satan himself!

Cast of Characters

  • Our witch Martha Sampson forces the dark side within all of us to ask ourselves the question: What if only you knew that the End of Days is near and that you’re the reason it is coming… soon?

  • The scientist called Malta whose thirst for knowledge gets him into trouble with forces that the scientific world could not explain.

  • The ruthlessly evil Greta. This is someone that will awaken your greatest fears and haunt your dreams at night. Lock your doors and hide your children because HELL is closer than you think!

  • Last but not least THE BEAST! Forget about nightmares because you won’t have them… Why? Because you won’t be sleeping once the wretched beast has seen into your soul and latched onto the very thing that terrifies you the most.

  • Plus some surprise characters that would spoil the suspense if they were exposed here. You will just have to read this shocking story to find out why…

About The Author
J. P. Scott is the author of this thrilling tale that will not be soon forgotten. Mr. Scott’s mind is one of dark and sinister thoughts that would make grown men cower in fear that the bogeyman still remembers them from childhood…

In all honesty J. P. Scott is an underground no fluff writer that is seeking to entertain and delight readers of all kinds. He doesn’t seek fame or fortune. It is the thrill of introducing people to the dark side that is tucked away inside all of us. Like most of us, our dark sides shall remain anonymous and for the time being, so shall J. P. Scott…

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Additional Parts Out Now!

Please visit the Amazon author link below to check out additional parts.

Witch of Blood & Water: Book 1 of The Farseer Series
by Tracey Clare
$0.00, 444 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #399 in Occult Horror
It was as she was admiring the craftsmanship displayed in the carving of those petals that she noticed it. At the very base of the rosebud, there was a tinge of colour, a faint red blush suffusing the marble. No stranger to statuary, Stella knew this to be impossible. The marble was veined, certainly, but it was white in colour, not red. Perplexed, she leaned closer to get a better look.

The heady fragrance of roses filled her senses as she did so, making her nose tickle and her head dizzy. Giddiness threatened to overwhelm her and she quickly sought a place to sit. How long she sat with her head lowered between her knees, Stella did not know. She was just grateful that no one found her there, indisposed in a place where she had no right to be. Locating the bottle of water that she always kept in her shoulder bag, Stella drank deeply. Feeling refreshed and more than a little ashamed of her own fanciful nature, she returned to the statue expecting to find that she had imagined the odd blush of colour, or that someone had added a form of paint for artistic merit.

Instead, what she found was that the figure of the recumbent man now held a single red rose clasped between his carved fingers. It looked, and smelled, as fresh as any bloom picked that day. As Stella watched, the petals of the rosebud unfurled, releasing the fullness of their intoxicating aroma.

As Stella Fraser slumped gracefully to the cold stone floor, she was sure that she heard a voice speaking to her.

It begins, the voice told her, and Farseer blood has been found! I am the Seed buried in plain sight! I am the repository of memory! When new life blooms, the dreams will begin! Memory will return, Stella Farseer!

Tango with a Twist (Special Edition) (The Tango Triptych Book 1)
by John Mack
$0.00, pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Witches and Wizards
Ethan Fox is a world-champion dancer forced to move to tiny Dumass, TX where the only dance team thinks their dusty moves and lame studio are the s**t. The only good thing is Tango, the best dancer in town. And she’s hot! What Ethan doesn’t know is that he’s not the only one secretly after her.Twist searches online for a way to make her fall for him. He doesn’t dance, so he’ll try anything: even a magic spell from the naked chick who promises to help him win Tango forever.Witchcraft isn’t just a song by Frank Sinatra.“Great characters, non-stop snappy dialogue, ever- escalating drama and loads of heart. Dancing! Boxing! Small-town desperation, big city dreams. A demented stalker who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. But it’s also about having to face a huge setback in order to figure out what’s really important in life: in other words, Tango with a Twist is a story for everyone.” Alma Katsu. Author of The Taker trilogy“The characters are great. . . Reminds me of Hope Floats meets Glee (and I say this as a compliment.)” Kevin Maurer, New York Times best-selling author of No Easy Day: The Autobiography of a Navy Seal.“John captures the art of dancing in such a wonderful way in this book. Every page leads to a new turn that keeps you on your toes. What a fantastic read!” Emily Drinkall, 2012 UCWDC Masters and three-time Superstar Line Dance World Champion.“John accurately describes the struggles of partnership dancers. It’s an interesting read for dancers and non-dancers alike. Well done.” Debbie Figueroa, National West Coast Swing, 2-Step, Showcase and Hustle Champion“John takes us on a joyful romp. . . and really captures the flavor of the life of a dancer. Join Ethan and his new friends as he discovers a life he’d dreamed of but never knew existed, you’ll have a bunch of fun along the way.” Sherry Reynolds, UCWDC World Champion, Master Dancer and Judge.“Tango with a Twist is a fast-paced, thrilling mystery with an emphasis on dancing. I love Mr. Mack’s cheeky characters and his introduction to fascinating worlds most people wouldn't get to experience otherwise.” C. L. Bevill. Author of the Bubba mysteries

Derailed & Dispersed volume one: Stranded in the wilderness
by Samuel J. White
$0.00, 124 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #30 in Action & Adventure Romance Fiction
After a train derails on a remote line in East Anglia, with passengers injured and missing miles from anywhere with no phone signal, the survivors walk down the tracks in search of help, but find themselves walking straight into a paranormal horror hiding in the darkness. Their lives will be changed forever. Join the survivors as they come together twenty years later to tell their story.

by Bill Wilbur
$0.00, pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #219544 in Horror Literature & Fiction
After stumbling lost through the desert, Jeremy finds the deserted town of Beggar's Crossing. He soon comes to realize that there is something off about the town, and when he meets an old man who may or may not actually be there, he discovers just how right he is.

Newly Free Occult Kindle Books for 2020-04-02

Amanda's Room
by Chuck Miceli
$0.00, 319 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (69 reviews), #16 in Metaphysical Fiction
There is a storm coming, and her name is AMANDA!

Something sinister invaded Amanda's Reynolds' home, but when death came for her, it could not pry her from her room. Her spirit remained and for the next two decades, the abandoned mansion decayed, but not Amanda's room.

When Katie Jarvis and her teammates enter it, they think they've found a paradise on earth. Under the guidance of their professor, world-renowned physicist Bertrand Myers, Katie, Chris, Drew, and Tess begin to research the room's perfect environment only to learn that it defies any natural explanation.

Then, when Katie discovers that the room also affects the weather for miles around, the team delves into the house’s history, only to have each of them targeted for disaster. Through it all, Katie believes that Amanda's spirit still inhabits the room and is somehow controlling the weather in a desperate attempt to communicate something, but neither she nor her team can decipher what or why. Bert Myers is unconvinced and cautions that if Amanda really possessed that kind of power, no one on earth would be safe.

When a monstrous late-season hurricane traps Bert and thousands of others on Cape Cod, Katie is convinced that only she can stop Amanda before it's too late. What she does not realize is that someone or something is still out to stop her.

From the new cover finish, to the redesigned chapter pages, this 4th printing has been completely re-edited and revised. It includes an expanded opening and streamlined text that captures more fully than ever before the battleground between good and evil that plays out in Amanda's Room. You will be challenged to uncover the mysterious source of the room's supernatural power and its effect on anyone who enters it, on the environment around it and potentially, on the weather itself. Then, you are transported to a murder mystery halfway across the continent and challenged to discover its connection to Amanda's room. Finally, you are catapulted into a violent-weather thrill ride of thunderstorms, tornadoes, waterspouts and hurricanes that will leave you as fulfilled as it will breathless.

With an original story line like nothing you've ever read before, discover for yourself what goes on in AMANDA'S ROOM.

by Morgan Sylvia
$0.00, 304 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (22 reviews), #3 in Occult Horror

This is the place where the harrowed ghosts of a dozen generations whisper in the shadows of their ancestral home, where one family’s dreams of a new beginning turned into a nightmare that ended in tragedy.


This is the place where a line of witches bound themselves—in blood—to a primeval entity. Here, nightmare and reality meet beneath frozen skies, and even time and space fall under the power of the demonic being that rules this remote northern wood.


This is the place where the path of a tormented survivor meets that of an unknowing innocent. Past and present collide, and secrets long buried crawl back into the pallid light of day as the shadow of the Beast falls over them both. But even the bloodiest dreams of that demonic being may pale in comparison to what lies buried within the human heart.
This is the place where evil dwells …


"I love it when an author manages to take a classic trope most people might think has already been played out or done to death, and then blows the doors off by presenting it in an effective, clever way. Even if this was just another haunting – which it isn’t; there’s way more to it – the manner in which it’s told is riveting."
– Christine Morgan, author of White Death

"Violent and haunting, ABODE by Morgan Sylvia is a good old-¬fashioned novel of monsters wreaking havoc."
– The Library Journal

"Morgan Sylvia's ABODE is a deliciously mesmerizing haunted fantasy. Her combination of elegantly poetic prose and razor-sharp storytelling have crafted a modern classic ghost story. For a debut novel, this chilling, tragic tale will keep you turning pages and sleeping with the lights on...everything you could hope for in a supernatural spellbinder."
- Peter N. Dudar, author of A Requiem For Dead Flies, Where Spiders Fear To Spin, and The Goat Parade.

"Rare is it in this era of splatter horror to find a book such as ABODE, in which the horror is all too prevalent and real, but is treated oh so subtly, as in a mystery where the reader tiptoes through clues. The author tantalizes us, not bludgeons us. ABODE is richly atmospheric, in the vein of Henry James' 19th century classic "Turn of the Screw." There are Lovecraftian overtones; there are also tragic psychological sufferings. There is evil. Above all, the reader revels in the exquisitely-tuned atmosphere." - The Haunted Reading Room

"Wow! Just wow! Morgan Sylvia is not only a masterful storyteller, but a weaver of spells. ABODE hooks you from the beginning and doesn't let you go until the very end. The writing is atmospheric and lyrical while the story is chilling and haunting. What a wonderful debut novel!"
- E.J. Fechenda, author of The New Mafia Trilogy and Ghost Stories Trilogy

Knock Knock
by S.P. Miskowski
$0.00, 289 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (69 reviews), #1994 in Literature & Fiction (Kindle Store)
Nominated for a Shirley Jackson Award -- At the center of S.P. Miskowski's novel-length fable are Ethel, Beverly, and Marietta, best friends stuck in the backwater of Skillute, Washington. Their neighbors and families are petty or poor or both; but when these townies warn the girls not to wander into Skillute's dense forest, they mean it. Something evil lurks there. The girls are not convinced. They wander into the woods, and their mistake unleashes a malignant spirit that terrorizes Skillute for the next fifty years.

Silent Magic: United Twinkle Sisters Adventure
by K. J. King
$0.00, 77 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #453 in Two-Hour Literature & Fiction Short Reads

Numerous lives have led up to this one. . .

. . .and now it’s time to act!

Silent Magic is a magical story about Echo and her horse rescue ranch.

She soon discovers she has lived numerous lifetimes in preparation for this very important one. Echo learns she has three sisters, all with magical gifts, who have all have been in preparation to save the world.

The new age is upon us, and it is time to learn the wisdom from 13 crystal skulls that were hidden on Earth at the beginning of time.

Now the sisters must bond their gifts together to find the skulls.

Once they bring the 13 skulls together, the knowledge that was hidden within them can save the world.

They fight against a dark presence called the Borteck, which has plans to use the skulls to destroy the world.

The existence of Earth hangs in the balance between good and evil.

You’ll love the adventures of these cosmic twinkle sisters because of the twists, turns, and fast-paced action!

Get it now.

by Nathaniel J. Nelson
$0.00, 402 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #370 in Occult Horror
Throughout a long history of paranormal occurrences, one hellish creature has continued to rear its head, leaving death and misery in its wake. Its motives are unknown, but its method seems clear: kill – destroy – repeat. After being rescued from sexual assault by unseen forces, twenty-three-year-old widow Olivia Cambridge is contacted by Seventh Circle: a mediocre organization of ghost hunters who insist that she has become the latest target of an ancient evil that has plagued humanity for millennia. At first, she doesn't believe. But proof takes a hellish form. With the help of a powerful Seventh Circle employee, Olivia manages to stay one step ahead of the Beast – and ahead of a government whose prime objective is to keep everyone in the dark. But she soon finds that she can't run forever, and that the legacy of EROGRENDEL is more a part of her identity than she could ever have guessed.

Lost Girls
by Shayne Winter
$0.00, 82 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #10250 in Occult Fiction
Fin McCrae is a finder, someone who can locate lost things with only the power of his mind. When he was a little boy, he swore to never use his talent. Now fifteen, Fin is about to break his word. Because three girls have been taken. Because the police are looking in the wrong place. And because he might be the only one who can find them before they’re lost forever. But getting to the girls is only half the problem. Saving them from the monster who took them might be impossible. And if Fin’s not careful, this might be the last promise he ever breaks.

LOST GIRLS was previously published in horror anthology DESCENT INTO DARKNESS as "Through A Dark Wood". It is a novelette of 17,000 words.

The Book of Lost Souls (The Protectorate 1)
by Michelle Scott
$0.00, 245 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #1 in Occult Horror
Ever since demons first made their appearance on Earth, the Protectorate has been working hard to send them back to hell. It’s a dirty war between good and evil, and it gets even tougher when a demonic prophet named Hezbah threatens to smash the gates of hades and release every demon inside.

Unfortunately, the only two people who can stop Hezbah aren’t speaking to each other.

Kia Saunders takes her job as a Protectorate agent very seriously. She thought her partner, Levi, did as well. But after Lev’s disregard for the rules almost gets her killed, she questions everything she knows about the demons…and Levi.

Fearless, swaggering Levi Asche is the best Protectorate demon hunter in Detroit. Or at least he was until he made a mistake that cost him his job, his home, and his partner.

Now, as Lev and Kia work together to stop Hezbah, two things remains clear: Hezbah’s powers are greater than anyone guessed. And even when they’re arguing, Kia and Lev have never been better together.

by David Buffum
$0.00, 144 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #21 in War Fiction (Kindle Store)
D-Day, the most risky invasion of World War II. Sergeant Flanagan and his platoon land with tens of thousands of Allied soldiers on Omaha Beach. Their reward? A suicide mission deep behind D-Day lines. Their mission? Locate a secret German army group which threatens to throw the invasion back into the sea. They fight their way through occupied France and as they near their goal, they realize they have no chance to get out of this alive. Then the real fight begins.

Convincing You (Sensing Series Book 2)
by J.M. Adele
$0.00, 289 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #123 in Romantic Suspense (Kindle Store)
We were connected in more ways than one—I knew it when we met.
What I didn’t know was how close he would bring me to death.
And that death would be a blessing.

Andrea has always been able to tap into messages from somewhere beyond. When she meets Ben, an unrelenting force draws them together. But it’s going to take some convincing to help Ben realise their potential.
Ben never thought his friend’s little sister would be anything more than a nuisance. He was wrong. She’d always been so much more. And now, their bond could be severed and her pulse silenced forever.

*Recommended for readers 18+ due to mature content. *

An Object of Desire
by Jenny Twist
$0.00, 42 pages, 3.7 out of 5.0 (10 reviews), #14145 in Paranormal Suspense
Hannah and Rea, on holiday in Tangiers are disturbed to discover that two sinister looking characters are following them. Then they meet the mysterious Toby who is himself following the stalkers. He wants to know why the men are interested in the girls. But the girls have no idea. They are not too worried, since they are moving on to Chefchouen. He says he will take them himself, secretly.
But who is Toby? What does he do? Is he a policeman? A spy? A treasure hunter?
All seems well until one of the girls disappears.

by H.G. Lynch
$0.00, 162 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #55 in Occult Horror
Can two sane people in an asylum find love? Or will they succumb to the monster in the dark?

Callie lost her best friend in a car accident, but he's not really gone. She still sees him and talks to him - well, his ghost anyway. Problem is, talking to dead people tends to get you institutionalized at Montgomery Psychiatric Hospital.
After yet another failed escape attempt, she meets Casey. She never seen him on this floor before, for good reason - he used to be on the floor reserved for the criminally insane.
But Casey isn't crazy either. Yes, he killed someone. She deserved it after she attacked him, leaving him permanently deaf.
He never intended to make friends with any of the nutjobs in the hospital, but then he meets a girl with a voice he can hear, and he can't resist the sound after so much silence.
The hospital starts suffering blackouts, and every time the lights go out, another patient dies.
Callie is the only one who can see the monster in the shadows, and maybe, just maybe, together she and Casey can stop it from killing more people.

Ember & Flame (Bloodlust Book 2)
by J.M. Adele
$0.00, 213 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #120 in Paranormal Romance (Kindle Store)
You think you know what I am?
You don’t.
After surviving a shocking attack, Shiloh is pulled into a strange new existence under the protection of a band of misfits. With her sister’s life hanging in the balance, Shiloh turns to the only person she knows who can help find her attacker: the tall stranger with eyes as black as midnight. She doesn’t trust him, but she’s falling for him like a river into a waterfall. She only hopes the plummet won’t lead to her death.
Devlin knew his fate when he was born. He never wanted to inflict the same sentence on anyone else, let alone the girl who had his heart.
But that’s the thing about fate. It doesn’t give you a choice.
* Recommended for 18+ due to mature scenes and language. *

Satan's Church: WARNING - Don't Dare Read This Book At Night (Dark Worshippers Book 1)
by Drina Neri
$0.00, 26 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #12 in 45-Minute Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Short Reads
Dear book lover, I'm going to reveal you a secret...

There's an invisible puppet master manipulating the richest men and women in the world, with powers that stretch far beyond your understanding. I believe, the source of that power is hidden under the Satanist Megachurch of Clover.

It seems that people who join this church gain an unsayable amount of success and wealth in a short period of time. 2 US presidents attended the church. Along with 20 people on Forbes' Billionaire List, even record shattering Olympians and World leaders (most of them attended in secret obviously. They wouldn't want the press catching up to the source of their "fortune")

People who join are required to be ready to sacrifice EVERYTHING. This leads me to this book. There's a special occasion this Sunday at Clover: it's Gift Day!!! First born males above age 10 in the congregation's family should come up and give themselves to the Dark Lord himself. Their families shall be rewarded greatly.

What happens to the young men? Well... they'll be fine... i-if the Dark Lord wants them to...

Fortunately (Or unfortunately) this Sunday, 16 year old Devon is going to be taken without knowing anything about the "shady business" going on in the church. Lucky he has a sister, Charity. She'll find out what's going on and try to save him from the powerful grip of the devil.

Can two teenagers beat a seemingly omnipotent creature? Click the orange button above to find out.

...and i know what you're thinking 'Drina, this is a fiction book, they're obviously going to have an happy ending...' and I'll tell you, I don't know if my endings are "happy" but I'm sure of one thing: you won't be able to put this book down when you start reading it. You know what? I challenge you to start reading this book and be stop voluntarily.

I'll make it easy for you. Get this eBook for just 0.99 right now. And if you don't like the book, you've got 30 days to give it back. You won't waste a penny - or in this case a dollar/pound. Click on the orange button above.

The Night I Died and Other Short Stories
by Dwai Lahiri
$0.00, 48 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #164 in 90-Minute Literature & Fiction Short Reads
The Night I died and Other Short Stories is a compilation of short stories written over a span of twenty-odd years. The first three stories in the book comprise a short-story trilogy called ‘The Pagla Baba Trilogy’. Pagla is an Indian colloquial term meaning “crazy” and Baba is a term used varyingly to call one’s father, or elderly men, especially the renunciants of the Indic spiritual traditions. These three started this author off on his fiction writing adventures. The first two stories are about the protagonist who has a life-transforming encounter with someone he had written off as a destitute on the streets. The stories delve into various aspects of the individual’s psyche and his quest for self-improvement and regaining balance in his life. The third story is about a mentally challenged young boy growing up in a remote village in India.

The fourth story is a supernatural tale that the author’s grandfather told him when he was a child.

The fifth and final story is that of a newlywed honeymoon couple who visit Kenya for their African Safari adventure and have the most bizarre supernatural experience.

The genre of the stories in this book bridges the occult, the supernatural and the spiritual. They are this author's attempts to bring to the readers his internal world -- a little crazy, a little whimsical and almost always entertaining. These are the kind of stories you would want to read on gray rainy afternoons and cold dark nights, or when you are feeling disturbed and harangued by intrusions of the world outside.

by David Mayo
$0.00, 217 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #360 in Occult Horror
Since ancient Sumer it has been imprisoned. They were desperate to prevent its escape.

Former Vatican archivist Gwendolyn Myers knew of the legend, but she never expected to discover the truth. The elderly scholar's curiosity proved fateful.

Gwendolyn’s niece, Anjanette, works as a nurse in Houston where she notices strange similarities in horrifically injured ER arrivals. After Anjanette and her boyfriend, Macon move into her aunt’s house, the horrors follow them home and begin spreading throughout the neighborhood and beyond.

Why does Macon suddenly develop an overriding interest in true-mirrors and psychomanteums that he can’t quite explain?

Can Anjanette accept the amazing truth of her birthright?

There is something indescribable starving for blood and terror. A seemingly unstoppable evil has been unleashed that a small group, led by Anjanette, must desperately try to confront.

Quantum Flight 888
by Nathaniel Nelson
$0.00, 532 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #190 in Occult Horror
June sixth. 11:07 p.m. A Boeing 777 departs from Boston, en route to Los Angeles. Only fifteen minutes pass before a passenger drops dead, blood trailing from her eyes. More deaths follow, but the pilot refuses to turn back. As the East Coast falls away behind them, some struggle to maintain peace while others threaten mutiny. Conspiracies and the paranormal mix as the passengers drop one by one and the survivors are left to wonder what unbelievable chain of events led them to this night.

Lovely Secrets: WARNING - Impossible To Put Down Short (Dark Worshippers Book 3)
by Drina Neri
$0.00, 16 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #21 in 30-Minute Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Short Reads
Dear book lover, the secret has been revealed...

There's a girl, who's been hidden in a dark cript at the bottom of the dark dungeon. She's weird and she does "strnge" things with voodoo dolls

It seems the faceless monsters have more powers than it seems.


RECAP of the premise for new readers:

"It seems that people who join this church gain an unsayable amount of success and wealth in a short period of time. 2 US presidents attended the church. Along with 20 people on Forbes' Billionaire List, even record shattering Olympians and World leaders (most of them attended in secret obviously. They wouldn't want the press catching up to the source of their "fortune")

People who join are required to be ready to sacrifice EVERYTHING. This leads me to this book. There's a special occasion this Sunday at Clover: it's Gift Day!!! First born males above age 10 in the congregation's family should come up and give themselves to the Dark Lord himself. Their families shall be rewarded greatly.

What happens to the young men? Well... they'll be fine... i-if the Dark Lord wants them to...

Fortunately (Or unfortunately) this Sunday, 16 year old Devon is going to be taken without knowing anything about the "shady business" going on in the church. Lucky he has a sister, Charity. She'll find out what's going on and try to save him from the powerful grip of the devil.

Can two teenagers beat a seemingly omnipotent creature? Click the orange button above to find out.

...and i know what you're thinking 'Drina, this is a fiction book, they're obviously going to have an happy ending...' and I'll tell you, I don't know if my endings are "happy" but I'm sure of one thing: you won't be able to put this book down when you start reading it. You know what? I challenge you to start reading this book and be stop voluntarily.

I'll make it easy for you. Get this eBook for just 0.99 right now. And if you don't like the book, you've got 30 days to give it back. You won't waste a penny - or in this case a dollar/pound. Click on the orange button above."

Fake Angels (The Midnight Agency)
by Matthew Angelo
$0.00, pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #304 in Paranormal Suspense
A local club is offering everyone their hearts desire, but with a hidden cost. It's always a cost few are willing to pay, let alone die for. Now I have to go undercover after a young woman turns up dead. A pawn in a game run by siblings who survive off the desires and sexual energy of their victims. Now its up to me to get justice for the woman's family and solve the case before I fall prey to my own desires. What can I do when the powers of the Other Side threaten to tear me apart with an unquenchable thirst for lust?

Werewolves of Sangreth (Lupine Howl Book 5)
by Amy Cross
$0.00, 355 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #163 in Paranormal & Urban Fantasy (Kindle Store)
Far from home, Jess finds herself drawn into a deadly battle that gives rise to a new type of werewolf. She quickly realizes that there's only one person who can help, but unfortunately he seems to have disappeare from the face of the planet.

Setting out to find Duncan, Jess ends up at the doors of a remote monastery. A terrifying creature is on the loose, forcing Jess to make a terrifying choice. But something even more dangerous is lurking in the background, waiting to strike. An ancient evil has been plotting its return, and soon Jess is drawn to the source of all werewolf life. Evil awaits in the shadows of Sangreth.

His Cat and Other Strange Tales
$0.00, pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #64 in Horror Short Stories
A bounty of short stories featuring macabre or chilling content. A widow is terrorised by her dead husband's cat. An invasive plant eerily mimics the ex-gardener's fate. A stand-up comedian gets more than he wished for...Excellent for reading with the lights on and in front of a roaring fire.

Newly Free Horror Kindle Books for 2020-04-02

The Wish
by Catherine Stovall
$0.00, 43 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (11 reviews), #52 in Paranormal Suspense
Caroline Adams wanted nothing more than to be a famous author--selling millions of books and reigning as queen of the best seller's list-- and she swore she'd pay any price to get there. However, when a strange figure granted her heart's wish, Caroline made a bargain she couldn't keep.

Twenty years later, out of time and out of luck, Caroline must face her biggest fear and hold up her end of the deal, but the price is steep.

THE RED SON (The Red Family Trilogy Book 1)
by Mark Anzalone
$0.00, 367 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (18 reviews), #11 in Horror Suspense

"I am first and foremost, an artist. The murders are but provision." - The Family Man

In a world horribly altered by a mysterious, year-long phenomenon dubbed the Great Darkness of 1999, the Family Man - a serial killer for whom dreaming and killing are intertwined - wanders the strange new landscape searching for answers.

Haunted by the powerful Red Dream visited upon him by the enigmatic Shepard Of Wolves, the Family Man stumbles across a kill list containing the names of other monstrous killers, some even more infamous than he. They have been drawn into the Shepard's Game - the ultimate contest of killers - and the prize is worth every drop of blood spilled in its name.

As the Family Man resolves to strike the killers' names from his list and unravel the mystery of the Shepard of Wolves, his own personal war against the waking world demands a heavy price - he must rouse the demons of his buried past.

Dark City: Paranormal Detective - A gripping crime thriller with a killer twist
$0.00, 226 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (33 reviews), #19 in Contemporary British Fiction

DO YOU LOVE GRIPPING CRIME THRILLER BOOKS? Then DARK CITY is the hard boiled crime thriller for you!

A must read for all those crime fiction readers who like to sit uncomfortably on the edge of their seats. Dark City is the fourth crime thriller book in the Nick Harland detective series. In this crime thriller we follow him on his most perplexing and disturbing detective case to date, as he tracks down a serial killer from the past.

The crime thriller begins with an elderly man being released from prison, after serving seventeen years for a double murder. A few days after his release a young woman is snatched from outside a London pub.

The police seem to be dragging their heels, so the family of the missing girl call on the services of the tough, uncompromising ex murder squad detective, turned Private Investigator, Nick Harland. During his initial investigation another girl suddenly goes missing, he then gets a tip off that Charles Thorpe had just been released from prison. Nick knows the killer, as he was the detective who put him behind bars when he was a detective in the murder squad. And so the hunt is now on for Thorpe, and Nick will not rest until Thorpe is found, and he promises that Thorpe will pay the ultimate price for his crimes this time around.

Much more can’t be revealed, as it would give too much of the exciting plot away.
This is a fast paced dark and gritty crime thriller, packed with hard hitting action, highs and lows, intrigue and tension. This crime thriller has characters, that are good, and sometimes very, very bad. Dark City is crime thriller noir in the truest sense.


Dark City Crime Thriller is the fourth novel in the Nick Harland crime fiction series.


The Evil in Devil's Creek
by Paul B Kohler
$0.00, 35 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (14 reviews), #1896 in One-Hour Literature & Fiction Short Reads
Owen knew from the start.

He should have swerved.

A road trip to visit Sheri's son turns deadly when Owen hits something in the road. What they hit, neither could be sure.

As they look for help, their fear climbs when they discover the nearby town empty, deserted . . . but only of humans.

There are others watching.

You’ll love this terrifying yet unforgettable future classic of the horror genre, because everyone loves being scared out of their wits. Almost everyone ...

Get it now. 

Ha-Ha! Horror
by Monstermatt Patterson
$0.00, 272 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (9 reviews), #203826 in Humor (Books)
Monstermatt narrates 'The Monster Minute' on the 6 Foot Plus podcast, which is either the best or worst minute of the show. He is the wizard of bad monster jokes, and is now sharing them with you. His catalogic command of horror film knowledge is only equaled by his terrifying talent for creating and illustrating bad puns. If you love monsters, puns, or bad jokes, settle in for a horrifyingly good time.

Rat Tales: A Mischief of Little Horrors (The Creature Tales collection Book 1)
by P.A. Rudders
$0.00, 341 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (19 reviews), #415 in Single Authors Short Stories
Had your rabies shots yet? The rats are loose!

Rat Tales. Twenty-four 'rat' themed short stories, and the first book in a three-book collection, The Creature Tales.

Many of the stories here are traditional blood and gore filled horror, but several venture slightly into the realms of science fiction and the supernatural.

Within this collection, the reader will find every rat incarnation imaginable, from the super strong and ultra intelligent to bloodthirsty and seemingly immortal.

While every story has been written to stand alone, several are loosely inter-connected with an ongoing reference to the future. Among the stories are:

A farmer's imaginative though barbaric attempt to solve his rat problem backfires in the worst possible way.

A young boy's efforts to repay the kindness of his childhood rodent friends has consequences that will change the course of history.

A vicious ghostly rat falls victim to karma

A centuries-old rat looks back on how it became the seemingly immortal creature it is.

Some escaped convicts realise too late they've chosen the wrong couple to terrorise when their rodent pets see their own comfy lives threatened.

A grim fate awaits those who take shelter in an abandoned house.

A country squire finds himself on the receiving end of his sporting cruelty.

These are just some of the stories in this extensive collection, so brace yourselves for ... A Mischief of Little Horrors.

A further two books in this three-book collection, Canine Tales and Six, Eight & Many Legged Tales, are scheduled for early 2019

Illusions of Evil (Illusions Series Book 1)
by Lily White
$0.00, 426 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (81 reviews), #3 in Horror Suspense

It's what he said to me across his altar, what he demanded so that I would be pure.

In the moment he blessed me with his virtue, I was no longer the woman I'd once been.

I was Eve.

His light. His salvation. His bridge to Heaven's gate.

I failed him because my faith was not strong enough.

He punished me for not giving in.

Resisting temptation is never easy.

Not when his hands, his teeth, his heat and hunger were the greatest of my sins.

**DISCLAIMER: This novel discusses sensitive subject matter and is intended for adults, 18+ or older. Readers who are sensitive to triggers are advised to proceed with caution.**

God Of The Dead
by M.C. Norris
$0.00, 213 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (30 reviews), #45 in Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
They emerged from their ancient lairs beneath the pyramids, sacking civilizations, spewing fumes that reduced our world to ash. But when the smoke cleared, humanity faced an even more insidious threat than the gigantic Khepra.

In a smoldering world pounded back to steam technology, spiritual medium Cecile Raquet is deployed on a strange mission to track down the world’s most elusive terrorist—with a little help from the dead. Guided only by the restless ghosts inside her head, she and her Special Forces protector penetrate the blackened heart of a wasteland by balloon, steam boat, and rail, crossing horrific warzones where civilizations burn, where devolved men cower in the shadows of Earth’s new masters, the Khepra.

Pecking Order
by Judy Moore
$0.00, pages, 4.9 out of 5.0 (11 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Horror
A handsome young tycoon’s life is dictated by his fear of birds.

His phobia is so severe that he’s afraid to even step outside. Imagine his horror when birds begin invading his beautiful new office tower.
How are they getting in?

And why?

The Works of Edgar Allan Poe, Volume 2
by Edgar Allan Poe
$0.00, 294 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (267 reviews), #1085 in Horror (Kindle Store)
Includes The Purloined Letter, The Thousand-and-Second Tale of Scheherezade, A Descent into the Maelström, Von Kempelen and his Discovery, Mesmeric Revelation, The Facts in the Case of M., Valdemar, The Black Cat, The Fall of the House of Usher, Silence -- a Fable, The Masque of the Red Death, The Cask of Amontillado, The Imp of the Perverse, The Island of the Fay, The Assignation, The Pit and the Pendulum, The Premature Burial, The Domain of Arnheim, Landor's Cottage, William Wilson, The Tell-Tale Heart, Berenice and Eleonora.

Tales of the Lost Volume 1: We all Lose Something! (Things in the Well Book 42)
by Stephen Graham Jones
$0.00, 285 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (7 reviews), #515 in Horror Anthologies (Kindle Store)
We all lose something… We lose many things during our time in this universe. From the moment we are born we start losing time, and loss becomes a part of our life from the beginning. We lose friends (both imaginary and real), loved ones, pets, and family. We gain stuff and lose stuff, from our socks to our money. We can lose our hope, sanity, passions, our mind, and perhaps even our soul! In the end when death finds us, we end up losing everything... Don’t we?

Tales of the Lost takes a dark look at the things we lose and the ghosts we struggle with.Featuring haunting stories from critically acclaimed masters of horror F. Paul Wilson, Tim Waggoner, Lisa Morton, Yvonne Navarro, David Wellington, Lee Murray, Stephen Graham Jones, Jess Landry, John Palisano, Chris Mason, Paul Moore, Eric J. Guignard, Jeff Strand, Ben Monroe, Christina Sng, and Kevin J. Anderson. With an introduction by S.G. Browne and a specially commissioned cover by Francois Vaillancourt. Also featuring interior artwork from horror master Luke Spooner!

"Johnson and Dillon have curated a meditative literary journey into the land of the lost – both in the literal and metaphorical sense. From the toll of personal failures and the enduring scars of unprocessed grief to the ravages of time and all it takes in its merciless wake, the assemblage of writers gathered for this deeply affecting and chilling collection of tales brings with them their finest interpretations of what it means to lose – and how easy it is to become lost ourselves!” –Vince A. Liaguno, Bram Stoker Award™ -winning editor of Unspeakable Horror: From the Shadows of the Closet

Facebook page:

The Watchful Dead: A Tale of Old Hastur (A Ring Gargery Thriller)
by Joe Pawlowski
$0.00, 201 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (11 reviews), #260 in Horror (Kindle Store)
Within the shadowy walls of ancient Hastur, reality and illusion walk hand in hand.

A 12-year-old boy housebound all his life, a conjure woman who talks to the dead, an evil slave trader driven ruthless by greed and a war hero whose greatest battles take place in his own mind: all are about to have their lives shaken to the core by powerful forces from beyond the grave.

A tale of murder, magic and madness, The Watchful Dead is a nightmare blend of gothic traditionalism, magical realism and dark fantasy that will haunt you long after you turn its final page.

Readers are calling The Watchful Dead "a ride right off the bat" and "nicely written, with a lyrical quality that kept me turning virtual pages," and the author "possesses the talents of a classic great writer."

The Horror Fiction Review says, "All in all, it’s a gutsy, ambitious, skillful exploration of cosmic/epic dark fantasy that brings something new to both facets of the genres."

by Nick Milligan
$0.00, 469 pages, 3.8 out of 5.0 (72 reviews), #33 in Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
Jack is the most famous rock star in the world… he’s just not from this planet.

Before joining NASA’s space programme, Jack had dreams of a career as a professional musician. When a deep space mission goes awry, he crashes on an alien planet. Jack discovers that his new world is inhabited by a race of humans that have evolved in parallel to those on Earth. He picks up a guitar and performs the most wondrous rock songs of his home planet. The Beatles. Neil Young. Leonard Cohen. Bob Dylan. Superstardom beckons as audiences around the globe revere Jack and his apparent songwriting abilities. He basks in the boundless glow of a hedonistic dream world. But Jack soon learns that his lie will have sinister consequences.

This remarkable debut novel by renowned Australian entertainment journalist Nick Milligan, is a thrilling ride through a nightmarish, darkly comical and highly original tale that combines elements of horror, science fiction, music industry satire and erotica.

Enormity will weave a dark magic over you – even beyond its shocking conclusion.

*Complete Edition includes Part One, Part Two and Part Three as released exclusively Amazon*

Wolves of Vengeance
by David North-Martino
$0.00, 148 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (7 reviews), #52 in Psychic Suspense

Detective Adrian Callahan misses his wife, and can’t find a new meaningful relationship. To take his mind off his own troubles, he focuses all his efforts on a missing persons case he believes is tied to a series of unsolved serial murders, a case that is quickly going cold.

Facing opposition from the police chief, who needs to put limited recourses elsewhere, Callahan is ordered to investigate a string of wild animal attacks that have been occurring within the city limits. The attacks become more frequent and stranger, and he quickly finds himself in uncharted territory, believing in creatures that his rational mind knows can’t exist.

Now he must find the young female victim, he feels may still be alive, before the creatures he’s hunting take him off the case permanently.


Captain Amanda Rann's military career has left her with a failed marriage, and a burning desire to get back to the two little girls she loves. But before she can return to civilian life, she has one last mission to complete. Amanda finds herself in charge of an all male Special Forces unit, tasked with completing the toughest black ops mission of their lives. But maintaining unit integrity is the least of her worries, these creatures have come to settle a score. And when she faces them, she’ll know they are the…


HIGHWAYMAN (The Highwayman Series Book 1)
by MJ Preston
$0.00, 472 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (13 reviews), #1817 in Biographies & Memoirs of Criminals
The most terrifying monsters are real and walk among us every day.

Meet Lance Belanger, he has only one ambition, to be the most infamous killer of all time. After murdering a single mom and her toddler child, Lance indoctrinates himself into the world of serial murder. Before long, the bodies start turning up all over the country. Each victim is incapacitated by a puncture wound to the spine, then, while still alive, they are dismembered, their arms, legs, and head are severed from the torso.

FBI investigators call their killer “Highwayman.” But beyond the multi-state dumping of staged victims, the killer has left them little else to go on. With no DNA or forensic evidence, veteran FBI agent Lewis Ash is in a race against retirement as he tracks the elusive murderer.

Meanwhile, Lance has other plans that will up his game and increase his body count. In a web of murder that reaches from the United States to Bucharest, Romania, a diabolical plan is set into motion to attract the most dangerous predators the world has to offer.

Can the FBI stop this killer before he sets his plan into motion?

Treehouse: A Suspenseful Horror
by J. Sharpe
$0.00, 17 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (26 reviews), #1 in 30-Minute Short Reads

A treehouse isn’t always a safe place to play!

When Grace is driving on the highway with two screaming eight-year-olds in the back seat, she’s frustrated to say the least. So when she sees a sign for a Rest Area, she’s more than happy to pull over. The boys see the treehouse first. And when they climb its ladder, it’s already too late.
Then the screaming begins.

Treehouse is a short suspense/horror story. An introduction to the works of award nominee and bestselling author J. Sharpe.

Download the book now, if you dare.

Nightswimming: A Creepy Little Bedtime Story (Creepy Little Bedtime Stories Book 6)
by William F. Aicher
$0.00, 21 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #5 in 30-Minute Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Short Reads
** Originally published as part of the charity anthology, Dark Tides. **

What do you do when a pretty girl invites you for a little nightswimming? Just the two of you, sneaking around at night ... naked and alone, trespassing in a stranger's pool.

Nothing can go wrong. Right?

Outbreak Bloodlust Book I Piedmont
by J'Stone
$0.00, 165 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #1786 in Horror (Kindle Store)
Step Into My World…
Where the Wicked come to play.

In 2182, A mere decade ago, demonic creatures entered our world through a radioactive gateway. Mutilating anything with a heartbeat, the creatures spread like a virus, infecting five major cities. On the brink of total genocide, the fatalities reached into the thousands before it could be contained.

As the demon hordes continued to grow, mercenaries were deployed in an attempt to prevent the creatures from breaching the quarantine.

So many mercenaries have fallen.

So few are left.

…And the demons are so very hungry…

The Cats of Cthulhu
by Chris W. Sears
$0.00, 68 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #178 in General Humorous Fiction
When The Foodgiver goes missing, two cats go on a journey for breakfast that takes them to the city that sleeps beneath the sea.

Welcome to the Meow-thos.

Mumma's House
by Ike Hamill
$0.00, 378 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (15 reviews), #36 in Paranormal Suspense
The house belongs to them now.

To provide for her son, June would sacrifice anything. She would live in fear every day and shield her son from it. She would stay, tormented, to hang onto his inheritance. 

This year, something is different. Forces in the family are conspiring. June is going to have to step forward and make a claim on Mumma's House.

Over the years, the house has fallen into disrepair, but it is all that is left of the inheritance. So many people have a claim on the house and nobody can agree on what to do. They're locked in a battle to be the last surviving family member. June just wants stability. She wants her son to grow up happy and healthy. Her brother has a plan to make their troubles go away.

June has decided to take control. There's only one problem--the house is full of mysteries and ghosts. It fights her at every turn.

The Ghosts of Chancellorsville
by Dane Grannon
$0.00, 7 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #556 in Historical Fiction (Kindle Store)
Private Sean "Irish" O’Donnell of the Army of the Potomac fights for his life in Virginia's Wilderness in 1864.

This short story answers the question: What happens in an old battlefield at midnight?

The Bad Lady: A gripping psychological thriller
by John Meany
$0.00, 218 pages, 3.6 out of 5.0 (121 reviews), #12654 in Crime Fiction (Kindle Store)
Monsters do exist. They really do. They are not a fairy tale.

Ten-year-old Billy Hall met a monster in his own seemingly peaceful neighborhood in Hampton, Ohio. Her name was Nancy Sutcliffe; she drove the Good Humor truck. All the kids on the block loved her, as did their parents. That is until one day when Nancy would do the unthinkable, harm a child. Harm Billy.

This would set the stage for warfare a showdown between Billy’s mother and the Good Humor employee. Someone was going to die.

Taking You Home
by Elizabeth Cash
$0.00, 31 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #42 in Horror Suspense
I’m not insane.

I’m not a bad guy.

I’m not a monster, I promise.

I’m just a broken man who was raised by people that taught me wrong was right and right was wrong.

I was taught to cleanse the world from the evil that roams freely, from the people who sin and evade the consequences of their actions.

I wasn’t always like this.

I used to feel different about how I was raised.

Now, years later, there’s nothing I can do about it because I’m simply a man who feeds his burden so that the world is a better place.

(Taking You Home was originally in the Twist Me Anthology as a short story and has since been rewritten with a new ending)

Canine Tales: A Growling Pack of Hungry Horrors (The Creature Tales collection Book 2)
by P.A. Rudders
$0.00, 337 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #278 in Single Authors Short Stories
Book Two in the Creature Tales series.

Not the sort of canines you can take to the park for a game of 'Fetch ...'
Had your Rabies' shots yet? the dogs have been let loose ...

Another twenty-four tales, this time 'canine-themed.' Drawing inspiration from folklore, mythology, and more traditional horror, the reader will find tales of throat-ripping savagery alongside those of touching loyalty ... Wolfmen, flesh-hungry horror, werewolves, rabid lab subjects, ancient canine gods, huge spectral black dogs ... From the modern-day, all the way back to Biblical Times ... Woof Woof.

Cry of the Cat
by Kevin Bouchard
$0.00, pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #275 in Paranormal Suspense
Two killers are prowling the grim streets of the New England mill city of Gevaudan; two killers on an inevitable collision course that will leave the moldering city bruised and bloodied. The first is killing children and dumping their lifeless bodies near a disused strip of freshwater beach, stomping ground to the notorious Ghosts motorcycle gang. The second is targeting Gevaudan’s most vile criminals, leaving them mutilated and burned and reeking of ‘Brimstone’ with an ethereal cat’s cry echoing in the sulfurous air.

Chase Christian, freelance video ‘stringer’ is a busy man, keeping Connie Moncrief, producer of the late night news spot, The Dark Side, supplied with sensational footage of the gruesome events. Chase’s new love interest, Dolores Kane a woman who has lived through her own horror story, does not share in his enthusiasm. But Chase’s thrill wanes when a tip from his inside source at the Gevaudan PD lands him in the middle of the investigation.

Detective Eve Teschal, a woman whose gypsy heritage has gifted her with a unique talent for solving the most unusual crimes, is desperate to lay the ‘Night Stalker’ mutilation case to rest. Still reeling from the grisly Blue Moon murder investigation of the previous summer, Teschal is convinced that something incomprehensible is stalking the run-down tenements and rain-slicked alleyways of Gevaudan.

And as the body count rises and the political pressures mount the bloody trail of clues leads Teschal and her police allies and Chase and his impromptu investigators deeper into the nocturnal lore of the old city to the forgotten places where darkness dwells and ancient evil awaits any who trespass.

The Visit of the Selkie
by Libertad Delgado
$0.00, 425 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #132 in Fantasy & Futuristic Romance
"I am no sinner. I am no witch. I am nothing."

Rumors abound about Berenice's ancestors, though she wishes only for a peaceful life. That would be possible, if it weren't for these black dogs that haunt her. Only she can see them. Is she losing her mind?

This stalking, though, is only the first of her problems. Her world turns upside down with the return of Iszak, the boy who abandoned her six years ago to "go back to his water kingdom." He's not the only unexpected visitor —there's also Beatrix, a traveller with a suspicious interest in the local folklore and in Berenice's private life.

Who can she trust? Are Iszak's intentions honest, or is his visit somehow related to the book that Berenice's family has been guarding for generations, supposedly full of spells long-lost to the merpeople?

In the middle of this chaos, Berenice knows that retaking control of her life will come at a high cost —a price that shall be paid in blood.

Blood Shaman: Sara Nightwing Book 1
by Art DeForest
$0.00, 58 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #60 in Fantasy Anthologies & Short Stories (Kindle Store)
Sara grabbed a handful of lustrous black hair and jerked the petite form out of the vehicle. Her own strength had Jade’s body flying fifteen feet through the air before she hit the ground and rolled back to her feet with catlike grace.

“This is better.” Said Jade around her fangs as she took up a combat stance. “I’d rather kill you with my bare hands, anyway.” She finished, holding up hands whose nails had grown into razor sharp claws.

Sara smiled, her features going feral as she took up her own stance. “Bring it, bitch.”

House Abandonado wants their secret facility back. They've sent their top enforcer and assassin, Jade. to do the job. She's as beautiful as she is deadly. The only thing standing in her way is Sara Nightwing and a few lycanthrope friends. That's fine with Jade. She's been itching for a shot at the legendary blood shaman and her cronies.

Sara Nightwing stars in her own story from the Kaitlyn Strong universe in this exciting debut. Be the first to like the beautiful and ancient blood shaman!

Sinners Never Sleep (Seven Deadly Demons Book 1)
by Sharon Stevenson
$0.00, 139 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (6 reviews), #248 in Paranormal & Urban Fantasy (Kindle Store)
Meet Tina Saint. She kills demons in her sleep...

Christina Saint is a walking demon magnet. Born into a long line of dream walkers, when a creature from hell is in possession of a human’s body she can see it in their eyes, and she can destroy them in her dreams.

When she comes back to town after attempting to run away from her problems, she finds they’ve only multiplied. Her best friend is being distant, the guy who broke her heart is angry with her, and the casual fling she’s trying to avoid wants to be something more, but these are the least of her problems.

The real kicker is the Wrath demon running rampant in her town, quickly creating a serial killer out of his human host. Discovering her target has a blisteringly inconvenient case of insomnia, she has her work cut out for her.

There’s only one way to destroy a demon. Entering the dreamscape is a necessity, but this time it’s going to take dealing with the human too. She’s going to have to risk life and limb to drag a murderer back to hell, and she needs to try and keep her new job and deal with the aftermath of leaving town at the same time.

Welcome to Tina Saint’s nightmare. Meet the first of Seven Deadly Demons in the new urban fantasy series from USA Today bestselling author Sharon Stevenson.

April Showers: An Electric Eclectic Book
by Elizabeth Horton-Newton
$0.00, 26 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #12674 in Serial Killer Thrillers
April showers may bring May flowers. In this small town, an April flood brings more than flowers to the surface. Some secrets are exposed. But what about those that remain concealed beneath the surface of a bucolic countryside?

by John Maycumber
$0.00, 520 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #26710 in Dark Fantasy
He flies…..

With wings developed through a bizarre experiment in cloning. Harper Mockingbird, has escaped the lab that produced him. The black-clad young man now lives alone in an abandoned warehouse in a coastal Florida town, living a nocturnal life with a stack of discarded books which he reads by candlelight. He flies at night, cloaked by the darkness, fishing the seas for his food and haunting the city dump for his books and magazines. And he just wants to be left alone…..

And then one night, she dropped in; unexpected and unwanted.

Fellow lab escapee Polly Proper is cunning and cute with the ability to spin a web like any spider. And she’s got designs on Harper’s warehouse; determined to run him off using her own curious abilities. The result is a battle of wits with control over the warehouse at stake. But the lab that created them both wants them back for a very ominous and dark purpose; one that threatens us all.

Propinquity is tale of human connections and deep intrigue; a romantic story that soars on the wings of love, but unblinkingly dives into the depths of human depravity. It’s a story that explores the value of life, love and what it really means to be human.

Up To The Throne (Dark Renaissance Book 1)
by Toby Frost
$0.00, 531 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (18 reviews), #63 in Dark Fantasy Horror
Revenge is never simple...

Giulia Degarno returns to the city-state of Pagalia with one intention: to kill the man who scarred her and left her for dead. But Publius Severra is no longer a mere criminal, and has risen to become a powerful politician - and perhaps the only man who can save Pagalia from anarchy. Now, as Severra stands poised to seize the throne, Giulia must choose between taking her revenge, and saving her home.

Up To The Throne is a dark fantasy novel set in a magically-enhanced Renaissance: a dangerous world of assassins, alchemists and flying machines. It is a world where artists and scholars cross paths with feuding nobles and clockwork monsters - and death is never far away.

Condemned to Die (Death Eater Book 1)
by Catherine Stovall
$0.00, 44 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #57 in Paranormal Demons & Devils Romance
Nineteen-year-old Vega Williams is dead by her own hand, and her tormentors still walk the streets. The destroyers of one of the world’s last pure souls even attend her funeral in the guise of grieving loved ones. In fact, her funeral is nothing more than a social engagement to most of Oakdale’s finer society.
With their good intentions painted on their faces, they believe that their secrets and hate filled thoughts are safe behind the veneer of propriety. However, they didn’t count on Zane Allistor’s presence. The young man that not even Vega could have recognized turns out to be the reaper of the fallen girl’s vengeance.
Using his strange ability to read and manipulate minds, Zane tracks down those guilty for pushing the girl he loves past the point of no return and uses their misdeeds against them. In a bloody twist of fate, two hearts are united when death leads to life.

The Supreme God of Martial Arts 44: An Adventure Outside The Cave (Living Martial Legend: A Cultivaion Novel)
by Mobo Reader
$0.00, 364 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #50 in Dark Fantasy Horror
Traversing back to the ancient Prime Martial World from modern age, Austin finds himself in a younger body as he wakes up. Yet, the young man he possesses was a miserable dimwit, what a bummer! But it doesn’t matter as his mind is sound and clear. Possessing this younger and stronger body, he will fight his way to become the God of martial arts, and rule the whole Martial World!

Grave Maker : Suspense/Horror/Thriller
by John Meany
$0.00, 399 pages, 3.6 out of 5.0 (42 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Horror
Murderers rarely advertise who they are, or how many people they have killed, or how they have no remorse whatsoever walking through their day-to-day lives with blood on their hands.

This story is about one of those cunning killers, a ruthless taker of lives and an unsuspecting teenage guy who is lured into her deceitful web.

Recent high school graduate and amateur surfer Jeff Dean is enjoying the easy life. He lives in a beautiful home on the Jersey Shore, has zero bills to pay. However, when his mother kicks him out of the house on his eighteenth birthday for misbehaving, his peaceful standard of living is ruined

Several weeks later when Jeff, broke and homeless, meets a gorgeous older woman in New York City, she gives him a place to stay and the two eventually become lovers.

Soon though, with his sex hormones raging out of control, it becomes apparent to Jeff that his new girlfriend, an aspiring fashion designer, is leading a secret life, his new girlfriend confesses that she has a shady past. Against his better judgment, Jeff becomes a part of that same deadly world. And before long the couple are forced to go on the run across the United States, before the FBI has a chance to apprehend them for the senseless murders of more than a half dozen innocent people.

Virtual Death: A Future Dystopian Short Story (Story 9 of the Apocalypse Collection)
by Sean Deville
$0.00, 38 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #21 in One-Hour Literature & Fiction Short Reads
In the future, death will be the least of your worries

Craig Daniels hasn't technically been alive for over fifty years.
Resurrected after decades of cryogenic suspension, he finds a world where freedom and liberty are just memories from the past. The America he knew is dead, replaced by a theocratic dictatorship that is on the brink of war with its primary adversary, a burgeoning European superstate.

Craig thinks he has been given a second chance in life.
Instead, his return is to be part of a plan that will see Europe dealt a crushing blow
Can Craig survive in this new world, or will he just become a pawn that will see the death of billions?

Virtual Death is the ninth story in Sean Deville's Apocalyptic Short Story collection

Mouth of Midnight
by T.W.M. Ashford
$0.00, 205 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #133 in Dark Fantasy Horror
From the author of Blackwater and Checking Out comes a collection of seven short stories to delight and disturb.

A joke while camping in the woods gets taken too far. A secret parliament of cats meets to discuss business. A teenage runaway finds a dead body in the marshes. A fisherwoman watches the Moon leave home. A man’s car breaks down on a Texas Interstate with a serial killer at large. A family dinner goes horribly wrong. And Little Red Riding Hood receives her darkest retelling yet.

Welcome to the mouth of midnight.

Meeting Nikol
by Lilith Alanna Rose
$0.00, 8 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #85 in 15-Minute Literature & Fiction Short Reads
A coachman just doing his job encounters a mysterious woman during a storm, and discovers more than he bargained for. Just who is this woman, and what happened to the building hidden in the forest?

Asterion: The Court of the Underworld (Book 1)
by Alessa Thorn
$0.00, 207 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #147 in Paranormal Demons & Devils Romance
A club owner with a monstrous secret, an assassin with his name on a contract, a passion that neither of them can deny.

ASTERION is the first book in a new paranormal romance series, based in a dark dystopian future where Hades rules a court of gods and monsters in modern day Greece.

Welcome to the city of Styx....

As the hottest club and illegal fighting pit in Styx, The Labyrinth is a place of deals, danger and desire and is run by Asterion Dys, a Minotaur who is all three personified.

As a member of Hades's Court of Styx, Asterion didn't think there was anyone left in Greece willing to risk crossing him, but when the most perfect woman designed by the infernal gods seduces and tries to kill him, all of his instincts turn to the hunt.

Ariadne is an assassin known as The Spindle, with no job too hard or too dirty, and she'll do anything to be rid of her boss forever. When she's offered a way out by the mysterious cult Pithos, she'll risk the wrath of Hades himself to be free forever. She only has to kill Asterion Dys, the most dangerous and sinfully sexy man she's ever met.

Asterion is going to make sure he gets the assassin who left him tangled up in knots. Ariadne is on the run and is going to have to use all of her skills to keep out of Asterion's terrifying grasp.

But Pithos's plans for Asterion and those like him are more sinister than either of them imagined, and Assassin and Minotaur will have to bury their animosity if they are going to survive.

Neither one will be ready for the passion that could be just as dangerous as their enemies...

Please note this series contains adult content, including violence, swearing, and steamy sex scenes.

The Court of the Underworld Series
3.HADES Coming 2020
4.HERMES Coming 2020

Cries of the Forsaken (The Broken Pact Book 2)
by Kristopher Jerome
$0.00, 299 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #92 in Dark Fantasy Horror
The Pact has been broken, gods have been slain, and the world of the Mortal Plane torn asunder. After the treachery of the Fallen One was exposed, the goddess Arra descended to the battlefield to save her champions, but at what cost?

Nearly broken, the Army of Light returns to Illux, a city on the brink of civil war as refugees from all corners of the land flood its gates. Factions form between Edmund, a member of the City Watch loyal to the missing Lady Ren, and Castille, the grizzled Paladin commander who has long thirsted for power. The powderkeg in Illux threatens to ignite with the appearance of the mysterious woman Tess and her army infused with godly blood.

Meanwhile, a band of companions led by the two surviving Balance Monks try to awaken the gigantic Divine Beasts to defend the City of Light from the coming siege. Across the Mortal Plane, other powers are at work, some seeking to save mankind, and others to destroy it. Old enemies long-thought dead return and new heroes rise from the ashes of broken Pact to decide the very fate of the world.

A Voice from the Darkness (The Gods and Men Cycle)
by Kristopher Jerome
$0.00, 26 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #122 in 45-Minute Literature & Fiction Short Reads
Ever since the Pact was formed between the gods over a thousand years ago, the Gods of Darkness have been allowed one Herald to carry out their bidding on the Mortal Plane. But what happens if the Herald fails his mission and is forsaken by his gods? Who does he turn to then in his time of need?

Defeated and broken, the Herald fights for survival against a superior foe, all the while remembering the events of his human childhood that set him on the path of evil. Will he give in to despair and defeat, or find a way to regain his place as the rightful leader of the Forces of Darkness?

Set twenty years before Wrath of the Fallen, a Voice from the Darkness sheds a sympathetic light on one of the Mortal Plane’s most wicked foes.

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