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Newly Free Zombies Kindle Books for 2019-09-15

Six days with the Dead (Lanherne Chronicles Book 1)
by Stephen Charlick
$0.00, 259 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (53 reviews), #59 in Horror (Kindle Store)
No-one used the ’Z’ word, they simply called them the Dead and for the last seven years they have held the world in their bloody grasp. The group of survivors at the Lanherne Convent in Cornwall did what they could to make the best of life in this brutal world and compared to many their lives were easy. But when Charlie, an ex-soldier, arrives home with a distraught stranger telling of murderous raiders, they know things are about to change. Leaving the safety of the Convent to warn the other nearby outposts, Charlie, Liz and Imran soon learn it’s not only the Dead they have to worry about and before long the very stones of Lanherne are awash with spilt blood and stolen lives.

Unnatural Tales
by Andy Sayles
$0.00, 172 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (6 reviews), #1353 in Single Authors Short Stories
Unnatural Tales is a collection of supernatural horror stories.


He felt his heart falter, then fail.

The blood in his veins slowed. Movement became difficult then impossible. His consciousness began to fall away and with his failing vision, he watched the world fade and disappear as his last breath left his lungs, a pained wheeze that seeped from deep within his chest.

At that, Miles Goodhall died.



“Mummy? Is Daddy in Heaven?”

For want of a better answer, Helen nodded in agreement. “Yes.”
Satisfied, Megan return to her colouring, scribbling over the lines to turn a black and white picture of a cartoon duck entirely pink. Helen wiped at her eyes, wishing that Michael was there with her.

She would have been surprised to know that he was.





The world is my clock.

I don’t have to turn the key to wind the spring to turn the cogs that turn the hands. It just happens. The Earth turns on a tilt, and the physics of the motion wind me up and wind me down, ebb and flow, ebb and flow.

But it isn’t the Earth’s fault.

Not really.

The moon causes all my problems.

No. That isn’t true.

Being a werewolf causes some problems.

And drug addiction causes others.

Not a good combination of issues.


When there is no more room in Hell, the Devil will lease a spacious double-room with impressive views of the Georgian city of Bath.

Zombie Horror Holiday: A Novella
by Andy Sayles
$0.00, 120 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #1607 in Action & Adventure Fiction (Kindle Store)
John has struggled since leaving the Army. Pete thinks a few days by the sea might be exactly what is needed to help John get himself together.

Together, they head to the south coast for sun, surf and plenty of drinking.

However, the zombie apocalypse changes their plans.

Holed up on a pier, John and Pete find themselves fighting for their lives against hordes of the undead!

Subject 25
by Morgan P Barrie
$0.00, 346 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #246 in Action & Adventure Fiction (Kindle Store)
This is the story of Subject 25. A homeless man abducted from the streets by scientists. They use him to test a virus designed to re-engineer human cells and remove the code for aging and death. They know the virus will kill him and he'll be reanimated as a thing, a dead thing. Yet they don't know his DNA is resistant and the virus will evolve. Everything will change with Subject 25; there will be death without dying and life without living, an unstoppable viral apocalypse. The future belongs to a virus and the future is NOW.

Newly Free Vampires Kindle Books for 2019-09-15

To Live For The Night
by Del Rio, Paul
$0.00, 232 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #398 in Horror (Kindle Store)
Is it a man, a beast or as some residents begin uttering in hushed whispers, the Night Walkers from their parents dark stories?

Cove Lake, New York is a quaint community nestled in the scenic Adirondack Mountains. Mike Brody moves back to his small hometown and takes a position as the local Sheriff. Things are peaceful and quiet until Brody finds himself faced with a string of vicious killings that rock the community to its core. Brody is called upon to investigate the brutal slayings. He enlists the aid of his friend Hound Dog Johnson who is a popular hunter, tracker and hunting guide to help with the investigation. Could there be a large predator responsible for the grisly deaths? Brody finds himself walking a tight rope. As the bodies begin to pile up, he finds himself trying to find the killer before it strikes again while keeping the terrifying details of the investigation under wraps so residents don’t run screaming into the night.

Sara and Jesse are a young couple who have been best friends since childhood and take an opportunity to drive up from their homes in New York City for a little rest and relaxation on the lake. They quickly find themselves embroiled in the killings as well as the investigation. It seems that they may be the only eye witnesses to survive and be able to identify the killer.

Could it be a wild animal lurking in the bushes or could it be something sinister and inhuman that has walked this earth for hundreds of years and will do anything to survive? Could vampires exist? More importantly, if vampires are hidden deep in the mountains surrounding their quaint little village, how can they be stopped?

Jan Vos: Hunting the Beast
by Michael Harris
$0.00, 88 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #176 in Dark Fantasy Horror
It's 1883 Europe. Adrian has been sent by the Order of Life to investigate a local disturbance outside the small town of Copacinalt. Sightings of a beast in the woods, one that would assault travelers late in the night, and often beneath the gaze of a moon bright and full. Hearing of this, the Order sends Adrian to investigate, and, if possible, eliminate and destroy all evidence of the foul creature. Without hearing a word from Adrian for one month, the Order sends one of their most effective veterans, Jan Vos, in search of Adrian to learn of his fate, and to pick up where Adrian left off, should he have failed. In his search, Jan, a hunter of all things evil, discovers he has something in common with the beast, and to his enlightenment, his very own origins.

Horrotica Collection: Horrorebus & Twisted Tales
by Valkyrie Kerry
$0.00, 203 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #635 in Horror (Kindle Store)
THE MUST HAVE HANDBOOK FOR HORROR FANS! An examination of the macabre, the evil within human nature, the monstrous desires in the human soul, torture, resurrection, cult mentality, the grotesque, immortality's deathly kiss, the undead and so much more. This is the horror handbook for all horror addicts, horror junkies and horror fanatics. The tales range from subtle verse to bizarre twisted stories. A five star review raved that these 'well written tales' are 'certainly twisted,' but leave the reader wanting more. Valkyrie Kerry's dark words have been described as 'A Triumph' (The Western People) and her best and darkest words are contained between these covers necessitating a trigger warning: These tales are twisted!

Newly Free Witches and Wizards Kindle Books for 2019-09-15

The Skipton Haunting: Curse of the Red Ribbon Witch
by Andrew John Bell
$0.00, 299 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #4 in Contemporary British Fiction
Once connected, never can a bond be broken...

After receiving a promotion from work, Christopher Joyce relocated his family from London to Newton Escomb in County Durham, where there he would become a safety officer at the local chemicals plant. The home Christopher had set his eyes on lay within a street named Skipton Road, which unbeknown to him bore a bloody and troubled past. At first, nothing seemed out the ordinary... but that would soon change.

Christopher's wife, Amy, steadily began to sense and become attached to a lost spirit - a witch - called Sabina. As time moved on, Sabina's possessive hold over Amy grew stronger alongside another presence within the Joyce household - Baal, an ancient and truly malevolent demon. Through vivid nightmares, strange events and harrowing accounts from others, who themselves had been left scarred by the dark entities that plagued Skipton Road, Christopher and his family eventually found themselves amid a terrifying ordeal... one that would change their lives forever.

Sequel to 'The Skipton Haunting: Tale of the Red Ribbon Witch', though can also be read as a stand-alone novel.

Based on an actual haunting the author and his family experienced in 2016. Names of characters and certain places have been changed to help protect identities.

Set in 2018, in the North East of England.

Curse of a Name (A Rift In The Veil Book 1)
by Kima Blaze
$0.00, 236 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #8874 in Paranormal & Urban Fantasy (Kindle Store)
After returning to her childhood home to care for her Alzheimers sick mother, Elizabeth ‘’Lizzie’’ Key starts having nightmares of women dying through history. All of them with her name. While trying to help her violent mother and at the same time keep her own sanity, Lizzie can't be sure if her dreams and her mother's ramblings are in truth a warning, or if she herself is getting sick.
But she can't shake the feeling that many of her family's ghosts are real, and some of them are more bloodthirsty than others.

Newly Free Occult Kindle Books for 2019-09-15

Harbinger (The Sullivan Gray Series Book 2)
by H.P. Bayne
$0.00, 334 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (16 reviews), #1 in Horror Suspense
A spirit who sees the future might rob Sully of his.

When Sully’s boss is fatally shot, he becomes the main suspect in the homicide. The woman's ghost is guarding a secret, one that will reveal the true killer—if Sully can convince her to show him.

But he's got other problems. The terror stricken ghost of a powerful clairvoyant has intentions of his own, and Sully finds himself an unwilling accomplice on the spirit’s violent journey.

As Sully struggles to cope with two ghosts and his own internal demons, Dez and the rest of his family fear he’s losing himself to his gift. And he might just lose more than that.

Sully's world is about to change forever—if he comes out alive.

The Sullivan Gray Series blends mystery and the paranormal, with the brotherly twist of the Cal Leandros series or the TV show Supernatural.

Entelechism (Diaspora Book 1)
by Clay McGovern
$0.00, 478 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #12 in Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
Martine Beauvais, Haitian teenage cybernetic prodigy and asteroid miner.

Chris Brooks, mystic, psychonaut, and anthropologist studying cybernetically-enhanced Voudoun practices.

Car Beckett and Kim Vodanovic, neurophysics researchers studying the physical foundations of consciousness.

Thrown together, this disparate group discovers that the world is much more like the one envisioned in cybernetically-enhanced Voudoun than they could have imagined, suffused with power and light and filled with discarnate entities.

When the group discovers a series of possessions surrounding a corporate-funded interstellar mission, they race to determine the nature of the spiritual invaders and what they have planned for the colony.

Bunny: A Ghost Story
by Abram Taylor
$0.00, 51 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #286 in 90-Minute Literature & Fiction Short Reads
Horror in the Most Lurid Weird Tales Tradition . . . Updated for the 1990s

In this over-the-top novelette set in the late 90s, four potty-mouthed teens armed with spray paint invade the domain of Bunny: a very hands-on spirit who wears his nickname like a badge. The imagery is as intense as the dialog is tasteless. You have been warned.

The Dawnvel Druids Two
by William Collins
$0.00, 175 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #368 in Occult Horror
Bobby has only just come to grips with the fact he can wield magic and must join the clan of druids who protect Dawnvel, but now he may just be destined to be a dark druid too, whether he wants to be or not.

Bobby may have made great friends with some of his fellow druids, and maybe more than friends with Simone, but he’s also made enemies out of others in the clan. Others that are convinced Bobby’s evil and is even the serial killer hunting druids down.

Worse, the clan already lost their leader but now an ancient demon has proclaimed one more of their number is to die, and it’s a fate they can’t escape.

Meanwhile, Simone discovers that the growing group of gargoyles residing in Dawnvel could prove to be as big of a problem as the murderer amongst them, especially if the gargoyles are ruled by a monster of immense power like she suspects.

White Harvest (Naked Ladies Book 1)
by A Kine
$0.00, 346 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #1 in Discrimination & Racism (Kindle Store)
Trapped in a secret, deep underground military base, Lilly takes comfort in the arms of a long-term captive there who's like no man she's ever met before. In a world where passion and power reign supreme, he helps her survive in a foreboding environment. When discussions turn to the social agenda playing out in the world above, and the political spin associated with it, he proves himself more brain than brawn. After he reveals secrets hidden in religious texts, the occult, and secret societies, the veil is lifted from Lilly’s eyes.

Working towards a set goal for thousands of years, the global elite and the men behind the curtain, have been following mystery school teachings. Using arcane knowledge encoded into readily available texts, their leading societies, the Freemason's, the CIA, and the Catholic Church's dark agenda has long been to get humanity to believe many falsehoods at a certain point in time. These untruths are currently being championed. Having, for the most part, achieved their goals, the global elite are now ready to execute their agenda—put plans in action. With the clock ticking, Lilly hopes to escape in the nick of time.

Like Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code,” this book includes research, knowledge, and facts, but it’s also controversial and confronting and isn’t suitable for all ages because it’s technically an erotic, paranormal romance. However, the sexual content, an integral part of the story, is limited because of the scope and breadth of material covered.

This tale is perhaps better described as a dark comedy covering many conspiracies. Subjects weaved into this story include human anatomy, climate change, the Federal Reserve, Darwinism, Woman’s Lib, nuclear weapons, False Flags, multiculturalism, religion, mythology, gods and goddesses, and more.

The Brujo and the Four Professors: a 2-act play: a shaman has a little fun
by Ernest Kinnie
$0.00, 91 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #21790 in Occult Fiction

A 2-act play
Four uptight professors make a bad mistake inviting a Brujo to their meeting. He lures them into a reality seductive and dangerous.

As usual, the bi-weekly meeting is held at night in Ralph’s study. Ralph, Jean, Johnny, and Bill are sitting around a table sipping an Australian Merlot Johnny recently discovered. Glen Gould is playing an early Mozart sonata in the background. Bookshelves full of books line the walls, and research papers are piled here and there. Not much color in the room---mostly beige, tans and grays.

All four are emotionally and physically stiff. Ralph is a big bear, who much prefers to go along to get along. Jean is slender and has the look and manner of a bird of prey. Johnny prides himself on being open-minded and able to consider all sides of an argument, and is intolerant of those who cannot. Bill is serious, sure he is right, and has sharp fangs.

Scene One

A toast to our newest full-professor.
(All raise glasses to Jean)
No one deserves it more. Your book measuring the differential effectiveness of contrasting therapies on rape victims is outstanding. May the power and glory lie softly upon your shoulders.
Or is it lay? Never could keep them straight.
(Polite chuckles.)

Thank you. I’m so lucky to have such decent people as friends. They are hard to find.

You had something, Johnny?

Yes. I want to bring a guest to our next meeting. A most unusual man who will amaze and delight.

(Rolls his eyes.)
I don’t know, Johnny. That theologian you brought last year didn’t exactly amaze and delight.

You and Jean were all over that poor guy.

We were just testing his sainthood. He didn’t pass. I didn’t know human faces could get that red.

Well, you’re not likely to get this guy’s face red. He’s not a theologian, not a philosopher, not a scientist. He’s a shaman, a Brujo from the desert of Sonora.

Come get The Brujo and the Four Professors, and watch him lead the poor, constipated professors into a Reality seductive and dangerous.

The Curse Of The Kontomble
by Derek Toms
$0.00, 240 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #360 in Occult Horror
The Curse of the Kontomble
Join the ship ‘City of Adelaide’ as she sails on her maiden voyage to Australia in 1864, a voyage of blackmail and deceit. A chance happening at sea unleashes an entity of supernatural evil, which stalks the deck and torments the crew and passengers of the clipper…
“And no one could bind him anymore, not even with a chain, for he had often been bound with shackles and chains, but he wrenched the chains apart, and he broke the shackles in pieces. No one had the strength to subdue him.”
Eleven year old Kylie didn’t ask to be possessed by a demon; she only wanted to be like any other eleven year old.
“I hear them calling. The voices are many; I dare not speak to the crew or the Doctor about my auditory hallucinations. I fear I am growing ever increasingly mentally unstable. I will take the good Doctors opiate in hope that it brings blessed relief.
Please Lord, end this misery…”
A quick paced nautical adventure which journeys through several generations of a family’s history. A family that has been cursed by generations by an evil entity. Siblings Jane and Alan start on their journey to find out about the family’s history and to stop the dreaded curse. They find an old book in a loft, and learn of the horrific tale of their families past.
Can the innocent love from a child heal the old wounds of a family torn apart…?

The covenant origins part 1
by Robert Atkins
$0.00, 134 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #380 in Occult Horror
There comes a time in every person’s life when he or she will inevitably say, ‘I’ll do anything for a better life.’ Or, ‘I wish we could live in a nicer home.’ Or even, ‘I wish I could win lots of money.’ Purely out of desperation, stupidity or just for attention, a person would even go as far as to say, ‘I’d sell my soul to the devil for…,’ unaware of the consequences that may follow.
Jack Richards is the perfect example of someone who is desperate to improve his pathetic excuse for a life. He’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants. He lets slip what’s on his mind late one evening, something which would have been best to have avoided.

The Writer's Block: When Your Imaginary Friend Refuse To Talk You
by Wajid Nabi
$0.00, 32 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Occult
“If you don’t wish to be a hot-head, don’t feed your habit. Try as a first step to remain calm and count the days you haven’t been angry. I used to be angry every day, now every other day, then every third or fourth…For habit is first weakened and then obliterated.”
Over the last years, I have occasionally been struggling with writer’s block. It looks like this: I have an unfinished manuscript that I cannot bring myself to complete. When I work on it, I look at one of the many unfinished sections, write half a paragraph – maybe half a sentence, and that is all. I do not know how to proceed. At some point this condition stirred my intellectual curiosity. I was puzzled by the question, which ability I am lacking when I experience writer’s block. After all, I do know the language of my paper and I know how papers in my discipline are supposed to look like. I know the subject matter of my paper well enough. I am sufficiently motivated to get to my desk and start working on the manuscript. Why is it that I cannot write?

Septet Legends: The war between light and darkness begins!
by Justin McDonald
$0.00, 347 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #30 in Mythology & Folk Tales (Kindle Store)
In a dystopian world filled with monsters and demons, the failed knight -Liam Weyward, seeks to take back his homeland from the tyrannical clutches of Almagest by recruiting the Seven Daughters of Eve and many others in his journey west. However, this quest isn't a simple walk-in-the-park, as the high rulers of Almagest- King Adam and Queen Lilith, enlist their demon generals to halt the plans of our heroes by doing nothing short of trying to eliminate them at every chance they get. Will our band of rejects and underdogs have what it takes to uncover the truth about their adversaries and take back the Land of Eden, or will the dark forces of Almagest prove too powerful for the strongest of pure wills to overcome? All these answers and more will be revealed right here, in Septet Legends!

The Millennium Malevolence
by Kyle Robertson
$0.00, 281 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Occult

A mystically futuristic adventure starting one thousand years before the 24th century

Starting in the middle-ages, a Protector tried to stop an immortal with witchcraft, but inadvertently destroyed the immortal’s eternal mate. The immortal was affected as well.
The immortal, Gavis, was aided by a dark warlock to be healed, however, a thousand year coma was the result hindering Gavis’ revenge. But when he revived, he found another way to claim his redemption.

In the 24th century, Adama Aruna was a history mentor, and also Chorlisr, the Protector’s last descendant. She had no idea she was marked for obliteration centuries before her birth.
When she realized her fate, she, and her two friends had to learn the new version of witchcraft to try to defeat the malevolent immortal.
This tale delves deeper into the human condition more so than just guttural revenge. Adama evolves unexpectedly with the assistance of her legendary bloodline.
Find out how in The Millennium Malevolence: The Time Spanning Revenge Endangerment.

“What an amazing book! For me, it is one of the best sci-fi books I ever read.”

“Each character is created with a depth that most humans cannot claim.”

“Very well written with an interesting plot

In this sci-fi fantasy adventure you get...

  • An adventure to expand an entire ten centuries

  • An unsuspecting woman targeted for annihilation before her birth

  • That same woman evolving to combat an immortal


  • Please enjoy this science fiction fantasy adventure!

    UNEXPECTED DREAM: Spiritualist tale based on real facts
    by Orlando Fernandes
    $0.00, 5 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #96 in 15-Minute Literature & Fiction Short Reads
    A widow finds herself in a bad situation due to the ingratitude of her stepchildren. After the death of her husband, to whom she was not legally bound, his sons decide to expel her from home without rights. Then a strange phenomenon transforms the situation.

    Ruler Of Worlds: A Novel (Darklian Empire Book 2)
    by Steven Uecker
    $0.00, 279 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #38702 in Occult Fiction
    Motivational speaker Mr. Darkly makes an attempt to take over the world by ensuing chaos. Detective Jake Fisher is held captive at Prison City while Detective Gloria Diaz makes an attempt to see if he is still alive. Archangel Raziel stops Maweth the angel of death from implementing Mr. Darkly’s plans.

    Newly Free Horror Kindle Books for 2019-09-15

    13: An Anthology Of Horror and Dark Fiction (Thirteen Series Book 1)
    by Savannah Blevins
    $0.00, 563 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (44 reviews), #1 in Horror Anthologies (Kindle Store)
    13 has always been unlucky. But now it’s turned deadly…

    Darkness has fallen. Real and unseen, evil is out there. Waiting. Watching. Biding its time. It might be your neighbor, your best friend—or something much, much worse. It might be the shadow itself. It will hunt you down when you least expect it. It will talk to you in the quiet hours of the morning and follow your footsteps when you’re alone. It’s chosen you…and it always gets what it wants.

    13 dark tales await you. Ready to bring your worst childhood nightmares to life, to push you to the brink, and make you question your every decision…

    The circus. Your beloved carnival rides. That mom and pop motel you pass every day on your way to work. They’ll never look innocent again. Because they’re not. No one and nothing can be trusted. Not even yourself.

    Are you ready to take the ultimate dare? To spin the devil’s wheel?

    Be careful…

    13 will get you every time.

    Authored By:
    Bradon Nave
    Carissa Ann Lynch
    D.A. Roach
    Erin Lee
    Jackie Sonnenberg
    Luke Swanson
    Marissa Farrar
    Samantha Sands
    Sara Schoen
    Savannah Blevins
    Sophia Valentine
    Taylor Henderson
    Thomas S. Flowers

    Alfie & The Dead Girls
    by Jamie Stewart
    $0.00, 39 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #17 in One-Hour Literature & Fiction Short Reads
    Alfie & The Dead Girls

    The car continued to keep pace, trailing her.
    It was unlike any other car she had ever seen. It was old and well maintained, its coat a brilliant aquamarine that gleamed in the sun’s rays.
    'Do you like my car?' asked Fred, catching her admiring gaze.
    Emma’s cheeks burned.
    'Most people do,' he said, chuckling, 'it's a great ride.'

    Emma Woods, a quiet, bookish, eleven-year-old is about to start her first day at secondary, which means new classes, new teachers and new classmates.

    Emma is terrified, and in her terror-stricken state, she reaches out to her new school's social media page to make friends. That's where she meets Alfie.

    Alfie is joining Radcliff Secondary School as well. Alfie likes the books she loves, and most importantly, he wants to be Emma's friend. However, now there's a strange car driven by a peculiar man trailing Emma with a promise to take her to Alfie.

    What follows next is a story that is every parent’s worst nightmare. Alfie & The Dead Girls is perfect for fans of Stephen King, Joe Hill, John Grisham, Shirley Jackson, and Harlan Coben.

    Through the Trees of Winter: A story of lions and lambs
    by Sandra Stump
    $0.00, 263 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #39476 in Coming of Age Fiction (Books)
    Everyone is haunted by something, a place, an event, or their past...Thousand Oaks was once an enchanted, beautifully crafted home, which sat on many acres with a vast forest of one thousand oak tree’s. The forest itself was well known for a great legend and mystery that was well told through the generations. Why would the Winter family who proudly built and owned the property just leave it to decay over the years? It seemed as if Thousand Oaks had been forgotten by time and man alike. When the legendary property is finally sold to the Anderson family it's the last place on earth Maddie Anderson would ever want to live. She simply wants her old life back and the normalcy she was once accustomed to. Despite her father’s promises to restore the once famous home, in Maddie’s resentful opinion the home is has broken down and beyond repair as her family.Maddie suffers from anxiety and has a million and one anxious thoughts running rampant through her teenage mind. As things start to spiral more and more out of control she feels like she’s going crazy and no one understands her pain. Soon after moving into the crumbling mansion she uncovers two terrible secrets. One regarding her family and one involving the previous owners, both undisclosed truth’s would ruin her already fragile world if ever brought to light. Through it all Maddie embarks on an incredible and sometimes frienthing journey to uncover the horrible secret that was hidden long ago, while working through her own painful reality. She boldly and sometimes hysterically, faces the burden of the painful truth so her family and those she love’s won’t be destroyed. Why was she chosen for this profound burden? Will the pain and truth consume her already broken family, or will Maddie work through it and resolve things on her own? Can she let go of the complex secrets and focus on her own fragile mental health, or will she finally give into the madding thoughts and ruin everyone’s life and her own? Either way, she will forever be haunted by the past and the call of winter only she can hear, through the tree’s of winter.

    Dream Return to Unknown Kadath: Lovecraft. Sexier.Darker. Dreamier (Dreamlands Adventures Book 1)
    by Ken Silver
    $0.00, 243 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #653 in Science Fiction Adventure
    The son of Randolph Carter returns to H.P. Lovecraft's' Dreamlands to stop the evil Azathoth and Nyarlathotep from destroying all realities!
    His unlikely allies include Twilight Smith, a Dreamlands outlaw who is really an elfin princess; Saira Starlight, a beautiful Dreamlands witch; Jones, a magical sword transformed into a human soldier against the evil Ancient Ones, and a Dreamlands Dozen of magical cats, Zoogs, Night Gaunts, ghouls, Deep Ones, Dagon, White Ship, Arkham Witch House and more. Even Alice and the Wonderland gang join the fight!
    This version of the Dreamlands, while faithful, loyal, and admiring of H.P. Lovecraft; contains more Stephen King like visceral and cosmic horror, more real combat, a good dash of modern surrealistic and absurdist humor, more plain old dream craziness and a nice amount of silken erotica even HPL might have enjoyed!
    It is after all, the Dreamlands!

    Hounds of Dystopia
    by Adam Bramble
    $0.00, 191 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #310 in Horror (Kindle Store)
    A rogue vial of a weaponized rabies virus has found its way into the canine population all over the world. It is now up to a Colorado doctor, a school teacher, and her band of misfit teens to brave many perils to preserve what they fear may be the last bastion of humanity on earth.

    Teenage Killer: Novel (An Electrifying Horror Thriller)
    by John Meany
    $0.00, 413 pages, 3.7 out of 5.0 (36 reviews), #276 in Horror (Kindle Store)
    Welcome to Brockton, New Jersey, a peaceful seashore town where nothing truly terrifying ever happened until now.

    After being cyberbullied for his entire senior year of high school by three of his former friends, eighteen-year-old Terrence Marshall, a loner, an outcast, snaps! One night while high on hallucinogenic mushrooms and PCP Terrence seeks his cyberbullies out. Once he locates them, he murders all three of his former friends in a barbaric manner with a hatchet.

    But in the aftermath of this unspeakable crime, the questions becomes, “Would Terrence have gone after his former friends on his own? Or did the mysterious Dark Man, who might or might not exist, put the hatchet in his hand?”

    This is what Terrence’s family longs to find out, as well as the entire country. The heinous murders become one of the biggest stories reported by the U.S. media since the Virginia Tech shooting and Columbine.


    Teenage Killer- Horror/Suspense/Thriller eBook

    Crime Fiction
    Psychological Horror
    Suspense Horror

    Grave Maker : Suspense/Horror/Thriller
    by John Meany
    $0.00, 399 pages, 3.7 out of 5.0 (21 reviews), #59 in Crime Thrillers (Kindle Store)
    Murderers rarely advertise who they are, or how many people they have killed, or how they have no remorse whatsoever walking through their day-to-day lives with blood on their hands.

    This story is about one of those cunning killers, a ruthless taker of lives and an unsuspecting teenage guy who is lured into her deceitful web.

    Recent high school graduate and amateur surfer Jeff Dean is enjoying the easy life. He lives in a beautiful home on the Jersey Shore, has zero bills to pay. However, when his mother kicks him out of the house on his eighteenth birthday for misbehaving, his peaceful standard of living is ruined

    Several weeks later when Jeff, broke and homeless, meets a gorgeous older woman in New York City, she gives him a place to stay and the two eventually become lovers.

    Soon though, with his sex hormones raging out of control, it becomes apparent to Jeff that his new girlfriend, an aspiring fashion designer, is leading a secret life, his new girlfriend confesses that she has a shady past. Against his better judgment, Jeff becomes a part of that same deadly world. And before long the couple are forced to go on the run across the United States, before the FBI has a chance to apprehend them for the senseless murders of more than a half dozen innocent people.

    Tortured Spirit: A Short Story
    by Joshua Scribner
    $0.00, 15 pages, 3.9 out of 5.0 (7 reviews), #999 in Horror (Kindle Store)
    Kellan is used to waking up in strange places. But this place, a cafeteria filled with crazy women and doors that only Kellan can open, might be the strangest of all.

    The Bad Lady: A gripping psychological thriller
    by John Meany
    $0.00, 218 pages, 3.6 out of 5.0 (84 reviews), #77 in Crime Fiction (Kindle Store)
    Monsters do exist. They really do. They are not a fairy tale.

    Ten-year-old Billy Hall met a monster in his own seemingly peaceful neighborhood in Hampton, Ohio. Her name was Nancy Sutcliffe; she drove the Good Humor truck. All the kids on the block loved her, as did their parents. That is until one day when Nancy would do the unthinkable, harm a child. Harm Billy.

    This would set the stage for warfare a showdown between Billy’s mother and the Good Humor employee. Someone was going to die.

    The Woman in the Car Trunk: A Suspense/Horror/Crime Thriller
    by John Meany
    $0.00, 130 pages, 3.6 out of 5.0 (21 reviews), #111 in Crime Thrillers (Kindle Store)
    Imagine for a minute you’re a songwriter and your ex-husband is a famous record label owner/producer. Now imagine that after your highly televised divorce you end up with one of your husband’s mansions and expensive cars, you think he has moved on.

    But no, your ex-husband breaks into your house one night wearing a mask; he tries to strangle you. The next thing you know you wake up in the trunk of his car with a murdered police officer’s body laying on top of you. What would you do?

    Well, you would probably do exactly what Scarlett Nacke does at first is panic. Then you’d realize that if you couldn’t figure out a way to get out of the trunk soon, you’d end up like the murdered cop, dead.

    Does Scarlett survive? Read 'The Woman in the Car Trunk' and find out.

    Don't Murder Me: A Dark Thriller
    by John Meany
    $0.00, 383 pages, 3.5 out of 5.0 (101 reviews), #213 in Horror (Kindle Store)
    The year is 2001.

    On her way out of work on a frigid October night, two inebriated thugs assault pregnant Ashley Ferguson as she goes to get in her car. She is knocked unconscious and is taken to the field behind the shopping center where 23-year-old Ashley is brutally raped. This horrifying event devastates her emotionally, not only for obvious reasons, but also because it comes in the wake of her husband’s tragic death.

    Down and out as well as broke, talented abstract painter Ashley is forced to moved back home with her mother. Claire Whittaker, who is retired, does not want the responsibility of having to take care of Ashley’s baby. Even though she loves the child dearly, it shouldn’t be her job.

    Then one day, after peeking in her daughter’s diary, Claire is shocked to learn that Ashley is hearing voices, which are telling her to commit suicide with the .22 caliber revolver that she had supposedly bought for protection.

    So who will save her? Who will save Ashley from the drugs and alcohol that begin to control her life? Who will help her become the responsible parent that her baby deserves?

    Could it be Troy? The supermarket employee who had chased away the rapists? And with whom Ashley had fallen in love with? Would he accept her not only her, but also her and Peter’s child? Ashley hopes so, because without someone to love, life doesn’t seem worth living.

    Night Light: Haunted Tales of Terror
    by Ellen Parry Lewis
    $0.00, 145 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #30109 in Short Stories (Books)
    Night Light: Haunted Tales of Terror will keep you up at night with tales of creatures from deep underground coal mines in the the Appalachian Mountains, ghostly apparitions, mysterious prayer circles, a pact with the devil and blood curdling screams of the Jersey Devil haunting a couple in the middle of the night in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Featuring new suspense and horror stories from Mid-Atlantic authors Ellen Parry Lewis, SF Varney, Charles Matthew, Virginia Parrish and Sammi Caramela.

    May All My Dreams Come True by Ellen Parry Lewis

    Bridget Brown's life certainly isn't the worst thing it could be; she has a house, a steady job, a close group of friends. And yet with the excitement of her friends' lives greatly overshadowing her own existence, she finds herself making a fateful wish on her birthday. "May all my dreams come true." However, she might not be prepared for what that means.

    Forgetting to Remember by Sammi Caramela

    Dahlia's nerves are already shot to pieces. But when she sees an ex-boyfriend near her home in Philadelphia, she finds that her life can get even more complicated.

    The Gig by Charles Matthews

    At only twenty-three years old, Julian Todenby is already at the top of his game, working in huge company's marketing department. However, after winning a trip to Canada through his company, he begins seeing an unsettling little boy. He very quickly starts to worry that this trip is not the prize he had hoped for and that true terror might be just around the corner.

    Prayers in the Dirt by Ellen Parry Lewis

    Naomi is new to her South Jersey neighborhood. At first, she loves the woods behind her house, and is enjoying a walk there when she spots something in the dirt--a prayer sketched in the soft earth. She quickly finds that that's not the only thing in those woods.

    I Know You are Awake by SF Varney

    The Crug. It is unknown by many, including ten-year-old Johnny. But some in the Appalachian Mountains say that this creature, reeking of sulfur, came straight from Hell. Imaginative Johnny knows fact from fiction, though, and assumes that this is just a scary story. But the dark winter night may hold more than just stories.

    Mom and Me by Sammi Caramela

    Cassie and her mom are close. Very close. And so when Cassie's mom doesn't come home when she's supposed to, she immediately knows that something is wrong. And she very quickly realizes that it has something to do with the man nearby her house, watching her.

    It's Not the House by Virginia Parrish

    Jack and Robin have renovated homes before. Why should the old house in the New Jersey Pine Barrens be any different? Who cares if the house had once belonged to some family named Leeds? And yet, after hearing some howling in the woods, Robin begins to hint to Jack that perhaps they should care about the house's history.

    Inheritance: The Sins Of A Father
    by Michael Mills
    $0.00, 104 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #2434 in Literature & Fiction (Kindle Store)
    When a childish prank threatens to shatter the peace of a quiet suburban town, a father sees his opportunity to rid himself of the crushing guilt he feels.He must put everything on the line to save people he barely knows, face his worst fears head-on and stop an ancient evil that he alone has been charged with to keep at bay.

    $0.00, 21 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #1608 in Single Authors Short Stories
    Fear grips the city of Wulfhayven as the body count mounts and the killer’s calling card is to write his name with the victims blood. The knife-wielding killer Tick-Tauk seems prone to strike at anytime and anywhere as Halloween approaches. Tick-Tauk a supernatural gory horror short story.

    Spooky Tales and Scary Things: Short Stories to read with the lights On
    by Harry Carpenter
    $0.00, 116 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #1576 in Literature & Fiction (Kindle Store)
    A compilation of short stories. The stories are written based on true-ish stories that happened, or almost happened.

    The General:
    An ordinary night. An ordinary guy. Freddy had no idea what he was in for. A demon who can pass from person to person, just by the sheer mention of his story. Plagued by this demon named The General, Freddy is faced with the decision to pass this curse off to someone else, or meet his ultimate end at the hands of this ancient being.

    Demon Dog:
    Young Robin is plagued by nightmares of an evil dog. The dog shows up in nightmares, and she cannot break away from how vivid the dreams are. Scared to go to bed, afraid of the dark, and terrified of the closet is standard fare for the average 8-year-old, but what if there was more to be seen lurking in the shadows?

    The Demon Bathell is an urban legend told between friends who are very unassuming that he is real. Once conjured, Bathell will haunt and hunt you, killing you in the most terrifying way: Using your worst fear as your death device. Reaching into your mind, it pulls out what terrifies you most, to ensure your end is the most unpleasant possible.

    White Horse Blue Streak
    by Richard L. Elsliger
    $0.00, 177 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #63181 in Horror (Kindle Store)
    For decades, a factory built racecar has eluded capture, maintaining constant anonymity, her only known appearance, a meager footnote in the Shelby American Registry. “Present whereabouts not known.” Missing since 1966, this legendary Shelby Mustang serial number 5R529 was presumed forever lost. With no documented history and no chain of title, 5R529 is about to be discovered by Brett Thompson, a young man with no future. But some cars are better left undiscovered and certain futures left unrealized. 5R529 is about to strap a supercharger to Brett Thompson’s uneventful life and show him the way. White paint, blue stripes and a steady hand behind the wheel will coalesce to set ablaze Road America’s race track, steering man and machine toward stardom on the vintage racing circuit. What Brett Thompson doesn’t know is the grim secret concealed by this dark horse will take him down a twisted road of terror changing his life forever.

    Violet Lights: A Short Story
    by Joshua Scribner
    $0.00, 12 pages, 3.3 out of 5.0 (6 reviews), #807 in Horror (Kindle Store)
    Something is disturbing Dennis Harkum's sleep. Is it real? Is it only in his head? Will he figure it out in time?

    Rogue Cheerleader (Tough Girls Book 6)
    by Rick Suttle
    $0.00, 33 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #170 in One-Hour Literature & Fiction Short Reads
    Heather Colson has just arrived in Columbus, Ohio, for a rodeo event. She's staying at a Best Western hotel. She's lucky to get a room because there's a high school state cheerleader championship in town and all the other rooms are booked.

    Later in the evening, some cheerleaders blast their television next door. Heather walks over and asks them to turn it down. They then blast the television again and start pounding on the wall, so Heather calls the front desk. Then after Heather falls asleep, someone knocks on her door around midnight. When she opens it, a tall cheerleader tells her she ran into her truck. But when Heather goes outside, the girl pulls a knife on her. She orders Heather to take a walk across a snowy field and into the woods. They soon end up down a hill and alongside a culvert, where the two decide to fight.

    The teen cheerleader proves to be a formidable opponent who's hell-bent on paying the cowgirl back for getting her in trouble with her coach. And the culvert appears to be the perfect locale to exact her revenge.

    This is the sixth novelette in the "Tough Girls" series and is every bit as action-packed as the others. The question is, who wins between the cheerleader and cowgirl? And what happens to the loser?

    The Waalyns
    by JERRY MAY
    $0.00, 162 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #416 in Horror (Kindle Store)
    Centered around rural life in Wisconsin, this terrifying, strange and funny foray is a tale of madness, murder, suicide and battles of life and death.

    The Jug of Death
    by Ms Christina Engela
    $0.00, 19 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #657 in Horror (Kindle Store)
    Unfortunately for Stuart Flane – Captain of the Terran starship Mercury - and his intrepid crew, their latest assignment did not go without a hitch ...but then, the thing was called ‘the Jug of Death‘, and obviously with good reason.

    "It’s a funny old ‘verse," Flane thought. Most people who found out a cursed object was responsible for the untimely messy – and unavoidably mysterious deaths of 13 people, would steer the hell clear of it... but for some weird reason, some people seemed to think that owning such a thing was a smart investment – or that it would somehow end well for them!

    "The Jug Of Death" is a preview of "Panic! Horror In Space" - a series of sci-fi-horror misadventures in deep space with the crew of the I.S.S. Mercury - which, of all the starships in the elite Terran Space Fleet, is probably the unluckiest ship in history!

    Serial killer: Jastice is not always fair
    by Maria Jackson
    $0.00, pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #21 in Serial Killers
    What do you do when there are a series of murders that seem unrelated? When the operations room started to investigate multiple murders of a gruesome nature, the pieces of the jigsaw were rather hard to put together. Not only were victims unrelated, but there seemed to be little sense to the trail of destruction the murderer had left behind him. Detective Inspector Ian Thomson and Detective Inspector Shelley Ward and working against the clock as their Chief wants results and wants them now. Can Ian and Shelley discover who the murderer is? Can they link the dots and put together a case that will stick? Since the murders started to happen twenty five years beforehand, it‟s not easy for the police to find motives. Even a profiler brought in to help them throws little light upon who the murderer is. Follow the trail with them and see how the details unfold of a serial killer whose activities seem to make very little sense to anyone, least of all the coroner who is able to put A and B together to come up with the idea that this isn‟t a small scale murder spree. In fact, it‟s one that is changing history. The murderer has a reason and when the reason is found, perhaps they will be able to put the pieces together. Gruesomely real and detailed, the book tells you the process that is taken to try to bring the murderer to justice. However, justice isn‟t always fair. Anxious to be able to close the case, Shelley Ward and Ian Thompson follow the trail and try to step into the shoes of the killer in an attempt to find out where he is likely to strike next time. Only the killer knows although he has given the pair of them hints. Can they unlock the secrets and put an end to a long spree of killing that makes no sense? And will the killer pay for the unhappiness he has caused to so many people? You can only find out by reading the story and taking a leap of faith, hoping that the detectives have what it takes to get the man behind bars and paying for his sins.

    Moon's Grace: Germania
    by van der Molen, J.P.C.
    $0.00, 387 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #149 in Dark Fantasy Horror
    The violent prologue to a secret war spanning millennia. At the edge of the Empire, indigenous tribes fight rabidly among themselves. Among themselves and against the encroaching Romans, leaving the brooding forests of Germania Superior locked in a blood-soaked stalemate.In this grisly period, Ulva, the daughter of the Wolf-tribe’s headman, crosses the bridge to adulthood and finally joins her tribe’s pack as a sacred guardian…Tying her fate to that of Claudius, an explorer for the nearby stationed Roman legion. ...Unbeknownst to them, malevolent forces are at work on the edge of the Empire, about to plunge Germania into an even deeper darkness...

    The California Island (Science Fiction)
    by John Warren Self
    $0.00, 243 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #1399 in Horror (Kindle Store)
    Ronny grew up in a residential neighborhood east of Oasis, California living with his parents. They lived to the west of his late uncle's former cattle ranch as well.
    Ronny thought of himself as being a future cattleman as a boy. His uncle felt that Ronny wanted the rancher life when he visited his ranch during does earlier the summers.
    Sam wondered why Bobby emailed him when he never answered any of them in the past. He received no more emails since the wave split the state in into two parts.
    Sam was curious about whether Bobby went Oregon. He called Bobby's parents about that. His father answered his phone. “Hi Sam.”
    “Hi sir, you heard about the big island in the Pacific?”
    “Yes, a bad tidal wave. We all survived it here in San Jose.”
    “Also, I heard about that and that you didn't evacuate either?”
    "Have you heard anything about Bobby?"
    "Did you know that I stopped bailing him out of the LA county jail."
    “He was annoyed with you about that in one of his emails.”
    “He's been emailing you?”
    "Yes. Still, he has no email address.”
    "I see. Well, police near Oasis called about him stealing a camper-pickup truck south-east of Oasis and a hotel cash drawer in Oakland just before the wave struck. So, he is wanted for that and now he's been missing."
    "I see."
    "What about this email he sent you?"
    "His last one, he said that he was hitch-hiking to Oregon."
    “It seems that he stole that truck to get away from there. It might be of interest of the Oasis Police if you inform them about that email?”
    “Right,” and they ended the call.

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