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Newly Free Ketogenic cookbooks Kindle Books for 2019-08-17

Carnivore Diet: Eat Meat, Eggs and Cheese To Get Lean, The Biggest Trend Of 2019 (lose weight, steak diet, ketogenic, paleo, high fat, atkins, losing fat, 100% animal based diet)
by Susan Grey
$0.00, 45 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (8 reviews), #2 in Cooking Cheese & Dairy

Quick, Easy and Healthy Guide and Recipes for The Carnivore Diet...

Heard about the carnivore diet but unsure where to begin? Started the diet but not sure if you’re doing it correctly?

Recently popularized the carnivore diet has become to be a new diet that people are celebrating the results from.

We’re so confident that you’ll love this book we’ll give you a money back guarantee!

This cookbook includes all of the information you've been searching for:

And So Much More...

  • What Is The Carnivore Diet?,

  • Background Of The Carnivore Diet,

  • Effects On Your Body ,

  • Considerations When Starting The Carnivore Diet,

  • Starter Guide,

  • What Can You Eat?,

  • Meal Plans & Recipes,

  • Breakfast,

  • Lunch,

  • Dinner,

  • And Many more,

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Whether you’re looking to loose weight, lead a healthier life or just cut down your weight Carnivore Diet: Eat Meat, Eggs and Cheese To Get Lean, The Biggest Trend Of 2019 (lose weight, steak diet, ketogenic, paleo, high fat, atkins, losing fat, 100% animal based diet) is the book for you. The complete guide and meal plans!

What you’ll lean when reading:

  • The Benefits Of The Carnivore Diet,

  • How The Diet Works

  • Considerations And Warnings Before Starting

  • The Best Recipes For All Of Your Meals

Why wait to learning about this radical new approach
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Vegan Keto Bread: Low Carb, High Protein, Ketogenic Cookbook for a Plant Based Diet To Enhance Weight Loss, Fat Burning and Promote Healthy Living with Easy to Follow and Simply Delicious Recipes!
by Zara Elby
$0.00, 84 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (9 reviews), #5 in Two-Hour Cookbook, Food & Wine Short Reads

Do you follow a ketogenic diet but still miss bread and other carby treats?

If so, Vegan Keto Bread: Low Carb, High Protein, Ketogenic Cookbook for a Plant Based Diet To Enhance Weight Loss, Fat Burning and Promote Healthy Living with Easy to Follow and Simply Delicious Recipes! by Zara Elby is THE book for you!

Whilst it is common knowledge that a ketogenic and vegan lifestyle is beneficial for health and wellness, it can still be hard adjusting and restricting your diet. Our Vegan Keto Bread Cookbook offers a huge variety of bread, sweet loaves, bagel, bun, muffin recipes which are all in line with a plant based and ketogenic diet. There is no need to miss out any longer!

Why choose this book?

This book includes our tried and tested zero carb bread recipes, teaching you THE BEST ways to help promote weight loss, increase your energy and suppress your hunger! Our book includes the most nutritious ingredients and low carb bread recipes to keep you fuller and satisfied for longer. Our recipes are easy to follow and will help curb those carb cravings!

What is inside our Ketogenic Bread Cookbook?

  • Introduction to a Ketogenic Diet
  • Introduction to a Vegan Diet
  • Comprehensive Ingredients List
  • Vegan Alternative Recipes
  • Vegan, Ketogenic Loaves Recipes
  • Vegan, Ketogenic Sweet Loaves Recipes
Vegan, Ketogenic Bun Recipes
Vegan, Ketogenic Muffin Recipes
Vegan, Ketogenic Bagel Recipes
And much, much more!
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See you inside!

Ketogenic Diet: The Ultimate Ketogenic Diet for Beginners (High Fat, Weight Loss, Diet, Keto, Ketogenic, Ketogenic Diet Book 1)
by Bryan Powell
$0.00, pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #43 in Low Carb Cooking
This is the ultimate guide if you are just starting out with the keto diet. It is full of information that teaches you what the keto diet is and how to make a meal. At the end of the book is a simple easy to use diet plan to help you get started on your diet.

KETO BREAD: The complete low-carb bakery cookbook to prepare delicious ketogenic bread, pizza, sandwiches, muffins and more. Includes more than 60 recipes. ... weight fast and burn fat with keto diet
by Samantha Robbins
$0.00, 138 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #4 in Bread Baking (Kindle Store)

Are you seriously interested in shedding a few pounds and get slimmer? You have tried Keto diet but it’s still hard for you to quit carbs?

If so, then are at the right place. Keep reading…

If you think that a Ketogenic diet requires you to quit eating bread forever, think again. There is still a fair opportunity for you to relish an exquisite meal without having to sacrifice bread. That possibility comes from preparing the recipes described in this book! Here, the author will teach you about the most effective ways to both enhance your energy and lose weight simultaneously. Once you learn how to prepare these recipes, you will no longer be going through another day without eating the breads you love. The instruction described in this book are incredibly easy and simple. Even a beginner-level individual can also reap benefits from them.

If one is to distinguish this book from others in one word, that’d be ‘detail’. Starting from the basic definition of what is meant by Ketogenic diet, the book goes on to explain each and everything in detail. It begins by explaining how Ketogenic diet works, why should you take it and how does it benefit you.

Unlike other books, the book is written in simple and easy-to-understand language. There are no complex concepts. Everything has been explained at length so that the readers from every background could benefit from it. The recipes described in this book are not restricted or limited to a specific time. Instead, you can use them for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snack time!

This book serves as the key to help you manage your health, carbs and diet. For those who need a way to enjoy bread, bagels, cookies, muffing without risking health, this is the book for you!

In this book, you will learn

  • What is Ketogenic diet and how does it work
  • What is Keto Bread and how to make one?
  • The useful ingredients used to prepare Keto breads
  • Multiple types of Keto Bread and their recipes
  • Recipes for making Keto sandwich and Bun
  • And much more!

There is no restriction of age or qualification when it comes to deriving benefit from this book. Everything has been written in plain and simple language. The level of English language is basic meaning readers from any academic and educational background could use the book.

No matter what area you come from or what is your academic qualification, you can comfortably and confidently rely on this book and get all the benefits.

I want to know about Ketogenic diet. How does this book offer help?

This book provides readers with a basic knowledge of Keto food. It is fairly detailed and provides practical help to the readers in getting benefit from different types of Ketogenic foods.

I don’t know cooking. Why should I get this book?

Not knowing cooking is fine. One doesn’t need to be an expert to get benefit from it. If you follow its directions step by step, you are good to go!

How can this book help me?

Several effective methods have been applied in this book that can help you understand everything. The book is written in simple English so there is no language barrier. There are details about each diet and food that allows you to understand its effects on your health.

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Keto Sweet Treats Cookbook: Quick & Easy Ketogenic Dessert, Treats,Fat Bombs Recipes that'll Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth, Boost Your Energy And Reverse Disease (Low-Carb, High-Fat Dessert )2019 ED.
by Debbie J. Jenkins
$0.00, 216 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #3 in Low Carb Cooking


You can enjoy delicious keto desserts and sweet treats with this keto cookbook #2019,and you can make them all low carb and sugar free! Finally you can eat all the desserts you want without the fear of getting on the scale.

Keto Dessert Cookbook includes:

· Short explanation of the ketogenic diet with foods that can be eaten and that can not be eaten

· delicious recipes of sweet , treats, snacks,fat bombs to help you enjoy the best side of keto diet

· Easy to prepare recipes with commonly found ingredients

· Ideal food for Low-Carb High Fat, Ketogenic, and Paleo diets.

· Everyrecipe lists serving quantity, prep time, cook time, easy to follow ingredients, preparation instructions, images and nutritional information to keep you on track

· Bonus only PaperBack : images of some recipes will be inserted to show the final result

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Ketogenic Diet: Learn How Low Carb Lifestyle Can Benefit You
by Axel Aldi
$0.00, 147 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #3 in Food Allergy Cooking
You just found the most cost-effective and complete keto guide book.
This short but meaningful book will show you what ketosis is and what are the types of ketogenic diet. You will find out what the benefits of keto diet will have for your body.
In addition, you will learn such interesting facts as:
- what science is talking about keto
- what are carbohydrates really
- how to enter ketogenic diet plan
- what are the types of fats and what to choose for low carb protocol
- what are the products recommended for low carb
- what to avoid in ketogenic diet
- how to supplement in the low carb diet
- how to control the state of ketosis in the body
That knowledge make you competent to set proper ketogenic diet plan and design your own ketogenic cookbook. You will able to choose proper ketogenic diet foods and change your life into health and happy.

Ketogenic Crockpot Recipes: Over 215 Ketogenic Recipes full of Low Carb Slow Cooker Meals (Ketogenic Crockpot Natural Weight Loss Transformation Book Book 20)
by Don Orwell
$0.00, 340 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #23 in Low Carb Cooking

How Can You Go Wrong With Superfoods-Only Diet?

FACT:Way too many of us live in a state of poor health, lethargy and moderate obesity. We live with headaches, back pain, inflammation, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, skin problems, insomnia and cancer – they’re all the byproducts of modern western diet, based on processed food. Superfoods are foods and the medicine and they can help with all these symptoms!!

Ketogenic Crockpot Recipes - 22nd edition book contains ketogenic recipes from my other Superfoods books. Some ingredients have little bit more carbs and they are marked as optional and it is up to you to include them. All recipes are created with 100% Superfoods ingredients. This 250 pages long book contains recipes for:
• Superfoods Stews
• Superfoods Casseroles
• Superfoods Crockpot Recipes

Most of the meals can be prepared in under 15 minutes. Each recipe combines Superfoods ingredients that deliver astonishing amounts of antioxidants, essential fatty acids (like omega-3), minerals, vitamins, and more.

“Our Food Should Be Our Medicine And Our Medicine Should Be Our Food.” - Hippocrates 460 - 370 BC

The best thing about Superfoods Diet is that it will keep your appetite and cravings under control and it will balance your hormones. It's nearly impossible to lose fat if your hormones are out of balance. Superfoods Diet works because it’s return to the type of food your body naturally craves and was designed for. Whole foods Superfoods is the food humans consumed for literally millions of years. Superfoods are nutritionally dense foods that are widely available and which offer tremendous dietary and healing potential. Superfoods diet forbids processed foods, hybridized foods, gluten foods and high glycemic foods. There is nothing super in any of the processed foods or today’s hybridized wheat, corn, soy or potatoes. Processed food is the main reason why people suffer from inflammations and why their hormones are out of balance.Superfoods Diet is the only diet that doesn’t restrict any major type of food. If features:
• Healthy Fats: Olive Oil, Nuts, Seeds, Coconut Oil, Avocado
• Proteins: Salmon, Beans, Organic Chicken, Grass-Fed Beef, Pork Tenderloin, Lentils
• Non-gluten Carbs: Fruits, Vegetables, Oats, Brown Rice, Quinoa, Buckwheat
• Simple non-processed Dairy: Greek Yogurt, Farmer’s Cheese, Goat Cheese
• Antioxidants: Garlic, Ginger, Turmeric, Cacaa, Cinnamon, Berries

Superfoods are basically nutrients packed foods especially beneficial for health and well-being. After eating these superior sources of anti-oxidants and essential nutrients for only a week or two you will:
Start losing weight and boost energy
• Get rid of sugar or junk food cravings
Lower your blood sugar and stabilize your insulin level
• Detox your body from years of eating processed foods
Lower your blood pressure and your cholesterol
• Fix your hormone imbalance and boost immunity
Increase your stamina and libido
• Get rid of inflammations in your body

Would You Like To Know More?

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43 Ketogenic Recipes Strategies For Beginners: Your Way To Diet Success In 30 Minutes
by Jennifer Turner
$0.00, 88 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #41 in Low Carb Cooking

From the publisher of 12 Common Mistakes Ketogenic Diet Beginner Must Know. New approach more explanation the fastest ways to lose weight effectively. Eating healthy life, trimming your waistline and losing weight, no problem what your reasons for following the ketogenic diet square measure, it sounds is never as simple as starting.

This book contains 43 Ketogenic Recipes Strategies For Beginners. It includes completely Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack Recipes, and Bonus the Secret Recipes for you as a gift because of choice this book for diet you will get step-by-step to cook each recipe.

Many people think about a diet as something they are doing to change state.

The Ketogenic diet is additionally a healthy maintenance consumption set up.It is healthy and also the recipes square measure flavors and attractive and most area unit simple to create because the author offers smart directions.

43 Ketogenic Recipes Strategies For Beginners have tips on how to stick to your diet and a complete diet meal plan. All the recipes that are part of that meal plan are right here in this book.

Your Way To Diet Success In 30 Minutes getting one of the easiest and budget-friendly recipes ever. Each recipe is unique in its own way and you will never get bored cooking them

Following the Ketogenic diet is not always easy proven as a healthy life, powerful of achieving weight loss consists of high-fat and low-carb foods, result in your body to burn fat for energy instead of aldohexose. However, this reference book facilitates to create the ketogenic diet straightforward and easy to fancy.

As a bonus, I wrote one of my best recipes that you could use for your parties. Have a party and still be on Keto. This way you will never have the chance to wander off of your goal, whether you choose to be on keto to lose or maintain weight or to be healthy.

Would you like to know more? Get your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the

top of this page and start enjoying cooking again!

Newly Free Low carb cookbooks Kindle Books for 2019-08-17

The Must-Have Atkins Diet Book: Selection of The Most Delicious Recipes for A Healthy Life
by Valeria Ray
$0.00, pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #1 in Low Carb Cooking
The Atkins diet is one of the most popular weight-loss dieting plans. Its goal is to reduce the intake of carbs and increase the consumption of healthy proteins and fats. This results with reduced weight, without harming your health. In case you are thinking that this kind of food can’t be tasty and appealing, wait until you check this Atkins Diet book!

It is known that the Atkins diet has had a surprising result and helped individuals achieve their goal of reducing weight. On the other hand, it has helped them prevent certain diseases and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As you turn the pages, you will stumble upon the tastiest low-carb recipes that will satisfy your cravings. Even the pickiest eaters will love the meals, that anyone can prepare with ease. The collection of 30 recipes is a must-have for everyone that is interested in a weight-loss and healthy lifestyle.

What are the benefits of having your copy of the Atkins Diet Book?

- Background history of the Atkins Diet. You will get to know more about the basics, and who is the man that stands behind the diet that has changed the lives of many
- You will find out how does this diet work and why
- Various phases of the Diet that each individual will pass
- What you need to refrain from eating and what you can actually eat
- 30 Delicious low-carb recipes you can prepare in a jiffy
- And much, much more!

If you want to bring a positive change in your life, make sure that you grab your copy now!

Newly Free Cookbooks/Keto Kindle Books for 2019-08-17

The Complete Keto Diet for Beginners 2019-2020: Easy Keto Recipes to Reset Your Body and Live a Healthy Life (How You Lose 38 Pounds in 30-Day)
by Dr Peter Henery
$0.00, pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (122 reviews), #60 in Cookbooks, Food & Wine (Kindle Store)

Do you want the healthy lifestyle you have always dreamt of?

Do you want to go keto, but don’t know where to start?

From this cookbook you will learn:

  • Basic rules to follow on a keto diet
  • How to make keto a sustainable lifestyle
  • What you can and can’t eat on the keto diet
  • 30-day meal plan to make the start of your journey easier.
  • And more…

Don’t wait another second to get this life-changing book.

The High Protein Keto Diet: The Complete Plan To Lose Weight: The High Protein Keto Diet: Lose Weight Fast plan helps you lose weight fast, say Goodbye ... body! (Keto Diet: High Protein Book 1)
by Humaa A
$0.00, 21 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #5 in Courses & Dishes
Join millions in your plan to lose weight, balance hormones, boost brain health, and reverse disease!

With "The High Protein Keto Diet: The Complete Plan To Lose Weight" you’ll discover the role that nutrition plays in: thyroid imbalances, menopause, PCOS, adrenal fatigue, pregnancy, menstrual cycles, sex drive and more. And, the positive effects of the high protein keto diet on emotional and mental well-being giving women a path to total health, mind, body and soul.

This book is complete with a roadmap to preparing high protein keto meals based on your hunger level and unique goals, complete with Ayurvedic recipes which provides a whole new approach to high protein keto food prep.

Now you can lose all that stubborn fat with one masterplan in the comfort of your home! No gym membership needed, no strenuous workouts, no crazy fad diets! Finally get your life back on track!

With "The High Protein Keto Diet: The Complete Plan To Lose Weight" :

- Reduce snacking
- Reduce food cravings
- Reduce cooking time
- No hungry feeling
- Natural appetite suppressant
- Natural metabolism booster
- Delicious and tasty recipes
- Cheap and affordable
- Easy-to-make recipes
- No more joint or back pain
- No weakness or dizziness

Take a step forward and invest in yourself! This book is your first step! Download now.

Newly Free Cookbooks/Low Carb Kindle Books for 2019-08-17

Air Fryer cookbook for beginners: Enjoy Healthy & Low-carb air-fried Foods with 93 Easy Recipes for everyday cooking
by Alisson Pot
$0.00, 321 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #1 in Low Fat Cooking (Kindle Store)

Buy the Paperback Version (WITH IMAGES!!) of this Book and get the Kindle Book version for FREE

Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners

Have you just got your hands on an air fryer and have been grappling with the idea of how to use it? Or have you run out of delicious and healthy recipes for your Air Fryer? Are you concerned about your health and nutrition and want Air Fryer to add value to your healthy lifestyle? If your answer is yes, Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners is exactly what you are looking for. With numerous easy-to-make, healthy and time-saving recipes, Airfryer Cookbook for Beginners can solve all your kitchen woes.

In Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners, there are 84 recipes that can transform your cooking journey. With 45 vegan recipes and 39 non-vegan dishes, you can create scrumptious healthful meals without dripping oil, and enjoy them more than the traditionally cooked dishes. All recipes cooked listed in the book are nutritious, so you can still hit your health goals while eating all your favorite meals. Be it baked, fried or grilled Vegan Avocado Fries or Ranch Kale Chips, you can munch on your favorite vegan food without the hassle of going wrong with their recipe by using the cookbook.

If you’re craving for some Chicken Fried Rice cooked to a perfect texture, the Air Fryer Cookbook is your savior. It will enable you to eat without obsessing over extra fats. The cookbook does not only provide recipes but also gives detailed insights into the cooking time and how to use the air fryer in various interesting ways. It ensures that everything you eat is beneficial for your health and lifestyle. You can also use the Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners for cooking up quick snacks to tame your hunger. You can cook appetizing Popcorn Fried Chicken fried to the perfect crisp and dive into its crunchy deliciousness.

The Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners has dishes varying from healthy vegan to gluten-free as well as meals that are traditionally only fried but can be roasted, grilled, and steamed in the air fryer. You will love how the cookbook will make the air fryer more efficient for you.

The Chia Seed Recipes as Meal Prep and Low Carb Diet - My 15 Favourite Recipes - Create your own Delicacies - The Superfood Chia seeds
by Julia Schmidt
$0.00, 52 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #58 in 90-Minute Cookbook, Food & Wine Short Reads

h2>Chia Seed Recipes as Meal Prep and Low Carb Diet - My 15 Favourite Recipes - Create your own Delicacies

This small eBook is intended to serve as a guide and a help to support weight loss.
With this book I also want to inspire people to eat easier and healthier.
Topics like:

  • Low Carb
  • Meal Prep
  • The Superfood Chia Seed

  • Addressed and recipe ideas proposed for it:

  • Overnight Chia Pudding
  • Overnight Chia Chocolate Dream
  • Banana-Strawberry-Chia Smoothie
  • Pumpkin soup with Chia seeds
  • Gluten-free Chia pizza roll
  • avocado chia salad
  • Couscous Chia Rocket Salad
  • Onion bread with Chia seeds
  • Chia Pizza (Gluten-free)
  • And much more!

  • Have fun trying it out!

    100% "Money Back" Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with your investment, you can return this book to Amazon within 7 days and get your money back.

    Newly Free Ketogenic diets Kindle Books for 2019-08-17

    Ketogenic Diet: A Way of Life. THE ULTIMATE WEIGHT LOSS GUIDE! (Keto Diet, Weight Loss, Keto Recipes, Low Carb, High Fat Recipes)
    by Katherine Fleming
    $0.00, 79 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #13 in Ketogenic Diet (Kindle Store)

    Whether You're a Keto Diet Beginner or You've Hit a Recipe Rut, This Keto Diet Book Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

    Get this Amazon bestseller for just $2.99. Regularly priced at $6.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

    Do you finally want a diet that allows you to lose weight sustainably and burn fat ?Then you are exactly right here . “Ketogenic Diet: A Way of Life: The Ultimate Weight loss Guide” shows you all the essentials of the keto diet, how the nutritional principle works and where the ketogenic diet differs from conventional diets.

    Ketogenic diet is basically quite simple and easy to learn. It only needs the necessary basic knowledge.Here you are exactly right to acquire this basic knowledge. This book by Katherine Fleming shows all the basics and delivers 21 keto easy recipes for weightloss. If you want to burn fat , on the stomach, on the waist or on the whole body, the ketogenic diet is an ingenious tool.

    The Concept of this book :
    Ketogenic nutrition is basically quite simple. With a little patience and adjusting the daily diet , losing weight is a breeze. A high-fat nutritional concept helps to achieve your desired weight. You do not really have to do without something. There are so many ways to cope with everyday foods.

    This book is suitable for you if :
    •If you do not feel like dieting
    •You want to lose weight sustainably
    •Burning fat is important
    •Want to achieve your desired weight

    Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

    • (Brief History of Ketogenic Diet)
    • (Different Types of Ketogenic Diet)
    • (The Principles of Ketogenic Diet)
    • (How and Why Does the Ketogenic Diet Work)
    • (3 tips for Success on the Ketogenic Diet)
    • (Food to Consume on the Ketogenic Diet)
    • (Food to Avoid)
    • Much, much more!

    Download your copy today!
    Take action TODAY and get this book NOW book for a limited time discount of only $2.99! And experience the new lifestyle!

    Indian Keto Diet Recipe Book - 30 Days Challenge: The Complete Cookbook Of The Ketogenic Diet For Indians To Lose Weight And Live Longer
    by Âbha Bay
    $0.00, 210 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #35 in Weight Maintenance Diets
    Lose up to 7 pounds a week with Indian Keto Diet!

    Have you tried to lose weight in the past, but failed to do so?
    Are you secretly ashamed of your body when you go to the beach/pool?
    Would you like to have a lean, muscular body while raising your brain performance by 15%?
    If so – Keep reading!

    After years of recommending on eating whole wheat, low fat and other non-sense nutrition advice, more and more doctors are starting to shift their recommendation to a high-fat, low-carb diet. If you are overweight, you've probably tried to:

    ✘ Count calories
    ✘ Cook low-fat
    ✘ Exercise for a long period of time

    While those methods COULD help you lose weight, they are not sustainable, and most people fail to stick with them. But now – you are about to discover the fastest, smartest method to burn fat, get lean, and increase your productivity – The ketogenic diet!

    In this outstanding book, you will face a 30 days keto challenge, while focusing on delicious, low-carb, gluten-free Indian foods. Ketogenic Indian foods will not only help you lose weight, but also strengthen your immune system, improve your health, and help you become smarter, sharper and stronger!

    Here are just a few of the benefits you'll enjoy when doing the 30-day Indian keto challenge:

    •Lose up to 1 pound a day and burn fat from your hips, belly, and face
    •Start burning fat and build muscle in a matter of a few days(not months)
    •Enjoy over 50 delicious ketogenic recipes of Indian food
    •Build self-confidence, self-esteem, and be proud of your new body
    •Enjoy your new, lean and healthy body without eating dull diet foods
    •And much, much more!


    I tried a lot of diets in the past, none of them worked. How can I know that this book will work for me?

    The number one reason people fail in any diet is a lack of diversified, tasty food. Most of the nutrition expert usually build workout and nutrition programs that are repetitive, boring and hard to maintain over the long run. In Indian Keto Diet you'll enjoy diversified, taste-tested recipes that are easy and simple to make. All you have to do is follow the plan and results will appear naturally.

    How fast can I expect results?

    That depends on your body, genetics, health status and so on. Generally speaking, you can lose up to 30 pounds in your first month if you follow the diet to the letter. Results are guaranteed for those who will use their will power and stick to the diet.

    Stop hating your body and do something about it – scroll up, click on "Buy Now with 1-Click", and get your copy NOW!

    Ketogenic Diet: Ketogenic Diet for Beginners . Essential beginners guide to a keto diet for weight loss. Step By Step Guide For Beginners To Living The Keto Lifestyle
    by Adriel Mutumba
    $0.00, pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #59 in Weight Maintenance Diets

    Mastering the ketogenic diet!

    Easy and natural weight loss- this is what the masses strive to achieve. If you’ve embarked on a weight loss journey, regardless of the diet, you can ascertain that this is easier said than done. You have to deal with cravings, hunger and all manner of challenges before getting to the other side where you have lost weight sustainably and can keep it at bay.

    Well, for the Ketogenic diet, this is easier said and also easier done. All you need to do is to play by the rules i.e. taking food that is high in fat, moderate in protein and very low in carbohydrates. Just imagine taking such foods like beef, fish, pork, chicken, eggs, bacon, fresh vegetable salads and such and actually losing weight; it sounds too good to be true, right?

    Well, it is indeed possible to lose weight and keep it off, as thousands of people around the world can testify to the effectiveness of the Ketogenic diet in bringing about weight loss and helping them to keep it off. And the secret to that is simple; the diet turns your body into an efficient fat burning machine such that even when you are fast asleep, you are burning fat, which of course translates to fast weight loss.

    Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn

    • About Keto and How it Works
    • Carbs have been making you fat!
    • How The Diet Works To Burn Fat)
    • Keto Rules (What To Eat And What Not To)
    • Getting Started And Detecting Ketosis- Fat Adapting
    • Getting Into Ketosis
    • The Keto Flu
    • How To Tell You Are In Ketosis
    • Practical Guidelines
      #1: A Keto Breakfast
      #2: Keto Meals
      #3: Eating Out
      #4: Eating More Fat
      #5: Keto and Alcohol
      #6: Tracking
      #7: Keto on a Budget
    • Keto Diet Mix-Ups To Avoid

    Are you interested?
    If you are, come and explore with me the beauty that is the keto diet, how it works and how you can adopt it as a life style.
    Let’s go!
    Download your copy today!

    Newly Free Low carb diets Kindle Books for 2019-08-17

    THE COMPLETE 5-INGREDIENT KETO DIET COOKBOOK: Over 600 Easy Low-Carb, High-Fat Recipes & 14- Day Meal Plan - Lose Up to 15 Pounds in 2 Weeks
    $0.00, 297 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (15 reviews), #1 in Weight Maintenance Diets

    The ketogenic diet is simple in its implementation (goal: stay in ketosis); however, the path can be different for each person. Everyone begins at 20 net carbohydrates and then, over time, determines how many they can consume without being kicked out of ketosis. I’ve eaten as much as 75 net carbs in a day and stayed in ketosis (it was Disney World, there was funnel cake, enough said) while my husband, who stuck to his diet and had two bites, was kicked out of ketosis. Everyone is different, of course. It’s up to each of us to learn what our personal “kick out” point is and stay below it.

    To follow a strict ketogenic diet, you will need to consume no more than 20 net carbohydrates a day (most Americans eat closer to 300). While no foods are off-limits, many ketoers choose not to eat sugar, bread, and grains. Their carbs come instead from whole foods like vegetables. Proteins are also consumed, but healthy fats make up much of the meal plans.

    The ketogenic diet can be as simple or as complicated as you make it. In its simplest form, it can be described as staying in ketosis. Ketosis is the process by which your body creates ketones for energy in the absence of carbohydrates. Cave people didn’t indulge in boxes of mini brownies; they got their energy from vegetables, berries, and meat.

    To get in and stay in ketosis, most people taking Keto start by eating fewer than 20 net carbohydrates per day. Ketogenic dieters also try to keep their daily macronutrient intake (or “macros”) at about 10 % carbs, 20 % protein, and 70 % fats. You’ll see this is easier than you think. Once you determine how many carbs you can consume before kicking yourself out of ketosis, you may find you can raise the bar from 20 to 50 net carbohydrates per day.

    The South Beach diet is a low-carb diet, but its goal is to keep you slightly out of ketosis. Paleo can be considered ketogenic, but anyone consuming honey and quinoa is not likely in ketosis either. In some ways you could call the ketogenic diet the blueprint for all low-carb diets. People have used it successfully for weight loss, but also for reducing anxiety and increasing energy and mental clarity. In addition, a 2013 study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that it may even help prevent acne, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and cancer.


    • And Much, Much More!

    No matter your journey, the recipes in this book are ketogenic-compliant—meaning they are naturally low in carbs—and may help with one, or all, of the preceding ailments. And your belly will feel full all the while!

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    Vegan Keto Diet For Beginners: The ultimate bible vegan keto diet and cookbook, special ideas to build your keto vegetarian meal plan. With Low-Carb and Veg Keto bread recipes to maximize weight loss
    by Dr Tarian Keto
    $0.00, pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #38 in Vegan Diets (Kindle Store)

    Buy the paperback version of this book and get the Kindle book version for free, for the only

    The ketogenic diet has become quite a trend, even among celebrities like Kim Kardashian who had earlier on announced her adoption of the high fat and low carb diet. However, what exactly is the keto diet and what does it entail? How good is keto in keeping to the alleged promise of helping with a sustainable weight loss regime? The ketogenic diet has been propounded as the fail safe and safest therapy for weight loss.

    The Keto diet has been given an extensive outlook in this piece of amazing literature and some of the things you stand to gain by going through this book include

    • What to expect when you decide to engage in the keto diet. The mechanics behind the ketogenic diet and how it facilitates weight loss through the burning of fat as the primary source of energy for the body's daily activities, in place of the conventional carbohydrates that the body is used to.
    • How the ketogenic diet benefits the body especially how it lows the blood triglycerides and how it also works at reducing risks associated with cancer in different parts of the body especially the heart.
    • One of the main side effects that accrue to the keto diet which is the keto flu. How to go about handling your keto flu a better way and how to reduce the chances of coming down with its symptoms.
    • The best part of this publication is the attached recipes which are designed to help you comfortably handle the keto stage while never missing out on what's most important. Included in the list of recipes are different options for your keto breakfasts, lunch, side dishes, main dishes and condiments.
    • Attached to each recipe is their number of servings and nutritional values to help you understand what particular nutrient you are consuming.

    This book has been fortified with tips and enough details to help new entrees into the keto world understand what they are going into and also how to manage it. People who are already deep into the diet also have a lot of things to gain as they progress slowly through this stage.

    The book contains 100 recipes for your Keto diet

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    Low-Carb Diet For Weight Loss: Beginner's Guide to A Diet Low in Carbohydrates, Health Benefits of Low-Carb Diet, Weight Loss Guide Book
    by Celeste Jarabese
    $0.00, 46 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #96 in Weight Maintenance Diets

    The Ultimate Guide to Low-Carb Diet

    Are you looking to lose weight with a diet low in carbohydrates? Is sifting through the massive amounts of information available online making it difficult for you to settle on what you need and what you don’t? Well, this book got you covered. The first time I was trying to lose weight by simply adopting a low-carb diet, I almost gave up because I could not find one book that had all the information that I needed to make an informed choice.

    After 'crawling' the internet and Amazon for that matter for the right information, I decided to collect bits and pieces of information that I needed to help me achieve my weight loss goals. However, not all were relevant! I have made adjustments along the way, and though it was hard, it was also an amazing learning experience.

    In this book, I had put together all the information that will help you understand what a low-carb diet is all about and the tips that I wish I had known before I started with my weight loss journey. This book will guide you on what to expect as you go by, and achieve weight loss while boosting overall body health.

    So, what are you waiting for? Go shed off some pounds and get your body weight and overall health back on track!

    Newly Free Health/Keto Kindle Books for 2019-08-17

    The Big Keto Weight-Loss Hoax
    by Russell Eaton
    $0.00, 77 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #131 in Weight Maintenance Diets
    Those who favour low-carbohydrate diets are onto a hiding-for-nothing when it comes to losing surplus body fat. Any kind of carb deprivation is counter-productive to losing weight and is very unhealthy.

    There are many kinds of low-carb diets such as Atkins, Ketogenic, Dukan, South Beach, Intermittent Fasting, Paleo, and all kinds of variations of such diets. Whatever the kind of diet, if it involves reducing the amount of carbs consumed in your daily life, it will ruin your health and do nothing to help you lose surplus body weight.

    In this book you will discover why this is so and why low-carb diets make you gain surplus body fat rather than losing it. If you have diabetes, you will also discover why low-carb diets make chronic high-blood glucose worse, not better. See the evidence in these pages and judge for yourself.

    In the context of your good health, this may be the most important book you ever read. Whatever your current diet, the best thing you can do for good health and a long life free of disease is to follow a high-carb diet that avoids sugary foods and processed carbs. This book explains why this is so.

    Newly Free Health/Low Carb Kindle Books for 2019-08-17

    How I Lost 27 Pounds in 13 Months Eating Eggs, Bacon, Burgers and Drinking Wine: My Simple Weight Loss Journey Without Starving Or Even Being Hungry
    by Ron Pauls
    $0.00, 9 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #111 in Weight Maintenance Diets
    I had tried several “diets” with some success in my quest to drop those unwanted pounds. I say success if success is feeling starved all the time. So, despite having some weight loss with these “diets”, I thought to myself, “There has to be a better, less painful way.” That thought just stuck in the back of my mind for a couple of months until one day I learned of a “diet” that looked very promising. It seemed almost too good to be true. This short, no fluff book is about my weight loss journey on this diet, a diet that I modified just for me. I had very good success without going around hungry all the time. You can create an individualized diet from this book that will work for you too. Even better, it is very possible that your weight loss can be much more dramatic (more and faster weight loss) than mine. Lastly, I also believe as is the case for me that your special customized version of this diet can easily be your forever diet. You won't be worrying if the weight will come back as is the case with most diets.

    3 for Free: Easy All-Natural Recipes Under 350 Calories
    by Lisa Lillien
    $0.00, 29 pages, 3.7 out of 5.0 (46 reviews), #3 in 45-Minute Cookbook, Food & Wine Short Reads

    Whether you're a longtime Hungry Girl fan or just looking for some incredibly delicious all-natural recipes, this freebie eBook is a must! It features three calorie-slashed dishes -- two mega-satisfying meals and a decadent 100-calorie dessert! -- taken straight from the pages of Hungry Girl Clean & Hungry: Easy All-Natural Recipes for Healthy Eating in the Real World.

    Enjoy this free preview, and don't miss Hungry Girl Clean & Hungry

    The Quick 100 Diet Recipe Cookbook: 100 Slimming, Home Style Cooking Recipes Quick & Easy for Everyday Homemade Low-Carb Cooking
    by Adrian Francis
    $0.00, 206 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #11 in Nutrition (Kindle Store)
    Enjoy over 100 delicious home cooked diets meals recipes to choose from. Why buy take away everyday when you and you family could have a night in, choosing from 100 different meals to to cook from including vegetarian meals at your fingertips?

    The Quick 100 Diet Recipe Cookbook was designed to help people to start cooking their own meals at home instead of going out and having a meal or ordering takeaway. Why not enjoy your own cooking for once?

    Give Your Body A Pep Talk: My Fitness and Weight Loss Journey Coined and Conveyed
    by Vedant Rajput
    $0.00, 159 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Health/Low Carb
    For anyone who’s fed up with looking in the mirror and seeing the same-old fat person looking back every time, this book combined with Vedant Rajput’s story could be your catalyst. Vedant wants it to be the driving force for people who want to achieve the same results he has. This is an opportunity to finally get in shape. Now’s the time to make your own vow that this year will make a difference in your life.

    Newly Free Diabetes/Diseases Kindle Books for 2019-08-17

    The Little Red Sports Car,: A Modern Fable About Diabetes (You Can Do It!)
    by Eleanor Troutt
    $0.00, pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (8 reviews), #1204 in General Diabetes Health
    This is a fun, upbeat story about a little car that meets a new challenge in life. Rudy, The Little Red Sports Car, is not feeling well one day and his owner Bob takes him into a garage for a checkup. Bob learns that he has to make some adjustments in the way he drives his little car. Rudy's automatic transmission (the pancreas) is broken and Bob now has to use a manual transmission. Bob also has to add a special additive to the oil (insulin). There are many parallels to diabetes but the main message in this upbeat tale is that life with diabetes can go on as usual - just with a few adjustments. This book could also be used by an adult with diabetes to help a child understand what an individual with diabetes experiences every day.

    Newly Free Diabetes/Medical Kindle Books for 2019-08-17

    The Little Red Sports Car: A Modern Fable About Diabetes (You Can Do It! Book 1)
    by Eleanor Troutt
    $0.00, 32 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (8 reviews), #2093 in Children's eBooks (Kindle Store)
    This is a fun, upbeat story about a little car that meets a new challenge in life and is able to overcome it. Whether a child has diabetes or not, he will learn about overcoming problems in life. Rudy, The Little Red Sports Car, is not feeling well one day and his owner Bob takes him into a garage for a checkup. Bob learns that he has to make some adjustments in the way he drives it. Rudy's automatic transmission (the pancreas) is broken and Rudy now has to be driven with a manual transmission and he also needs a special additive to run again (insulin). There are many parallels to diabetes – but the main message in this upbeat tale is that life with diabetes can go on as usual – just with a few adjustments. This book could also be used by an adult with diabetes to help a child understand what an individual with diabetes experiences every day.

    Newly Free Diabetes/Sugar-Free recipes Kindle Books for 2019-08-17

    No Flour No Sugar Cookbook Vol. 2: More Quick and Easy Clean Eating Recipes for Weight Loss and a Healthier You
    by Madison Miller
    $0.00, 84 pages, 3.6 out of 5.0 (10 reviews), #15 in Two-Hour Cookbook, Food & Wine Short Reads

    Eliminate the two biggest troublemakers in your diet: sugar and flour. With a few changes, you can reach and maintain your ideal weight and have more energy every day. That is what the No Flour - No Sugar diet is all about!
    Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited
    Enjoy even more nutritious and delicious recipes for a healthy lifestyle!

    If your goal is to be healthier, then you need a plan that is actually going to work and that you can stick with for a lifetime. One of the hottest and most realistic diets today is to eliminate all processed foods from your diet and opt for healthy alternatives including lean protein, plenty of vegetables, wholesome grains, a moderate amount of healthy fats, and fruits. This is the basis of the No Sugar No Flour diet.

    This diet promotes the consumption of whole, natural foods that contain no refined, simple carbohydrates. Different from low carb diets of the past, this diet takes out the struggle of complicated calculations and food lists and replaces them with good old common sense.

    This cookbook illustrates just how delicious and incredibly varied your diet can be while following the No Sugar No Flour Diet principles. From breakfast all the way to dessert, the No Flour No Sugar Cookbook will carry you through and help you discover delicious new ways to meet your new dietary goals.

    Inside these pages, you will find recipes for every meal, using ingredients that fuel and heal your body, rather than depleting it. These recipes will help cure your ailments, help you lose weight, and help you to feel once again healthy and youthful. All the flavor – and none of the bad flour and sugar – is what you will find in these recipes. This cookbook is a delicious adventure in health, vitality, and unbelievable flavor.

    Inside, you’ll find:
    •An introduction to the no sugar no flour diet
    •Delicious breakfast recipes such as Savory Mushroom Breakfast Muffins and the Pear, Spinach, and Goat Cheese Omelet
    •Amazing lunch and brunch recipes like the Blue Buffalo Chicken Wraps and the Cajun Fish Taco Bowls
    •Tasty dinner recipes such as the Citrus Scented Asparagus Risotto and the Coconut Curried Shrimp
    •Delightful vegetarian and side dish recipes such as the Sesame Cashew Bok Choy and the Grilled Asiago Zucchini
    •Easy-to-make desserts like the Tropical Banana Cookies and the Georgia Peach Frozen Yogurt

    Every recipe come with easy to find ingredients, detailed preparation instructions, and nutrition facts.

    Read on your favorite devices such as Kindle, IPhone, IPad, Android cellular phone, tablet, laptop, or computer with Amazon's free reading Kindle App.

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    Sugar Free Baking Cookbook: Healthy Sugar Free Baking And Dessert Recipes For Losing Weight (Sugar Free Diet Book 1)
    by Michelle Wright
    $0.00, 71 pages, 2.7 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #118 in Two-Hour Cookbook, Food & Wine Short Reads

    Lose Weight And Cut Out Sugar With These Delicious Sugar Free Baking Recipes!

    Get This Sugar Free Diet Cookbook For A Special Discount (40% off)
    Plenty of research has shown that reducing sugar in your diet is key for losing weight, lowering your risk for cancer and reducing inflammation among many other health benefits. With all these wonderful benefits that reducing sugar has on your health, you may wonder why most people do not cut sugar out of their diet. There is a easy yet troubling explanation for this problem, and it is that sugar is very addictive.

    Like quitting smoking, eliminating your sugar cravings can be extremely difficult. This baking cookbook is designed to help you beat your sugar cravings, by giving you delicious sugar free cake, cookie and other baking recipes. These recipes will make you forget that you are on a sugar free diet! Good luck, we hope you enjoy these sugar free baking recipes.

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