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Newly Free Ketogenic cookbooks Kindle Books for 2019-09-18

Keto Meal Prep for Beginners: 1001 Affordable, Quick & Easy ketogenic Recipes | 1000-Day keto Meal Plan | 10 Secret tips for keto Success | Lose Weight, Lower Cholesterol & Reverse Disease
$0.00, 749 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #3 in Cooking Rice & Grains

You know meal prepping is a good idea, but how do you do it exactly? It involves choosing your meals beforehand, keeping them simple, and setting aside a day where you do most of the work like chopping, roasting, freezing, some cooking, and so on. You’ll also be multitasking and storing meal components in the right containers for the fridge and freezer.

Here are the five must-know tips:
Before shopping and prepping, you’ll need to know what your meals that week will be. Depending on what your goals are, you can pick as many meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) as you want. If you have specific calorie goals in mind for each day, you will need to know all your snacks, too, if you want to be precise. How many days should you have meal plans for? Some people start out with just 3 days, but 5 days ahead will get the work week planned. Unless you’re freezing your food, 3-5 days is usually the maximum for most meal prep like cooked meat, roasted veggies, etc.

The best meals are simple meals especially when healthy eating is the goal. Simple meals also require simple prep, which makes your life much easier. This way, you don’t have to stress about complicated cooking processes, getting a bunch of different ingredients at the store, or feeling overwhelmed about counting up calories and macronutrients. When you think simple, you can make a few different meals from staples like eggs, chicken, and vegetables.

This guide has a variety of 1001 delicious Keto Meal Plan recipes, and that even after these initial 1000-days the recipes will inspire you to mix, match and even come up with your very own and finally 10 tips for success.

Rather than prep throughout the week, it’s much more efficient to pick one day and prep most of your meals then. A lot of people choose Sunday, but whatever day you can free up works. If you’re concerned about the amount of work and time prep takes, you can save some of the prep for the middle of the week on an evening when you have time.

Happy cooking!

Keto Diet for Beginners: Mouthwatering Collection of Delicious Ketogenic Meal Recipes; Kick-start High Level Fat Burning, Weight Loss & Healthy Lifestyle
by Teresa Baker
$0.00, 69 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #1 in Portuguese Cooking

★ Includes Grocery Shopping Lists, Glossary, Recipes Index, Nutritional Information, Full-Color images and More★

Do you want to prepare the best of healthy, home-cooked keto breakfast meals that can ramp your productivity for the day?
Do you intend to lose weight fast while enjoying the best of breakfast meal recipes and cooking experience on the Ketogenic diet?
Do you want to save more time and energy while eating delicious and nutritious meals even on a zero budget?
Are you looking to cook healthier, smarter and efficiently for better health?
If this sounds like you, then sit back as you’ve come to the right place.

Best selling author, Teresa shares several tips, tricks and strategies to prepare your favorite keto breakfast meals without slaving away every morning in the Kitchen! Truly, the effects of spending so much time and energy cooking every day, sorting out groceries and even organizing cooking and storage can be psychologically and mentally draining, greatly impacting on the quality of life - a reason many people prefer to snuggle up on fast foods. But with adequate knowledge of easy keto breakfast meals and prepping strategies that suit your needs, there is a lesser chance that is, especially when you get the hang of it. Too bad, there’s the general misconception about cooking and meal prepping being too "elaborate" and "difficult", but hey, it doesn't have to be so. Even if you're already embodied with the negative mindset that it is, Teresa's prepping strategy makes it a lot easier.
Specifically in this book, you will discover
  • How the ketogenic diet works and why you should go the Keto lifestyle.

  • Top Secret Ways to easily get started with the Ketogenic Diet even if you've never heard the term before!
  • How to prep meals in advance

  • How prepped Meals can help save you more time especially if you are busy and have little time to cook
  • Over 50 Helpful Equipment that can assist you in meal prep and help save more time

  • A carefully designed Keto diet prep meal plan that can help you lose 25 pounds in 28 days, even if you are a binge freak!

  • Recipes that you can prepare for healthy weight loss on Keto

  • Full sized colorful images of all recipes included, naturally invoking an appetizing urge to try them out (for color version)

  • How to spend less to get more with shopping list ingredients that are not only grocery-efficient but readily available and easy to source

  • Nutritional information with Calorie, fat, protein and net carbohydrate counts on each recipe, so you don't lose track of your macros.

  • An Index of recipes and terminologies to help you quickly pick out the recipe of your choice - saving you precious time!
  • Tips and tricks that can lead you to success on the keto diet

  • And MORE...

  • ★ Free Bonus Keto Cheat Sheet★ - Get access to my free cheat sheet with 21 proven tips and tricks to make meal prepping on the keto diet seamless and easy for you.
    What's more? This book comes in a full, large 8.5" by 11" sized sheets printed on quality paper - large enough to put down notes around edges while trying out recipes.

    Take action, and begin the process to get started on taking back your freedom, improving on quality time management in the kitchen while achieving WEIGHT LOSS on KETO

    Keto Desserts Cookbook: Easy Ketogenic Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss and Boosting Energy. Including Low Carbs Sweet Treats, Sugar-free Cookies, Ice Cream, Fat Bombs and Dairy-Free Snacks
    by Thomas Slow
    $0.00, 169 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #11 in Middle Atlantic Cooking

    ★ ★ ★ FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY ★ ★ ★
    Buy the Paperback and Get the eBook for FREE!

    Struggling to give up with carbs? Tired of searching for healthier options to remain on your Keto diet plan? Or are you looking for delicious recipes that are all approved and Keto-friendly?

    The truth is... We all love sweet treats and desserts. But if you are on a Ketogenic Diet and want to lose weight then you should look for healthier options to remain on your diet plan.

    The solution is a complete cookbook with a ton of new sweet recipes which all have the calorie counts as well as the protein, total fat, and carbohydrate counts. With easy-to-follow recipes and a fully explained set of instructions for each of the treats, you will satisfy your cravings with healthy fats and low-carb foods. And that's what you will find in Keto Dessert Cookbook.

    DOWNLOAD: Keto Dessert Cookbook - Easy Ketogenic Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss and Boosting Energy

    Every chapter is loaded with information about the ketogenic plan and how you can remain in ketosis. You will be able to enjoy delicious desserts and snacks along the path of the keto journey.

    If you want the scoop on what you will learn; these are just a few of the topics you will discover as you seek your new way of eating:

    • The Basics of Ketogenic Diet and Why is so Effective for Burning Fat

    • The Benefit of Keto Diet and How to Understand if it Works for You

    • Top 10 Foods You Should Avoid on a Ketogenic Diet

    • Secret Ingredients Used in the Ketogenic Dieting Plan

    • Tips and Tricks of Maintaining the Diet Plan without Suffering Hunger

    • How to Make Delicious Desserts even when You're in a Hurry

    • Simple Techniques to Save Time and Money

    • 100+ Ketogenic Recipes Including Cakes, Pies, Cookies, Bars, Fat Bombs, Tarts, Ice Cream, Smoothies, Candies, Pudding and Mousse

    Even if you are new to the Keto diet or you haven't prepared a dessert in a long time, you will be able to prepare a healthy variety of sweets that will make your mouth water.

    You can indulge yourself by preparing any of the tasty snacks and desserts in this cookbook and still remain in ketosis. All you need to do is count the carbs. Just add this to your personal library and start having a delicious treat every day without the guilt-ridden thoughts of the carbs!

    Would you like to know more?

    Scroll up and click “BUY NOW with 1-Click” to get your copy now!

    Keto Cookies and Snacks: Discover the Secret to Making Low-Carb Ketogenic Cookies and Snacks That Taste Amazing
    by Amy Moore
    $0.00, 86 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #1 in Nutrition (Kindle Store)
    keto diet desserts

    Are you finding it impossible to resist caving in to your junky dessert cravings on your keto diet?

    Do you wish you could eat cookies, and snacks and still lose weight?

    They said you wouldn’t crave sugar once you got used to eating clean on the ketogenic diet.

    But we know that’s not true, right? The first thing on your mind after eating a delicious keto meal is what’s for dessert. But you’re not allowed.

    Until now.

    Cookies, muffins, sushi, pretzels, Cheetos, chips, dips, and junk food reimagined as health food are all eagerly awaiting you.

    If you’re looking to indulge in the best of the worst, and actually stick to your keto diet and still feel great

    (and keep that lean muscle mass!) then you need Keto Cookies and Snacks. Inside you’re going to find:

    The Secret to Snacking And Staying On Your Keto Diet

    Recipes For THE BEST Junk Foods, Snack Foods, And Desserts Like:

    Nachos, Cheetos, Chips and Dips

    Cookies and Muffins

    Peanut Butter Cups

    And so much MORE!

    If you’re ready to set your sweet tooth (and savory tooth) free while sticking to your keto diet, then you need to scroll back up and click Buy Now!

    Southern Comfort Keto Cuisine: Enjoy Healthy Down Home Ketogenic Recipes
    by JR Stevens
    $0.00, 87 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #1 in Low Carb Cooking

    Following a ketogenic lifestyle doen't mean you must sacrifice flavor or the comfort of your favorite dishes. Many people think that going keto means you have to give up traditional dishes of the American south, but with some creativity most of your favorite foods can be made to fit a ketogenic diet. Southern and Ketogenic don't need to be oxymorons. In Southern Comfort Keto Cuisine, you will find over 50 recipes for some of your favorite comfort foods and what it takes to be low-carb and delicious at the same time.

    Some of the recipes you will find:

    • Almond French Toast
    • Healthy Muffins
    • Carrot Apple Muffins
    • Blueberry Muffins
    • Berry Muffins With Topping
    • Biscuits And Gravy
    • Creamy Monkey Bread
    • Southern Bruschetta
    • Crab Cakes With Veggies
    • Buttermilk Biscuits
    • Cornbread In A Skillet
    • Crab Soup
    • Southern Bean Casserole
    • Cauli Rice
    • Southern Fried Chicken
    • Ranch Casserole
    • Cauli Mac And Cheese With Chicken
    • Chicken Pot Pie
    • Chicken Dumplings
    • Chicken Steak With Gravy
    • Chicken Casserole
    • Smothered Pork Chops
    • Fried Catfish
    • Coconut Crusted Shrimps
    • Southern Apple Pie
    • Cheese Berry Pie
    • Lemon Cheesecake
    • No-Guilt Chocolate Cake
    • The Best Cookies
    • Salty Caramel Cake
    • Luscious Red Velvet Cake
    • Southern Pecan Pie
    • Peach Cobbler
    • Cinnamon Rolls
    • Strawberry Shortcake
    • Carrot Cake
    • Monkey Nut Bread
    • Southern Pie
    • Delicious Pralines
    • Mud Brownies
    • Pineapple Upside Down Cake
    • Chocolate Pudding

    Super Easy Vegetarian Keto Cookbook: The proven way to lose weight healthily with the ketogenic diet,even if you're a clueless beginner
    by Amy Moore
    $0.00, 214 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #1 in Vegetarian Diets (Kindle Store)

    Do you want to try keto, but you can’t because it’s too hard, and you’re a vegetarian?

    Going vegetarian can limit your food options, and going keto can limit those options even further. What do you eat?

    How do you source ingredients, or make food? And do you have to quit your job just to spend all day

    making food that you don’t even like.

    Fortunately, you’re not alone.

    More and more people are adopting both keto and vegetarianism for so many reasons:

    health, gaining lean muscle, losing weight, decreasing belly fat, and even to help the environment.

    The good news is that so many people are into it, that it’s getting easier and more socially acceptable to adopt

    an amazing new diet like this one. Even better news: there’s a book that will solve all of your problems, and serve as a meal planner,

    and recipe book for some really delicious things designed just for you!

    The Super Easy Vegetarian Keto Cookbook delivers exactly what you need to cook incredibly simple recipes that don’t take long,

    and are impossible to screw up.

    It’s as wonderful for complete beginners to the kitchen as it is for complete beginners to the Ketogenic diet.

    And it’s a complete tool for your kitchen,

    with plenty of excellent information and recipes for keto and cooking pros, as well. Inside you will find:
    Everything You Need to Know About A Vegetarian Keto Diet

    Delicious Breakfast Recipes

    Scrumptious Lunch Dishes

    Delectable Dinner Goodness

    Tasteful Snacks and Desserts

    A 28 Day Meal Planner (So It’s All Done For You!)

    Easy Access Lists of YES and NO Foods To Simplify Your Life

    What are you waiting for? A diet only works if you eat the right foods, and this book has everything you need to get started,

    and eat a vegetarian Keto diet for life!

    Scroll back up and click Buy Now to lose weight, eat better, and cook easier.

    THE KETOGENIC DIET FOR BEGINNERS: A Complete Practical Guide To Keto.
    by Alexander Lewis
    $0.00, 41 pages, 1.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #2 in Healthy Diets


    A complete practical guide to keto

    The "keto" in a ketogenic diet originates from the way that it enables the body to deliver little fuel particles called "ketones".
    A keto diet can be particularly helpful for losing over abundance muscle versus fat without appetite, and for turning around type two diabetes. On a ketogenic diet, your whole body switches its fuel supply to run generally on fat, consuming fat day in and day out. At the point when insulin levels become low, fat consuming can increment significantly.
    This serves as an optional energizing hotspot for the body, utilized when (glucose) is hard to come by.
    This book will give you an elaborate insight on what keto diet entails.
    Enjoy a happy dieting.

    Newly Free Low carb cookbooks Kindle Books for 2019-09-18

    Intermittent Fasting Diet: Learn How to Activate the Benefits of Autophagy through Intermittent Fasting and change your body: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss, Healthy Life and Longevity!
    by Norah Williams
    $0.00, 78 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #9 in Low Carb Cooking

    Secret Human Hack Can Make You Burn Fat 10X Faster!

    Since people start getting fat, a lot of different theories emerged regarding how to burn fat and improve your health. From counting calories to cutting carbs, every once in a while a new study is being published, claiming this is it. However, there is one secret, that was used for centuries all around the world, and made people strong, healthier, and live longer – intermittent fasting.
    In this powerful book, you will discover the secret hack that can make you burn fat almost effortlessly, without even feeling like you're on a diet. With intermittent fasting, your hunger hormones will be way less active(making you feel hungry way less than you're used to), use fat as the primary source of fuel in your body, and improve your health MASSIVELY.

    In "Intermittent Fasting Diet", you will:

    • Discover how to lose up to 1 pound a day without avoiding your favorite foods
    • Cut WEEKS from your progress by activating the benefits of autophagy
    • Unlike other diet books, in "Intermittent Fasting Diet" you will learn how to build a meal plan that SUITS YOU
    • Be proud of your new body, your robust health, and your accomplishments
    • Enjoy a life full of health, appearing attractive, and maintaining your new body effortlessly
    • And much, much more!

    If you've tried it all – counting calories, cutting carbs, eating superfoods and what not – intermittent fasting will change your life forever! No need to starve yourself to death, go on long exercises or even avoiding your favorite foods – with the information in this book, you will discover the effortless method to enjoy health benefits by simply timing your meals better.

    Your New Body is 1 Click Away! Scroll up, click on "Buy Now with 1-Click", and Get Your Copy Now!

    BONUS: Get the Paperback and Receive the Kindle eBook for FREE

    EATING BETTER: Top 50 Easy Instant Pot Recipes for Healthy Eating and Diabetic Health (one pot cooking, instant pot basics, kitchen matters, food wishes, instant pot book, healthy blood sugar)
    by SierraReef Press
    $0.00, 108 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #20 in Low Carb Cooking



    You can read this book on your Kindle device, smart phone, tablet, mac or PC!!


    Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...


    • Much, much more!

    Download your copy today!

    Tags: healthy eating cookbook, healthy cookbook recipes, healthy instant pot, healthy instant pot cookbook, low carb, paleo, diabetes, diabetic cookbook healthy low carb, paleo way, paleo approach, diabetes weight loss cookbook, diabetic weight loss, one pot recipes, one pot meals cookbook, diabetic cookbooks, diabetic meals, instant pot low carb cookbook, instant pot one pot meals cookbook, instant pot healthy, instant pot easy cookbook, instant pot cookbook, instant pot book, instant recipes, instant pot, instant pot basics, instant pot beginners

    The Perfect Low-Carb Cookbook: 50 Right Low-Carb Recipes
    by Sophia Freeman
    $0.00, pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #1 in Gluten Free Cooking
    Too much of anything is not good! As much as carbohydrates are important nutrients, it is necessary to cut down consumption and replace with food rich in a higher percentage of fat and protein. Low-carb foods are, of course, healthy options, and they are perfect for energy gain.

    However, everyone needs the information to get the best of this diet. A cookbook dedicated to that purpose is a good way to get the needed information, and this cookbook ticks the entire box in the requirement. What do you feel about getting access to 50 Low-Carb recipes to help you live healthier? Don’t think too much about it, just download this book and get started. Rest assured, you will have no regrets!

    Newly Free Cookbooks/Keto Kindle Books for 2019-09-18

    Ninja Air Fryer Cookbook for Foodies: 100 Tasty Air Fryer Recipes to Prepare, Air fryer cookbook, Air fryer recipes, Ninja foodi cookbook, Ninja air fryer, keto ninja foodi cookbook, low carb keto
    by Janet Andrews
    $0.00, 280 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #8 in Professional Cooking (Kindle Store)

    ★★ Buy the Paperback Version of this Book and get the Kindle Book version for FREE ★★

    This is the Perfect Air Fryer Cookbook For Foodies and Beginners

    There are lots of Air fryer cookbooks available on Amazon. Most of the cookbooks are playing a game of numbers by competing for the highest number of air fryer recipes they can stuff or pack in their cookbook, thereby neglecting the need to educate readers and provide realistic recipes that can be prepared with an Air Fryer.

    This Air Fryer cookbook is all about quality and not quantity as most inferior air fryer cookbooks available online. If you an Air Fryer newbie or you have someone who has just acquired an air fryer but needs a cookbook to intimate them on all they need to know about air fryers, then the Ninja Air Fryer Cookbook for foodies is the perfect guide to get them started.

    Have you ever wondered how some tasty, crunchy meals are being prepared? You might be wondering how these lovely delicacies don’t seem to be oven baked or grilled the traditional way, yet they pack a punch in appearance, texture, and taste. Yes, most of these meals that you can’t seem to place a hold on their preparation process are Air fried using an Air Fryer.

    The Ninja Air Fryer CookBook for Foodies is designed for newbies, individuals, couples, and foodies who have just been introduced to the world of Air Fryers and have a knack for some great, uniquely prepared, tasty meals. This Air Fryer cookbook nicely educates readers about air fryers, with various recommendations on the very best air fryer brands available on the market. We have included 100 air fryer recipes designed to deliciously caress the taste buds of your family, loved ones and guests.

    People who own other Air Fryer brands like the COSORI Air fryers, Philip Air Fryers, Nuwave Air fryers, etc. will find the Ninja Air Fryer Cookbook for Foodies highly valuable. If you have a Ninja Foodi Cookbook, you will find the Ninja Air Fryer Cookbook for foodies a nice addition to your arsenal.

    The Air Fryer CookBook for Foodies comes loaded with

    • Breakfast Recipes
    • Lunch Recipes
    • Poultry Recipes
    • Meat Recipes
    • Side Dish Recipes
    • Snack and Appetizer Recipes
    • Vegetable Recipes
    • Dessert Recipes

    Do you want to see the juicy Air fryers recipes this book packs that will transform you from a newbie to a professional chef in as little as 14 days?

    At the top right, Just Click "Buy with 1-Click" and start enjoying your Air Fryer Device in a way that you have never seen.

    Keto recipes ebook : The best keto breakfast recipes (healthy, fast , easy, and tasty that help you to lose weight ) for any budget !
    by Angelica Maria
    $0.00, pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #70 in Vegan & Vegetarian Cooking

    You've probably heard of the keto diet, the trendy weight loss plan that advocates for cutting down carbs and upping your fat intake. (That means no to pastries and pasta, and yes to meat, eggs, and heart-healthy oils.) If your morning routine of the past involved bagels, toast, or oatmeal, trying to come up with keto breakfast ideas can feel like a rude awakening. With so many carb-heavy a.m. foods, it's arguably the hardest meal to find ketogenic diet-approved substitutes for — especially when you're staring right in the face of a donut on your morning coffee run.

    Sure, regular bacon and eggs are A-OK, but you can only whip them up for so many days before things start to feel repetitive. The good news? There are some creative keto breakfast ideas out there that'll make you forget all about your old standbys.

    Here are keto-friendly a.m. recipes to inspire your keto breakfast game.

    This book is a guide for all those who want to follow the Ketogenic Diet .

    Why you Buy this ebook :

    •These recipes were developed strategically to help you set up an effective ketogenic diet.

    •In This ebook you will find the best keto breakfast RECIPES include a small gift !

    •All the recipes in this ebook are quick and easy to prepare .

    •will not need to spend hours in the kitchen , All the ingredients in the recipes are easily available and you do not need to go hunting for expensive specialized ingredients!.

    With this bunch of Ketogenic Diet-friendly recipes, you can easily and quickly pick up the diet without having to do any calorie calculations or gram-by-gram portion measurements.

    The Complete Air Fryer Recipe Book: Easy and Delicious Air Fryer Recipes for Fast and Healthy Meals incl. Bonus: Keto Diet and Low Carb Recipes
    by Thomas Owens
    $0.00, pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #22 in Fryer Recipes

    The Complete Air Fryer Recipe Book

    Easy and Delicious Air Fryer Recipes for Fast and Healthy Meals

    ★BONUS: Keto Diet and Low Carb Recipes★

    The Complete Keto Cookbook focuses on following areas

    • What is an air fryer and how does it work??
    • Air Fryer Mainteneance
    • Air Fryer tips and tricksli>
    • Recipes for Brekfast
    • Recipes for Lunch
    • Recipes for Dinner
    • Bread, Meat, Fish, Salad, Vegetarian & Vegan
    • ★28 Keto Diet and Low Carb Recipes★
    • An air fryer is quite similar to a countertop oven. The appliance has a fan which blows air around within its cooking chamber at a high speed and a heating element that heats the air. An air fryer can be used for cooking fried treats such as chicken, fries, veggies and so on. Just like a deep fryer, an air fryer has a perforated basket on which the food sits. This ensures optimum contact with the hot air.

      • You want to learn some important things about equipment and usage?
      • You want to lose weight immediately?
      • You want to eat healthy and save time in the kitchen with easy, set-and-forget recipes?
      • You want to make your evening with friends perfect?
      • You need a big variety of recipes for different occasions?
      • You want to know how you can serve your family and friends healthy and delicious recipes every weekend?

    Keto Lifestyle, Lose weight, the delicious way: With more than 30+ mouth-watering recipes. Get your ideal body shape.
    by Marie Kent
    $0.00, 100 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #1 in Muffin Baking

    If you are looking at this, probably you are like the millions out there, struggling with weight loss and health challenges.
    Great News,

    This is definitely for you.

    Embrace the keto lifestyle, lose weight, the delicious way.

    · Get into your ideal body shape

    · To better health and gain more confidence

    · No starvation diets

    · No counting calories

    · No long workouts

    · Get the results you crave all these while

    Inside, you'll find

    · Helpful advice for starting keto

    · Guidance for living and thriving with the ketogenic lifestyle.

    · How to turn your body into a fat-burning machine 24/7 on autopilot. (no kidding)

    · Ingredients that you can get easily at your local grocery store

    · More than 30+ mouth-watering recipes with nutrition facts

    So what are you waiting for?

    Don’t spend another second agonizing over your keto diet –

    And start burning off pounds of fat today.

    Most probably you might have tried keto and didn’t achieve your desired result,

    or you know people that have try and fail.

    Its not the end of the world, we been through that and this book is here to help.

    No.1 reason. Why most people to fail when they try keto...?

    Lack of variety

    Most people just jump into a keto diet, buy a few pounds of beef, chicken, and eggs from the grocery store… They’ll get 1-2 weeks in before getting fed up eating the same dull foods over and over and shaking their heads at just the thought of digging up another recipe from the internet every single time they need to eat. And guess what, yes, you are right! And they give up.

    This really doesn't have to be hard!

    We have it all covered for you,

    with more than 30+ mouth-watering recipes, and counting

    be like many that have already achieved a lean, healthy body with our keto lifestyle

    Kick start your keto lifestyle - the simple, easy, and delicious way.

    Get your desired result now ! Get started!

    Clean Keto Weight Loss Cookbook: Restoring Your Health Using a Nutritional Approach with Over 200 Clean Keto Recipes (Dairy-Free, Gluten Free, Paleo, Whole Nut-Free, Sugar-Free, Soy-Free, Grain-Free)
    by Eucharia Smith
    $0.00, 206 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #1 in Gluten Free Diets
    Following a Keto diet with a food allergy or sensitivity can be challenging, but not impossible.

    When you heard about the diet that gives you the freedom to enjoy bacon, cheese and, yes, even wine, then you were totally on board. But it turns out that going keto isn’t quite so simple: There’s a clean way to do it, and then there’s a dirty way.

    Clean keto means eating whole foods from quality sources, like grass-fed beef, pasture-raised pork, free-range eggs, wild-caught seafood and plenty of vegetables. “Nutrient-dense, low-carb vegetables (such as arugula and spinach) and herbs help healthy cell growth, increase energy, and provide satiety as your body won't be craving the nutrients it would otherwise be lacking following a dirty keto diet. These makes it suitable for those with Dairy and Gluten Allergies.

    This book “Clean Keto Weight Loss Cookbook” give details explanation on all you need to know about the Ketogenic diet for weight loss and tips to enhance the effectiveness of the Keto diet for weight loss. It contains over 200 Clean Keto Recipes that are Dairy-Free, Gluten Free, Paleo, Whole Nut-Free, Sugar-Free, Soy-Free and Grain-Free.

    Newly Free Cookbooks/Low Carb Kindle Books for 2019-09-18

    Anti-Inflammatory Diet Cookbook: Featuring 700 New, Delicious, Quick & Easy, Low Carb Anti-Inflammation Diet Recipes with Low Calorie & Low Carb for Effective Weight Loss with 30 Day Meal Plan
    by Jenny Newman
    $0.00, 185 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #7 in Cooking Seafood
    Enjoy 700 New, Delicious, Quick & Easy, Low Carb Anti-Inflammation Diet Recipes with Low Calorie & Low Carb for Effective Weight Loss with 30 Day Meal Plan

    Inflammation is a normal response by the body to start the healing process. Inflammation can be defined conventionally as a local response to cellular damage that is marked by leukocytic infiltration, capillary dilatation, redness, heat, and pain and that serves as a mechanism beginning the removal of noxious agents and of injured tissue. It can occur for many reasons and can be classified into: Chronic and Acute.

    Anti-Inflammatory Diet Cookbook Features 700 New, Delicious, Quick and Easy, Low Carb Anti-Inflammation Diet Recipes with Low Calorie and Low Carb for Effective Weight Loss with a 30 Day Meal Plan to help cleanse you permanently with your oven, slow cooker, instant pot, skillet and air fryer. Some of the meals have alkaline contents to help heal your inflammation.

    Below is the summary of this Anti-Inflammatory Diet Cookbook:

    • All About Inflammation: The Full Process of Inflammation, Acute vs. Chronic Inflammation, Over Weight and Inflammation, How Inflammation is Diagnosed and Treated Traditionally, Symptoms of Inflammation

    • Anti-Inflammatory Diet Tips: Foods to Avoid in Inflammatory Diet Plan, Recommended Foods in Anti-Inflammatory Diet Plan

    • Low Carb 30 Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet Plan

    • Anti-Inflammation Breakfast Recipes

    • Anti-Inflammation Lunch Recipes

    • Anti-Inflammation Main Meal Recipes

    • Anti-Inflammation Salad and Vegetable Recipes

    • Anti-Inflammation Seafood Recipes

    • Anti-Inflammation Chicken and Poultry Recipes

    • Anti-Inflammation Beef, Pork and Lamb Recipes

    • Anti-Inflammation Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes

    • Anti-Inflammation Smoothies and Drinks Recipes

    • Anti-Inflammation Side Dish Recipes

    • Anti-Inflammation Snacks and Desserts Recipes

    • Other Low Carb Anti Inflammatory Diet Recipes

    Just take the right decision now and enjoy these 700 new, healthy anti inflammatory diet recipes with your family.

    The Pasta Sauce Cookbook Unlike Any Other: Tomato Sauce Recipes Prepared with Fresh Ingredients
    by Valeria Ray
    $0.00, 71 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #14 in Two-Hour Cookbook, Food & Wine Short Reads
    Tomato sauce is pasta’s best friend. However, not every recipe is tasty. There are a few secrets that you should know when preparing the perfect one. In this cookbook, you can find the best tomato sauce recipes ever. As you browse the recipes, you will want to run to the market and get some fresh and quality tomatoes. Don’t worry, because the instructions are pretty clear and understandable. This is a nice opportunity for beginners to prepare their first culinary masterpiece.

    Why postpone when you can have this helpful cookbook in your hands today? Get your copy right now!

    The Easy Electric Smoker Cookbook: 111+ Mouthwatering Electric Smoker Recipes For Beginners with 1000-Day Meal Plan
    by Paula Rodriguez
    $0.00, 196 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #12 in Baby Food

    ★ Buy the Paperback Version of this Book and get the Kindle version for FREE ★

    Are you ready to smoke your own mouth watering meats and veggies?

    Once you’re all set up, a smoker is about the easiest way you can create succulent meats that your friends will all beg for the recipe. But to get to that point, you need to know some go-to recipes, and more exact information on cooking heats, and times.

    The Easy Electric Smoker Cookbook contains everything you need to create out-of-this-world soft, smoky meats, and some sizzling sides as well. From savory, to sweet, and everything in between, these are the true, tested recipes from master smoker Paula Rodriguez. Inside, you will find gems like:

    • Cherry-Spiced Maple Glazed Ham

    • Bacon-Wrapped Scallops

    • Smoked Lamb Loin with Tangerine Sauce

    • Alaskan Candied Salmon

    • Smoked Artichokes

    • Chorizo Stuffed Peppers


    Every recipe is a guaranteed winner at home, or your favorite event where you want to show off your smoker skills. Scroll back up and click Buy Now so you can master your smoker skills today!

    The Must-Have Cheesecake Cookbook: The Ultimate Recipes for All Those Cheesecake Fanatics
    by Valeria Ray
    $0.00, 82 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #1 in Dessert Baking (Kindle Store)
    Do you want to prepare a creamy cheesecake with a tasty crunchy base, topped with fresh fruits? If this has made you crave for a piece, then wait until you check this awesome cookbook. As soon as you open it, you will be amazed by the huge variety of recipes available. And you would definitely want to run off to the kitchen to make the perfect cheesecake.

    You will find some of the most delicious recipes such as:

    • The tastiest Vanilla Cheesecake that you will eat by yourself
    • Bourbon Peach Cheesecake for your family
    • Cinnamon Roll Cheesecake that will make your home smell like an expensive cake shop
    • Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake that children will absolutely love
    • S'mores Cheesecake for the whole family
    • Chocolate Cheesecake that will please the dessert lovers
    • Butter and Pecan Cheesecake that will surprise everyone with the taste
    • Pumpkin Cheesecake for your pleasure
    • and even more!

    Do you want to prepare a cheesecake like a professional? Make sure that you don’t miss your copy!

    Slow Cooker Evolution: 60 Improved Easy Prep Crock Pot Recipes for Two
    by Sara Parker
    $0.00, pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #2 in Indian Cooking
    Do you like an idea of throwing ingredients in a slow cooker and coming back in several hours when the meal will be ready? With the help of this cookbook you'll have an opportunity to become free and don't waste your time for everyday cooking.

    Slow Cooker or Crock Pot is an amazing kitchen appliance with the help of this you will be able to combine different healthy and delicious ingredients in tasty meals. And you don't need to spend many hours every day to create these dishes. All you need is to choose one of recipes from Complete Slow Cooker Cookbook, load your Slow Cooker and continue doing your business.

    To help you get all benefits while using Slow Cooker Pot we designed a Cookbook where:

    • Collected most valuable meat and vegetable recipes

    • You will enrich your life with healthy meals

    • Your cooking level will increase

    Under the cover of this book you’ll find:

    • Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner

    • Most delicious dessert recipes

    • Preparation & cooking time

    • Complete list of ingredients for each recipe

    • Only simple and tasty recipes which can be applied to any experience level in cooking

    Go ahead and grab you valuable copy right away?

    The Simplest 5-Ingredient Crockpot Recipes: Slow Cooking Made Simple
    by Valeria Ray
    $0.00, 77 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #3181 in Cooking for One or Two
    A crockpot is definitely your best friend. If you are looking for some fancy and tasty recipes that you can prepare only with 5 ingredients, then you should stop searching. Here you have the ultimate cookbook that will give you awesome ideas and helpful tips.

    A slow cooker must be your favorite kitchen appliance. All you have to do is to toss the ingredients and turn it on. In this cookbook, you will discover the best recipes for a fancy dinner and a tasty lunch. But not only the main courses are included, as you can find some spectacular side dishes and excellent desserts.

    This cookbook is a must-have for every household. If you want to save some precious time but still eat tasty food, do not hesitate to order today!

    The Christmas Dishes Convergence: 40 Recipes from Around the World
    by Jennifer Jones
    $0.00, 113 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #702 in International Cooking
    Christmas is a day celebrated uniformly all around the world. But of course, people celebrated it differently, and this shows in the food. All over the world, people cook different dishes to celebrate this day. So, how cool would it be to discover and learn the varieties of food that makes the Christmas menu all around the world?

    The Americans prefer stuffed turkey. It is Bavarian potato pancakes in Germany; Brunsli in Switzerland; Barbecued Seafood in Australia. There are lots of others, and they are featured in this cookbook. You will learn everything about them, especially how to make them.

    How cool is this? You can now settle for different meals in a day with 40 recipes to choose from. How better can Christmas be?

    Let's Make Oatmeal: 40 Oat-rageously Oat-standing Recipes
    by Christina Tosch
    $0.00, 95 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #3 in Diets
    There is nothing as satisfying as a bowl of creamy oatmeal to make you feel on top of the world.

    Let’s Make Oatmeal brings together a collection of 40 oat-rageously oat-standing recipes to enjoy for breakfast, brunch, lunch or supper and will keep you fuller for longer.

    Top it with fruit, nuts, and spices. Serve it chilled or warm, or even add oatmeal to hot and cold drinks.

    From overnight oats to stovetop and to instant pot, oatmeal is sure to become your family’s favorite go-to food.

    Choose from drinks and sweet and savory oatmeal combinations that will have everyone coming back for more, including:

    • Healthy Pumpkin Oatmeal Shake
    • Salted Caramel Oatmeal Smoothie
    • Instant Oatmeal Coffee
    • Baklava Oatmeal
    • Cherry Pie Oatmeal Bowl
    • Caramelized Pear Oatmeal
    • Cheesy Shrimp Oatmeal
    • One-Pot Salmon and Oatmeal Hash
    • Pea and Parmesan Oatmeal with Lemon and Mint

    Now you too can enjoy this high-fiber food.

    Discover everything you need to know about America’s breakfast staple and Let’s Make Oatmeal!

    Pizza Beefed Up: The Hearty Beef Pizza Recipe Book
    by Jennifer Jones
    $0.00, pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #1 in Pizza Making
    The thing about pizza is that you can put anything on it. It gets especially delicious when you load on the beef. Beef is the stuff of substance, so work that along with a pizza base and sauces, then you have a meal that goes a long way. You don’t have to be Italian to get this one right. Impress your friends as you follow what the book teaches you.

    It's amazing how much you can do with beef on a pizza. The rich tastes are each worthy of an attempt. Stretch yourself and attempt each recipe. When they ask which take-away you used, you will tell them you made it from scratch in your kitchen.

    There are ‘how-to’ lessons and recipes enclosed. Take a copy and start today.

    A Must-Have Dutch Oven Cookbook: The Finest Selection of Dutch Oven Recipes
    by Valeria Ray
    $0.00, 146 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #3 in Special Cooking Appliances
    This Dutch Oven Cookbook is far more than an ordinary cookbook that will gather dust on the bookshelf. This culinary guide has the all-time classic recipes that will amaze everyone. It is meant to stay for years to come.

    You don’t need to be an expert so that you can prepare a fantastic meal in your dutch oven. You only need the recipes and instructions included in this must-have cookbook. Whether it’s a slice of fine meat or a spectacular side dish, you will be able to prepare it with ease. If you want to amaze your family and friends with your culinary skills, then this book is highly recommended for you.

    No need to postpone this. Make sure that you get your hands on your copy as soon as possible!

    Newly Free Ketogenic diets Kindle Books for 2019-09-18

    Keto Diet for Beginners 2020: The Ketogenic Diet Guide for Losing Weight. Understand How This Lifestyle Works, Transform Your Body With an Easy Low-Carb Cookbook. (Bonus Recipes Included)
    by Joy Cooper
    $0.00, 117 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #3 in Ketogenic Diet (Kindle Store)

    ►► Buy the Paperback version of this Book and get the E-Book for FREE ◄◄

    Are you interested in losing weight but don’t want to miss out on desserts or feel deprived and hungry all of the time? Are you tired to follow complicated meal plans and count calories? A ketogenic diet might be right for you!

    If you have tried the traditional diets and felt they left you hungry all day and your still did not see any weight loss a keto diet can help. Maintaining a ketogenic lifestyle can help you burn more fat in less time than a low fat, calorie restricted diet can. It has even been proven to have benefits not only to your waistline, but to cognitive function as well.

    The ketogenic diet will become your new way of eating that allows to still enjoy dinners out with friends, eat sweets and you don’t have to count calories! By eating the right combination of fat and carbohydrate foods you will retrain your body to burn off your fat stores to help you get that body you have been working for without ever feeling hungry or deprived.

    This book will also teach you how to maximize your fat burn so that you are even burning off your stored fat while you're sleeping helping you get to that thinner, leaner you!

    If you have been interested in learning more about this way of eating and have thought it just sounds too good to be true, this book will answer your questions and alleviate your fears. How can you eat as much as you want and still lose weight? is it really safe to eat that much fat? What is it going to do to my body and my cholesterol? What’s a macro?

    This book also includes a lot of "easy to follow" recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and even desserts that your whole family will love!

    Tips and tricks to help you stay on track when cravings strike or worse, the holidays!
    Even a 30 day meal plan to help take the guess work and planning out of you first month to allow you to adapt and get you started on your path to a healthy new way of eating.

    ►► SCROLL UP and click BUY NOW to pick up your copy and start your new healthy life now! ◄◄

    The Ketogenic Diet: for Beginners in 7 Easy Steps
    by Toel Dak
    $0.00, pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #59 in Weight Maintenance Diets
    Product description

    Get to know keto―the simple, easy, and friendly way.

    Starting the ketogenic diet can be overwhelming―so much to learn, so many resources to choose from. So why doesn’t somebody make it easy?
    We did.
    The Ketogenic Diet is your all-in-one resource for starting and sticking to the ketogenic diet. You get exactly what you need to make keto surprisingly simple; meal plans, shopping lists, support, and lots of keto-licious recipes.
    This book is dedicated to all those who want to change their habits and lifestyle. The Complete Keto Diet is like opening the door to a new world.
    Interesting, beautiful and bright. Every day will be full of new discoveries. Over time, you will notice how you begin to change. This is an incredible feeling. Which you want to feel again and again.

    What is Keto Diet?

    Benefits of Keto Diet

    The Keto Flu and how to avoid it.

    Getting into Ketosis. 7 Easy Steps

    Tag keto diet . meal plan . ketogenic diet . shopping lists fitness nutrition . ketone diet for beginners . cookbooks . Ketogenic Recipes . Best ketone diet for beginners

    Newly Free Low carb diets Kindle Books for 2019-09-18

    Aikido Martial Arts: The Untold Truth About the Art of Aikido
    by Jabin Sims
    $0.00, 41 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #1 in Children's Nonfiction Sports Books

    Do you want to be happier, stronger, and more confident?

    Discover how to take charge of your life through the practice of Aikido Martial Arts.

    In this extraordinary book, best-selling author Jabin Sims reveals in great detail how this incredible calling and life-changing art may be carried out with great success. This exceptional work is guaranteed to provide you with reliable and relevant advice.

    To possess the skills, methods, and character of a true practitioner of Aikido, you need to harness the power of your mind and body. By controlling your body position and learning how to harmonize extraordinary physical and mental abilities, anyone (regardless of size, strength, or weight) can fend off attacks using this sophisticated martial art.

    In this incredible book you will learn:

    • The #1 Secret to Mastering the Art of Aikido
    • 8 Things You Wish You Knew About Aikido Weapons
    • 13 Things Only Aikido Students Understand
    • Top 5 Training Tips That Will Make You the Best
    • Much More

    Download a Copy Today.

    Newly Free Health/Keto Kindle Books for 2019-09-18

    Autophagy: The Code Of Longevity. A Guide On Long Term Health For Men And Woman; Activate Autophagy With Keto Weight Loss Diet And Intermittent Fasting
    by Ryan Carter
    $0.00, 158 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #930 in Weight Maintenance Diets

    Have you ever wondered how you can live a healthier and longer life?

    You think you’ve tried various fad diets and exercise regimens, but nothing seems to work?

    You’re still struggling with easily preventable lifestyle diseases brought about by years of enjoying a sedentary lifestyle!

    Now, you can unlock the long-buried secrets to longevity! The key is through fasting, proper diet, supplementation, exercising, and sleep optimization – the right way!

    Buy the paperback version and get kindle version FREE

    Why do some organisms live longer than others? What are the factors that accelerate the ageing process? And how are you going to combat these elements to further extend your life? These questions are all answered in this book.

    The goal of the book is quite simple:

    • It is to help you learn the proper mindset
    • develop the right habits
    • take the appropriate actions
    • clear up whatever impediments may be preventing you from enjoying a long and healthy life.

    Understanding how autophagy works is essential so as to enhance your appreciation of how the body self-cleans itself. It is listed and explained in this book as well as the various types of autophagy that the body goes through, and the control mechanisms that are in place to prevent the abuse of this metabolic process.

    Interested and want to get more information?

    Just click on the Buy Now! button.

    Be on your way to a long, fruitful and healthy life!

    The 15 Minute Keto Diet Breakfast Cookbook: 7 Quick & Easy Keto Recipes for Beginners, Prepared in 15 minutes or Less! (The 15 Minute Keto Diet Cookbooks)
    by Jillian Michaelson
    $0.00, 20 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #18 in Diets
    Jumpstart Your Keto Journey―Quick, Simple & Easy.

    When I starting the keto diet, it was overwhelming. There was so much to learn and too many resources with conflicting information. I just needed something quick and easy to cook for me and my family.

    Why wasn't there a simple Keto Cookbook with a handful of good Keto Recipes I could prepare and not take forever? Most Keto Cookbooks had way too many choices and very difficult and time-consuming recipes that were frustrating for a Beginner, like me.

    I decided to create just that for others like me!

    If you're a Beginner on the Keto Diet or a Time-crunched individual looking for Quick, Healthy Keto Recipes, this series is for you. I've Compiled a Handful of Mouth-watering Recipes that are Super-easy to prepare and take no time to make.

    In this Breakfast Edition, you'll find:

    The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners you'll get 7 Breakfast Recipes (A Week's Worth) that are:

    *Quick & Easy to Make
    *Healthy & Delicious
    *All Under 15 minutes to Make!

    My hope is to help you easily start you Keto Diet without the trouble.

    Enjoy and Thank You!

    Breaking the Myths around the Keto Diet: 10 Things You Must Know About Keto Diet
    by S. C. Wang
    $0.00, 25 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #241 in Diets
    The Ketogenic diet is an amazing diet that does a lot of wonders for you. I am quite alarmed about the many false information you may find on the web about the keto diet. If you still have some fears about this diet, then we have you covered!

    The 5-Ingredient Keto Diet Cookbook for Beginners 2019: 600 Easy and Affordable Low-Carb, High-Fat Recipes| 5 Ingredients Keto Diet Recipes| Lose Weight, Burn Fat Forever| 28-Day Keto Meal Plan
    by Emily Walton
    $0.00, 541 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #55 in Macrobiotic Nutrition

    Do you find it difficult to cook delicious foods because the recipes are not only hard to follow, but they also require many ingredients?

    Do you want to enjoy food minus the fuss of laborious kitchen preparation?

    Then this 5-Ingredient Recipe Book is right for you. Not only does it allow you to cook delicious foods, but it also saves you a lot of time and money because you don't need a lot of ingredients to cook your meals. This is a great book not only to kitchen neophytes but also busy home cooks who want nothing more than to serve good food to their family and friends but don't have time for complicated preparations requires when cooking with recipes with so many ingredients.

    This simple and straight-forward book contains 600 recipes in the following categories:

    • Introduction to easy 5-ingredient cooking
    • No-fuss breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes
    • Additional recipes for eggs, dairy, salad, and desserts
    • Helpful nutritional info to track your macros

    This complete 5-ingredient recipe book will help you whip up delectable meals even with limited ingredients. The thing is that you don't need sophisticated ingredients to create delicious meals. All you need are few ingredients and creativity to create delicious meals almost worthy for an excellent dining experience.

    We want to share this kitchen hack to you. So get your copy now and start cooking with ease in the kitchen.

    Newly Free Health/Low Carb Kindle Books for 2019-09-18

    300 Fitness Tricks: Your Beach Body is Only Six Months Away
    by Arnold Book
    $0.00, 75 pages, 3.3 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #142 in Exercise & Fitness (Kindle Store)

    300 fitness tips, tricks, and hacks used by Olympic athletes and professional trainers.

    Get fit, stay fit.


    Low Carb Recipes: Easy Low-Carb, High-Fat Recipes for Health & Weight Loss
    by Jennifer Cook
    $0.00, pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Health/Low Carb
    Have you decided to switch to a low-carb diet? Do you want to prepare some easy and simple recipes that can satisfy your hunger pangs? Do you want to improve your health without compromising on the pleasure to your taste buds? Have you been thinking of trying a diet that but want to avoid the restrictive nature that most diets entail? If your answer to any one of the questions above is “yes” then you have chosen the perfect book.

    We intend to discuss a variety of interesting and healthy low-carb recipes for you and your entire family. Here is a quick snapshot of what is covered in the book:


    If you are rushing all the time and don't want to spend hours in the kitchen to prepare 12 easy Low Carb Recipes,is what you need!

    What Are You Waiting For?

    One-Click for a Healthier, Happier You!

    Newly Free Diabetes/Diseases Kindle Books for 2019-09-18

    Goodbye Sugar: End sugar addiction and live sugar-free with the 14-day Challenge - Through sugar-free nutrition healthy and slim forever
    $0.00, 48 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #2303 in General Diabetes Health

    Goodbye Sugar...Hello sugar-free: Everything about an almost sugar-free life!

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a maximum of 25 grams of sugar per day is harmless to health. On average, however, we consume more than 100 grams a day! Yes, we know: Too much sugar makes you ill.

    Nevertheless, we still eat more because we are crazy about the sweet taste. And sugar also has a firm place in our society, our social life is closely linked to it: Birthday without cake? A good meal without dessert? Impossible!

    Fortunately, in addition to a complete ban on sweets, there is another possibility to significantly reduce sugar consumption. Because we often unconsciously consume a lot of sugar, through the so-called hidden sugar, which is added to food. By sorting this out, up to two thirds of the daily amount of sugar can be saved.

    Find out in this book how you can identify hidden sugars and ban them from your diet, whether at home or in a restaurant, and how you can make your everyday life so conscious that sweet pleasures are still possible - and still save your body the daily unhealthy overdose of sugar.

    Who is the HOMEMADE LOVING'S?

    The HOMEMADE LOVING'S consists of a group of people with a lot of expertise in finance, health and psychology. They want to help your readers live in harmony with themselves.

    EATING BETTER: Top 50 Easy 5 Ingredient - Quick Recipes for Healthy Eating and Diabetic Health (healthy cooking, kitchen matters, healthy eating cookbook, healthy recipes, eat happy)
    by SierraReef Press
    $0.00, 73 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #121 in Diets



    You can read this book on your Kindle device, smart phone, tablet, mac or PC!!


    Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...


    • Much, much more!

    Download your copy today!

    Tags: healthy eating cookbook, healthy eating books, healthy cookbook recipes, healthy food cookbooks, healthy diet, healthy eating for life, diabetes food, low carb food, diabetes weight loss cookbook, diabetic cookbook healthy low carb, low carb, low carb diet, diabetic weight loss

    Newly Free Diabetes/Sugar-Free recipes Kindle Books for 2019-09-18

    Type 2 Diabetes Diet Cookbook & Meal Plan: 55 Healthy Recipes for Diabetic People with an Easy 21 Day Meal Plan (type diabetes 2, diabetes type 2 diet, diabetic meal plans, meals for diabetics)
    by Nigel Methews
    $0.00, 147 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (33 reviews), #11 in Diabetic & Sugar-Free Cooking (Kindle Store)

    Easy recipes. Simple meal plans. Real diabetes management.

    Start eating and living well with this diabetic cookbook for diabetes type 2 today.

    The Type 2 Diabetes Diet Cookbook & Meal Plan will help you:

    • FIND THE PLAN THAT’S RIGHT FOR YOU with a fully customizable two-week meal plan with options for three different calorie-level needs
    • RETHINK YOUR FOOD and discover how you can make the smartest food choices for your body’s new nutritional needs
    • GET THE SUPPORT YOU NEED to face day-to-day challenges so that you feel prepared and empowered no matter what comes your way

    Long-term management of type 2 diabetes starts in the kitchen. This diabetic cookbook includes:

    • A diabetic meal plan that is easily customized according to your weight loss goals and caloric needs
    • Current information on type 2 diabetes including how it develops, what to expect, and nutritional basics
    • Over 50 delicious recipes for every meal with quick reference recipe labels such as: Breakfast recipes, Lunch recipes, Dinners, soups, desserts, bakery products recipes, Vegetarian, Dairy-free, Nut-free, No-Cook, 5-Ingredient, and 30-Minutes-or-Less

    If you're one of the millions of people with diabetes or prediabetes in search of an accessible resource to help you portion and count carbs to better manage this disease, this is the go-to guide you'll turn to again and again because when it comes to diabetes — carbohydrates count.

    With Type 2 Diabetes Diet Cookbook & Meal Plan, you’ll gain control of your diet in 21-days and build healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

    Just Click on “Buy now with 1-Click ®” And Start Your Journey Towards the Healthy World Today

    I look forward to getting you started on some of my most favorite recipes that I've ever shared. Trust me, it’s worth it!

    Today for Only $6.99 $2.99. Scroll Up and Start Enjoying This Amazing Deal Instantly

    type diabetes 2, diabetes type 2 diet, diabetes, diabetes type 2, type 2 diabetes, meals for diabetics, diabetes diet plan, diabetic meal plans, diet for diabetics, diabetes meals by the plate, type 1 diabetes, pre diabetes, prediabetes, pre diabetic diet, diabetes log book, diabetic supplies, diabetic meals

    $0.00, 100 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #9 in Two-Hour Cookbook, Food & Wine Short Reads

    Intermittent Fasting Cookbook gives an easy way to lose weight while keeping the body in good shape without keeping excess skin in the process.

    This book is targeted at giving recipe and fasting guide to help balance health and help reduce insulin in the body

    There is numerous record of intermittent fasting successful diet and weight loss stories.

    This research has not had enough attention on the internet.

    The true success of intermittent fasting is on the meal you eat and the routine of intermittent fasting, but the internet is filled with information of never skip breakfast and taking snacks after each meal to promote food industries.

    This book is categorized into eight chapters for easy access and reference.




    You would learn the complete philosophy of intermittent fasting, including the health benefits of the practice

    Healthy Cooking For Two: Healthy And Delicious Recipes For Two Recipes
    by Heather Wright
    $0.00, 81 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #127 in Two-Hour Cookbook, Food & Wine Short Reads

    Includes A Variety of Delicious And Healthy For Burning Fat ANd Helping You Lose Weight!

    Get This Healthy Cooking Cookbook For A Special Discount (40% off)
    This cookbook features a great variety of healthy and tasty recipes for two. It can be hard finding recipes for only two people. I always used to toss out half of my meals that I cooked simply because me and my partner were unable to finish the leftovers of recipes I made. The recipes in this cookbook solved this problem for me, and I want to share them.

    These are handpicked healthy recipes for two from my collection. These recipes are great for serving two people and if you are looking for healthy recipes for two, then you will surely love this cookbook!

    Banana Smoothies for Diabetics: Over 40 Banana Smoothies for Diabetics, Quick & Easy Gluten Free Low Cholesterol Whole Foods Blender Recipes full of Antioxidants ... Natural Weight Loss Transformation Book 2)
    by Don Orwell
    $0.00, 106 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #13 in Cooking Fruit

    How Can You Go Wrong With 100% Superfoods Smoothies?

    Banana Smoothies for Diabetics - 2nd edition, contains over 40 Banana Smoothie recipes created with 100% Superfoods ingredients. No soy milk, no cows milk, no artificial flavors, only 100% natural Superfoods that deliver astonishing amounts of antioxidants, essential fatty acids (like omega-3), minerals, vitamins, and more. Superfoods Fruits in these Smoothies are carefully selected for Diabetics with diabetes type-2. More than 90% of recipes are Vegan.
    Superfoods are foods and the medicine and they offer tremendous dietary and healing potential. Superfoods slow aging, boost immunity, energize and detoxify.

    Would You Like To Know More?

    Download and start getting healthier today.
    Scroll to the top of the page and select the buy button.

    Diabetic Diet Breakfast Cookbook: Healthy Diabetic Friendly Breakfast And Brunch Recipes (Diabetic Diet Cookbook Book 1)
    by Lisa Medows
    $0.00, 55 pages, 2.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #97 in 90-Minute Cookbook, Food & Wine Short Reads

    Includes A Delicious Variety of Diabetic Friendly Breakfast And Brunch Recipes!

    Get This Diabetic Diet Cookbook For A Special Discount (40% off)

    The breakfast recipes in this cookbook have a focus on avoiding sugars, excessive amounts of fat, and calories which is important for anyone with diabetes. Since most breakfast recipes are loaded with sugar, fat and calories it can be very hard finding decent breakfast recipes for diabetics. Below are a few helpful tips for making healthy diabetic friendly breakfast recipes.

    Diabetic Diet Cooking Tips:
    - Reduce the sugar in your baking as much as possible, and replace sugar with sugar substitute if necessary.
    - Use low fat dairy products in your cooking and baking, for a diabetic friendly diet it is important to limit your fat intake.
    - Avoid processed foods as much as possible, these kinds of foods typically have high amounts of fats, carbohydrates, and sodium.
    - Use whole wheat flour instead of white for baking, whole wheat flour includes more fiber and has a lower glycemic impact.

    The recipes in this cookbook are my favorite diabetic friendly recipes from my collection. We hope you enjoy these diabetic breakfast recipes, good luck!

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    I use the description "newly free" for these book lists. That means I won't list a book again if I've listed it recently. There are so many books that are permanently free, or frequently free, that it makes it difficult to find "newly free" books manually looking through the Amazon search results. There are just too many repeats every day. But I have included the links to those Amazon searches on the category headers, so you can always click the link to see the full list if you'd like. My process just extracts the "newly free" books from those search results, by keeping a record of books I've listed in the past.

    The lists are designed for easy navigation through the books. Clicking on the blurb of any given book will bring the next book in the list up to the top of the screen. This makes it easy to quickly go through them one-by-one. Each category header has an index of the various categories available, and also shows the number of books available in each category. Clicking on the category header itself will bring up the full Amazon search listing of free books for that category.

    If you're in Canada, Germany, or the UK, clicking on the "CA" or "DE" or "UK" link in the top right hand corner of the document will change all of the book links from USA to Canada or Germany or the UK. But they may not be free there as they are in the USA. Usually, but not always.

    If an author classifies their book as belonging to multiple genres (e.g. fantasy, horror), it will only be listed in the first genre that I process. I process the sub-categories of a major category first, so that the book will be listed in the more specific category.

    The rating and # of reviews will be highlighted green to flag ratings above 4.5 stars with more than 50 reviews.

    Horizontal bars above the blurbs may be red. You can ignore that. They're just reminders to me that I have already purchased that book.

    Free book searches on Amazon

    Three ways to search for free (or Prime) books on Amazon:

    Currently, there are about 90,000 free Kindle books, a thousand "Prime Reading" books, and over 1.6 million "Prime Eligible" books. With only a few exceptions, "Kindle Unlimited" means "Prime Eligible". "Prime Reading" offers unlimited loans per month, while "Prime Eligible" is just one loan per month.

    From the initial search results, you can drill down into categories and use any of the left navigation bar filters.

    Those same searches with a keyword:

    Click on the "search" part of the "results for" line and you can change the search term to whatever you desire. Then you can continue as before and use the normal drill-down and/or filter choices.

    Reddit Groups

    There are two Reddit groups that regularly have free Kindle books listed:

    Kindle Freebies
    Free E-Books


    The eReaderIQ web site is a price tracking service for Kindle books. It allows you to set up watch lists for books and authors, and then they will send you an email alert when a book reaches a certain price, or an author has a book with a price reduction.


    The BookBub web site will send you email alerts with handpicked recommendations on books, for your selected genres. Some are free, others just have price reductions.

    Galaxy Magazine

    Galaxy Science Fiction was an American digest-size science fiction magazine, published from 1950 to 1980, and they are now offered free online:

    ​They can be downloaded as mobi files for the Kindle as well as being read online.​ Used to be one of my favorite SF magazines. I almost always had one with me when I was in high school.


    If you're more interested in mainstream books, check to see what options you have from your local library. Many use the Overdrive or Libby sites to loan out Kindle books. If that's not available to you, or your local library has a limited collection, the "Free Library of Philadelphia" has an extensive Overdrive collection, and an out-of-state library card is only $50 per year. Less than half the price of KU.


    Project Gutenberg, founded in 1971, is an Internet archive of free public domain books, created via a volunteer effort that digitizes and archives such books. You can download the Kindle format of a book and then transfer the book to your Kindle directly using a USB cable or by emailing it to your Kindle via its Send-to-Kindle email address using your email client or something like the Amazon Send-To-Kindle tool or an eBook management tool like Calibre.


    Notifications of new listings will be made in various GoodReads discussion groups (e.g. Amazon Kindle), as well as on the Reddit FreeEBOOKS group. There is also an RSS Feed.