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Newly Free Ketogenic cookbooks Kindle Books for 2021-05-06

KETO DIET COOKBOOK FOR WOMEN AFTER 50: The Most Complete Ketogenic Diet Manual Reboot Your Metabolism And Boost Your Energy With 200 Affordable And Easy Recipes And A 21-Day Meal Plan
by Nigella Willett
$0.00, 324 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #1 in American Southwest Cooking

When we reach 50 years old, our body starts inevitably to go across some changes, especially in our Metabolism, that starts to drop naturally, contributing to Weight Gain.

This is why it’s super important to have a complete diet to follow; a diet specifically made for this kind of change that happens with aging.

This book will help you counterbalance those changes effortlessly to lose weight and feel healthy by following cheap, delicious and easy to make recipes.

This book will teach you:

  • All you need to know about the Ketogenic Diet, from knowing how does the Keto diet work, to looking after all the macro and micro-nutrients before cooking a meal, and how to make the process easy and stress-free

  • What you can and cannot eat during your metabolism rebooting process, to always make sure that you stick to the diet properly to fully feel and see the benefits deriving from it

  • Special Applications of the Ketogenic Diet, like the uniques food therapies of certain metabolic diseases, or the reduction of symptoms associated with childhood epilepsy, to let the right eating habits heal your body in every way possible

  • 200 Exclusive Quick and Mouth-Watering Recipes especially made for women after 50, with many images, so you will always be spoiled for choice when having to decide what healthful recipe you’re going to have, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a midday snack

  • An incredibly good 21-Day Meal Plan that will help you schedule and organize your meals, to always ensure that you’ll have every ingredient ready in your kitchen, and to know ahead of time what you are going to eat despite your busy everyday life

...and much more!

Rebooting Your Metabolism has never been easier, thanks to the practical advice within this book that you could put into practice from now, so…

What are you waiting for? Scroll to the top of the page and click the “BUY NOW” button!

...and remember… We can control more of our body changes than we think we can.

The Ultimate Keto Diet Cookbook For Women Over 50: 250+ Easy-To-Prepare, Ketogenic Recipes For Rapid Weight Loss To Help You Achieve Your Slim & Healthy Body | Your Key To Prove Age Doesn’t Matter
by Jodie Evans
$0.00, 217 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (12 reviews), #2 in Cooking Seafood



Remember how easy it was to slim down when you were 20 or 25?

Have you been convinced that unless you have exceptional genetics, there is no way you can look and feel gorgeous and sexy again?

Would you like to make other women jealous of how much attention you get when just walking by a crowd of strangers?

If you answered “Yes” to at least one of these questions, please read on…

No! it’s not another ‘quick-fix’ diet that will make you lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks, and you’ll eventually give it up because of how exhausting it makes you feel…

It’s a lifestyle that every hidden gorgeous lady should experience, especially if the numbers don’t run to your advantage (I’m talking about time here).

No more long hours in the kitchen;

No more rejection by your family because of your specific diet needs;

No more awkward “I am on a diet” look once you tell your friends about your new weight loss program.

Here is what’ll you get:

  • What you should and shouldn’t eat while following a ketogenic lifestyle?
  • Want to lose weight fast and safe? Here is a ready for your shopping list that fits no matter where you live
  • What changes once you hit the 50-year mark? Specific dietary advice that will make your unnecessary body fat melt away
  • How to stay in a fat-burning “ketosis” mode until you reach the weight zone you desire?
  • Over 250 quick and easy-to-cook recipes for every meal of the day (nutritional values, macros, vegetarian, and seafood recipe included!)
  • Much more…

This is not a diet; this is a lifestyle that will support you every step along the way – even if you had a really bad day!

Scroll up, click on “Buy Now” and Start The Journey!

The Complete Keto Diet For Women Over 50: 150+ Simple-To-Prepare, Ketogenic Recipes For Weight Loss To Help You Achieve Your Attractive, Slim & Healthy Physique At Any Age In No time
by Jodie Evans
$0.00, 159 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (8 reviews), #1 in Ketogenic Diet



Do you believe that hormonal challenges stop you from attaining an attractive and healthy body you would enjoy touching and looking at?

Would you like to build that unshakeable confidence that would make other women wonder, “what is your secret”?

What about a massive amount of easy-to-cook food choices that would allow you to boost your metabolism and wouldn’t make your family uncomfortable because of your new eating habits?

If you answered “Yes” to at least one of these questions, please read on…

Eat Less, Move More, and Your Body Fat Will Go Away…

Once You Reach 50 Year Mark There Not Much You Can Do…

Don’t Expect to Look Like A 30 Year Old When You Are 55…

Ever heard about any of these?

Let me tell you something:

Once you get to the end of this book, you’ll understand why most people make such excuses and why most diets don’t work as well or as long as they should…

Here is just a fraction of what’s inside:

  • Ready-for-you perfect budget-friendly, international shopping list
  • Some of the biggest benefits you can expect on top of the exponential weight and fat loss?
  • How to lose weight while maintaining your muscle mass in your most attractive areas?
  • How to use Keto to reduce your daily stress and eliminate negative emotions?
  • Over 150 delicious and easy-to-cook “fat-burning” recipes to keep you and your family enjoying the journey (detailed cooking instructions and nutritional values included!)
  • Much much more…

So what are you waiting for? Take it and use it. And the results may surprise you!

Scroll up, click on “Buy Now,” and Start Reading!

Keto Bread Cookbook: Ketogenic, Low-Carb & Paleo Friendly Recipes for Baking Delicious Bread Loaves, Bagels, Muffins, Pizza & More (Ketogenic Diet Cookbooks Book 1)
by Karen Dixon
$0.00, 162 pages, 3.7 out of 5.0 (23 reviews), #11 in Bread Baking

Can you imagine that eating bakery products and pastries would be healthy?

Try keto baking! If you want to eat bread and pastry, lose weight, and improve your overall health and well-being, keto baking is for you!

Are you looking for the best keto bread recipes on the planet right now? Then you are in the right place.

Keto Bread Cookbook: Ketogenic, Low-Carb & Paleo Friendly Recipes for Baking Delicious Bread Loaves, Bagels, Muffins, Pizza & More contains the recipes which give the assurance that you can eat delicious bread minus the carbs. We have arranged them into various types of bread to make it easier for you to know what kind of recipe is perfect for your preferences:

  • Bread loaves

  • Muffins

  • Bagels

  • Buns

  • Cookies

  • Crackers

  • Pizza crusts

  • Bread sticks

  • Cakes

Are you prepared to begin baking keto-friendly stuff but have no idea where to start? This book will guide you all the way to help you discover what you will need in the process of keto baking. You will find some benefits in the book including:

  • Basics of the keto diet

  • The advantages and risks of keto diet

  • What is keto baking?

  • Keto flour substitutes

  • Keto sweeteners

  • Basics but important keto baking equipment... and many more!

From cookies to loaves of bread, you will know different recipes that will keep you in ketosis!

Just click the button and have a try for these keto baking recipes!

Please note: Book is available in 2 Paperback formats - Black and White and Full color. Choose the best for you

• full-color edition - Simply press “See all formats and versions” above the price. Press left from the “paperback” button

• black and white version - is the default first

the complete ketogenic diet for beginners: Find out how to lose 11 pounds in 21 days with the nutritional plan and delicious recipes of the Keto Diet
$0.00, 123 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #9 in Ketogenic Cookbooks

The Diet that has changed the lives of thousands of people awaits you!

Many people are very disappointed when they do not get the results they want in periods of no more than 1 month, but with the help of the Ketogenic Diet you will be able to lose more than 5 kilograms of weight in just 21 days with the excellent diet plan included in this book.

Don't waste time on common diets

The typical diets that our GPs offer us are very boring and do not offer us the wonderful benefits that a ketogenic diet has to offer us. From positive effects against diabetes, epilepsy, helps the cardiovascular system and the maintenance of our cognitive system, the keto diet is far superior to the others!

Intermittent Fasting & Ketogenic Diet for Beginners: Improve Your Health by Learning the Basics of Intermittent Fasting and the Ketogenic Diet - A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners - with 100+ Recipes
by Christabella Mayer
$0.00, 461 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #7 in Ketogenic Cookbooks

Tired of trying to lose weight? Worried about your health? Don’t worry, start losing weight now with this collection of 3 books in 1!

Losing weight feels like a task especially when you have tried out everything and nothing seems to work. The worst part is that you cannot give up on your sedentary life, your work calls you back to the desk. A lot of people fail to lose weight because they try to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. But the one thing that always works for all body types at all times is the diet.

So now you can really change your body choosing the effective ways that really work today… choosing to learn intermittent fasting and the ketogenic diet:

Learn the Art of Fasting!

  • What is intermittent fasting?
  • Benefits of intermittent fasting
  • Best Intermittent fasting plan
  • The dos and don’ts
  • How intermittent fasting detoxifies your body
  • Why intermittent fasting is the best way to lose weight
  • What are the side effects?

Learn the Ketogenic plan of the Professionals!

  • What is Ketosis?
  • How does Ketosis work?
  • Why should you try out Ketosis?
  • The best time to try out a Ketogenic Diet
  • The dos and don’ts of Ketosis
  • Do the optimum amount of ketosis

And then Get the best meals for a keto diet that you can possibly cook. Some even taste better than your daily meals!

  • 100+ Ketogenic Meals (also included Vegan Ketogenic Meals)
  • Step-by-step guide to cook the meals
  • Make each meal quickly
  • Recipes included for Snacks, Keto Bread, Sweet, Plant-based dietVegan Diet
  • And a lot more!

So, if you have tried everything and have failed to lose weight try the best plan out there. With expert guidance, diet plans, and established results!

Don’t worry about your weight anymore,

Start Losing Weight Now and Live a Healthier and Happier Life!

Newly Free Low carb cookbooks Kindle Books for 2021-05-06

Dash Diet Cookbook for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide To Boost Weight Loss And Lower Blood Pressure, Including Quick and Healthy Dash Recipes. Special Vegan & Vegetarian Dishes Dedicated Section.
by Sarah White
$0.00, 305 pages, 4.9 out of 5.0 (19 reviews), #1 in Low Carb Cooking

You’re desperately trying to fight hypertension, but you don’t know what to do? You have type 2 diabetes, and you can’t figure out which diet might help you feel better?

Well, take a deep breath and relax; you have come to the right place to solve your problem once for all with great satisfaction finally.

•This manual will give you all the information you need to know about Dash Diet or a diet to combat hypertension.•

It’s a diet that doesn’t include a restrictive diet but is based on a particular type of food to be taken, with the main objective of reducing blood pressure and counteracting hypertension.

The low consumption of salt and saturated fat, with the increase of vegetables and cereals, also allow you to lose weight: you can lose up to 4 kg in a month (distributed between water and fat).

Yes, it is almost a miracle! You have finally found what you were looking for to solve all your problems with only one thing!

In this book, you will:

• Have A Clear Explanation About Dash Diet And How It Works to realize how it can help you achieve your goals, both in weight loss and disease prevention.

• Find a Very Detailed Section of Delicious, Healthy, and Tasty Recipes Divided for Serving Dishes so you will have only to chose what you want to eat, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even a midday snack.

• Find An Amazing Useful Vegetarian And Vegan Section Recipes to stick to the diet properly, without renouncing the chosen diet.

• Learn How Dash Diet Will Boost Your Weight Loss In A Natural And Healthy Way to know exactly all the health benefits you’ll get following this diet program.

• Be Amazed By Having Found A Diet That Can Be Adapted To Your Vegetarian/Vegan Eating Style. It usually doesn’t happen with the other diet programs that, instead, often force you to give up food choices to follow rigidly what they expected.

Dash diet is a cleansing and detoxifying diet that allows you to achieve a healthy lifestyle. It’s considered one of the healthiest diets in the world.

It is a diet specifically designed to combat hypertension and prevent all damage caused by a bad and unhealthy diet. It is the ideal diet for those suffering from high blood pressure, but the high consumption of fruit and vegetables makes it a real healthy lifestyle that everyone should take, for example.

This book is a must-have one and provides you with a comprehensive recipes guide to ensure that following the DASH Diet is as stress-free as possible. Its simple, fresh, fabulous, and DASH-approved recipes will help you lower your blood pressure and maintain good health without sacrificing flavour or convenience.

◆Order Your Copy Now and Start Losing Weight and Lower Your Blood Pressure!◆

Keto Baking: Easy Keto Diet Sweet and Savory Baking Recipes including Bread, Buns, Cookies, Bars, Cakes, and Muffins (Bread Baking Cookbooks Book 3)
by David Martin
$0.00, 168 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (29 reviews), #14 in Diabetic & Sugar-Free Cooking

You don’t have to give up baking while on a Keto Diet! Enjoy your favorite baked goods, sweet and savory, with keto-friendly only recipes that are not only delicious but also easy to make!

Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

It's no mystery why we all love to bake so much. All that whipping and beating is worth it when you march towards the oven with a big smile on your face to bake a mouth-watering masterpiece.

The traditional approach to baking is to prepare breads, rolls, cakes, muffins etc. using traditional wheat flour and a few flours from other grains. But the world of baking has now expanded to suit all types of healthy diets, including the revolutionary Keto Diet. The ketogenic diet has taken every continent on this planet by storm. More and more people are becoming aware of the health benefits of adopting a high-fat, low-carb diet. Not only does it keep extra weight off your body, it ensures that you stay ideally nourished to keep serious diseases at bay. The Keto Diet has become a secret weapon for total fitness and wellness.

If you have decided to adopt the healthy Keto Diet lifestyle, that does not mean saying goodbye to the heavenly aromas and perfect textures of baked goods. Without breaking any Keto Diet rules, you can experience the joy of baking and eating all types of breads, cookies, muffins, cakes, and other baked goods. All you need is the right cookbook in your hand, and this is it.

In this cookbook, you will find all the information you need to prepare keto-friendly baked goods, sweet and savory including the key keto baking ingredients and over 100 sweet and savory recipes like:

Bread, Bun, and Roll Recipes like:
  • Garlic Cheese Bread
  • Mozzarella Burger Buns
  • Zucchini Sun Dried Tomato Bread
  • Almond Bread
  • Coconut Cream Bread
  • Classic Keto Buns
  • Rosemary Flaxseed Dinner Rolls

  • Bagel Recipes

    • Classic Keto Bagels
    • Super Seed Bagels
    • Cinnamon Bagels
    • Garlic Bagels

    Breadstick, and Cracker recipes such as:
    • Classic Keto Breadsticks
    • Italian Seasoned Breadsticks
    • Super Cheesy Breadsticks
    • Mozzarella Crackers
    • Garlic Herb Crackers

    Savory Muffins
    • Best Breakfast Muffins
    • Mushroom Chives Muffins
    • Broccoli Creamed Muffins
    • Jalapeño Cheddar Muffins
    • Spinach Zucchini Prosciutto Muffins

    Cookies like:
    • Lemon Cardamom Cookies
    • Chocolate Fudge Cookies
    • Peanut Butter Cookies
    • Coconut Macaroons
    • Classic Shortbread Cookies

    • Bars and Squares
      • Cardamom Walnut Balls
      • Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars
      • Pumpkin Squares
      • Lemon Bars
      • Chia Seed Coconut Bars

      • Chocolate Cake
      • Lemon Cheese Cake
      • Cinnamon Tea Cake
      • Pumpkin Cake
      • Carrot Cake

      Sweet Muffins
      • Chocolate Muffins
      • Blueberry Muffins
      • Poppy Seed Lemon Muffins
      • Peanut Butter Cacao Muffins
      • Banana Walnut Muffins

      All recipes come with a detailed list of ingredients, number of servings, prep and cooking times, easy to follow step-by-step instructions, and nutritional facts.

      Read on your favorite devices such as Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Android cellular phone, tablet, laptop, or computer with Amazon’s free reading Kindle App.

      Satisfy your cravings!

      Let’s get started! Scroll back up and click the BUY NOW button at the top right side of this page for an immediate download!

    Gourmet Low Carb Fish and Seafood Recipes: Shrimp, Salmon, Cod, Red Snapper Fillet Dishes
    by Laura Sommers
    $0.00, 64 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #16 in Cooking Seafood

    Seafood Recipes!

    Watching your carbohydrates can be easy when you have a cook book like this full of delicious tasty seafood and fish recipes. This cookbook shows you how to cook many different types of seafood and fish including shrimp, snapper, oysters, clams, halibut, tuna, catfish, crab tilapia, lobster and scallops.

    This is the gourmet volume with some of the most recognized and tasty traditional seafood and fish recipes from around the world.

    All these recipes are low carb or no carb recipes that fit perfectly with a healthy low carb diet to help you lose weight, stay slim and feel great!

    The recipes include:

    • Smoky Glazed Halibut
    • Spicy Seared Cod
    • Cod with Salsa
    • Tilapia Bouillabaisse
    • Spiced Lemon Tuna
    • Snapper with Mandarin Salsa
    • Creamy Seafood Casserole
    • Mustard Broiled Sole
    • Seared Cajun Catfish
    • Grilled Salmon with Dill Sauce
    • Sautéed Pecan Encrusted Catfish
    • Gingery Swordfish Steaks
    • Greek Islands Fish Fillets
    • Clams Casino
    • Oysters Rockefeller
    • Maryland Blue Crab Cakes
    • Seafood Au Gratin
    • Shrimp Scampi
    • Shrimp and Cashew Stir-Fry
    • Italian Baked Shrimp
    • Lobster Newburg
    • Bahamas Pollock
    • Tilapia and Mushrooms
    • Stuffed Calamari
    • Calamari in Red Wine Sauce
    • Fried Calamari
    • Calamari Salad
    • Seared Scallops with Jalapeno Vinaigrette
    • Ginger Scallops
    • Firecracker Scallops
    • Scallops Florentine
    • Scallops with White Wine Sauce
    • Bourbon Scallops
    • Mussels in White Wine Sauce
    • Thai Mussels
    • Greek Mussels
    • Lobster Bisque
    • Lobster Newburg
    • Lobster Thermidor
    • Lobster Rolls
    • Lobster Dip
    • Lobster Mornay
    • Stuffed Lobster Tails
    • Thai Barbecue Shrimp
    • Shrimp Tempura
    • Beer Battered Coconut Shrimp
    • Honey Ginger Shrimp
    • Tequila Shrimp
    • Grilled Kung Pao Shrimp

    Healthy High Protein Low Carb Recipes: Seafood - Chicken - Beef
    by Recipe Junkies
    $0.00, 131 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #23 in Low Carb Cooking
    Are you looking for some really delicious, and healthy, high protein, low carb recipes, that are easy to prepare?

    Well, you have found the right page!

    Take a look at what is inside...

    • Angus Spaghetti

    • Sea Bass and Carrots

    • Spicy Squid with Brown Rice Pasta

    • Red Curry Chicken Breast

    • Spicy Shrimp

    • Crispy Chicken Thighs

    • Teriyaki Coconut Chicken

    • Spaghetti Squash and Shrimp

    • Chicken and Spinach

    • Peanut and Coconut Chili Chicken

    • Jackfruit Pork

    • Balsamic Salmon

    • Tilapia and Coconut

    • Beef Shepherds Pie

    • Spinach Coconut Chicken Breast

    • Spicy Pork Chops

    • Chicken Verde Enchiladas

    • Garlic Chicken

    • Teriyaki Salmon

    • Green Beans and Chicken

    • Chicken Meatballs and Teriyaki

    • Chicken Curry

    • Curried Coconut Chicken

    • Sweet & Sour Shrimp

    • Breaded Fish

    KETO CHAFFLE COOKBOOK 2021: 150 easy, healthy, and delicious recipes for weight loss, plus a free "Weight Loss for Women” with other essential cooking ideas that restore your metabolism and burn fat.
    by Sara Nelson
    $0.00, 311 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #3 in Low Fat Diets

    If you want to lost weight in a healthy and delicious way, and find all the recipes for how to cook chaffles, read on

    The keto diet has been popular for a while, which means there are lots of innovators out there coming up with keto-friendly variations of just about every treat imaginable. One of those treats - the chaffle - is a waffle without the grain. In fact, it just uses two ingredients!

    Chaffle is a very versatile food that you can simply match with other food. There are also numerous ways to make it flavorful. Chaffle variations are indeed limitless!

    Pancake-like. Serve it like pancakes by mixing sugar free syrup and keto butter. You can also garnish it with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries or blackberries.

    Chaffle Toast. You can top it with corned tuna, cracked chicken, bacon, sausage… you name it! Feel free to play with the toppings.

    Trying different types of cheese also gives it a distinct flavor. Tickle your palate by putting in pepper jack cheese, cottage cheese, gorgonzola, parmesan cheese, brie, provolone, and ricotta.

    This book includes:

    • Information on the Ketogenic Lifestyle
    • Introduction to Chaffles and Methods of Making Chaffles
    • 10 Most Important Ingredients you Need
    • Breakfast Chaffle Recipes
    • Lunch and Dinner Chaffle Recipes
    • Festive and Savory Chaffle Recipes
    • Over 100 recipes to choose from!

    Free Book includes:

    • Weight Loss Psychology
    • Weight Loss Motivation (Part 1)
    • Weight Loss Motivation (Part 2)
    • Types of Diets
    • Over 100 recipes to choose from!
    • Breakfast Recipes
    • Meat Recipes
    • Vegetarian Recipes
    • Dessert Recipes
    • …And much more !!

    You can be expressive in your ways of eating through your chaffles.

    Even those who aren’t that good in the kitchen will never have a rough time with making chaffles because it is just that easy. 3 ingredients and you can make the most delicious chaffles.

    Anyways there things left to say about chaffles but let’s stop talking about it and start cooking! So, why don’t we get started and learn more about the Keto Chaffles? Press the buy now button and let’s start cooking!!

    $0.00, 171 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #4 in Soup & Stew Cooking

    The Ketogenic diet is a diet that has low carbohydrate content and, in contrast, a much higher content of fat. It is also commonly referred to as the LCHF diet - low carb, high fat.

    In the keto diet, the dietary expectation of you is to make sure your intake of protein-rich foods is appropriate, as this is the very foundation of the diet. There was a time when it was used as a treatment method for many types of ailments and diseases, whereas currently, it has garnered vast amounts of popularity for its effectiveness in weight loss, especially for those who are taking up the keto diet specifically to lose weight.

    All around the world, it is being hailed by experts and specialists as the diet that can change your life with the smallest of alterations made in your dietary habits and lifestyle.

    This cookbook covers:

    ◆ Introduction to Keto Diet

    ◆ Breakfast Recipes

    ◆ Lunch Recipes

    ◆ Dinner Recipes

    ◆ Snacks, Sides and Appetizers Recipes

    ◆ Desserts Recipes

    Normally, what happens in your body is that it burns carbohydrates in order to generate energy for you to function on. While on the keto diet, fats do the job of being the primary source of energy. Any person with a normal diet ends up consuming enormous quantities of carbohydrates, be it as a choice or something they consider to be the general approach to diets. But it is important to note that when carbohydrates are converted into glucose, the vast amounts of carbs turn into outrageous amounts of glucose that are released into your bloodstream, which in turn leads to weight gain.

    This is where the ketogenic diet steps in. The replacement of carbohydrates with fats turns them into ketones. And in turn – ketones become the principal energy source.

    Learn different keto recipes to prepare for everyday cooking. Grab a copy of this book now!

    Accelerate Metabolism & lose weight without hunger Book (5 In 1): Burn fat on the stomach I 16: 8 Intermittent fasting I Low Carb I Tabata I Alkaline diet. Including training and diet plan!
    by Juan Kelly
    $0.00, 246 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #190 in Low Carb Cooking

    to ACCELERATE METABOLISM for men & women!

    Burn fat on the stomach + 16 8 intermittent fasting + low carb + tabata + alkaline diet

    Would you like to lose weight without hunger and also get fitter?
    Are you fed up with yo-yo diets and constant starvation?

    Then our book including effective training & diet plans as well as over 100 recipes is just right for you!


    ★ Many different tips to stimulate your metabolism

    ★ A large selection of effective diet and training plans for beginners, experienced people, for at home and for a six-pack

    ★ Over 100 delicious recipes for 5 2 or 16 8 intermittent fasting, for a low carb & alkaline diet

    ★ Practical instructions for burning fat on the stomach, intermittent fasting and low-carb and alkaline nutrition

    ★ and much, much more!

    The up-and-coming authors DIE FITNESS PROFIS also explain myths about fat burning, introduce you to the trend sport TABATA and tell you how intermittent fasting works. Her guideis also ideal for beginners.

    excerpt from the book

    General Tips To Accelerate Metabolism:

    Drink enough. The best thing is water and unsweetened tea. About 2 liters per day is recommended, but the fluid requirement depends on height, weight and your physical activity. (...). Eat several small meals, which keeps your metabolism constant and active. Irregular eating behavior messes up the metabolism and disturbs it. Eat spicy! Spicy foods that activate the metabolism can be found in our list in the next chapter "Metabolism-activating foods". (...).

    Aerobic and anaerobic training:

    The big difference between anaerobic training and aerobic training is that aerobic training consumes a lot of oxygen when burning carbohydrates. In this way, the energy is gained for further muscle activity. The red muscle fibers help here, because they help you to absorb oxygen. In the case of fast and intensive training units with very high loads, one speaks of anaerobic training - here the body needs more energy. (...).

    No matter if woman or man, this ingenious metabolism guide helps everyone to get their dream body! If you want to lose weight quickly and permanently, you should definitely not miss out on our first-class tips.

    Click on "Buy-Now-1-Click" and secure this useful copy so that you can finally get your metabolism going with methods that really work!

    Newly Free Cookbooks/Keto Kindle Books for 2021-05-06

    Vegan Bar Food: 20+ Delicious Crowd-Pleasing Vegan Recipes (Dumb Vegan Recipes Book 1)
    by Paul Jones
    $0.00, 41 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (269 reviews), #16 in One-Hour Cookbook, Food & Wine Short Reads
    Burgers, buffalo wings, chicken tenders, nachos. These are just a few of the dishes that new vegans dearly miss. Until now, they had to stare jealously at the plates of their meat- and cheese-eating friends.

    Paul Jones, known as the Dumb Vegan, has compiled over 20 recipes in his new book, Vegan Bar Food. He provides easy-to-follow recipes that will show you how easy it is to make vegan versions of your favorite comfort foods.

    These recipes make a great complement to the recipes you will find in classic vegan recipe books like Veganomicon and Thug Kitchen. Here are just a few of the recipes Paul includes in his book:

    • Creamy Vegan Spinach Dip

    • Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

    • Stacked Nachos

    • Tofu Tenders

    • Creamy Mac and “Cheese”


    So buy your copy of Vegan Bar Food today, gather some friends, fire up the game, and enjoy some of the tastiest vegan dishes you’ve ever eaten!

    Vegan: 25 Delicious Vegan Recipes Vegan Cookbook (For those who like Vegan Diet, Vegan Diet for Beginners, Vegan Diet Recipes, Vegan Diet Plan)
    by David C James
    $0.00, 67 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (149 reviews), #20 in Quick & Easy Cooking
    Whether you're a vegan, vegetarian or simply looking to improve your diet ‘Love Vegan’ has summed up all the Mexican favorites and adapted them so vegans can still enjoy authentically delicious food.

    The recipes within ‘Love Vegan’ have been carefully refined to provide you with delicious vegan alternatives to traditional Mexican dishes, without compromising the taste, texture or flavour of these well known favorites.

    Whatever your reasons are for integrating vegan food to your life, Love Vegan will inspire you to cook beautiful authentic and traditional Mexican meals for all occasions, every night of the week.

    All recipes are designed to take no longer than 30 minutes preparation time
    No ‘artificial vegan meat’ or hard to find ingredients. All recipes are made up of ingredients that you would commonly have in your pantry or can easily find at your local supermarket.
    Authentic and traditional dishes which have been carefully refined to not include animal products yet still retain the taste, texture and flavour of your favorites.

    Yonanas: The Complete Guide To Preparing Yonanas Frozen Treats With Quick And Delicious Recipes Enjoy Healthy Desserts With Your Family And Improve Your Vitality
    by Laura Salinas
    $0.00, 108 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #14 in Dessert Baking

    Do you want to enjoy delicious and healthy treats to prepare with the Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker, but you don't know where to begin? If yes, then keep reading!

    Everybody loves frozen treats. Whether it's a soft-serve ice cream cone, an ice cream sundae, or a banana split, it is hard for anybody to resist the temptation of something that is frozen. Unfortunately, these tasty treats may be more harmful than good and can even cause serious health problems.

    This is where Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker can help you.

    Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker is a low-calorie, fat-free, nutrient-rich (made from bananas) frozen treat machine that turns fresh ripe bananas into soft-serve type frozen desserts. It also has a Non-Dairy Frozen option. It is available in stores and online at Amazon and Yonanas' official website.

    Frozen Treats made by Yonanas are healthier because it doesn't have high fructose corn syrup, lactose, artificial colors, artificial flavors, or preservatives. All with only 110 calories and 3 grams of fat per 100 grams of frozen treat!

    So, with the help of Yonanas frozen treat maker, you can enjoy the benefits of fresh banana without the calories and fat.

    This book covers:

    ✓ Health Benefits of Yonanas Dessert

    ✓ Why Choose a Yonanas Frozen Healthy Dessert Maker?

    ✓ How to Use Your Yonanas Frozen Treat Make

    ✓ Getting to Know Your Yonanas Healthy Dessert Maker

    ✓ How to Adjust Recipes for The Yonanas Healthy Dessert Maker?

    ✓ How to Operate Your Yonanas Healthy Dessert Maker?

    ✓ How to Store Your Soft-Serve Dessert?

    Cleaning and Disassembling Your Yonanas Healthy Dessert Maker

    and much more!

    Also included in this book are recipes of frozen treats that you can easily make with your Yonanas Frozen Treat Maker.

    So, click the buy now button and enjoy your frozen treats! ♥

    Vegan Diet For Beginners: Adopting A Vegan Diet For Weight Loss & Good Mental Health! (Vegan For Beginners, Vegan For Dummies Book 1)
    by Katya Johansson
    $0.00, 22 pages, 3.9 out of 5.0 (230 reviews), #6 in Low Fat Cooking

    Thinking Of Going Vegan But Afraid To Make The 1st Step?

    If So, Then "Vegan Diet For Beginners" Is The Right Book For You!

    What's A Vegan Diet?

    A vegan diet means that you eat no animal products containing dairy products. Eradicating what makes up the majority of foods used up in the typical American diet can be extremely overwhelming. My first suggestion is transition in steps and don’t do it all at once. Take a slow start.

    Even if you’re not involved in the vegan diet this book is a great addition to your collection due to the informative section about desires. Ever have those desires for something crispy, or sweet and salty for some chocolate? Well, these needs are described in detail and suggests a healthy alternative that recognizes the vitamin deficiency and the food that would address that desire.

    For instance, have an impulsive desire for chocolate? It means our body might actually be craving magnesium which can be found in seeds, nuts, fruit and Legumes. Are you craving for sweet or sugary foods? Then your body might require carbon, sulfur, phosphorus or chromium. These vitamins are found in fresh fruits and broccoli just to name a few.

    Why You Should Buy This Book

    • This book is the vital book for learning about the benefits of a vegan diet. It will helped you understand the science behind a vegan diet and showed to you that veganism was the way to go.
    • The books explains in simple terms how a vegan diet is the sturdiest tool we have against disease and ailment. It is easy to read and will entirely change how you ponder about food. You’ll be hooked by the Introduction where the book tells you that by simply changing your diet, you can completely avoid heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.
    • It also reexamines the myth about protein and depicts how not only vegans are getting sufficient protein, but that eating a lot of protein actually promotes cancer. This book teaches you how to eat in order to make your health best and longevity, and tells why you haven’t been educated proper diet before. The book lastly looks at the frightening truth as to why there is so much distortion about how we should be eating.

    This is a fantastic Vegan For Beginners Guide. Plain & Simple.

    Here's what you'll find inside this vegan diet guide:


    Why I wrote this book

    Why should you Read this Book

    Chapter 1: What is Veganism?

    Chapter 2: Reasons to Go Vegan Today

    1. Long Life

    2. Slimmer and Smarter

    3. Healthy Planet

    4.  Save Animals

    5. Yummy and Easy

    6. Meat, sometimes disgusting

    7. Dairy as Source of Pus and Blood

    8. Vegan fashion

    9. How Flesh is formed

    10. Save Money

    11. You’re in good company

    12. it’s not a religion

    13. Glowing skin

    Chapter 3: The Do's and Don’ts of a Vegan Lifestyle


    Rely on packaged vegan foods.

    Forget about the protein.

    Just eat raw food.

    Do eat whole plant-based foods

    DON'T load up on vegan junk food

    DO drink plenty of water

    DON'T forget about protein

    Do Veganize Usual Meals

    DON'T forget about ethnic eateries

    Chapter 4: Best Approach for weight loss on a vegan diet

    1. Lower in fat, cholesterol and calories

    2. No Hormones

    3. Vegan Diet Creates Food Awareness

    4. Don’t Count Calories but Eat Real Food

    6. Don’t Replace Meat

    7. Power up with plant based protein powder


    Go ahead & Grab your copy now by scrolling to the top and clicking on the orange "buy now" button!

    30-Minute Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: Healthy and Delicious Recipes to Kickstart Your New Diet
    by Sharon Powell
    $0.00, 72 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #3 in Mediterranean Cooking
    Starting a diet can be challenging and a little confusing at first. Deciding what food types, ingredients, and dishes are healthy and related to your diet can be a tedious and time-consuming task. For those of us who aren’t that well informed about food items that can be good for our body’s health, planning a diet can become very difficult. And when it comes to cooking, not all of us want to do it or are interested in spending hours in the kitchen.

    The Mediterranean countries are known for using healthy ingredients like fruits, vegetables, fish, herbs, and the famous olive oil. Of course, we use olive oil in our skincare and hair care ingredients, but olive oil primarily has several health benefits. Most of the recipes listed in this cookbook use olive oil as their base. This cookbook has been specially made with healthy recipes that can be cooked within half an hour. This is a dream come true for those of us who aren’t that good at cooking. When you try out this diet, you will be sure to see the results in the form of better health, glowing skin, and overall satisfaction with what you’re putting into your body.

    100 RECIPES HEALTHY FOOD: the healthy food (ALL RECIPES)
    by Tima Oligarch
    $0.00, 74 pages, 3.5 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #16 in Salad Cooking
    100 of the easiest and healthiest recipes!
    Healthy nutrition is nutrition that ensures growth, normal development and vital activity of a person, contributing to the strengthening of his health and the prevention of diseases [1]. Eating a healthy diet, combined with regular exercise, can reduce the risk of chronic diseases and disorders such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. Modern science is conducting numerous studies to optimize diet for the prevention of major chronic diseases.

    Bariatric Air Fryer Cookbook: The Complete Guide After Surgery For A Successful Long-Term Weight Loss Maintenance. Tasty & Effortless Fried Recipes to Stay Healthy & Avoid Forever Painful Relapses
    by Shona Foulger
    $0.00, 308 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #1 in American West Cooking

    You’re back from a bariatric operation, and you’re terrified of getting back the weight you so harshly and painfully managed to lose?

    Do you want to go back to eating tasty recipes but in line with the food guidelines, you must follow after an intervention of this type?

    You know that it is up to you to make quality and correct nutritional choices to optimize and maintain the results obtained with bariatric surgery over time.

    It would be a shame to make the operation vain and all the sacrifices you made to make it!

    Bariatric surgery is not only a surgical operation, but it is a real way of life.

    You know that now your life undergoes great changes. After surgery and rehabilitation after bariatric surgery, even the nutritional aspect needs special attention and daily commitment to involve your positive attitude towards the new dietary habits for maintaining weight loss. The new food education is a fundamental aspect for the success of the whole post-bariatric path.

    What would you say if this guide helped you in your new food path by providing you with affordable recipes adapted to your situation to be cooked with your Air Fryer to eat in a tasty, crunchy, and healthy way?

    In this book, you will discover:

    • An Introduction to the Bariatric Diet and how to structure your diet according to your new food education that, followed correctly, will ensure the maintenance of the weight loss achieved.
    • What Foods To Avoid to ensure you stick to the diet correctly, knowing exactly what you can eat to stay well and not gaining fat.
    • An Introduction to Air Fryer to discover all the benefits it can bring to your health, also giving you the chance to eat foods that otherwise you could not even imagine eating.
    • 250 Tasty, Healthy, And Delicious Recipes, divided by category (breakfast, lunch, vegetarian, etc.), for your air fryer to give you the chance to eat healthy and appetizing food at the same time.
    • A Very Useful Meal Plan suitable for a post-bariatric operation patient to help you schedule and organize your meals most properly according to your diet needs.
    • … & Much More!

    Sticking to your new diet program, eating well, and avoid getting fat has never been easier, thanks to the useful tips and information in this guide!

    You don't have to sacrifice taste when trying to eat healthier and shed extra pounds!

    Beyond weight loss, by adopting the healthy eating plan in this Bariatric Air Fryer Cookbook, you can also reduce or eliminate the need for medications and ease conditions such as diabetes, sleep apnea, and high blood pressure.

    Once you hold this book in your hand, you can no longer do without its help for the rest of your life.

    Order Your Copy Now and Start Living a Real Happier and Healthier Life!

    Intermittent Fasting For Women Over 50: A Complete Step by Step guide to Fat Burning. How to Lose Weight Fast by Resetting your Metabolism and Detoxify your Body
    by Camille Goodwin
    $0.00, 179 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #3 in Weight Loss Food Counters


    The more you know, the easier it will be for you to go through the process. Continue Reading You’ll realize that you’re not alone in the issues you’re experiencing.

    This will also help you keep your expectations realistic. When it comes to weight loss, women can be impatient. A few days on a diet and you’re already in front of the mirror looking for changes. Don’t worry; we’ve all been there. If you are a WOMEN over 50, intermittent fasting may be beneficial to you. However, it is not a cure-all.

    INTERMITTENT FASTING ® (IF) is a way of eating where you cycle through periods of eating and fasts for any period from 16 hours to a full day depending on which type of IF strategy. It involves not eating for a period of time and then eating all the calories you need in a specific window. There are so many different ways to do this, but the biggest difference is how long you fast for. The most popular option is the 16/8 fast which involves fasting for 16 hours and eating within an 8-hour window.

    Lowers your insulin levels Fasting gives your body a break from processing food which helps to lower insulin levels and increases insulin sensitivity. Lowering your insulin levels has many health benefits, from lowering cholesterol and improving cell growth and repair. Helps to control your appetite: Fasting can give you a boost of energy which will help you feel full for longer when you do eat. There are also a couple of hormones which are released when you fast; these hormones can help to keep your hunger in check.

    HELPS TO BURN FAT, when your body does not have food to process, it burns stored fat. This is known as ‘ketosis’ which is why you will hear people talking about being in the trenches of ketosis. This will help you to lose weight and keep it off over a longer period of time.

    For females who experience muscle pain after the age of fifty or around it, the intermittent fasting is something profoundly effective. The human growth hormone that is responsible for muscle gain is sped up by the process of intermittent fasting. It is relieving for people who have muscular pain. For females above fifty, arthritis is usually common. The intermittent fasting can help you relieve the pain by enhancing muscle growth along with bone healing.

    This book contains some Recipes and Non Recipes Chapter to help you achieve your GOAL♥♥

    • Myths of intermittent fasting
    • Types of intermittent fasting
    • Breakfast Recipes
    • Lunch Recipes
    • Dinner Recipes

    You know by now that intermittent fasting is a way to lose weight fast; but how fast is fast? Getting the right information from those who have gone through the fast will let you know what to expect, and you’ll be better prepared to deal with the process.

    As the name suggests, it all comes down to how much time you are able to fast for and the amount of calories that you eat while fasting. This is getting interesting right?


    Keto Fat Bombs: 30 Sweet Fat Bomb Recipes and Keto Desserts: Energy Boosting Sweet Keto Fat Bombs Cookbook with Healthy Low-Carb Fat Bomb Cookies and Sugar Free Keto Fat Bombs Snacks (Keto Diet 2)
    by Brendan Fawn
    $0.00, 107 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #6 in Appetizer Cooking

    Boost Your Energy Level with Healthy Sugar Free Sweet Keto Fat Bombs

    Sweet does not always mean unhealthy! Sugar-free sweet keto fat bombs snacks are the perfect alternative to sugary treats. Want something sweet and tasty but still sugar-free? Then you need to start eating sweet fat bombs as a part of your ketogenic (keto) meal plan. The main reason why sweet keto fat bomb recipes are the best solution for you if you want to eat something sweet, but still healthy is that these keto desserts contain only natural sweeteners such as stevia, so there is no need to deprive yourself of delicious sweet things when your goal is to lose weight or simply stay in a good shape.

    For your satisfaction, Keto Fat Bombs Cookbook includes:

    • 30 tasty sweet keto fat bombs snacks
    • Lots of sweet fat bomb recipes and basic ideas how to prepare sweet alternative to sugary snacks keto fat bomb cookies
    • Fast to prepare sweet keto fat bombs food with simple, but still healthy ingredients
    • Sweet fat bomb recipes from this fat bomb book could be used when you are on Paleo, Ketogenic, Low Carb and High Fat Diets
    • Full images and much more

    Always remember! Your health should be your number one priority and the investment in your health is the best gift you can give yourself.

    Please note! Two options of the Paperback are available:

    Black and white version (lower price)

    Full-color edition - Simply press See all formats and editions above the price. Press left from the “Paperback” button.

    The Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Beginners : The Ultimate Guide for Beginners with 1 Week Meal Plan, 150+ Quick and Easy Recipes for Everyone without stress
    by Gloria Smith
    $0.00, 156 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #8 in Healthy Cooking

    Help heal inflammation with this comprehensive guide and cookbook.

    Food is one of the great pleasures in life―and it has the power to help manage your chronic inflammation and pain. The Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Beginners shows you how to fight inflammation naturally with a nutritious diet. You’ll find meal plans and recipes that can treat conditions like arthritis, IBS, and more.

    Set up your kitchen with a few pantry and equipment essentials. Then dive in to the healthy weeklong meal plans and easy-prep recipes, including many options for your slow cooker. The widely varied recipes are flexible and can be adapted to reduce allergens or fit other dietary needs. Take charge of your health by embracing an anti inflammatory diet―and enjoy what you eat every day.

    What are you waiting for? BUY NOW!

    Keto Ninja Foodi Cookbook UK 2021: Deliciously Simple and Easy Keto Recipes for Rapid weight loss Using European Measurements
    by Lisa Hayden
    $0.00, 97 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #38 in European Cooking
    There is nothing like а delicious and comforting home-cooked meals. If you are conscious regarding taste and your health, you want to be sure about the level of quality of your foods. However, in the modern busy lifestyle, it often becomes difficult to maintain this healthy meal habit. The cooking time, nutritional value and also other necessary aspects related to home-cooking makes it very difficult for you to maintain the healthy lifestyle that you have always wanted.
    The good thing is that there exists а solution to prepare home-cooked foods in а minimum amount of time required and along with 90 % nutrient retention. As you have probably guessed it, we are talking about the Ninja Foodi that is а panacea for modern-day cooking challenges
    The Ninja Foodi is revolutionary! You can cook virtually anything in а Multi-cooker - from meats and main courses to rice, potatoes, vegetables of every description, dessert to even yogurt. Better yet, pressure cooking and air frying cooking allows you to prepare foods up to 70% faster, and 75% less fat, on average, than conventional cooking methods do, which means you save energy in addition to your precious time!
    The Ninja Foodi has amazing features: The Frozen to Crispy, in as little as 20 minutes, pressure cook frozen meats to quickly defrost and cook them at the same time. Then drop the crisping lid to give your meal а crispy finish; 360 Meals, Cook proteins, grains, and veggies at the same time to create flavorful, multi-textured meals in one pot; One-Pot Wonders, Elevate your favorite casseroles, stews, chilis, and desserts with а crispy or bubbly layer of your favorite topping. The Ninja Foodi can also be used as an oven, steamer, roaster, dehydrator, and slow cooker
    In this cookbook, you will learn more about the benefits of cooking with Foodi Multi-cooker, different functions, tips, along with а collection of 550 mouth-watering, delicious recipes to prepare using your Multi-cooker Foodi.
    It is my belief that food is medicine, and what you put in your body has а direct impact on your overall quality of life. Let this cookbook be your guide to а healthier chapter in your family’s life, and experience what cooking at home should be like - easy, delicious, & nutritious

    Newly Free Cookbooks/Low Carb Kindle Books for 2021-05-06

    5-Ingredient Recipes: 21 Easy Dinner Ideas with 5 Ingredients or Less
    by Prime Publishing
    $0.00, 35 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (763 reviews), #4 in One-Hour Cookbook, Food & Wine Short Reads
    When preparing a family meal, it's best to let as few ingredients as possible stand between you and the finished product. Save yourself some time and hassle with this collection of easy dinner ideas from the recipe boxes of some of our favorite bloggers. In this free collection of 5-ingredient recipes, you'll find everything from delicious main dishes, to easy sides and delectable desserts. Recipes with 5 ingredients or less not only save you time, but will cut your grocery bill as well!

    Potato Chef: A Potato Cookbook with Over 50 Delicious Potato Recipes; Simple Techniques for Cooking with Potatoes
    by BookSumo Press
    $0.00, 151 pages, 3.9 out of 5.0 (22 reviews), #4 in Vegetable Cooking

    Become a Potato Chef.

    Get your copy of the best and most unique Potato recipes from BookSumo Press!

    Come take a journey with us into the delights of easy cooking. The point of this cookbook and all our cookbooks is to exemplify the effortless nature of cooking simply.

    In this book we focus on delicious and new ways to cook Potatoes. Potato Chef is a complete set of simple but very unique Potato recipes. You will find that even though the recipes are simple, the tastes are quite amazing.

    So will you join us in an adventure of simple cooking?

    Here is a Preview of the delicious Potato recipes you will learn:

    • Easy Potato Soup
    • Vegan Potato Soup
    • Potatoes Cheese Enchiladas
    • Breakfast Enchiladas
    • Healthy Enchiladas
    • Pinto Bean Potato Enchiladas
    • Really Simple Candy Yams
    • Lover’s Yams
    • Dip for Baked Potatoes
    • Pecan and Sweet Potato Casserole
    • Latkes
    • Cranberries and Potatoes
    • Mushroom and Onion Baked Potato
    • Wedges Done Right
    • Zucchini Potatoes
    • Much, much more!

    Again remember these recipes are unique so be ready to try some new things. Also remember that the style of cooking used in this cookbook is effortless. So even though the recipes will be unique and great tasting, creating them will take minimal effort!

    Related Searches: Potato cookbook, Potato recipes, Potato book, easy Potato cookbook, Potato chef, potato diet

    Newly Free Ketogenic diets Kindle Books for 2021-05-06

    The Ketogenic Diet: A detailed beginner's guide to keto
    by Jack Baiesi
    $0.00, 24 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #33 in Ketogenic Diet

    Keto Diet is one of the most followed diets nowadays, and some famous people use it, like the Kardashians and Halle Berry, to name two of them.
    Many people are looking to this way of eating to help them lose weight or improve their health.
    If you are interested in adopting a Keto way of eating, then you may need a few tips to help you stay on track and make the most from your new lifestyle.
    If you are quite new to ketogenic, the content of this book is what you need to know to easily apply the Keto Diet.

    Newly Free Low carb diets Kindle Books for 2021-05-06

    Pegan Diet Cookbook for Beginners: 100 Simple and Delicious Recipes with Pictures to Easily Add Healthy Meals to Your Busy Schedule (Low-Carb, Vegetarian, Vegan, +14-Day Meal Plan for an Quick Start)
    by Nathalie Seaton
    $0.00, 237 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (11 reviews), #1 in Vegetarian Diets

    Vegan and paleo—the best of both worlds.

    With the multitude of diets that claim to help you get healthy and lose weight, it can be hard to know which one to choose. Two stand out over the rest—vegan and paleo. Both have undeniable evidence showing their effectiveness, and both have scientific rationale to back them up. Once you’ve narrowed it down to these two, how can you possibly choose? Wouldn’t it be better to do both?

    The problem is that, at first glance, they seem incompatible. The paleo diet is heavy on meat and animal products, while veganism excludes all of them. What most people don’t realize is that the pegan diet is a seamless way to combine the two.

    The pegan diet uses both diets’ positive principles rather than the restrictions, meaning it allows for the consumption of some meat while limiting whole grains, legumes, and dairy. The result is a focus on the high-protein whole foods that will help you shed pounds and feel great.

    Pegan Diet for Beginners Cookbook is a reference that covers the fundamentals of the pegan diet while giving you a plethora of mouthwatering recipes to choose from. The recipes which are suitable for vegan, vegetarian, or low-carb diets are labeled in the table of contents.

    Inside Pegan Diet for Beginners Cookbook, you will discover:
    • An introduction to the vegan diet, including why plant-based foods are healthier for you

    • An explanation of the paleo diet and why we should look back to the ancient knowledge of our ancestors

    • How the pegan diet combines the two and multiplies the benefits exponentially

    • What you need to stock in your pantry to get started on the pegan diet

    • How to enjoy dining out with friends without compromising your new way of eating

    • Why meal prepping is the best way to stick to your diet, and the step-by-step methods you can use to do it

    • Breakfast and brunch recipes like healthy pancakes and chia nut pudding

    • Plant-based main courses like skillet kale and avocado

    • Vegetarian soups, salads, and snacks to start off your meals and replenish between them

    • Chicken and poultry recipes to up your protein and fill your belly

    • Fish and seafood main courses like coconut and hazelnut haddock

    • Beef and pork dishes to satisfy your red meat cravings

    • A 14-day meal plan for an easy start

    • 100 recipes with pictures of each finished meal

    There’s no need to choose between the diets that appeal to you. The pegan diet is a flexible, easy to follow way of eating that will help you feel better than ever while also dropping pounds and inches. This cookbook is for those who want to go veggie, but can’t live without meat and fish; are always looking for new, healthy recipes that are delicious and easy to make; or are trying to cut back on meat consumption and increase vegetable intake.

    With detailed guidelines and delicious recipes, the Pegan Diet for Beginners Cookbook is everything you need to get started on the paleo-vegan path right now.

    For optimum health, weight loss, and longevity, scroll up and click Pegan Diet for Beginners Cookbook now!

    THE DIABETIC COOKBOOK: A simple and comprehensive guide to losing weight quickly and effectively, with 85 lean and green recipes, Low-Carb
    by ONAROM
    $0.00, 242 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #3 in Low Carb Diets
    Want to find out how to manage diabetes for a healthier, happier life?
    Want to eat healthy and prevent other problems?
    Then read on...

    Unmanaged diabetes can increase the risk of developing heart disease, blindness, amputations and kidney failure. Eating a healthy diet is an important part of improving a diabetic person's health.
    Preventing and managing complications of the disease is the right way to lead a healthy life.
    Eating healthy, exercising and losing weight are key activities in managing diabetes.
    By modifying your diet, consulting with your doctors, staying active and figuring out which medications are right for you, you will be on your way to a happier, healthier lifestyle.
    The "Diabetic Cookbook" is an elementary guide to help you lose weight quickly and effectively, and contains 85 lean, green recipes you can eat to keep you fit.
    Since you curb your carbohydrate intake while on this diet plan with the "Diabetic Cookbook", you will naturally shed fat because carbohydrate is the primary source of energy.
    Therefore, if it is not readily available, the body will find a fat alternative, which means the body will have to break down your fat for energy and continue to burn fat.

    Manage your diabetes and take control of your health with The Diabetic Cookbook.

    Don't hesitate to pick up a copy of The Diabetic Cookbook today!

    The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Keto Lifestyle: 80+ Healthy Awesome Recipes, Low-Carb and Plant-Based Meal Plan for Beginners
    by Susan D.Miller
    $0.00, 216 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Low carb diets
    Are you facing obesity?
    Are you having diabetes with high blood sugar?
    If you want to try on a method to lead yourself to a healthy lifestyle, this book will become your companion!

    Both Keto and Vegan have been shown to impact our health positively, including weight loss and a lower risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and heart attacks. In your hands, you hold the ultimate guide to having meals with plant-based but still nutritional high-fat, low-carb ingredients to take your very first step to stay in ketosis.

    The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Keto Lifestyle shows you:
    - The overview of Keto and Vegan
    - Shopping List to go on Vegan Keto Diet
    - 14-day Meal Plan for Beginners
    - 80+ Healthy Tasty Vegan Keto Recipes

    You’re far from your new ideal lifestyle with just one click with The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Keto Lifestyle!

    Newly Free Health/Keto Kindle Books for 2021-05-06

    Office Worker's Guide to a Sustainable Keto Diet: Reversing the Effects of the Sedentary Lifestyle (for THOSE in a HURRY)
    by Susan Kirk
    $0.00, 41 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #9 in Work-Related Health
    Do you fancy living a healthy lifestyle with the benefits that come with being physically and mentally fit?

    You must have heard of champions who stick to a diet that ends up giving them far more than what they expected to achieve. Sticking to the right diet faithfully can lead to numerous health benefits and will make it possible for an individual to experience a richer, happier, and even more fulfilling life.

    However, the path to achieving success in this area is not easy. This is the reason so many people give up after a few days claiming that a specific diet is too demanding, too hard to keep up with, or does not show the desired results immediately.
    This book is ideal for anyone willing to change his or her life for the better, especially if such an individual is usually stuck in an office all day.

    Here is what you can expect from reading this book:

    Gain a great understanding of the special features of the Ketogenic diet
    Know the foods you should eat while on this diet and those to avoid
    Discover the numerous benefits of the ketogenic diet
    Discover simple diet plans suitable for people working in an office all day and
    Mistakes to avoid to gain the most out of this diet

    "for THOSE in a HURRY ™" is an ebook series that is geared towards you, the busy and inquisitive individual, with the sole purpose of delivering quality information on the topics that matter. Each eBook is carefully written to give you the knowledge and answers you seek so that you don’t have to spend hours on end dissecting all of the information and misinformation out there.

    Intermittent Fasting For Women Over 50 : Discover New Healthier Eating Habits And Recipes That Will Increase Your Longevity, Detox Your Body, And Reset Your Metabolism To Lose Weight
    $0.00, 126 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #4 in Preventive Medicine

    Would you like to lose weight by discovering new healthy habits that will detox your body and increase your longevity?

    If the answer is “YES”, then keep reading…

    After reaching 50, our body starts to go through inevitable changes that lead to weight gain.

    One of the main reasons behind it is the slowdown of our metabolism, which can be inverted by adopting specific eating habits that will speed it up in no-time.

    This is one of the reasons that made me write this book, which is packed with essential information and bits of advice that will show you how to adopt an intermittent fasting habit to lose weight, detox your body, and reset your metabolism, in fact, by reading it you will discover:

    - What Intermittent Fasting Is, so you will know why you should adopt these eating habits, and how it can be beneficial to women over 50 years old

    - The Different Types Of Intermittent Fasting, so you will understand all the differences of the 7 types on this incredible eating habit in order for you to choose the one that suits you the most

    - All The Mistakes That You Need To Avoid, so you can know what errors you need to avoid committing to keep your focus and never stop the weight loss process that you will activate

    - What are the foods that you need to eat and avoid when intermittent fasting, so you will be able to recognize what foods you can and cannot eat to maintain your metabolism working correctly

    - The Best, Tastiest, And Easy To Prepare Intermittent Fasting Recipes, divided into Appetizers, Sides, Snacks, Poultry, Meat, Salads, Soups, Fish, and Seafood Recipes, that will allow you to have plenty of choices when having to decide what to eat to lose weight

    - How To Overcome Down Moments, so you can understand how to cope with bad moments that might happen during this change of eating habits, to never lose focus, and keep your weight loss process going

    - … & Much More!

    So… Are you ready to feel better, lose weight, and become how you always wanted to be?

    Just scroll to the top of the page and click the buy now button to grab your copy right away!

    KETO and Low Carb Cookbook: Burning Fat Made Easy-150 Recipes Finally Conquering Obesity. Lose weight without starving
    by Frank Allen
    $0.00, 158 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #33 in Weight Maintenance Diets

    Do you want to lose weight quickly and easily?
    Some things are impossible. Losing weight is none of them. You just need to understand your fat metabolism and pull together with it. But not at different ends. That is the crucial point.

    So if you have been explained about fat metabolism or energy metabolism, you will understand why most diet concepts do not work, but some do. Once you have internalized this, you no longer need instructions, you will know what to do by yourself. It's actually very simple.

    ✓ Do you want to understand how weight loss works?
    You need to know what the body needs. We no longer eat carbohydrates and turn the sugar tap off the body. Then he has to look for something else. Then it starts with the synthesis of the fat-burning apparatus.

    What exactly happens there is explained in this guide. You will also get delicious recipes for your diet.

    ✓ The content of the book:

    You will learn what ketosis is and how to achieve it.
    You will learn how to lose weight simply and easily without the yo-yo effect.
    You get a large selection of dishes and avoid the constant feeling of hunger
    You will learn why this particular form of diet is called very healthy and what the positive side effects are.
    You will find out who the ketogenic diet is unsuitable for.
    Space for your own notes.

    The recipes include:

    Breakfast recipes
    fish and meat
    Vegetarian recipes
    Low- or no-carb breads and rolls

    ✓ A 14-day plan: a selection of suitable dishes for 2 weeks.

    Newly Free Health/Low Carb Kindle Books for 2021-05-06

    The UK Low Carb Recipe Book For Beginners and Pros: Easy and Delicious Recipes For Sustainable Weight Loss incl. Side Dishes, Desserts and Cheat-Meals
    by Sarah Amber Williams
    $0.00, 112 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #93 in Weight Maintenance Diets

    The UK Low Carb Recipe Book For Beginners and Pros

    Easy and Delicious Recipes For Sustainable Weight Loss

    ♦ incl. Side Dishes, Desserts and Cheat-Meals ♦

    Lose weight and feel great with these delectable and easy recipes. A complete and comprehensive insight into the world of low carb dining, this book will intrigue, inform and invigorate you to test out the delicious and healthy treats. Including a range of meal options from healthy main courses to delightful desserts, you can also learn about how to initiate sustainable weight loss.

    If you have ever been curious about the myriad of health advantages offered by a low carb diet, this is the ideal book for you. Featuring an inspirational array of recipes to tantalise your tastebuds, it also includes a comprehensive section on cheat meals, so you can rest easy that a low carb lifestyle does not mean sacrificing your favourite treats. With more than 50 crowd-pleasing recipes in a variety of genres, you can enjoy these healthy meals yourself or impress your friends and family. They are designed to make low carb living an easy choice.

    From this book you will learn:
    • What it means to eat on a low carb diet.
    • How to sustain an enjoyable low carb lifestyle.
    • The benefits of choosing to start cutting down your carbs and eating healthier.
    • Positive impacts of low carb living on your wellbeing.
    • How to lose weight without denying yourself delicious foods.

    Written with your individual needs in mind, the clear step-by-step format of each recipe makes it ideally suited to both beginners and more experienced cooks. Each recipe comes complete with nutritional information to give you peace of mind when you are on your weight loss journey or if you are committed to attaining better health through an improved diet. Picking up this book may just change your life for the better so don’t wait.

    Buy this book and start your low carb journey today!

    Newly Free Diabetes/Medical Kindle Books for 2021-05-06

    A Brief Collection of Unknown Facts about Vitamins and Minerals: Based on Dozens of Scientific Publications and Long Medical Practice
    by Alexandre Doumenach
    $0.00, 221 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #1 in Osteoporosis

    “The author has created a book firmly documented by scientific publications. It is a short book but extraordinarily rich in facts, facts often shocking and unacceptable. It is an invaluable dose of information about vitamins and minerals.” - Bernard Fontaine MD

    What substances are able to reduce the risk of cancer by up to several dozen percent?
    What substances are extremely important to avoid getting COVID-19?
    Can the risk of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes be significantly reduced?
    What substances support immunity and thanks to them you can get rid of even acute viral and bacterial infections much faster?
    Can osteoporosis be cured?
    Can the risk of heart disease be reduced by several dozen percent?
    What substances can stop the development of multiple sclerosis?
    Can rheumatoid arthritis be cured without steroids?
    Can supposedly incurable diseases like Hashimoto's or Graves' disease be cured?
    Can valve calcification be prevented?

    This book is about that and much more...

    The number of diseases plaguing our society is huge. There are pharmacies at every intersection. More and more people get sick, and sometimes very seriously. Most people die of diseases related to the circulatory system. Cancer is another extremely important problem. We also have a coronavirus that the world is not coping with. In addition, over 100 million adults suffer from diabetes or prediabetes in the US. Most people, including doctors, have no idea of ​​any kind of prevention. How many of us have a family member suffering from cancer or diabetes? Probably many. Is it possible to significantly reduce the risk of developing these and other diseases? Many of the scientific publications on which this book is based indicate just that.

    The information in this book is useful and valuable not only for those who want to take care of their health or regain their health, but also for doctors who want to heal more effectively. The book is based on dozens of scientific publications and long medical practice. Many of these facts are unknown at all. Many of these facts also appear to negate common recommendations. And ignorance of these facts results in the fact that many people get sick and many, unfortunately, die. The book is short but succinct and essential. The aim of the author was to reveal the functions and effects of individual vitamins and minerals in such a way that the book was readable for an ordinary person who is not interested in reading long stories but also a contribution to further investigation for doctors.

    This is not a novel, but a collection of huge amounts of crucial, often hidden facts. Every household should have at least one copy of this book and use the knowledge contained in it to stay healthy.

    About the Author - Alexandre Doumenach

    French, retired medical doctor. On the basis of hundreds of analyzes of medical research and other scientific publications, he decided to reveal this knowledge to the world, knowledge that is often completely unknown even in medical environments.

    Newly Free Diabetes/Sugar-Free recipes Kindle Books for 2021-05-06

    PREDIABETES a Complete Guide 2021: Prevent or Reverse Insulin Resistance and Prediabetes - WAYS TO DETOX TO REVERSE PREDIABETES (Help Yourself Heal Naturally: ... DIABETES TYPE 2 AND DR. SEBI'S CURES)
    $0.00, 127 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (11 reviews), #18 in Diabetic & Sugar-Free Cooking

    What Foods to Avoid If You Are Prediabetic?

    Can Prediabetes Be Cured?

    What Are the Warning Signs of Prediabetes?

    What Supplements Are Good for Prediabetes?

    Eating HEALTHY FOODS, making PHYSICAL ACTIVITY part of your daily routine and staying at a HEALTHY WEIGHT can help bring your blood sugar level back to normal. The same lifestyle changes that can help prevent type 2 diabetes in adults might also help bring children's blood sugar levels back to normal.

    In this book: PREDIABETES a Complete Guide 2021, KARL WHITE will teach you:


    When your doctor tells you that you have prediabetes, you might think there's no reason to take action just yet. Or you might assume that you're definitely going to get diabetes. NOT SO! You do need to take prediabetes seriously, but there's still time to turn things around -- IF YOU START NOW.

    In this book you’ll learn:

    • Pre-Diabetes: When to Worry, And Early Symptoms of Diabetes
    • The 9 Symptoms of Type 1 And Type 2 Diabetes You Need to Know
    • Pre-Diabetes and Body Weight: Even Those Who Are Thin Can Have Diabetes
    • Types of Diabetes
    • Insulin Resistance: Causes and Treatment
    • Prediabetes: The 5 Rules to Stave Off the Onset of Type 2 Diabetes 43
    • The Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Program
    • Is It Appropriate to Use Drugs to Treat Pre- Diabetes?
    • Diabetes Mellitus (Dm) In Children and Adolescents
    • Psychosocial Problems
    • The Role of Physical Activity
    • The Foods to Prefer or Avoid for Those with Prediabetes
    • Diet Example – 7 Days
    • 9 Foods That Lower High Blood Sugar
    • 9 Tricks to Lower the Glycemic Index at The Table and Get Back in Shape

    Start NOW by reading this BOOK!

    Clean Eating Cookbook 1 - 50 Clean Eating Recipes for Wellness, Weight Loss, & Busy Families on the Go! (Clean Eating Cookbook Series)
    by Karla Sutherland
    $0.00, 159 pages, 3.5 out of 5.0 (10 reviews), #7 in Heart Healthy Cooking


    Transform your life by eating clean foods!

    The Clean Eating Cookbook Series is for everyone who seeks health and wellness through a proper a diet.

    This health conscious recipe book delivers a variety of 50 healthy, easy to prepare, and delicious, recipes that promote clean eating for vitality and optimum health!

    There is a little something that everyone can enjoy!

    Take a Look!

    Tomato Parsley Potatoes
    Creamy Wild Rice Chowder
    Vegan Bean Burger
    Swiss Chard with Garbanzo Beans and Couscous
    Garbanzo Curry
    Vegan Polenta Arepas
    Ginger Stir-Fry with Coconut Rice
    Avocado Tacos
    Vegan Style Shepherd’s Pie
    BBQ Tempeh Sandwiches:
    Easy Vegan Pasta with Pine Nuts
    Mediterranean Zucchini
    Pumpkin-Apple Curry with Lentils
    Garlic-Ginger Tofu
    Baked Potato with Lentils
    Vegan Mac and No-Cheese
    Soba Noodles with Spicy Tahini
    Spicy Potato Curry
    Quinoa Chard Pilaf
    Tofu Broccoli Quiche
    Lentil and Veggie Bake
    Grilled Tomato-Balsamic Veggies with Couscous
    Tempeh Fajitas
    Lentil, Kale, and Red Onion Pasta
    Teriyaki Tofu with Pineapple
    Tofu and Red Bell Peppers with Spicy Peanut Sauce
    Toasted Almond and Quinoa Salad
    Vegan Chili
    One-Pot Marrakesh Stew
    Crispy Sesame Tofu and Broccoli
    Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
    Tofu Kebabs with Cilantro Dressing
    Four-Grain Vegan Salad
    Barley with Winter Greens Pesto
    Cajun Style Tempeh Po’ Boy
    Celery Root Soup
    Garbanzo Cakes with Mashed Avocado
    Vegan Paella
    Spicy Quinoa with Edamame
    Avocado Pasta with Blackened Veggies
    Black-eyed Peas with Collard Greens and Turnips
    Vegan Black Bean Quesadillas
    Stuffed Red Bell Pepper
    Couscous with Olives and Sun-dried Tomatoes
    Braised White Beans and Chard
    Miso Soup with Napa Cabbage
    Vegan Chinese Porridge
    Curried Carrot Soup
    Vegan Kofte
    Creamy Vegan Alfredo

    Enjoy these delicious clean eating recipes with the entire family tonight!

    Doctor Sebi Alkaline Recipe Book: 200+ Delicious And Easy To Make Recipes To Detox, Cleanse, And Boost Your Immune System Naturally With Cell Foods. Lose Weight By Fasting While On An Alkaline Diet
    $0.00, 276 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #3 in Diabetic & Sugar-Free Cooking
    Would you like to reprogram your body and start a natural cleansing process that can detox your whole organism without having to give up on juicy and tasteful dishes?


    If the answer is “YES”, then keep reading…

    Dr. Sebi has created a special diet called Alkaline Diet, that reinforces the concept of healthy eating to clean up your organism by eating Alkaline foods, which naturally promote a healthy body weight and lower risk factors for various diseases.

    This recipe book will give you an explanation of Dr. Sebi’s Diet, and will tell you what kind of meals you can easily create directly in your kitchen, to benefit from its incredible healing effects while still letting you taste buds take flight, in fact, in this book you will find:

    - What is Dr. Sebi’s Alkaline Diet, and why you have to choose it to boost your immune system, balance hypertension, and achieve total wellness easily and naturally

    - All the Recommended Steps to change your diet to an Alkaline Diet, to thoroughly know all the proper methods to make your transition from Acidic to Alkaline without even realizing it

    - A Dr. Sebi’s Approved Nutritional Guide and Food List, that will tell you exactly what you can and cannot eat to promote the right healing of your body and always have everything you need ready and organized

    - How the Alkaline Diet can help you Cure Diseases, so you will know how to better your condition through eating the right healthy foods

    - More than 200 Tasty, Quick, and Super Affordable Alkaline Recipes, that you can easily prepare at home not only for lunch and dinner, but for every single meal of the day (including Herbal Infusions, Smoothies and Juices, Desserts, and Holiday Dishes Recipes)

    - Dr. Sebi’s Alkaline Diet Shopping List, to turn your grocery shopping days stress-free, and always know what to buy to avoid spending extra money on unnecessary and unhealthy foods

    - …& Much More!

    Thanks to this Recipe Book you will be able to understand how to always eat correctly in order to stay healthy and balance your weight, without having any kind of difficulty whatsoever while you are doing it.

    You will be able to change your eating habits and always have the possibility to cook super-delicious recipes that you’ve never tried before, that will make you and your family feel better and healthier, so…

    …What are you waiting for? Scroll to the top of the page and click the “BUY NOW” button to start immediately!

    Intermittent Fasting For Women Over 50: An Ultimate Guide For Elder Women To Learn About Intermittent Fasting And Easy Recipes To Cook And Stay Healthy At 50
    by Matilda Savage
    $0.00, 73 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #6 in Diabetic & Sugar-Free Cooking

    Do you know that reduced metabolism, achy muscles along with sleep problems and reduced muscle mass make it more difficult to lose the weight after 50?

    Are you aware that losing belly fat will significantly lower the risk of major health problems including heart attacks, diabetes and cancer?

    Of course, when you get older, the chances of contracting a variety of diseases increase. When it comes to weight loss and reducing the risk of contracting age-related diseases, intermittent fasting for women over fifty can become a virtual fountain of youth in some cases. You won't have to starve yourself if you practice intermittent fasting, also known as IF. Intermittent Fasting allows you to Eat over a set period of time. Fast for twelve to sixteen hours a day and then enjoy regular meals and snacks the majority of the day. Drink zero-calorie beverages like tea, coffee and water. Help lose weight because the short eating window naturally makes them consume less calories

    In this book you will learn about:

    Intermittent fasting and its health benefits for women over 50

    Technique to fast

    Types of Intermittent fasting for women

    Benefits and Potential Risks

    Recipes for intermittent fasting

    Intermittent Fasting significantly facilitates fat loss whilst sparing lean muscle mass, making it a safer choice than actually reducing calories and fat. If you've had trouble losing weight because your diet didn't fit or was too difficult to adhere to, you must read this book and try intermittent fasting and use recipes for most effective and desired results.

    Simply click the buy button and grab a copy for you now

    The Gluten-free and Baking Cookbook: Including nutritional advice, times and practical cooking tips
    by Charles Miller
    $0.00, 141 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #9 in Gluten Free Cooking

    The gluten-free cookbook for beginners, gluten-free cooking and baking. Including nutritional advice, times and practical cooking tips to make gluten-free cooking and baking easier!

    Do you suffer from celiac disease or just want to tolerate cereal products better and do something good for your body? Then this cookbook is just right for you!

    Thanks to this cookbook, you will not only receive 150 gluten-free recipes, but you will also gain extensive knowledge about gluten-free diets!

    But what exactly is behind it? While gluten is not harmful to health, as some nutritionists would like to claim, the human body can benefit from a low-gluten or gluten-free diet.

    Your advantages if you choose this gluten-free cookbook:

    You get 150 healthy gluten-free recipes from 6 recipe categories: breakfast, bread, pizzas & tarte flambée, recipes for cooking & baking, cakes & pies and gluten-free desserts

    You will learn what a gluten-free diet / diet means

    What is Celiac Disease and the Consequences of Celiac Disease ?

    What is gluten ?

    What to look for if you have celiac disease ?

    Where to find gluten everywhere.

    Foods containing gluten

    Gluten free foods

    Gluten-free flours and what they are for

    You will learn the most important things about a gluten-free diet

    How to bake gluten-free bread

    What are the alternatives to gluten?

    And much more!

    The words “gluten-free” or “gluten-free” can be found in increasing numbers in bakeries, in recipes and on products in supermarkets. Avoiding gluten has become something of a trend and is said to be very healthy.

    This cookbook with detailed advice takes you by the hand and explains everything you need to know about gluten: what it is, what it does to our body and why some people avoid gluten completely, be it on a voluntary basis or because it is necessary for health reasons.

    So that after reading this part of the guide you not only know about the adhesive protein gluten, but can also make lasting changes to your diet, you will also find a total of 150 recipes, all of which are easy, delicious and gluten-free!

    The selected recipes can be easily integrated into a stressful everyday work routine by beginners as well as advanced users. Find out today about the advantages and disadvantages of a gluten-free diet and why it can be good for your health and let yourself be inspired by the many delicious recipes!
    Click “Buy Now”! I hope you will enjoy reading and cooking!

    Sugar-free nutrition for beginners: Look and live better with quick and healthy recipes including a 30-day "No Sugar" challenge
    by Frank Allen
    $0.00, 117 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #3 in Gluten Free Cooking

    Sugar-free nutrition for beginners: Look and live better with quick and healthy sugar-free recipes!
    ★ incl. 30 days "No Sugar" challenge ★
    Do you want to inspire your family and friends with your sophisticated recipe ideas?
    Do you need delicious recipes ready to hand for every occasion?
    Do you want to be able to cook healthy but also tasty at the same time?
    Would you like to find out more tips and tricks for cooking?
    The numbers are alarming! We are eating more and more sugar today than ever before! In some cases, this has dreadful effects on our health and well-being. Everyone knows that excessive consumption of sugar can cause massive long-term damage to one's own body. Eating a sugar-free diet does not mean having to do without delicious food and sweets. There are healthy and low-calorie alternatives to harmful household sugar that can be used to prepare extremely tasty dishes. Well-known advantages of this diet are, for example, the minimization of the risk of developing tooth decay, obesity and diabetes. In addition, the sugar-free diet will help to restore the acid-base balance and can, for example, counteract headaches, moods and chronic fatigue.

    This cookbook includes

    What is sugar
    The big change - ultimate tips
    Snacks & Desserts
    30 days "No Sugar" challenge
    This cookbook provides you with valuable, delicious, sugar-free recipes that will make it easier for you as a beginner or advanced user to change your family's eating habits - towards a sugar-free life. That is not all. A team of experts has put together the "No Sugar" nutrition plan that enables you to lose weight in a healthy manner in no time at all. Have fun losing weight without sugar.

    Sugar-free diet Cookbook: 250 delicious recipes for an easy start into a sugar-free life. Including tips and tricks for a life without sugar
    by Jose Torres
    $0.00, 249 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Diabetes/Sugar-Free recipes

    Sugar-free diet
    This book will give you an overview about the negative effects of consuming too much sugar into our body. In addition, it also introduces important sugar alternatives to you. Above all, it gives you valuable tips on how to switch to a sugar-free diet in daily life. Whatsounds like a lot of effort at the beginning will be easier and easier to achieve - especially when you feel that you are more comfortable day by day and that you are becoming more active in your new sugar-free life! We have also put together 250 sugar-free recipes for you to make your start into a sugar-free life more effective.

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