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The Only Clue (The Neema Mystery Series Book 2)
by Pamela Beason
$0.00, 307 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (111 reviews), #5 in Cozy Animal Mystery
Gorillas that communicate in sign language aren’t exactly commonplace, so when Dr. Grace McKenna reluctantly hosts the first open house at her research center, half the town of Evansburg, Washington shows up to gawk. The next morning, Grace discovers that her worst nightmare has come true. All three apes—Gumu, Neema, and baby Kanoni—have vanished, leaving behind only one clue: a huge pool of blood.
Grace is frantic. She hopes the apes have simply escaped into the nearby forests. If the press learns of her gorillas’ disappearance, the county will revoke her permit to keep the apes.
Detective Matthew Finn is sure that a criminal is at work. He risks his job for Grace by agreeing to keep the disappearance secret while doing his best to solve the crime. Has the maniac who murdered Grace’s first gorilla returned? Have Grace’s trusted staff members, who belong to the controversial Animal Rights Union, ‘liberated’ the apes? Or have exotic animal dealers stolen the valuable gorillas to sell on the illegal wildlife market?

The character of Neema, the fictional signing gorilla in this series, is based largely on everything the author has read about Koko, the real signing gorilla, and studies of chimpanzees who have learned sign language.

Dark Secrets and Dead Reckoning, A Red Pine Falls Cozy Mystery (Red Pine Falls Cozy Mysteries Book 3)
by Angela C Blackmoore
$0.00, 126 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (57 reviews), #124 in Women Sleuths (Kindle Store)
Abby is thankful that things have gone back to normal for Red Pine Falls. Her Grandmother is getting married, Becky is remodeling her café, and Gabe has gone from good friend to something much more interesting. What could go wrong? Just because Frank Millerson left town like a bat out of hell probably doesn’t mean anything.

Or does it?

When dangerous men come to town asking questions about Frank and where they can find him, Abby begins to get an inkling that normal for Red Pine Falls is anything but quiet. It just gets worse when bodies start appearing. Can Abby lead her friends through these dark times or will it all end in violence? And what does Senator Clark have to do with it all? Find out by reading Dark Secrets and Dead Reckoning. Book Three in the Red Pine Falls Cozy Mystery series.

(Please note, this book has been re-edited as of September 2017)

Murder On Pointe: A Fiona Quinn Mystery (Fiona Quinn Cozy Mysteries Book 1)
by C.S. McDonald
$0.00, 220 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (25 reviews), #2 in Cozy Animal Mystery
Fiona can't wait to attend the performance of Coppelia at the Benedum Center in Pittsburgh. Her old friend, Silja Ramsay, is dancing the principal role. They have dinner after the show, but when they return Pittsburgh Ballet Theater is down one dancer! Ballerina, Alexis Cartwright, has been found dead in the dressing room.
Is this murder a result of hot tempers among the cast members? Or is it a random act of violence? Will there be more murders? Homicide Detective, Nathan Landry, isn't taking any chances. After finding out Fiona has a strong background in ballet he recruits her to go undercover among the cast of Coppelia.
Can Fiona help catch a killer, or will she be the next victim?

Die Buying (Mall Cop Mysteries Book 1)
by Laura DiSilverio
$0.00, pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (37 reviews), #4 in Cozy Mystery
Emma-Joy Ferris likes mall cop work, even though it's a bit more humdrum than the military policing she did in the army. But there's no time to be bored when someone 'liberates' a 15-foot python from the Herpetology Hut, and a mannequin turns out to be a very real corpse.

The Dog-Eared Diary: A Chrissy the Shih Tzu Mystery
by Diane Wing
$0.00, 172 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (12 reviews), #212 in Cozy Mystery
In this second installment in the series, Chrissy digs up clues to help Autumn solve a historical disappearance and a modern-day murder mystery

Autumn Clarke is getting her life back to normal with the help of her extraordinary shih tzu, Chrissy, when the death of a local philanthropist reveals the man’s dark family secrets, as well as unexpected ties to Autumn. When Chrissy discovers a dog-eared diary in the dead man’s family home, Autumn discovers that things in the Clarke family are not quite as they seem. Can Autumn interpret the hidden clues in the dog-eared diary to crack the most puzzling disappearance in Knollwood history? Are the recent murders connected to the past? Is Chrissy more insightful than Autumn realized?

"I have fallen in love with Chrissy and Autumn and their continuing journey to health while finding themselves in the middle of a murder mystery adventure. My pre-teen daughter and I enjoyed reading The Dog-Eared Diary and then discussing the clues, plot twists, and characters."
--Antoinette Brickhaus, Maryland

"Through the relationship between Autumn and Chrissy, Wing also shows the importance of therapy animals and how much they can help those who need them. Add a sweet romance to the intrigue of the mystery and you've got a book that you won't want to put down."
--Melissa Alvarez, Intuitive, animal communicator and author of Animal Frequency and Llewellyn's Little Book of Spirit Animals

"Diane Wing has created a wonderfully endearing little character in Chrissy the Shih Tzu. It really shines through that the author is a lover of animals and dogs. I can see these books quickly becoming a cherished addition to the cozy mystery genre."
--J. New, author of The Yellow Cottage Vintage Mysteries

Book #2 in the Chrissy the Shih Tzu Mysteries
From Modern History Press

First Edition Murder (A Sandie James Cozy Mystery Book 1)
by Tessa Kelly
$0.00, 250 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (7 reviews), #3 in Cozy Animal Mystery

A summer wedding ends with a bang of the gruesome kind. Caterer Sandie James must turn amateur detective to save her dad from prison.

For Sandie James, fresh out of graduate school with a degree in Literature, employers aren’t exactly lining up. To make ends meet, she works at her sister’s bakery in their cozy little corner of uptown Brooklyn. When a customer asks her to replace her sick wedding caterer at the last minute, Sandie is glad of the extra cash.

The last thing Sandie expects is her dad, an obsessive book collector, crashing the reception to pick a fight with a guest who outbid him on a rare edition of a Raymond Chandler mystery. She is horrified when that guest turns up dead—and her dad is found standing over the body with the murder weapon.

Sandie is convinced her dad has been set up, but proving it is not easy. She must rely on her own wits, and the enthusiastic help of Marlowe, the family’s Springer Spaniel, to save her dad from prison.

As fear and blame spread through their quiet neighborhood, Sandie races to clear her dad's name and find the real killer, before the killer finds her.

Murder is Just the Beginning (A Jake and Emma Mystery Book 1)
by Linda Crowder
$0.00, 177 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (101 reviews), #51 in Cozy Mystery
It’s not every day you find a body on your doorstep! When it happens to Jake and Emma Rand, they are happy to leave it to the police. When a body turns up at historic Fort Caspar, Emma decides it’s time to take matters into her own hands. What follows is a sometimes funny, sometimes frightening but always entertaining chase to catch a killer before the killer catches them.

First book in the Casper Crime Boss trilogy. This is not a cliffhanger. The central mystery is completely resolved, but there may be some detective work still to be done. Formerly released as Too Cute to Kill.

No Easy Solution (Crowley County Series Book 1)
by T. E. Killian
$0.00, 240 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (16 reviews), #234 in Cozy Mystery

How can a pastor and a bar owner come together to fight against all the bad things happening to both of them?

Gil Turner is overeducated and under experienced to take the position as pastor of First Baptist Church as well as being a city slicker. Shortly after he arrives, he discovers that the last pastor fought to close the bars and was forced to leave ... and that the church has been about to split for several years.

Jo Early is the reluctant owner of a heavily mortgaged bar in town, which she inherited along with her fourteen-year old sister when her parents died two years ago.

Now, Gil and Jo are forced to join in a struggle against someone who is threatening them both. Can two so different persons ever be more than friends, especially when Gil's zany mother and her equally zany twin sister come to 'help' them out?

Death by Inferior Design (A Domestic Bliss Mystery series Book 1)
by Leslie Caine
$0.00, 368 pages, 3.9 out of 5.0 (377 reviews), #87 in Women Sleuths (Kindle Store)
A Domestic Bliss Mystery #1

“Sparkles with charm, design lore, and a sleuth with a great mantra. Cozy fans will embrace the Domestic Bliss series.” —Carolyn Hart, Edgar Award-winning author of Letters from Home

“TREND: For killer decorating tips, pick up Death by Inferior Design…advice is woven into this whodunit featuring rival designers as sleuths.” –House and Garden Magazine

“This story is delightful in every way…entertaining, humorous, serious, and totally engrossing from the first page to the last. And sprinkled throughout are tasty decorating tips.” –Midwest Book Review

“Her latest decorating job will make you feel like you’ve stumbled across the deadly side of HGTV.” —Jerrilyn Farmer, #1 Los Angeles Times bestselling author of the Madeline Bean mysteries

Interior decorator, Erin Gilbert heads to picturesque Crestview, Colorado for a friendly (if sharks are friendly) competition: She’ll design a room in one home; and the impossibly handsome Steve Sullivan—her main rival—will do a room in another. The prize? A big feature in Denver Magazine, showcasing their interior design business.

Who could have dreamed the uproar to ensue in a neighborhood full of eccentric homeowners, jealously hidden secrets and a few marriages in need of total makeovers. Trapped together in the midst of chaos, could the charming Steve turn out to be a…friend?

But between her custom, cushy pillows and dramatic drapery, Erin uncovers a very undecorative dead body, too many suspects, and a killer who seems to have designs…on her!

“What a delight! A mystery within a mystery, a winning heroine, a yummy love interest, some laugh-out-loud funny lines…and as if that weren’t enough, some terrifically useful decorating tips.” – Cynthia Baxter, author of Dead Canaries Don’t Sing

<.i>“Leslie Caine deftly merges hate-fueled homicide with household hints in her ‘how-to/whodunit’ mystery.” – Mary Daheim

“[An] appealing heroine and warm, genuinely winning voice.” – Publishers Weekly

“An elegant and witty mystery that satisfies in every way. A sure-fire winner!”—Tamar Myers, author of Statue of Limitations

“A promising debut….Caine writes with a passion that reveals a vision and a sense of style that should attract readers the way HGTV attracts viewers.” – Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

“Caine puts her experience as a certified interior decorator to good use in her debut….If only all professionals had her discerning eye and sense of humor, there’d be fewer crimes against fashion and fiction.” – Peninsula (CA) Press

Jane Carter Historical Cozies Box Set (Books 1-3): Peril at the Pink Lotus, Room Seven, The Missing Groom (Jane Carter Historical Cozy Mysteries)
by Alice Simpson
$0.00, 421 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #16 in Women's Historical Fiction
This box set includes the first three historical cozy mystery novels in the Jane Carter Historical Cozies series.

Book One: Peril at the Pink Lotus

There’s a new dancing act down at the Pink Lotus Theater, but all is not well with the star of the show.

In this first novel of the Jane Carter Mysteries, Jane contends with a vandalized shop, a kidnapping, a huckster who claims he can speak to the dead, a doll with seemingly supernatural powers, and a stolen diamond necklace. What do all these crimes have in common? It’s up to Jane to find out.

Book Two: Sinister Goings On in Room Seven

Jane investigates a series of mysterious disappearances from a small hotel, a stolen houseboat, a bunch of counterfeit paintings, and a jewelry salesman on the lam.

Book Three: The Missing Groom

Jane attends a society wedding, but the groom goes missing just before the ceremony. Is the disappearance a simple case of cold feet, or is something far more sinister afoot.

About the Jane Carter Historical Cozy Mystery Series:

This charming historical cozy mystery series is set in the fictional American city of Greenville during the 1920s and features Jane Carter, a young widow who returns home to live with her father after the tragic death of her journalist husband.

Jane’s father owns a local newspaper and wants Jane to take it over someday, but Jane is adamant that she has no desire to be a reporter. Instead, she turns her talent for writing to concocting melodramatic romances for fly-by-night rags who almost never pay on time.

Jane claims that she's holding out for a millionaire before she marries again, but the only man who makes her heart beat faster is Jack, a reporter on her father's staff. Not only has Jane vowed she will never become a newspaperman herself, she's doubly insistent on never again marrying one.

While trying to turn out enough column inches of overwrought romantic bilge to keep her old car on the road, and herself in shoes, Jane runs into the most extraordinary circumstances. In Jane's madcap world, it's a constant round of kidnappings, curses, stolen jewels, counterfeit paintings, and hidden stashes of gold. There's plenty of crime to go around, but nary a murder.

Accompanying Jane on her adventures is her best friend, Florence. Jane and Flo may get into one perilous situation after another, but they are never damsels in distress, because, as Jane puts it, "A real lady always carries her own pocket knife."

All this getting into harm's way alarms her father's housekeeper, Mrs. Timms. Mrs. Timms believes it's her mission in life to turn motherless Jane into a proper lady, but seeing as Jane has just turned twenty-four, Mrs. Timms considerable efforts appear to have been in vain. However, the housekeeper won't give up trying, just as Jane won't give up on seeing Mrs. Timms and her father center-aisling it to the altar and saying, "I do."

This series is adapted from Mildrid Wirt’s Penny Parker mysteries, which have fallen out of copyright. The author has made extensive alterations and additions to both the characters and plots of the original novels, but readers familiar with Ms. Wirt’s stories will notice many similarities.

These are murderless mysteries. Despite a constant crime wave, there seem to be no murders in the city of Greenville. There may be plenty of peril in the form of kidnappings, heists, and the occasional assault, but nobody ever dies, and justice is always served.

Murder in Menorca: An Abby Tennant Mystery (The Abby Tennant Mysteries Book 1)
by Cat Preston
$0.00, 148 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (6 reviews), #142 in Cozy Mystery
Abigail Tennant and her two teenage sons are enjoying their summer holiday on the beautiful island of Menorca, when Abigail is witness to a murder…of sorts.
With her favourite restauranteur seeking her help, and her growing attraction to Detective McEwan leaving her hot under the collar, Abby seeks the help of her two new friends, Eveline and Jane, to find out who killed the lonely old lady, Mrs Cook.
Abby didn’t expect to find some fantastic friends and a seriously handsome policeman on her way to cracking the crime. But does she find the killer before he escapes the island?
Expect some twists and turns in Murder in Menorca, the first book in the Abby Tennant Cozy Mystery series.

Hazelnuts and Halloween: A Short Cozy Murder Mystery (Pelican Cove Short Story Series Book 1)
by Leena Clover
$0.00, 43 pages, 3.8 out of 5.0 (17 reviews), #2 in One-Hour Literature & Fiction Short Reads
Halloween Celebrations End With a Washed Up CorpsePelican Cove is celebrating Halloween in style. The annual Halloween party at the Boardwalk Cafe brings out the witches and superheroes in full strength. Old timers share Pelican Cove's legends of haunted houses and ghost ships. The unidentified body washed up on the beach, however, dampens the mood the very next morning.
The town hires Jenny to solve the murder. With a town full of people dressed in costumes, Jenny finds it hard to narrow down a suspect.
If you like clean cozy mysteries and books in the Pelican Cove Cozy Mystery Series, you will love this cozy short story that celebrates the spirit of Halloween.
If you are new to Pelican Cove, Hazelnuts and Halloween is a great introduction to the series. If you already love the Pelican Cove cozy mystery series, this is a bite sized installment you can enjoy.
Books in the Pelican Cove Cozy Mystery Series -

Strawberries and Strangers
Cupcakes and Celebrities
Berries and Birthdays
Sprinkles and Skeletons
Waffles and Weekends
Muffins and Mobsters Parfaits and ParamoursTruffles and TroubadoursSundaes and Sinners

Murder, Sonoran Style: An Adventure Calls Mystery
by Kathy McIntosh
$0.00, 257 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #66 in Cozy Mystery

A too-close encounter with murder in the desert forces a guide to become a gumshoe.

When the co-owner of an eco-tour company finds the man he recently fought with dead, stabbed with the guide’s skinning knife, his yearned-for fresh start turns sour.

Gabe Ramsay left his position as a science professor under a shadow, one he swore to keep secret. He escapes to become co-owner of Adventure Calls, an eco-touring company. During a survival test for Gabe and five new guides, he finds the body of the landowner—a hated developer.

Helped by Madrone, the tour company’s captivating chef, Gabe must discover which of the new guides—or Gabe’s new partner--might be a murderer. All had reason to despise the dead man. Can Gabe find the killer before death again stalks the Sonoran desert?

Buy Murder, Sonoran Style to discover death in the heat of the desert.

Southern Fraud Mysteries, Box Set (Books 4-6)
by J. W. Becton
$0.00, 729 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #129 in Cozy Mystery
Moral Hazard (Southern Fraud Mystery 4)
Seven years ago, Julia Jackson made a desperate decision. Now it's coming back to haunt her....

Now that Julia Jackson has completed her quest to identify and bring charges against her sister’s rapist, everything finally seems to be going her way. All she has to do is await his trial and sentencing, and she has a new fraud case and a burgeoning relationship with Mark Vincent to occupy her time.

As usual, her simple fraud case turns out to be much more complicated—and dangerous—than anyone anticipated. That’s nothing she hasn’t dealt with before. But when an anomaly is discovered in the DNA evidence needed to convict the rapist, Julia’s past mistakes may come to light, and she is thrown into a moral dilemma that will define who she is as an investigator and as a person.

Shock Loss (Southern Fraud Mystery 5)
Moving forward is hard, especially when someone wants you dead….

Julia Jackson just can’t get her life together.

After finally succeeding in her quest to bring her sister’s rapist to justice, all Julia’s secrets, including the evidence theft that made it all possible, came to light. She lost her job as an investigator with the Georgia Department of Insurance and her law enforcement officer certification. Worse, many of her previous arrests are now in question, and guilty fraudsters are going free.

When a string of deadly tornadoes rips across the state and someone close to Julia winds up dead, she and her former DOI partner Mark Vincent must team up with Tripp Carver and Helena St. John to solve the murder, find a crucial piece of evidence, and keep themselves alive in the process.

Meanwhile, Julia and Vincent decide to move forward with their tentative romance. But they soon find that moving on is hard, especially when someone wants them dead.

Sunset Clause (Southern Fraud Mystery 6)
All things must come to an end, but will Julia and Vincent survive the final showdown?

With Mark Vincent under investigation for a murder he didn’t commit and Mercer, Georgia, embroiled in a government corruption scandal, Julia Jackson decides it’s time to end the nightmare.

But when the US Attorney’s office takes over their investigation, Julia and Vincent are forced off the case. Sidelined from helping clear Vincent’s name and ending the rampant public corruption in Mercer, Julia and Vincent must find another way to root out the truth.

As their new side investigation heats up, Julia and Vincent’s adversaries start working overtime to hide the truth…by any means necessary.

The six-book Southern Fraud Mystery series blends gripping suspense with humor and a slow-burn romance.

Keeping Secrets & Other Curious Encounters: Cozy Mysteries & Capers
by Cora Buckles
$0.00, 154 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #303 in Cozy Mystery
It started out harmless enough . . . she thought. Her husband traveled a lot, and Faye was bored. So she set up the meetings from the anonymous computer dating board, but never went. That is, she never met, but hovered nearby just to get a look at the man who might be interested in her. It wasn't really cheating, was it? And Lord knows she kept it secret. But that secret has grown and is staring at her now like a little troll that constantly follows her around. When imagination overcomes common sense, is that feeling just the thrill of her fantasy still, or fear from something far more sinister? Maybe someone is following her . . .

Other curious encounters include:
Mallory’s Ghost: When memories become as haunting as a ghost.

Whisper: If you’re going to answer those voices in your head, make sure you do it in a whisper. But when the voices come from other people's minds, what then?

In the Beginning: Weeks overdue and the power of suggestion in the produce aisle—a curious new take on Adam and Eve.

This Won’t Hurt a Bit: Coping when a blind date that goes from bad to worse.

Negative Side Effects: an Ed Lazenby mystery
by Charles Ray
$0.00, 280 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #237 in Cozy Mystery
A pharmaceutical company's pushing a wonder drug that will improve memory. Ed worries about the side effects, and when some of his neighbors start dying after taking the drug, he knows something's terribly wrong, but can he find out what, and stop it before more people die?

Facing the sea (echo Book 323232)
by Ruan Echo
$0.00, 419 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Cozy
“I” graduated from the school and fell into the public, from the small restaurant in the 300 yuan January to the school to the customs... Life is showing the radiation that extends it little by little, “I” also From a young man who is not more involved, he is slowly transformed into an agency oil. Proficiency and smooth walk in various personnel relations, shuttle between all kinds of women, enjoy the pleasure and desire of friendship and even friendship. The famous writer Guo Xiaodong recommended in the order, after the old "Life and Death Customs" Pure "life stream novel". Gray non-ordinary state of life, everyone experiences a mental maturity ceremony: from tomorrow, be a happy person Grooming, chopping, and traveling the world, spring blossoms ......

When The Stranger Came (Novella)
by John Meany
$0.00, 97 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #282 in Cozy Mystery
One night in a small rural town in upstate New York, fifteen-year-old Dylan Hellenbrand, who is home alone, hears the doorbell ring. Upon inspecting the peephole, the wary teenager decides not to answer. The person standing on the porch is wearing a dark jacket with a hood. Something about the mysterious unexpected visitor doesn’t feel right.

A minute later as Dylan tries to pretend that no one is home, he hears, in the backyard, his German shepherd Murray barking and growling fiercely. Then to the adolescent’s horror, he hears the sound of a loud boom, reminiscent of a firecracker exploding. Suddenly the dog squeals like a stuck pig.

Oh no! What just happened? What was Dylan suppose to do now?


Yes. Hide. That was about all he could do. Especially since Dylan had forgotten to lock the back door.

Newly Free Hard-Boiled Kindle Books for 2019-10-18

Trial by Fire: Sizzling Romantic Suspense (All Fired Up Series Book 2)
by Taylor Lee
$0.00, 248 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (92 reviews), #1 in International Law
Praise for Trial by Fire…
Riveting Full Length Sequel to Bestselling Sizzling Romantic Suspense “Playing with Fire”.

“The sexiest, most outrageous hero I’ve read in a long time. Snappy, laugh out loud dialogue, and a Sizzling HOT romance makes this wildly exciting murder mystery a true page-turner.” J. John
“A spellbinding police mystery thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat. Pulse pounding action and steamy romance. A cast of unforgettable characters that will capture your heart.” Action Junkie

•A badass cop flaunts every regulation and finds himself the # 1 suspect in a violent murder
•A vicious killer who makes Hannibal Lecter seem tame
•Two wounded lovers haunted by the past

“A love story so poignant makes you want to cheer for Nate and Erin as they struggle to overcome the ugliness from the past.”RomanceReviews

Love Kaylea Cross's heart pounding romantic military thrillers? Sylvia Day’s and Maya Banks red hot sexy heroes, feisty heroines and high adrenaline action? Fern Michael’s compelling characters? Grab Trial by Fire and prepare to be addicted.

The All Fired Up OMNIBUS Collection, Taylor Lee's Bestselling #1 Hot New Release—the ULTIMATE Sizzling Romantic Suspense collector's edition! INCLUDES Playing With Fire, Trial By Fire and Ring of Fire and the EXCLUSIVE You Light My Fire: Short Story Finale

Ladies of the Night, Taylor Lee’s NEW Sexy Suspense Collection: Sapphire, Book 1; Ruby, Book 2, Topaz Book 3, Diamond, Book 4 . The Ladies are covert agents in a secretive, off the grid security organization. Highly trained fighters, they’re as gorgeous as they are dangerous. The only thing these formidable women are NOT is “ladies.”

The Man in the Arena Series: The Courage to Dare; The Courage to Love; The Courage to Triumph is A tribute to the Teddy Roosevelt quote—The Man in the Arena. Taylor Lee introduces her most challenging and complicated hero yet.

The Red Rock Collection Sexy Romantic Suspense. Bestselling in Romantic Suspense, Military Romance and Mystery Thriller. The Collection INCLUDES: Red Rock Rises, Red Rock’s Revenge, Red Rock’s Redemption: Book 3 PLUS THREE Novellas.

The Dangerous Affairs Collection Sizzling International Intrigue. Best Selling in both Romantic Suspense and Military Romance and Women's Sleuths ! INCLUDES: The Moscow Affair, The Bangkok Affair, The Rio Affair PLUS THREE Novellas.

The Blonde Barracuda OMNIBUS Collection Taylor Lee's Sizzling Hot Romantic Suspense Best Selling Collection. INCLUDES Big Girls Don't Cry, In the Still of the Night and Every Breath You Take plus FOUR additional EXCLUSIVE NOVELLAS

The Grandmaster’s Legacy Collection: If you think Shades of Gray is HOT, snatch up Taylor Lee's "The Grandmaster's Legacy," a four volume Collection of Erotic Historical Suspense. Warning: Intense, Explicit, Steamy HOT!

The Bad Ass Brigade: Bad Guys Beware, The Good Guys Are on the Prowl." A Sampler of Sizzling Romantic Suspense. Cops, Firefighters, Special Ops, Covert Agents, and Bad Ass Poker Players--HOT Men and HOTTER Women kick up a storm--and heat up the sheets in the process.

The Spitting Image (Ed Noon Mystery Book 2)
by Michael Avallone
$0.00, 115 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (8 reviews), #475 in Suspense (Kindle Store)

The Spitting Image

"She was a brunette edition, pocket size, but her binding wasn't what you usually found in bookstores." --Ed Noon, Private Eye

Which one of the very famous and beautiful Wexler twins is trying to kill the other in order to collect the million dollar payoff on the strangest last will and testament of all? Noon is caught between two lovely suspects and various murder attempts to make the will’s weird demands come true. The explosive solution takes place at a burning factory in the Bronx before the stunning showdown in Noon’s office, which he calls the Mouse Auditorium.

Ed Noon Series:

The Adventures of Ed Noon, Private Eye, spanning over 30 novels written between 1953 and 1990. Noon starts out dirt poor with a tiny office in Midtown Manhattan (his “Mouse Auditorium”) but success moves him to better digs, with a lovely secretary (Melissa Mercer) and, eventually, the most important client of all: the President of the United States. The series concludes with a daring turn towards science fiction in the last two novels. Through it all, the wisecracking Noon is consistent: a movie and baseball-obsessed romantic who always fights the good fight. And, more often than not, wins.

Newly Free Private Investigators Kindle Books for 2019-10-18

Through The Night (Windsor Series Book 7)
by Tamsen Schultz
$0.00, 434 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (11 reviews), #897 in Action & Adventure Romance (Kindle Store)
Intrepid. Naomi DeMarco isn’t one to shy away from danger, especially not when her friends’ lives are at stake. But when a mysterious USB drive starts her on a path to find a killer, not even she could imagine the dangers that lay ahead.

Fascinated. There’s no other way to describe how Jay Evens feels when he meets Naomi. He may not be the man she thinks he is, but that isn’t going to stop him from fighting to be by her side as she takes on a killer—not even when the killer proves to be so much more.

Determined. When the killer starts infiltrating the darkest corners of the government’s networks, Naomi and Jay know that more than just a few lives are at stake—because money talks and information is currency, especially when the right information falls into the wrong hands.

The Windsor Seriesc (Free with Kindle Unlimited)

#1 A Tainted Mind
#2 These Sorrows We See
#3 What Echoes Render
#4 The Frailty of Things
#5 An Inarticulate Sea
#6 A Darkness Black
#7 Through The Night
#8 Into The Dawn now available for pre-order

Prequel to the Windsor Series: The Puppeteer

Fire Watch (Jack Widow Book 8)
by Scott Blade
$0.00, 310 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (31 reviews), #1 in Men's Adventure Fiction (Kindle Store)
She's on the run.
He's passing through.
When the Cartels send kill squads after her, only Jack Widow can protect her.

Molly DeGorne is a woman on the run. She is wanted for murdering her abusive husband in a raging fire. Scared, alone, and with no one to trust, she runs to the only place she thinks is safe, her summer post as a fire lookout. Only it may not be as safe as she suspects.

The only hope that she's got is a drifter that she only just met--Jack Widow.

International bestseller Scott Blade fires up the page with thrills, passion, and explosive action in the eighth book in the Jack Widow series.

Fans of Lee Child's Jack Reacher, Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp, and Mark Greaney's Gray Man will enjoy the Jack Widow Action-Thriller Series.

Readers are saying...

★★★★★ An action-packed mystery that will set your pages ablaze!

★★★★★ Fire Watch has to be the best of the series, and that's saying a lot!

A Convenient Death: A Paco O'Reilly novel
by Peter Dunev
$0.00, 222 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #13911 in Private Investigator Mysteries (Books)
For Paco O’Reilly, it started out by needing to help a distraught young man that walked into his bar one night, thinking that his father had murdered his mother, years ago. It was a perfect murder, until Paco O'Reilly started looking into it. As Paco dove into the old case, he encountered deadly connections to the Cartels in Colombia and the Mob. Paco and his assistant, Joey, a paroled money launderer, tried to dodge the dangers the encountered as they dug up the past. What followed is a riveting story of betrayal and intrigue.

The Forbidden Gene (The Ryxin Trilogy Book 2)
by Genesis Cotterell
$0.00, 188 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #193 in Murder
Curtis McCoy, now a fully fledged private investigator, is called on to solve a murder. But when it turns out the murdered woman is just one on a list to be terminated, things start to get serious. What’s more - there's a bounty on each woman’s head.
Following on from the first book of the Ryxin Trilogy, the year is now 2021 and Ryxins have been on Earth for 116 years. They arrived in 1905 bringing with them the cruel laws of King Dymon embedded in their psyches. The last king of the doomed planet ruled that only men were permitted to keep the innate telepathy gene.
Over time, some gladly forgot the stringent laws. After all, there were no women left who had the gene anyway... or were there? The rebel pure-bloods knew there were and wanted the misogynist king’s edict retained on Earth.
But when a Human is accused of murdering his beautiful Ryxin wife, Curtis McCoy is called on to find the real killer. Curtis, half-blood Ryxin, and his assistant, Janux Lennan, also a half-blood, set out on a dangerous journey to uncover the truth.

Hard Light: Infamous: Australian crime fiction noir
by Warren Hately
$0.00, 255 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #28 in Serial Killers
Australian crime fiction with a hi-octane twist.

Mick Flanagan’s just come home from five years off the grid doing shady things in South-East Asia – and already the manure has hit the fan.

The one-time Government spook finds his father dead, his sister’s gay, and his mum’s now with another man.

And there’s old friends who desperately need Flanagan’s help.

So much for staying under the radar.

When a high-profile footballer and a shady druglord get mixed up with a teenage girl blurting all their dirty secrets on Instagram, Flanagan has to get things done the only way he knows how.

The hard way.

If you love Peter Temple, Cliff Hardy, or Jane Harper, you’ll love Hard Light because it’s the perfect mix of detective work meets hardcore revenge thriller. Grab it now.

by Will Decker
$0.00, 319 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #832 in Romantic Suspense (Kindle Store)
The 4th episode in the exciting series of Geo. (Mac) McClain. When Mac is hired by the mob to kidnap a witness in protective custody, his friends begin to question his morality. But Mac has other things on his mind, namely his ongoing relationship with Eddy; the only woman he's ever truly loved. Will his distractions cause him to make deadly errors in judgement, possibly costing both him and Eddy their lives? 100000 words; each of which will keep you on the edge of your seat.

by Will Decker
$0.00, 320 pages, 3.9 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #986 in Romantic Suspense (Kindle Store)
He’s a man in a downward spiral. Unable to climb out of the rum bottle and living on charitable friends, Mac takes on what should have been a simple debt collection job. But what should have been simple quickly escalates into a desperate situation that finds Mac on the run with a beautiful woman and the only known cure for a man-made plague known as TOXIC RAIN. With the chips down and his back to the wall, ex-Army Ranger, ex-homicide detective, George Mac McClain comes out swinging!

NOTICE OF DEATH (The Ryxin Trilogy Book 3)
by Genesis Cotterell
$0.00, 184 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #130 in Murder
When a Ryxin woman's body is found washed up on a beach, a prison inmate believes her friend has been murdered. She asks PI Curtis McCoy and his assistant Janux, to investigate. When they interview several ex-prisoners a complex web of intrigue unfolds. But who is the killer? And what is the motive? A psychological thriller set amidst the harsh discrimination in which Ryxins live. But is this what drives someone to kill? Or are there other more far reaching factors involved?

Doyle's Detective Agency: The Jewellery Case
by Christie Holmes
$0.00, 75 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #5397 in Two-Hour Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Short Reads
Arthur Doyle is the great grandson of the legendary author who once created the world’s most famous – fictional – detective. His whole life, Arthur has been living well off the royalties generated by his grandfather’s works, but now, as the copyrights are expiring and with the onset of digital piracy, he needs to start looking for other means of income.
Confident that he has inherited at least some of his ancestor’s deductive ingenuity, he decides to attempt in real life, what his great grandfather only did on paper: to become a private detective.

In the second case of Doyle’s Detective Agency, Arthur and Mandy are contacted by Jonah Meyer, a Jewish businessman whose grandmother is lying on her deathbed. With the large family gathered in the old matriarch’s mansion, jewellery worth close to half a million Euro has gone missing, and Jonah is convinced that one of his relatives has stolen it. As Arthur and Mandy take on the case, and the first murder suddenly is a fact, the clues unravel events of a most horrifying nature.

Doyle’s Detective Agency is an homage to the traditional detective story – with wit, humor, and adventure, along with a long list of classic elements: an eccentric but ingenious detective, seemingly impossibly odd circumstances, and head-spinning logical deductions that in the end prove all mysteries to be so frightfully obvious, not to say, elementary.
Set in modern day Berlin, a city vibrating from its earth-shaking past of nazi murderers, communist spies, common crooks, and beer drinking bohemia.

This is the second part in the series about "Doyle's Detective Agency".

by Jeffrey Bruff
$0.00, 233 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #387 in Crime Thrillers (Kindle Store)
It started as a favor to a friend. Find his missing adult daughter. But it soon involved corrupt FBI agents,Russians, old school Italian mafia, and Human Trafficking.

Protection 12
by J.T. Whitman
$0.00, 22 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #10 in 45-Minute Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Short Reads
When a man is a target of a ruthless drug lord, Detective Morris reluctantly turns to Chris and Jessica for help. Meanwhile, an old friend of Chris visits and he is more than he want he seems.

Birth of a Duo: A Radha Bose Novel
by Chandrayan Gupta
$0.00, 133 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #313 in Women Sleuths (Kindle Store)
Aditya Gokhale, a cynical, clinically depressed teenager, and Radha Bose, a former soldier who quit to become a private investigator due to PTSD, end up working together. Their first case - to determine whether the death of a television actor's son was a murder or suicide. Will the unlikely partnership flourish, or will it crash and burn? Will Aditya and Radha grow closer through shared pain, or will that very pain ensure their failure?

Newly Free Detectives Kindle Books for 2019-10-18

City of Darkness (City of Mystery Book 1)
by Kim Wright
$0.00, 456 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (244 reviews), #9 in Traditional Detective Mysteries (Kindle Store)
City of Darkness takes place in 1888 London, where Jack the Ripper roams the streets with impunity and Scotland Yard seems helpless to stop him. The science of forensics is in its infancy but a few detectives – Trevor Welles among them – recognize that they are dealing with a different sort of killer, a “modern criminal” who chooses his victims at random. If Jack is to be caught, he won’t be caught with Scotland Yard’s normal methods of deduction for there is no logic to this madness. The question is no longer “Why was the victim killed?” but rather “How was the victim killed?” For the first time in the history of detection, science is trumping deductive reasoning. When a twist of fate puts Trevor in charge of the case, he hastily assembles Scotland Yard’s first forensics team: Davy Mabrey, the first bobby on the scene of the grisliest of the murders, whose working class common sense proves an invaluable asset, Rayley Abrams, a cautious intellectual whose future at the Yard is marginalized due to his Jewish heritage, Tom Bainbridge, a medical student with aristocratic connections and a secret drinking problem, Emma Kelly, sister of the Ripper’s last victim who has a troubled past and a gift for linguistics. and Geraldine Bainbridge, a wealthy and eccentric heiress and Trevor's closest friend. The team finds an unlikely ally in the form of Queen Victoria herself, who takes an unusual level of interest in the Ripper case and secretly funds the unit. But will they stop Jack in time to spare Leanna Bainbridge, the young heiress with whom Trevor has fallen madly and improbably in love? While City of Darkness takes place in London, its sequel, City of Light, will travel to Paris on the eve of the Exposition Universalle, the ultimate World’s Fair which debuted Edison’s phonograph, Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, and the Eiffel Tower The third book, City of Silence, will take place in St. Petersburg where Victoria’s beloved granddaughter Alexandra is on the verge of marrying the young czar Nicolas, much to her grandmother’s dismay. In the fourth book, City of Bells, the team travels to India to defend Geraldine's long-lost lover from a charge of murder and in the fifth, City of Stones, they join forces with none other than Arthur Conan Doyle himself, who returns to his boyhood home of Edinburgh, Scotland when someone begins using hisSherlock Holmes series as the template for real-life crimes. Throughout the series the Scotland Yard forensics team, which serves as a sort of Victorian-era CSI, will circle the world to investigate high-profile cases, most often at the urging of the Queen.

Praise for Kim Wright

"Astute and engrossing, this book is a treat." (Love in Mid Air) ---People

"Engaging....Wright delivers fresh perspective and sympathetic characters few writers can match...She hits it out of the park." ---Publisher's Weekly (Starred Review)

"Sharply written and emotionally accessible" ----Kirkus

"Fascinating...fabulously well-written...Wright offers a nice array of flawed, struggling human characters" ---RT Book Reviews

"Great...extremely refreshing" ---Ladies' Home Journal

"An intense, thoughtful novel" ---- Booklist

"Fresh...achingly honest...Wright gets the details exactly right." ---Bookpage

Hidden Diamonds: Gripping Detective Novel Series (Hannah Starvling Mysteries Book 2)
by Kee Patterbee
$0.00, 262 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (70 reviews), #4 in Friendship Fiction (Kindle Store)
★★★★★Reviewer: Romantic & Fast Paced★★★★★
★★★★★Reviewer: An Action-Packed Read★★★★★

A cryptic call from my friend to meet him during the festival... I arrived at his hotel to find him lying on top of a car... body broken... semi conscience... he whispers to me "Dahlia."

Hannah realizes that now, the planned working vacation with her grandparents, and love interest is in jeopardy. And so is her life.

First, somebody attempted to kill her friend.
Second, another rival is somehow involved.
Third, after encountering several suspects, including a mysterious stranger is not who he claims and seems determined to insert himself into her investigation, she becomes even more convinced of foul play, realizing it was not an accident.
When you mix, diamonds, kidnapping, murder and death along with family, the adventure doesn't disappoint. The second installment of the Hannah Starvling romance mysteries will not disappoint. Patterbee continues with her gift of mixing humor, suspects and detective work.

Scream Blue Murder (Jack Rutherford and Amanda Lacey Book 7)
by Linda Coles
$0.00, 345 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (24 reviews), #1 in Traditional Detective Mysteries (Kindle Store)

Two cold cases are about to turn red hot…

Detective Jack Rutherford’s instincts have only sharpened with age. So when a violent road fatality reminds him of a near-identical crime from 15 years earlier, he digs up the past to investigate both. But with one case already closed, he fears the wrong man still festers behind bars while the real killer roams free…

For Detective Amanda Lacey, family always comes first. But when she unearths a skeleton in her father-in-law’s garden, she has to balance her heart with her desire for justice. And with darkness lurking just beneath the surface, DS Lacey must push her feelings to one side to discover the chilling truth.

As the sins of the past haunt both detectives, will solving the crimes have consequences that echo for the rest of their lives?

Scream Blue Murder is the seventh standalone novel in the compelling Jack Rutherford and Amanda Lacey detective suspense series. If you like crimes featuring ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, then you’ll love Linda Coles’ gripping novel.

The complete series:

The Controller

Hot to Kill

The Hunted

Dark Service

One Last Hit

Hey You, Pretty Face

Scream Blue Murder

Also by Linda Coles

Tin Men

Raffles Stumped (Raffles Book 5)
by Richard Foreman
$0.00, 16 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #7 in 30-Minute Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Short Reads

Raffles, the legendary gentleman thief, returns in a sparkling new short story, first published as part with the longer e-book 'Raffles: Caught Out'.

In this tale, Harry “Bunny” Manders finds himself badly in debt. Bunny must pay off a loan to an unscrupulous moneylender, Alexander “Shylock” Cardinal, or else lose all of his assets, or worse his life. Bunny puts his faith in his best friend to save the day but can even Raffles pull off a job at such short notice – and raise such a large sum of money?

Richard Foreman's Raffles Series has been widely praised:

‘A capital story! Strong characters, sparkling dialogue, a plot with a twist as the gentleman thief plies his trade again. Devotees of the original stories will rejoice at his return: new fans will greet a fresh hero and wait impatiently for more adventures. Raffles, burglar extraordinaire, master cricketer, welcome back to The Albany!’ David Dickinson, author of The Lord Powerscourt Mysteries.

Praise for Raffles: Bowled Over:

'This story is not only a joy because of the wonderful characterizations of Raffles and Bunny, but the rest of the ensemble is both amusing and full of personality. I found myself often laughing with Raffles and cringing with Bunny at the various people they encounter. The casual mention of real people like H.G.Wells, Winston Churchill and the famous sportsman C.B.Fry - here a friend of Raffles - naturally brings authenticity to the story, and you really do feel like you're witnessing history first hand.' Dawn - The Baker Street Babes.

Richard Foreman is a literary consultant and publicist. He cut his teeth in the book trade as a bookseller, before founding Chalke Authors.

Sherlock Holmes and the Dark Prince
by Darlene A. Cypser
$0.00, 15 pages, 3.6 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #84 in Traditional Detective Mysteries (Kindle Store)
A woman comes to Sherlock Holmes with a very delicate matter, a secret that she has carried for many years about a man she called "the Dark Prince."

Newly Free Mystery Kindle Books for 2019-10-18

Shallow Waters: A Port Stirling Mystery
by Kay Jennings
$0.00, 351 pages, 4.9 out of 5.0 (28 reviews), #57 in Police Procedurals (Kindle Store)
A sleepy Oregon coastal village with secrets as dark as its January storms. A new, handsome police chief with his own shadowy past.

The last thing Port Stirling Chief of Police Matt Horning needed on day one of his new job was for the mayor’s daughter to turn up dead - stabbed to death - in a mysterious tunnel on a remote Oregon beach. Horning, escaping professional troubles in Texas, accepts the vacant job in Port Stirling, Oregon, looking for a fresh start in what he thought would be a peaceful coastal town where the far west meets the mighty Pacific Ocean. Nothing much ever happens here…or does it?

The crime doesn't make any sense, and there is no apparent motive for the murder of little Emily Bushnell. She wasn't sexually assaulted, her family is respected in the small community where everyone knows everyone, and there doesn't appear to be a reason for her death. Human bite marks on Emily's body discovered by the medical examiner during the autopsy add an even stranger twist to the puzzling homicide.

With only a ragtag county crime team to assist him, Horning must match wits with a diabolical killer, the likes of which this quiet village has never seen. An aggressive county district attorney with political ambitions, who doesn’t fancy relinquishing the limelight to the new chief of police, makes Horning's job even more difficult. Will Matt be allowed a new beginning in his life, both personally and professionally. or will the forces in play be too many obstacles to overcome?

For one week in the wild and stormy month of January, Horning calls on all of his detective skills to investigate the unlikely murder. As soon as he starts asking questions, Port Stirling begins to unveil its dark underbelly amid stunning revelations.

From the 300-foot bluffs ringing the white-sand pristine beach, to the posh golf resort at odds with the blue-collar town, Chief Horning and his new team work at break-neck speed to uncover the facts. Without a murder weapon and very little physical evidence, will Matt and his new colleagues find the killer before he – or she – strikes again? Will a psychopath ruin Matt Horning’s new life before he can even start it?

In this shocking story set in a beach town not unlike where she grew up, native Oregonian Kay Jennings introduces a thrilling new mystery series set alongside Oregon’s rugged Pacific coast. Shallow Waters combines an intriguing police procedural with a spooky murder mystery, in a remote part of southwest Oregon you aren't likely to forget.

Guilt: A gripping, fast-paced mystery of thrilling, page-turning suspense
by David Taylor Black
$0.00, 354 pages, 4.9 out of 5.0 (24 reviews), #18997 in Suspense (Kindle Store)

“I enjoyed every page of this book.”
Online Book Club

Could you prove your innocence if an entire country believed you were guilty?
Things couldn’t get worse for Dan Harris. The tragic death of his son left his heart and his marriage in ruins. But traveling to the Bahamas to research his next book is far from the relaxing vacation he’d dreamed of. After stumbling upon a dead body, he becomes the prime suspect in the man’s murder.

In the face of a local constable who’s out to get him and no one but a flirtatious librarian on his side, Dan desperately searches for evidence to prove his innocence. But each body added to the killer’s pile only makes the tourist look more and more guilty.

With his marriage on life support and his freedom in peril, can Dan unmask the murderer before he loses everything?

If you like Nelson DeMille with a mix of David Baldacci and pulse-pounding suspense and twists, you’ll love Guilt.

Get your copy today!

Players: A Detectives Seagate and Miner Mystery (Book 7)
by Mike Markel
$0.00, 300 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (47 reviews), #1255 in Literature & Fiction (Kindle Store)
The death of Lake Williams, a former football player at Central Montana State, in his squalid tent in a homeless camp looks to Seagate and Miner like a routine heroin overdose. Soon, however, they discover that someone hired a courier to deliver the uncut heroin, knowing that Lake would shoot up and die instantly. When a second body turns up, and then a third, the evidence points to the head coach and the other leaders of the football program, who appear to be covering up a secret that would destroy the program. When a man comes forward, claiming to have committed numerous felonies on behalf of the program over many years, the detectives don’t know whether he is the killer or merely a decoy in an elaborate misdirection play. In a heart-pounding final confrontation, Seagate and Miner confront the killer--and realize they have walked right into the trap.

Murder By Duplicity (Twin Ponds Mystery Series Book 4)
by B.T. Lord
$0.00, 264 pages, 4.9 out of 5.0 (16 reviews), #303 in Mysteries (Kindle Store)
During the construction of a new hotel, a skeleton is unearthed and all fingers point to Twin Ponds’ Mayor. Ten years before, Bill Barnes and George Peabody waged a vicious battle to be elected mayor. Did a campaign that threatened to destroy his reputation push Bill to do the unthinkable and murder his rival? Or did George’s wife, Bill’s lover for over a decade, kill her husband? Are they both responsible?
As Sheriff Cammie Farnsworth and her staff delve into the 10 year old homicide, they uncover secrets better left hidden. Especially when those secrets cause the murder of another, whose death at first appears unrelated. However, as each layer is peeled back, the newest victim’s secrets reveal a conspiracy of lies, deceit and duplicity that leave this small town wondering if Twin Ponds will ever be the same.

What people are saying about the Twin Ponds Murder Mystery Series:

“Each book gets better and better.”

“Just a suggestion. Don't start reading this at night or you will be up very late.”

“Another 5 star read.”

“Excellent Series. Suspenseful and entertaining.”
- Amazon Reviewers

Come visit Twin Ponds, Maine, where the summers are short, the winters are long, and the darkness we try to hide is unleashed with horrific results.

It Began With a Lie (Secrets of Redemption Book 1)
by PW (Pariza Wacek), Michele
$0.00, 363 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (68 reviews), #2 in Amateur Sleuth Mysteries (Kindle Store)
A gripping psychological thriller with a jaw-dropping twist from the #1 bestselling author of "The Stolen Twin."
2018 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewers' Choice Award First Place Winner for Best Book
2018 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewers' Choice Award Second Place Winner for Best Book Series

A fresh start. That's what Becca hoped the move from New York to Redemption, Wisconsin would be for her troubled family. A way to get her crumbling marriage back on track, and to bond with her difficult 16-year-old stepdaughter.

But instead of a new beginning, Becca is thrust into a mysterious past she barely remembers. A past that includes the complications of interacting with her old teenage crush, Daniel, as well as living in her aunt's old house.

A house with a violent past. A house the locals swear is haunted.

But there's no such thing as ghosts. Right?

So, could there be something even more sinister out to destroy them?

And can Becca discover the truth before it's too late?

I Smell Smoke: The Supernatural Bounty Hunter Files (Book 2 of 10): An Urban Fantasy Shifter Series (The Supernatural Bounty Hunter Series)
by Craig Halloran
$0.00, 201 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (67 reviews), #619 in Werewolf & Shifter Thrillers

No Signs Of Smoke

Sidney thinks she’s getting the hang of things only to find herself at odds once again with her annoying and unappreciative supervisor, Cyrus Tweel. To make matters worse, there’s been no talk about the Black Slate or the whereabouts of Smoke, leaving her in the dark and feeling more isolated than ever. During a stakeout with Cyrus, strange things begin to emerge. Black Suns and oddly familiar children begin to show up. The Drake’s fingerprints seem to be on everything she’s involved with.

˃˃˃ Reunion And Mystery

When Sidney begins to fret her new duties and doubt her peers, Smoke shows up in a suit looking as gorgeous as ever. While Sid is initially captivated, it’s not long before they butt heads over the next Black Slate assignment, a mysterious woman called Night Bird.

˃˃˃ Trouble Close To Home

Timing is everything, but family troubles emerge a day before Christmas Eve when Sidney’s sister, Allison, goes missing and a mysterious stranger shows up at her parents’ home. Reluctantly, she agrees to take Smoke to her parents, but on the way, a semi-truck, owned by Drake, runs them off the road, totalling the Interceptor.

˃˃˃ Will Sid and Smoke get closer or will the wicked powers that be force them apart?

Scroll Up And Grab Your Copy Today!

The Wrong Husband
by B.M. Hardin
$0.00, 266 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (667 reviews), #10 in African American Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Fiction
What's a woman to do when she marries the wrong man?
When the reality is, she should have married her husband's best friend?

Sassi appeared to have it all. A career, two beautiful kids, and an amazing husband to match. Then why was she so unhappy? For Sassi, something had always been missing in her marriage but she'd learned to deal with it. She was unhappy, but she was content. She was unsatisfied, but she was comfortable. And she loved her husband enough to try to see their marriage through to the end. But just because a woman is smiling, that doesn't mean that she's happy. Secrets are only as quiet as they are kept and when secrets from the past start to reveal, she discovers that she may have fallen for the wrong man all along. Things get sticky and soon Sassi finds herself in love with two men. Her husband and his best friend. But the grass isn't always greener on the other side because everyone always has something to hide. Revenge is a dish best served cold and with lies and secrets, and a scoop of betrayal from the start. Sassi will learn the true meaning of "Til' death do us part."

You Will Pay
by Lorena May
$0.00, 171 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (21 reviews), #248 in Women Sleuths (Kindle Store)
A murdered play-girl. A yellow rose. A dead butterfly. And a note with the words ‘You will pay’ zig-zagging across the page.

Jen Cox is a devoted wife, mother and teacher living a routine suburban life. But when an old friend is murdered Jen is plagued with conflicting loyalties; forced to relive the anguish of her past. Struggling to save her family, she must face her demons head-on. Someone out there is after her, and they’re getting closer.

Sergeant Darby Greer sets out to catch a vengeance-bound killer and finds herself in a race against time. A second murder reveals she’s losing that battle! As she delves more deeply into the lives of three young women, long-hidden secrets emerge. Can she piece together the motives, the perversity, the puzzle . . . in time?

A story that explores the dark side of relationships ~ and the wonder of redemption, courage, forgiveness and love.

Facing the Past
by J. J. Cagney
$0.00, 189 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (18 reviews), #784 in Suspense (Kindle Store)

A childhood tragedy. An unsolved murder. In the quest to rewrite her family’s past, Danielle Patterson could lose her future.

After her mother’s sudden death, a Dallas housewife struggles to hold her young family together…especially after Danielle Patterson uncovers a dark secret that shatters her reality. Determined to bring her brother’s killer to justice, Danielle picks up exactly where her late mother left off. All too soon, her reckless pursuit proves Danielle—and her mother—knew the killer.

Facing the Past is a poignant domestic thriller that explores the interplay between relationships and regrets. If you like the lyrical prose of Gayle Forman and the gripping family drama of Marisa de los Santos, then you'll love J. J. Cagney’s captivating novel.

The Girl in White Pajamas (Pajama Trilogy Book 1)
by Chris Birdy
$0.00, 427 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (79 reviews), #828 in Mysteries (Kindle Store)
Bogie McGruder returns to Boston after his brother, a cop, is gunned down on the street. Since the Boston police are investigating the death of one of their own, Bogie believes his trip will be a short condolence visit and a chance to meet his secret love child.
Although Bogie wants to contact his ex-lover, Bailey Hampfield, he’s reluctant to do so since Bailey dumped him four years earlier. Knowing that Bailey had his child after she cut him loose, Bogie thinks it’s time to establish a relationship with the three year old daughter he’s never met. While he considers his options, Bailey gets in touch with him and asks for protection. Someone is trying to kill her.
Bogie doesn’t want to get involved in the BPD investigation into his brother’s death, but he continues to be drawn into it while trying to discover who is attempting to kill Bailey Hampfield. The investigations seem to parallel each other, then intersect and become intertwined. As the story develops, Isabella, a precocious child obsessed with martial arts, slowly becomes the focus.
The underlying theme of this fast-paced mystery is lies. Everyone seems to be running on lies and half truths. The only true character is The Girl in White Pajamas.

Forbidden Night (Forbidden Trilogy Book 2)
by Joanne Lewis
$0.00, 287 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #24 in Historical Mysteries (Kindle Store)
In the second installment of the Forbidden trilogy, it has been four years since attorney Michael Tucker defended Sara Goldstein, the Long Island heiress, against murder charges. Now she is suing him! As Michael comes to terms with his true feelings for Sara, he unwittingly uncovers the truth behind Uncle Charlie’s murder, as well as an unsolved murder from years’ past. By exploring the present and the past, Forbidden Night begins to decipher the mystery of the carousel horses, and answers the question: did Sara really kill Uncle Charlie?

Perfect Pawn (James Maguire Book 1)
by Andrew G. Nelson
$0.00, 397 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (33 reviews), #41 in Kidnapping Crime Fiction

The debut novel in the James Maguire series.

When his H.S. flame disappears from the scene of a one-car accident, retired NYPD detective James Maguire quickly joins the search for the missing woman, but he is soon left questioning why he’s the only one eager to find her. What other dark secrets will his homecoming uncover and just how much of his past can he keep hidden?

From fighting in war-torn countries, to the crime-riddled streets of Brooklyn north, former Navy SEAL, and recently retired NYPD detective, James Maguire, thought he had seen it all.

Now, after a career of sacrifices, he was finally putting the pieces of his life back together. He had started a new career, running his own security threat-assessment firm, and was quite content with his bachelor life, or so he thought. Then he met an alluring businesswoman from Long Island's posh enclave of Southampton. It looked like things were changing in a way he had not thought possible; at least until the morning news reported that his former high school flame had gone missing from a one car accident, in the Adirondack mountains of upstate New York.

Arriving back in his old hometown, to join in the search, Maguire must not only come to terms with the past he left behind, but the fact that no one seems interested in pursuing the woman’s disappearance; especially her husband who is now the sheriff.

As he struggles to piece the clues together, he is drawn deeper into a deadly game where people are as expendable as pawns on a chess board and the only goal is to take down the king; an unwanted crown that Maguire now wears.

WARNING: the James Maguire NYPD series is NOT for the faint of heart! They depict adult situations, language, sexual situations and violence, and delve deep into the darkness of the human heart and mind. Perfect for fans of James Patterson, Lee Child, Michael Connelly and J.D. Robb.

The East Avenue Murders (The Maude Rogers Crime Novels Book 1)
by Linda L. Dunlap
$0.00, 248 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (31 reviews), #182 in Crime Fiction (Kindle Store)
Homicide Detective Maude Rogers tries to serve an arrest warrant on a drug dealer but finds a big surprise waiting behind the door.

Murder and mayhem precede her steps as a psycho directs all the moves, but Maude didn't get old without learning a trick or three. Good police work and a first-rate partner are all she needs to track a violent killer to his lair and put him where he belongs.

Bad habits and sore knees aside, they don't get much tougher or smarter than Maude.

The Caregivers
by J. A. Snow
$0.00, 47 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #14 in 90-Minute Teen & Young Adult Short Reads
J.A.Snow is at her best in this riveting short tale of murder and mayhem.
In only ten thousand words she will have you on the edge of your seat!

The Medici Letters: The Secret Origins of the Renaissance
by Taylor Buck
$0.00, 408 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (111 reviews), #14 in Religious Mysteries (Kindle Store)
A shocking ancient secret.
The origins of western civilization discovered.
The Renaissance—our most fundamental age of technological and artistic advance, was built upon a secret passed down to a banking family in Florence—the Medici.
500 years ago that secret was buried.
Florence, Italy, present day. A trove of letters belonging to the Medici family is discovered underground. Archaeologist Kat Cullen comes across a map that leads her to the Swiss Alps where her partner is murdered and she is left for dead. Kat’s husband, professor and classicist—Jack Cullen, rushes to investigate. He joins with Chester Allen, a scientist from surveillance enterprise TerraTEK Industries, and together they begin to unravel the mystery of the Medici letters in hopes of determining what happened in the Alps. As they dig deeper, Jack stumbles across a secret—the infamous Medici treasure is real. However, word gets out and Jack soon realizes he’s not the only one interested in finding it…a deadly and elusive assassin attempts to seize control, throwing Jack into a series of harrowing escapades—riding horseback through the streets of Siena, discovering clues inside ancient cathedrals, deciphering 500 year-old cryptosystems and navigating an underground labyrinth in order to solve a secret so powerful it could change the world forever.

This fast-paced adventure blends together a modern-day treasure hunt with historic accounts of Lorenzo de’Medici in Renaissance Florence in an international thriller with plenty of dark twists and exciting turns.

A Smidgeon of Ghosts (Madeline Donovan Mysteries Book 6)
by Madison Kent
$0.00, 326 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (27 reviews), #18 in Historical Mysteries (Kindle Store)
Madame Ruby, gypsy fortune teller in the city of Chicago, makes headlines in the Chicago Tribune when she predicts a Halloween murder in the old haunted house in Lincoln Park. She also lays down a challenge for Madeline Donovan to attend a séance on that night and thwart the murderer.

Madeline dismisses the challenge until she receives a note from the sisters who live there asking for her help to rid the house of a troublesome ghost who recently inhabited their home and is causing them much consternation.

The scene is then set for her and her friends to attend an elaborate Halloween gala that is nothing as she imagined and begins her journey to catch a ghost.

Secret Shepherd
by James Osborne
$0.00, 408 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #279 in Suspense (Kindle Store)
A single act of kindness plunges Paul and Anne Winston into jeopardy. After rescuing a gifted youth from an international drug cartel, the gang retaliates with huge rewards for the murders of the young philanthropists and their two small children.

And that’s just the start of their troubles – Paul has discovered the drug boss is having an affair with Anne’s mother. Then things get even worse … police forbid him from telling newly pregnant Anne about her mother’s dalliance, forcing Paul to break a solemn vow.

Blood Wave (A Troy Bodean Tropical Thriller Book 3)
by David F. Berens
$0.00, 350 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (39 reviews), #2 in General Humorous Fiction

An abandoned lighthouse, a missing twin sister, and a deranged tennis pro about to go serial...

Troy Bodean is back and living large on the island of Key Biscayne, Florida and he’s made some new friends: Gino - the LOLA dancing bartender from down at the Sonesta Resort, Mindy Colpiller - the rich twin daughter of Millionaire mogul Jack Colpiller, and his Aussie-wannabe boss, Don.

Life is good until Mindy’s twin sister disappears and won’t answer her phone. Daddy dearest, Jack, is convinced that she’s off on another gypsy road-trip, but Mindy’s not so sure. He hires a quirky, yet effective private investigator to find her, but Mindy thinks Troy can do a better job—so she asks him to help.

Gentleman that he is, Troy says yes. But that's when Mindy goes missing, too. Can Troy save the day and find out what's happened to the Colpiller girls without running afoul of the cops, the private investigator, and everyone else looking for them?

Buy Blood Wave today and don't forget your surfboard for the most dangerous wave yet!

The Mystery Beyond Silence
by Sarah J. Ross
$0.00, 213 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (6 reviews), #1547 in Mysteries (Kindle Store)
It was an honest mistake. She was only taking nature pictures for her landlord. But when she snaps some in the wrong direction, she is quickly embroiled in international espionage, and she and her landlord are off on a cross country game of hide and seek. Would they be able to find the information that would end their troubles, and give them their lives back? Or would friends helping them stay a step ahead pay the price? Hampered by an imposed silence, they have to overcome the challenges of communication and the tension of two individuals being thrown together in tight quarters, coupled with the tension of someone trying to kill them.

Death Takes A Lover: D.S. Billings Victorian Mystery novella
by Olivier Bosman
$0.00, 118 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (11 reviews), #2 in LGBT Mystery
The year is 1888. Detective Sergeant John Billings has been sent to a remote house in the Yorkshire Moors to investigate the suspicious death of Roger Thornton, a young man who seemed to have everything to live for. He gets a frosty reception from the lady of the house and her rag-tag collection of domestic staff who try to put him off the scent, but as Billings delves deeper into their lives, he uncovers hidden passions, bitter rivalries and a truth so dark and sinister, it will shock you to the core.

Fusing Gothic romanticism and fin-de-siecle melodrama, 'Death Takes A Lover' is a chilling entry into a world which some may not want to enter, but if you do, don't say you haven't been warned...



Victorian England – superficially gripped by a tight moral and social code, but behind the façade, seething with repressed desires and deeds best left unspoken. Detective Sergeant John Billings travels to a remote Yorkshire farmhouse to investigate the mysterious death of Roger Thornton, a young man who appears to have had the world at his feet. Billings finds a tight-lipped and obstructive community hiding several dark secrets, and he witnesses an uneasy but sometimes disturbing relationship between ‘upstairs and ‘downstairs’. Originally a stage play, this novel is a mixture of gothic horror and fin-de-siecle decadence.


Death Takes a Lover by Olivier Bosman is a Victorian mystery set against the grim backdrop of the North Yorkshire moors. It follows the investigations of Scotland Yard’s Detective Sergeant Billings into the untimely and unexplained death of Roger Thornton. Mrs Thornton, the victim’s mother, and her household staff are less than happy to accommodate the enquiries of yet another detective, having already dealt with the Yorkshire Constabulary. They are all very keen to see the back of DS Billings, but his determination not to be deterred and to hear everybody’s account of the events preceding the death is a successful tactic, as the horrible truth is slowly unveiled.

The addiction to morphine, the disregard for tidiness, the lack of interest in women and the Victorian setting are similarities which could suggest that DS Billings is a slightly sloppier version of Sherlock Holmes, but Olivier Bosman goes even further by making DS Billings gay. The other characters from Death Takes a Lover are all very believable and skilfully portrayed to stand out on their own: Mrs Thornton as a cold and selfish woman, selfish even when the life of her only adored son is at stake; Martha - the cook - is very abrupt and impatient, even mean; Bella Whitfield (Mrs Thornton’s protégée) - apparently aloof and yet not unobservant nor disinterested; Gracie, the imbecile maid, beyond any help; and the butler - always so accommodating. They are all united by the passions that Roger Thornton raised in them, some darker than others. But if the story and cast might seem just the ordinary Victorian detective story, the ending will shake readers to the core. Imagine the most gruesome harrowing scenes and you cannot be too far off the final chapter (which might not be suitable to all readers). Welcome to lugubrious Victorian Yorkshire in Olivier Bosman style!

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