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Cookies and Scream (Baker Street Cozy Mysteries Book 2)
by CeeCee James
$0.00, 224 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (98 reviews), #1 in Cozy Crafts & Hobbies Mystery
Murder and free recipes! What could go wrong?
Book 2 of 6 in the Baker Street Mysteries- well reviewed for being clean, funny, sweet mysteries.
 Tour guide Georgie Tanner has always encouraged her clients to enjoy the realism of an American Revolutionary War reenactment - but today things got a little too real. When one of the actors doesn't get back up after the battle, the crowd is horrified to find out he's really been shot. Patrick Armstrong, local high school teacher, is dead.

Georgie's old high school friend, Terry Brooks, is arrested for the murder. A man with a young wife and a baby, he seems the least likely suspect. But, with hundreds of people as witnesses, there's no denying he was the one who pulled the trigger.
He begs Georgie for help, and she's determined to do her best. After all, he'd never do something like that, would he?

Her sleuthing skills slowly uncover other possible suspects, but, try as she might, she can't shake the sight of the smoking gun gripped in Terry's hand. And then she uncovers something that terrifies her. Suddenly, Georgie is afraid that she may have just sealed the case against her old friend.

Mine: A Kate Hamilton Mystery (Kate Hamilton Mysteries Book 1)
by Fiona Quinn
$0.00, 160 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (43 reviews), #7 in Domestic Thrillers (Kindle Store)

From USA TODAY BEST SELLING AUTHOR Fiona Quinn - a mystery novella

A sleepy town in southwest Virginia wakes up to a nightmare of untimely deaths.

Not safe at home in Boston, science teacher Kate Hamilton seeks refuge in the small Virginia town where she was born and raised.

Scarborough is no longer the bucolic village that she remembered. Pleasantries are only skin deep as big city issues and the politics of the world roil just under the surface.

A string of untimely deaths has the whole town grieving. Only Kate thinks something nefarious is afoot.

Can Kate convince the local police that coincidences like these are only found in fiction?

Kate is determined to solve the puzzle and save lives, especially her own.

Scroll up, grab your copy, and enjoy!

Machine Menace: Mike & Peter FBI Agents #26 (A Fun CozyMystery )
by Arleen Gabrio
$0.00, 84 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (7 reviews), #107 in Two-Hour Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Short Reads
Strange office equipment is showing up in various places. It’s been said that it’s spy equipment but so far, it hasn’t been proven. The people who don’t want that equipment have been threatened and someone is trying to kill them.
There is proof of corruption but it’s hidden. Mike and Peter are recruited to find that proof and find the men who hid it. It seems one man has disappeared while the other was kidnapped.
Mike starts a ten o’clock at night pow wow group meeting over the hidden microphone. It involves the FBI director who is his boss, another FBI director, the CIA director and all of Carol’s household. They are all trying to piece together the puzzle of the machines and owner of said machines.
Who owns the company that is pushing these spy machines? What are they trying to accomplish?
Mike and Peter run into many roadblocks along with twists and turns as they search for kidnapped victims and the missing evidence that points to the guilty parties.
As usual, things get complicated very fast.
Doc’s clinic gets some emergency cases making a lot of work for Doc. He also gets a very distinguished visitor.
It’s another fun filled mystery at Carol’s house.
This is not a cliffhanger story! It is a complete clean cozy mystery story for all ages. Full of the escapades of Mike and Peter, FBI agents along with their friends who like to have fun.

Gems & Gunshots (The Presley Thurman Mysteries Book 4)
by Laina Turner
$0.00, 158 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (15 reviews), #188 in Cozy Mystery
Presley heads to San Diego to hang out with Cooper and enjoy the great west coast weather. She didn’t expect that while hanging out at the local coffee shop she would be a witness to a robbery and murder at Gemstone’s Unlimited. Much to Cooper’s dismay Presley feels compelled to investigate. She discovers that not only was the store owner a womanizer but also was filing false insurance claims for diamonds that weren’t really stolen. Was that why he was being blackmailed? Was that why someone robbed his store? Presley is determined to find out!

A Berry Deadly Welcome: A Humorous Cozy Mystery (Kylie Berry Mysteries Book 1)
by A.R. Winters
$0.00, 246 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (142 reviews), #2 in Cozy Culinary Mystery

Welcome to Sarah’s Eatery, where the food is to-die-for!

Escaping a dreadful marriage and an angry ex-husband, Kylie Berry moves to the small town of Camden Falls, Kentucky, to run her cousin’s café, Sarah’s Eatery. Only one problem: Kylie can’t cook to save her life, and the longtime chef walks out on Kylie’s first day.

"Winters will have you giggling into your book!"

Answering the call for a new chef, in walks lovely Rachel Summers, a friendly local brownie-addict who immediately gets the job. But when Rachel is found dead a few hours later, all fingers point to Kylie and her killer brownies.

Could Kylie have made a major kitchen blunder and poisoned the woman? Did a bitter former employee tamper with her pantry? Or was there more to Rachel than the kind smile and eager-to-please attitude she sported at the interview?

With the help of the few remaining café regulars, Kylie sets out on a journey to uncover the truth behind who killed Rachel Summers!

This is a laugh-out-loud cozy mystery featuring a strong female protagonist, some unusual friends and family, and a mystery that needs solving! It has no graphic gore, bad language or sex.

Praise for A.R. Winters:

"The perfect balance of being lighthearted, but still a serious page-turning mystery." - Jaycie D,

"A fun cozy mystery with engaging and entertaining characters" - lq,

"A cute light read with a final twist at the end." - Stacey Puleio,

A Secondhand Lie (The Killer Thriller Series Book 2)
by Pamela Crane
$0.00, 97 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (66 reviews), #11 in Amateur Sleuth Mysteries
Sometimes you know things you’re not supposed to know. Things that you can never un-know. Things that will change the course of your life…and the fate of the ones you love.

I found her in our living room, bleeding and close to death, but alive. Barely. Until morning stole her last breath. The media called her killer the “Triangle Terror” … and then forgot about her. But I never forgot—my murdered sister, and an investigation that led to my own resurrection from the dead.

Twenty-two years ago, on a cold February night, Landon Worthington lost his father for the last time. After an armed robbery gone wrong, evidence and witness testimony pointed a shaky finger at Dan Worthington—deadbeat dad and alcoholic husband. But before the dust could settle over the conviction, Landon’s preteen sister, Alexis, is murdered in their home, plunging Landon’s life into further despair.

Two decades and a cold case later, Landon is dogged by guilt over their estranged relationship and decides to confront his incarcerated father-of-the-year about what really happened the night of the robbery. But the years of lies are hard to unravel. And the biggest question of all haunts him: How does everything tie into his sister’s murder?

And so begins Landon’s journey to piece together the puzzle of secrets, lies, and truths that can free his father, avenge his sister, and perhaps save himself.

A short mystery perfect for fans of Robert Dugoni's Third Watch and Dean Koontz's The Neighbor.

Read as a standalone or as the companion book to A Secondhand Life.

Dead in the Garden: A Romantic Cosy Mystery (Grasmere Cottage Mystery Book 1)
by Dahlia Donovan
$0.00, 128 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (39 reviews), #1 in LGBT Mystery
Join bestselling author Dahlia Donovan on a cosy mystery adventure in Grasmere Cottage Mystery book one. With love, wit, and a murder to solve, life for Valor and Bishan is about to get bloomin' complicated in this sweet gay romance.

Dead body in the garden? Check.

Mystery to solve? Check.

Police focused on the wrong person? Not good.

All grown up and graduated, Valor Tarquin Scott, son to Earl and Countess Scott, owns The Ginger’s Bread, a biscuit shop, in Grasmere in the Lake District. The love of his life, Bishan Tamboli, has turned his music studies into a successful career playing with the London Symphony Orchestra. It’s a perfect life with their cat, spending evenings watching Poirot on the television.

The nightmare begins with one dead former schoolmate, leading police to believe Bishan is responsible.

Valor struggles to solve the cryptic puzzles left behind in a race to prove Bishan’s innocence.

He can’t help wondering how far the body count will rise before they manage to stop the killer.

The Silent Bullet
by Arthur Reeve
$0.00, 250 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (25 reviews), #1 in Architecture Drawing & Modelling
Professor Craig Kennedy is a scientist detective at Columbia University similar to Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Thorndyke. He uses his knowledge of chemistry and psychoanalysis to solve cases, and uses exotic (at the time) devices in his work such as lie detectors, gyroscopes, and portable seismographs.

Snow Globes and Secrets (A Read Wine Bookstore Cozy Mystery Book 2)
by Laina Turner
$0.00, 148 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (11 reviews), #159 in Cozy Mystery
Trixie and her friends, Sally and Cora, are excited about the opening of Read Wine their new business venture of a bookstore/wine bar. All is going well until they happen to find a dead body in the shop and that wasn’t part of the business plan. All signs pointed to Berklie since it was her ex-husbands lover who was murdered. Trixie knew Sally hadn’t murdered Sylvia so who did?

Butterfly Boy: An Avery Barks Dog Mystery (Avery Barks Cozy Dog Mysteries Book 1)
by Mary Hiker
$0.00, 69 pages, 3.8 out of 5.0 (192 reviews), #1 in Two-Hour Craft, Hobby & Home Short Reads
Helping out a neighbor can be murder...

Avery Barks dedicates all of her spare time to training search and rescue dogs and helping the animals. That dedication soon lands her unemployed and out of options.

While helping an elderly friend, Avery and her butterfly loving dog, Chevy, find the unthinkable – a dead body. The sleepy North Carolina mountain town she calls home is shocked and shaken to the core.

With her trusty canine companion by her side, Avery must follow the clues and solve the murder mystery before she winds up on the suspect list.

Butterfly Boy is a standalone book in Mary Hiker's popular Avery Barks cozy mystery series. With fun characters, lots of twists and turns, and a lovable dog, it's easy to see why people enjoy these books.

Amazon Reviews About Mary Hiker

"Always enjoy a Mary Hiker story."

"I am a huge dog lover and Mary Hiker's books were fun to read."

"I will be buying more from this author!"

Stillwater Mystery Series, Novels 1-3
by T. E. Killian
$0.00, 649 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #73 in Police Procedurals (Kindle Store)

Suspicious Coincidences

Julie Cantrell finally made detective sergeant, and everything seems to be falling down around her both professionally and personally.

Gary Bradshaw is the new pastor of First Baptist Church and everything seems to be falling down on his head both professionally and personally.

Julie doesn't trust pastors and Gary can't get past her hard-as-nails demeanor.

Julie has to deal with those in the police department who didn't want her to get the promotion, especially the detective that everyone thought would be promoted. Her first week starts out with chaos. A council women's house is burglarized. Julie's ex-husband is filing for custody of their ten-year-old daughter. The church, the one place that Julie promised never to go again, is also burglarized. Assault and murder become part of the overall mix of problems.

Gary encounters problems from the time he arrived at the church. He has to deal with six argumentative deacons, a custodian who won't talk to him and a secretary that seems to know everything about everyone. Gary has to worry about the church burglary. His ten-year-old daughter, confined to a wheelchair, is very unhappy about the move and is making it known to him.

All of these circumstances force Julie and Gary together. But what can they do about it? Can they help each other both professionally and personally? First, they must see each other differently than they did at their first meeting. 

Dangerous Consequences

Carla Sutherland, a judge for 5 years and a prosecutor for 15 years before that, has her life threatened with a bomb. Who could hate her that much to want her dead? They make up a list of men who were recently released from prison. One of them is found dead. Was he the one responsible? 

Forrest Jenkins, high school football coach, is being approached by a drug dealer wanting him to buy performance enhancing drugs for his team. If Forrest doesn't buy them, the dealer is threatening harm to his star quarterback, Carla's son. Can the police catch this sneaky dealer?

Carla does not especially like the football coach. She thinks he is a typical bully jock.

Forrest does not especially like Carla. He thinks she is a typical snob.

Threats to Carla continue then she and Forrest are thrown together when Forrest becomes a target for helping Carla's son. After they are all placed in a safe house, Carla and Forrest are forced to work to together.

Will they be able to resolve their differences long enough to save all their lives? What dangerous consequences will they face?

Subtle Persuasion

Lisa Sherman is teaching at Stillwater High School for one year only. She will get a position in the Phoenix area next year, one way or another. She doesn't like Stillwater or her apartment and can't wait for May to be able to leave both. An older teacher, Marty, tries to persuade her to stay.

Ken Wilson is a county detective trying to make sergeant. Dead bodies keep turning up near the casino. Now he has three murders to solve and the little redhead down the hall from his apartment keeps getting in his way.

Lisa finds out that a former boyfriend from Phoenix, Harlan, is in town, working at the casino and living down the hall from her. He begins to bother her and her roommate, Margie. Lisa decides to ask for advice from Ken who also lives down the hall from her.

Ken finds out that the murders are probably drug related. A new group is coming into the county to take over by killing the old one. He gets information that Harlan Mills is probably involved. Ken's younger brother works at the casino. Is he involved too?

Ken and Lisa start working together to eliminate the threat that Harlan poses to Lisa and Margie. In an attempt to stay safe, the women move in with Marty.

Can they fight off Harlan and the drug organization? Can they work out their differences? Can Ken subtly persuade Lisa to stay in Stillwater?

Murder Of A Working Ghost: A Cozy Mystery to make you dance for joy (The Dancing Detective Series Book 2)
by Robyn Beecroft
$0.00, 246 pages, 3.8 out of 5.0 (13 reviews), #7 in Traditional Detective Mysteries (Kindle Store)
A murdered specter. An unwanted suitor. Malice at the Museum.

Halloween approaches and in the ancient capital of the Fens, Haley Thorpe is working as a costumed actor on a ghost tour. When one of the other 'ghosts' is murdered by a cunning device, suspicion falls on Haley—the only one unobserved at the scene.

If that wasn't enough, Sean, the guy her parents think she should marry, is turning into a regular stalker. She doesn't want to date him. She's not sure she wants to date anyone at all, but does she have a choice?

Can she and Rory—her posh house-mate—figure out the real murderer before she gets arrested? And can someone tell Sean that he's not all that before he starts breaking down the door?


Murder of a Working Ghost is a cozy mystery that will appeal to fans of Jeanne M. Dams' Dorothy Martin Mysteries and Ian Thompson's Murder At The Jolly Jester. Readers who enjoy small town mysteries set in England will love this glimpse at the stranger side of village life, because you don't get much more British than spooky goings on in a cathedral town.

The Archivist (Duntisbourne Hall Book 1)
by LP Fergusson
$0.00, 296 pages, 3.8 out of 5.0 (12 reviews), #15 in General Humorous Fiction
BS Moreton has a perfect life. Archivist to the Earl of Duntisbourne, he is admired by his colleagues for his intellect and steely morality, but when Sam Westbrook arrives from the British Museum to create a new exhibition from a unique hoard of erotic artefacts which have been locked away from public view for over a century, he is appalled, believing the collection will corrupt the minds of the visitors to Duntisbourne Hall. Sam has other worries. Is the collection real, or is it an elaborate eighteenth-century dirty joke? Did Peter the Great actually own a pudenda display tray by Fabergé? And could the eighteenth-century smother box really be in the style of William Kent?

As the new curator digs deeper, BS Moreton’s world begins to unravel, and the secret behind the Dywenydd Collection turns out to be more surprising than anyone could have guessed.

This is the first novel in the Duntisbourne Hall trilogy. The second book, The Golden Hand, is now available and the final book, The Hipkiss Files, is due next year.

Death in White Satin (Al Pennyback Mysteries Book 16)
by Charles Ray
$0.00, 282 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #219 in Cozy Mystery
Al Pennyback is not overly fond of rich people – he firmly believes they are selfish and greedy, and that they have no consideration for those they consider lesser beings. When he’s asked by his friend Quincy Chang to take a client who is the son of the richest man in the state, he has misgivings. He finally decides to take the case, though, when he learns it’s to prove the innocence of the handyman who works for the family, who has been accused of murdering his client’s fiancée.
As Al becomes immersed in the muck and mire of a dysfunctional family’s affairs, he finds little to change his disdain for the privileged classes. His sense of karmic balance is challenged as he encounters the realities of wealth and influence.

Reflux: An Andy Teague Thriller
by Paul Watson
$0.00, 263 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #2 in Human-Computer Interaction (Kindle Store)
When Andy meets his friend for a drink in a London bar, he enjoys a break from the mundanity of his life.
A robbery outside the bar starts a train of events that cause Andy to crave the mundane. A mysterious organisation kidnaps his son, Max, with no obvious motive. Andy embarks on a journey to find his son aided by a secret helper with vast financial and technological resources.
Where is Max and what do the kidnappers want with him?

The Golden Hand (Duntisbourne Hall Book 2)
by LP Fergusson
$0.00, 296 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #13 in General Humorous Fiction
As the summer season gets into full swing at Duntisbourne Hall, it looks as if love is in the air again for Max Black but life is getting complicated. His daughter, Charlotte, has decided to spend the summer with her father and the arrival of Hector Schofield, an author on a mission to find Lord Rochester’s famous monkey, threatens Max’s future happiness.

When a momentuous discovery at the Hall propels Hector from confidante to suitor, Max thinks things couldn’t get much worse until a mindless prank by one of the students puts him, his daughter and his colleagues in danger of losing everything they hold dear.

The first novel in the Duntisbourne Hall trilogy, 'The Archivist', was published in June 2012 and is available in both Kindle and paperback format. This is the second novel in the series. (NB: It is not necessary to have read the first book in the series as, although many of the characters make a reappearance, the story stands alone without any prior knowledge of 'The Archivist'.) The third and final volume, 'The Hipkiss File', is due next year.

Hyde Park Heist (Piccadilly Ladies Club Mysteries Book 1)
by Bettie Jane
$0.00, 162 pages, 3.6 out of 5.0 (10 reviews), #2 in Historical Mysteries
A city recovering from war. A generation of lost youth. An elite women’s group determined to find their place in the world.

Welcome to Piccadilly Ladies Club.

Julia Barlow is an elite member of this all-female club for writers, illustrators, and daughters of accomplished gentleman. She is caught between her desire to prove herself as a respectable journalist in male-dominated 1920’s London and a carefree existence as one of the Bright Young People living life on her terms.

When a scavenger hunt at Hyde Park goes badly and her dear friend Jimmie is accused of a heinous crime, Julia finds herself and her friends in the middle of a high-society scandal that could destroy their charmed way of life. Can she clear Jimmie’s name or will her stubborn determination to find her place in the world get her and her friends into even more trouble?

Hyde Park Heist is the first book in Piccadilly Ladies Club Mysteries. Join Julia and her best friend Edith on rowdy treasure hunts, at exclusive, often garish house parties, and at speakeasies and jazz clubs where they dance and drink the nights away, challenging the standards of their birthright at every turn.

Karma's A Cruel Thing: Book Six: The Blackfriar Cozy Mysteries
by M'Lissa Moorecroft
$0.00, 241 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #3 in Action & Adventure Short Stories (Kindle Store)
Adultery. Blackmail. Retribution.

Stanley Cosgrove blackmailed a couple of residents of The Blackfriar Apartment Building. He'd been caught and convicted, sent to prison.

Stanley decided he deserved parole before he'd even applied for it. He headed straight back to Black Rock and the Blackfriar Apartments. This time, robbery was on his mind.

A few days later, his body was discovered, battered and bloody.

Yeah, Karma can be cruel, eh Stanley?

If you like mysteries well-paced with great characters and a touch of romance, you're going to love Karma Can Be Cruel, the sixth book in M'Lissa Moorecroft's mystery series set in a small coastal town north of San Francisco.

Go to the Buy Button to meet your old friends again and make some new ones.

The Mona Marple Starter Library: Two Cozy Mysteries In One: Once Upon a Crime and The Ghosts of Mystic Springs
by Mona Marple
$0.00, 374 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #8 in Cozy Mystery

Two cozy mystery books in one!

Enjoy Mona Marple's first-in-series books with this starter library.

Once Upon a Crime:

If Sandy can't solve her rival's murder, it's more than her buns on the line…

Sandy Shaw enjoys her reign as the sole baker and bookseller in the sleepy village of Waterfell Tweed.

But when Reginald, the local eccentric, announces plans to open a competing shop across the square, she fails to hide her frustration. As she formulates her plan of attack, Reginald goes from being the town weirdo to serving as the town corpse…

Thrust into the middle of a murder investigation as the prime suspect, Sandy must go from selling buns to solving crimes in a hurry. With no one to save her biscuits but herself, she puts down her rolling pin and gets to work. If she fails to find the murderer in time, she'll be serving a whole lot more than tea and jam.

Once Upon a Crime is the first book in the Waterfell Tweed Cozy Mystery Series. If you like quirky characters, suspenseful whodunnits, and small-town settings, you'll love Mona Marple's quaint and cozy series starter.


The Ghosts of Mystic Springs:

Why be normal when you can be paranormal?

Welcome to Mystic Springs, where things definitely go bump in the night.

As the town’s medium, Connie Winters is the only person who can see the ghosts who call Mystic Springs home.

When young temptress Lola is killed, the dead Mayor and the dead Sheriff are determined to investigate.

Since they’ve never been replaced with live counterparts, they’d better get on with it. But they need Connie’s help. And if Connie’s helping, her sister Sage is going to get involved too - she’s beautiful, slim, and twenty years dead.

Connie must battle her own inner demons in order to believe she’s capable of succeeding. But she has no idea what she’s up against, because when your life has been destroyed, you have nothing left to lose.

What are you waiting for? Scroll up and order this Starter Library now to discover why readers around the world are falling in love with Mona Marple's cozy worlds.

Devil in the Details: (A Sexy, Paranormal Male/Male Detective Story)
by T. L. Dasha
$0.00, 114 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #18 in LGBT Mystery
What is your soul worth? Money? Fame? Success? Freedom? A donut?

When Franz accidentally started a career as a Private Investigator, he thought he'd solve a few crimes and make a few bucks. But when a suicide case leads him into a contract (And a passionate kiss) with the Devil, he finds himself with some unexpected, and perhaps unwanted, new powers.

Lucian, the Devil's incarnate, can't help but be drawn to the young detective. Their chance encounter quickly snowballs into an unlikely partnership as Lucian takes Franz under his wing and teaches him how to control his abilities. Lucian knows he'll never have Franz's soul, but that doesn't stop him from trying to claim his heart!

Duntisbourne Hall (2 Book Series)
by LP Fergusson
$0.00, pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Cozy
From Book 1: BS Moreton has a perfect life. Archivist to the Earl of Duntisbourne, he is admired by his colleagues for his intellect and steely morality, but when Sam Westbrook arrives from the British Museum to create a new exhibition from a unique hoard of erotic artefacts which have been locked away from public view for over a century, he is appalled, believing the collection will corrupt the minds of the visitors to Duntisbourne Hall. Sam has other worries. Is the collection real, or is it an elaborate eighteenth-century dirty joke? Did Peter the Great actually own a pudenda display tray by Fabergé? And could the eighteenth-century smother box really be in the style of William Kent?

As the new curator digs deeper, BS Moreton’s world begins to unravel, and the secret behind the Dywenydd Collection turns out to be more surprising than anyone could have guessed.

This is the first novel in the Duntisbourne Hall trilogy. The second book, The Golden Hand, is now available and the final book, The Hipkiss Files, is due next year.

Sinnin' Buns: A Gramma's Off Her Rocker Cozy Mystery
by Lissa Knowles
$0.00, 171 pages, 2.7 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #9 in Cozy Crafts & Hobbies Mystery
Royalty is coming to The Hollow and Jane has her hands full. There are lots of secrets hidden inside the castle walls, but what turns up under a birdbath surprises everyone.

Could this be what the Russian billionaire, Prince Engelychev is looking for?

Secret meetings between an Archbishop representing the ‘Old Believers’ of the Russian Orthodox church, and a Cardinal sent from Rome only deepen the mystery. When the Archbishop is found dead minutes after a zip-lining encounter with Jane that ended with him buried in bushes, things could come to a fiery conclusion.

Jane and her gaggle of grandmothers have their work cut out for them as they rev up their rockers to find the truth behind some very sinful activities that had their start nearly 50 years earlier.

Newly Free Hard-Boiled Kindle Books for 2019-04-23

An Eye for Death (Blue Eyes Book 1)
by Glenn Trust
$0.00, 199 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (18 reviews), #41 in Hard-Boiled Mysteries

Her blue eyes were luminous. They saved her life... for a while.

Four people begin a journey. It will lead them to a deadly meeting on a country road beside an Iowa cornfield. Along the way, a mystery unravels through twists and turns that have you wondering who the "good guys and bad guys" are. The final encounter leaves no doubt that things are not always as they appear.

The first book in the Blue Eyes Series, 'An Eye for Death' is a hard-boiled, suspenseful thriller that takes the reader on a winding journey and a look into human nature. The ending will leave you wondering about the second book in the series, 'A Desert View' and the others that have followed.

From bestselling author, Glenn Trust (The Hunters Series, Mojave Sun, Dying Embers) An Eye for Death introduces a whole new set of characters and stories sure to keep you turning pages.

Scroll up and pick up your copy of An Eye for Death today!

Eye for Revenge
by Cheryl Bradshaw
$0.00, 384 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (189 reviews), #1 in Financial Thrillers (Kindle Store)
Quinn Montgomery has lost the will to live.

She wakes to find herself in the hospital. Her childhood best friend Evie has been murdered, and Evie's four-year-old son witnessed it all. Traumatized over what he saw, he hasn't spoken. And when Evie's cold-blooded killer goes into hiding, Quinn isn't only out for justice, she's out for revenge.

If you enjoy a fast-paced mystery full of twists and turns, you'll love Eye for Revenge, written by a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author.  

Praise for Eye for Revenge:

"If you want a book that grabs you from beginning to end, this is it." N. Farris

"No one does it better than Bradshaw, blending a mix of mystery, romance, and a bloody edge of revenge." Janet Fix, The Word Verve

"Eye for Revenge will keep you glued to the page until the very end." Diane Capri, NYT bestselling author

The Daughter in the Ditch (The Forgotten Murder Series)
by Wisteria D. Jones
$0.00, 28 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #78 in 45-Minute Teen & Young Adult Short Reads

Some cases are too much to handle, especially when children are involved.

Frank has gone too far this time. Their newest assignment is the case of a small girl who was violated, murdered, and dismembered before being tossed into a ditch. Kim’s already feeling like she’s slowly losing her mind, and reliving such a death isn’t helping her steadily declining mental health. Will this case be the one to push her too far, or will she prevail?

Only a truly sick person has the stomach to do such things to a innocent little girl.

Though Kim now has the aid of a detective to help her solve her own tragic mystery, will he choose instead to use her abilities to his own advantage for his cases? Even worse, will Frank still want to help the amnesiac once he realizes just what kind of person is hiding under her forgotten memories? It’s unknown how anyone will react when they find out the truth…

Newly Free Private Investigators Kindle Books for 2019-04-23

The Sound of Silence
by George Dalton
$0.00, 408 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (7 reviews), #15 in Private Investigator Mysteries (Kindle Store)
A young engineer thinks he is now ready to live the dream, he graduated from college last year. Married his college sweet heart and she is now eight months pregnant with their first baby. Hired by a large company that makes parts for engines, these engines go into airplanes, buses, large trucks etc. He discovers that many of the engine parts they are shipping out are flawed. When he tried to get a recall done he was told to "keep your mouth shut or we will fire you and your wife won't have any insurance.” He is caught in a terrible dilemma, people could be killed, but if he says anything … if he does nothing and an airplane engine fails?Tim is a sixteen-year-old boy who only wants to play a horn in the school band. Unfortunately, his father says "my son in going to play football and I am going to make him take flying lessons to make a man out of him." The boy hates football and he had, no desire to learn to fly little airplanes. You will feel the tension every time he goes up in one of those little Cessna airplanes. Is this one with a good motor or a bad motor?Jim has two loves, first his beautiful wife Allie and then his pretty new Bonanza airplane. Cruising two miles up in a clear blue sky over the forest of Mississippi, the engine explodes.One single event, and three lives shattered. It takes the redundancy of the FBI, and the FAA, spurred on by the tenacity of one determined man to untangle the web.

The Hollywood Goldhart Files
by Loy Ray Clemons
$0.00, 201 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #70 in Political Fiction (Kindle Store)
Were there really Communists in Hollywood in the 1950s? Was it a “Witch Hunt”?

The year is 1950, and Alexis Goldhart, a legendary Hollywood movie star, has just completed the first TV episode of Goldine in Paradise in Hawaii. On a flight from Honolulu to Kona, her plane disappears over the ocean and is never heard from again.
Davilia Randall, a famous Hollywood costume designer, and close friend, believes Alexis is not dead. Randall hires Jake Watts, a Beverly Hills private detective, to find her.
Jake interviews numerous people who knew Alexis, and finds she has kept extensive files and a diary of her experiences and activities since she first arrived in Hollywood.
It appears some of her files include code names for Communists in Hollywood, and the files have been hidden in a secret room in a house high in the Hollywood Hills. Jake finds the room and takes the files to the Beverly Hill Police Department for examination.
The files include details of left wing activities, and names of prominent Liberals and left wing persons—a few who actually are Communists—and were also active in promoting Communist fronts in Hollywood in the 1930s and 1940s.
Unfortunately, the names and codes do not reveal names of currently active Communists.
In the 1930s and 1940s, Alexis was like many idealistic—but politically ignorant—Hollywood writers, directors and actors, and she was easily duped by the Communist PartyUSA(CPUSA). She was involved in some of the Communist fronts earlier in her career, but realized the true nature of brutal Communism, and has become politically inactive.
Now, in 1950, she wants to write her memoirs, and come clean of the former activities she has come to regret. She plans to write her memoirs—and name names. This creates panic in the Communists—and former innocent Communist dupes—in Hollywood.
The CPUSA has put out the word—“The files must be found, and Alexis Goldhart must be discredited, and then destroyed.”
However, no one has been able to find the most important Goldhart files—those that will reveal names of prominent Soviet-controlled Communist spies currently operating and dispensing propaganda in Hollywood.
From an obscure source on the island of Molokai in Hawaii, Jake finds Alexis’ plane was diverted to Venezuela.
Jake travels to Caracas and discovers Alexis is being held on the remote island of Crasqui, off the coast of Venezuela. Her captors are keeping her sedated while they search unsuccessfully for her personal files.
Unable to find them, they have decided to take her on a Russian trawler to Odessa in the Soviet Union for full interrogation. Once in the Soviet Union, the information of what she knows—and what she has told others about Hollywood Communists—will be extracted from her memory. The procedure they plan to use will not only destroy her mind, but will eventually kill her.
Jake overhears Alexis’ captors reveal she is still on Crasqui Island, but time is running out, and he, and a team of CIA agents, must rescue her before the Russian Trawler sails

Rumba Baby Bongos: The Heiress & The Detective Case Four
by Scott F Neve
$0.00, 54 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #107 in Historical Mysteries
The detective spilled his Dom Perignon champagne after he accidentally stepped on his bride's toes again. The gorgeous heiress broke away from his embrace. Yet the orchestra kept playing the music that inspired and empowered them. The Latin rhythm made her head bob up and down. She folded her bare arms over her heaving bosom. The heiress got that certain gleam in her eyes. She strode haltingly to the pretty hat check girl and slipped on her mink without his assistance. The detective felt his heart rising up into his throat. Had he committed the unpardonable sin? Was it something stupid that he said? His whole life was wrapped up in his gorgeous bride wearing the white silk evening gown.
The heiress blew a kiss at him before she said, "You need some dance lessons in the worst way."
The detective chuckled and said as they climbed into their limousine, "I'm not the worst dancer, you know."
The heiress caressed his cheek as she said, "Don’t be afraid. I'll take lessons with you."
"Where are we going?" he asked as the Rolls Royce moved down the boulevard toward the highway.
Without a moment of hesitation, she giggled and said, "Argentina!"

by Thom Young
$0.00, 101 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #47 in Mystery Anthologies (Kindle Store)
A detective takes on a case and discovers a dark underworld. Detective Max Waters investigates the murder of a wealthy housewife's husband, and gets more than he bargained for. A hard boiled story about a detective fighting his demons, and seeking his own brand of revenge. Thom Young returns with his own version of pulp fiction. A nasty urban tale of murder, the mob, booze, drugs, and corruption. Noir is extremely violent and disturbing 18 and +

Justice Unblinded - The Dawn Of Justice
by Simon Saha
$0.00, 31 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #12 in 45-Minute Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Short Reads
A young judge is set to unravel the mystery of the murder which happened sixteen years ago.
Can he find the real culprit and free his father from the burden of the wrong judgment?

Kaitlyn (The Fells Point Investigator Book 11)
by Denise Irwin
$0.00, 365 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Private Investigators
Two patrol officers in the Patterson Park area were assigned the task to monitor conflicts over shoveled out parking spaces. To their surprise they saw a half-naked young woman wandering along the snowy roads. Worried, they tried to approach her only to realize that she was terrified and she backed herself onto a plowed bank of icy snow where she remained until the para-medics gave her a sedative injection to transport her to the emergency room.

Newly Free Detectives Kindle Books for 2019-04-23

Shadow of the Moon: A Fantasy of Love, Murder and Werewolves
by Kwen D Griffeth
$0.00, 326 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (28 reviews), #22 in Romantic Fantasy (Kindle Store)

A Brutal Murder Uncovers A Paranormal Threat

The grisly murder of a diplomat’s son in Central Park draws NYPD Detective Gerald Meeker and FBI Special Agent Andee Trakes into a twisted and confusing investigation. Within hours, the evidence indicates the man was executed in the manner saved for werewolves. Andee Trakes is assigned to liaison with a history professor, who is an expert on folklore and legends.

˃˃˃ The Professor’s Secret Makes For An Uneasy Alliance

Professor Alwyn Lloyd, handsome, articulate and successful, not only agrees the method of death was indeed an execution, he claims to be a werewolf. Andee is torn between her romantic interest in the man and the suspicion to arrest him.

From the initial killing in the park, a bloody spree is ignited that soon has Andee and Alwyn forced to work together to protect themselves and family members.

˃˃˃ Unlike Any Werewolf Story You Have Ever Read

Shadow of the Moon explores the good and bad that exists within the world of werewolves, revealing both what is beautiful as well as ugly about the wolf. The story is fast paced and full of interesting characters and several twists and turns to keep both the fantasy as well as the suspense and romance enthusiasts entertained.

Scroll Up And Grab Your Copy Today!

The Sword in the Stone-Dead: A 1930s Murder Mystery (The Great Vicari Mysteries Book 1)
by Paul Tomlinson
$0.00, 264 pages, 2.4 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #12 in Traditional Detective Mysteries (Kindle Store)
A traditional whodunit with a twist. Benjamin Vickery used to be top-of-the-bill stage magician The Great Vicari, but fled the theatre after an illusion went tragically wrong. Jamie Malloy is an Irish chauffeur whose name and accent could both be fake, and who may once have gotten away with murder. This unlikely duo team up to investigate when a King Arthur-themed party in an isolated Victorian castle climaxes with a scream, a splash, and a dead body in the pond.

All of the suspects are actors, who mislead people professionally, or the relatives of actors, who just do it for fun. With no-one being who they seem and nothing quite what it appears, the police are left baffled. Vickery and Malloy begin snooping, but only uncover more mysteries. Everyone has a guilty secret, but which ones are connected to the murder? What is the significance of the missing reel of film? Was the leading lady's riding accident really an accident? Who is sending the poison pen letters? And what clue is held by the mysterious woman in the red dress?

Time is running out for the ex-magician and his sidekick, who must see through the murderer's trickery and reveal whodunit. If they fail, Excalibur will once more have to be drawn from a stone-cold corpse.

Newly Free Mystery Kindle Books for 2019-04-23

Dead and Gone: A Collection of 13 Serial Killer Mysteries and Thrillers
by Tina Glasneck
$0.00, 3830 pages, 4.9 out of 5.0 (61 reviews), #1 in Psychological Thrillers (Kindle Store)

Sometimes, death is only the beginning...

In this bold new anthology of 13 serial killer books, New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Amazon bestselling authors bring a chilling boxed set filled with murder mysteries, crime fiction, suspense and thrillers with many twists and turns.

Stories that range from amateur sleuths to seasoned police detectives with strong female characters, a rising body count, and victims found with the serial killers’ calling cards.

Can these killers be stopped?

>>>13 serial killer stories…because one is never enough.

These 13 twisted tales will be enjoyed by fans of Lee Child, Jeffrey Deaver, Thomas Harris, Allison Brennan, Val McDermid, David Baldacci, Patricia Cornwell, Gillian Flynn, James Patterson, Leslie Wolfe, Jeff Carson, Janet Evanovich, Willow Rose, Harlan Coben, Gilly Macmillian, Elmore-Leonard, Michael Creighton, Matthew Farrell, Stephen King, and Diane Capri.

This set includes stories from:

Allan Leverone, New York Times Bestselling Author, USA Today Bestselling Author, and Kindle Scout Winner

Judith Lucci, Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, USA Today Bestselling Author, and Multiple gold medal recipient of Reader Favorites.

J. J. Cagney, USA Today Bestselling Author and Named to Kirkus Reviews' Best Books of 2018

Fiona Quinn, USA Today Bestselling Author, Kindle Scout Winner

Chris Patchell, USA Today Bestselling Author, Kindle Scout Winner

Inge-Lise Goss, USA Today Bestselling Author

Steve Vincent, USA Today Bestselling Author

Rob Blackwell, Kindle Scout Winner, Amazon Bestseller

Steve Gannon, Kindle Scout Winner, and International Bestselling Author

Kerry J. Donovan, International Bestselling Author

Jane Blythe, Amazon Bestselling Author

Tina Glasneck, USA Today Bestselling Author

Terry Keys,USA Today Bestselling Author

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by Willow Rose
$0.00, 412 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (54 reviews), #14 in Mystery Romance

Rather be the hunter than the prey.

Inspired by a true story.

Ella Maria Chauncey walks home after a night out with her friends, hurrying to get back before her parents realize she's been out with the boy they don't want her to date. Living in the gated community of Lyford Cay, in one of the world's wealthiest neighborhoods, she believes it is safe.

Ella Maria never makes it home. She is found the next day floating in her family's pool, her tongue cut out.

Seven months later Jack Ryder is visiting the Bahamas with his adopted daughter Emily. They're trying to find Emily's relatives, but it turns out to be easier said than done.

The only living relative they can track down is a woman…in jail. She's doing time for murdering Ella Maria Chauncey, but as Jack digs into the case, he starts to wonder if she was wrongfully convicted and the murderer is still out there, hunting for his next prey.

As the shocking investigation unfolds, and secrets are revealed, no one in in the lucrative Lyford Cay can be trusted.

This fast-paced bone-chilling mystery by Amazon #1 Bestselling Author Willow Rose will have you glued to the pages late into the night.

HER FINAL WORD is the sixth book in the bestselling Jack Ryder series but can be read as a standalone.

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A Touch of Defiance (A Nick Bracco Thriller Book 5)
by Gary Ponzo
$0.00, 240 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (29 reviews), #4 in City Life Fiction (Kindle Store)

From Award-Winning author Gary Ponzo comes another thriller ripped right out of today’s headlines!

An anti-government party called the Civil Resistance Movement is growing in popularity as tension mounts between police and civilians. The head of the CRM, Leo Frazier, has his own racist agenda which is unknown to his followers.

FBI Agent Nick Bracco and team must track down Frazier and his group of zealots before the MLK Day rally becomes ground zero for a terrorist attack. As usual, Nick turns to his Mafia-connected cousin Tommy to help search these extremists in places the FBI couldn’t navigate.

>>>This thriller which will keep you riveted until the final page!

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Blind Date
by Criss Carr
$0.00, pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (19 reviews), #22 in African American Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Fiction
Mona Cooper is a beautiful and independent woman who is looking for 'Mr. Right'. It shouldn't be too hard due to the fact that she has four men chasing her, right? Because of her quest for love, she is now going through the most troubling time of her life! Her sister, Nicki, has been setting her up on Blind Dates with different men... leaving someone heartbroken!
After one of her dates, Mona is now being stalked and threatened by a man close to her. She decides to call the police and get help from the smooth, yet arrogant, Detective McCall. Soon, tragedy strikes at the hands of her stalker, causing her more pain than ever! Her stalker makes it clear to her that she is next... and there's nothing anyone can do about it!
Mona and Detective McCall have to find out which of the men in her life is heartbroken enough to want her dead!
This sexy and enticing thriller will leave you breathless and wanting more. Sit back and enjoy Mona Cooper's story of the Blind Date that will change her life forever!

The Cold Trail (The Sean Kruger Series Book 4)
by J.C. Fields
$0.00, 357 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (24 reviews), #9 in Financial Thrillers (Kindle Store)

Rescuing A Kidnapped College Student Revives An Old Case

With the help of his friend, JR Diminski, retired FBI profiler Sean Kruger rescues a female graduate student after she is kidnapped from the university campus where he teaches. He finds the abduction too familiar. From 1999 through 2002 six female college students vanished, without a trace, from four different college campuses across the country. As the lead FBI investigator on those now cold cases, his failure to find the women and the person responsible still haunts him.

˃˃˃ Is The Kidnapper Finally Within His Grasp?

When JR discovers a clue to the identity of the kidnapper, Kruger comes out of retirement to re-examine the abductions. His ensuing investigation will lead him down a dark trail: one of dark money and even darker passions.

Will Sean succeed or will the past repeat itself?

˃˃˃ Tightly plotted with the trademark twists and turns of a J.C. Fields’ novel, The Cold Trail will keep you turning pages late into the night.

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TALENTS (Emma Kane / Jacob Thorne Book 3)
by Todd Travis
$0.00, 218 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (75 reviews), #4 in Women Sleuths (Kindle Store)
In 1989, a school bus filled with young children disappears. It drove into a tunnel, a tunnel with no exits, and did not drive out. Witnesses saw the bus go in. No one saw it come out. It vanished into thin air as a community panics. Everyone panics. 

Everyone except for a twenty-four year old college dropout named Jacob Thorne.

In 2004, three people are brutally murdered in Roanoke, Virginia, two of them in a sealed panic room, a room locked from the inside. 
The only trace evidence is a single hair from the suspect. A suspect that has been dead for three months, killed by the same people who were just murdered in the panic room. 
After another man is murdered in a hospital, a crime caught on tape, nearly everyone is convinced a ghost has come back from the grave to avenge a murder. 

Everyone, that is, except for a young DC homicide detective suffering from PTSD named Emma Kane.

To be a profiler, it takes more than just research and hard work. It takes more than simply brains.

It takes… TALENT.
And you need to have it from the very beginning.
TALENTS - An Emma Kane / Jacob Thorne thriller. An origin story of two very unique people.

Torch Ginger (Paradise Crime Mysteries, Book 2)
by Toby Neal
$0.00, 320 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (986 reviews), #1 in Women Sleuths (Kindle Store)

Paradise is full of missing people.

She’s the only one who realizes they’re gone.

Detective Lei Texeira and her dog, Keiki, transfer to the lush, tropical island of Kaua`i where she uncovers a pattern of disappearances that may be related to a bizarre cult-or is it just one madman at work?

He knows what he does is wrong… but he has to silence the voices.

He thought he’d finally find peace with this latest sacrifice, but there’s someone coming for him… and she’s getting way too close.

"Lei is both tough detective and vulnerable woman in this second winning novel in the popular Hawaii mystery series created by Toby Neal." ~David Bishop, author of The Woman

Grab this fast paced mystery with a twist of romance, and take a trip to Hawaii with the series that’s sold more than a million copies!

Poetic Justice
by H.B. Moore
$0.00, 336 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (16 reviews), #116 in International Mystery & Crime (Kindle Store)
Justice always comes.

Claire Vetra is looking for two men. The first man she’ll kill. The second man she’ll also kill—after she makes him watch as she destroys everything he’s built.

This is only the start of Claire's revenge against the World Alliance Order, which held her hostage for a year and subjected her to live human testing in the name of medical science. But when Claire begins to unravel her past, she discovers that unlocking the memories of what happened to her might destroy the remaining shreds of her sanity.

"This story is filled with intrigue, suspense, violence. I loved it because it is so cleverly written. It is very dark but it is brilliant. Towards the end I was so tense and my heart was racing so fast, I wasn’t sure I’d make it through to the end of the story without a heart attack. It’s the kind of story that stays with you for a long time. I won’t soon forget it. Deliciously scary! Highly recommended." --Pascale Armstrong, Goodreads

More Thrillers by H.B. Moore:
Finding Sheba
Lost King
Slave Queen
The Killing Curse
First Heist
Breaking Jess

POETIC JUSTICE debuted at #22 on the USA Today bestseller list as part of the Murder and Mayhem boxed set (November 16, 2017). Now, POETIC JUSTICE can be purchased as a standalone title.

The Rossler Foundation Mysteries
by JC Ryan
$0.00, 1407 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (200 reviews), #2 in Mystery Action Fiction
The first four books in JC Ryan's bestselling Rossler Foundation series, available together for the first time!

The 10th Cycle

The truth about human history is about to be revealed. . . But will we be allowed to know it?

For thousands of years the truth about human history has intentionally been suppressed and exploited.

For decades scholars have been saying that the truth about human history will be found inside the Great Pyramid of Giza, but up till now no one has ever been able to find it. Those who tried have been ridiculed and persecuted.

Will Daniel Rossler and Dr. Sarah Clarke be allowed to uncover the real and true message? As they come closer to the truth, skepticism out of the academic community is replaced by evil and malicious adversaries, dumping them into a very hostile world where violence, deceit and duplicity become their daily companions. The mysterious Orion Society with its deranged and psychopathic members, the CIA, the Marines, the Mossad and even the President of the United States become involved. Not all of them have good intentions.

Ninth Cycle Antarctica

Was there a human civilization in Antarctica in the past?

Will we ever know?

In November 2002 a special U.S. Navy SEAL team is sent to Antarctica to locate and rescue a film crew that has become lost. No trace of them is found, except for film footage of strange artifacts buried under the ice. Everyone who saw the film is warned to never talk about what they have seen - EVER AGAIN.

More than a decade later, in Boulder, Colorado, Professor Charles Summers is intrigued by the discovery of a 16th century map showing the coastline of Antarctica so accurately that when NASA investigates the maps they find that they must update their own current maps. . But this map predates any record of the discovery of Antarctica by 300 years. .

Genetic Bullets

A catastrophe of biblical proportions, 35,000 years in the making.

The world as we know it is on the verge of destruction.

There is no escape. . . or is there?

The discovery and excavation of a 35,000 year old city hidden deep within the Transantarctic Mountains releases a pandemic across the globe. Within a few weeks 5 million are dead and another 10 million are about to die. Billions more are certain to die within weeks.

The Sword of Cyrus

200 million souls are screaming for revenge.

The Sword of Cyrus will extract that revenge.

This time there is no escape.

In a secret laboratory in the Zagros Mountains of Iran, scientists, under the auspices of the group who calls themselves The Sword of Cyrus, have just developed a nanotech nuclear weapon so small it could fit into a mobile phone, yet it has the destructive power of 7 Hiroshima bombs. This is the world’s most powerful and technologically advanced weapon, developed with the explicit goal to wipe out Western civilization.

Don't Speak: A Jade Harrington Novel (Jade Harrington Series Book 1)
by J. L. Brown
$0.00, 398 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (239 reviews), #14 in Political Fiction (Kindle Store)
In the tradition of Primary Colors and All the King's Men...

The nursery rhyme was wrong. Words can hurt you.

Ambitious, twenty-something FBI Special Agent Jade Harrington cuts her vacation short to investigate the murder of a conservative radio personality only to discover that he may be the victim of a serial killer. Whitney Fairchild, the elegant and charismatic Democratic senator from Missouri, campaigns in a cutthroat race for president of the United States. Cole Brennan, the most popular conservative talk-show host in the nation, battles nightly to save his country and help the incumbent Republican president maintain his 'inner conservative' to win re-election.

The lives of Jade, Whitney, Cole, and the killer--who has an agenda of his own--are on a collision course. That course will not just impact them each in ways they could never have foreseen, but also the future of the United States of America. Amidst a backdrop of contemporary power politics driven by the influence of talk radio and social media, DON'T SPEAK thrills even as it explores many of the complex issues facing Americans today.

The Prussian Dispatch: Sophie Rathenau’s Vienna Mysteries Volume 1
by David Neilson
$0.00, 343 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (13 reviews), #25 in Historical Mysteries
Habsburg Vienna, 1772.
With nothing in her purse, Sophie Rathenau can't refuse work, even from a down-at-heel pimp. But tracing the woman who's gone off with his document is a chancy business. A gang of Prussian maniacs are hunting for it too, as well as thugs from the shadowy Versailles Club, and a Polish countess desperate to preserve her country.
Caught up in an international conspiracy, Sophie's only weapons are her sardonic tongue and an old cavalry pistol. But it'll take more than those to find the dispatch, keep a vengeful Chancellor at bay, and deal with a past that threatens to engulf her.
"The Prussian Dispatch" is the first in a series of novels from the era of Mozart and Maria Theresia. 
What readers say:
“A vivid historical world full of living characters”
“Excellent character... she feels very real to me”
“Seems to have all the elements of a great and successful book: a powerful heroine, political intrigue, and a riveting plot”
“Character and voice are what make this book distinctive…”
“Hard-bitten Jane Eyre”
“The setting is vivid. The characterization excellent. And of course the dialogue fantastic…”
“Sophie is awesome”

Christoph Fischer on "Discovering Diamonds”:

"Sophie is a feisty and resourceful investigator whose dire personal circumstances are only one part of her drive to find the truth. Tension is built up nicely, the characters and the story are very engaging. Historical facts and details are not overdone but add nicely to the flair and intensity of the novel. A protagonist I look forward to reading more of, which, given the open nature of the ending, we surely will do.

"Definitely recommended."

Reservations (Jack Del Rio Book 1)
by Richard Paolinelli
$0.00, 254 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (27 reviews), #1 in Terrorism Thrillers (Kindle Store)

Who – or what – is killing members of the Navajo tribe? RESERVATIONS, the first book of the Jack Del Rio political mystery/thriller series, is set near Gallup, New Mexico, where the Navajo, Hopi and Zuni reservations lie adjacent. Three tribal leaders have been murdered - murdered in a fashion that suggests the deeds were carried out by COYOTE, a legendary supernatural evil trickster feared by many Native Americans.

The tribal president contacts an old friend in the FBI for assistance in solving the crimes and preventing more murders. Star agent, Jack Del Rio, is dispatched to New Mexico where he finds a situation tangled in political intrigue. Jack must work his way through those issues on his way to solving the mystery. Sparks fly as Navajo police officer Lucy Chee is assigned to assist him in his quest.

Question is can Del Rio and Chee solve the mystery and find the killer before he strikes again? Because the killer is on the hunt and he has his sights on Del Rio himself.

by Eric Christopherson
$0.00, 282 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (36 reviews), #28 in Legal Thrillers (Kindle Store)
Will Pruett is a young magazine journalist with a father who sits on death row, claiming innocence. While his father’s execution date looms, capital punishment is under consideration for abolishment by the state government of New York. Will seeks to influence the debate and to speed the abolishment along by framing himself for a murder he had nothing to do with—demonstrating how a simple coincidence or two can cost an innocent man his neck.

With assistance from his publisher and a defense attorney, Will succeeds in getting himself arrested for the murder before realizing the actual murderer has arranged for him to take the fall for real . . .

NYPD Homicide detective Samantha “Sam” Ortiz conducts an investigation complicated by a city on edge due to racial tensions inflamed by the murder, by a district attorney anxious to capitalize on the case in time for his reelection, by a thirst for revenge within her own police department, and by the man she’d put behind bars who belatedly insists he’d incriminated himself on purpose.

Sam must not only determine whether Will is telling the truth but also follow unexpected investigative leads involving Nazi-stolen artwork missing since WW II and illicit high-tech genetic engineering. Will she crack the case? Or will there be a family reunion on death row?

2009 Book of the Year Award winner,

The coauthors are: Eric Christopherson, a former police officer and federal government consultant, and Brad Schoenfeld, a nationally renowned fitness expert with over 500,000 copies of his fitness books in print.

* * * * * * *

This ebook contains bonus excerpts:

Chapter 1 of CRACK-UP by Eric Christopherson

Chapter 1 of THE PROPHET MOTIVE by Eric Christopherson

Chapter 1 of THE LIST by J.A. Konrath

Death Report - The Sergeant Brad Braun Series, Book 1
by Erik Racker
$0.00, 238 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (6 reviews), #16 in Police Procedurals (Kindle Store)
Sergeant Brad Braun has seen more dead bodies than he’d care to remember, but a dismembered young woman with a note promising more bodies to come isn’t what he had penciled in for this Monday morning.

And hers is just the beginning.

The killer wants to be noticed, he wants his handiwork in the spotlight, and he needs his name known. The man’s motivation is something only a fractured mind could imagine.

For Sergeant Braun, each step closer to his culprit pushes the killer another step closer to the edge. The man is already capable of murder, so what can possibly happen if he’s pushed too far?

Tim and the Highway Robbery: A Murder Mystery Set in the American Revolution (Tim Euston Book 2)
by Roddy Thorleifson
$0.00, 335 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #26 in U.S. Historical Fiction
Tim Euston finds a dead body, and while he and his friend Dan are suspecting each other of murder and treason, they stumble upon two renegade redcoats who draw them into a plot to “seize” highly valuable munitions off of a British Army base.

It was May of 1777, the beginning of the third year of the American War for Independence, on territory controlled by the British. In the back of a general store Tim (age 17) had just found the body when the proprietor burst in, accusing him of murder. Tim got away, went to a judge, and claimed the dead man was a rebel spy. Tim said he got a good look at the murderer and that the victim’s last words were “Sam Baker,” the name of a notorious rebel spy. Tim got himself off the hook but he had just volunteered to assist the enemy, an odd position for a boy who was already spying for George Washington.
Tim and Dan had been about to cross over to New Jersey to join the Continental Army and make it into an elite unit before the war was over. But then Dan showed Tim a pair of pistols he had somehow acquired on the day of the murder. And why should Dan trust Tim, now that he has volunteered to serve a tory judge?
They were still wondering when they met up with the renegade redcoats.

Palm Desert Killing (The Val & Kit Mystery Series Book 5)
by Rosalind Burgess
$0.00, 280 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (8 reviews), #31 in Women's Detective Fiction
When one of them receives a mysterious letter, BFFs Val and Kit begin to unravel a sordid story that spans a continent and reaches back decades. It also takes them to Palm Desert, California, a paradise of palm trees, mountains, blue skies . . . and now murder. The men in their lives—Val’s favorite detective, Dennis Culotta; her boss, Tom Haskins; and Kit’s husband, Larry—play their (un)usual parts in this adventure that introduces a fresh batch of suspicious characters, including Kit’s New York–attorney sister, Nora, and their mother. Val faces an additional challenge when her daughter, Emily, reveals her own startling news. Val and Kit bring to this story their (a)typical humor, banter, and unorthodox detective skills. Like all the books in The Val & Kit Mystery Series, this fifth one can be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel.

Death on D'Urville: A Claire Hardcastle Mystery (The Claire Hardcastle Mysteries Book 1)
by Penelope Haines
$0.00, 257 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (10 reviews), #76 in Murder
Death on D’Urville is the first novel in a new mystery series featuring Claire Hardcastle, commercial pilot and flying instructor, who operates out of Paraparaumu airport in New Zealand.
Claire Hardcastle is fiery, clever, daring —and she’s trying to prove herself in a man's world. Recently recovered from a disastrous relationship with her ex, she’s determined from now on to live on her own terms.
A high level of confidence is required to handle the varied risks and responsibilities of aviation, and flying attracts alpha type personalities. Claire is no exception, but there is a fine line between confidence and it’s mirror image arrogance, a line Claire sometimes struggles to negotiate successfully. Fortunately she has her boss Roger, and her sister Kate to keep her in check.
When her routine flight to pick a passenger up from a remote island in the Marlborough Sounds turns into a murder investigation Claire is excited to discover she may hold a clue to the crime.
Greville Harbour is home to a small number of people who, like the deceased Jorge, come to stay for short periods in their holiday homes, and Claire, whose job it is to fly them to and from the mainland has known them for several years. On the face of it, none look likely to be the murderer. Why would anyone want to murder an inoffensive, reclusive novelist?
Claire’s interest in solving the murder is heightened by her growing attraction to Detective Sergeant Jack Body.
The key to solving Jorge’s death depends on unravelling a tangle of motives as diverse as rifled grave goods, artefact smuggling, disputed Maori history, breached tapu, and child abuse. It seems many people had a reason to murder the man who used to be Claire’s passenger, and Jorge was not the man she thought she knew. When his criminal history is exposed, Claire unwillingly finds her sympathies realigning with the murderer.
As Claire and Jack’s professional and personal partnership deepens they have to accept that, for others, obsession can turn sour, love can be twisted and traumatised and one man can unleash a malignant strain that leads to murder

Not For Us: A Novel
by Tony Healey
$0.00, 351 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #55 in Heist Crime
Tony Healey, the bestselling author of HOPE'S PEAK and STORM'S EDGE, brings you NOT FOR US, a crime thriller for fans of Elmore Leonard and Denise Mina.
For Layla, it's one last job before she goes straight for good; for Clay, another hit that could spell the end of a life of crime, if only he can keep ahead of the double-crosses; and for Inspector Jack Finch--scarred by the pain of the past--the trail of bodies and bricks are a puzzle to solve before it's too late...
NOT FOR US is a twisty thriller that has been favourably compared to the works of crime writer Denise Mina, and Elmore Leonard.

Don't Say Her Name
by Kelly Jameson
$0.00, 186 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #44 in Women's Detective Fiction
DON'T SAY HER NAME is new contemporary suspense from Kelly Jameson, best-selling author of the historical romances SPELLBOUND and ACROSS A DARK HIGHLAND SHORE.
When Broadway star Alice Josephs thinks she sees her twin sister in the audience during one of her performances, she begins to question her sanity. Lessa disappeared twenty years ago in the woods near their Hudson River Valley home, and the crime was never solved. As handsome, Emmy Award-winning crime writer Nial Reynolds investigates the cold case, Alice becomes the target of a sadistic stalker obsessed with her beauty and fame. She begins to receive threatening letters, and odd items from her childhood resurface in her Tarrytown home. Her stalker seems to know things about her past that no one should know, including the fact that whenever young Alice spoke Lessa’s name after the tragedy, her mother would scold, “Don’t say her name, Alice.” As Nial digs deeper into the Josephs' past, the spotlight makes her stalker bold. Could a dark family secret be tied to the present, and is Alice the next victim? Is her stalker waiting in the darkness, coiled and ready to strike?

Lost Earth: Episode 1
by Ryan Wiley
$0.00, 68 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (13 reviews), #34 in Mystery Anthologies (Kindle Store)
Lost Earth is a serial novel, appearing in episode installments, much the same way as your favorite TV show.

- Episode 1: Pilot -

Brian Whitmore has everything going for him: wealth, women, and an abundance of free time. However, after a business deal goes sour, he comes home to find two masked men there waiting for him.

When he wakes up, he discovers he’s been thrown into a forest, with no communication to the outside world.

Now he must figure out how to survive in the wild, and why he was put there. While also discovering unwanted surprises along the way.

Get the full season at a discounted rate:

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