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Personal Pronouns
by David Allen Edmonds
$0.00, 353 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (26 reviews), #14 in Amateur Sleuth Mysteries
Personal Pronouns is a mystery novel with suspenseful action and crisp dialogue like the classic PI novels of Robert B. Parker. The main character of this mystery, Joe Lehrer, is an amateur sleuth with faith and romance issues, reminiscent of Sydney Chambers in the traditional British amateur sleuth series, the Grantchester Mysteries.
Lehrer blames himself for the death of his wife who was killed in an automobile accident. With the help of his teacher friends and his own dubious faith, he manages to cope with it all until a student dies suspiciously. He launches into a private investigation and discovers a far-ranging conspiracy in suburban Stradford. Local politicians are conspiring to cover up several murders, a prostitution ring and other crimes.
From his investigation Joe realizes he can avenge one murder, but becoming a vigilante means becoming a killer. He must ask himself if vigilante justice will bring him peace or result in his demise. The reader must answer a similar question: Would you kill the man who killed your wife?

April Fools (A Mira James Mystery Book 12)
by Jess Lourey
$0.00, 295 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (140 reviews), #5 in Women Sleuths
"I laughed, gasped, and cried (all out loud)." -Catriona McPherson, author of Scot and Soda

Librarian and aspiring PI Mira James has discovered one corpse a month for each of the eleven months she's lived in Battle Lake, Minnesota. She'd give her left foot to break that streak this April.

But when she stumbles across a disturbing note, and a Battle Lake girl vanishes, she has no choice except to get involved.

She follows the note's trail and is horrified to discover that it leads to her father, who died 13 years earlier. It's a race against the clock to crack the secret he carried to his grave in time to save the girl. Meanwhile, chiseled police chief Gary Wohnt is scrutinizing her every move, aching to finally put her behind bars, and Johnny, her sexy boyfriend, is planning a surprise for her. Problem is, she doesn't know if it's a marriage proposal or an intervention.

As Mrs. Berns and Mira take on their final case together, Mira discovers it's more personal than she could have imagined, and that she holds not only the life of the vanished girl but the fate of all Battle Lake in her hands.

*Jess Lourey named to BookRiot's 4/8/20 "10 Funny Mystery Authors Like Janet Evanovich" list!

April Fools is the twelfth in an ongoing series featuring Mira James, an urban woman with rural Minnesota roots. The books can be read in any order; each novel stands alone. Get all the Mira James mysteries today!

May Day
June Bug
Knee High by the Fourth of July
August Moon
September Mourn
October Fest
November Hunt
December Dread
January Thaw
February Fever
March of Crimes
April Fools

Or, if you love to sink into a satisfying binge read, check out the smart-priced bundles!

Mira James Mysteries Summer Bundle, Books 1-4 (May, June, July, and August)
Mira James Mysteries Fall Bundle, Books 5-7 (September, October, November)
Mira James Mysteries Winter Bundle, Books 8-10 (December, January, February)


"I read this out of order. It made no difference and I absolutely loved it...What sets this book apart that it is both lighthearted and edgy! It doesn't feel like your average vanilla, 'the librarian is the sleuth' mystery...this is a fast-paced page turner." ―Jane B. (NetGalley)

"What a fun, cheeky, cleverly-plotted book! This is well-constructed and kept me interested throughout. I'm not the typical 'mystery reader' but the cover drew me in and I was very glad I gave it a chance. Recommend!" ―Jenna H. (NetGalley)

"Deeply satisfying, funny, moving, as tightly plotted as ever. The end of Mira's adventure gives us exactly what we want and yet still leaves us thinking." ―Catriona McPherson, award-winning author of Scot and Soda

The Housewife Assassin Gets Lucky
by Josie Brown
$0.00, 310 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (122 reviews), #78 in Cozy Mystery
When two hot, haute heroines team up to solve a murder, neither can afford to be fashionably late.

No one expected to find a dead girl in the Royal Suite at the Babylon’s posh London club. Who would kill her? And why?

With little to go on and no friends to rely on, Lucky O’Toole, the Babylon’s Chief Problem Solver, is dispatched to…well, to solve the problem.

But she needs to be in Paris. Her fiancé—and, worse, his mother—are counting on her presence at a party in her honor in seventy-two hours, more or less. With a personal-life time-bomb ticking, Lucky hopes for a quick solution.

A mystery woman, seen leaving the Royal Suite just before the girl’s body is discovered, attracts Lucky’s attention. She has to be the key…

On loan to the CIA, assassin Donna Stone Craig and her crack black-ops team have stepped into a viper’s nest. First, they darn near get out-bid and overwhelmed at an auction to acquire a vintage purse hiding some critical intel its lining. Then a very important source Donna is to meet at the Babylon London Club winds up dead. And the young woman’s intel—bearing incredible global consequences—is encrypted. She was the only one who could give Donna the cipher, and she’s dead. Surely someone else would know. But, who?

It’s easy to see why Acme’s prime suspect is the tall brunette who acts like she owns the place. Lucky O’Toole shows up at the wrong time, and in the wrong place.

But before Donna and Lucky can find the right answers, they’ll need to overcome their reservations, and resolve their differences. But can they learn to trust each other before the real killer gets away?

They have to. Their lives—and world peace—depend on it.

Lattes and Spirits: A Witch & Ghost Mystery (Mystic Brews Mysteries Book 1)
by Alyn Troy
$0.00, 212 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (125 reviews), #8 in Cozy Animal Mystery

Whipping up cappuccinos is her specialty. But will she stir up trouble when spirits order assistance in solving their deaths?

Barista April Storm longs for more than making a mean macchiato and talking to her ex-boyfriend’s ghost. So when her quirky aunt asks her to help open a hip café in rural Wales, she jumps at the chance to start fresh. But she gets an extra shot of strife when a famous deceased cricketer wants her to spill the coffee beans on his killer.

With her ghostly client unable to remember who did him in, April is forced into the role of supernatural detective. Assisted by her spectral ex, a magical secret agent, and an overcaffeinated talking cat, she finds herself in hot water when the clue trail reveals an escaped demon. And if she can’t get control of her own recently awakened power, the next murder she has to solve may be her own.

Can April serve up justice before a brewing disaster boils over?

Lattes and Spirits is the first book in the delightful Mystic Brews cozy mystery series. If you like sassy heroines, colorful characters, and a side of spells with your cuppa joe, then you’ll love Alyn Troy’s otherworldly adventure.

Buy Lattes and Spirits to froth up some whodunnit fun today!

Murder And Malpractice (Dr Cathy Moreland Mystery Book 2)
by Mairi Chong
$0.00, 266 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (30 reviews), #1 in Bipolar Disorder

★★★★★'Devilish writing! Mairi Chong keeps you guessing to the end!'★★★★★

Fragile general practitioner Dr Cathy Moreland had assumed that her busy doctors’ surgery was a place of compassion and safety. Having recently returned to work following a nervous breakdown, she was unaware that now a deadly malice stalked the corridors.

When, during morning surgery, one of the doctors is discovered poisoned and dying in his consulting room, everyone is horrified. But as the days pass, Cathy begins to doubt how genuine her team’s reactions are. Surely one of them couldn’t be the killer, could they? Was the doctor even the intended victim or could her patients be at risk?

What if someone in the surgery, rather than striving to help, means to cause harm? Uncertain of who she can trust, she is forced to investigate when suspicion falls on her revered senior partner ...

Whilst battling her own personal demons, can Cathy discover the killer’s true identity before they strike again? Can she uncover who is responsible for MURDER AND MALPRACTICE?

Murder and Malpractice is an intelligent, up-to-date murder mystery that will leave the reader wondering just who they can trust. If you enjoy British classic crime mixed with authentic medical drama, then you’ll love Mairi Chong’s debut.


★ 'Fabulous start to a murder mystery series - well plotted story and great characters, particularly the main two viewpoints.' - PETER BOON - BESTSELLING TEEN WHODUNNIT AUTHOR

And from verified Amazon purchasers:

★ 'You won't want to put it down until you reach the end!'

★ '... will definitely be recommending it to others, look forward to the next one!!'

★ 'Excellent read - good medical knowledge of general practice and character development that takes the reader through many twists and turns.'

★ 'Brilliant debut novel, with so many twists in the plot it will keep you guessing until the very end!'

★ 'Loved it, fast pace & excellent twist! Can’t wait for the next one!'


Where's the Groom? : A fun clean romance mystery
by Cathryn Brown
$0.00, 230 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (18 reviews), #3 in Mystery Romance

She wants to call off the wedding. Now her groom’s missing and a new man’s helping her search for him.

Summer realized she’d made a big mistake. Why did she say yes to him? When her groom never arrives at the church, she uses her one clue to find him. She gets a big surprise. And she meets her Watson to help her search.

Cameron agrees to help Summer because a family member’s caught in her mystery. She’s glad to have someone working with her, especially when he’s handsome and has a great smile, but a new romance is out of the question. But she sometimes (maybe too often) gets in trouble when she leaps before she looks, so he could come in handy.

Cameron and Summer are immediately pulled into a mystery bigger than a missing groom (with no dead bodies!) and fighting their attraction to each other. If they can find the groom—and solve this mystery—they’ll part ways and never need to see each other again.

They’re caught in a situation they didn’t create. Can a woman who almost got married find love on the run?

If you enjoy Hallmark movies, cozy mysteries, and fun, sweet romances, you’ll love Where’s the Groom? Get your copy now and start reading!

Murder in the Museum: An Edmund DeCleryk Mystery (Edmund DeCleryk Mysteries Book 1)
by Karen Shughart
$0.00, 268 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (41 reviews), #14 in Historical Mysteries
This suspenseful thriller with an historical subplot is a perfect read for lovers of maritime cozy mysteries with a twist. The charming, quiet coastal setting of a quaint maritime village on Lake Ontario makes a perfect backdrop and counterpoint for the shocking murder that occurs right under the nose of the criminal consultant who is hired by the police to solve this crime.

Read this thrilling tale of murder and deceit and join Ed and his wife, Annie, as they discover a map dated 1785 in the basement of the local museum. The discovery leads them to Toronto, Canada and a manuscript found at an archaeological dig, written post-Revolutionary War. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together, and the clues to whodunit are everywhere. But will they find them?

While this clean fiction novel contains no graphic violence, explicit intimate scenes, or cursing, there's plenty of action, adventure, and a surprise ending.

Annie enjoys cooking, and the book also offers gourmet recipes she prepares for friends and family as the hunt goes on to discover hidden secrets rooted in history that help the couple discover who committed this shocking murder.

Stay tuned for more Ed and Annie adventures as they investigate the death of Ed's childhood friend in Murder in the Cemetery

The Killer Outdoors (A Southwest Exposure Mystery Book 1)
by Jodi Linton
$0.00, 164 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (20 reviews), #4 in Financial Thrillers

Welcome to Bushwhack, New Mexico: home to tourists, the great outdoors, and murder...

Tourist season has hit Bushwhack and Andie Sullivan--owner of Sullivan's Adventure Company--is ready for her town to fill up with city slickers, snotty teens, and the dollars she needs to keep her business afloat after her messy divorce from Bucky Gunn--local celebrity rafting guide and Sullivan's main competition. With all her guided tours booked, it finally seems lady luck is on her side.

But then Bucky is found dead. Not great.

And she's the prime murder suspect. Double not great.

Being framed for murder sucks worse than a rabid chipmunk bite. Andie's determined to clear her name, and this time her survival training skills won't be used to fetch an ice pack. But how long can she stay one step ahead of a killer before she becomes the final victim?

Julia Blake Short Cozy Mysteries - Box Set 1
by Gillian Larkin
$0.00, 168 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (26 reviews), #155 in Cozy Mystery
4 Short Cozy Mysteries

Julia Blake runs her own cleaning company. She has the unfortunate habit of finding murdered people.

A Lesson In Deceit In this story, Julia travels to Edinburgh University to visit her son, Sam. It’s not long before she stumbles upon a dead body. Julia is happy to leave the murder investigation to the police – until her son becomes one of their suspects. Julia has no option but to get herself involved, despite the danger she puts herself in.

A Date With Revenge
Julia agrees to go on a dating event with her friend/client, Louisa Porter. Julia is only there to support Louisa and tries to make this clear to an unwanted suitor. However, the suitor is insistent on meeting Julia again.
And they do meet again – in unfortunate circumstances.

Aiming For Death
After a bet goes wrong, Julia is forced to clean The King’s Head pub. She finds the murdered body of Jacko Knight in the ladies. Jacko was seen the previous night in the pub, playing darts. A set of darts is now piercing a tattoo on his upper arm. Who did the darts belong to? And what is the significance of the tattoo? Due to unforeseen circumstances, Julia can’t help but get involved in the murder investigation.

A Market Murder
Julia helps her sister, Anna, run a stall at the farmers’ market in Leeds. It’s not long before Julia comes across the murdered body of an ex-stallholder. Julia is happy to leave the investigation to the police. However, Anna is worried that a serial killer could be after the other stallholders, including herself, and asks Julia to find the killer. Julia thinks a little bit of investigating won’t cause any harm.

DAISY MORROW Super-sleuth!: The Root of All Evil: Book One of the Daisy Morrow series, a Cozy Mystery with a wicked side!
by R T Green
$0.00, 192 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (8 reviews), #2 in Cozy Mystery
According to Daisy, nothing is ever quite what it seems. In her case, that’s the truest thing ever spoken.

Daisy moved to the village a few miles from Kings Lynn in Norfolk a year ago, after a very unfortunate incident in London made her decide village life was the best option. Now she trundles around on a mobility scooter, even though she doesn’t actually need to. She’s adapted to country life quite well, although she rather unkindly refers to the village of Great Wiltingham as the ‘place people go to wilt’.

It’s not entirely populated by retired folk... there are some families, and even a few young couples. But it has to be said the village has more elderly residents than anything else. It’s a beautiful place, with a duck-pond that’s more like a lake, a second pond at the other end of the village, and a lot of open green spaces.

Daisy has been married to Aidan for thirty-five years. No one in the village knows that, because although he spends most of the time in Daisy’s thatched cottage, he has his own place just around the corner.
Given what Daisy used to do before she retired, and the very unfortunate incident in London, they both decided it was best people didn’t know just how much of a couple they actually were.

Daisy is seventy-one now. But for her, old habits die hard. And for some strange reason, trouble seems to follow her around. It’s been a peaceful twelve months settling into village life, but that’s about to end...

‘The Root of all Evil’ is the first book in the Daisy Morrow series. After some strange goings-on and a murder in the village, Daisy and Aiden, together with a young police-woman called Sarah, whose curiosity gets the better of her, set about solving the mystery.

They discover the village is being secretly abused by some very unsavoury people, a fact Daisy has very good reason to hate, so she sets off on a personal vendetta against those responsible. Yes indeed, old habits die hard!

And it all begins with a rose bush, mysteriously uprooted in the middle of the night...

The Daisy Morrow series is now three books old! The Third One, 'A Very Unexpected African Adventure'. is available on pre-order now, releasing 3rd May! Check out Daisy, and all my other work, at

The Wedding Cake Murder (The Arizona Summers Mysteries Book 1)
by Susan Keene
$0.00, 280 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (14 reviews), #1 in General Humorous Fiction
THE BODY OF A WOMAN who insulted everyone she met on her short trip to Moonstone Lake is found floating in the lake. Is it a murder or an accident?

Arizona Summers and her psychic dog Nutmeg love to solve crimes. The new chief Keith Wesley makes it clear he doesn’t want her help. Once he realizes Arizona is the go-to person with whom the townspeople share their deepest and darkest secrets. The handsome new chief tries to get back in Arizona’s good graces but she doesn’t make it easy.

It’s hard for Ary to keep the restaurant she owns running smoothly when her mother, Emma causes chaos at every turn. Even her Aunt Sandy, who referees her sister and niece, shakes her head at Emma’s shenanigans.

Join the fun and the humor of this great mystery series. Get your copy today.

The Case of the Mysterious Madam: A Gilded Age Historical Cozy Mystery (Shipwreck Point Mysteries Book 1)
by Elise M. Stone
$0.00, 265 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (14 reviews), #1 in U.S. Historical Fiction

Previously published as Unsafe Harbor.

Titus Strong, lawyer to the rich and famous, left Boston for the seaside town of Whitby to escape the publicity from his most recent case. As well as his guilty conscience.

Elisabeth Wade, an independent, intelligent young woman in need of a job, has lived in Whitby all her life. She knows the people, the places, and where the bodies are buried. Sometimes literally.

In 1894, Whitby, Massachusetts, better known as Shipwreck Point to its residents, personifies the excesses of the Gilded Age. Home to luxury hotels, bawdy houses, gambling establishments, and a corrupt local government, Whitby is Newport, Rhode Island crossed with Tammany Hall, in miniature.

Katie Sullivan, owner of the Honey House, may not have a respectable position, but she is respected. And she’s very protective of her girls. When a drunken lighthouse keeper tries to rape one of them, Katie threatens him. In front of witnesses, including Titus Strong.

When the keeper is found murdered, the police look no further than the well-known madam.

But Titus doesn’t believe she killed him.

Will he be able to gather enough evidence to prove her innocence?

With the help of his new secretary and a former Pinkerton detective, Titus is determined to try.

Don't Rock the Boat!: An Animal Lovers Cozy Mystery (A Sandie James Cozy Mystery Book 3)
by Tessa Kelly
$0.00, 257 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (10 reviews), #9 in American Humorous Fiction

A missing sailboat, an I do, and a dead body.

Sandie James, aspiring author and part-time cake decorator, couldn’t be more thrilled when her two dear friends, Geraldine O’Hara and Henry Edwards, invite her to their island wedding at the lovely Sand Reed Hotel. The only thing that would make the weekend even better is if Sandie’s boyfriend would get the time off work to share the happy occasion with her.

But under the sunny smiles, tensions are churning. The signs are there, and soon Sandie begins to fear someone in the wedding party arrived on the island with murder in their heart. When a guest turns up dead, the local sheriff is all too eager to declare the death an accident, but Sandie is sure there’s been foul play.

With more than one person warning her off the investigation, can Sandie find the killer before someone else goes belly up, or will she be next?

The Sandie James Cozy Mysteries

Prequel—Missing in Seattle: A Christmas Story

Book #1—First Edition Murder

Book #2—The Deadly Art

Book #3—Don’t Rock the Boat!

Cadmium Yellow, Blood Red: A Double V Mystery (Double V Mysteries Book 1)
by Jacqueline T. Lynch
$0.00, 203 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (13 reviews), #30 in Historical Mysteries
A museum heist, a missing child, a murder, a recent ex-con and an even more recent widow. How many times do we have to pay for our mistakes before life sends us a reprieve?

Juliet Van Allen, museum administrator, discovers that her artist husband is having an affair with another woman. Elmer Vartanian, recently released from prison for a museum robbery, is coerced into helping scout her museum for a heist by a gang that has kidnapped his daughter. Juliet’s husband is murdered. Did she kill him? She needs an alibi – so does the ex-con.

Cadmium Yellow, Blood Red is the first book in the Double V Mysteries series set in New England in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

If you like the romance and charm of a classic film, this “cozy noir” will remind you of an era when dramatic stories were elegant, subtle, and even a grim dark alley might lead to the glamour of evening dress and a champagne cocktail.
Enter a world where Modern Art meets old-fashioned murder and take a back seat in Juliet’s sleek 1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan for a fast ride to outrun danger – now.

Vengeance Is Mine (Arbor Vale Mystery Book 7)
by Eunice Loecher
$0.00, 266 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #30 in Women's Detective Fiction
A 50th class reunion in Arbor Vale brings with it old memories. For Zita Stillman, few are fond. However, these memories evoke resentment and revenge into the present. Have fifty years softened Zita's old nemesis Gloria, the cheerleader and tormentor? And the reporters and camera crew from the Natural Beauty Contest follow the winner, Zinnia to Arbor Vale, creating even more chaos. Once again Zita and Zinnia face murder and mayhem together in Arbor Vale. Will they become victims this time?

Yellow Rose Murder Mystery Collection: Books 1-4
by K.P. Hilton
$0.00, 291 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #9 in Mystery Anthologies
Full-time baker by choice, part-time crime solver by chance.

Betty Hitchens takes on crooks, customers, and capers as she first opens then struggles to keep her storefront going in the small town of Yellow Rose, TX. Fortunately, the tenacious chef has friends, family, and co-workers to help her out and take comfort in when life starts to get rough. And of course, lots of cake.

Her first four adventures in the Yellow Rose Cozy Mystery series are:

1 – Real Women Eat Cake
2 – Cake and Taxes
3 – Bossy Cakes
4 – Cake, Rattle and Roll

The Lost City of Lembis!: A Missy Porter Mini Story! (A Missy Porter Story Book 4)
by Mary Cathereene Brown
$0.00, 109 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #342 in Cozy Mystery
A Missy Porter Story!
The Lost City of Lembis!
By Mary Cathereene Brown

Missy and her cousin Jack Porter have found the Lost City of Lembis. A city that was believed to be just as grand if not greater then Atlantis. When they find it they are met with deeper mysteries then they believed and it only unravels their beliefs about saving all of their Egyptian friends whom they promised to save. Will the Lost City help them or only endanger their lives more?
Can going into the past actually save their future? Or will they find that their friends truly are the villains they’ve been trying to save.
Will Missy’s supernatural powers and all of the elements she’s been finding in all of her mysteries finally come to an END?

Find Out in this Fourth Missy Porter Story!

The Camphorwood Chest Mystery (Eve Sanderson Mysteries Book 2)
by C E Parkinson
$0.00, 342 pages, 3.5 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #337 in Cozy Mystery
This is the sequel to ''Tall Shadows, Dark Secrets.'' Genealogy enthusiast, Eve Sanderson, is working as a researcher in a cold case police unit. Out of the blue she gets a call from the owner of Watercress Cottage, a former family home. A wooden chest has been found during renovations, which is believed to have belonged to Eve's father, Jack Sanderson. Eve collects the chest, takes it home and on opening it discovers it contains a deadly family secret....

The Retirement Plan: An Entertaining Crime Story
by John Lamb
$0.00, 143 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #26 in Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Literary Fiction
The Retirement Plan is a Light and Entertaining Crime Story.
Joan and Brian have been married for almost 40 years and consider themselves to be very ordinary, steady, down to earth, sensible people who have worked all their adult lives, saving money where they could, but always contributing towards their pension so they could be certain of a comfortable and secure old age. As they approached their retirement age, they began to consider the options of selecting a pension provider but were overwhelmed and confused by the volume of information and quotations presented to them. The solution appeared when a smart, professional young man arrived at their door and introduced himself as an executive of an international, privately operated investment fund, and presented them with an exciting pension proposal that would not only generate tremendous income returns, but certainty that both the income and capital would be protected with a ‘cast iron’, inflation proof return, supported by an insurance backed guarantee. It seemed like divine intervention and the answer to their pension needs and much, much more. As their retirement date approached, they contacted the company to arrange for the pension payments to commence. They heard nothing. After months of futile efforts to locate where their investments had gone, they realised they’d been duped, and nobody could help them. With what little money they had left they recognised it was no longer possible to maintain their current lifestyle for more than a few months. After much thought they decided their choices were limited to: -1). Surviving on the meagre State Pension. 2). Continue working. 3). Commit suicide. 4). Create income through some other means, either legally by, a). Putting all remaining money either as a bet on a horse or buying lottery tickets. b). Starting a business. OR illegally by a). Theft. b). Making/selling of illegal substances. c). Fraud. d). Blackmail. e). Kidnap and ransom. f). Assassination services. g). Specialist services. Brian and Joan don’t like any of the options, but as necessity pushes them to make decisions, the high-risk choices they make ultimately create fear, stress, adventure, fun and ….? Enjoy the story.

Mystery at the Ruby
by Holly Hertzel Mike Prittie
$0.00, 193 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #286 in Cozy Mystery
Trapped in a derelict theater, eight people try to find their way out before they meet their doom! Meet Penelope Moreau, the grand dame of Seattle theater. And Fox Flaherty, with leading man good looks and a chip on his shoulder. Then there's beautiful Daisy Harlow, student of all things cinema. Joined by other artists, thespians, and performers at the Ruby Theater in Seattle, all are hoping to advance their careers under the leadership of the famed director Mortimer Sterling. They meet up at the fabled Theater, never expecting to be targets of a deranged killer. An intriguing, exciting mix of escape room and Agatha Christie, with a touch of Shakespeare, Mystery at the Ruby will have you on the edge of your seat.

Seasoned Southern Sleuths Box Set 1: Culinary Cozy Mystery Series (Seasoned Southern Sleuths Cozy Mystery Box Sets)
by Kelsey Browning
$0.00, 683 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #8 in Mystery Anthologies
The first three stories of the USA TODAY bestselling Seasoned Southern Sleuths Mysteries by Kelsey Browning and Nancy Naigle available as a box set!

When Lillian Summer Fairview’s husband up and dies on her, it leaves the last living member of the most prestigious family in Summer Shoals, Georgia, in a hot money mess. Desperate to keep up the family name and give the man a decent burial, penniless Lil makes a shady deal that lands her smack-dab in the slammer.

Burdened by her shameful secret and a crumbling family estate, Lil entrusts Summer Haven’s care to her best friend, Maggie, who recruits two more over-fifty ladies to help. But when Maggie discovers that Lil’s restitution is ten times the amount she “borrowed” from the federal government, she’s convinced Lil has taken the fall for someone else’s crime.

Will these gals be able to prove Lil was duped, or will the swindler get away with hoodwinking a sweet little old lady?

Southern matriarch Lillian Summer Fairview is settling right nice into prison, until Big Martha, the toughest broad on the cellblock, comes asking for a favor. Her niece has fallen for a guy she met online, and Martha’s convinced Mr. Too-Good-To-Be-True is up to no good. All Lil’s friends have to do is check out the guy and report back. 

Already tied up with a cantankerous septic system on Lil’s family estate, the grannies don’t have time for another investigation. If Summer Haven isn’t in shipshape before the historic society’s inspection, they’ll be in deep you-know-what. But Big Martha is as persuasive as she is tough, and when the gals poke around, they find the guy doesn’t really exist. 

Will they be able to track down the elusive Romeo in the scam-filled world of online dating, or will they find themselves in trouble right up to their granny panties?

Sheriff Teague Castro made a mistake ten years ago that cost him the love of his life. But Jenny Northcutt has always been the woman for him, and he’s ready to do whatever it takes to get a second chance at love.

Jenny is a divorced mother, and she has zero time or energy for romance. But her own mother’s recent move is forcing Jenny to come face-to-face with Teague, the man who destroyed her belief in happily ever. Now, Jenny can’t deny the spark is still alive, but this time more than her heart is at risk.

Teague cooks up a plan to woo Jenny, but a local theft could ruin both the Christmas holiday and his odds of winning her over. Now, with a mysterious crime to solve, Teague must once again keep a secret from Jenny. 

Will their painful past repeat itself, or will they get the gift of a second chance at love?

Newly Free Hard-Boiled Kindle Books for 2021-04-06

Crossing Lines (A Sam Mason Mystery Book 6)
by L. A. Dobbs
$0.00, 300 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (364 reviews), #1 in Crime Thrillers
He got away with murder once before...

A missing persons case in White Rock, New Hampshire turns sinister and sheds light on what might be the biggest mistake of Sam Mason’s career.

But the sickening realization that his arch-enemy, Lucas Thorne, may not be guilty of the crime that put him behind bars is the least of Sam’s worries. A dangerous killer is targeting young girls and Sam and his K-9 Lucy must stop him.

But life at the White Rock Police station is complicated. Sam has just discovered that his second in command, Jody Harris, hasn’t exactly been truthful to him. Officer Kevin Deckard is still in a coma, and newcomer Wyatt Davis has secrets of his own. The only steady thing in Sam’s world right now is his trusty K-9 Lucy.

As the killer escalates, Sam races against the clock to prevent the death of another victim. But the leads are dead ends and the clues don’t make any sense... until Sam uncovers the shocking true identity of the killer.... Too bad he may have figured it out, just moments too late.

Nickel City Blues: A Mystery (Gideon Rimes Book 1)
by Gary Earl Ross
$0.00, 333 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (24 reviews), #2 in Black & African American Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Fiction

Sex. High-stakes corruption. Murder.

Private investigator Gideon Rimes, an Iraq War vet and a retired Army CID detective, thought he’d left behind the danger of the battlefield. He serves subpoenas, finds witnesses, and provides background checks for better pay and little use of his trusty Glock.

But then he’s hired to protect sultry, young blues singer Indigo Waters from her stalker ex-boyfriend—a hotheaded cop and the mayor's bodyguard. After a very public altercation, the ex-boyfriend’s body is found bludgeoned in a city park and Rimes wakes up as the prime suspect and tagged cop killer.

Determined to prove his innocence, he begins his own hunt to expose the truth. What he uncovers is a vast plot involving city leaders, a sinister drug lord, corrupt cops, and a dark family secret that someone will do anything to keep hidden, regardless of who they have to kill.

Rimes must tap into his former training and survival instincts. It’s personal now, and the one thing you don’t do is threaten those he loves. . . .

A compulsive series from Edgar Award-winning author, Gary Earl Ross.

Waist Deep (Stefan Kopriva Mystery Book 1)
by Frank Zafiro
$0.00, 291 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (144 reviews), #2 in Hard-Boiled Mysteries
When disgraced former cop Stefan Kopriva is asked by an old high school classmate to find a runaway sixteen year old girl, he reluctantly accepts. Driven by guilt over a terrible mistake that drove him from the force more than ten years earlier, Kopriva battles old injuries, old demons and long ago memories as he unravels the mystery of the missing Kris Sinderling...and seeks his own redemption.

Mrs Jones: Tommy Connell Mystery #1
by B.A. Morton
$0.00, 341 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (189 reviews), #5,169 in Kidnapping Thrillers
A British girl with a secret.
A New York cop with a past.
And a Mob that wants revenge.

When maverick New York detective, Tommy Connell, picks up a witness to murder, he finds himself with more than he bargained for.

Mysterious British girl, Lizzie Jones, is harboring a secret and both the Mob and the Feds are keen to know what it is.

Setting out to solve the puzzle Connell is inexplicably drawn back to his checkered past and the murder of his young son’s mother. With hired killers hot on their trail, Connell must protect Mrs. Jones and uncover the truth.

‘A fast paced roller-coaster of a ride’‘Twisty-turny romantic suspense’

Yeovil Literary Prize winner 2011

The Girl for the Gold: An unputdownable laugh-out-loud noir mystery set in the golden age of crime (Rusty Macduff Book 1)
by C. A. W. Parker
$0.00, 277 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Hard-Boiled

First they took the girl – now someone has stolen the ransom…

In the golden age of crime, Rusty Macduff is a private investigator with a difference. Faced with an oversupply of great detectives, he only takes on the cases everyone else turns down. His speciality is the shameful, the disgusting and the peculiar – and he doesn’t just mean his discounts.

Now Rusty’s in a wild corner of Sussex, helping a family buy back their daughter from her kidnappers. But first he has to find out who just stole her ransom.

That’s easier said than done when the English countryside is swarming with thieves, kidnappers and killers. Not to mention rival detectives changing their mind and looking to get in on the case… 

The Rusty Macduff mysteries are addictive laugh-out-loud golden age detective thrillers for those who like their crime quirky – loved by fans of Malcolm Pryce, Rex Stout, Lawrence Block, Edmund Crispin and P. G. Wodehouse.

Here's what readers are saying about THE GIRL FOR THE GOLD:

"Joyous, amusing and highly entertaining. There are too many funny lines to mention.” – E. V. Seymour, bestselling novelist

“Excellently crafted novel riddled with laughs” – Colin Taylor, Goodreads

“Such a brilliant book! Loved every minute of reading it” – Karen, an Amazon customer

"The writing style is deliciously laconic as is the dialogue and the characters are well drawn.” – Amazon customer

Newly Free Private Investigators Kindle Books for 2021-04-06

Counterfeit! (The Jones Sisters Thrillers Book 1)
by Elizabeth Ducie
$0.00, 270 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (25 reviews), #2 in Medical Thrillers

Fake medicines kill!

In Uganda a factory burns; a friend goes missing; and in Swaziland and Zambia, children die. Suzanne Jones’ fight against counterfeiting just got personal.

Who’s supplying the fake drugs? What’s the Eastern European connection?

Can Suzanne stop the counterfeiters before more youngsters die?

Hill House (The Harry Starke Novels Book 3)
by Blair Howard
$0.00, 330 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (157 reviews), #63 in Private Investigator Mysteries

For More Than Ten Years She Lay Beneath the Floorboards of Hill House

For more than ten years, she waited. Who was she? Who put her there? Why? Harry Starke vows to find the answers to those questions, but how? The trail has gone cold and Hill House is a desolate ruin with many secrets. To find the answers Harry must embark upon an investigation that will put him and those close to him in deadly danger, take him to the lost and long-forgotten streets under the city, deep into the Dark Web where he comes face to face with murder, organized crime, prostitution, and human trafficking. One by one, he peels back the layers, and with each one, he sinks a little deeper into the morass, the seamy underbelly of a world few know of, and even fewer want to be a part of. Hill House has many doors. None of them lead anywhere but into darkness and despair.

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

Pictures To Die For (John Kite Book 3)
by Stuart Doughty
$0.00, 314 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (7 reviews), #39 in Conspiracy Thrillers
Mayhem in Florida and murders in Europe. If a billionaire wants something badly enough, who can stop them getting it? Especially when his accomplice is an obsessive criminal. In this fast action thriller – with a touch of wit – it’s art detective John Kite’s job to nail the dangerous and mystifying thieves who steal paintings – then destroy them. Kite criss-crosses the world to save millions of dollars’ worth of art from destruction as a beguilingly sexy, and kooky, ex-cop re-enters his life with problems of her own she wants him to solve.

Murder at the IRS
by Peter Dunev
$0.00, 251 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #14,726 in Private Investigator Mysteries
Paul was on the brink of closing the biggest deal of his life when Exxon arbitrarily canceled the project. Broke and emotionally vulnerable, he took a job with an old colleague. Then things got strange. Who was the young man who moved in with his son? How did he know so much, and where did he come from? What did he want? When Paul was summarily fired one day, he started looking deeper into the events that ruined his life. What he found was incomprehensible, and he decided to do something about it. Risking his life and that of his family, Paul became an amateur detective and set out on a quest that would forever change everything he believed. Paul soon learned that revenge is best served cold.

Corruption: An Angelica Dale Mystery
by P.K. Armstrong
$0.00, 209 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #8,391 in Private Investigator Mysteries
Angel is at it again and this time things get complicated. Contacted by a local attorney whose son finds a dead body, Angel is thrown into a tangled investigation that once again means she will be stepping on the toes of her new romantic interest Detective Christopher Roland. To add to her stress, Angel’s father, retired cop Jerry Dale, stumbles upon new information regarding Angel’s foster child Violet and her birth parents. With a group of dirty cops coming into focus and Roland’s integrity at risk, Angel doggedly presses on uncovering painful answers that will affect those closest to her.

The Thirteenth Middle School Reunion Member (Who is Biannca? Book 1)
by Yellow Citrus
$0.00, 487 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Private Investigators
Twelve young adults were going to hold their first ever middle school reunion in an isolated mansion. But there were rumors saying that whenever they do that in that amount of participants, a 13th person would be summoned and start killing them off from the first night until the highest possible number of victims in one digit, which is nine, in other words, only three of them would be left by the end of that party of 4 days 3 nights. Will that become true? Yes, there was one left behind ungraduated that year. Can they prevent it? It depends, there were too many wannabe detectives here! If not, who will survive? It wasn't just a 12 vs 1 battle of wits.

Newly Free Detectives Kindle Books for 2021-04-06

The Suit (The 509 Crime Stories Book 4)
by Colin Conway
$0.00, 339 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (13 reviews), #2 in Conspiracy Thrillers

A crew looking for some kicks. A hero tortured by his past. All on a collision course with death.

It’s called the Knockout Game—a violent one-punch assault on random strangers.

Years ago, it faded like a bad memory, but now it’s back—with a vengeance.

But this time it’s been twisted into an act of retaliation against the corporate image of the 1%—men in suits and ties. No man is safe walking through downtown.

Those playing the game are terrorizing a city and the police seem helpless to stop it.

When the game expands to murder, Detectives Quinn Delaney and Marci Burkett join the hunt. As more victims hit the ground, the police are running out of time.

What they have yet to understand is that this has always been about one suit.

And he’s ready to fight back.

The Suit is the fourth book in The 509 Crime Stories, a series of novels set in Eastern Washington with revolving lead characters. If you like thrillers with fast-paced action, then you’ll love this story.

Pick up The Suit and join this exciting new series today!

THE KILLING LINE: veteran detective Jack Harris deals with a difficult case of murder (Detective Chief Inspector Jack Harris Book 7)
by John Dean
$0.00, 211 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (110 reviews), #2 in Organized Crime
A schoolgirl is found dead from a drugs overdose. The second in a few weeks. DCI Jack Harris suspects there is more to the tragedy.

The small Pennine town of Levton Bridge is up in arms. The locals are campaigning for a young offender centre to be closed down. The death of the girls fuels their anger.

Following the second death, a murder investigation gets underway. School friends of the victim are interviewed but keep shtum.

Soon the inquiry centres on Lee Smedley, a young tearaway known to the police for robbery and drugs dealing. But he is fleet of foot and not so easy to pin down.

With the townsfolk putting increasing pressure on the authorities, DCI Jack Harris must get results. Can he collar the right person for the crime?

This is the seventh book in a series of murder mysteries by John Dean. It can be enjoyed entirely on its own.

The full list of books is as follows:

1.Dead Hill
2.The Vixen’s Scream
3.To Die Alone
4.To Honour the Dead
5.Thou Shalt Kill
6.Error of Judgement
7.The Killing Line
8. Kill Shot

All of these books are free with Kindle Unlimited and available in paperback from Amazon.

Bloody Cruise: Crime Ahoy!
by Christian Huyeng
$0.00, 107 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #33 in Steampunk Science Fiction

★Crime knows no vaccation!★

'Take a vacation', they said. 'A cruise will relax you', they said. Pah! Right now Commander Nachtu of the City Watch and his wife Iunit are stuck on a luxury cruise ship on its way to the island of Walsall. Instead of enjoying the free buffet and a lot of massages, the commandaner has to grapple with a series of murders of well-heeled guests. Not at all easy when the most famous private detective and crime author from Terre de Splendeur, Héraclès Poignot, has his own theories. Secrets from the victims' past, champagne pyramids and over-motivated animators add to the chaos on this floating crime scene. Well then, ahoy!

Newly Free Mystery Kindle Books for 2021-04-06

Borderline Case: Book 1 of the Borderline Series
by Edmund Pickett
$0.00, 390 pages, 4.9 out of 5.0 (19 reviews), #6 in Mystery Action Fiction
.ERIC thought he had gotten lucky. She was gorgeous and she acted single. It wasn't until 5 am, when the guys with guns broke into his hotel room, that he found out she was the girlfriend of a drug lord. They were going to kill him slowly until they found out what he did for a living. Then they decided he could work for them. A land surveyor should be able to guide cocaine smugglers across the border, right?
ORNELA couldn't find work in Mexico. Friends told her that in the US a nanny makes more than a doctor does in the south, so she decided to risk everything. She was only a hundred yards from the river when the coyote she had hired to take her to the US turned around and said, "There's going to be an additional charge..." And he had a gun in his hand.
EL RIO GRANDE A thin green band through the desert, one hundred yards of muddy water separating the third world from gringo land. Deserted and peaceful during daytime, at night a lawless highway for drug smugglers, people smugglers, paperless poor people, the thieves and rapists who prey on the poor people and the US Border Patrol.

Diamonds Aren't Forever: Heist Ladies, Book 1 (Heist Ladies Caper Mysteries)
by Connie Shelton
$0.00, 346 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (127 reviews), #51 in Women Sleuths
Readers are loving the Heist Ladies! “What I loved most is the international flair of this story … I gave this a 5-star because of the grab, the clutch, the pace, and most of all, because of the characters. Great job!” –Amazon review
A nearly flawless museum robbery, a missing million-dollar necklace, a stalled investigation. For the victim of the crime, the situation calls for desperate measures, and spunky 72-year-old Pen Fitzpatrick isn't going to sit by and do nothing. When the police have a dozen excuses why they can’t solve the crime, Pen does the only thing she can do—gather a group of friends to help catch the crooks and steal back the necklace. They call themselves The Heist Ladies.

It becomes apparent the thief is a master con man who is likely working with an international theft ring. The chase takes the Ladies far from home and into elegant European enclaves as they attempt to face him down. Close calls and near misses—it’s never quite certain whether the women will be able to pull their own spectacular heist and see justice done.

Praise for The Heist Ladies series
"May be the best book ever from Connie Shelton!" --5 stars, Amazon (for Diamonds Aren't Forever)

"This is another Big winner!" --5 stars (for The Trophy Wife Exchange, Heist Ladies #2)

"I love the diversity of the heist ladies. Each one is a strong woman and brings an expertise to the group." --5 stars, (for The Trophy Wife Exchange, Heist Ladies #2)

"Another great Heist Ladies book ... would make a great series or Hallmark movies." -- 5 stars (for Movie Mogul Mama, Heist Ladies #3)

Praise for Connie Shelton’s previous novels:
“Readers can only hope the likable characters, fast-paced plots and local color will continue …” –Albuquerque Journal

“Down to earth and very readable.” –Library Journal

“…a delightfully complex mystery.” –Romantic Times (4 out 5 five stars)

“Connie Shelton gets better with every book she writes.” –The Midwest Book Review

Book of Hours: A web of deceit - weaving to a surprising conclusion (A Mikky dos Santos Thriller 2)
by Janet Pywell
$0.00, 340 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (12 reviews), #4 in Heist Crime

Art forger Mikky dos Santos has talent, cunning, athletic prowess, an independent income—and even love. But trust? Now that’s another thing. After a lifetime of betrayal, she’d finally thought it was just within her reach…

A year after an accident that nearly killed her, Mikky’s made a miraculous recovery. She’s been spending her days rebuilding the strength in her elaborately-inked body by kitesurfing with the handsome nurse she fell in love with during her recovery. She’s even thinking about painting again.

But when an old —but dangerous—friend tracks her down and asks for her help in authenticating a beautiful and possibly priceless medieval prayer book, a Book of Hours, Mikky finds herself caught up in someone else’s web—a deadly game played out across three countries.

Mikky is up against the best. She must outsmart a whole ring of international antiquities smugglers, some of whom might be friends—or relatives. But she absolutely can’t do it alone; she’s going to have to learn to trust someone—but who?

Set in Malaga (Spain), Bruges (Belgium) and Canterbury (England) – this international fast paced thriller will leave you rapidly turning the pages until the twist at the very end.

Mikky’s combination of vulnerability and strength will appeal to fans of female protagonists and readers of crime thrillers in the style of Donna Leon, Estelle Ryan, Laura Morelli, CJ Lyons and Carmen Armato.

★★★★★ “First class thriller. Original and impossible to put down!”

★★★★★ “This series keeps getting better! Exotic locales, murder, intrigue, betrayal, family drama… so much going on but spun beautifully into a tale with teeth. Follow along the journeys of our heroes in facing personal demons, betrayals and their pasts…”

★★★★★ “An exciting adventure with many twist a turns that keep you wondering what is next. Many surprises wait for you as it ends.”

Talon Grayson:: Lucinda Adair, And The Making Of I.C.E
by Brian T.L. Strauss
$0.00, 434 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (10 reviews), #83 in Historical Mysteries
Talon Grayson, self-made millionaire and widower, just got an inheritance like no other. A mansion from the old west, that just happened to be 'the' brothel in its heyday. Now, the new west will meet the old... and the madam that never left. With a little assist from his 2 siblings, a medium with a dark past, a doctor and a tech genius who just happen to have ties to the old mansion, and a real life history detective... he'll embark on a 150 year-old 'cold case' that will send the amateur historian on the restoration of a lifetime... and change all involved forever.

The Ducal Detective Mysteries (Court of Mystery Book 1)
by Sarah E. Burr
$0.00, 657 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (7 reviews), #9 in Epic Fantasy
Welcome to the Realm of Virtues, where murder is a royal affair.

"These six stories were sensational!" -Five-Star Audible Review

After ascending the throne of Saphire following the sudden death of her beloved parents, Duchess Jacqueline Arienta Xavier and her fearless friends face murder and mayhem around every castle corner.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown and cracks the case. This prequel anthology is comprised of the first five Duchess Jacqueline adventures, The Ducal Detective, A Feast Most Foul, A Voyage of Vengeance, A Summit in Shadow, and Throne of Threats. Also included in this collection is the first Realm of Virtues Story, featuring a young George Solomon.

"Such a lovely tale. It had intrigue, action, friendship, and a beautiful romance."

"Jax is easy to love"

"A very good mix of mystery and fantasy and royalty."

The Ducal Detective: In this captivating novella introducing the Realm of Virtues, Jacqueline Arienta Xavier is the newly crowned Duchess of Saphire after her parents' carriage is found overturned on their way to a knights' tournament. While at first the tragedy is deemed an accident, the Duchess discovers a sinister plot in the heart of her own duchy. She must use her fearless curiosity, with help from unsuspecting friends, to unmask the culprit before the traitor comes for her head.

A Feast Most Foul: For her first official trip as Duchess of Saphire, Jacqueline Arienta Xavier arrives at the Duchy of Mensina, home to her fierce and cunning grandfather, the Duke. What starts off as a celebration for tournament champions takes a ghastly turn when a reclusive knight is found dead in his tent. The Duchess must race to apprehend the culprit before those closest to her pay for the crime.

A Voyage of Vengeance: Duchess Jacqueline Arienta Xavier is looking forward to the maiden voyage of Rose of the Sea, a grand luxury ship commissioned by Isla DeLacqua, an island duchy and ally of Saphire. What is meant to be a reunion of old friends quickly takes an eerie turn when mysterious disappearances begin happening aboard the new ship. Can the Duchess uncover the treacherous source before irreparable damage is done?

A Summit in Shadow: As winter settles across the land, Jacqueline Arienta Xavier travels north to Lysandeir to discuss the future of the infamous wilds of Cetachi. When a young woman unexpectedly dies the night the Saphire delegation arrives at the summit, the Duchess senses a darkness looming over the gathering. While others dismiss the woman's death as accidental, Jax knows something more sinister is afoot. She and her friends must scour the halls of the stone fortress in search of the perpetrator before the realm is cast into civil war.

Throne of Threats: As her royal wedding approaches, Jacqueline Arienta Xavier cannot help but feel a shadow of unease in her mind. Surrounded by her dearest friends, she is horrified to learn her lady-in-waiting has been attacked and kidnapped by unknown assailants just days before the ceremony. Determined to bring Uma back home safely, the Duchess begins to question the loyalties of all her guests, even her fiancé, Perry. Can Jax track down the culprits before they do something drastic, or is Uma only the first victim in a rebellion against the throne?

Mark of Mettle: When George Solomon joined the Ducal Guard at age sixteen, he had no idea his life was about to change forever. In this Realm of Virtues short story, discover how Duchess Jacqueline Arienta Xavier found herself a lifelong friend in the most harrowing of ways.

The Duchess's story continues in the Court of Mystery novels:

The Ducal Detective Mysteries
Paradise Plagued
Burdened Bloodline
Sovereign Sieged
Crown of Chaos
Harrowed Heir
Ravaged Reign

Chasing Babylon (The Books of Babylon)
by Tracy L. Higley
$0.00, 352 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (66 reviews), #23 in International Mystery & Crime
Previously published as Marduk’s Tablet

What if the legend is true?

Emilie Nazzaro saw her father’s obsession with an ancient Babylonian tablet lead to his betrayal and murder. Now, she’s been charged with deciphering the symbols on this centuries-old piece of clay and its legendary omen of healing power.
But others are desperate to get their hands on the tablet, too, and Emilie must first separate well-meaning friends from lethal enemies.
On a harrowing journey through Israel and into ancient Babylon, she uncovers the secrets surrounding her father’s death –but will she stay alive long enough to learn the truth?

“Action, action, action… in this rocket ride through the unfriendly world of antiquities and adventure.” – Alton Gansky, author of The Scroll

A Romantic Suspense Series Bundle: First In Series Box Set
by Stephanie St. Klaire
$0.00, 673 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (8 reviews), #2 in Psychological Literary Fiction
From bestselling author Stephanie St. Klaire comes a suspense packed collection driven by deception, murder, and corruption.

Deadly secrets, fatal flaws and heart-stopping chemistry will grip you page by page as killers hide in plain sight and danger lurks at every twist and turn. From a rugged mountain town to the darkest corners of the world.

Now available in one riveting box set—Rescued, Declan, and Close Encounter— high intensity, action-packed romance, guaranteed to blow your mind and take your heart hostage.

In the Still of the Night (A Friday the 13th Story)
by Callie Hutton
$0.00, 51 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (6 reviews), #71 in 90-Minute Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Short Reads

It was supposed to be just another overnight shift at the zoo where Holly McCabe worked…until she discovered something more dangerous than lions and tigers lurked in the darkness.

Holly McCabe works the overnight shift at the local zoo. She likes the peace and quiet but never forgets that the only thing separating her from the dangerous animals surrounding her is a fence, a moat, or a sheet of unbreakable glass.

What Holly doesn’t know is that on this night, a greater threat lurks in the darkness at the zoo. Someone who has revenge in mind. Someone who wants to kill her. But first, like the great cats on display at the zoo, he will play with her.

A Friday the 13th Short Story: 13 authors ~ 13 suspenseful stories. Murder and mayhem on Friday the 13th...Find each story in the series on Amazon.

Red Right Return (Buck Reilly Adventure Series Book 1)
by John H. Cunningham
$0.00, 316 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (360 reviews), #1 in International Mystery & Crime
Buck Reilly wants only three things out of life: A plane to fly, a treasure to find, and a beautiful woman to rescue. He’ll get his chance at all three in the first of John H. Cunningham’s thriller series, RED RIGHT RETURN. Set against the stunning scenery and freaky fabulousness of the Florida Keys, Cunningham joins the ranks of Carl Hiaasen, Randy Wayne White and Papa himself in a rich new series for thrill seekers everywhere.

But Buck Reilly’s no ordinary hero. A product of his times and ours, too, he’s laying low and trying to fly under the radar in the aftermath of economic catastrophe. Back in his bad old days on Wall Street, Buck ran e-Antiquity, plundering the world’s treasures, (and a few of his investors’ pockets) for some pretty handsome profit. He wasn’t a bad guy back then, he just didn’t know any better. But life turned ugly when the market crashed, the company cratered and the FBI investigated the bankruptcy. When his marriage ended and his parents were killed in a car crash, Buck found out for certain that business wasn’t just business anymore.

These days, Buck’s a lot like the rest of us—trying to make ends meet and hoping for better times. He operates Last Resort Charter and Salvage, flying a 1946 amphibious Grumman Widgeon, hunting for sunken treasure and taking on an occasional passenger, no questions asked. But when he faces down the dark forces of Santero priests, the underbelly of the Havana underworld and a pissed-off FBI agent, Buck has nothing but ingenuity, guts and his ancient flying boat to save his skin, and the lives he put in peril.

The Sign of The Blood (A Dangerous Emperor Book 1)
by Laurence O'Bryan
$0.00, 469 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (254 reviews), #1 in Historical Biographical Fiction

The first Christian emperor faces ruthless enemies on his journey to power.

"Exciting and original" - SJA Turney, author of Praetorian.

Cool mist settles over the legion advancing toward the Persian army. Constantine, the son of an emperor, the Roman officer leading the attack, tells his men to halt - something is wrong.

Before long, the battle rages. He frees a slave named Juliana. She is half Persian and half Roman. As they are pursued to Britannia over land and sea, he learns that she can see the future - his future.

It is 306A.D., long before Constantine the Great converted to Christianity and became the first Christian emperor.

To ensure he survives, he must eliminate his enemies. But who must die first? The priestess, Sybellina, who joined them in Rome and practices dark and seductive magic? Or the brutal legion commanders who surround his father? Or, as Juliana suspects, are those who want him dead even closer?

A gripping historical novel about Constantine’s bloody rise to power, the woman who helped him, and the real reason he supported a persecuted Christian minority, a decision which changed the world into the one we know.

Reader’s reviews:

“★★★★★ I absolutely loved Julianna. I couldn't wait for the story to swing back to her each time!” – Vine Voice, Verified Amazon Reviewer.

“★★★★★ This is without doubt one of the best historical novels I have read (and I read a lot !) Excellent characterisation, gripping story, very well written.“ - Verified Amazon Reviewer.

“★★★★★ Characters are well drawn and realistic in not being “perfection personified” story keeps moving at appropriate pace, landscapes well described” - A. Morgan, Verified Amazon Reviewer.

“★★★★★ I would recommend this book to anyone who has a liking for stories of the Roman Empire” - D. Ballantyne, Verified Amazon Reviewer.

“★★★★★ Author Laurence O’Bryan paints scenes with highly descriptive writing that puts you in the scene, making you feel you are right there witnessing the action.” - Robert Lalonde, Verified Amazon Reviewer.

“★★★★★ Brilliant book, that pulled me right in from the start. The characters are wonderful, full of life. I was swept up in this tale about Constantine.” Verified Amazon Reviewer.

“★★★★★ I have read many books and studied history for decades. This historical novel is comparable to the best such as Dear and a Glorious Physician by Taylor Caldwell.” – Augustine Redux, Amazon Reviewer.

The Eel That Slept: A murder mystery set in the mountains of New Zealand, where gods and monsters of Maori mythology still haunt the rivers and valleys.
by Martin Sansom
$0.00, 385 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (19 reviews), #14 in Australian & Oceanian Literature
In the wild and rugged mountains of Aotearoa New Zealand, the mutilated body of a TV fishing celebrity has been discovered, and Detective Sergeant Rachael Blunt is assigned the case.

Meanwhile, Jenny Sunley, a TV weathergirl, is sent to cover the story of a once-in-a-lifetime weather event, an unusual ‘blood rain’ that has travelled all the way from Australia’s red centre.

Working with a newly assigned cameraman, Jenny quickly bonds with the like-able yet secretive character, but she’s left feeling that there is much more to Dave Norman than meets the eye.

This all happens in a modern world of cars and mobile phone, but all the while, something else is watching them, an ancient creature from Maori legend, and its reawakening heralds the start of much darker days still to come.


The Eel That Slept is a book which crosses the genres of crime thriller and adventure mystery. With contemporary themes of racism and misogyny, along with a narrative thread based on the mythology of the South Pacific, it’s a must-read book for fans of crime, adventure, and magical realism (It’s Da Vinci code meets Rizzoli and Isles)


Similar writers and themes:

Dan Brown - Da Vinci Code, Inferno, etc
David Gibbins - Atlantis, Tiger Warrior, etc
Neil Gaiman - American Gods


Gods, Monsters, Mystery, Treasure, Murder, Thriller, Adventure, Mountains, New Zealand, South Pacific.

Dead Slow Ahead (Casey Jones Book 2)
by Stella Whitelaw
$0.00, 209 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (6 reviews), #21 in Heist Crime
Cruise Entertainments Director Casey Jones is back on-board the Countess Georgina. Destination: the Mediterranean.

She now has a new deputy – the charming Lee Williams – and a fresh troupe of entertainers. But life on-board doesn’t always run smoothly, and when things start going missing, Casey senses this cruise isn’t going to be plain sailing …

A disgruntled guest reports a missing Chanel couture gown, and items start disappearing from the ship boutique. A shower is dripping blood and a poisonous snake appears in the penthouse suite. The cabaret singer jumps ship and a cruise lecturer suddenly dies at the bar.

With events turning nasty, Casey’s life is soon threatened, leaving very few people she can rely on. Will she be able to solve the multiplying mysteries before the ship returns to harbour?

Mixing sea-life with gorgeous Mediterranean coastal cities, Dead Slow Ahead is an action-packed tale of romance and murder.

Praise for Stella Whitelaw:

’This promising series, from the author of the Jordan Lacey mysteries, has an interesting premise and should be good for several more outings’- Booklist

‘This offbeat series combines meaty plots with plenty of zany goings-on, in the manner of Janet Evanovich’- Booklist

Stella Whitelaw began her writing career as a cub reporter on a newspaper and became the youngest female chief reporter in London. She has had over forty novels published, as well as numerous short stories in national women’s magazines. Stella has lectured on many cruise ships to the Mediterranean and Caribbean, and the rest of the time lives in Surrey with six beautiful cats.

The Witch on Twisted Oak (The Occult Series)
by Susan C. Muller
$0.00, 419 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (135 reviews), #4 in Psychic Romance
Murder. Secrets. Revenge.

A powerful psychic is brutally murdered. Secrets are revealed. An old enemy is out for revenge.

Detective Ruben Marquez is thrust back into his childhood memories when he investigates a gruesome murder that occurs only feet from his mother’s home. Is the killer somehow connected to his own past? Is the beautiful, mysterious daughter of the victim, someone he can trust? Or is her revelation that she’s a witch a sign he should stay clear. But how can he, when it appears she’s next on the murderer’s to-do list.

In the ultimate test of courage, he uses himself as bait to protect all he holds dear . . . his career, his family, and the Witch on Twisted Oak.

A Black Rose (A Detective Mike Mastro Mystery Book 1)
by Judi Ciance
$0.00, 222 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (27 reviews), #78 in Police Procedurals
Her name was Jeni Johnson, but only he knew that. He had plans for her—just like he’d had plans for the other three. They’d each enjoyed their last night in their quest to move to the top of the social ladder. He gave them a taste, but that was all. They had to die. And there would be more. He was on a mission. His plan was flawless. He’d designed and thought out every detail, down to the black rose—the living symbol of death in a relationship.
This time of the year, Revere Beach Boulevard was quiet. The beach crowd who would bake in the sand by day and party by night were still a couple months away from inhabiting the area where the body of a young girl was found carefully placed behind the seawall next to the bathhouse across from the Do-Drop-In Lounge.
Detective Mike Mastro and his partner, Detective Sal Petruca, out of the Revere Police Department were assigned to the case. There were no visible signs of violence, no blood and no identification.
Two months earlier, a girl posed the same way was found on a beach in Hull, Massachusetts. And, eight months before that, two girls cut from the same mold were found in two beach locations in Quincy.
Fingerprints, DNA and a search of the missing persons’ bank didn’t bring the detectives any closer to putting names to the bodies.
Tensions mounted. With everything working against them, Detectives Mastro and Petruca, had to step up their investigation and nail the killer before he strikes again.

Jane Knight Rogue Officer: Jane Knight Series Book 1
by Leon M A Edwards
$0.00, 530 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (20 reviews), #64 in Men's Adventure Fiction

Industrial espionage. A deadly terrorist plot. Can one forensic accountant’s unique set of skills thwart a twisted mastermind?

Jane Knight is sick of being a wallflower. Although she’s a genius with numbers, she still struggles with self-esteem after years of being bullied. So when the shy woman is approached by a stranger at a friend’s party, she’s dumbfounded by his offer of a job… as a spy.

Tasked with untangling the details behind the Salisbury chemical-weapon attack, Jane soon uncovers traces of a far-reaching criminal conspiracy. But as she and her ex-MI6 partner follow the clues towards their source, they awaken a vengeful foe.

Can timid Jane take charge of her new identity in time to avoid becoming the next victim?

Jane Knight Rogue Officer is the tense first book in the Jane Knight action-adventure series. If you like capable women, damaged heroes, and edge-of-your-seat suspense, then you’ll love Leon M A Edwards’s thrill-packed fictionalization of real events.

Buy Jane Knight Rogue Officer to balance the books of justice today!

Read the book now.

Also by Leon M A Edwards

Jane Knight Fair Game (Action & Adventure/ Romance)
Ponta Delgada A Good Place To Die. (Action & Adventure/ Romance)
Eternity Wing And A Pray (Action & Adventure/ Angel/ Romance/ Paranormal)
Blind Love (Contemporary Romance/ Clean & Wholesome/ Millionaire Romance)
To The Stars (Contemporary Romance/ Clean & Wholesome)

Blood and Guts: A Scottish Detective Mystery (DS Vicky Dodds Scottish Crime Thrillers)
by Ed James
$0.00, 153 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (9 reviews), #33 in Police Procedurals
Christmas Eve. A dead teenager, another missing. One hell of a case.

Settling down for a nice Christmas Eve with her daughter and her best friend, a phone call pulls DS Vicky Dodds into work and to a deadly new case.

A teenage girl, her body cooling in a cold, dark supermarket car park. Found next to her friend’s car, but she’s missing too — has the killer taken her? Or is she the killer?

As the clock ticks down, Vicky digs deep as she investigates Dundee’s grim underbelly, and shows real blood and guts as she cuts through the lies of teenagers and a colleague’s furious rage in her pursuit of the truth.

BLOOD & GUTS is an explosive crime thriller novel from bestselling author, Ed James, one of Scottish crime fiction’s grittiest writers. Perfect for fans of Ian Rankin, Val McDermid, James Oswald and Stuart MacBride.

DARK MIRROR: FINE CRIME 3: Loire Valley Dangerous Reflections
$0.00, 239 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (8 reviews), #116 in International Mystery & Crime
There is a rumour in the world of antique hunters that a rare treasure from the bedchamber of Marie Antoinette is to be discovered in a dark, mysterious Château in Saumur, in the Loire Valley. Henry di Palliano, an eccentric young man and his dog begin the search, aided and abetted by Allie, his beautiful auburn-haired and somewhat unruly researcher. The trail is hot... but can they overcome the jeopardy of life and jealous love en route?

Backstaged: A detective thriller laden with mystery and suspense
by Luis Santamaría
$0.00, 376 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #45 in Police Procedurals


Javier Conde wakes up on the floor of an underground cellar covered in newspapers with his picture on the front page. He is chained to the wall and has many shattered bones. Digging in his memories, Conde, a famous theatrical actor, discovers his abduction is related to the play where he is the lead role as the Phantom of the Opera. If he is to make it alive, Conde will have to undertake an inner journey to face his most brutal demons with the unexpected help of an unlikely ally.

Downtown Madrid is the stage where the mysterious murders of two women take place. Mónica Lago and Rayco Medina investigate the cases and inadvertently play a role in an entangled plot of deception and betrayal that engulfs them.

More than 20,000 copies sold worldwide, translated into several languages.

Luis A. Santamaría (Spain, 1985) is a writer and engineer. He lives with his partner, Silvia, and his dog Yoda, whom he loves with devotion. He is fascinated by all fiction formats, cuisine (working on it and savoring it), and Bruce Springsteen.
Backstaged is the sixth book of his catalog, that was preceded by Reflections in the mirror, Oli's secret, The butterfly effect, Twenty twenty-three, and Hidden Signals.

Art and Milly Montague:golden age detective: Book One (Art and Milly Montague: golden age detectives 1)
by Tom Gnagey
$0.00, 144 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #97 in Mystery Anthologies
Art and Milly Montague, who have been married for sixty of their eighty plus years, find themselves caught up in one mystery after another – the hanging ghost that seems bent on tightening his noose around their necks, way too many deadly falls from the rim of a canyon close to their Rocky Mountain home, a plot to steal precious government documents, and a death threat delivered in an esoteric code. With the help of ever-bickering Rusty and Becky, the bright, loveable twelve year old twins next door, they go about investigating and solving the crimes in and around the little village of Dingle Dell. The local sheriff gives them a pretty free hand in their investigations. They face life’s problems and pleasures with good will, a positive attitude and a wonderful measure of good humor. The stories are as much about the wonderful characters as bringing the bad guys to justice – although they are as perceptive a bunch of sleuths as have ever graced the pages of a mystery.

Damage Control (Standalone)
by Brickhouse
$0.00, 422 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #6 in Black & African American Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Fiction
If Olivia Pope had a sister it would be Nykee Isadore. Nykee can fix any situation and there's no limit to what she'll do to get the job done. She's been dubbed as the "Finesse Queen" because her words are as sweet as honey. She'll ask nice but she won't say it twice. She's all about her wealth and investments. A broken heart made her hang a DO NOT DISTURB sign on it long ago. A devastating revelation right before her wedding day has left a sour taste in her mouth when it comes to commitment. She's not bitter she's just over love - or is she?

Kincade McAllister is a venture capitalist who's sitting on the top of the Forbes List. Every company he's acquired is now worth millions which is why other companies are begging him to sit on their board of directors. Why not? Everything he touches turns to gold. Everything except for his life. His bad boy ways are about to cost his company a billion-dollar deal. Kincade needs the services of Nykee Isadore but there's one problem... He's the reason her heart is no longer open for business. Will she forgive to help save his life and career?

"Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together." Marilyn Monroe

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