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Newly Free Cozy Kindle Books for 2020-09-24

Purrfect Alibi (The Mysteries of Max Book 9)
by Nic Saint
$0.00, 256 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (54 reviews), #1 in American Humorous Fiction
Senior Sleuth on the Rampage

When Marge Poole managed to get the world’s bestselling writer to come down to Hampton Cove for a reading at the local library, she never expected to become a prime suspect when the man is found murdered instead. Now it’s up to her daughter Odelia to track down the real killer, before the murder turns Marge into an outcast in the small town they call home. But when Odelia’s grandmother insists she join the hunt, things suddenly get a little… complicated.

Meanwhile, Odelia’s cats have some issues of their own to contend with. Like the fact that Dooley has become convinced that the apocalypse is about to happen any day now, or that Brutus has been acting very strange lately. And then there’s the fact that Max and his friends have been tasked by Odelia to lend aid and support in her murder investigation. Soon they’re ferreting out clues, interviewing witnesses and discovering some surprises of their own.

Cellini's Revenge: The Mystery of the Silver Cups
by Wendy Bartlett
$0.00, 299 pages, 4.9 out of 5.0 (12 reviews), #445 in Cozy Mystery
Cellini’s Revenge is the story of an American woman, Catherine Evans, falsely accused (but eventually convicted) of her husband David’s murder. She finds him dead in their kitchen in England in 1956 with a knife in his side. Cellini’s Revenge is also the story of the 400-year history of twelve small silver astrological cups that are stolen from Benvenuto Cellini in 1527 in Italy as he is personally delivering them on horseback to the famous Italian family, d’Este.

In 1995, Catherine sees a program about DNA on television and decides to return to England from Vermont to find the real murderer and to fight against the injustice of being wrongfully convicted of David’s murder for which she had served twelve years in Holloway Prison.

You will be taken through four hundred years of fascinating characters who play a part in this story, not only at sea but in Rome and Cornwall, in London’s Brick Lane, Portobello Road, and the Old Bailey. Read this story so you can discover if Catherine clears her name. And look for Books Two and Three in the Cellini’s Revenge trilogy for more mystery, history, and intrigue.

Here’s a small excerpt from the book that captures the essence of the story:

“The cups became symbolic now, of larger things like beauty and value, art, money, greed, toys, meanings of things that people put on the cups; about people making ships crash on the rocks in Cornwall just to plunder their bounty; about the Depression and the desperation of the poor, stealing from one another; about the way people treat other people, using valuable objects to get in the way of their lives; about love and happiness. Catherine read and read and fell in love with her husband all over again, hearing his voice; this man who loved antiques, but seemed to guess at their larger meanings, of astrology, of art and creativity, and of what people would do to satisfy their greed or their need.”

Apple Die (Apple Orchard Cozy Mystery Book 1)
by Chelsea Thomas
$0.00, 178 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (229 reviews), #1 in Cozy Culinary Mystery
From the oven it came…

…smelling like apples, cinnamon, and love.

Everyone adores Miss May, except the guilty.

In a small town, where neighbors know each other, lawn chairs come out in the spring, and if you sit around chatting long enough, someone brings you pie, there are still skeletons in every closet. Luckily for Pine Grove, Miss May has a nose for crime.

The body was found face-down in the orchard.

Chelsea’s not sure crime-fighting is her strong suit. She’s up at her Aunt May’s farm recovering from heartbreak, after all, trying to forget the guy who left her at the altar. But when cousin Maggie’s fiancé is murdered, Chelsea’s own botched wedding seems like less of a big deal.

Who would have killed him?

The handsome and charming Detective Wayne thinks it’s Maggie.

Miss May and Chelsea know he’s wrong, but they don’t have proof. There’s a killer on the loose in their little town and they’re determined to find the culprit.

Who had motive?

You'll adore this clean cozy mystery because everyone loves small-town mysteries with comedy, suspense and yummy food.

Get it now.

The White Magic Five and Dime: A Tarot Mystery (Tarot Mysteries Book 1)
by Steve Hockensmith
$0.00, 334 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (122 reviews), #46 in Women Sleuths
When Alanis McLachlan learns that her mother's been murdered, she's completely unsurprised. Not that Alanis had been given a glimpse into the future. That would be crazy, right? It's just that her con-woman mom, Barbra, was bound to cross the wrong people sooner or later. It's why Alanis was lucky to get out of her childhood alive - and why she hadn't spoken to her mother in decades.

But there is a surprise in store for Alanis. Barbra left her something in her will: a New Age shop in the tiny tourist trap town of Berdache, Arizona. The White Magic Five & Dime.

After going to Berdache to claim her inheritance, Alanis is drawn into the mystery around her mother's death. Did one of Barbra's customers finally get wise to her con-artist ways and take revenge? Alanis thinks she knows how to find out: She'll make those customers her own until she can find the killer. Alanis McLachlan, cynic and unbeliever, is about to become a tarot card reader.

With a little help from her mother's teenage apprentice and a snarky tarot how-to book called Infinite Roads to Knowing, Alanis begins bluffing her way through phony readings. But the more she gets to know the cards, the more she sees real meaning in them...and the closer the murderer comes to making her the next victim.

"Hilarious." -Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"A clever and compelling tale filled with colorful and engaging characters." -Foreword Reviews

"Hockensmith, author of the award-winning Big Red/Old Red series, and coauthor Falco deliver a charming comic mystery." -Booklist

"The story is fun and light, and the mystical background and details of tarot reading are treated with good-natured skepticism." -Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

Murder & Spice and Everything Nice: Ivy Bloom Mysteries
by Caryn Thomas Mitchell
$0.00, 118 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (63 reviews), #37 in Cozy Animal Mystery
Ivy Bloom wants to believe you can go home again and so she does, leaving her work as a writer in NYC and returning to Hydrangea Bay on Cape Cod to start the next chapter of her book-loving life.
She and her sister Gigi work to turn the rambling old mansion they have inherited into a bookstore. Baby books in the nursery, entertaining books in the dining room and romance reads in the ladies boudoir. It looked like it would work out great right up until the moment that the leader of a local religious cult turned up dead in the driveway. Soon his wife is dead as well.
Through no fault of her own, Ivy feels she has to meddle…uh help, investigate. It’s not at all because the lead investigator is her high school crush. It’s because her livelihood is at stake. After all, who wants to shop at a bookstore where people keep dying?

"A" is for Actress (Malibu Mystery Book 1)
by Cantrell Black
$0.00, 334 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (254 reviews), #15 in General Humorous Fiction
After a decade spent in the glare of the Hollywood spotlight as the star of kids' TV show Half Pint Detective, Sofia Salgado has had enough. Desperate to build a life outside showbiz, she quits acting to do something that everyone around her - including her family thinks is plain nuts. Get a real job.

They think she's even crazier when she announces that she's going to become a real detective, instead of playing one on TV. She's convinced the technical consultant from her TV show, Brendan Maloney, to take her on in his detective agency, but can
accident-prone Sofia deal with paparazzi-filled stakeouts, the world’s most annoying partner, and real-life murder?

Raspberry Ripple Murder: A Bitsie's Bakeshop Culinary Cozy (Bitsie's Bakeshop Cozy Mysteries Book 1)
by Abby Byne
$0.00, 81 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (11 reviews), #1 in Two-Hour Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Short Reads
Bitsie George has always dreamed of owning her own bakery. When she finds herself suddenly single after 27 years of marriage, she jumps at the chance of fulfilling her dream. The only drawback to her new life as a baker is the dead electrician in her kitchen.

Was the electrician the victim of a tragic on-the-job accident, or is there something much more sinister afoot? It’s up to Bitsie to find out with a little help from her sister-in-law, her recently-retired-from-the-police-force brother, and her too-handsome-to-be-real shop assistant.

It’s not easy finding a murderer when your most compelling clue is a half-eaten raspberry ripple cupcake, but perhaps a pleasantly-plump cupcake connoisseur is the perfect woman for the job.

SCORED FOR LIFE (Die-Cut Mystery Book 1)
by Judith Dickenson Ackaret
$0.00, 234 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (8 reviews), #62 in Mystery Romance
Life on the Central Oregon coast was quiet and peaceful for Annie Weston until the sudden death of her neighbor, leaving her with an unexpected inheritance, guardianship of a young woman with Down Syndrome, and a very sexy nephew, Donald Harper, who arrives to settle his aunt’s estate.
With the help of a group of senior citizens who decide to become sleuths, they unwittingly involve Annie in their mischief. This only leads to aggravate the local “hot” detective who is trying to solve the death of Annie’s neighbor without interference from Annie and the Silver Sleuths.

Killer Classes (A Spencer University Cozy Mystery Book 3)
by Laina Turner
$0.00, 139 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (12 reviews), #5 in Holiday Fiction

Education is important. Who knew it was also dangerous!

Fall semester is starting at Spencer University, and Olivia is looking forward to an uneventful school year.

However, when the president of the university, Thaddeus Stoddard, doesn't show up for the fall kick-off meeting, it looks like things will be anything but normal.

His wife Candy comes to Olivia for help, but Olivia isn't convinced he's missing. When Candy receives a ransom note, and one of the Thaddeus' colleagues said he was about to divorce Candy because she was cheating, it doesn’t look good for Candy’s husband.

Can Olivia find out the truth before it's too late and the President goes missing forever?

Do you love cozy mysteries with quirky, strong female leads that just can’t keep their noses out of police business? Is murder in the halls of academia your idea of a good read? Then the Spencer University series is for you!

What are readers saying about Killer Classes:

Exciting mystery with just a bit of romance and lots of girl power.” -Amazon

Great book. Killer Classes is the third book in the Spencer University Cozy Series and it does not disappoint. Could not put the book down, a must read.” -Amazon

Short and twisty! Always something new to add to the misdirection and red herrings. Loved it!” -Goodreads

“This is a good cozy with lots of plot twists and good characters and bad guys. I really enjoyed it.” -Goodreads

The Ghostly Grounds: Murder and Breakfast (A Canine Casper Cozy Mystery—Book 1)
by Sophie Love
$0.00, 186 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (21 reviews), #11 in Cozy Culinary Mystery
“The perfect romance or beach read, with a difference: its enthusiasm and beautiful descriptions offer an unexpected attention to the complexity of not just evolving love, but evolving psyches. It's a delightful recommendation for romance readers looking for a touch more complexity from their romance reads.”
--Midwest Book Review (For Now and Forever)

THE GHOSTLY GROUNDS: MURDER AND BREAKFAST is the debut novel in a charming new cozy mystery series by bestselling author Sophie Love, author of The Inn at Sunset Harbor series, a #1 Bestseller with over 200 five-star reviews.

Marie Fortune, 39, a successful dog groomer in Boston, has had enough of catering to the wealthy and their pampered dogs. Realizing it is time to make a change, she quits and heads to a small coastal town in Maine where she remembers fond summers as a kid. Marie expects to go for a brief getaway—and is shocked to learn that her great-aunt left her an inheritance: a dilapidated, historic house high up on a hill overlooking the harbor.

Marie feels an instant connection. Although the locals tell her it would be folly, Marie decides to renovate and give it a second life as a B&B.

But there is one thing she couldn’t have planned for: the house is haunted.

Two things, actually: her great-aunt also left her a dog—and he is far from a typical dog.

When an unexpected death occurs soon thereafter, solving the crime will be more than just a matter of curiosity for Marie—her very future may depend on it.

A page-turning cozy, packed with mystery, love, hauntings, travel, pets and food—anchored around a small town and a B&B in need of renovation that will capture your heart—THE GHOSTLY GROUNDS is an un-putdownable cozy that will keep you turning pages (and laughing out loud) late into the night.

“The romance is there, but not overdosed. Kudos to the author for this amazing start of a series that promises to be very entertaining.”
--Books and Movies Reviews (For Now and Forever)

Books #2 and #3 in the series—DEATH AND BRUNCH and MALICE AND LUNCH—are now also available!

Aged for Murder (A Tuscan Vineyard Cozy Mystery—Book 1)
by Fiona Grace
$0.00, 206 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (55 reviews), #25 in Cozy Culinary Mystery
"Very entertaining. I highly recommend this book to the permanent library of any reader that appreciates a very well written mystery, with some twists and an intelligent plot. You will not be disappointed. Excellent way to spend a cold weekend!"
--Books and Movie Reviews, Roberto Mattos (regarding Murder in the Manor)

AGED FOR MURDER (A TUSCAN VINEYARD COZY MYSTERY) is the debut novel in a charming new cozy mystery series by #1 bestselling author Fiona Grace, author of Murder in the Manor (Book #1), a #1 Bestseller with over 100 five-star reviews—and a free download!

When Olivia Glass, 34, concocts an ad for a cheap wine that propels her advertising company to the top, she is ashamed by her own work—yet offered the promotion she’s dreamed of. Olivia, at a crossroads, realizes this is not the life she signed up for. Worse, when Olivia discovers her long-time boyfriend, about to propose, has been cheating on her, she realizes it’s time for a major life change.

Olivia has always dreamed of moving to Tuscany, living a simple life, and starting her own vineyard.

When her long-time friend messages her about a Tuscan cottage available, Olivia can’t help wonder: is it fate?

Hilarious, packed with travel, food, wine, twists and turns, romance and her newfound animal friend—and centering around a baffling small-town murder that Olivia must solve—AGED FOR DEATH is an un-putdownable cozy that will keep you laughing late into the night.

Books #2 and #3 in the series—AGED FOR DEATH and AGED FOR MAYHEM—are now also available!

Death Makes A Move: A Taylor Texas Mystery
by Vikki Walton
$0.00, 98 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (6 reviews), #10 in Two-Hour Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Short Reads
After much soul-searching, Christie quits her job and move home to Comfort, Texas. Her cantankerous father is still battling with developers. Christie’s also worried about her father’s deteriorating health and mental capacity. Her decision to return home puts her in direct conflict with the Webster Group—developers who don’t want to take no for an answer. Then tragedy strikes when Pop Taylor’s friend, Curtis Altgelt, finds a dead body on his property. Did Curtis kill the man? Was it an accident? Christie knows she needs to get into the mind of a killer, but will her decision prove lethal?

Memory Makers
by Debbie De Louise
$0.00, 262 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #13 in Domestic Thrillers

Twenty-five years ago, Lauren Phelps and her sister Patty were kidnapped from their backyard on Long Island. Lauren escaped her captor, but Patty was killed.

Ever since, Lauren has suffered from nightmares of the “Shadow Man.” Trying to recall his face and avenge her sister’s murder, Lauren, now a kidnapping investigator, enrolls in a clinical trial for a new memory drug.

At the offices of Memory Makers in California, she receives the injections of the Memory Makers' serum, and begins to experience flashbacks of repressed memories. Along with the flashbacks, she receives threats from an anonymous source that point back to her childhood trauma.

Soon, Lauren becomes involved with a fellow trial participant who seeks to recall his own traumatic past. But can Lauren discover the identity of the “Shadow Man” before history repeats itself?

Fit Girls: Exercise is Murder: Book 1 (Fit Girls Cozy Mystery)
by Ann Audree
$0.00, 112 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #10 in Cozy Culinary Mystery

Accepting a job at an exclusive mountain resort should be fun… until a guest dies after taking your spin class! Fitness trainer Paisley Summerhill finds herself in hot water. If her class really caused the guest's death, she'll never get another job at a posh resort. Luckily, she's good at puzzles… and when she learns the deceased had a string of lovers, using the resort to meet them behind his wife’s back, she taps into resort gossip and finds several worthy suspects.

Paisley secretly investigates, with the help of her younger friend Ellie Cruz, who’s almost like a sister (since Ellie's brother is Paisley’s ex-fiancé). When they dig a little too deep into the accidental death, it turns into a murder -- for more than one guest -- and Paisley goes from a suspect to a potential victim. 

For a short read, FIT GIRLS: EXERCISE IS MURDER offers several tantalizing twists:

• A Mystery twist: follow the clues Paisley uncovers and see if you find the killer first!
• A Love twist: Paisley’s ex-fiancé Dolan Cruz shows up, waving around his US Marshall badge. He takes over the case and wants Paisley and his sister, Ellie, nowhere near the evidence. 
• An Ellie twist: looking out for the recent college dropout is tricky for Paisley, although she's determined to get her healthy. However, Ellie's rooting for Paisley and Dolan’s to get back together, while flirting with the resort’s sexy Chef Armand, a potential suspect.
• A Boss twist: Paisley’s new boss is known as Loggerhead Lange and she’s not happy with anyone that upsets her guests.
• A Killer twist: an accident almost ends all of Paisley’s problems permanently. If it was an accident!

Every book in the Fit Girls Series is a short read, which means they are novella length. However, they are all complete mysteries, with a beginning, middle and end. The main characters carry over to the next story, but each book is one mystery. You can read them in any order, although the author likes readers to start with book one. If you do read them out of order, no worries. If there’s something you should know about the characters from prior books, it will be included. Just be assured that every book is a full story about the mysteries that arise as the main character, Paisley Summerhill, travels for her fitness training work and stumbles into a mystery to solve.

*** "Fit Girls: Exercise is Murder (A Fit Girls Cozy Mystery)" is a novella, but a complete short mystery book. It tells a thrilling and humorous story in only nine action-packed chapters. It’s a fun, fast read! ***

The Body in the Bed: Book Two of the Undertaker Series
by Jonathan B. Zeitlin
$0.00, 276 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #4,421 in Satire
Oh no, the undertaker is back, and he’s more obnoxious than ever!

When an old man dies in an assisted living center, the undertaker is the first to show up, hoping to get the business. “Easy money!” he declares, but his hopes for an easy funeral are dashed when a psychic insists the old man was murdered.

He starts out doing the right thing- he informs the sheriff’s department of the psychic’s suspicion that the death might have been a murder. They laugh him out of the office, leaving the poor undertaker to try to solve it himself.

Lucky for him, he has help. There’s a retired police chief with a penchant for rap music, a barely competent local doctor, and the undertaker’s voluptuous, chain smoking girlfriend. It’s a rogue’s gallery of characters, and with the help of the local detectives, maybe they’ll solve the case together.

Join the ridiculous, hysterical adventure in this latest installment of the Undertaker Series!

Lakeside Murders (Murder at the Lake Book 1)
by Christopher Kenworthy
$0.00, 148 pages, 3.4 out of 5.0 (24 reviews), #22 in Traditional Detective Mysteries
Harrowslack Hotel is a beautiful holiday retreat in tranquil countryside.

The guests are free to let their troubles drift away.

That is, until one of the guests is poisoned as she eats her breakfast.

Peter Miller is at the scene of the crime and resolves to find the killer, despite the efforts of his girlfriend to stop him.

But as he is getting close to solving the mystery, Peter becomes a suspect himself.

What do you do when the police are convinced you are cold-blooded killer?

And can he prove his innocence in time to catch the real killer?

‘Lakeside Murders’ is a gripping murder-mystery and compelling love story that will capture readers from page one.

Praise for Christopher Kenworthy:

'A classic detective mystery' - Robert Foster, best-selling author of 'The Lunar Code'.

Christopher Kenworthy
was a journalist and novelist. His books include 'Against A Dark Shore' and 'In Harm's Way.'

Trick or Treat Murder (A Reporter Roland Bean Cozy Mystery Book 3)
by Rachel Woods
$0.00, 204 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #5 in African American Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Fiction

Get book 2 in the Reporter Roland Bean Cozy Mystery series for only 99 cents for a LIMITED TIME -- Merry Christmas Murder (Book 2)!

Trick or Treat?

Palmchat Gazette reporter Roland “Beanie” Bean is excited to take his kids, Ethan and Evan, trick-or-treating, but his excitement turns to concern when he discovers a human finger among the candy the boys collected!

Days later, Beanie learns that the finger belongs to someone he knows—Joshua Howard, a missing student who was interning at the Palmchat Gazette before he disappeared.

Beanie plans to find the intern, but soon he’s assigned to a shocking murder--a dead body in the jungle. Beanie heads to the crime scene and realizes he recognizes the victim as his new neighbor, Ivan Volkov.

As Beanie looks into the death of Volkov, he uncovers a strange connection between his neighbor and the missing intern.

Racing to discover the truth, Beanie is stunned when he learns the missing intern and his dead neighbor are linked to a heinous serial killer known as The Fury. But when he comes face to face with the murderer, Beanie must outwit a deranged maniac determined to make sure that secrets buried long ago stay hidden.

Trick or Treat Murder is a contemporary whodunit murder mystery novel in the Reporter Roland Bean Cozy Mystery Series, but can be read as a standalone. With lots of clues and red herrings, it features plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing until the end! Get your copy today!

Murder on Indian Creek (Bishop Bone Murder Mysteries Book 14)
by Robert G. Rogers
$0.00, 171 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #56 in Private Investigator Mysteries
Bishop Bone’s new neighbors on Indian Creek, Fletcher Watson and his wife, Julia, aren’t exactly the happy couple they’ve pretended to be. Fletcher is a confirmed womanizer. He’ll sleep with any woman willing. Julia is a closet lesbian. She agreed to be his fake wife so she can keep her privacy, and so Fletcher will have an excuse why he can’t marry the women he sleeps with.
When Fletcher is murdered shortly after they’d moved in, a number of husbands are suspects. But when Bone gets a surprise call from the CIA he learns the Watsons had both recently retired from the CIA and his murder might be related to the selling of U.S. secrets to the Russians.

Fletcher and Julia, along with another CIA comrade, Tyson Terry, had long been suspected of the traitorous dealings, but no proof had ever been found, so the CIA had cleared all three of them. But now Fletcher had been shot and Tyson was conspicuously nowhere to be found.

Working as a pseudo-FBI agent hired by the CIA, Bone begins to investigate, and is shot at and almost killed in his orchard. His search for Fletcher takes him to the New Orleans French Quarter, where someone attempts to run him down, and he barely survives being attacked by four men with blackjacks.

Just when he’s about to give up, a secret tryst helps him unravel the case, but it also puts his life in peril again when it takes a turn he wasn’t anticipating.

by Donald W. Desaulniers
$0.00, 209 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #43 in Legal Thrillers
John Carverton is a retired Canadian lawyer who suddenly finds himself plunked into his hometown in a parallel world in which he had never been born. John witnesses a car accident near his dumpy apartment. Someone with both power and money wants John to lie about what he saw. Since lawyers never lie, John is thrown into a complex and dangerous series of events in which he must keep his unique secret hidden from the government and the media. The last thing John wants is to be some sort of circus freak in this alternate realm.
This is the second novel in the VANISHING LAWYER SERIES which now comprises five stand-alone books.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Donald W. Desaulniers is a retired Canadian lawyer who has penned more than fifty novels, most of which describe life in the legal profession that so many folks despise. Please check out his Author Page on Amazon.

Special Edition: The Sword Of Death, Part One Of The Cursed Katana (Red-crowned Crane Edition: Ronin Flash Fiction Book 21)
by Kristie Lynn Higgins
$0.00, 51 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Cozy
Special Edition: In this edition, poems, art are added
Type: illustrated flash fiction about 500 words

The Sword Of Death, Part One Of The Cursed Katana is a free Kindle Unlimited cozy mystery book. The ronin ( Horo-sha, a female samurai ) must solve a mystery surrounding a dead teacher. The Sword Of Death is a stand-alone flash fiction piece but also part one of two of the Cursed Katana.

Very quick reads, so sit back and enjoy this free kindle unlimited mysteries thrillers and suspense story.

The ronin, during her young adult years, travels the countryside of ancient Japan helping those in need. This female detective will not let injustice prevail. Have sword– will travel is her posted ad but she will help anyone she comes across and there are two... no three things she can't resist. A mystery, a cup of tea, and a relaxing bath in a hot spring. Tea and mysteries are always on her apt mind. Murder, theft, or just a puzzling mystery will not elude her keen senses.

Maji… a world fusing East and West cultures, during an era before the emergence of the steam engine. The sword was the ultimate weapon and brought order to the planet under the Emperor. Enter this alternate reality and see a fusing of two cultures. Travel through the world of with Horo-sha the Great Ronin Detective and see a glimpse of the age of the samurai full of intrigue and suspense.

Ronin: Have Sword-Will Travel Mystery Series:
1. The Missing Japanese Chin Mystery
2. How To Frame A Murder: Part One: Cat Painting Mystery
3. How To Frame A Murder: Part Two: Household Of Death Mystery

Ronin Flash Fiction Series:
1. The Tea Set Mystery
2. The Koi Pond Murder Mystery
3. A Bit Of Sweet Spice Mystery
4. The Rice Paddy Murder Mystery
5. Midnight Blue Valerian Murder Mystery
6. Killer Azure Hornet Murder Mystery
7. Calico Japanese Bobtail Cat Mystery
8. Ivory Jade Cat Statue Mystery
9. Scarlet Ibis Fever Murder Mystery
10. Scarlet Lovers Murder Mystery
11. I Spy With My Little Cat’s Eye Mystery
12. Cat With One Eye Closed Mystery
13. The Hammer And The Egg Murder Mystery
14. Who Is Guilty? The Kitten Or The Puppy Murder Mystery
15. The Kimono With The Red-Crowned Crane Mystery
16. The Cat Who Ate The Dog Murder Mystery
17. The Illuminated Fruit Mystery
18. What The Old Dog Saw and Heard Mystery
19. A Hawkeye View Of Murder, A Vexed Archer Mystery
20. The Guilty Blowfish Mystery, A Recipe For Murder
21. The Sword Of Death, Part One Of The Cursed Katana
22. Sharper Than A Blade, Part Two Of The Cursed Katana
23. The Leopard-Spotted Orchid Flower Mystery
24. The Horse And Carriage Murder Mystery

Meet the mysterious ronin detective who with sword in hand solves mysteries and helps those in need. The Ronin: Have Sword-Will Travel Mystery book series is action mixed with mystery with a slash of thriller thrown in. Very quick whodunit mysteries. Be immersed in an alternate reality of the Japanese culture of the samurai mixed with a steampunk era of the American Wild West. Action-adventure thriller in a parallel world. An alternate history of Japan. An alternate reality with action adventure mysteries. Whodunnit mysteries mixed with Japanese culture.

New to Flash Fiction? Flash Fiction are very very short books to tickle your fancy. They are a great way to see a writer's style and be introduced to the worlds they create and envision. These flash fiction pieces are part of a kindle unlimited mystery series so check them all out. Samurai detective and ronin gumshoe all rolled into one. Enjoy female sleuths mysteries then check out this crime thriller series. If you enjoy police detective mysteries, check out this ancient world where the tool of the trade was the mind. A female detective from an intriguing era. International mysteries and horrendous crimes. Ruthless murders, relentless mayhem, unthinkable secrets, malicious riddles, and merciless masterminds will not be overlooked by the Ronin Detective International intrigue

Newly Free Hard-Boiled Kindle Books for 2020-09-24

Casket Girls: A New Orleans Mystery Thriller (Herbert and Melancon Book 4)
by Seth Pevey
$0.00, 203 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (23 reviews), #23 in Hard-Boiled Mysteries

When homeless men start to mysteriously disappear from the French Quarter, there seems to be only one woman in the world who gives a damn.

Tina has had a rough past, and there is something very personal about these vulnerable men just vanishing so unnoticed.

Luckily, she happens to be in love with a budding private eye that has quite a lot of free time on his hands. With an ancient, ex-NOPD partner in tow, the trio will have to delve into the lore surrounding a local institution. They soon find that a terrible secret lies within that may shake the foundational mythos of the city of New Orleans.

But the clock is ticking for one of the missing—Tina knows it.

And not everyone wants this history rewritten.

Will she be able to rally the detectives in time to find the men, before it’s too late?

Grab this southern noir mystery today to find out!

Casket Girls is the Fourth installment in the highly-rated series following the adventures of private detective Felix Herbert and his partner, ex-NOPD detective David Melancon, but it can also be read as a stand-alone novel.

Day of the Tiger (A Carlos McCrary, Private Investigator, Mystery Thriller Series Book 5)
by Dallas Gorham
$0.00, 315 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (17 reviews), #1 in Noir Crime

Why does a tiger protect a sheep?

Retired NFL player Tank Tyler is a powerful, wealthy financial advisor—a Tiger by anyone’s definition. Tank’s old college teammate Al is drowning in drugs and self-pity—a miserable failure. Why does a winner like Tank keep bailing out a loser like Al?

When Al goes missing, Tank hires Private Investigator Chuck McCrary to find him. Chuck discovers that Tank and Al share a sordid secret that ruined Al’s life and turned Tank’s dreams into nightmares that still haunt him. Then Chuck learns that Al is tangled up with Monster Moffett, a loan shark whose tentacles reach into many different buckets of slime.

What the hell has Al gotten himself into this time?

Al promises Chuck and Tank that he’ll turn his life around, but he’s promised that before.

When Chuck’s search uncovers Moffett’s trail of sex trafficking and forced prostitution, the mobster sends his gang to silence McCrary—permanently.

Chuck will need more than brawn, balls, and bullets to sort out this mess.

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Day of the Tiger is the fifth riveting installment in the Carlos McCrary series of mystery thrillers, which can be read and enjoyed in any order. It is a roller-coaster ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

About the Carlos McCrary Series

This fast-paced private investigator series has fans all over the globe. If you enjoy gripping thrillers that mix action, suspense, humor, and plot twists—all with a PG-13 rating—this series is for you.

Find out why N.L. Quatrano said: “Gorham writes the old-time type of good buy/bad guy story with today’s immediate action. The Carlos series is one worth reading, especially if you’ve ever been a fan of Elmore Leonard or Robert B. Parker—but Carlos McCrary is his own kind of PI. Each book has more twists and turns than the one before. Stories are well constructed and readers will enjoy from beginning to end.”

What Amazon readers are saying:

★★★★★ “I just binge read books one through eight. Great series!”

★★★★★ “This fast-paced thriller kept me glued to the pages. Author Dallas Gorham has penned another gripping story not to be missed.”

★★★★★ “I’m looking forward to reading more of Gorham.

★★★★★ “Very well done. Excellent characterization. Definitely a good read.”

★★★★★ “I’m hooked on series. Gotta go on to next book!!!”

★★★★★ “…keeps you on the edge of your seat.”

★★★★★ “Day of the Tiger takes the reader on a speed ball of a ride through the underworld of drugs, sex trafficking and kidnapping.”

A note from the author:

I am a serious mystery and thriller fan. My novels reflect the books I like to read—usually private detective novels, any of the action, thriller and mystery best sellers, and, of course, books with classic heroes like Elvis Cole (the self-styled “Greatest Detective in the World”), Spenser (he with no first name) and Jack Reacher (who has a first name but doesn’t use it much). Basically, I like stories with a kick-butt, take-no-prisoners attitude and fast-paced action. And maybe a little sex.

The Soul Cages
by Geoffrey Stanger
$0.00, 322 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (11 reviews), #13,989 in Hard-Boiled Mysteries
In the heart of the English countryside Industrial Farming is undergoing a transformation
Colin Furness struggles to comprehend the injustices that animals are forced to suffer, in their trillions, in order for humans to have a slightly better lifestyle and executes his plans to educate society and change what we put into our shopping basket.
On his farm, instead of the customary crop of hens, pigs and cattle the cages are slowly being populated with people. But this livestock is not destined for the butcher’s hook; these wares will soon become bargaining chips in a game with macabre consequences.

Pitted against an insane and dangerous protagonist Detective Inspector Neil Dyson and his small team must unpick the clues to save lives, redeem Dyson’s relationship and ultimately spare his soul.

Join Dyson and team in a race against time on a journey that every thinking person should make.

Warning: The Soul Cages might well change your life……

Vanished (Taken Book 1)
by M.Y. Antrobus
$0.00, 451 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #1 in Hard-Boiled Mysteries
Worlds collide, death is at every turn as two very different women find themselves thrust into a hidden world of money laundering, kidnap, and ritual killings - all in the name of freedom and justice.

The Road of a Thousand Tigers
by Robert Craven
$0.00, 90 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #8,363 in Two-Hour Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Short Reads
Set in the era of Bond and for fans of Lee Child, meet Sebastian Holt.Holt is a troubled man. Adrift after a mission in Egypt that didn’t go according to plan he’s returned to London. Enter Case Officer Petrie with an offer: travel to France and locate a missing CIA asset named ‘Cochise’. Sounds easy? Holt agrees and flies into Paris only to collide with a beautiful French journalist who isn’t all she seems to be and the KGB hunting ‘Cochise’ down. From London, Paris to Tel Aviv, Holt finds himself running out of options and out of time on the road of a thousand tigers

An Early Grave, Anyone?: A Murder Mystery
by Tony Christensen
$0.00, 172 pages, 2.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #58 in Women's Detective Fiction
The tennis club in stately Portuguese Hills in southern California has been rocked by a problem: the murder of one of its own. Join private detective Joe Downing as he uncovers the grisly demise of one the tennis club regulars: the list of suspects includes Todd Vickers, a crack tennis player and rising star in his accounting firm, and "the Governor," an unkempt soul cracking wise with a dingy office in Little Tokyo in downtown L.A., and, last but not least, the seemingly unobtrusive homeless guy, nicknamed Khaki Pants. The plot is full of fast-paced adventures, including a trip to the bank to investigate a mysterious safe deposit box and the message therein, to Little Tokyo to infiltrate an insider trading operation, and, finally, back to the tennis club at midnight for the climatic scene. Full of intense confrontations with gritty characters, clever dialogue from the Governor, and shadowy adventures, this entertaining, hard-boiled murder mystery will keep you turning pages until you learn at last the fate of a troubled tennis club.

Newly Free Private Investigators Kindle Books for 2020-09-24

She Wore Mourning (Zachary Goldman Mysteries Book 1)
by P.D. Workman
$0.00, 279 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (34 reviews), #9 in U.S. Horror Fiction
A dead child.
A mother deep in mourning.

Private Investigator Zachary Goldman’s life isn’t all roses, but he tries to put his own shattered life behind him to investigate the death of five-year-old Declan Bond.

Declan’s death has been ruled an accident, but his grandmother thinks there is more to it. She fears Declan’s mother will not be able to find peace until Zachary can give them an answer once and for all.

But as Zachary digs into the circumstances surrounding Declan’s death, he finds that all is not as it seems... and somebody doesn’t want him to find the truth.

The Black Star (Vintage Mysteries Series)
by Johnston McCulley
$0.00, 207 pages, 3.9 out of 5.0 (12 reviews), #116 in Private Investigator Mysteries
The Black Star is a criminal mastermind who is pursued by Roger Verbeck and Muggs, a millionaire bachelor and his ex-thug partner. Black Star is a gentleman criminal in that he does not commit murder, nor does he permit any of his gang to kill anyone, not even the police or his arch enemy Roger Verbeck. He does not threaten women, always keeps his word, and is invariably courteous. He is always seen in a black cloak and a black hood on which is embossed a jet black star. The Black Star and his gang used "vapor bombs" and "vapor guns" which rendered their victims instantly unconscious.

His Last Bow (Complete Edition): Wisteria Lodge, The Cardboard Box, The Red Circle, The Bruce-Partington Plans, The Dying Detective, The Disappearance ... Carfax, The Devil's Foot & His Last Bow
by Arthur Conan Doyle
$0.00, 227 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #10 in Teen & Young Adult Detective Story eBooks
This eBook edition of "His Last Bow" has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
Sherlock Holmes is long retired from his profession of detective but is still alive and well, albeit suffering from a touch of rheumatism. However, Dr. Watson doesn't allow us to forget Sherlock and shares few more adventures and detective cases. His Last Bow: Some Later Reminiscences of Sherlock Holmes is a collection of eight stories:
Wisteria Lodge
The Cardboard Box
The Red Circle
The Bruce-Partington Plans
The Dying Detective
The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax
The Devil's Foot
His Last Bow

The Bloody Canvas (Kat Beckman Book 5)
by KJ Kalis
$0.00, 310 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #2,191 in Organized Crime

The only thing left of art student Hailey Park is the blood she dripped onto the bricks of Calhoun Square.

Journalist-turned-sleuth, Kat Beckman, hears about Hailey’s murder while at a conference hundreds of miles away in New York City. Her husband, editor of the online paper, “The Hot Sheet” asks her to investigate. He’s insistent she go. A ten-year-old boy, the same age as Kat’s son, Jack, has been accused of stabbing the young girl.

But why?

As Kat joins the hunt for the motive behind the killing, she uncovers a complex tale of pride, deceit, murder and forgery that leads to a family that takes their revenge out on each other and those around them.

“The Bloody Canvas” is the fifth book in the Kat Beckman amateur sleuth mystery book series. If you like Tom Clancy, James Patterson and Lee Child, then you’ll love this fast-paced, action-packed thriller series.

8mm Model (Joan Hudson Series 1 - Hadrian Empire 241)
by Claire Agincourt
$0.00, 138 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Private Investigators
When a man wants a woman, what is he willing to do to possess her?
Having recently murdered a young man, Private Detective Joan Hudson has retreated to a bottle of whiskey, but even the alcohol isn’t enough to save her from the nightmares. Maybe it was for a reason, maybe it was justified, but it was slow, and it was painful.
In walks Douglas Fair, a businessman afraid of both the police and the media. He has a job for Joan; find his fiancée, and bring her back to him. It seems straightforward, but his vague answers about Justine Herder and their relationship has Joan suspicious. Still, a job is a job; and a welcome distraction.
On her way to find this woman, Joan will follow a trail that faces her with sadists, blackmailers, pornographers, male-prostitutes, and damaged men. Each hindering or helping her progress, but Joan will not stop until she’s found Justine for her client, even if it puts her life in danger.

The Best Holiday Mysteries for Christmas Time: What the Shepherd Saw, A Policeman's Business, The Mystery of Room Five, The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle, ... of Cernogratz, A Terrible Christmas Eve...
by Edgar Wallace
$0.00, 1424 pages, 2.5 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #49 in Mystery Anthologies
This ebook collection has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle (Arthur Conan Doyle)
The Flying Stars (G. K. Chesterton)
Percival Bland's Proxy (R. Austin Freeman)
A Christmas Capture (Fred M. White)
McAllister's Christmas (Arthur Cheney Train)
The Mystery of Room Five (Fred M White)
A Policeman's Business (Edgar Wallace)
Stuffing (Edgar Wallace)
Mr Wray's Cash Box (Wilkie Collins)
The Adventure of the Second Swag (Robert Barr)
A Chaparral Christmas Gift (O. Henry)
A Christmas Tragedy (Emmuska Orczy)
What the Shepherd Saw (Thomas Hardy)
The Silver Hatchet (Arthur Conan Doyle)
Markheim (Robert Louis Stevenson)
The Wolves of Cernogratz (Saki)
Mustapha (Sabine Baring-Gould)
The Christmas Banquet (Nathaniel Hawthorne)
The Haunted Man (Charles Dickens)
The Ghost's Touch (Fergus Hume)
Glámr (Sabine Baring-Gould)
The Ghosts at Grantley (Leonard Kip)
A Terrible Christmas Eve (Lucie E. Jackson)
Ghosts and Family Legends (Catherine Crowe)
Thurlow's Christmas Story (John Kendrick Bangs)
The Abbot's Ghost (Louisa M. Alcott)
Old Applejoy's Ghost (Frank R. Stockton)
Wolverden Tower (Grant Allen)
The Christmas-Eve Vigil (James Bowker)
The Box with the Iron Clamps (Florence Marryat)
Joseph (Katherine Rickford)
The Story of the Goblins Who Stole a Sexton (Charles Dickens)
The Ghost of Christmas Eve (J. M. Barrie)
The Dead Sexton (Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu)
Uncle Cornelius His Story (George MacDonald)
The Grave by the Handpost (Thomas Hardy)
Number Ninety (Bithia Mary Croker)
At Chrighton Abbey (Mary Elizabeth Braddon)
The Black Bag Left on a Door-Step (Catherine L. Pirkis)
Between the Lights (E. F. Benson)
Transition (Algernon Blackwood)
The Kit-Bag (Algernon Blackwood)…

Newly Free Mystery Kindle Books for 2020-09-24

Death Toll Rising - America is under attack...: David Porter Mystery #4 (An international political crime thriller)
by Terry Keys
$0.00, 233 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (79 reviews), #1 in Terrorism Thrillers
USA TODAY Best-Selling Author Terry Keys takes you on an edge-of-your-seat, high-octane thrill ride for the ages!

Psychological thriller for the ages, fab read will want to read more of this author, at one point I could not read quick enough I was that engrossed (Amazon Customer)

A gripping thrill ride in the tradition of David Baldacci, Brad Thor, Vince Flynn, James Patterson, Jack Reacher and Harlan Coben, Death Toll Rising will keep you up all night! HBO's Homeland on steroids! The suspense will push you to the edge!

US President Jackie Wilson fresh off her election victory wasted no time pushing for the change her campaign promised. World leaders descended to her hometown of Houston, Texas to attend the first World-Wide Religious Summit. As the eve of the summit approached Japan’s Prime Minister, Akio Yoshida, suddenly falls dead… murdered in Houston’s Chinatown. His final moments had been broadcast live for the entire world to see. During the stream a chilling death threat was made to the remaining world leaders and America was named as the mastermind behind the terror sending shockwaves across the globe. Leaping into action the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security attempt to pursue the real murderers but are left with no clues, no leads and ultimately no direction. As promised the following day at noon another world leader suddenly dies. In a desperate attempt to restore order to chaos, HPD Detective David Porter and his team are summoned to help with the case. As global panic sets in and the world begins to lose patience as the possibility of nuclear Armageddon lurks in the shadows.
With everyone paralyzed by fear and time quickly running out, the fate of earth as we know it hangs delicately in the balance. The world could be coming to an end... no one wanted to watch… but no one could look away… The war on terror has reached home...

Buy Death Toll Rising to enjoy this super-powered thrill-ride!

Shadow (Lt. Peter Harding Book 4)
by Antony Melville-Ross
$0.00, 199 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (75 reviews), #6 in Military Thrillers
It is 1940 when Peter Harding joins HM Submarine Shadow for his first tour of duty.

Shadow is not a happy ship, ruled by an overbearing, unlikeable commander. But Harding learns rapidly, and the fortunes of war dictate changes in both his and Shadow’s future.

From infiltrating the fjords of Occupied Norway to stalking U-boats on the Mediterranean convoy runs, Shadow becomes both hunter and hunted in the deadly undersea war. But as the price and pace of battle at sea and on land builds, Harding’s fate becomes ever more closely linked with Shadow – and with her crew.

Praise for Antony Melville-Ross

“Rare thriller-writer’s skill” Daily Telegraph

‘Splendid - tense, gripping, convincing’ Books & Bookmen

Anthony Melville-Ross
was born in Hastings, East Sussex on November 11 1920. He published six novels between 1978 and 1985, all inspired by his background as a sub-mariner in the Second World War. He had an extremely successful career in the navy, rose to command his own boat and transferred into the Secret Service after the end of the war. He died in his hometown on January 10 1993, aged 73.

Born Different (Glory Woods Mystery Book 8)
by K Leitch
$0.00, 481 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (15 reviews), #169 in Crime Thrillers
Love…it can manifest itself into many forms. It can be wonderful and life changing or dark and obsessive. It can protect and redeem or it can control and possess. It can lift you up…or it can drop you from a great height and utterly destroy you.

Ex-Detective Inspector Carla Right has spent the last two years building up her missing person’s agency. She receives a letter from a woman asking for help to find her husband, who has been missing for a few months. All the evidence initially points to this being a simple case of a run-away husband, but as she digs deeper things begin to emerge which set Carla’s alarm bells ringing and she begins to suspect that all is not as it seems.

In this, the eighth Glory Woods mystery, something dark and deadly is heading for the sleepy little village of Kenley. Strange things are happening, weird visions occurring and things going missing. The TV cameras have arrived, intent on making a TV documentary about local policing. Helen and Maya’s daughter Sophie has been chosen to be one of the subjects of the programme. Meanwhile Tracy has received some news which, although exciting, will turn her life upside down.

Once again the Witches, Carla, Maggie, Helen and Tracy can be found at The Bull Public house. Swapping stories, taking strength and advice from each other, whilst righting the wrongs of the world over a glass (or two) of wine and an occasional packet of crisps…little do they know of the evil that is right in their midst…just waiting to strike at the very heart of them!

Lessons for Sleeping Dogs (Cambridge Fellows Book 12)
by Charlie Cochrane
$0.00, 210 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (20 reviews), #7 in Gay Romance
Cambridge, 1921.

When amateur sleuth Jonty Stewart comes home with a new case to investigate, his partner Orlando Coppersmith always feels his day has been made. Although, can there be anything to solve in the apparent mercy killing of a disabled man by a doctor who then kills himself, especially when everything takes place in a locked room?

But things are never straightforward where the Cambridge fellows are concerned, so when they discover that more than one person has a motive to kill the dead men—motives linked to another double death—their wits get stretched to the breaking point.

And when the case disinters long buried memories for Jonty, memories about a promise he made and hasn’t kept, their emotions get pulled apart as well. This time, Jonty and Orlando will have to separate fact from fiction—and truth from emotion—to get to the bottom of things..

Praise for Charlie Cochrane

“This quick novel reads well, and shows the deep affection some men have for one another, as well as the hatred others have of them” History and Women

Charlie Cochrane
writes gay fiction, as well as historical romances and mysteries. She was named Author of the Year 2009 by the review site Speak Its Name. She is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association, Mystery People, and International Thriller Writers Inc.

Prey of Angels
by Silvia M Wynter
$0.00, 259 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (10 reviews), #11,045 in International Mystery & Crime
After months of research for an exposé about child trafficking in North America, Jeff Stanton, an investigative journalist, discovers there are Angels out there - cold blooded killers and stakeholders trafficking sex and human organs. They are part of The Program, and the closer Jeff gets to exposing it, the more the Angels want him dead. Only Zabera, a Toronto based, social worker who works with undocumented youth in foster care believes Jeff’s claims, as several of her youth have mysteriously gone missing. The police are hesitant to offer Jeff any assistance without solid proof, but Jeff’s proof rests with Awa Akande, a sixteen-year-old, West African, undocumented minor who has suddenly gone into hiding following the gruesome murder of her friend and foster-sister, Ling Li, a suspected victim of the Angels. Time though is running out and the Angels are closing in on Jeff who is viciously assaulted and left in a coma before he can submit his exposé for publication. Now, Zabera, along with Jeff’s father and sister who suspect police involvement, must finish what Jeff has started…and with a little luck, find Awa Akande before the Angels do.

Anna's Lullaby: A Paranormal Mystery Novelette
by Luna Rugova
$0.00, 35 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (9 reviews), #39 in One-Hour Teen & Young Adult Short Reads

A mysterious treasure awaits. Finding it will mean trusting a ghost—and her own instincts.

Exploring scenic trails in rundown little towns is Marie and her brother’s favorite tradition. One little town in particular carries a rumor of a hidden treasure and a ghost who speaks only to children.

Marie brushes the absurd story off, until she hears the voice herself.

“Do you want to go on a treasure hunt?”

Unwilling to be ignored, the ghost continues to appear to Marie. The fifteen-year-old explorer is torn between the allure of an unknown adventure and the safety of the familiar. There is a mystery to uncover, and Marie is the one the ghost has been waiting for.

Read Anna's Lullaby today and uncover the page-turning mystery and adventure of this young adult paranormal mystery novelette.

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