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Bad Magic and the Big Top (Blackwood Bay Witches Paranormal Cozy Mystery Book 2)
by Misty Bane
$0.00, 186 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (40 reviews), #73 in Cozy Mystery
Welcome to Blackwood Bay, where magic and murder have come out to play...

Life for fledgling new witch Dru Rathmore Davis has been a whirlwind since moving to the charming seaside town of Blackwood Bay over a month ago . Seeing spirits, talking to animals, living with three cranky roommates, and totally not crushing on her new Guardian …

But when Dru wakes one morning to find the body of a circus clown slouched dead against her doorstep and her bookshop broken into overnight, one of her worst fears may come to pass.

She may be haunted by a clown...

Together, Dru and her Guardian—incredibly handsome police sergeant Wolf Harper who’s absolutely just a friend —take their investigation to the most marvelous show on earth: the traveling Braun Bros Circus.

It’s evident that there’s a far more sinister performance going on behind the scenes, and this traveling circus may have more skeletons buried in their closet than the Rathmore family.

But when your suspects are a tight-knight troupe of acrobats, fortune tellers, magicians , and clowns, everyone has something to hide—and secrets they’d do anything to protect…

Haunted And Hexed (Blackwood Bay Witches Paranormal Cozy Mystery Book 1)
by Misty Bane
$0.00, 234 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (76 reviews), #5 in Cozy Animal Mystery
Welcome to Blackwood Bay, where magic and murder have come out to play...

Okay, if that had been on the sign when I drove into town, I probably would’ve thrown it in reverse and kept the pedal to the floor until I made it safely back to Las Vegas. Probably.
Instead, I'd been lured in by the cute little beach town, a handful of instant friends, and a hunky local.

My name is Dru Rathmore Davis, and In my defense, my life had pretty much just fallen apart. So, after learning that I'd inherited a bookstore from a grandmother that I never even knew existed, I was desperate to make this my fresh start. I daydreamed of owning a quaint little bookstore and spending my weekends reading on the beach. Sounds great, right? And what could possibly go wrong?

Turns out, everything. The bodies start piling up along with my arrival in town, someone may have murdered Granny… and that’s only the beginning. As a former private investigator, I really can't help but find myself drawn (or pushed) into doing a little investigating of my own. It also helps that the Police Sergeant is super hot… cliché, I know, but what's a girl to do?

Things are much more complicated than they first appear though, and being new in town certainly has its disadvantages. No one is who they seem to be. Not even me.

The only ones I can trust are the dead. Well, and my cat. But none of them are talking. Or are they?

Books, Bludgeoning, & Beyond: An Up North Cozy Mystery (The Up North Cozy Mystery Series Book 1)
by H.L. Bur
$0.00, 238 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (21 reviews), #32 in Cozy Mystery
Cadence Kline and Quinn Westmore, best friends and cousins, have sure had their fair share of disappointment. Between several failed relationships and two careers gone south, they find themselves back on the shores of Northern Michigan in their hometown of Riverton. They have moved into their grandmother’s house and now co-own the local bookstore. Things have been looking up for the two lately. In fact, the only thing they’ve had to worry about is steering clear of their grandmother’s wrath – well that and avoiding Joy Rhodes, a pretentious know-it-all from high school that seems intent on making their lives miserable.

The two are busy preparing their booth for the town’s annual Autumn Fest, when the unexpected happens. Cady stumbles across a dead body on her morning jog to the lakeshore. A young woman is dead – apparently murdered – in Riverton! Cady is no stranger to death, but this kind of thing just doesn’t happen around here. Enter drop dead sexy if not a little arrogant Detective Fletcher Collins who seems hell bent on wooing Cady one moment and then making her life a living hell the next. While the two wannabe sleuths start on their journey to solve this crime and restore order to Riverton, they quickly discover that there is a deeper, darker side to their beloved town than they could have ever imagined. Join Cady and Quinn on their first Up North Mystery!

Clearing the Course: A Sugarbury Falls Mystery (Sugarbury Falls Mysteries Book 3)
by Diane Weiner
$0.00, 207 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (8 reviews), #140 in Cozy Mystery
The Fox family returns from Scotland to find Sugarbury Falls mourning the mysterious death of a young college student. When teenager Maddy’s friend Robby is accused of the murder, Emily and Henry try to clear his name. After all, they’d do anything to help their newly adopted daughter. The more they investigate, however, the less certain they are of Robby’s innocence. With a detour leading to a long buried family secret, the path of the investigation is convoluted and dangerous. Can they clear the course and arrive at the truth, or is it too late?

Murder at Cluster Springs Raceway: A Brandon Hall Mystery
by John Theo Jr.
$0.00, pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (6 reviews), #4 in Cozy Mystery
A deadly auto accident at a southern Virginia racetrack draws private investigator Brandon Hall into a new case. When young race car driver Drew Schilling dies in a fiery crash, his politician father hires Brandon to investigate. Virginia Senator Gregory Schilling believes his son’s death was not an accident, but a politically motivated murder.

With the help of friends, Brandon uncovers evidence which ties the raceway death to the rapidly changing political landscape in the United States. Radicalized groups, promoting violence on college campuses and cities, have found their way into rural southern Virginia. Enter the corrupt world of Washington DC politics, old Dixieland families, and the volatile culture wars unfolding within the United States.

Brandon Hall is an army veteran who owns a cattle farm in the quiet southern town of Nathalie, Virginia. It has been just over a year since the death of his two-year-old son at the hands of a drunk driver. Together with his wife Annie, and ten-year-old daughter Emily, the Halls struggle to recover from the devastating loss. Each day is a spiritual, emotional, and financial struggle. To supplement the farm income, Brandon moonlights as a private investigator and contract diver. Murder at Cluster Springs Raceway is a tale straight from Virginia, and national, headlines.

The Lucky Prisoner (The Lucky Series Book 2)
by Tomi Farrell
$0.00, 225 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (6 reviews), #269 in Cozy Mystery
** The sequel to The Lucky Winner **

It all began on that day.

With her entire family behind bars, Ella’s new life begins as a freshman at Stanford University in California. Despite her wish to live a normal life again, it appears she is still heavily cursed by her "luckiest" day, the day of her mother’s infamous lottery win two years ago. She discovers, in an act that feels like déjà vu, that someone has stolen five million dollars from the trust in her name.

Reunited with her high school crush, North Dakota State Police Detective Zachary Lake, Ella is determined to solve the mystery and defeat this new evil.

Broomsticks and Burials: Paranormal Cozy Mystery (Magic & Mystery Book 1)
by Lily Webb
$0.00, 382 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (38 reviews), #16 in Cozy Animal Mystery
Nothing stays buried forever…

Reporter Zoe Clarke's life has lost its magic. So when she gets a job offer in the middle of nowhere, Zoe jumps at the chance to make a name for herself only to find her new home is teeming with magic and paranormal beings—and those aren't its only secrets.

During a heated election for Head Witch, the most powerful position in town, Zoe’s predecessor was buried alive—and accusations are flying faster than broomsticks. Despite her editor’s orders to leave the story alone, Zoe can’t resist.

From the front-running witch with a secret to the mysterious vampires pulling strings in the shadows, Zoe knows the truth is just under the surface. So after she discovers she has rare telepathic abilities, Zoe realizes she's the only one who can keep digging.

Will Zoe’s powers lead her to the murderer and the scoop of a lifetime? Or will they send her to an early grave?

Broomsticks and Burials is the first book in the Magic and Mystery series of witch cozy mysteries. If you like witty witches, catty talking cats, and magical murder mysteries, then you’ll love this lighthearted debut in Lily Webb’s spellbinding series.

Buy Broomsticks and Burials to start solving the mysteries of Moon Grove today!

Silent Partner: Mike and Peter FBI Agents #27 (A Fun Cozy Mystery )
by Arleen Gabrio
$0.00, 80 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #26 in Two-Hour Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Short Reads
When a rogue group of black ops start attacking the people at Carol’s house along with the head of the FBI and CIA, something is going on that shouldn’t be happening.
Mike and Peter thought they were all done with their last case concerning some spy machines produced by DyTech. When Michael and Mike are shot at the front door of Carol’s house, they can only assume they missed something or someone in DyTech. Michael was the one person who had information that shut DyTech down. Otherwise, why would someone try to kill him and Mike.
Peter does the leg work while Mike helps from his hospital bed in the clinic at Carol’s house. They scramble to find out why and who is behind the shooting. There are still assassins out there, dangerous ones who know where they live. That’s even worse.
Carol’s house comes under siege. Will Sam and his crew be able to protect those inside while Peter, Scott, Ron, Bradley, and Jerry search for the new danger?
Does that mean the list of people to be assassinated is still activated?
Mike and Peter along with the rest of the household are trying to make sense of all this. They have no clues to what is going on.
They desperately need answers but can’t get them till Michael is able to talk.
It’s another fun filled mystery at Carol’s house.
This is not a cliffhanger story! It is a complete clean cozy mystery story for all ages. Full of the escapades of Mike and Peter, FBI agents along with their friends who like to have fun.

Deadly Omen (Tempe Crabtree Mysteries Book 1)
by Marilyn Meredith
$0.00, 213 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (6 reviews), #16 in Cozy Mystery
A candidate for princess is murdered at a Native American pow wow while Tempe Crabtree is working there in her capacity as deputy. Tempe's investigation takes her onto the Bear Creek Indian Reservation. Her search for the killer puts her job in jeopardy, strains her marriage, and almost gets her killed.

Pulled Under: International crime thriller with an unlikely heroine! (Coastline Romantic Suspense Book 1)
by Rimmy London
$0.00, 300 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (20 reviews), #4 in Amateur Sleuth Mysteries (Kindle Store)

The first novel in a romantic suspense series that promises to be an experience like no other...

Her ordinary life is an illusion.

In this international crime thriller, Loriel quickly notices suspicious things about her new job. What were her boss Marco and his nephew Givanni arguing about? And when she borrowed Marco's car, could she have been mistaken for him? She can't help but wonder. But these questions take a back seat when her apartment is broken into. Something is definitely not right.

Her casual wonderings turn to a desperate chase suddenly, and without warning. And now, with the help of Givanni, she's torn from her normal life to a world she'd never glimpsed. A place where powerful criminals reign, and shaddows have eyes. But rather than turn back to her comfortable ignorance, she chooses to stand and fight--even when her instincts tell her she could be dead wrong.

This page-turning adventure will promise enough romantic tension to keep you turning pages. Give your heart a chance to keep up, and be ready to fall in love with Pulled Under.

A Country Catastrophe: A Jane Carter Historical Cozy (Book Five) (Jane Carter Historical Cozy Mysteries 5)
by Alice Simpson
$0.00, 151 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (6 reviews), #17 in Women's Historical Fiction

Jane investigates a clock tower that mysteriously strikes thirteen, a fatal car crash, and a gang of masked riders who appear bent on destroying the local farmers' melon crop.

Note: By Celia Kinsey writing as Alice Simpson.

About the Jane Carter Historical Cozy Mystery Series:

This charming historical cozy mystery series is set in the fictional American city of Greenville during the 1920s and features Jane Carter, a young widow who returns home to live with her father after the tragic death of her journalist husband.

Jane’s father owns a local newspaper and wants Jane to take it over someday, but Jane is adamant that she has no desire to be a reporter. Instead, she turns her talent for writing to concocting melodramatic romances for fly-by-night rags who almost never pay on time.

Jane claims that she's holding out for a millionaire before she marries again, but the only man who makes her heart beat faster is Jack, a reporter on her father's staff. Not only has Jane vowed she will never be a newspaperman herself, she's doubly insistent on never again marrying one.

While trying to turn out enough column inches of overwrought romantic bilge to keep her old car on the road, and herself in shoes, Jane runs into the most extraordinary circumstances. In Jane's madcap world, it's a constant round of kidnappings, curses, stolen jewels, counterfeit paintings, and hidden stashes of gold. There's plenty of crime to go around, but nary a murder.

Accompanying Jane on her adventures is her best friend, Florence. Jane and Flo may get into one perilous situation after another, but they are never damsels in distress, because, as Jane puts it, "A real lady always carries her own pocket knife."

All this getting into harm's way alarms her father's housekeeper, Mrs. Timms. Mrs. Timms believes it's her mission in life to turn motherless Jane into a proper lady, but seeing as Jane has just turned twenty-four, Mrs. Timms considerable efforts appear to have been in vain. However, the housekeeper won't give up trying, just as Jane won't give up on seeing Mrs. Timms and her father center-aisling it to the altar and saying, "I do."

This series is adapted from Mildrid Wirt’s Penny Parker mysteries, which have fallen out of copyright. The author has made extensive alterations and additions to both the characters and plots of the original novels, but readers familiar with Ms. Wirt’s stories will notice many similarities.

These are murderless mysteries. Despite a constant crime wave, there seem to be no murders in the city of Greenville. There may be plenty of peril in the form of kidnappings, heists, and the occasional assault, but nobody ever dies, and justice is always served.

Sudden Anger (Gracie Greene Book 1)
by Jack Parker
$0.00, 296 pages, 3.9 out of 5.0 (71 reviews), #106 in Cozy Mystery
Looking for murder mystery with a feisty female detective?

Many people had reason to kill the victim, and they tried 'til they got it right. You'd think that would leave plenty of clues, but they don't add up right. Can a 16-year-old girl put the puzzle pieces together and solve the murder?

The Lavender Teacup (Tropical Breeze Cozy Mystery Book 12)
by Mary Bowers
$0.00, 231 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #15 in Cozy Animal Mystery
“The teacup of death? Seriously?” Who’s afraid of a pretty little teacup? Not Taylor Verone, certified paranormal doubter. Even Teddy Force, hero of a ghost-hunting reality show, isn’t interested in exorcising an antique teacup. Doesn’t anybody have a demon-haunted axe?
But when Edson Darby-Deaver calls Taylor for help while on location in Key West, Florida, she knows she has to go. He’s a good friend, and he’s always been there for her. “Five days,” she says. “Five days is my absolute limit for dealing with possessed teacups.”
After all, as she keeps trying to tell everyone, she’s not a medium. She only wants to be left alone to run her animal shelter. But staying in denial about her paranormal abilities isn’t going to be easy in a place like Key West, where everyone she meets is casting a spell of some kind.

Murder on the Wind (Rock Shop Cozy Mystery Book 2)
by Cheryl F Taylor
$0.00, 274 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #13373 in Cozy Mystery
Amy Stone has recently returned to Copper Springs, a small town on Historic Route 66 in Arizona, in order to run her family’s rock shop, Stone’s Gems and Minerals. In a horrific welcome home, however, she was faced with the murder of the shop’s employee, and forced to defend herself against the actual murder, with the help of the shop’s new assistant, Jackson Wolf.

Now that things have settled into a more peaceful way of life, Amy and Jackson are looking forward to things returning to normal.

Unfortunately, a fun field trip to a local mine, organized by the local rock club and the Copper Springs Historical Society, throws their new found peace into turmoil as one member of the field trip is assaulted and the body of a miner who disappeared over thirty years ago is discovered.

Amy and Jackson are determined to clear their friend Pete Martin’s name. That proves to be a difficult task, as Pete has been witnessed arguing violently with the assault victim not long before he was pushed into a mine shaft and left to die. Along the way, the duo find themselves faced with the older mystery... why was the miner killed, and who will he kill next?

This is Book Two in the Rock Shop Cozy Mystery series.

Working for Uncle Henry
by Angela Mullins
$0.00, 247 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #31 in Espionage Thrillers (Kindle Store)
Family secrets rooted in WW2 conspiracies entangle two cousins in a web of murder and espionage while working for their uncle, retired Air Force Colonel Henry Archer.

Meet the Archers – A Trust Fund Family:
Henry Archer is a retired Air Force Colonel with a propensity to airsickness. His eccentricities and genius IQ make him as Winston Churchill would say, “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” He now uses his art and antique dealings to propagate his secret activities.

Edith Archer is Henry’s wife. An accomplished artist and musician, she is perhaps far more intelligent than her quirky behavior and comments indicate.

Gerard Humphries is the Archer’s butler and Henry’s best friend. A bit of a mystery himself, he seems to know all, see all, and be everywhere.

Jennifer Vincini is Henry and Edith’s niece. She is a worldwide fashion model who grew up in European boarding schools with very little parental involvement. She is the definition of sex appeal, finds men disposable, and always gets what she wants.

Parker Madison is Henry and Edith’s nephew and Jennifer’s cousin. Parker is a good guy who just wants to live a simple, godly life, but a desire to make a difference in the world keeps getting in the way.

Books, Brownies and Murder: A Story Tree Cozy Mystery Book 1
by Lori Woods
$0.00, 83 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (16 reviews), #1 in Two-Hour Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Short Reads
Everyone in Valley Springs knows that the brownies at Story Tree are to die for, so why are they so surprised when it turns out to be true?

Clary St. James is content with her life in Valley Springs and her flourishing bookstore. She’s content, not bored. And if she keeps repeating that to herself, one day it might just be true. Everything changes one snowy afternoon when a handsome stranger takes up residence next door. Tall, dark, handsome, and arrogant, he rolls into town like he owns the place. Before she can complain too much, Valley Springs is rocked by an unexpected murder of a local man.

All eyes turn to Clary’s bookstore cafe when it’s revealed that lethal brownies were the murder weapon. The once revered brownies become an object of suspicion, and Clary is forced to defend her talented chef and friend, Marie. It’s a race against the clock as the evidence keeps mounting, and secrets come to light.

Death by Chocolate was supposed to be a marketing scheme, not a promise. Will Clary find the truth? Is her faith in her chef misplaced? And what’s happening next door?

Book 1 in the Story Tree Cozy Mystery series, which can be read in one to two hours! Perfect for a lunchtime read or if you want to enjoy a quick light-hearted read, with a book-loving amateur sleuth, set in a picturesque town with sassy characters.

No cliffhanger, swearing or gory scenes!

Bindings (Turning Pages Book 3)
by Jenny Kalahar
$0.00, 425 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #258 in Cozy Mystery
Bindings is the third book in the Turning Pages series, set in a small-town used bookshop that fosters cats.
After Kris and Matt purchase old books at an estate auction for the O’Malleys, a mystery is born. Someone is desperate to get what the bookshop owners have in their possession—something worth a fortune. But what is it? Mack and Mavis O’Malley haven’t a clue as to what makes the books so valuable, or even which books from the auction they could be.
Darla, the record-shop owner, makes a startling discovery of her own, one that could change Kris’ life forever.
Will the O’Malleys uncover the truth before it‘s too late? And what changes are coming for Kris’ family?

Too Deep (Coastline Romantic Suspense Book 2)
by Rimmy London
$0.00, 272 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #3 in Amateur Sleuth Mysteries (Kindle Store)

Clinging to a cliff face, Loriel realizes her complete devotion to Givanni could be the death of her.

After returning from Italy, Loriel and Givanni are met by a roomful of LAPD, and it’s not a welcome home party. They want Givanni locked up for murder, and framing him proves all too easy. But giving up isn’t something Loriel is ready to do – even when it seems Givanni has suddenly vanished. And so, she forces herself into the rescue party with no idea where they’re headed or what they might be up against.

Slowly, one by one, she faces her most terrible fears. When it comes to the man she loves, she won’t be stopped. But when she finally reaches him it’s clear that something changed. Has Givanni lost himself in the hands of his captors? Or is his shock at seeing her due to something darker?

This fast paced, exciting tale takes the reader to new locals and through daring rescues with an ending to cheer for. An up-all-night read with beautifully weaved descriptions, "Too Deep" will hold you captive. Subscribe here so you don’t miss the sequel!

An Old Witches Tale (A Whitewood Witches Murder Mystery Book 4)
by Agnes Lester Brown
$0.00, 141 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #259 in Cozy Mystery
How did Granny Fae, witch extraodinaire, get kicked out of the Shady Pastures old age home? Fae, who now lives with her Whitewood kin in Fennelmoore, has always been vague about that part of her life. She says it would've never happened if she and her friends Dinah and Blaise hadn't been running that clandestine potion factory in the Shady Pastures basement. And then there was the mysterious death of their good friend and confidante, Shade Pastures janitor Joe Humberton. With the cops at a loss about who did it, Fae and her mates had to intervene, resulting in all kinds of unexpected consequences, both normal, and well, weird. After all, they never expected it to be... never mind. Let her tell the story.

Murder at the Company Picnic (Hannah Scrabble Cozy Mysteries Book 1)
by Marty Donnellan
$0.00, 369 pages, 3.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #116 in Cozy Animal Mystery
It’s 1974 in Mountain City, North Carolina. Watergate and Richard Nixon, no cell phones or personal computers, and car windows that hand-crank. Goat-loving typesetter, spy thriller author, and amateur sleuth Hannah Scrabble is taking photos of Dickson’s annual picnic for the company newsletter when a sudden storm causes the party tent to collapse on the guests inside. In the mayhem that follows she sees someone slipping out of the tent and running away. Later in the wreckage a body is discovered – none other than Sheldon Sharpe, Dickson’s new Chief Financial Officer and the man everyone loves to hate.

Who killed Mr. Sharpe? What accounted for the strange hold he had on William Dickson, the company’s founder and president? What’s in those pictures she took? Complicating things are a new man in Hannah's life. When she takes her investigation to the next level, it starts costing her more than she bargained for.

This novel is rated "G" for General Audiences.

Newly Free Hard-Boiled Kindle Books for 2019-06-12

Casey Jones Mysteries Vol. 1-6 (Casey Jones Mystery Series)
by Katy Munger
$0.00, 2166 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (197 reviews), #10 in Suspense (Kindle Store)


“Casey Jones joins the ranks of smart and gutsy heroines. The South will never be the same. Don't miss her.”—Janet Evanovich

“Fast-paced and action-packed...The charm here lies in Munger's writing, which is silky-smooth and packs a wallop.”
I Love a Mystery

“She is smart, tough, and tenacious... a wonderfully entertaining read.”
—Publisher’s Weekly

Casey Jones cannot be beat for rowdy, action-packed adventures with humor, romance, and hard-boiled mayhem aplenty. She’s hot, she’s hilarious, and she’s so headstrong her quasi-boss Bobby D. can only shake his massive head and do as the lady says.
The hot and hilarious parts go hand-in-hand as the plus-size detective fantasizes her way through a small army of possible inamoratos, now and then anointing one or another, although always off the page and always accompanied by a wisecrack or three.
(“I feel like I’ve been in a train wreck,” says one.
“Of course you do,” replies his lovely date. “Why do you think they call me Casey Jones?”)


Author Munger masterfully blends nail-biting suspense with Casey’s hilarious wisecracking narration as she navigates an unsavory southern stew of crooked politicians, crooked cops, old grudges, ancient crimes, and everyone’s favorite, dysfunctional families.


The family of a death row inmate just isn’t buying the story that she killed her cop husband, and they’ve hired North Carolina’s mouthiest female sleuth to save her from lethal injection—in only a month.


When a favorite client gets killed on her watch, Casey vows to find the killer no matter what killers, arsonists, rapists, and spoiled rotten socialites get in her way. Then, to the cynical sleuth’s chagrin—everyone all around her starts falling in love…just before Casey herself is smitten.

BAD TO THE BONE is a rowdy, action-packed adventure with humor, romance, and hard-boiled mayhem aplenty. Its two greatest delights are its vivid antagonists, the big-hearted, tough PI and the petite, pernicious femme fatale, locked in a catfight that should have its own arena.


Along with their significant others and the gardener, Casey and her oversize partner, Bobby, move in with a rape victim who’s receiving threatening phone calls. The victim knows exactly who attacked her, was tried for it, got away with it and who, she’s sure, is still getting away with it.


Casey follows the trail of a missing basketball star to a prison town in the North Carolina mountains. In order to help out the very hot local sheriff investigate suspicious goings-on in the prison, Casey agrees to be locked up for a week inside a prison once again. Watch for the all-time best ever laugh-out-loud prison break!

Always a rip-roaring romp, these page-turners will appeal to fans of all female sleuth mysteries
—private eyes like Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone, Sara Paretsky’s V.I. Warshawski, Laura Lippman’s Tess Monaghan, Marcia Muller’s Sharon McCone, and Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum, as well as their tough and witty male antecedents. If you ever flipped over Philip Marlowe, Spenser, or of course, the immortal Wolfe and his buddy Archie, you’ll fall in love with their direct descendant, Casey Jones, Private Eye.

Pieces of Death: A Bragg Thriller
by Jack Lynch
$0.00, 304 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #5 in Hard-Boiled Mysteries (Kindle Store)

The Shamus Award-nominated, action-packed third thriller in the Bragg series of private eye novels that propelled author Jack Lynch into the league of detective fiction legends alongside Sue Grafton, Raymond Chandler, Robert B. Parker, Dashiell Hammett, and Ross MacDonald.

“Bragg is authentic, gripping, gritty.” San Francisco Examiner

Peter Bragg goes to San Francisco International Airport to protect a man arriving with a valuable package and ends up in a brutal gun battle with two ruthless and brazen assassins. When the smoke clears, the traveler is a corpse and his package has disappeared…Bragg doesn’t have it and neither do the killers. Bragg becomes the hunter and the hunted as killers descend on the city to find thirty-two gem-encrusted chess pieces smuggled out of China that are worth a staggering fortune…one somebody is willing to step over a pile of bodies to have for himself…if he can get past Bragg first.

“This is a first-rate series. Bragg is a restrained and believable hero. The action scenes are excellent.” 101 Knights: A Survey of American Detective Fiction

“The books are damn good, featuring a hard but believable hero,” The Thrilling Detective

Angel of Darkness Action Thriller Series: Exclusive Content, Behind-the-Scenes Secrets, Chapters, In-depth Author Interview…
by Steve N. Lee
$0.00, 164 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #2 in Noir Crime

Do You Love Thrillers?

Are you curious how a bestselling author creates a hero?
Do you long to know how they develop their stories?
Wonder how much is fiction and how much is real-life?
Then this book is a Must-Read!

Your Questions Answered

Discover the secrets behind a successful thriller series with never-before-seen introductions to the books and exclusive content that reveals how Steve N. Lee created his dark, flawed hero and electrifying stories.

Delve deep into the planning and writing of the Angel of Darkness Series, as Steve shares personal anecdotes, fascinating insights into what it takes to write a bestseller, and unprecedented access to the kind of information that readers can usually only dream of having.

You’ll discover…
  • How Steve created his hero and writes the action scenes.
  • Why the best villains aren’t necessarily bad guys.
  • How a flock of mallard ducks inspired a gripping fight scene.
  • Which parts of the series are based on real events.
  • How Steve turns a basic idea into a full-blown book.
  • How an old Bulgarian woman who can’t speak English influenced the series.
  • The parallels between the hero’s past and Steve’s.
  • What Steve looks for when creating an unputdownable story.
  • And much, much more.

  • Don’t Just Read It, SEE It!

    But you don’t only get extensive behind-the-scenes insights, Steve shares photos from his personal collection so you get to see many of the things he discusses.

    You’ll see:
  • Images of the stunning locations used in the books.
  • The most dangerous thing Steve has ever done (and why it will never be in any book).
  • The weaponry Steve practiced with as research for the action scenes.
  • Steve training six feet off the ground on the legendary Shaolin Poles in China.
  • Even a rabbit. (Not just any rabbit, but a very special one. Read this book to find out what makes it special!)
  • And much more.

  • All The Juicy Stuff...

    Finally, in a candid interview, Steve reveals more about how he writes, his life outside writing, and his future projects.

    A Must-Read For Thriller Fans

    If you love Thrillers, not just Steve’s books, this is a fascinating insight into the mind, techniques, and imagination of a rising star of the Thriller genre.

    A must-read for Thriller fans everywhere.

    Dark Crime Thrillers

    This series is gritty, dark crime fiction, not Miss Marple, so expect some violence, occasional strong language, and every so often, a scene of a sexual nature.

    >>> Click Buy Now. <<<

    Praise for Steve N. Lee's books:
      ★★★★★ “Fast-paced and action-packed, it takes you on a ride you don't want to stop!” J. Alexander
      ★★★★★ “Reacher fans should enjoy this … a thrill-packed adrenaline rush.” AJ Norton
      ★★★★★ "Great non-stop action. Why does it always feel good when the bad guy gets what's coming to him?" C. A. Gisone
      ★★★★★ “An action packed thriller from beginning to end!” Dawn Raker
      ★★★★★ “A great intro to a great character. There's action a plenty as well as beautifully described scenes that really 'take you' to the places described.” Mr. Christopher A. Wells
      ★★★★★ “Fast paced thriller with suspense packed onto every page. Loved it.” Michael Miller
      ★★★★★ “A good fast-paced read with a fabulous female lead.” Julie Elizabeth Powell, Top 1000 Reviewer
      ★★★★★ “Incredible Thriller! This book grabs you by the collar and drags you into a fast paced, exciting world.” Kelly Watley
      ★★★★★ “Great stuff. Jack Reacher meets Girl with the dragon tattoo.” Linn C.
      ★★★★★ "Great Read… like a female Jack Reacher but with a twist. Highly recommended.” Brandon Williams
    Find out what you've been missing...

    >>> Click Buy Now. <<<


    The Dutchman
    by Ronald Watkins
    $0.00, 153 pages, 3.4 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #589 in Suspense (Kindle Store)
    The stolen payroll is out there, hidden somewhere in Arizona’s fabled Superstition Mountains. The con said he’d buried it at The Dutchman. Did he mean the Lost Dutchman mine? No one knows where it is. Or did he mean somewhere else? Now ex-reporter Dan Brodie is in the town of Madrid, searching for the loot but he soon learns he’s not alone. And that what started as a treasure hunt is instead a desperate fight to save his life!

    The Overseas Dossier: An International Technology Thriller
    by Simon Sidney-Eriksen
    $0.00, 265 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #12 in Domestic Thrillers (Kindle Store)
    Nina appears to just be a computer programmer who works for a company that is apparently no more than a simple, tech startup. However things are not quite as simple as they seem. From her desk she is creating a sophisticated net that will eventually cover the whole of the globe in an attempt to unravel a mystery that goes right to the very top. Matched against her are forces that want to tear down everything she is doing and stop the secrets she is searching for being revealed. The clock is ticking and can the allies that she does not know even exist stop the enemy from reaching her door.

    TRUMPS A MAYOR: Election in Greater Manchester (Mickey from Manchester series Book 14)
    by Mike Scantlebury
    $0.00, 202 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #18 in Hard-Boiled Mysteries (Kindle Store)
    He's a big man, with big white hair. He looks familiar. No, it can't be - This is Manchester, England. We're having an election for Mayor of the country of Greater Manchester. There's a whole raft of candidates, men and women, young and old. But nobody, it seems, is making as big an impact on the voters than The Business Candidate, the man who proudly says he knows nothing about politics and has no experience of public office. How can he even be taken seriously? But he is. His rallies are the best attended in the campaign, and when he's on the stage with the other candidates, he puts them in the shade. He fizzes, he bubbles, he burbles and he bullies. This is England - how can anyone think that the man in the suit would make a good new Mayor? Well, some people are thinking that he could make it, he could go all the way. So will they try to stop him? Will they blow his campaign out of the water? Or, so it seems, just blow the man away.

    Into the Darkness: Psychological Thriller from the author of The Curiosity Shop and Blue Moon Rising
    by J.J. Franck
    $0.00, 275 pages, 2.8 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #99 in Hard-Boiled Mysteries (Kindle Store)
    Into the Night – Psychological Thriller by author of Raven and 1501 Parcher Place

    Being brutally beaten and buried alive, Lydia Sinclair refused to die. A lightning bolt striking a tree nearby jolts her back from the dead. In the darkness, she doesn’t know where she is but struggles to find a way out of the backwoods swamp.

    Once she is rescued, Lydia has no memory of who or why anyone wanted her dead. In the hospital, another attempt is made on her life, but no one believes her. Rather than go home, Lydia voluntarily admits herself into St. Lucious Psychiatric Hospital to be safe and allow herself to uncover what it is she doesn’t want to remember. Lydia’s desperation is obvious as her life depends on her memory of her past events no matter how unpleasant they may be.

    Through her therapy sessions, Lydia soon uncovers the mystery of her dysfunctional family in turmoil, where greed replaces the love they once shared. And where murder is the only way out of past misdeeds that were done.
    This contemporary mystery delves into the family dynamics that causes people to do the unthinkable.

    As Lydia races to uncover her memory, the truth becomes a terrifying nightmare. A tortuous, engrossed thriller, Into the Darkness will keep readers enthralled through the final, shocking twist of fate.

    Customer Review:

    Great book!! Well worth the read. One of my favorite authors!!!!!

    Newly Free Private Investigators Kindle Books for 2019-06-12

    Hercule Poirot: The Murder on the Links
    by Agatha Christie
    $0.00, 191 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (648 reviews), #11 in Private Investigator Mysteries (Kindle Store)
    This eBook edition of "The Murder on the Links" has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. The story takes place in northern France, giving Poirot a hostile competitor from the Paris Sûreté. Poirot's long memory for past or similar crimes proves useful in resolving the crimes.

    Phineas Troutt Series - Three Thriller Novels (Dead On My Feet #1, Dying Breath #2, Everybody Dies #3)
    by J.A. Konrath
    $0.00, 771 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (9 reviews), #3 in Crime Thrillers (Kindle Store)
    This is a specially priced box set of three novels in the Phineas Troutt thriller series (#1, #2, #3).

    D E A D O N M Y F E E T

    His name is Phineas Troutt. He's a problem solver.

    If a woman is being stalked by her ex-husband, Phin can convince him to stop. If a union is being squeezed, Phin can squeeze the squeezer. He's not a mercenary. He's not a bodyguard. He's not a private eye. He's a guy who takes cash for solving problems with violence.

    When a doctor at a suburban women's health clinic is being harassed, she hires Phin to make it stop. But the situation proves to be larger, and more dangerous, than even he can handle on his own. So he calls in some friends to help out; a P.I. named Harry McGlade and a female cop named Jack Daniels...

    D Y I N G B R E A T H

    His name is Phineas Troutt. He's a problem solver.
    Her name is Jack Daniels. She's a homicide cop.
    And then there's Harry McGlade, private eye.

    Phin is trying to find a lost girl.
    Jack is on the trail of a serial killer.
    Harry is looking for a runaway.
    Little do they know, they're all on the same case...

    They call themselves The Club. A group of rich, privileged twenty-somethings who like to indulge in things that money can't buy. Things like kidnapping, torture, and murder.

    They think they can get away with it.

    They're wrong.

    E V E R Y B O D Y D I E S

    They call him The Man With Seven Tears.

    He has a teardrop tattoo on his cheek for every man he's murdered for his twisted cause. He's the head of the most ruthless hate group in the USA, and he's about to commit the biggest act of domestic terrorism in history.

    There's only one person alive who knows him well enough to stop him. Someone strong enough. Determined enough. Smart enough.

    Someone willing to lose everything.

    His younger brother; a problem solver named Phineas Troutt.

    About JA Konrath

    JA Konrath is the author of eleven novels in the Jack Daniels thriller series. They do not have to be read chronologically to be enjoyed, but for those who want to know the order it is: Whiskey Sour, Bloody Mary, Rusty Nail, Dirty Martini, Fuzzy Navel, Cherry Bomb, Shaken, Stirred, Rum Runner, Last Call, and White Russian.

    Jack also appears in the novels Shot of Tequila, Flee, Spree, Three, Timecaster Supersymmetry, Banana Hammock, and Serial Killers Uncut, as well as the short story collection Jack Daniels Stories, and the novellas Floaters and Burners.

    Konrath also writes horror. This includes the bestsellers Afraid, Trapped, Endurance, Haunted House, and Draculas.

    He has sold over 3 million books worldwide.

    Parkcity volume 1
    by shawn green
    $0.00, 136 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #94 in Police Procedurals (Kindle Store)
    Gray line of Justice detectives investigate the shooting of an unarmed black male. Pleasure Beach. detectives investigate the discovery of a untold number of dead bodies found at a popular Beach

    Secondhand Goods
    by Jim Winter
    $0.00, 226 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #5174 in Private Investigator Mysteries (Books)
    While tracking a bounty, Nick Kepler finds himself in a whirlwind case. Stuck with a stolen limo and a dead body, Nick has to find a way to navigate the competing interests of rival gangsters and corrupt cops. Can he find a way to get rid of the evidence while protecting protecting himself and his employer, or will he fall victim to the web of lies and sex that will lead to his undoing?

    A Deal to Die For: an Al Pennyback mystery (Al Pennyback mysteries Book 29)
    by Charles Ray
    $0.00, 212 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #140 in Private Investigator Mysteries (Kindle Store)
    She was rich, and she was afraid. The victim of a real estate fraud scheme, she’s now suspected of killing the man who defrauded her. She comes to Al for help in proving her innocence; a problem, given that Al really doesn’t care much for rich, spoiled people who don’t know what it’s like for the average guy. He takes the case anyway, because he doesn’t like to see the innocent suffer, even the rich innocent, and finds himself neck-deep in fraud and murder.

    Identifying the guilty party is a real challenge when someone’s trying to kill you.

    From the working-class neighborhoods of Rockville, Maryland, to the dingy streets of Northwest DC, Al follows a faint trail, trying to identify a cold, calculating killer. At the same time, danger shadows his every step. With the clock ticking, and his client’s continued freedom in doubt, Al has to do the impossible.

    But, the more complex the problem, the more Al likes it; and he really loves this one.

    Force of Impact (Ethan Carr Thrillers Book 4)
    by Bryan Cassiday
    $0.00, 394 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #60470 in Suspense (Kindle Store)
    "A potent shot of contemporary LA Noir that will have readers hooked from page one. Fans of Dennis Lehane and James Ellroy will love Force of Impact."

    A horror author's life plunges into a nightmare worse than he could ever imagine.

    Struggling horror novelist Bart Dillinger doesn’t accept the official police report that says his girlfriend actress Jackie Merced committed suicide by shooting herself while driving off a cliff. He hires PI Ethan Carr to find out how she really died. Carr discovers secrets Dillinger didn’t know about her which reveal she was more complicated than even he knew. Carr also discovers she belonged to a clandestine club of masked members in Hollywood who like to play games. These members include politicians and other movers and shakers. And the games they like to play are deadly.

    Read Between the Lies: A JOHN HANDFUL MYSTERY (The John Handful Mysteries Book 5)
    by Andrew Hixson
    $0.00, 182 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #10602 in Psychological Thrillers (Kindle Store)
    This gripping horror/sci-fi drama tells the tale of a lonely Suffolk coastal town stalked by a brutal killer who may be from another world. Dismembered corpses are found in this misty, mysterious part of Suffolk, where the population fears it is being terrorised by an otherworldly killer. The only clue is a flickery film of one of the murders showing a terrifying, shadowy monster. The police call private detective John Handful in to assist, and his only problem is to find out, who or what is the killer.

    by Charles Emory
    $0.00, 366 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #108 in Private Investigator Mysteries (Kindle Store)
    Sonny Warren, a rookie Phoenix detective who has a PhD, receives an email from a suspected serial killer who challenges Dr. Detective. “I made my third kill today. I have seven more planned. Can You Stop Me?” At first Sonny’s lieutenant does not believe the email. Then through a series of twists and turns, Sonny is drawn further into the case, becomes a temporary helper in the FBI investigation, and then is abruptly kicked off the FBI team for disagreeing with the lead Special Agent. Feeling personally challenged since the emails have been to him and not the Phoenix PD, Sonny asks his lieutenant if he can continue working on the serial killer case. Sonny is cussed out and told, not politely, to stay off the case. Sonny, however, cannot. He is the latest in a long line of male family members who have been policemen. He feels driven to continue to figure out the killer’s MO which seems to be a series of codes that the FBI was unable to break. The first code element is that the killer is murdering someone each month. With that foremost in his mind, Sonny worries each month when he is unable to prevent someone from being killed.
    As the months continue to pass, he struggles to understand the codes being used and predict who will be next. One of the FBI agents that he worked with calls Sonny with bits of information that might help. One grabs his attention but leads nowhere. Consciously, despite persistence, he is unable to come up with anything new. Then one day his subconscious hears a new possibility and ties it in with all of the data Sonny has accumulated. By the end of that day, he realizes what the codes are and is able to predict who the next victim will be.
    But, he cannot go to his lieutenant or the FBI Special Agent. They both have forced him to stay off the case. At risk of being kicked off the Phoenix Police Department because of insubordination, Sonny without explanation puts in for immediate vacation. Again, his lieutenant is highly upset because the department is so busy.
    The vacation request is approved but not for the time Sonny requested. Sonny will have only one day to convince the next victim and local police that he knows what he is doing.
    “Can I do it?”

    Newly Free Detectives Kindle Books for 2019-06-12

    Northern Crime: Four Crime Novelettes
    by J.S. Mahon
    $0.00, 168 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #32 in Traditional Detective Mysteries (Kindle Store)
    NORTHERN CRIME - Four Crime Novelettes:

    1 - The Revenge of Darian Devlin:

    Darian Devlin, the most merciless job centre adviser for miles around, is not amused when he leaves work to find that his car has been tampered with. He sets out to ascertain which of his reviled customers might be responsible and on narrowing his list of suspects down to three he hits back with a vengeance, unleashing a spiral of retribution that soon gets out of control.

    2 - A Singular Murder – My Grandfather’s Secret crime:

    When young Tom Turnbull’s grandfather gives him a large envelope to be opened after his death, he hopes that it might contain money, but what he finds inside is an account of the old man’s strange activities back in 1972.

    Jack Turnbull, a hard-working family man, is threatened with blackmail after the discovery of a brief affair and he considers his options carefully. He can pay up, confess to his wife, or find another way out of his dilemma. In the event, he decides to remove the only obstacle in his path to continued tranquillity, Dennis Black.

    Jack enjoys fishing and Dennis loves to run on the fells, so Jack sits down to devise a plan to destroy his nemesis somewhere out on the Pennine moorland so dear to them both. As his grandson will later discover, the solution takes the form of a most singular murder.

    3 - The Thirteenth Arch:

    Young Joshua Holland – erstwhile bookseller, budding academic and holdup man – is fresh out of prison and keen to come up with a new field of illicit endeavour.
    When he hits upon the idea of planning a kidnap he shuns traditional methods in favour of a more mobile approach which will send him scouring the Yorkshire Dales in search of a suitable victim.

    4 - PAYDAY:

    When local tough guy Matt Grimton walked into a Payday Loan shop it wasn’t the end of the month he was worrying about. Busy working a scam to get himself away to sunnier climes, when the chance arose to augment his earnings with a foolproof murder in Spain he was quick to seize the opportunity to test his mettle and earn a quick fifty grand into the bargain.

    Backtrack: A Mike Bowditch Short Mystery (Mike Bowditch Mysteries)
    by Paul Doiron
    $0.00, pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #3 in 30-Minute Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Short Reads

    Enjoy “Backtrack”—an original, brand new, short story from Edgar Award finalist Paul Doiron, author of the bestselling Mike Bowditch series.

    When a visiting hunter goes missing in the middle of a snowstorm, a young Charley Stevens (later the mentor to game warden Mike Bowditch) sets off to rescue him—but begins to suspect the man may not want to be found.

    The Detective Fiction Collection #2
    by Edgar Wallace
    $0.00, 2952 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #12 in Traditional Detective Mysteries (Kindle Store)
    The second volume in the Detective Fiction Collection!

    The Affair at the Semiramis Hotel, by A. E. W. Mason
    The Mysterious Card, by Cleveland Moffett
    The Mysterious Card Unveiled, by Cleveland Moffett
    The Double Four, by Edward Phillips Oppenheim
    The Evil Shepherd, by Edward Phillips Oppenheim
    The Experiences of Loveday Brooke, Lady Detective, by Catherine Louisa Pirkis
    The Fall of the House of Usher, by Edgar Allan Poe
    The Murders in the Rue Morgue, by Edgar Allan Poe
    The Mystery of Marie Rogêt, by Edgar Allan Poe
    The Green Eyes of Bâst, by Sax Rohmer
    Whose Body?, by Dorothy Leigh Sayers
    The Lady, or the Tiger?, by Frank R. Stockton
    Catherine: A Story, by William Makepeace Thackeray
    Tom Sawyer, Detective, by Mark Twain
    An Antarctic Mystery, by Jules Verne
    The Angel of Terror, by Edgar Wallace
    The Daffodil Mystery, by Edgar Wallace

    The Scholar & The Black Spider
    by Colin Wight
    $0.00, 178 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Detectives
    Over-educated, under-employed and with a vague feeling that there has to be more to life, retired accountant Max Bennet’s chance encounter with a beautiful Italian socialite leads to secret trips to Portugal and Morocco — and an unexpected contract to deliver a prestigious lecture on medieval art.

    But is it all too good to be true? What are the Materazzi family up to? And how is he going to keep his dodgy dealings from his razor-sharp wife? Our man is soon out of his depth.

    A parodic homage to — inter alia — John le Carré, David Lodge, Capt. W.E. Johns and cult rock bands of the 70s, this picaresque black comedy is awash with absurd characters, preposterous co-incidences and ironic cultural references. The witty word-play will delight the hoity-toity metropolitan bookworm.

    Colin Wight was born in Glasgow, brought up in [the] Wirral and lives in London with his razor-sharp wife. This is his first novel.

    Newly Free Mystery Kindle Books for 2019-06-12

    by Shameka Bonner
    $0.00, 179 pages, 4.9 out of 5.0 (23 reviews), #12 in African American Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Fiction
    Life can be Bitter, life can be Sweet, and no one knows what fate they'll meet! Bitter-Sweet, is a story of tragedy, and triumph. It deals with the ugly truth of incest, the effects of abuse, mental illness, and stalking. It also reveals consequences, love, forgiveness, faith, and transformation! This is a fascinating novel, where the characters are fictional, but the occurrences are real! This is a novel of purpose, intended to bring healing, and change to individuals who have experienced the pain of abuse. There is healing for your pain, and life after abuse. The words written in the pages of this book, will not only entertain, but change you!

    Horns of the Devil: A Jeff Trask Legal Thriller (Jeff Trask crime drama series Book 2)
    by Marc Rainer
    $0.00, 267 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (294 reviews), #14 in Legal Thrillers (Kindle Store)

    The Evil Of MS-13

    The beheaded body of the Salvadoran ambassador's son is dumped on the curb in front of his father's embassy just blocks from the White House. Federal prosecutor Jeff Trask and an FBI task force are called upon to solve the murder. Their search for the killers leads to the MS-13, a hyper-violent gang from El Salvador.

    ˃˃˃ A String Of Brutal Killings

    Trask and his team soon learn that someone else is also tracking their suspects, and with deadly efficiency. When Trask himself becomes a target, he realizes that he is caught in a cross-fire between two of the most ruthless organizations in the western hemisphere.

    Author Marc Rainer brings more than three decades of investigative and prosecutorial experience to this follow-up to his hit police procedural Capital Kill. Horns of the Devil provides a view into one of the most deadly organized crime threats facing the United States today and takes the reader on a gripping ride through murder investigations complicated by Washington politics and international intrigue.

    ˃˃˃ The story is so realistic that it at times blurs the line between fiction and reality.


    The Assassin's Trail (The Sean Kruger Series Book 2)
    by J.C. Fields
    $0.00, 317 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (26 reviews), #22 in Men's Adventure Fiction (Kindle Store)

    Two Assassinations That Appear To Be Linked

    Homicide Detective Ryan Clark has a problem. A prominent businessman has been assassinated by a drive-by shooting. Two weeks earlier another man, in the same industry, was shot and killed. He suspects the assassinations are related and calls an old friend with the FBI. When FBI profiler Special Agent Sean Kruger arrives at the scene of the second murder, he agrees with Clark but is hesitant to get involved. After twenty-five years with the FBI, he is tired of the bureaucracy and politics of the job. His constant traveling has kept him away from the woman he loves and he is contemplating retiring to start a new life with her.

    ˃˃˃ The Assassin Strikes Close To Home

    A week later, while home in Kansas City, the assassin strikes again, this time close to where he lives, making things personal. With the help of JR Diminski, the computer genius from The Fugitive’s Trail, Kruger identifies a suspect and travels to Alabama for the arrest.

    ˃˃˃ When Things Go From Bad To Worse

    Politics and micromanaging complicate the situation. Kruger is ordered to wait but disobeys and proceeds with the arrest. When everything goes horribly wrong, he is suspended by the Director of the FBI. Now outside the protection of the agency, he must decide whether to walk away from his career or put his new marriage and life in danger by pursuing the assassin. An assassin whose ultimate goal is an attack in the center of the United States, an attack that will result in more innocent casualties than 9/11.

    Scroll Up And Grab Your Copy Today!

    Dangerous and Unseemly: A Concordia Wells Mystery (The Concordia Wells Mysteries Book 1)
    by K.B. Owen
    $0.00, 354 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (81 reviews), #45 in Literature & Fiction (Kindle Store)
    An unseemly lesson…in murder.
    The year is 1896, and college professor Concordia Wells has her hands full: teaching classes, acting as live-in chaperone to a cottage of lively female students, and directing the student play, Macbeth.
    But mystery and murder are not confined to the stage, especially when the death of Concordia’s sister, Mary, appears to be foul play. To make matters worse, the women’s college is plagued by malicious pranks, arson, money troubles, and the apparent suicide of a college official. With her beloved school facing certain ruin, Concordia knows that she must act. As she struggles to seek justice for her sister and discover who is behind the college incidents, there are some closest to Concordia who do not appreciate the unseemly inquiries and bold actions of the young lady professor. Can she discover who is responsible…before she becomes the next target?
    Absorbing in its memorable characters, non-stop plot twists, and depiction of life in a late-nineteenth century women’s college, Dangerous and Unseemly is a suspenseful and engaging contribution to the cozy historical mystery genre. Fans of Harriet Vane and Maisie Dobbs will find in Concordia Wells a new heroine to fall in love with.

    "The exquisitely plotted mystery will keep you turning the pages well into the night, and the richness of the world will keep you thinking about the story long after you put it down."
    ~ Janice Hamrick, award-winning author of Death Makes the Cut

    “What a perfectly enjoyable debut! The author seamlessly works in the finely wrought historical details that make the reader feel totally at home. ...truly a delight to read. I’ll definitely be awaiting more adventures of the intrepid Miss Wells.”
    ~ Martha Powers, award winning author of Conspiracy of Silence and Death Angel

    A Secret to the Grave (Detective Parker Bell Book 1)
    by Jane Blythe
    $0.00, 300 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (44 reviews), #147 in Crime Thrillers (Kindle Store)
    This is the beginning of a love story, not a romance

    He needs to save her, but she doesn't want to be saved.

    Detective Parker Bell has just returned to work after a shooting when he and his partner land the case of a young woman abducted by a man who has left a list of clues pointing to nine other women he plans to kill.

    Throughout the course of the investigation Parker meets Tessa Micah, a potential victim and the most interesting, stubborn, infuriating woman he has ever met. When Tessa refuses to shed any light on why she is in the sights of a serial killer it's up to Parker to find the madman before he can bring his plan to fruition, leaving ten dead women in his wake.

    ** Warning: Graphic violence and themes of sexual assault/abuse **

    "I can hardly wait to see where Jane Blythe will take me to next. I want dark, gritty, truly terrifying suspense and death and there is no short supply of it here." - Fundinmental Book Blog

    Complete series
    1. A Secret to the Grave
    2. Winter Wonderland
    3. Dead or Alive
    4. Little Girl Lost
    5. Forgotten

    The Pam of Babylon Boxed Set: A Contemporary Romance Series
    by Suzanne Jenkins
    $0.00, 1447 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (31 reviews), #19 in Suspense (Kindle Store)

    At last, by USA Today Bestselling Author Suzanne Jenkins, the Pam of Babylon series starter collection! Contains the first five full-length novels plus two additional stories!

    When Jack has a heart attack on the train from Manhattan, his wife and his two lovers discover secrets and lies...and each other. But what happens next? And how did they get to that point? Find out in this addictive soap opera, combining intrigue, mystery, drama, women’s fiction, and of course, romance!

    “A soap opera I can’t put down!” “When’s the next story coming out?” “Addictive!” “I can’t live without Pam.”

    This box set includes:

  • First Sight - When Pam Met Jack
  • Beautiful Heartbreaker
  • Pam of Babylon
  • Don’t You Forget About Me
  • Dream Lover
  • Prayers for the Dying
  • Family Dynamics

  • Readers Favorite Book Reviews and Awards

    Jersey Girl Book Reviews-Pam of Babylon Named Top Series of 2012 -- "…once you start it, you will not want to put it down."

    Kirkus Review Of Pam of Babylon -- "An intriguing first novel that revolves around a husband's death and hidden secrets. Women's fiction with a touch of noir."

    Kirkus Review of Dream Lover -- “A gritty, realistic portrait of the aftermath of deceit.”

    What Happened to Lori Book 1: Genesis (Mind-Blowing Twist Thriller Duology)
    by J.A. Konrath
    $0.00, 386 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #1 in Crime Thrillers (Kindle Store)
    Three people.
    Each has a secret.
    Each has an agenda.
    All three are liars.

    One of them committed a terrible crime.
    One of them is on the run.
    More than one of them is a killer.

    These three people are about to find out what happened to Lori.
    And they're going to wish they never did...

    Is she dead? Or is it much worse?


    What Happened To Lori is a gearshift thriller series comprised of two 90,000 word books. This unconventional thriller bombards the reader with intriguing questions and eye-popping scenarios, pulling you deeper and deeper into a complex--yet highly entertaining--web of mystery, secrets, sex, double-crosses, lies, voyeurism, torture, and deceit, leading up to the biggest mind-blowing twist in modern genre fiction.

    Book 1 sets the scene, introduces the main characters, and pulls you into a wicked plot involving a missing woman who is presumed dead, her obsessed grieving brother, her off-kilter ex-con husband, and the mysterious mercenary her husband hires to replace her...

    You may think you have it figured out.

    You're probably wrong.

    What Happened to Lori will stay one step ahead of you right until the epic, unexpected, universe-shattering conclusion.

    Welcome to the modern thriller. It will blow your mind.

    The Man Who Was Thursday (Political Thriller)
    by G. K. Chesterton
    $0.00, pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (468 reviews), #23 in Historical Mysteries (Kindle Store)
    Gabriel Syme is recruited at Scotland Yard to a secret anti-anarchist police corps. Lucian Gregory, an anarchistic poet, lives in the suburb of Saffron Park. They meet at a party and, after a heating debate, Gregory takes Syme to London underground, revealing that he is an influential member of the European anarchist council. The central council consists of seven men, each using the name of a day of the week as a cover. The position of Thursday is about to be elected by Gregory's local chapter and Gregory expects to win the election. However, just before the election, Syme reveals to Gregory after an oath of secrecy that he is a secret policeman. Fearful that Syme may use his speech in evidence of a prosecution, Gregory's weakened words fail to convince the local chapter that he is sufficiently dangerous for the job. Syme then makes a rousing anarchist speech and wins the vote. He is sent immediately as the chapter's delegate to the central council.

    The Orlando File (Book One): A Gripping Conspiracy Thriller
    by Ian C.P. Irvine
    $0.00, 196 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (416 reviews), #7 in Crime Action Fiction (Kindle Store)

    Perhaps the Most Gripping Conspiracy Thriller you will ever read!

    Imagine this: you’re involved in a car accident. You partner is almost killed, left disabled in a wheel chair for the rest of their life. It’s not your fault. But you can never forgive yourself.

    Then, a few years later, unwittingly, you get dragged into a conspiracy: six of the world's leading geneticists have all 'committed suicide' in the past seven days, your brother-in-law being the latest to die. Establishing that those who died were all employees of a secretive research company based in Orlando, you set out to discover the truth behind their deaths.
    You discover that those who died were killed to stop them unveiling the results of their revolutionary research, a discovery that could usher in a new age of hope and health for all humanity. You vow to find who was responsible for their deaths and to uncover the powerful secret they were killed to protect.

    But a sinister organization that will stop at nothing to protect the secret behind the mysterious 'Orlando Treatment' is watching you.

    When those around you start to die, and your partner disappears, it becomes a race against time to find the missing 'Orlando File', the only hope of saving your crippled partner and proving to an unsuspecting world, the truth behind the sinister Chymera Corporation of America.

    But then, you discover what the Orlando File contains, and you’re faced with a choice no person should ever have to make, and everyone who reads this book must ask the same question:

    "What would I do, if it was me?"

    Welcome to the world of Kerrin Graham, an investigative journalist for the Washington Post!

    Based upon the latest research, anyone who reads this book could learn a simple little known medical fact that could extend their life by 20 years. Download it now and fall in love with a new author today! For fans of Lee Child, Kathy Reich, Tess Gerritsen - a fast paced thriller, with an incredible twist. Guaranteed enjoyment or your money back!

    What people are saying about The Orlando File

    "Fast paced and well constructed. An original storyline that hand many elements of believability. Every chapter ended in a cliffhanger. I couldn't put it down."

    "Once I started reading I could not put it down. Lots of action and a good plot. Very good book."
    "Exciting thriller with a main character I instantly took to. Usually I skim boring bits in books, but no need for that in this book, it was a genuine page turner."

    "Wow what a thriller, a total page turner! also all too believable. I could not put this book down and when it was finished it left me thinking for days! Please read and enjoy."

    "I really enjoyed this book. I had never read this author before, but I will read everything he's written now! . This really was a well written, page-turning medical mystery. "

    "This book is a thriller from the first paragraph to the last. I was surprised constantly and I would recommend this book to anyone that loves a medical thriller."

    "Right from the beginning, you are drawn into this book and you will be unable to put down. The idea of what genetic engineering may be possible, is mind bending. You can actually believe the characters are real. It is a breathtaking book to read. "

    Book One of Two Parts: Please note that Book One continues seamlessly into and is concluded in Book Two. This is an excellent way to introduce yourself to this new and exciting author!- If you enjoy Book One, to continue the story you may then choose to download Book Two. Alternatively, readers are recommended to purchase the full omnibus edition containing both Book One and Book Two. Readers may now borrow Book Two free with Kindle Unlimited!

    Sei Thrillers (Books 1-3)
    by Ty Hutchinson
    $0.00, 742 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #1 in International Mystery & Crime (Kindle Store)
    Get the first three thrillers in the action-packed series.

    They used her daughter as bait. They messed with the wrong mother.

    Meet Sei. She abandoned her life as a deadly assassin to try to find peace—but when contacted by a source claiming to have information about the daughter she thought she’d lost, Sei finds herself taking on one last mission. Can she unravel the truth before time runs out?

    What Amazon readers are saying:

    ★★★★★ I never thought I would be cheering on an assassin, but it's hard to not love this character.

    ★★★★★ I had fun trying to guess Sei's next move. I was never correct.

    ★★★★★ Hard to imagine how this author created a character so clever, intelligent and gifted. And a woman, no less.

    ★★★★★ Assassins may not be the best people in the world, but Sei makes you root for the best for her.

    ★★★★★ Drama, mystery, and a hard punch from the beginning.

    ★★★★★ One of the best books I've read on Kindle.

    ★★★★★ Characterization is fantastic; story is very engaging, and excellent plot.

    ★★★★★ I love a book that reads like I've just watched an action movie.

    ★★★★★ Definitely a killing machine but with a moral compass.

    ★★★★★ A multifaceted character that draws sympathy.

    ★★★★★ Love, Love, Love this series.

    ★★★★★ I usually don't read books about assassins, but I'm looking forward to reading the rest.

    ★★★★★ I can't help but admire and root for the petite female Asian assassin.

    ★★★★★ Read it in 1 day!

    Buy the box set, and start a series you won't ever want to put down.

    SILENT SUSPECT a gripping detective mystery full of twists and turns
    by Jack Parker
    $0.00, 456 pages, 3.9 out of 5.0 (163 reviews), #94 in Crime Thrillers (Kindle Store)
    Discover a crime thriller which will captivate you till the stunning ending.

    What happens when a serial killer begins hunting in the nation's capital? For Jack Richards, a desperate and depressed young desktop publisher, it means finding himself mistakenly thrust into the firestorm as a lead suspect – only to learn to his own shock and amazement that he alone knows the true killer's identity...if anyone will believe him in time.

    Knife & Death (DCI James Hardy Series Book 1)
    by Jay Gill
    $0.00, 308 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #75 in Crime Thrillers (Kindle Store)


    How do you stop a killer whose mind is set on revenge?

    When detective James Hardy learns the body of a young woman discovered in the River Thames is that of a friend, his life goes into a tail-spin.

    Anya, the victim’s flatmate, is on the run for her life. She could be the key to catching the killer. In a race against time, Hardy must track down Anya, before the killer does.

    As the truth behind the investigation unfolds, Hardy’s own family come under threat. With two young daughters to protect and an investigation that twists and turns, Hardy finds himself pushed to the limit.

    Can he protect his family?

    Will Hardy be in time to save Anya?

    With his every move under scrutiny, how will Hardy handle the pressure and solve the investigation?

    Discover the gripping investigation that sees detective James Hardy pushed to the brink.

    He's Alive: A JJ Gilbert Mystery
    by Linda M. Williams
    $0.00, 355 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #139 in Women Sleuths (Kindle Store)
    Jordyn Gilbert’s life was forever changed the day her twin brother Jackson was killed in a school bus accident. When his spirit visited her in the hospital, she was transformed into JJ and started her new life as a medium. Ten years later, JJ received the message of “he’s alive” from a sprit that was so forceful, she became dizzy every time they connected. As hard as JJ tried, she couldn’t escape the familiar spirit that pushed her to her limit.
    With her best friend Luke’s help, JJ put all the clues and messages together and finally identified the spirit from her past. Solving this mystery meant reopening old wounds. JJ would have to face her past if she going to find the spirit’s missing son. Not everyone was happy with her efforts to solve this fifteen year old case. Someone was determined to stop her. JJ had to deal with threats as she navigated the spirit’s messages so that she could reunite a father with his lost son before it was too late.

    Reviewed by: Lesley Jones for Readers' Favorite
    Review Rating: 5 Star

    In He's Alive by Linda M. Williams, after Jordyn Gilbert witnessed her twin brother's death in a school bus collision, she discovered a hidden gift as a medium. When the spirit of her twin visited her as she recovered from the accident, she promised him she would use her gift to help others. From that moment on she transformed into JJ. Ten years later, while visiting her brother's grave, she was given the opportunity to keep that promise when she hears a strange voice stating: "He’s alive." The voices continue and the spirit entity is so strong it pushes JJ over the edge until she has no choice but to solve this mystery. The only person she can turn to for help is her old school friend Luke, and together they uncover the identity of the spirit and the shocking truth behind the message. JJ faces hostility and threats as she investigates a crime that has gone unsolved for years. Will she discover the spirit missing son is alive? Someone’s life depends on it.

    This is a fantastic concept for a story line and the author has executed the plot with sensitivity and knowledge of her subject. There are many twists and turns throughout the plot as JJ tries to uncover the identity of the son. I was gripped by the fast moving, exciting investigation by JJ and Luke. The conflict and tension throughout kept my attention and it was perfectly paced out throughout the story. The characters were all created with great detail and a fantastic backstory which was evident in the dialogue. The lead character, JJ, was a good, strong female protagonist who also had a caring compassionate side. The whole novel had a beautiful blend of sadness, excitement and tension. The ending couldn’t have been better written.

    The Fall (The Uranium Lily Casefiles Book 1)
    by JJ Clayborn
    $0.00, 235 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #579 in Crime Fiction (Kindle Store)
    Still reeling from the recent death of his partner, the last thing that homicide detective Riley Schiller wants is a new one. But that's exactly what his captain gives him - a hotshot detective, Katelynn Martinez, who transferred from the Vice Squad.

    They're still getting used to working together when they get their first case - now they have to figure out why a 5-year old child was murdered in an office building in the middle of night, and what that has to do with terrorism.

    Desert Sanctuary (A Detective Sanchez/Father Montero Mystery)
    by Fred G Baker
    $0.00, 231 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #10333 in Police Procedurals (Books)
    A cop murdered, a sanctuary violated,
    a contract out on Sanchez’s head. . . .
    In this second novel in the Detective Sanchez/Father Montero Mystery series, a nighttime drug bust in Phoenix turns deadly. Police Captain Ronald Gurvy shoots it out with gang boss Roberto Gomez and both men are killed. Detective Lori Sanchez is first on the scene and hears a third party running away in the dark. Who was it? The killer or a witness to the murder?

    When Sanchez is accused of killing both men, Father Guillermo Montero steps forward to help his friend prove her innocence. At the same time he must help a new priest, Father John, protect Latin American refugees and a man seeking sanctuary in John’s church because he saw something no man should ever see.

    Sanchez and Montero work the case together. Police on the Phoenix PD think she killed Gurvy. The infamous Westside Gang is convinced she killed Gomez. They all want her dead. Sanchez must fight for her life as the clues tumble together and the plot thickens.

    Murder at the Bellamy Mansion (Magnolia Mystery Wilmington Series Book 8)
    by Ellen Elizabeth Hunter
    $0.00, 283 pages, 3.9 out of 5.0 (50 reviews), #126 in Women Sleuths (Kindle Store)
    When Ashley Wilkes, historic preservationist, and her husband, Jon, volunteer to restore the belvedere atop the Bellamy Mansion, they have no idea the restoration project will unleash a rash of bizarre murders. First, their general contractor is wounded by a sharp-shooter from a fifth floor window at the Carolina Apartments. Then a guest dies mysteriously at a fund raiser. And a body is found floating in the old cistern. The police are baffled. If the belvedere is ever to be restored, Ashley will just have to catch the murderer herself and get her project back on schedule. Unless, of course, the murderer catches Ashley first!

    “Crumbling bricks and rotting floorboards are the least of Ashley’s worries. Corpses turn up in the most inconvenient places.” – Our State Magazine, North Carolina

    "I got hooked on the Magnolia Mysteries after reading Murder at the Bellamy Mansion. I ordered every one and have almost finished the whole series and want more!!!! I love the detail about the older homes and the South. The story lines seem plausible and keep me reading way past my bedtime! It's hard to put any of these books down once you start reading them." J. Brock

    A Formidable Foe (Risky Research)
    by Kim McMahill
    $0.00, 40 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (8 reviews), #30 in One-Hour Literature & Fiction Short Reads
    University student Devyn Nash is frustrated. No one believes her theory that two unrelated off-campus student deaths are the product of a serial killer. Authorities disregard her concerns and dire predictions, but her gut tells her not to give up.

    Will she convince them to heed her warnings before the killer strikes again or will she be the next victim?

    Sins of the Past: A riveting suspense novel that keeps you guessing until the end (A Cooper and White Mystery Book 1)
    by Julia Derek
    $0.00, 334 pages, 3.8 out of 5.0 (120 reviews), #4 in Suspense (Kindle Store)
    Stay-at-home mom Kate Martinez’s life is turned upside down when her husband Diego is stabbed to death, leaving her with no means to support their toddlers. Detectives Cooper and White are put on the case, and their only lead is the unusual knife left at the crime scene. Kate insists neither Diego nor she have any enemies.

    But Diego may have more enemies than Kate thinks; he was once a member of a vicious gang and kept this a secret. When Kate discovers his lies, she’s devastated and turns to Trevor, a man she once dated who's become a friend.

    Little does she know that Trevor, too, used to be a member of a brutal gang named the Aryan Brotherhood---which happens to be a rival to her husband’s gang. Not only that, Trevor has an agenda of his own. By the time Kate figures it all out, it may be too late.

    NOTE: This is the SECOND edition of SINS OF THE PAST. It has a brand-new prologue, two new chapters, and a key plot change. Other than that, the story, while much tighter, is still the same.

    The Killing Type: A short story from the bestselling author of My Husband’s Wife
    by Jane Corry
    $0.00, 50 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (13 reviews), #165 in Crime Thrillers (Kindle Store)


    Susie and her sister have never been close. These days they barely speak. So when Danielle messages her out of the blue and begs to meet, Susie knows something must be wrong.

    But what Danielle tells her seems crazy. Her husband, Simon, may be a bully, but surely he wouldn't hurt her?

    Then the accident happens. And Susie is forced to rethink everything.

    Who is lying?
    Who is telling the truth?
    And who, really, is the killing type?


    'A dark, complex and compelling thriller that kept me turning the pages until the end' B A Paris

    'Jane Corry is a true master of psychological suspense' Kathryn Croft

    'The perfect summer read!' L J Ross

    'Jane Corry hooks us from page one' Jane Holland

    'Jane Corry is the new queen of the psychological thriller. Don't miss this' Kate Furnivall

    'Fans of psychological thrillers will be hooked after the first page' Closer

    'Jane Corry weaves a morally complex, twisty tale' Kate Hamer

    'A rollercoaster of dramatic twists' Elizabeth Haynes

    KIDNAPPED - INTERNATIONAL ESPIONAGE: full of twists and turns (Book No. 1)
    by Rose Fox
    $0.00, 672 pages, 3.8 out of 5.0 (71 reviews), #38 in International Mystery & Crime (Kindle Store)
    She was born in the desert tents, running barefoot on the hot sands, grazing the camels of her Bedouin tribe.
    One night THEY RECRUITED HER AS A SPY..... She was caught in enemy territory and WAS THROWN INTO AN EXCAVATION. How it all ended you can read only after about 330 pages. A NOVEL THAT HAS EVERYTHING: Romance and Excitement, Tension and Heroism.☆ It is read easily and is really RECOMMENDED.

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