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Newly Free African American Kindle Books for 2020-07-09

Fight For Love: Love, The Series Book 3
by Aubree Pynn
$0.00, 212 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (39 reviews), #2 in African American Women's Fiction (Kindle Store)
Kwame and Nadia can’t see eye to eye if they were standing as close together as they could. Or so they thought…Kwame Franklin has a nagging need to be better than his father and settle down before he’s old, gray, and loses count of how many broken hearts lie in his wake. While he’s unpacking his personal baggage, he’s picking up another. A bag that he hopes to unpack while never getting rid of its handler. Nadia Garrett is on the path of healing and forgiving for no one else but herself. Faced with the demons of her past, she tries her best to keep a level head and fight them head-on. What she doesn’t know is that she’s always had a protector to help with the fight. Can Kwame and Nadia finally fight for love, or are they going to call a truce once and for all and bow out gracefully?

Love Knockout: Love, The Series Book 2
by Aubree Pynn
$0.00, 182 pages, 4.9 out of 5.0 (22 reviews), #3 in African American Women's Fiction (Kindle Store)
Give me your heart so I can take it. I will never give it back. I will never give it back. Roman is facing his mistake head first. Wren has to be his. With family issues stirring, Roman takes a hard look in the mirror and examines his flaws. He is hellbent on getting back in Wren’s good graces and reclaiming his spot in her heart. But first, he must revisit the place where he first became a man to understand the next step of his journey. Wren is learning how to be alone but her heart won’t let go of the imprint Roman left behind. Leaning on her girls and her family, Wren learns an important lesson in forgiving everyone involved in breaking her heart, including Roman. Will Roman manage to fight his way back into Wren’s heart round after round or will it be a love knockout before the bell for the twelfth round can ring?

$0.00, 192 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (7 reviews), #2 in African American Urban Fiction (Kindle Store)
When it comes to love, De’Maceo “Maceo” Perkins has no clue what that is. Never feeling love from anyone other than his brother. Love is a foreign concept until he meets Saiyah Brady. Saiyah is 17 years old, four years Maceo’s senior. Everything about her makes him love her even when his heart is telling him no. But when an unfortunate line is crossed, Maceo makes one of the hardest decisions in his life.
De’Marrion “Mario” Perkins, has always been open to love. Even when his brother, was the only one, around to show him. But that never stopped him from jumping headfirst in the game of love with, Erian. Erian loves Mario and would do anything for him. But when her insecurities start creeping into their relationship. Mario does everything to prove that he isn’t like that but Erian can’t see past it. With the drama and trauma in their life, taking place back to back, it causes a rift in them that doesn’t seem to be coming back together anytime soon.
Years have passed since the two couples have seen each other and everything that once was, wasn’t anymore. With the couples reuniting, they realize that things aren’t the same. While, Maceo knows who and what he wants in his life. Saiyah has had a series of events that has sent her down spiraling. Erian knows that she wants Mario but isn’t sure that she needs him.
While life for De’Maceo and De’Marrion has been good. The secret that they have been holding on to for the last six years, could destroy their entire existence if anyone would find out. Living a double life can be hectic but they’ve maintained but with the women in their lives coming back. The two find themselves, keeping more secrets until they can’t keep them anymore.
Find out how, Saiyah and Erian, are both Loving A Low Key Boss.

Mergers & Acquisitions
by Amber G.
$0.00, 177 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (21 reviews), #6 in African American Women's Fiction (Kindle Store)
Confident in a pair of heels but competitive in a hardhat Chance always knew she had the intelligence and business savvy to make it in a male-dominated business. Armed with her own construction company she has her sights set on a lucrative contract with Urban Development. When Chance accidentally meets True, he not only takes her breath away but temporarily causes her to forget her vow to focus on her career. Finding love and winning the Urban Development contract, sets Chance high on the scaffolding. However, in the male-dominated industry, True is just like his father…a chauvinist. After firing the love of his life, True realizes the error of his ways. Is it too little, too late for Chance and True? Find out if love reaches the towering heights in Mergers & Acquisitions.

He's Just a Friend
by J. Nichole
$0.00, 116 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (35 reviews), #113 in African American Women's Fiction (Kindle Store)

She said he’s just a friend.

But could he be more?

What if they took it there and there wasn’t chemistry? Or if her feelings were stronger than his?

Or maybe his were stronger than hers?

Could they return to best friend status — you know, if it didn’t work?

Josiah was willing to risk their friendship for more. Brooklyn was hoping they’d never have to return to being just friends.

Do friends make the best lovers?

Read He’s Just a Friend today.

The Game of Love: Love, The Series Book 1
by Aubree Pynn
$0.00, 170 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (26 reviews), #1 in African American Women's Fiction (Kindle Store)
Betrayal, pain, and shame have entangled themselves in Brielle and Julian’s marriage. Instead of crying and waiting for Julian to come to his senses, Brielle realizes that love is a game. A game that requires the best man to win. Stepping out on an adventure, Brielle dives head first into trouble. Disguised as a gentle and caring spirit, Brielle is played in the worst way. While Brielle is stewing in her shame, Julian has troubles of his own. He is quickly learning that love doesn’t play fair and he is losing miserably. With the two of them hitting rock bottom, they have no one else to turn to but each other. Will their shame and raw truth pull them back together or separate them for good? Find out in The Game of Love.

My Secret, His Baby: A Novella
by Melissa Monae
$0.00, 70 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (6 reviews), #1 in African American Urban Fiction (Kindle Store)

Anniversaries and weddings is supposed to be a happy moment where you and your loved one show appreciation to one another. Well, that’s not the case for Ameria Edwards, as she finds herself alone not only before heart day, but her third anniversary. The pain and betrayal she felt from the love of her life, Roderick, was too much for her to bear. So instead, she sought comfort in the arms of a liquor bottle and a stranger. No pleasantries needed to be discussed, just one good night, no strings attached. Little does she know, things will never be the same after that night. Jawaski Daniels has his money grind on lock, but not so much his love life. Even though he’s married, the love has slowly dwindled away. Their daughter is the reason he stays in the marriage. Then, boom, up pops a woman he never thought he would see again. Not only does this woman save his life, she is adding some excitement to it. Secrets will be revealed from both sides, but in the end, who will survive the secrets, whether it’s forgiveness or death? Take a short read to find out what happens.

Forbidden - Safari Lust: Includes Romance Box Set
by Tina Bedard
$0.00, pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #36 in Single Authors Short Stories

Includes Romance Box Set. Free with Kindle Unlimited

"Fortunately, the handsome Zambian guide was more than willing to step in."
For Americans Shirlee and Brad, their honeymoon, a safari in Zambia, is taking place before their wedding. Her upbringing in a small Christian town meant that women had to live and act in a certain “proper” way.
This is a potential disaster for Shirlee, who desperately wants to be in a safe lifetime relationship. With Brad she has established a “no sex before marriage” policy to ensure they are married before anybody discovers she’s not the strait-laced virgin she pretends to be. But sharing a tent on safari leads Shirlee to discovering that Brad is no match for her personality or sexual experience. Fortunately for her, their handsome Zambian safari guide is more than willing to step in. Shirlee soon finds she no longer believes a woman must have a permanent man in her life and seizes on the opportunity to enjoy life in the present.

Includes Romance Box Set of these previously published novellas:

Holding Faith (Interracial Romance)
The Billionaire’s Deception
Falling For Him (Rock Star Romance)
Maddox (Rock Star Romance)
A Second Chance
The Proposal
Holding Hope
Out of Africa (Safari Lust 2)
Healed by Her
Taming the Alpha Lion (Paranormal Romance)

Grab your box set today!

Strong Warning: Hot Romance. Adult naughty language and explicit sex scenes. For ages 18+ only.

Tags: interracial romance bwwm, bbw romance, African American romance, fun romance, medical romance, contemporary romance, multicultural romance, mature young adult romance, love and romance, romance books, romance novella, new adult romance, billionaire steamy romance, alpha male romance

Newly Free Time Travel Kindle Books for 2020-07-09

Seconds to Act: An American Historical Time Travel Romance (Matchmaker Series Book 1)
by Stephanie Flynn
$0.00, 386 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (7 reviews), #4 in American Historical Romance (Kindle Store)
She's sent back in time to prevent an innocent man's murder, but she wasn't supposed to fall for him...or was she?

Veterinary Technician April McCall has until the morning to answer her boyfriend's marriage proposal. Totally overwhelmed with indecision, April agrees to be a test subject for her roommate's research project on dreams, the perfect distraction. As she's drifting off though, she's given a task and warning: Prevent Sam Hartley's arrest in 1852, otherwise he will be murdered. Grateful for the escape and amused by the specifics, she accepts.

In 1852 Wisconsin, Sam Hartley works for a tyrannical leader of an extortion ring, mourning the murder of his wife. When he overhears his boss's plan to destroy his best friend next, the clock is ticking to end the oppression once and for all. But an extraordinary woman comes asking for him, and her suspicious knowledge and the escalating threats from his boss force him to keep her close. Perhaps too close.

Time's running out, and April must decide between her mediocre boyfriend and 1852, risking her life to save the man that stole her heart.

If you love sizzling romance, edge-of-your-seat action, time travel, swoon-worthy heroes, and sassy ladies in a small town setting, you'll love Stephanie Flynn's dramatic historical adventure books. Each is a standalone with guaranteed HEA, but an overarching narrative. Best if read in order.

Buy now with 1-Click and escape into a dangerous time travel romance adventure!

Matchmaker Series

Love Knows No Bounds
by Lorraine Britt
$0.00, 256 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #8357 in Time Travel Romances
Delaney Cooper lives in Concord, Massachusetts with her uncle and aunt, Richard and Sarah Fuller, and their son Aaron. The family purchases and lovingly renovates and restores a historic colonial home. Upon moving in Laney discovers something very unusual and magical about her room…and comes face to face with someone she never should have been able to meet. Samuel Bradford is a young man caught up in the challenges facing colonial America. Once Laney and Samuel find each other will the timeless connection be enough to save Samuel and keep them together?

Forever At Dawn: The Blood Keeper Series (The Blood Keeper Series, Vampire Novella Book 1)
by Larissa Emerald
$0.00, 85 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #339 in Paranormal Vampire Romance
Vampire leader, Connor Langley, must find another source of cobine, a vital substance his race needs to survive. He travels back in time to a place rich in the mineral with the intention of bringing it back to present day. In 1976, he falls hard for the Stephanie Davenport, a school teacher in search of her inheritance. Will he be able to leave her when he returns to his time?

Time to Save a Cowboy (Western Time Travel Romance Book 1)
by Niki J. Mitchell
$0.00, 302 pages, 3.6 out of 5.0 (14 reviews), #2 in Time Travel Romance
The Cowboy Doesn’t Deserve to HANG

Captivated by the story of a cowboy hanged as a horse thief in 1890, Mia Kellogg travels back in time with only thirty days to save an innocent man.

Dusty Mann is determined to buy his own ranch.

He doesn’t need a modern, straightforward woman to barrel into his life or knock his plans off track.

But Mia steals his heart—and then claims she’s from the future.

Bathed in Flames 9: The Happy Reunion
by Mobo Reader
$0.00, 195 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #74 in Ancient World Historical Romance (Kindle Store)
Is it possible for an eight-year-old girl to bear the memory of her previous life? What will you do if one day, after waking up in bed, you find yourself eight again and you are reminded of all the pain and humiliations you have suffered at the hands of those you once deemed close?

In her previous life, the royal princess, Yun Shang, was traumatized both mentally, and physically. She was a wife betrayed by her husband, a mother who had witnessed the tragic death of her only child, and a sister who had experienced the cruelty of her royal elder sister. Now back to the age of eight, knowing what she knows about those people, how will she avenge herself? See for yourself!

Newly Free Vampires Kindle Books for 2020-07-09

Dragon Mate's Secret: Guardian Dragons of Prospect Falls
by Serena Meadows
$0.00, 155 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (31 reviews), #17 in Paranormal Ghost Romance

When the chemistry is too strong to ignore,
But the secrets are too big to hide…
Burning lust becomes bitter betrayal.

Michael knows that finding love is a pipedream. Following in the footsteps of the dragon-shifter ancestors who came before him, his job is to mate and continue his lineage—not waste time on distractions like romance.

Amy has one love in her life: teaching her students about King Arthur and the folklore of his court. But when her best friend Molly stops returning her calls, Amy leaves her reclusive life in New York and heads to Prospect Falls. Instead of finding her friend, however, she discovers Michael, a man rippling with muscle, charisma, and deeply hidden secrets.

Amy will do anything to find Molly, and Michael seems to be the only person with answers. The trouble is, Amy is starting to suspect that Michael is not the man he claims to be, and when the truth is finally revealed, no amount of chemistry will forgive his dark manipulation.

Note: This is Book 2 in the series "Guardian Dragons of Prospect Falls". All books in the series can be read as standalones with a HEA and no cliffhangers.

Warning: Adults Only

Dragon Savior: Guardian Dragons of Prospect Falls
by Serena Meadows
$0.00, 153 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (43 reviews), #18 in Paranormal Ghost Romance

A dragon-shifter trapped by fate.
Must steal a heart to save his powers…
But can love ever truly bloom, when caught within a lie?

As leader of the dragon-shifters that defend Prospect Falls, Adam battles demons and monsters on a regular basis—but he never guessed his greatest test of all would be finding love. Fated to lose his powers if he remains unwed by the age of thirty-five, Adam has little time to meet and court a woman who’ll embrace the man he is, and the dragon within.

When Molly crashes her vehicle and wakes up in the arms of a tall, dark-eyed rescuer, the world is a throbbing mess of confusion. She doesn’t know who she is, where she’s from, or how she got there. Worst of all, her handsome savior is a complete stranger—despite the fact they’re apparently in love, and happily married.

Molly struggles to understand how she could have forgotten the intense, charismatic man that tenderly nurses her back to health. Sparks fly between them, but Molly’s memories refuse to return…and something isn’t adding up. Her mysterious husband is keeping secrets and when the truth is finally revealed, Molly’s world will come crashing apart a second time.

Note: This is Book 1 in the series "Guardian Dragons of Prospect Falls". All books in the series can be read as standalones with a HEA and no cliffhangers.

Warning: Adults Only

Blood Innocente (Venetian Vampires Book 1)
by Mia O'Sullivan
$0.00, 244 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #185 in Paranormal Vampire Romance

Young ballet student Ama Coleman moves with her father Dante, her younger brother Kofi, and her Italian stepmother Paloma, back to Paloma's birthplace of Venice, Italy and soon settles into life in the beautiful Italian city. Enrolling in dance school, Ama quickly discovers that Venice's population is far more…species diverse… than she would have ever dreamed.

Embracing the alternative scene, Ama quickly befriends the irreverent Bianca, the androgynous Ohni, and the quiet Luca, feeling a kinship with the three young people who exist on the outskirts of their peer group. When she discovers their secret lives as vampires, they give Ama a choice of whether to become like them or stay human.

But when her younger brother Kofi disappears, Ama discovers that her own family is embroiled in a centuries-old conflict between humans and vampires and that loyalties lie on both sides of the divide.

To save Kofi, will Ama become inhuman, or will she fight for both her brother and her humanity?


The Case Files of Dr. Matilda Schmidt: Volume 1 (The Complete Case Files of Dr. Matilda Schmidt)
by Cynthia St. Aubin
$0.00, 317 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #7711 in Paranormal Vampire Romance

Unlovable: It isn’t every day a sexy demigod throws a pissed-off Cupid onto psychologist Matilda Schmidt’s couch and informs her the fate of the world depends on her ability to get him off his diapered ass and back to helping people fall in love.

Just when Matilda convinces herself she’s not hallucinating, in walks a Vegas hit man with a big gun and a bigger threat: pay back the million dollars she owes a notorious casino mogul, or wind up as fish food in Lake Mead.

Rocketing across country with a gun to her head, Matilda has a dysfunctional love-god in her laptop bag, a million dollar debt she has no knowledge of, and must convince the seductive hit man he’s snatched the wrong woman before he convinces her he might be the right man—for a night.

Unlucky: Accused of stealing gold from an infamous Irish street gang, Paranormal Psychologist Matilda Schmidt will die in exactly five days if she doesn’t cough it up—guilty or not. With minutes ticking away and her office overrun by a leprechaun who's loopier than he is lucky, Matilda makes a deal with a demigod—give him one night in her bed and he’ll help her locate the missing gold.

But when Matilda’s recent one-night stand shows up with inside information about the heist she’s being framed for, she finds herself caught between a hit man and a demigod both offering to protect her—if they don’t kill each other first.

Unhoppy: When there's not a hop in hell...

The day is going to hell in a hurry for Paranormal Psychologist Matilda Schmidt, and that's *before* a suicidal Easter bunny shows up for treatment.

When pictures surface of Matilda caught in the middle of a hit man-Cupid sandwich, she lands in the oily grip of a ruthless blackmailer, whose motives are as ugly as his mustache. Now Matilda must betray the trust of someone who cares for her to meet the blackmailer's demands, or she can kiss her reputation, her practice, and even her freedom goodbye. But blackmail is only the beginning when the immortal mystery-client brought to her couch by a seductive demigod causes Matilda to fling caution—along with her panties—to the wind.

Hunted by two jealous goddesses who would gladly use her intestines to lace up their strappy sandals—and with her full-time hit man sometimes lover nowhere to be found—Matilda will have to save herself, or the world will be up River Styx without a paddle.

The Complete Case Files of Dr. Matilda Schmidt

  1. Book 1: Volume 1
  2. Book 2: Volume 2
  3. Book 3: Volume 3

by Lori Maleckar
$0.00, pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #8981 in Paranormal Vampire Romance
Being born half angel didn’t mean that Mya was a being of light and love. Her heavenly side was the darkest part of her. Even demons were more compassionate than angels. She should know, she carried both sides of heaven and hell in one body.... one was her birthright, the other taken in by her own invitation. Society would call her demonic half a Vampire, but Vampires aren’t real. That name was just an anagram of her true species... the Primeva. For over two hundred years she has existed and spent her immortality among humans, never feeding on any of them. Craving blood and needing blood to survive was just one of the many things that legend had wrong about her species. Knowing the truth about beings created from the light and dark didn’t mean she knew the truth about herself. She didn’t know that fate and the grand design had been at war over her destiny since the moment of her birth. She didn’t know she had a soulmate harboring the same mix of heaven and hell in his veins. The grand design fought against Mya finding her perfect partner while fate persisted that their paths crossed. Maybe the grand design was right. An evil act made from a place of love proves that legend never had the wrong name of her demonic half... It was predicting what she was to become.

Blood Lust and Love: Lesbian Vampire Romance
by Kasa Stephenson
$0.00, 38 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Vampires

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When the vampire Princess Lilith lays eyes on Chloe, sparks fly. The young warrior vampire can’t help but crave more. There’s only one problem, loving a human is against the law. It’s been that way since the war between humans and vampires erupted. But Lilith can’t walk away, not when Chloe’s life hangs in the balance.

Can these two young lovers find a way to peace and happiness or will their love bring yet more death and despair to the warring families?

WARNING: Please note: this standalone short story contains graphic sex and is only intended for adult readers.

Newly Free Paranormal Kindle Books for 2020-07-09

Cast In Stone: A Cré-Witch Chronicles Prequel (The Cré-Witch Chronicles Book 0)
by Sarah Hegger
$0.00, 128 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (15 reviews), #4994 in Paranormal Witches & Wizards Romance
The day the magic died...

The ancient order of Cré-Witches is under attack. Witch-hunts, powerful arcane enemies and betrayal threaten the coven with extinction.

One young, inexperienced witch and her newly bonded warrior guardian are all that stands against the death of Cré-Magic, and somehow they have to be enough.

Fire Dragon's Bride (High House Draconis Book 1)
by Riley Storm
$0.00, 272 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (201 reviews), #1 in Paranormal Werewolves & Shifters Romance
All Olivia Lawton needs to do is buy a property for a new client, and she’s on her way to the biggest payday of her life. It should be easy—after all, she’s the top real-estate agent in Plymouth Falls. But when the same gorgeous stranger that’s been flirting with her all night turns out to have bought it first, she decides it’s game on. Now, all she needs to do is find a way to convince him to sell…

Aaric Drakon is the first dragon to be awakened after a century of deep sleep. Unsure why he’s chosen, he’s desperate to help awaken more of his kin. If he wants to do that, though, Aaric needs a mate. In an effort to find her, he sets himself a mission to open an Outreach Center for his family, in hopes of getting to know the new generation of humans he will protect, but also to find her. And he’s not going to be distracted by anyone, not even by a feisty real-estate agent who’ll try anything to buy his land.

At first it’s nothing but a challenge for Olivia. She will have this property and the big payout coming her way. The only problem is, Olivia’s new partner is proving less than understanding in a terrifying way. When things escalate to a new level, her only hope is to go to Aaric and tell him everything. But it turns out she’s been swept up in a conflict centuries in the making, and that’s just what his enemies intended…

Sextus: Book One in the Galaxy Pirates Alien Abduction Romance Series
by Alana Khan
$0.00, 222 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (59 reviews), #12 in Galactic Empire Science Fiction eBooks

Sextus is a cynical scofflaw. Lexa was raised to be a con artist. Can two hard-assed misfits outsmart the bad guy, let down their barriers, and fall in love?

You'd think a relationship couldn't survive a foundation built on a devious scheme, but when Sextus and Lexa are forced together at the Galaxy Gambling Championship their barriers begin to crumble.

Throw in the Galaxy's most vicious villain, an art swindle, and credible threats of death and dismemberment, and you have an action-packed, sexy romance full of love, lies, and straight flushes.

Join big, blue alien Sextus and abducted Earth girl Lexa as they find love and redemption in the first book of the Galaxy Pirates Sci-Fi Romance series by bestselling author Alana Khan. This standalone book contains steamy sex scenes with a guaranteed happily ever after, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

Buy Sextus to travel the galaxy and fall in love again for the first time.

For readers 18+.

Strigoi Redemption
by K R Hall
$0.00, 248 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (16 reviews), #439 in Paranormal Romance (Kindle Store)
Not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 due to sexual content.

If you knew deep within your soul that there was only one person in the world meant just for you, the only person who could make you happy, what would you give up? How long would you search for them? How many centuries? And if you ever did find them, then what? Could you ever let them go? Wouldn't you grab onto them with both arms... and never... never let them go?
To be born a strigoi, you must be the seventh son in an all-male family. A strigoi can transform into an animal, turn invisible, have tremendous strength, accelerated speed, and the preference to drain the blood of its victims. Though they are like vampires, strigoi are not vampires and are much older. Victor Marinescu, in Moldavia, Romania, is the seventh son of a seventh son. Therefore, he is born strigoi.
The fates finally answered his prayers after these long six hundred and thirteen years. Victor has found his mate.
He has done things in his life that he’s not proud of. There’s not a day goes by Victor doesn’t feel regret. He has to live with that. He feels the need to redeem himself before he can claim his mate, Alana.
Not everyone is happy for Victor and Alana. They are trying to destroy them.

Forbidden: The Adrsta Chronicles - Book Two
by Canada Jackson
$0.00, 580 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (13 reviews), #1191 in Romantic Fantasy (Kindle Store)
For a girl of only 18, she moves in very exciting circles.

Everything about young Samantha’s life since the devastation of Earth and the move to a new solar system seems to be forbidden. Despite her family’s protests, she has taken a job in the household of the widowed young overlord and alien Prince Shihlo of Throm - the rebellious planetary leader who was partly responsible for the annihilation of Earth and fully responsible for being the most intoxicating, magnetic creature she has ever met. She spends her days in his Royal circle watching as wars and treaties are declared and alliances are broken within the federation of 8, whilst secretly desiring a relationship with Prince Shihlo who would never consider a human, especially one outside the age of consent.

To keep her mind off her unattainable royal employer she unwittingly befriends the young peace keeping leader of the Federation of planets and finds herself thrown into the secret world of those who are forbidden to practice magic and sorcery. Her adventures are exhilarating and dangerous, even more so when she attracts the attention of a powerful being who is determined to rise to full power and free his magical brethren from their prohibition.
Who will step in and save Sam from the diabolical Grand Wraith?
Shihlo the Prince of the rebellious planet Throm who never obey federation rules or the Yimmyrd Siochain, the young enigmatic peace keeping Federation head?


The ADRSTA chronicles is a hybrid Fantasy, Sci-fi and Paranormal series. It combines fantasy and magic, swords and sorcery but in new worlds in a new solar system after the demise of Earth. It has everything that fantasy readers love:  new kingdoms, a handsome alien monarchy that look mostly human but shift into demon warriors when they are attacked.
It’s a smorgasbord of Space, mythical realms of fantasy, sorcery with lots of romance & simmering sex too.

Forbidden is Book Two in the Adrsta Chronicles series but can be read as a stand-alone.
This isn't a quick steamy read, it's both a Space Opera and Epic Fantasy all rolled into one action packed series.

Newly Free SciFi Kindle Books for 2020-07-09

Guardian Alien: A Sci-fi Alien Romance (OtherWorldly Men Book 1)
by Susan Grant
$0.00, 216 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (34 reviews), #2 in Romantic Fantasy (Kindle Store)
To save Earth, she needed a GUARDIAN ALIEN

Jana has one goal: steer clear of scandal while outrageously false accusations pile up against her famous political family. But when her childhood “imaginary friend” Cavin shows up—all grown up—dressed in armor and warning of an imminent alien invasion, she has no choice but to take him to her leader.

Cavin has never forgotten the girl he met during his visit to Earth, the girl who didn't believe he was real. And now, as a decorated space marine, he'll risk his future to save her. That means staying one step ahead of government agents, Jana’s suspicious grandpa, and the galaxy's most feared assassin—all while keeping her political reputation squeaky clean. If everything goes as planned, they’ll save the world—and he’ll also capture his favorite Earthling’s heart.

“One of the best books of the year!” — Mary Janice Davidson, New York Times bestselling author

(based on the title Your Planet or Mine?)

Other books set in the Triad Alliance World:

The Otherworldly Men Series:

The Borderlands Series:
•Book #3 RAIDER BORN (2021)

And the spin-off series:

Sky Mates (Intergalactic Dating Agency)
•Book #1 HAWK (10/15/20)
•Book #2 FALCON (11/05/20)

Rescued by the Alien Pirate: Science Fiction Alien Romance (Mates of the Kilgari Book 1)
by Celia Kyle
$0.00, 298 pages, 3.6 out of 5.0 (147 reviews), #1 in Space Exploration Science Fiction eBooks
I woke from cryostasis a prisoner. My crime? I have no idea. 

I was stuck with a hundred other women, all headed to who knows where. Captive in a dank, dirty cargo hold. 

Then, out of the darkness, came Solair. 

A handsome alien. Golden skinned. Horned. The dashing captain of a pirate ship. They rescued us--he gave my people food, shelter, and promised us safety. In exchange?

He took me for himself. 

But the people who captured us, haven’t given up. They want us back. They’re powerful and will do whatever it takes to find us. The only thing stopping them?


He wants me. And what he takes…

He keeps.

2014 InterMix Digital Romance Sampler
by Various
$0.00, 206 pages, 3.5 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #573 in Contemporary Romance Fiction
This free downloadable sampler features chapters from a selection of the hottest e-books published in 2014 by InterMix Books.

From tattooed bad boys to sexy billionaires to strapping quarterbacks, there’s something for every romance reader. Download and discover your new favorite author!

Includes excerpts from:

Before You Break by Christina Lee
The Wicked We Have Done by Sarah Harian
Once Upon a Billionaire by Jessica Clare
Hard Time by Cara McKenna
The Kraken King, Part I by Meljean Brook
Nightmare Ink by Marcella Burnard
The Wedding Secret by Jeannie Moon
One Night with a Quarterback by Jeanette Murray
The Whisky Laird's Bed by Donna MacMeans
Pieces of Olivia by Melissa West

Princess of the Shadows (Frankincense City Book 2)
by C. Swallow
$0.00, 270 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #57 in Dystopian Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
The last three cities on Earth have changed forever. All mutated inhabitants of Frankincense City [FC] have been evacuated into the two New World cities for labour and slavery. Alyssa O'Brien of FC is in such a position - she has no idea where any of her friends have been taken. However, she is also in a position to restore her lost city. Whilst in the New World city of Avalon, she acts as the unwilling escort for Rueben Simeon, unofficial douche bag prince of Avalon. Her entitled owner believes her genes were simply designed for pleasure but he has no idea she intends to rule the world; which she plans to reclaim from the shadows. The underground is the only place Alyssa may be reunited with STRIKE - four super soldier gangsters that are no where to be found. They are her lost loves, although mean, crazy and lethal, she knows they are capable of rebellion. If Alyssa can reunite with her beasts and find her friends, perhaps they can save all FC inhabitants from slavery and return everyone to FC; the city they ruled from the shadows over a year ago in the face of a corrupt government. Unfortunately for Alyssa, she can't just choose to worry over mere enslavement. Hacksaw, the ghost legend of FC who was responsible for forcing 1 million FC inhabitants into this situation, is still out there, and she can't ignore he was the one to set these events into motion... all because of her face. A face that resembles a love he lost over a century ago. It'd be somewhat romantic - if he wasn't totally insane.

Descendants Rising (Four Realms Book 1)
by Anne Allan
$0.00, pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #27294 in Fantasy & Futuristic Romance
Laniet lives in the realm of Caedonia and is a servant to House Kreston. They have mistreated her all her life, and have now offered her up to play in The Game. There she meets Prince Lor and Mero who both take an interest in her but for two very different reasons.
Through treachery and unearthed secrets Laniet begins to learn who she is and where she really comes from. While all around her it’s as if destiny has laid out its own game and those around her are vital game pieces, all poised for a coming battle they never expected and seem to have all been born for.

The Director (The Mindbender Series Book 4)
by C.S Luis
$0.00, 325 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #18 in Gay Romance
Dr. Nicholson has arrived in Milton. He’s determined to find the source he’s been in search of, even if his hunter has fallen off his game. Finding a new love interest in Dr. Aaron Spencer was never part of his plan. Despite his best intentions, he can’t leave the other man alone.
Darkness is coming for Claudia Belle and when it arrives, Claudia will discover powers she never knew she had. It’s getting tougher and tougher to hide who she is, especially with Dr. Nicholson trying to take John away from her.
John Slater knows there’s only one way to keep Claudia, but he’ll have to trust the very man who betrayed him to achieve his goals. If all goes according to plan, Claudia and John will have a chance to build a future together, but they will both have to leave behind everything they’ve come to know and love.

Earth 8
by Demetrius Parham
$0.00, 79 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #1449 in Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
Humanity is on the brink of extinction after a fast-moving virus has affected the population of those 21 years of age & older prompting their mutation into a new gruesome species referred to as ‘The Others’ who are driven by a thirst for blood. A 17 year old Speravi is tasked with saving humanity by traveling to an alternate Earth known as ‘Earth 8’ and rescuing the younger version of the man responsible for the pandemic, Calibx. Her mission is simple: bring Calibx back to her Earth. But a new menace hides in plain sight with an even bigger agenda and a bigger threat than Speravi and her friends could have ever imagined!

Magic Hearts: Episode 1
by Mitch Marr
$0.00, 52 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > SciFi
Isabel was set to marry the Dukes son but was determined to find the love she was promised in her dreams.

The day Julius came back into the life it set a plan into motion. A plan from the gods now they have to fight to stay together.

The duke still wants what was promised to him.

Here is episode 1 of Isabel and Julius's adventures.

New episodes released weekly until series end.

The Lost Prince of the Fallen Empire: Collapse (Atlantis Book 1)
by Jimi Alan
$0.00, 25 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > SciFi
Atlantis was once a proud empire, located on a continent between the known world and the undiscovered lands. The empire was a place of peace, providing refugee to anyone who wants to leave the war. But then, the war reached the eastern shores.
Keeping out of the war, the empire of Atlantis had become a beacon of hope. With the war going on across the strait, the ocean kept the people of Atlantis from harm. They had been safe, until the two sides of the war joined together.
With their eyes on the empire, the people of Atlantis prepared for war. They held a secret weapon, which the council were planning to use. They wish to protect themselves from the threat to the east.

Another Theory of the Universe
by Cristiana Voinea
$0.00, 133 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #515 in Fantasy & Futuristic Romance

Another Theory of the Universe is a story of self discovery, filled with love and mystery. Gravitating around the concept of black holes, the story brings into our attention Ryan, a barista working at a coffee shop near the university campus, and Hamsika, a foreign physics student, who share a common interest: the love for astrophysics. However, when their paths first crossed, they didn't expect it all to result in a life-changing experience.

Newly Free Fantasy Kindle Books for 2020-07-09

Sephila Episode 01 - The Goddess Returns: A low fantasy tale of lesbian ladies and supernatural shenanigans (Lafaire Book 1)
by Lily Lancaster
$0.00, 57 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #78 in Lesbian Fiction
What would you do if you met the Goddess of Lesbian Liaisons?

On a routine trade mission to the continent of Lafaire's capital city, Hourence, partners Levana and Sui find themselves shipwrecked on a seemingly deserted island which shouldn't exist. Exploring the tropical and overgrown land, they soon discover something unexpected...

Heat Level: Lesbian Erotic Romance/Low fantasy adventure.

Approx. Word Count: 13,000

Black: Shifter Romance
by Tessa Anders
$0.00, 195 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #79 in Fantasy & Futuristic Romance
A rags-to-riches standalone shifter romance book.
One dragon not looking for a mate. One feisty female not looking for a husband. One adorable four-year-old you are sure to fall in love with.


Women outnumbered men in what is now known as the United World. I live in a small city outside of what was once known as Atlanta, Georgia.
I refused to compete with the perfect barbies, opting for ice cream and my mom-bod instead.
The sexy shifters, Kirzuns, arrived six months ago looking for brides, or so they said. Trust didn’t come easily and I certainly wasn’t interested in being a mail order bride.
Jessie, my best friend, dragged me to the applications building because she was interested. I went for moral support only.
Go Jessie! I thought, giving her a mental thumbs up.
And then by accident, I met Black. His brooding eyes sent me running. Literally. After he kidnapped me, he explained that I was his mate—yeah, I wasn’t buying any of that.
He offered to set me up in a nice place of my own, somewhere close to him. Once I got over being stunned, it immediately morphed into hell no! I didn’t care how rich he was. I would not be the star in his Pretty Woman episode.
He also didn’t know that I had a secret. Wonder how he felt about a kid?

Blaktu’n (Black)

After Tyran made the trip through the portal, he returned with a mate from the Human Realm. I wanted to broker a deal between the humans and Drata Inc., but others from the shifter realm wanted to search for their bondmate.
Not me—but my dragon had a different idea.
I was perfectly happy running my business, leading the Kirzuns, and I had plenty of females to sate my needs.
And then she showed up.
I didn’t want a mate.
She didn’t want a husband.
And yet we were both helpless to fight the instant bond that neither of us wanted.

Can Black and Alex find a way to tolerate the situation they were forced into?

This book contains sexual situations, sensitive situations, a little voyeurism. If this offends you, then you should pass. This book is not intended for 18 and under. 

Shadow Witch (Ascendant Academy Book 1)
by Cami Courtly
$0.00, 83 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #302 in Fantasy & Futuristic Romance
Aukreath Institute of the Arcane was one of the most prestigious higher magic academies around. Within its hallowed halls, witches and wizards studied to ascend. In an academy known for producing some of the most powerful mages in the world, there was no easy path for new students. What did fate have in store for them as they tried to find their true callings?

Amaia - My whole life I wanted to follow in my grandmother's footsteps and become an earth mage. I was accepted to Aukreath, but it was shadow and not earth that chose me before admission. I had to race to master a new element by the end of the year if I wanted to become a full-fledged mage. Otherwise, I would remain a hedge-witch forever.

Barrett - My parents were farmers, and they didn't approve of my choice to become a Chevalier. Aukreath was ready to chew up and spit out anyone who walked through its doors, myself included. The odds felt stacked against me as I took the next step toward becoming an Initiate. If I wasn't careful, I'd get caught up in politics that threatened everything I had worked for.

Rebirth of the Prime Dragon Master 16: Beyond The Anticipation Of The Audience (Fiery Skies: Flying with Dragons)
by Mobo Reader
$0.00, 240 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #142 in Fantasy & Futuristic Romance
Rocky Bai, a young and talented scholar in the field of gene study, ranked number one among his peers. While he was on the flight headed for the venue, an aircraft accident occurred right before he passed out.


Rocky Bai is reborn!

He saves a dragon and trains it in the Holy Dragon Empire. To his surprise, his dragon can cure disease and even bring people back from death.

With the dragon, Rocky starts a new life. He is no longer a good-for-nothing, but an ambitious martial arts master and spirit manipulator among his generation.

Let's join in their adventure!

RUDE: A Stepbrother Romance
by Celia Styles
$0.00, 68 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #25 in Fantasy & Futuristic Romance

Her Stepbrother Wanted Her Body…

Lovers since high school, Melissa and Paul are stuck in a rut. Their marriage is dead, and they're only hanging on. It's time for a change.

When Paul tells Melissa that he's seeing someone else, she seeks out the only person who's stood by her, through thick and thin, through all the tough times.

Her stepbrother, Mason.

Together, they find comfort in the face of their loneliness, seeking out the world of pleasure and completeness they've been missing since their parents married when they were teenagers.

Can their relationship pass the test of time, or will their family step between them?


Prince Darrius (Abducted by Vampires Book 1)
by C. Swallow
$0.00, 458 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #646 in Paranormal & Urban Fantasy (Kindle Store)
Prince Darrius always gets what he wants, and in his world, humans are slaves to his kind; vampires. He kidnaps a human girl, Jennifer, because her parents - both vampire hunters, are giving vampires all around the city, a major dose of hell. Jennifer will learn to become strong in the face of her captor who refuses to let her go, after all, unknown to many and including herself - she will become a very important figure in the struggle between the supernatural world and the human world.

Lifeline: MMF Threesome Magical Romance Novel
by Kay David
$0.00, 113 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #113 in Fantasy & Futuristic Romance
Kelly Mason and Craig Ronald met on a stressful, rainy day outside a local bar. They became acquaintances, then friends. Craig was a thirty-five year old man who had just been fired from his job at a factory. Kelly was a thirty-two year old store owner. His store had just been robbed.

Craig was already attracted to Kelly from the moment he saw the store owner. It did not take long for them to start having an affair. Meanwhile, Craig had found a job (the only one he could find) as a driver, making deliveries for a local drug gang. He was coerced and threatened into it. He did not need the threats though. His life was in shambles, and he needed the money. He had been on his own most of his life, and he believed no other person would look out for him. He did not inform Kelly. Besides, Kelly was safer without knowing these things.

Kelly begins to feel Craig pulling away, and he tries to get Craig’s attention. Eventually, he resigns because he and Craig were not dating in the first place. But he informs Craig that he would be available if Craig needs anything. Kelly, who is bisexual, begins to hang out with Patricia Duncan. Craig had introduced Patricia to Kelly, hoping they would become a couple. Craig did this because he felt he was the wrong type of company for Kelly.

One day, there is a major shakeup in the city. Bullets fly, people die, and the police are after the drug gang. Craig is a familiar face, and the police want him. But so do the gang who want to kill Craig, so he does not implicate them. Patricia and Kelly find themselves trying to help Craig find his way to the police and avoid being murdered by the gang. Will they succeed in saving their friend? Will the Succubus keep to its word and save their relationship?

WARNING: This eBook contains mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only!

A standalone romance novel ending Happily Ever After and unlimited reading with Kindle Unlimited!

Bimbo Brainery 2: Bimbo Transformation (BImbo Stories)
by Pearl Lace
$0.00, 32 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #379 in Fantasy & Futuristic Romance
Kathy is sitting in the lobby of the Bimbo Brainery, a private company that transforms women into the bimbos of their dreams. But these are no ordinary bimbos. Behind the makeup, plastic surgery, and clothing are women who know the net worth of every rich man in your city. They will do whatever is necessary to wrap those men around their fingers to give them everything they could ever want.

Kathy wondered about her best friend Lori who was working a sugar daddy twice her age to get a bundle of joy.

When Kathy finishes her beauty and training she goes out and discovers that her first suitor is not one of the richest men in the city but the richest woman in the city.

Kathy quickly discovers that Pam is everything she wanted in a partner. In Pam, Kathy sees the strong woman she desired to become. Even as a bimbo, she knew everyone’s net worth and how to control a man.

In Kathy, Pam discovers the submissive side she dreamed of behind closed doors after trampling on the men of this city both in the boardroom and as a runner.

The two open doors that they were both unsure of before leading to a wonderful night together on a journey of exploration.

by Roshan Choudhary
$0.00, 42 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #551 in Fantasy & Futuristic Romance
"Are you lost in observing my features."

"No.Your essence."

"I like to be looked at like that.It arouses my tender curiosity,those parts of myself which I had repressed ages ago.And I am really curious to know what do you see when you look into my eyes."

"While looking into your eyes I realise so many things about myself which I had never known to exist within me."

"Are you trying to pamper me."she poked. "Doesn't matter.The way you seduce the dirty corners of my heart is quite adorable."

"And I am lucky to have your affectionate presence at my side.Its not that others can't do what you do for me but its the way you do it that makes all the difference.With you conflicts are an opportunity for intimacy, self knowledge and greater connection."

The Devil's Smile
by Emrys Apollo
$0.00, 65 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #52 in Two-Hour LGBT Short Reads

A Prince betrays his King and reaps the consequences, but can he heal and move on in the aftermath?

Prince Dominic wakes up bound and gagged in a cell after an attempt to overthrow his husband following their betrothal, and the lasting punishment scars him physically and mentally. Drowning in regret, Dominic resigns himself to spending his days alone and imprisoned. At night he finds someone watching him, but is it real? Can the King forgive him for his mistakes, and even love him?

A Valiant Knight
by Winter Blackthorne
$0.00, 82 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #341 in Fantasy & Futuristic Romance

A retired adventurer. A phoenix born too soon. A novice knight.

Ten years ago, Bryant the Valiant saved the world and lost everything in the process. His adventuring party was once the stuff of legends and heroes. Now he has to lead an untried party on a mysterious quest across the realms.

I, your humble and extremely brilliant narrator, will tell you the story of a distrusting phoenix, an extremely optimistic novice knight, and the most valiant, sexily-muscled knight in all the realms.

A Valiant Knight is a 25,000 word fantasy romance novella with…

  • Kissing

  • Enemies to mortal enemies

  • Found family

  • Gay knights doing crimes

  • Nonbinary characters

  • Magic potions

  • Glitter bombs

  • Adventure

  • Heists

  • A happily ever after

GREED: A Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance
by Celia Styles
$0.00, 86 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fantasy

It Was a Hunt for the Most Beautiful Women on Earth…

A freelance photographer, Ben is a man of a single vision: to photograph the most beautiful women in the world. Travelling from America to Europe, down through the Middle East and into Africa, where he has heard tales of a Saharan tribe made only of beautiful women, travelling the desert and surviving off the land.

Happy to oblige, Phillipe and his sister Ariana lead him out into the desert to chase the illusive tribe, from the rocky region and south into the salt plains, following the stories of the locals.

One night, dehydrated and suffering from desperation, Ben takes a walk out into the desert. What he finds there will both amaze and disturb him… Are these women real, or just an illusion? And what does Ariana have to do with these exotic, beautiful women?


Proof of My Love : Clean Fantasy Romance
by Nana Poliakoff
$0.00, 28 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fantasy
Be careful making bets and never doubt the existence of magic. Emmy Johns is the type of person who just wouldn’t be careful. She has had her heart broken enough times and now she finds herself in the middle of a bet that, unknowingly, might be against the very existence of the love of her life. She lives in a small town, surrounded by a forest that hides all kinds of unimaginable things – including Peter, a handsome, mysterious and irresistibly charming man that’s going to turn Emmy’s life upside down. Or will the entire town become witness of unexplainable events? Emmy didn’t expect it, but her heartbreak is going to lead her to unveil the deepest secrets of the forest that surrounds her. Will it be love at first sight? Will Emmy be able to remember it at all? Is the bet worth it in the end? Maybe it is a matter of blurring the lines between witchcraft and love.

A standalone short story ending Happily Ever After and unlimited reading with Kindle Unlimited!

TEMPT ME: A Wild Shapeshifter Romance
by Celia Styles
$0.00, 53 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #7271 in Fantasy Romance (Books)

She Began Her Journey to Become Fully Awakened…

When her childhood friend walked in the door of the campaign office, Annette thought Paul would be good for a night, maybe two, and they'd finish the relationship they had in high school. But during their night together, Paul awakens something in her soul that she mourns – she'll never feel that way again, and she knows it.

Paul takes pity on her and helps her plan a trip, the same one he took a few years before, across Nepal, where he knows she will be fully awakened, and she will have the time of her life.

While on this trip, Annette witnesses weird, bizarre and sensual things, and finally realizes what she needs to be complete: A few scales and a helping hand.


Resist Me: An Erotic Romance Story
by Celia Styles
$0.00, 72 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #3071 in Fantasy Romance (Books)
Warning: Intended for Adult Audiences Only!

In a desperate effort to save her marriage, Riley Jones plans a vacation getaway with her husband Tom to Paris, France. Was it not the city of Love? After getting use to months of disappointment in her marriage, she’s not at all surprised to find out that her husband couldn’t make the trip at the last minute.

She’ll have to spend her time in Paris, alone… Or will she? It’s time to have an escape of her own.

In the most unlikely circumstance, she is approached by a mysterious man dressed in an immaculate Botany 500 suit. Tall, handsome, elegantly dressed, fearless, and with a hidden secret. There was but one question in Riley’s mind: Who was this man?

She’s about to find out… In the naughtiest, sexiest way imaginable.

Download NOW to find out what happens on Riley's sexy vacation away from her husband!

Sweet Bane: The Rising King
by Kate Goldman
$0.00, 219 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #30 in Fairy Tales (Kindle Store)

There’s a trail of blood behind High King Uther Pendragon and his dark mage, Merlin. And it’s not just ordinary people and the other kings of Briton that they’ve waged war upon either.
Merlin and Uther have hunted the fae and shapeshifting night breeds into near-extinction. They’ve murdered every witch, wizard, seer, and necromancer they can find. And they’ve found hundreds.
Uther kills to prevent the magical from helping the king of prophecy rise to power.
Merlin kills for the sake of his one real magical talent. Merlin has the ability to steal magic from those he kills and use it, albeit temporarily.
Sorrel’s been running from Uther and Merlin, and for her life, since she was a small child. Sorrel’s a Wildling Mage—one possessed of elemental magic and capable of using learned magic. Sorrel’s rarest gift, though, is one even Merlin can’t fathom—or steal.
Sorrel is gifted with psychokinesis.
Sorrel is the only one with enough power to raise the sword and crown that will turn a man into the king of prophecy. The king who can defeat Uther and Merlin, and unite a fractured land.
Arthur? Well, he isn’t her first choice for a king. He isn’t even her second or third-round pick. He’s a serf who follows Uther, all up until Uther attempts to sacrifice him to the gods. He’s got his own agenda. He’s got few skills with a sword, but plenty of jokes. He’s moody, too. He’s as irritating as he is hot, and he’s smoking hot. She’d rather find someone else, anyone else, but Arthur has to do.
To raise the crown and sword means taking on an epic quest filled with every danger a world gone mad, a massive army, and dark magic can throw at them. But the greatest danger, for Sorrel, might just be the threat that Arthur poses to her heart.

Dead End Exhaust: Being a runaway is awesome for awhile, however what occurs when you may’t run anymore?” read on to find out.
by Yiros Dakay
$0.00, 48 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #234 in Science Fiction Adventure
Summer time and her friends have escaped to italy in desire that they could in the end find peace. But now, they're confronted with their worst nightmares and all of it starts when summer time closes her eyes. Faced with ghosts, killers, and the average character, their adventure is certain to be whatever but regular. They'll be driven to their limits and beyond, testing their love, courage, consider, and strength of mind. They’ve in no way needed to face some thing so fierce, however they’re now not backing down.

Venus Reborn: Love Awakens Magic - Embrace the Inner Witch
by Nastia Pirr
$0.00, 166 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #414 in Fantasy & Futuristic Romance

Aging is inevitable except for Amelia Gwenore Venus Andrews, a descendant of witch bloodline Venus, which blesses every female with a spell of eternal youth that helps her build a prosperous life.

But Amelia has serious doubts that she inherited the Venus bloodline. Her life isn’t magical - it reeks of reality and mediocracy. She’s a recent divorcee in her forties with a whiskey as her best friend. She may look in her late twenties and has Venus in her surname but that’s all there is to it.

Until, at the lowest point, her life takes a turn around. Suddenly, men of all ages and statuses are attracted to her. Why?

As her seducing charms awaken and her senses sharpen, Ame starts to wonder if she’s really an ordinary woman … or just a late bloomer of the Venus bloodline.

Aries: The One Who Stole My Heart
by P S S
$0.00, 287 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fantasy
Aries, a Lonely Girl. Leo, a Werewolf. Find Out How Aries Falls in Love with Leo And How A Devil Named Simon, Also Falls In Love With Her. Aries Surrender Herself To Simon, To Protect, To Save Iron Moon Pack.
"I want Aries to see that I'm also a human, though I'm a werewolf. I want her to fall in love with a human in me before she knows the werewolf in me."
"You don't have to be scared of me, Aries. I'll protect you from limitless to infinite."

खूबसूरत मैडम की कामवासना
by Fiction Story
$0.00, pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fantasy
उन दिनों मेरे माता पिता शहर में दूसरे घर में रहने गए हुए थे. एक दिन मैं सारे कपड़े निकाल कर नहाने जा ही रहा था कि घर के दरवाजे की घंटी बजी.

मैंने तौलिया लपेट कर दरवाजा खोला, तो देखा गेट पर गोरी चिट्टी शिवांगी लाल रंग की साड़ी और ब्लाउज में खड़ी हुई थीं. उनके होंठों पर लाल लिपिस्टिक और बालों में लाल गुलाब लगा हुआ था. शिवांगी मैडम बिल्कुल लाल परी लग रही थीं. उनके हाथ में एक बड़ा सा लेडीज बैग था. सच में आज मुझे वो गजब की सुन्दर लग रही थीं.

Newly Free Historical Kindle Books for 2020-07-09

Season of Brides: Regency Romance Collection
by Joyce Alec
$0.00, 480 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (68 reviews), #4 in Victorian Historical Romance (Kindle Store)
Would you give up everything for the one you love?

This heartwarming Regency romance collection is filled with mystery, suspense, and of course, love.

Diamonds of the Marquess
Lady Emily Dove doesn’t know whom to trust. Her true identity must never be known.

Promise of the Earl
A scarred man. A mysterious secret. A courageous woman who dares to follow her heart.

Entangled with the Viscount
Lady Ashton and Lord Johnston must trust only each other to work their way out of a dark mystery, and perhaps allow their hearts to become entangled in the process.

The Duke’s Bidding
Lord March is accused of a crime he did not commit. He must choose between his freedom and the woman who has stolen his heart.

If you love clean and wholesome, Regency romances with rakish lords, strong women, mystery, and love, then the Season of Brides Regency Romance Collection is for you!

Montana Sky Christmas: A Sweetwater Springs Short Story Collection (The Montana Sky Series)
by Debra Holland
$0.00, 146 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (302 reviews), #250 in Holiday Fiction (Kindle Store)
In Montana Sky Christmas, USA Today bestselling author, Debra Holland, offers seven SHORT STORIES set in the small town of Sweetwater Springs, Montana in 1894.

These holiday stories are about various kinds of Christmas love--the romance between a man and a woman, the devotion of a husband to his wife's memory, and the love of a child for her goose. You'll read about familiar characters from Sweetwater Springs and come to know new ones--many of whom you'll see again in future Montana Sky Series books and novellas.

The stories take place after Stormy Montana Sky, Book Three in the Montana Sky Series, but this anthology can be read as a stand-alone book.

"A heartwarming and delightful collection of Christmas stories that really made me appreciate how much I have and how tough life was for people in the past." Loves Reading

Montana Sky Series in Chronological Order:

Beneath Montana's Sky

Mail-Order Brides of the West: Trudy
Mail-Order Brides of the West: Lina
Mail-Order Brides of the West: Darcy
Mail-Order Brides of the West: Prudence
Mail-Order Brides of the West: Bertha

Grace: Bride of Montana

Wild Montana Sky
Starry Montana Sky
Stormy Montana Sky
Montana Sky Christmas
Painted Montana Sky
A Valentine's Choice
An Irish Blessing
A Rolling Stone
Glorious Montana Sky
Healing Montana Sky
Sweetwater Springs Christmas
Sweetwater Springs Scrooge
Mystic Montana Sky
Singing Montana Sky
Bright Montana Sky
Montana Sky Justice
A Late-Blooming Rose

The Lord's Captive (Border Series Book 2)
by Cecelia Mecca
$0.00, 288 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (231 reviews), #1 in Scottish Historical Romance (Kindle Store)

This enemies to lovers romance can be read as a standalone novel.

He captured her for revenge. She stole his heart in return.

The Lord

Sir Bryce Waryn has dreamed for years about the day when he will finally liberate his home from the Scots who killed his parents and stole his brother’s birthright. Now that day is finally upon him, only his brother has abdicated the title of lord of Bristol Manor to him. Bryce should be celebrating, but something unexpected stands in his way—the sister of the Scot who held Bristol. In the chaos of the raid, Lady Catrina Kerr was injured and left behind. Bryce takes her captive, hoping to exact an even more satisfying revenge on his enemy, except the fiery beauty is far more compelling than he would like...

The Captive

Raised by three elder brothers, Lady Catrina Kerr knows a thing or two about stubborn men. But Bryce is more strong-willed than all of her brothers combined. He’s also maddeningly handsome, brave, and kind—but no matter how compelling her captor, she’s intent on escaping him. Only then will she be able to protect her brothers. But as Bryce’s plan escalates and her feelings for him intensify, she finds herself facing an unthinkable choice between her family and the man who has captured her heart.

The ​Lord's Captive is ​the second book​ in a historical romance series set in 13th century Northumbria. If you like strong female heroines, alpha male and sizzling romance, you’ll love the first installment of the Border Series. Transport yourself to the medieval world of The ​Lord's Captive today.

Beloved Imposter: Clean Regency Romance
by Charity McColl
$0.00, 66 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (35 reviews), #4 in Religious Historical Fiction (Kindle Store)
Rachel Weston would do anything to help her brother, whose injury from a riding accident has placed his life in danger. He is in need of expensive medical care, but the Westons are a humble farming family. In desperation, Mrs. Weston turns to the Prince Regent; her mother was his nanny when he was a child and he has fond memories of her. He agrees to find a wealthy husband for Rachel; what other options are there for a woman other than marriage?

But Rachel will not submit to a marriage of convenience. Desperate but determined, she answers an advertisement to serve as a cook for an archeological expedition to Egypt. The money that she will earn will provide her family with the funds they need for her brother’s care.

The only problem is that in order to qualify for the job, she must disguise herself as a man.

When the organizer of the expedition, Martin Burchell, the Duke of Dorset, realizes that he has hired on a woman, his first thought is to send her home. But they are far from England, and she has proven her ability to cook for the crew. He keeps her on and keeps her secret.

One day, when he is showing her the jewels from one of the tombs, he is bitten by an asp. Rachel tends to his wounds and realizes that pretending to be a man has not shielded her from having a woman’s heart.

But can a Duke give his heart to a humble farm girl? Find out as we follow Rachel's high adventure beyond the horizon and toward a new future.

The Last Earl Standing (The Impossible Balfours Book 2)
by Gemma Blackwood
$0.00, 152 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (80 reviews), #44 in Regency Historical Romance
A bluestocking with a secret nom de plume and a dashing spy compete to uncover a scandal – and their undeniable attraction puts all their secrets at risk.

Lady Anthea Balfour has never had much luck with eligible gentlemen – and she’d have even less if they knew she was the infamous Lady X behind London’s most popular newspaper column. When not one but two wealthy earls suddenly insist on courting her, all her investigative instincts are on high alert. Something is amiss, and Lady X will be the first to expose the scandal.

The last thing she needs is a third earl’s attention distracting her from her task. Even if he happens to be the charming, handsome and mysterious Lord Streatham…

George Bonneville, Earl of Streatham, cannot afford any distractions from his secret mission for the Crown. His work as a spy is dark, dangerous, and leaves no room for romance. But when he meets the alluringly outspoken Anthea, their magnetic connection overturns all his plans.

George soon finds himself locked in a deadly game between three powerful lords. The winner will take Anthea’s hand – but only George can offer her the passion she deserves.

Fortunately, he is accustomed to winning. At any cost.

Now, if only he could discover the identity of that pesky Lady X who’s been slandering his name in the papers…

This is the second book in the series The Impossible Balfours. You do not have to read the other books to enjoy this one, but there are some connections between the books which will reward readers of the whole series.

Taming her Wild Heart: A Historical Western Romance Book
by Aurora Hanson
$0.00, 404 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (30 reviews), #2 in Christian Westerns (Kindle Store)

Tilly Jean Stafford is forced into a loveless marriage, as her family’s finances keep getting worse and worse. At the same time, she will need to deal with a big secret that makes everything even more difficult. The moment she feels completely trapped, an unexpected event will give her hope again. Is there any chance for her to escape this arranged marriage and find her own happiness? If her plan fails, Tilly Jean and her sister will end up miserable and heavy-hearted...

Jackson West has spent his whole life traveling around the country, working different jobs to make his living. Love and an affectionate relationship have never been an option for him. His fate though will change dramatically when he meets Tilly Jean. He will be the savior she has been looking for. The future, however, still holds many surprises for them. How will he react when his true intentions will be revealed and his relationship with Tilly Jean will be at risk?

When Jackson and Tilly Jean think that the storm is over, life will have different plans for them. As the truth is revealed everything will fall apart and they will have to face the consequences. Could Jackson intervene and fix what seems to be irreversibly destroyed? Will love finally prevail and show them the path to happiness?

"Taming her Wild Heart" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

A Love Song for the Duke: A Historical Regency Romance Book
by Aria Norton
$0.00, 541 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (53 reviews), #2 in American Historical Romance (Kindle Store)
Sophia Cluett's great passion for music adds a bit of light to growing up without a mother, the sickness that plagues her younger sister and her father's poorly performing business. Her talent and great prospect of becoming a successful musician are about to go to waste though when her father decides to marry her off to someone she despises to financially secure the family. Sophia feels trapped in an undesirable future, until she meets the handsome Duke of Berkshire by chance and under the false identity of a high society member. Apart from making her heart flutter, could he also be the solution to all her problems?

Guy Bastable, the Duke of Berkshire, has mourned for a long time. Nothing can soothe his passion for revenge on the man who left his sister to die. At least that's the case until he saves a young woman from a collision and realizes that there's something more to live for; an extraordinary lady that is nothing like any other woman he's met before. The more time he spends with the charming Sophia, the more his vengeance and pain give place to other, deeper feelings. Could she be the salvation he has been looking for?

Sophia's and Guy's growing love might be undeniable, but it's also based on a tale of lies that Sophia will struggle to free herself from. Through their connection, Sophia will discover the greatest truth of all in the midst of her lies, but nothing guarantees that her feelings will be believed. This time it's not her future or financial security she is worried about losing, but something much more important. Will love manage to overcome the reckless lies and the class barriers or is this romance doomed right from its dishonest start?

"A Love Song for the Duke" is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Hidden in the Shadows: An unforgettable WW2 novel (Untold WW2 Stories)
by Imogen Matthews
$0.00, 288 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (21 reviews), #1 in Teen & Young Adult Clean & Wholesome Romance eBooks
Escape from the hidden village is just the beginning

This riveting sequel brings the story of the WW2 fiction bestseller, The Hidden Village, to its dramatic conclusion.

September 1944: The hidden village is in ruins. Stormed by the Nazis. Several are dead and dozens flee for their lives.

Instead of leading fellow survivors to safety, Wouter panics and abandons Laura, the love of his life. He has no choice but to keep running from the enemy who want to hunt him down.

Laura must also stay hidden as she is Jewish. Moving from one safe house to another, she is concealed in attics and cellars. The threat of discovery is always close at hand.

On the run with no end in sight, the two young Dutch people despair of ever seeing each other again.

As cold sweeps in signaling the start of the Dutch Hunger Winter, time is running out.

Wouter’s search now becomes a battle for survival.

Where can Laura be? Will they ever be reunited?

Hidden in the Shadows is an unforgettable story of bravery and love, inspired by historical events.

Investigating a Shadowy Crime: A Historical Western Adventure Book
by Ethan Westfield
$0.00, 414 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (33 reviews), #2 in History of the U.S.
Jefferson Dugarall has been known as one of the most successful Pinkerton detectives for a large part of his career. However, life hasn't always treated him fairly; he was just an innocent boy when he witnessed the cruel death of his entire family without his will. The suspicious signs of a possible murder, rather than an inevitable accident, though, made him more determined to follow the career of a detective. Will he finally achieve to interpret the clues leading up to this traumatic event?

Grace Ridley had always been dreaming of doing more than just being a housewife. Although her choices were always limited, living miserably with her sister and two vicious men, she never gave up. Her recruitment as an undercover spy for the Pinkerton Detectives will be a risky decision, but a major milestone to her personal growth. When a heinous crime is committed, a perfect opportunity arises for her to join forces with Jefferson and fight a common enemy. Will they work together effectively and ultimately take vengeance?

A breathtaking story full of adventure, revenge and romance, where suspense is built step-by-step. Will justice be eventually served after Jefferson and Grace's long investigation?

An action-packed story, featuring complex and fascinating characters, and twists that will leave you breathless. A must-read for fans of Western action and romance.

"Investigating a Shadowy Crime" is a historical adventure novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cliffhangers, only pure unadulterated action.

The Marquess of Temptation (Reluctant Regency Brides Book 3)
by Claudia Stone
$0.00, 109 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (52 reviews), #3 in Historical Christian Romance Fiction
Since her father’s death, Miss Hestia B. Stockbow has been living a lie. Working as a companion, under an assumed name, all she wants to do is keep her head down and forget about the scandalous tragedy that haunts her past.
There’s only one problem…
After two delicious, stolen kisses, the usually icy and aloof Alexander Delaney, Marquess of Falconbridge, finds himself entranced by Belinda Bowstock, a lowly paid companion. When he discovers that she is, in fact, his missing ward, Alex realises there's only one thing he can do:
Marry the chit and help her solve the mystery of her father's suspicious death.
There’s only one problem, Belinda has absolutely no desire to wed the cold Lord Delaney-and she’s not the type of lady to take orders from anyone...even a Marquess.

Finding the Black Orchid: A Victorian Historical Romance (Brides of Scandal Book 3)
by Diana Bold
$0.00, 234 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (21 reviews), #15 in Victorian Historical Romance (Kindle Store)
When Lady Jessalyn Hunter finds herself ruined, both socially and financially, she is forced to accept the help of her brother's best friend -- a man she's loved since childhood.

Ethan Tremaine has spent his entire life running from the tragedy of his past, but he can't refuse his best friend's dying request. He reluctantly agrees to marry Jessalyn, even though he's terrified by the thought of someone depending on him.

What begins as a marriage of convenience quickly becomes much more. Can they find the courage to love, or will they let the ghosts of their pasts destroy them?

Duchesses Made in Scandal: A Steamy Regency Romance Collection
by Olivia T. Bennet
$0.00, 1313 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #12 in Historical Regency Fiction
Μystery, deadly secrets and unadulterated desire await you among the pages of these three exhilarating novels!

Wicked Temptations for the Seduced Duchess

Rebellious and willful, Lady Lydia Bradford grows up listening to her father recite stories about their feud with the Summerhills. After an attack leaves him unable to recall that he is the Duke of Summerhill, Edward Godwin finds work as a stable boy. And changes Lydia's life. Once a mysterious woman appears, they know they’re only at the start of a years-long riddle...

Secret Confessions of the Enticing Duchess

Oblivious to her true identity since birth, Abigail Thorne lives a quiet life working at her mother’s dressmaking shop. When Percival Montagu, Duke of Northcott, meets her, he craves to make her his. But when a stolen jewel throws Abigail in gaol, Percival is the only one who can save her from a horrid fate...

An Untamed Governess for the Rogue

After losing both her parents, Teresa Dowels is forced to leave her house and find employment as a governess in the Duke of Rowfex’s manor. Luke Morton, son of the Duke, strives to preserve a well-hidden family secret. And control his growing desire for Teresa, in the process. However, it is only a matter of time before a notorious criminal strikes again. And he aims to kill...

Three of my most enticing stories to steal your heart and take you on a journey of unexpected turns, twists, and scorching romance!

*These are steamy, stand-alone romances. Each book in the series is approximately 90.000 words (around 450 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a sweet happily ever after.

Get this collection for free with Kindle Unlimited!

Adam Bede
by George Eliot
$0.00, pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (169 reviews), #47 in Victorian Historical Romance (Kindle Store)
The novel follows four characters' rural lives in the fictional community of Hayslope—a rural, pastoral, and close-knit community in 1799. The novel revolves around a love "rectangle" among the beautiful but self-absorbed Hetty Sorrel; Captain Arthur Donnithorne, the young squire who seduces her; Adam Bede, her unacknowledged suitor; and Dinah Morris, Hetty's cousin, a fervent, virtuous and beautiful Methodist lay preacher. Adam, a local carpenter much admired for his integrity and intelligence, is in love with Hetty. She is attracted to Arthur, the local squire's charming grandson and heir, and falls in love with him. When Adam interrupts a tryst between them, Adam and Arthur fight. Arthur agrees to give up Hetty and leaves Hayslope to return to his militia. After he leaves, Hetty agrees to marry Adam but shortly before their marriage, discovers that she is pregnant. In desperation, she leaves in search of Arthur, unwilling to return to the village on account of the shame and ostracism she would have to endure.

The Duke's Tempting Bride: A Historical Regency Romance Book
by Lucy Langton
$0.00, 368 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (93 reviews), #1 in Victorian Historical Romance (Kindle Store)
When his wife was mysteriously murdered, Lord Fitzwilliam Mavis, Duke of Chatham, became a young widower at the age of thirty-one. Even though he was absolved of any involvement in her death, he was socially stigmatised, living like an almost recluse for some years now. When his solitude gets too much to handle, he knows he needs to move on and find himself a wife. Destiny will bring him in front of a mysteriously seductive young lady. Could this passionate but unusual bride set his heart on fire?

Miss Diana Casey may be forced to marry the Duke to soothe her father's financial troubles, but she has no plans to fall for him. She is a rather unconventional young lady who doesn't like to be told what to do. With her ravishing body and wild passion, Diana is as innocently alluring as she is forbidden. Will there ever be anyone that will change her mind?

Their arranged marriage will prove to be more than they expected. Diana is ready to go where fate takes her, to leave everything behind, even propriety, in her desire for this handsome, honorable widower. What can an empty soul offer a tempting woman? Fitz's burning passion for Diana is undeniable, but there's still something that holds him back. Dare he offer his bruised heart as well as his body? The answers to their questions may be found in an unlikely place: in each other's arms. Are these two fierce souls finally ready to be schooled in the art of passion?

"The Duke's Tempting Bride" is a Regency romance full of passion, forbidden love and adventure. If you like powerful heroines and mysterious lovers, then you'll adore Lucy Langton's Regency tale.

"The Duke's Tempting Bride" is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Dowry's Meadow
by C.C. González
$0.00, 217 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #79 in Victorian Historical Romance (Kindle Store)
At a young age, Alexandra has seen the horrors of men and greed forcing her to become someone else. Now, going by as Alexander Dowry III, she has to live with the repercussions of her mother's murder and uphold the lifestyle of a rich man in a small town during the Victorian Era.
Meanwhile, Eleanor Stownar wants to believe that the reasons for her arranged marriage to her "husband" Alexander are for other reasons other than financial stability.
Love blooms between the two women, but how long will Alexandra hide who she really is?

The Wild Poppy
by Julia Bell
$0.00, 441 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (23 reviews), #177 in Victorian Historical Romance (Kindle Store)
Living during the time of Florence Nightingale and the first woman doctor, Elizabeth Garrett, Melody Kinsman is determined to succeed as a newspaper reporter. But in 1864, a female reporter is unheard of and because of the prejudice of the male establishment Melody finds it difficult to persuade an editor to buy her articles.
When she accompanies her friend, The Hon Celia Sinclair to London, she uses it as an opportunity to report the news and events in the capital. She finally confronts the attractive but enigmatic owner of the Cork Street Journal, Guy Wyngate who reluctantly gives her the opportunity to prove herself. But first she must face the difficult challenges thrown at her, since Guy wants to test her commitment to the newspaper business.
This commitment will have consequences on her future happiness with the man she gave her heart to when a young girl and to another who is waiting to win her love.

The King's Mother: Lady Elfrida: England's First Queen
by M J Porter
$0.00, 336 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (20 reviews), #195 in Historical Fiction (Kindle Store)
The King’s Mother is the story of a woman who has been censured by history as both a whore and a murderer but was neither.

The widowed Lady Elfrida has achieved the impossible. She’s ensured her twelve-year-old son has become king, despite the gruesome murder of his predecessor and half-brother. While many blame the king’s mother, she looks to two rival noblemen as the real perpetrators.

Even with the reappearance of an unwelcome enemy on England’s shores, Viking warriors, who attack and threaten the safety and security of England, and specifically, the young king, the two noblemen are far from resigned to Lady Elfrida’s power.

As her son takes the final steps to become king in actions as well as name, she’s increasingly isolated by the deaths of allies and the scheming ways of others, including the king. Resentful of her continuing influence, Lady Elfrida faces banishment from Court with both fierce determination and acquiescence.

The King's Mother is the first part of a trilogy.

Suggested reading order:
The King's Mother
The Queen Dowager
Once A Queen

Praise for The King's Mother.

"An excellent read about a strong, intelligent woman!!" Amazon Reviewer

"Loved every minute of the series couldn't put it down." Amazon Reviewer

"Porter manages to create a lifetime story out of a few charters and genealogies. And of course the Anglo Saxon Chronicles. Amazing!!!" Amazon Reviewer

"Such a good insight to the time and people and the real game of thrones." Amazon Reviewer

I'm an author of fantasy (Viking age/dragon themed) and historical fiction (Anglo-Saxon, Vikings and the British Isles as a whole before the Norman Conquest), born in the old Mercian kingdom at some point since the end of Anglo-Saxon England. Raised in the shadow of a strange little building and told from a very young age that it housed the bones of the long-dead kings of Mercia, it's little wonder that my curiosity in the Anglo-Saxons ran riot. I can only blame my parents!

I write A LOT. You've been warned!

Find me at and @coloursofunison on twitter

GREEK GODS: ZEUS LOVES - Callisto: A Modern Day Greek Gods Love Story (Ancient World Historical Romance and Greek Gods Romance Book 2)
by Carver Dorris
$0.00, 32 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #26 in Ancient World Historical Romance (Kindle Store)

Do you love stories about the Greek gods? Check out this modern retelling of the Greek myth of ZEUS and CALLISTO and how she and her son became stars circling the North Star.

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a magnificent Greek god? Maybe you'd like to live in Ancient Greece and be one of those mere mortals or demigods who catch the eye of the great ZEUS? ZEUS LOVES CALLISTO is brings to life one of the many Zeus transformation myths of seduction that populate Greek mythology. Read ZEUS LOVES - CALLISTO and discover this modern retelling of an old, old story that still entertains readers today.

Find out the real story of Callisto and Zeus in this complete, stand-alone novella that is also a short read.

ZEUS LIVES: A Modern Day Greek Gods Love Story (Ancient World Historical Romance and Greek Gods Romance Book 1)
by Carver Dorris
$0.00, 31 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #27 in Ancient World Historical Romance (Kindle Store)

Wondering how Zeus would fare today? Are you a fan of the Greek gods? Here's a modern-day retelling of the Greek myth of Themis, Zeus, and the War of the Titans

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have all those Greek Gods, those mythological creatures alive today? ZEUS LIVES does just that. The War of the Titans and the love between Zeus and his first wife, Themis, are brought to life in this 21st century tale.Where are the gods? Who are their enemies? How do they live among us? What are they like? Read on to discover more.

Meet Themis, she is a prophetess that can see the fates of her followers, but does not tell them when they will die; she tells them what they can do to better themselves before their time is up. In return, the followers provide sustenance for her when she visits them in central park. Themis also has a husband named Zeus. Yes, that Zeus!

Meet Zeus, I am sure you all know who he is. Zeus is a god. His father Cronus is a power hungry CEO who runs a lead refinery and machine plant. Cronus will not stop until he gets what he requires to make a mass profit… The philosophers stone, that is said to turn lead in to gold.

When Zeus discovers that he has brothers and sisters locked in his father’s compound, with experiments being performed on them, he declares war on his Father and commits to bringing him down and saving his siblings. But will it be that easy?

Will Zeus find the strength to save his siblings and defeat his father? Or will his father find what he is
searching for and become one of the richest and most powerful men on earth?

Find out what THEMIS really thinks about her husband, ZEUS, and his family in this Greek mythological retelling. This is a complete, stand-alone novella and a short read. Download your copy today.

Highlander’s Lost Pearl: Scottish Medieval Highlander Romance
by Shona Thompson
$0.00, 258 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #1 in Tudor Romance (Kindle Store)

He was her chance at freedom; she was his way to revenge…

Peigi, daughter of the notorious Sire, leader of the Black Stags, can’t continue living her life being thus mistreated. She never knew her father’s love, only his violence and cruelty. She has to flee, but first, she will make him pay for her new life…

And suddenly she meets him, the man who takes her breath away…

Hendry Dunbar was a scarred man who became a leader far too young. Now, he is a half-blind Laird, with a thirst for revenge for his parents’ death. His past actions, brought his clan to its knees, until a mysterious benefactor became the answer to his prayers.

Being suspicious of anyone and everyone, Hendry closed off his gates until a lass asks for shelter. An unusual woman, who isn't repulsed by his deformity and comes to offer goodness and awake his passion.

But Peigi has to refuse him to protect herself and Hendry from the Sire, even if it means breaking the heart of the man she loves…

She found safety in his arms but brought him danger…

"Highlander’s Lost Pearl" is a STANDALONE Historical Scottish romance novel. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

*If you like brawny Highland warriors with a soft heart, and steamy romantic stories depicting the majestic and mysterious Scottish Highlands, then Highlander’s Lost Pearl is the perfect novel for you.

Raven's Rule (A Deliverance Society Short Story)
by Tracy Kay
$0.00, 86 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #78 in Historical Erotica (Kindle Store)
Linnette Samuels was at her wits end. After the death of her husband, she had no one to help her curb her wayward deeds with the domestic discipline she craved, which was why she found herself at the notorious brothel, The White Lily. With the help of the Madame, Sandy Wilks, Linnette found the relief she was seeking.

To help Mrs. Samuels with her dilemma, Sandy turned to Raven, the dark and mysterious First Mate of the merchant ship Deliverance. Raven knew what Linnette needed, but he had one rule: Raven’s Rule.

Raven’s Rule is an historical Regency short story, and although it can stand on its own, it is a compliment to the Regency Romance Signs of Love and Deliverance, the first novel of the Deliverance Society Series.

Warning: This novel contains sexual situations, domestic discipline, and adult themes. Age 18+ recommended.

Adored By The Rancher. Mail Order Brides Box Set
by Brittany Dreams
$0.00, 1164 pages, 3.7 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #99 in Regency Historical Romance
Mail Order Bride 4 Book Box Set
Western Historical Romances
Adored By The Rancher

Ron Kranson moved from New York to a ranch in the west expecting excitement and a simpler way of life. What he found instead were the same old social games, the same old manipulation of women to get at his estate. In the insane world, he takes the sanest option and orders his bride from a catalogue. What he gets is a woman in every sense of the word, one so perfect it made him wonder if he was good enough, one so right he felt it made him wrong. As he battles with his own inner demons she throws more curveballs at him as he tries to earn the woman he thought he had ordered.

Bought By The Cowboy

Finn is a rancher in South Texas, with a large and prosperous business. It is the early 1870s and he finally decides to find a mail order bride for himself, so that the ranch has a mistress.
Irene is big, curvy and beautiful, and she arrives at his doorstep full of dreams of a new start. She is impressed by her rich and handsome groom, but he is aloof and cold and Irene can’t understand how to win Finn’s heart.
The marriage has an ugly start as egos clash and misunderstandings drive them apart. Only, an unfortunate disaster is at the horizon, and it will bring the new couple together as they work together and fight for their home as a team.
Will the ruthless business man find love in his heart for his wife, or is there nothing left there for Irene to win?

Falling From Grace

Katherine escapes the nuns to meet Jack Clearwater. Did he make the right decision escaping the convent?

Won By The Cowboy

Ella responds to a Mail Order Bride ad, however, she is humiliated to find that the groom is much older and a gambling addict. When he bets her in a card game, can she escape and live life on her own terms?

Mature Audiences Only
Bonus Material included

A Spoonful of Sin: Rakes and Cakes Regency: Book Two
by Felicia Greene
$0.00, 55 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #181 in Regency Historical Romance
A short, spicy slice of romance set in the Regency period - with a baking twist! If you like a little heat with your history, read on...

Iris Chiltern wants adventure - more specifically, an adventure with one of the brooding, heartsick heroes that populate her favourite novels. Life as a dreamy reader in a ton full of spirited social butterflies is as draining as it is miserable... once, just once, she would like to spend an evening feeling as if she isn't the odd one out.
But when adventure crosses her path one day - knocks her off her path, to be accurate - the man she meets as a result is both unexpected and unwelcome. Simon Harker is a sharp-eyed, quick-witted man of trade, who wouldn't know a broken heart if it bit him... so why can't she stop thinking about him?

Simon Harker has plenty to think about - at the top of his list, the ball he has to throw. Lots of wealthy guests and their marriageable daughters could mean an even brighter future for his business interests - but to his extreme annoyance, he has a more immediate problem. Iris Chiltern, who is quietly redefining his idea of what makes an attractive woman... and leaving him uncertain as to his own next steps.

Does he really want a sensible wife? Does he really want to be sensible himself? And can Iris, used to hiding her heart in books, find the courage to use it in the real world?

Lose yourself in this deliciously sensual slice of Regency escapism by Felicia Greene, the queen of one-handed reading. With tortured dukes, teasing heroines and attraction that defies all decorum, these brief but beautiful tales will make any spare hour fly by!

This book is the second standalone in the delicious Rakes and Cakes Regency series - although a few familiar faces from Book One pop up! If you like quick, scandalous reads full of witty conversation, tasty cakes, passionate kisses and much more besides, these sweet, steamy stories are exactly what you've been looking for!

Gypsy Sonata: A killing obsession
by Colt Author
$0.00, 141 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #81 in Serial Killers
Blood, lust and betrayal.
Immerse in the mind of Lucian, a young Londoner tormented by the sense of death, taken to the limit by a greedy mother and by an insane obsession with first love. A lost musician who finds refuge in the keys of his piano and in the blood of his victims.

Misunderstood musician or irreverent genius?
Victim of circumstances or manipulative psychopath?
Passionate artist or an obsessed killer?
You will love or hate Lucian, that depends on you.

"I'm not looking for your pity, nor your forgiveness. I just want to show that life is a cruel joke. Nobody gave me the opportunity to express myself or explain why I did what I did.

The Magnitude of my love for the Gypsy could only be compared to the love that music gave me, and it was not enough.
I was the consequence of abandonment, imprisonment and a brilliant mind that they tried to repress and, regardless of whether they try to erase my name from the history, my Gypsy Sonata will last forever..."

See the purest love from the eyes of a serial killer. A psychological thriller full of suspense and mystery.
Author of The Wadlow Mannor and The REDITUM Saga.

Lady Mary's Predicament: Clean and Sweet Regency Romance Story
by Victoria Hart
$0.00, 306 pages, 3.5 out of 5.0 (14 reviews), #62 in Religious Historical Fiction (Kindle Store)

A Clean and Wholesome Regency Romance story full of intrigues and unexpected twists and turns!

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Lady Mary Moreland has everything figured out. In just her second season in London, she’s managed to catch the eye – and the interest – of a duke! It’s a real victory and the culmination of years of training. As soon as they are married, Mary plans to enjoy her new status, and all the women who are talking behind their hands will have to look up to her. It’s going to be everything she’s dreamed of.

In an instant, her hopes and plans come crashing down at her feet, when her maid rushes to her side and tells her an agent of the king has come, and she’s about to be arrested as a spy. There is a war going on against Napoleon’s forces in France, and her mother’s family were French aristocrats, so it seems suspicion has fallen on Mary. Terrified, she flees into the night, alone.

It’s the beginning of a journey that will take her all the way across England to the moors of Yorkshire and from the sitting rooms of society to the back stairs and small spaces occupied by a servant. At least she’s safe here…or is she?

As a companion to fragile Lady Katherine Whitby, Mary answers to her older brother Henry, the Duke of Highcliff. She finds him handsome but unpredictable, and she soon learns that this small family living on the lonely moors has any number of dark secrets. Are the Whitbys the answer to her dilemma? Will she marry a duke, after all?

Even more important, can she let the man who ruined her life in the first place prevent her from making a big mistake?

Love and Holly: Seamstress Meets Gaming Den Guard (Scandal Meets Love Book 7)
by Amanda Mariel
$0.00, 42 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #54 in Victorian Historical Romance (Kindle Store)
Will the magic of holly bring Josephine and Ace together for an unforgettable Christmas....

When Josephine and Ace are sent to find all of the necessary trimmings for a Christmas ball at Fortuna's Parlor, they find more than they bargained for. But can a seamstress and a gaming hell bouncer find love together?

Indulge in this short holiday tale of Christmas shenanigans today.

The Psychic & The Doctor (The Ghosts Of Thornbridge Keep Book 1)
by Larissa de Silva
$0.00, 165 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #1146 in American Historical Romance (Kindle Store)

Thornbridge Keep has its fair share of secrets.

Hidden doors behind bookshelves. Long, narrow passageways that lead to places no one would ever expect. A history too long and too grisly to recount.

But Thornbridge, now a museum, has never killed people before.

And now, employees are dropping like flies. Most are ill. Some on the verge of death.

The ailing patients only have two things in common. Working at Thornbridge Keep and seeing something inexplicable before they fell ill.

The museum is on the verge of closure, and the director is willing to go to unorthodox lengths to discover the source of the problem.

After hiring Dr. Elias Arnaud, renowned epidemiologist to study the source of the disease, the director decides to hire another team. One dedicated to another type of science.

The supernatural.

Enter famed Lily Quinn, psychic, medium, and paranormal investigator. Quiet, rough around the edges, Quinn isn’t your typical indigo child. Forget crystals, alignments, and tarot readings; Lily Quinn means business…

And is nothing like the mediums Dr. Arnaud has heard about before.

As she helps him uncover the source of the disease affecting everyone at Thornbridge Keep, Dr. Arnaud might have to put his unwavering belief in science to the test and trust his heart, and a baffling puzzle of a woman, to help him with the healing process.

The Bride and The Duke: Regency Brides: Book Three
by Felicia Greene
$0.00, 69 pages, 3.9 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #138 in Regency Historical Romance
Georgiana Gailford does not deserve her nickname. Being an academically inclined single woman is scandal enough for the ton - but a jilting scandal involving her best friend has led to Georgiana being called the Dizzy Bride, in private and occasionally in public.
Georgiana does not care about her nickname - at least, she can convince herself that she does not. What she does care about is lepidoptera, the fascinating world of butterflies and moths, and being admitted to Blackwater House's extensive gardens in order to study them further. Blackwater House, the ancestral home of the Duke of Blackwater - something of a scholar himself, before he gave himself over to rakehood.
Georgiana certainly doesn't care about rakes. But then she meets Alexander, the disgraceful duke of Blackwater, and realises that she may care a little more than previously thought.

Can she keep her scholarly spirit alive? And what will happen if the duke comes between her, and her butterflies?

Lose yourself in this deliciously sensual slice of Regency escapism by Felicia Greene, the queen of quick-read romance novellas. With tortured dukes, teasing heroines and attraction that defies all decorum, these brief but beautiful tales will make any spare hour fly by!

This book is the third standalone in the Regency Brides series, with plenty of faces from the previous two books popping up! If you like quick, steamy, heartfelt reads about Regency ladies confronting matrimony on their own terms, with the help of splendid gentlemen, these sweet, passionate stories are exactly what you've been looking for!

Improbable Love: Highlander Historical Romance
by Misty Wilkerson
$0.00, 38 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #18 in Scottish Historical Romance (Kindle Store)
'What hаvе уоu turnеd tо?" She whimреrеd.
"A рriсе уоu have to рау..."
Amеliа сroig, daughter оf Crоiаg The Fоurth Dukе оf Lancashire iѕ a high spirited lаdу not scared оf anything especially whеn it comes tо hеr раѕѕiоn in аrt.
Thаt сhаngеѕ whеn ѕhе fаllѕ for thе gruesome, сhаrming highlаndеr whо challenges her in еvеrу wау аnd ѕtirѕ раѕѕiоn which can never bе doused. A compromise and a decision she hаѕ to mаkе whеn a thrеаt iѕ mаdе on thе mаn ѕhе lоѕt hеr heart to; even if it meant lоѕing him.
Ewаn McKay iѕ lаird to thе uprising McKay clan Fearsome, соurаgеоuѕ аnd built tо take thrее mеn dоwn by himѕеlf but he iѕ wеаk when it соmеѕ to thе fiеrу lаѕѕ оf his ѕwоrn еnеmу.
Thоugh ѕhе'ѕ a раwn in hiѕ revenge for his сlаn'ѕ dеѕtruсtiоn. Shе ѕооn mеltѕ hiѕ dеfеnсеѕ аnd make himѕеlf question his quest.
Sеduсtiоn turns intо hеаtеd раѕѕiоn unknоwn to other; he is соmрlеtеlу losing hiѕ hеаrt to hеr. Trаgеdу ѕtrikеѕ whеn he's ѕеntеnсеd to imрriѕоnmеnt аftеr hiѕ fасаdе iѕ rеvеаlеd but no other hаѕ knоwn except hiѕ bеlоvеd. Nоw he swears tо gеt vengeance fоr hiѕ рridе and bеtrауеd love.

WARNING: This book contains mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only!

A standalone short story ending Happily Ever After and unlimited reading with Kindle Unlimited!

The Knight Of Gwynne: Complete Edition (Vol. 1&2)
by Charles James Lever
$0.00, 831 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #158 in Regency Historical Romance
In the middle of the 19th century, the rivalry between English and Irish nation was, with all its violence, by no means ungenerous. The political contest was bringing out the worst qualities out on the surface. In the era of the gross corruption where only a few resisted offers and temptations, giving Ireland the stain of a weaker country, lived Maurice Darcy, known far and wide as the Knight of Gwynne. Darcy was a cultivated gentleman with highlighted "Irishry" in his nature. He was a well-known leader of public opinion which made him valuable political ally. In the newest political turmoil, scared that Darcy might go with the opposition, three powerful men, forming the new Government in Dublin, decided to gain the support of the Knight of Gwynne no matter what it costs, unaware of the price of an honest man.

Newly Free Romance Kindle Books for 2020-07-09

Do You Want Me
by W. Winters
$0.00, 113 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (153 reviews), #2 in New Adult & College Romance (Kindle Store)
USA Today best-selling author, Willow Winters, brings you an all-consuming, sizzling romance featuring an epic antihero you won't soon forget.

Some love stories are a slow burn. Others are quick to ignite, scorching and branding your very soul before you’ve taken that first breath. You’re never given a chance to run from it.
That’s how I’d describe what happened to us.

Everything around me blurred and all that existed were his lips, his touch…
The chase and the heat between us became addictive.
Our nights together were a distraction, one we craved to the point of letting the world crumble around us.
We should have paid more attention; we should have known that it would come to this.
We both knew it couldn’t last, but that didn’t change what we desired most.
All we wanted was each other…

"The emotions Willow evokes in this are on another level. This small glimpse into the world of Marcus is thrilling, chilling, a little bit sweet and a whole lot of just wow. You won’t want to miss this one." - Ky Reads Romance

This is part one of an epic tale of both betrayal and all-consuming love.

BROCK (7 Brides for 7 Blackthornes Book 5)
by Roxanne St. Claire
$0.00, 230 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (135 reviews), #173 in Contemporary Romance (Kindle Store)
BROCK - 7 Brides for 7 Blackthornes Book 5

Meet the Blackthorne men, who are as hot, fast, and smooth as the whisky that built the family fortune, and the yachts and race cars that bear their name. From proud Scottish stock, Blackthornes never lose. But, one by one, the seven sexy men in this family are about to risk everything when they fall for strong and beautiful women who test their mettle in life...and love.

Brock - Book Five
With proud Blackthorne blood in his veins, Brock Blackthorne loves his job the keeper of the "brand." His job is to protect the family name, to keep the company's reputation as clean as possible, and ensure that skeletons stay well-hidden at the family compound in King Harbor, Maine. So when an ambitious and inquisitive biographer is tasked to pen a revealing "tell all" book about the Blackthornes, Brock decides to personally guide the beautiful writer far away from any family landmines. But the more time he spends sharing the history and heart of his unusual clan, the more he wants this captivating woman in his arms...and in his life.
The daughter of renowned investigative journalists, Jenna Gillespie's job, reputation, and advance money is on the line if she doesn't unearth something scintillating and surprising about this dynasty built on whisky. Unfortunately, the maddeningly sexy Brock Blackthorne is doing everything he can to make sure that doesn't happen. But when she uncovers a lead about the family's multi-million dollar whisky recipe having been stolen, Brock decides to help her, certain they will finally remove a cloud that hangs over the family name.
As Jenna and Brock get closer to the truth, they also get closer to each other. And when the real story is finally revealed, one of them will have to sacrifice all they think they hold dear if they have any chance for a lifetime of love.

Don't miss these sexy, heartwarming, emotion-filled books by bestselling authors: Barbara Freethy, Julia London, Lynn Raye Harris, Cristin Harber, Roxanne St. Claire, Samantha Chase, and Christie Ridgway.

Devlin #1 - Barbara Freethy
Jason #2 - Julia London
Ross #3 - Lynn Raye Harris
Phillip #4 - Cristin Harber
Brock #5 - Roxanne St. Claire
Logan #6 - Samantha Chase
Trey #7 - Christie Ridgway

Published since 2003, Roxanne St. Claire is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than fifty romance and suspense novels. She has written several popular series, including The Dogfather, The Dogmothers, Barefoot Bay, the Guardian Angelinos, and the Bullet Catchers.

In addition to being an ten-time nominee and one-time winner of the prestigious RITA™ Award for the best in romance writing, Roxanne has won the National Reader's Choice Award for best romantic suspense four times, as well as the Maggie, the Daphne du Maurier Award, the HOLT Medallion, Booksellers Best, Book Buyers Best, the Award of Excellence, and many others.

A mother of two but recent empty-nester, Roxanne lives in Florida with her husband and two insanely adorable dogs.

A Love Song for Liars (Rivals Book 1)
by Piper Lawson
$0.00, 298 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (113 reviews), #1 in Teen & Young Adult Performing Art eBooks

We never should have met.

I was rich, he was poor.

I was plain, he was beautiful.

I ached for the spotlight, he made his music in the dark.

Yet he looked at me in a way my rock star father and cruel, entitled classmates never did: like I mattered.

I never saw it coming.

When Tyler moved in with us to attend Oakwood Prep, he crushed my heart to claim their crown.

They can keep their lying prince.

Because I’ll never forgive the boy I used to ache for.

But some nights...

...He makes me want to.

A Love Song for Liars is Book 1 in the angsty, emotional, and forbidden Rivals trilogy. Fans of bully, academy, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, and rock star romance will love this new series.

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"All the feels. All the angst. All the drama. And that ending, gah! I need book two now!" - Siobhan Davis, USA Today bestselling author

“This one gets all the stars. Stories like this are why I read NA romance. Those overwhelming feelings and teenage firsts...this book has them all!“ - Michelle ★★★★★

“Off the charts chemistry. The attraction and emotion pour from the pages.” - Beth ★★★★★

“Absolute perfection. The last chapter broke me.” - Deb ★★★★★

“If you want enough angst to tear you to shreds? This is your book.” - BookObsession ★★★★★

“I am NOT okay... These pages held me hostage from beginning to end.” - Kandace ★★★★★

Second Chances: A Magical Holiday Romance
by Tami Franklin
$0.00, 238 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (41 reviews), #8 in Holiday Fiction (Kindle Store)

He wakes up with a wife he never married. Yeah, that’s a weird way to start the day.

On Christmas Eve, Carter Reed sits in a bar and regrets the decision he made ten years earlier that tore the love of his life from him. Mackenzie Monroe was his everything, but he left her behind to follow his dreams. Now those dreams all revolve around her. The one who got away.

Or so he thinks.

A not-so-chance encounter with a mysterious stranger sends Carter on a mystical journey to fix the mistakes of the past. He goes to bed, alone and lonely, but on Christmas morning, he wakes up on a couch that isn't his . . .

in a town he hasn't visited in years . . .

and with Kenzie as his wife.

But the life he's wished for isn't all smooth sailing, and Carter quickly learns marriage and family come with their own challenges. He has a tough road ahead in his strange, new world.And if he doesn't find the key to Kenzie's heart, he could lose her all over again.

Second Chances is a story about a man who gets a peek at what his life could be, if only he'd walked a different path. In the tradition of It's a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol, it's a heartwarming romance sprinkled with a touch of magic that's sure to become a holiday favorite.

The Hunter (Mistress & Master of Restraint Book 10)
by Erica Chilson
$0.00, 387 pages, 4.9 out of 5.0 (27 reviews), #244 in Gay Romance
Cortez Hunter, the modern-day whipping boy. The orphan always walked alongside the man he was destined to shadow, enjoying the wealth, the indulgences, the influence, and the opportunities of the elite. Ezra Holden Zeitler was coddled, protected, because he was the last of his family’s line. The heir would act out, and fearing Ezra’s tantrums and his mental illness, Cortez took the blame, the consequences, and the punishments.

From the outside looking in, Cortez is selfish, lazy, and untrustworthy. Cortez tries to scream the truth, but no one ever takes him seriously. Never listens. “Ezra did it!” In actuality, Cort is brutally honest while his lips twist into a charming smirk and his eyes glisten with amusement.

This life. This game. Ezra– it has all taken a toll on Cortez.

The whipping boy only ever had one thing to call his own. It was inborn, a passion for words. The latest punishment rendered Cortez blocked, left to walk an endless abyss of an empty imagination. Without Cort’s ability to delve into his imaginary worlds, he was forced to live in reality.

Lost. Confused. Cortez Hunter struggles to survive.

One simple acknowledgement frees Cortez’s frozen words. “Daddy.” The muse awakens from her long slumber, demanding Cortez go back to the beginning…

Under the pseudonym Cortez Abernathy, he begins writing a memoir.
The Hunter.

As Cortez pours his soul onto the pages, he begins to heal.

No longer lost or confused, Cortez realizes he doesn’t have to walk in Ezra’s shadow. Whether beside Ezra or without Ezra, Cortez will survive.

Widow (Blended Book 3)
by Erica Chilson
$0.00, 556 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (38 reviews), #18131 in Romantic Erotica (Books)
Clover Webster and Malcolm Mason are trying to overcome insurmountable odds: Lifelong secrets plaguing both families. The failed, bitter romance between their eldest born. The ghosts of their deceased spouses. Most importantly, the addiction that taints everything it touches. Will Malcolm and Clover be able to forge an unbreakable bond in order to traverse this landmine of a blended family?

Widow is book #3 in the Blended Series, the sequel to Good Girl. Not suitable for younger readers: 18 +. Contemporary romance involving sensual, erotic themes. Prepare for a roller coaster ride of emotions: devastating loss, the mourning of death, the renewal of hope, the awakening of love, the unexpected humor of watching one’s loved ones fall down, get back up, and dust themselves off. Blended is the chaotic calamity of everyday life.

Stirred: An Enemies-to-Lovers, Small Town Romance (Severton Search and Rescue Book 2)
by Annie Dyer
$0.00, 286 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (49 reviews), #22 in Family Life Fiction (Kindle Store)
Enemies. Foes. Until one night changed them forever.

The small town of Severton doesn’t have many secrets. One of the few is exactly why Scott Maynard, bar owner and search and rescue hero, refuses to speak, acknowledge or even breathe the same air as Keren Leigh.

Keren has been Severton’s dentist for far too long and now she’s ready to move to the city, escaping the war with Scott and broadening her dating circle in the hope of a future that doesn’t just consist of evenings at home alone with a book, ancient pyjamas and a glass of wine.

All it takes is a one-night ceasefire for all of her plans and their decade-long feud to be stirred up. But they’re not the only ones to be shaken: Severton has acquired its own arsonist and other secrets are being exposed, leaving a completely different battle to be fought.

Warning: contains alpacas, retired ladies who make their own gin and have an eye for younger gentlemen plus an alternate use for a bath.

This steamy small town enemies to lovers romance is part of the Severton Search & Rescue series but can be read as a stand-alone.

Logan (7 Brides for 7 Blackthornes Book 6)
by Samantha Chase
$0.00, 212 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (164 reviews), #176 in Contemporary Romance (Kindle Store)
Meet the Blackthorne men, each one as hot, fast, and smooth as the whisky that built the family fortune, and the yachts and race cars that bear their name. From proud Scottish stock, Blackthornes never lose. But, one by one, the seven sexy men in this family are about to risk everything when they fall for strong and beautiful women who test their mettle in life…and love.

Logan – Book Six

It’s not easy being the youngest Blackthorne, and Logan has never shied away from a challenge. No matter what everyone thinks. Coming home to Maine finds him dealing with not only family surprises, but the shock of finding the caretaker’s daughter all grown up.

Piper’s dream is to design her own games, not play them. And Logan Blackthorne is the ultimate player. It’s one thing to hang out with Logan as a friend, but he’s far too charming for her own good.

Logan promises hours of pleasure, but should she settle for less than happily ever after?

Don't miss these sexy, heartwarming, emotion-filled books by bestselling authors: Barbara Freethy, Julia London, Lynn Raye Harris, Cristin Harber, Roxanne St. Claire, Christie Ridgway and Samantha Chase.

Say I Do in Good Hope (A Good Hope Novel Book 5)
by Cindy Kirk
$0.00, 296 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (134 reviews), #26 in Holiday Fiction (Kindle Store)
Sometimes love is right on your doorstep...

Eliza Shaw has never met a crisis she couldn’t manage. If her father thinks she’s going to take his attempt at selling the family home out from underneath her, then he clearly doesn’t know her at all. She‘ll chain herself to the banister if she has to...

Kyle Kendrick doesn’t have time for the hassle of an eviction. He definitely doesn’t have time for Eliza Shaw’s drama – even if she does look distractingly gorgeous when she’s furious. His sister is arriving in Good Hope and he needs a home. Now.

Neither Kyle nor Eliza is thrilled at the idea of sharing the house, but it’s the only sensible solution. Now if they could each just stop fantasizing about their new roommate this crazy plan might just work. And if they’re lucky, what started out as playing house could end up giving them the home and family they’ve both desperately yearned for.

Off The Hook (Fishing for Trouble Book 1)
by Laura Drewry
$0.00, 276 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (131 reviews), #122 in Contemporary Romance Fiction
Welcome to The Buoys, a West Coast fishing lodge where love comes in with the tide and where each O’Donnell brother proves to be a great catch!
Free agent Liam O’Donnell isn’t ready to give up his major league career and move back to the family fishing lodge, but until his agent can find him and his fastball a new team, that’s exactly where he finds himself. He needs to help his brothers bring The Buoys back from the disaster their late father left it in or they’re going to lose everything.
Kate Hadley has made her fair share of mistakes, but none have ever been quite as bad as the mistake she made with Liam O’Donnell. And now she’s stuck with him and his crazy family at their rundown fishing lodge in the middle of nowhere.
Sure, he’s even cuter than he was ten years ago, and sure, he might be knocking himself out trying to make things right, but if he thinks for one second that he’s going to win her over again with those stupid dimples or his ridiculous Kelly Clarkson songs, he’s got another thing coming.
Kate learned that lesson the hard way and has no intention of making the same mistake twice because she knows that this time it’ll will cost her everything she’s worked so hard to build.

HEMI (Graffiti Street Bad Boys Book 1)
by Brynn Hale
$0.00, 59 pages, 4.9 out of 5.0 (27 reviews), #682 in Contemporary Women's Fiction

Blue-collar bad boys and curvy women together in a hot, quick, & sweet way.

Cece Rollins
I can’t be falling for a man who stole my car in high school.
It’s crazy, right?
Plus, with opening a business, my controlling ex, and taking care of my daughter, I can’t deal with more.
But when it comes to Dane Drake, my heart does the talking and I have to listen.

Dane “Hemi” Drake
When the past comes walking into a bar wearing red heels and curves that I’d like to ride on forever, I’m a goner.
She comes with a past, we all do. I just need to show her that her past isn’t our future.
I’m gonna steal her heart this time.

Hemi: Graffiti Boys 1 is an instalove, happily-ever-after, STEAMY, single mom romance. NO cliffhangers, NO cheating. This is a standalone story part of the GRAFFITI BOYS series.

Series Reviews are saying--
***** Each book has a hot sexy alpha male. The storyline will keep u wanting more.
***** Can't recommend this series enough!

Soccer Mom (Killer Moms Book 1)
by Eve Langlais
$0.00, 260 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (39 reviews), #5 in Multicultural & Interracial Romance
Can a woman with her past and secrets ever take a chance on love?

Being a single mom is tough, but Carla doesn’t mind the minivan and the PTA meetings. What does concern her are the random acts of violence striking too close to home.

Has someone discovered her secret alter ego? An assassin for hire, Carla’s done her best to cover her tracks.

Is it enough?

The coach who keeps flirting with her doesn’t appear to suspect that she’s more than she seems; however, when danger threatens, Carla won’t be able to hide the fact that she’s a killer mom.

And she’ll do anything to keep her son safe.

A Bad Boy Inc. Spin-off series.

All Our Empty Places (A Time of Grace Book 2)
by Alicia G. Ruggieri
$0.00, 359 pages, 4.9 out of 5.0 (24 reviews), #533 in Women's Religious Fiction
All Our Empty Places (A Time of Grace Trilogy, Book Two)

In 1935, when the bank calls in her mortgage, Sarah Picoletti – now a penniless widow – finds herself and her children on the brink of homelessness. Sick at heart, she plans to beg her brother in New Jersey to take her family in.

Then Doctor Samuel Giorgi knocks on her door. Godly and well-off, Sam seems to have put the careless ways of his youth behind him, and he also appears to have one desire: to make Sarah his wife, two decades after he broke their engagement.

However, nothing prepares Sarah for the storm that breaks once she makes her decision. Everywhere she turns, the errors of her former choices confront her, insisting on her inferiority and the irreparable brokenness of her past. Sarah begins to wonder if Christ really can bring true redemption or if He is limited by her frailty.

Meanwhile, her daughter Grace faces new challenges in her own life. When her relationship with Paulie changes unexpectedly, Grace realizes that she must make a decision with the potential to alter both of their futures.

Compassionate and intensely poignant, All Our Empty Places paints the portrait of a mother and daughter with broken pasts, who dare to step into a future overflowing with the grace of the Cross.

All Our Empty Places may be read as a standalone novel, but for the best experience, the publisher and author recommend reading the entire A TIME OF GRACE TRILOGY in chronological order:

Book 1: The Fragrance of Geraniums
Book 2: All Our Empty Places
Book 3: A Love to Come Home To

Always: A Sweet Small Town Romance (The Protectors Book 3)
by Leeanna Morgan
$0.00, 284 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (34 reviews), #11 in Women's Sagas
Fans of Robyn Carr's Virgin River series will love this feel-good, small-town romance.

Mallory Fraser is a U.S. figure skating champion. After a tragic accident she moves to Montana, determined to put her past behind her and protect the people she loves. When the mystery surrounding her accident follows her to Bozeman, she needs help to find the truth.

After living most of his life in one battleground after another, Grant Byers craves normal. He's a Search and Rescue volunteer, cattle rancher, and a former Navy SEAL. He's not looking for trouble, but when he meets Mallory, he knows trouble has found him.

With nothing left to lose, Grant and Mallory walk head first into something neither of them expected, but everything they need.

ALWAYS is the third book in The Protectors series and can easily be read as a stand alone. Each of Leeanna's series are linked so that you can find out what happens to your favorite characters in different books. Happy reading!

Praise for Leeanna Morgan's books:

"I am addicted to Leeanna Morgan's books! The only problem with them is that I hate coming to the end of one, and can't wait for the next good read. I love how she weaves the characters together, and draws you right into their lives. If you haven't discovered her, please do give her books a try. You won't be disappointed, except for not having found her sooner!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I couldn't put it down. I purchased it today and finished it just now. Captivating story from beginning to end. Definitely a five star book."

Other Contemporary Romances by Leeanna Morgan

The Montana Brides:
Book 1: Forever Dreams (Gracie and Trent)
Book 2: Forever in Love (Amy and Nathan)
Book 3: Forever After (Nicky and Sam)
Book 4: Forever Wishes (Erin and Jake)
Book 5: Forever Santa: a Montana Brides Christmas novella
Book 6: Forever Cowboy (Emily and Alex)
Book 7: Forever Together (Kate and Dan)
Book 8: Forever and a Day (Sarah and Jordan)

The Bridesmaids Club:
Book 1: All of Me (Tess and Logan)
Book 2: Loving You (Annie and Dylan)
Book 3: Head Over Heels (Sally and Todd)
Book 4: Sweet on You (Molly and Jacob)

Emerald Lake Billionaires:
Book 1: Sealed with a Kiss (Rachel and John)
Book 2: Playing for Keeps (Sophie and Ryan)
Book 3: Crazy Love (Holly and Daniel)
Book 4: One And Only (Elizabeth and Blake)

The Protectors:
Book 1: Safe Haven (Hayley and Tank)
Book 2: Just Breathe: (Kelly and Tanner)
Book 3: Always (Mallory and Grant)
Book 4: The Promise (Ashley and Matthew)
Book 5: Coming Home (Mia and Stan)
Book 6: The Gift (Hannah and Brett)
Book 7: The Wish (Claire and Jason)

Sapphire Bay:
Book 1: Falling For You (Natalie and Gabe)
Book 2: Once In A Lifetime (Sam and Caleb)
Book 3: A Christmas Wish (Megan and William)
Book 4: Before Today (Brooke and Levi)
Book 5: The Sweetest Thing (Cassie and Noah)
Book 6: Sweet Surrender (Willow and Zac)

Santa's Secret Helpers:
Book 1: Christmas On Main Street (Emma and Jack)
Book 2: Mistletoe Madness (Kylie and Ben)
Book 3: Silver Bells (Bailey and Steven)
Book 4: The Santa Express (Shelley and John)

New Duet: A Christian Romance
by Cindy Ervin Huff
$0.00, pages, 4.9 out of 5.0 (22 reviews), #2 in Injuries & Rehabilitation
Isabella Melinda Wilson has been squeezed into the music ministry model of her controlling husband’s making. Before she can leave him, he leaves her a guilt-ridden widow. Her mother-in-law is no comfort and presses the guilt button at every turn. Isabella flees to her sister’s home in search of her own identity and a new beginning.

Dan Sweeney has one goal. Be as normal as possible. After losing a leg, some fingers, and his self-worth, he needs his service dog Brutus to help keep his PTSD at bay. Careerless and clueless about the future, he struggles to put his life back together.
Isabella isn’t looking for a new relationship, and Dan feels unworthy of one. Can these two broken people heal into one whole love?

Ross (7 Brides for 7 Blackthornes Book 3)
by Lynn Raye Harris
$0.00, 202 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (83 reviews), #178 in Contemporary Romance (Kindle Store)
Meet the Blackthorne men, each one as hot, fast, and smooth as the whiskey that built the family fortune, and the yachts and race cars that bear their name. From proud Scottish stock, Blackthornes never lose. But, one by one, the seven sexy men in this family are about to risk everything when they fall for strong and beautiful women who test their mettle in life…and love.


Ross Blackthorne likes his cars fast and his women faster. As the third son, he’s accustomed to living his life without the pressure to succeed that his older brothers face. But when he crashes his race car during a public event, his father decides enough is enough. It’s time for Ross to step up and join the family business.

Holly Brooks has her hands full running operations at the Blackthorne Distillery in Lexington, Kentucky. The last thing she needs is to babysit an unrepentant playboy who doesn’t have any interest in learning what it takes to make world-class bourbon.
Ross only intends to stay for as long as it takes to convince his father he’s better suited to driving fast—but working in close proximity to Holly is more interesting than he expected.

Can daredevil Ross convince good girl Holly that he’s worth the risk? Or is their budding relationship doomed to crash and burn?

Don't miss these sexy, heartwarming, emotion-filled books by seven bestselling authors: Barbara Freethy, Julia London, Lynn Raye Harris, Cristin Harber, Roxanne St. Claire, Christie Ridgway and Samantha Chase.

Devlin #1 – Barbara Freethy

Jason #2 – Julia London

Ross #3 – Lynn Raye Harris

Phillip #4 – Cristin Harber

Brock #5 – Roxanne St. Claire

Logan #6 – Samantha Chase

Trey #7 – Christie Ridgway

Praise for Lynn Raye Harris’s Novels:

“This is an amazing display of great story telling. I loved every second of it.” - The Romance Book Club

“Lynn Raye Harris is explosive!” - Goodreads

“...Harris proves she knows how to keep her readers coming back for more.” - Julie Johnson

“Reading this book was an unforgettable experience.” - From the Bottom of a Frappe

“Congratulations Ms. Harris you have earned yourself a new dedicated fan. Just keep the wonderful stories coming down the line.” - Romance Witch Reviews

“Harris is a master at giving readers kick-ass intrigue mixed with heart-warming moments and she’s become my can’t-be-missed military romance author.” - Romantic Reads and Such on Dangerously HOT

“Once you start you are in for a roller coaster of a read!” - Twin Sisters Rockin’ Reviews

“Harris also does a fantastic job of weaving romance and suspense together effortlessly. It's never out of place or overbalances the other. It's this perfect combination that will have your heart pounding and then leave you panting.” - Dirty Girl Romance

“I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole book. I could not put it down.” - Goodreads

“I felt every page.” - Goodreads

“I hate using those overused and often over the top statements like: “ This is the best book in the series so far” and “Lynn Raye Harris has done it again”. However... This is the best book in series and Lynn didn't just do it again, she somehow did it better.” - Clue Review on HOT Rebel

“…this author nails it each and every darn time.” - Romance Book Haven

A Touch of Love (Cami's Snow Valley Romance Book 2)
by Cami Checketts
$0.00, 110 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (16 reviews), #1 in Contemporary Christian Romance (Kindle Store)
Annie Stirland has endured a lifetime of teasing, embarrassment, and isolation due to her speech impediment. When irresistible cowboy, Luke Wilson, seems to be falling for her, she’s certain he’s too good to be true. A tragedy involving his ex-girlfriend proves she’s right. What man can resist sheltering someone they once loved? Annie knows she should walk away, but Luke isn’t ready to give her up.
Find all of Cami's Snow Valley Romances:
1. Full Court Devotion
2. A Touch of Love
3. Running from the Cowboy
4. Light in Your Eyes
5. Romancing the Singer
6. Fighting for Love

Red Rocket: A Hockey Love Story (Vegas Crush Book 3)
by Raine Miller
$0.00, 309 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (66 reviews), #3 in Sports Fiction (Kindle Store)
*RED ROCKET is a sexy STANDALONE sports romance about a Russian hockey enforcer with bad reputation and the feisty redhead from the PR department who just might be the one person who can help him shine up his tarnished image. 'Public Relations' is about to take on a whole new meaning!

They call me The Mad Russian for a reason. —Viktor Demoskev, VEGAS CRUSH

My reputation as an Enforcer was earned one game at a time. Fighting on the ice for my team is something I take very seriously because I came to the USA to play hockey, not be a celebrity.
Unfortunately, this logic has my public image taking a beating—not that I care very much how others think of me.
Except for her.
A woman as gorgeous, and fiery, and sexy, as that long red hair of hers. Which would look even more stunning spread out on my sheets with my hands tangled in it all night long while naked of course.
It is unfortunate that she also works for the team. In Public Relations... So yeah, the no-fraternization policy is an issue, but hardly my main concern. The biggest hurdle is Scarlett thinking I am part of a gambling ring for the Russian Mafia.
Crazy, right?
I can deal with setting her straight about her ridiculous suspicions, but cracking through that hard shell she has built around her broken heart? This is my real challenge.
But oh how I love a good fight. Winning is everything to me.
Especially when the prize is the Las Vegas beauty I named the Red Rocket...

Fighting Temptation: A Friends to Lovers Military Romance (Men Of Honor Book 1)
by K.C. Lynn
$0.00, 409 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (825 reviews), #219 in Romantic Suspense (Kindle Store)
Two unlikely friends—the innocent, good girl and the notorious bad boy. One fateful night brought them together, and they formed a bond—one so strong it was unbreakable—until one night they gave into temptation.

Fast forward five years and Jaxson is back to fix the mistakes he’s made with the only girl who’s ever mattered to him. Only someone isn’t happy with his return, someone who thinks Julia is theirs and will stop at nothing to make sure it stays that way—forever.

Jaxson will not only fight to protect Julia, but also battle the new and existing demons that haunt his soul from death, corruption, destruction, and war.

This is book one in the Men of Honor series, comes with a HEA, and can be read as a standalone. Recommended for ages 18+ due to sexual content, explicit language, and mature subject matter.

Please note this is a revised edition with an added bonus scene at the end of the book. The story is the exact same but the writing and editing has been updated.

A Secret Between Friends (Between the Sheets Book 1)
by Serenity Woods
$0.00, 241 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (276 reviews), #5 in Holiday Romance (Kindle Store)
A wounded soldier needs her own hero...

When Lieutenant Genie Sharpe’s best friend Ciara dies in the bomb blast that blew up their Army truck, Genie comes home to the Bay of Islands to rest her wounded knee. To honor Ciara, Genie decides to carry out her friend’s Bucket List, and she’s more than happy when Ciara’s gorgeous big brother Niall offers to join in.

The attraction that has always simmered between them soon turns sizzling hot. But Niall’s mother Sinead blames Genie for her daughter’s death, and Ciara made her feelings clear on them dating long ago, so they agree to keep their relationship secret.

The final wish on Ciara’s Bucket List brings everything to a head. Genie knows she has to end the fling. But the heart wants what the heart wants, and besides, Niall has other ideas…

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