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Newly Free African American Kindle Books for 2021-01-15

On Top Of The World: African-American Romance Fiction
by David Lamb
$0.00, 228 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (25 reviews), #5 in Black & African American Literary Fiction
Winner of the Pacific Book Award for BEST FICTION.


Belle has it all, a powerful entertainment lawyer at the top of her game. So beautiful she causes traffic accidents from men sneaking peeks at her radiant chocolate skin.

It would seem her life was tailor made. Her father a prominent judge and her mother a famous civil rights era jazz singer always encouraged her dreams, even if sometimes they weren’t her own. Like when her mom insist she join her sorority in college, but Belle just wasn’t a sorority girl, and instead she instantly fell in love with Scrooje, the biggest nerd on campus.

Now, years later not only is he tall, dark and handsome, but he’s music’s biggest star.

There's just one problem—he's lost his damn mind!

Will Belle forgive Scrooje for a betrayal worse than cheating? Her savvy best friend, Camille who has more NY style in her pinky finger than all of the stores on 5th Avenue, tells her it’s time to move on, but Belle still loves Scrooje, and besides, every date Camille sets her up on ends in hilarious disaster.

Now, it’s been three years since Scrooje shattered Belle’s heart, and tonight they are bound to run into each other at the glamorous Hollywood Black Entertainment Awards. Will Belle be tempted by Scrooje’s charismatic charms and luscious smile?

Don’t worry girl, help is on the way, the Ancestors have got your back! As tonight, they’ll lead Belle and Scrooje on the journey of a lifetime to discover the power of love.

From college dorms to concert stadiums, Belle and Scrooje’s journey absorbs readers with a fast paced, hilarious, poignant insight not only of race, class and celebrity worship but of the eternally fascinating dance between a man and a woman who seek to unite but events and people get in the way.

What readers are saying:

"HILARIOUS! David Lamb hit a home run for me. This was nonstop fun! There was something I could relate to at every turn"



"Got a copy of On Top Of the World and finished it in 2 days! It took me through a gamut of emotions with laughter being at the forefront. Great book. Loved the retelling in a manner I could relate to. Thankyou!"

"I Can Totally See It Being A Movie"

Present Situation (Assad Brothers Saga Book 1)
by Malay Reneé
$0.00, 145 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (12 reviews), #2 in Black & African American Romance
Getting through their present situation may be less complicated than best friends Dasani Granger and Solo Assad make it seem. With a friendship extending a little over 20 years, the reality of their lives begin to shift in ways they may have never imagined in the public eye.

Dasani is a 26 year old Kindergarten teacher as well as the owner of Dance Is Life dance company. Dasani has been all about her own happiness. She’s been the poster child to her friends and family for living her dreams and not dreaming her life. Her life is where she sees fit, that is until she hits a hiccup in her world. She finds herself living life from an untraditional standpoint. With her normal on the transition to shift, will Dasani be able to handle all things old and knew that are thrown her way?

Solo is a 27 year old entrepreneur with his mind set on one thing, creating financial wealth and stability for his legacy. With him on the right path all he’s worried about is loving his son and marrying the girl of his dreams. But happens when that girl is not the woman he’s invested time and money in for the past decade? Can he stay and make things work off the strength of time spent, or will he pull the cards on his relationship and go after something his heart’s been set on for a while?

Take a journey with these two best friends and see how life plays out for them in the end. Lines are crossed, friendships are lost and somethings you just can’t bounce back from.

Romancing a thug
by Rasheed Carter
$0.00, 199 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (15 reviews), #5 in Black & African American Romance
When a woman is fed up with your game playing, constant lying, repeated cheating, being neglected, and left alone all day to the point that she starts to feel single while in a committed relationship. There isn't anything you can do about it. She's ready to go and her bags are packed, her heart is hurting. Her loyalty makes her want to stay and fight for a love that she invested so much effort into. Christina is hot, sexy, loyal, and madly in love with Alonzo a world renown fluck boy who mistreats her, takes her love for granted, and plays on her intelligence every chance that he gets. Karma is a down to earth girl with a CNA background and two best friends who she loves more than life itself. She has a big warm heart that hungers for love in it's original edition the way that it was meant to be felt...between two people who absolutely adored each other. Unfortunately no one else shared her outlook on love. Until she had a chance encounter with a man who had every single quality that she ever wanted in a man except he wasn't her type. He looked nothing like the man who she envisioned herself loving forever. Rasheed Carter has weaved together a scandalously delicious drama filled love triangle with fun and outrageous characters bold enough to make this book one enjoyable read.

Loving This Woman Right
by Ty Robinson
$0.00, 112 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (10 reviews), #22 in Black & African American Romance
As love in this society in this modern time is seemingly becoming hollow and fading away, there are those that still believe in it. Mekena is such a woman. She believes that love is one of the most important factors of living. As a woman with a good heart and is motivated to find and have true love, her search for it hasn't been pretty. She has endured multiple heartbreaks, she's been hurt time and time again, and after believing that she had finally found what her heart has desired, once more, she was wrong. The pain of being heart broken felt unbearable this time.

When acceptance that her one wish in her life will never be fulfilled was all but certain, life had different plans for her. In the form of a man named Kazim. A man that entered her world like the sun rising over the horizon. He brightened her sky, warmed her heart, and showed her something that she stopped believing was even possible. That man could he enter her life with no intention to destroy. But to restore. To heal. To care.

This is the Black Love tale of Mekena and Kazim.

A Hope I Now Have (Olivia Franklin Series Book 1)
by Sharon Floyd
$0.00, 28 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #621 in Religious Short Stories
A Hope I Now Have is the first in a series depicting the ups and downs of Olivia Frazier, a Christian woman striving to live out a godly life amidst the many trials she faces. This first in the series shows us her struggle with the unfair verdict in the trial of her sister's husband who nearly killed her. It changes her and the change is scary. An unlikely relationship with a man with a dark past comes into play as she strives to take matters into her own hands. Will things get worse? Or will she finally learn to trust God in a situation that seems hopeless?

Love or Lust: Sho Me Right
by Mona Altidort
$0.00, 127 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #142 in Black & African American Romance

Two Steamy Love Stories… Two Talented Authors…… Equals One Hot Novella….
In Hot Chocolate and Every Inch Of You, passion is at its highest, sky’s the limit. To be loved is the goal, while lust is the motivation, but either way, the ending result is, show me right…

$0.00, 168 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #26 in Black & African American Romance
Monica Carter was a young savage that was brought up with the finer things in life. She had two parents that worshipped her, but life is filled with twists and turns! An unexpected loss brought a new person into the picture. A young, handsome man, filled with wonder; Charles Johnson. There was a fire that ignited between them and no cost could put it out. Will their secrets wreak havoc on an already troubled family? Can their love stand the obstacles it caused? Enjoy this rollercoaster ride.

CARMINE: A BWWM Mafia Romance (Andolini Crime Family Book 1)
by Coco Miller
$0.00, 164 pages, 3.8 out of 5.0 (57 reviews), #69 in Italian Literature
Caution: the gangster in this love story is nobody’s hero.
Carmine is a ruthless Italian mob boss who’s notorious for seeking deadly vengeance.
It’s the motto he lives by.
A life for a life.
Jasmine is the beautiful daughter of the man who stole then ruined something that belonged to him.
She’s a beautiful virgin caught up in a world of jaded criminals.
The perfect target.
Until Carmine does something really stupid.
And falls for her.

Andolini Crime Family Series

Book One: Carmine

Book Two: Giovanni

Book Three: Umberto

Big City Billionaires
Faking For Mr. Pope
Virgin Escort For Mr. Vaughn
Pretending for Mr. Parker

Red Bratva Billionaires

The Overwatch Division

Loving a Texan from New Orleans, PART 1: Meeting Hunter Wolf: BWWM Multicultural Romance
by Amber Creek
$0.00, 55 pages, 3.7 out of 5.0 (9 reviews), #13 in Black & African American Romance
Loving a Texan from New Orleans, PART 1: Meeting Hunter Wolf

She hadn't planned on falling in love on the trip to visit her daughter at Diesel Air Force Base. But there he was, like a ray of sunshine, in a tiny Texas military town. Hunter Wolf awakened feelings in Savannah she thought were dead. But could she take a chance, unafraid, after both their pasts?

This book is part of the "Loving a Texan from New Orleans" mini romance series. See links to the full series below. (See note below about how to find Part 3 on Amazon re: it's buried because it's deemed more "adult" in nature by Amazon).


PART 1: "Loving a Texan from New Orleans" --

PART 2: "Loving a Texan from New Orleans: The Beginning of Forever" --

PART 3: "Loving a Texan from New Orleans: Marriage & Intimacy" -- -- Note: Amazon has deemed this part of the series more “adult” in nature. As such, please use the link outlined to locate Part 3 on Amazon, or it may not readily show up with the series unless you click on “Show all Titles” (i.e., including adult) when you land on the series.

Loving a Texan from New Orleans, PART 4 --

Loving a Texan from New Orleans, PART 5 --
Cassandra Black / Stone Cottage Books
Multicultural Romance

Queen 2: Logan's Story
by J.A. Butler
$0.00, 190 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #3 in Black & African American Romance
Logan has met Queen just at the right time in his life. A time where he needed a partner, peace, stability and a mother to his daughter. He thinks that he has found these things in Queen, will one mistake ruin it all?

Queen has made a mistake. She withheld information from Logan, which he looks at like a betrayal. She had her reasons but none was enough for him. Deciding to give each other space, despite their love for one another, Queen still stays close to Logan's daughter. Just when Queen is starting to get settled into her life without him, she wind that there is some disloyalty and plots against not only Logan, but his child as well. Will Queen be able to figure out who is behind these plans and save them all?

Logan has been fighting his daughter's mother, since she was born, to have her full-time. She is unfit and jealous of the life that Logan now lives, with Queen. When she sees that Queen is a threat to her and that her own daughter considers her to be her mother, she snaps and decides to give Logan and Queen more than they bargained for. Will she succeed?

Isadora is back and wants revenge. Not only does she want Logan and Queen to pay for the death of her father, a Columbia drug lord, she also just wants, Logan. She has wanted him for years and doesn't understand why their relationship never truly materialized. To exact her revenge, she calls in some enemies of Logan's to help her get both.

Myra's Dilemma 2 (Myra's Dilemma series)
by Tiffany Haynes
$0.00, 123 pages, 3.5 out of 5.0 (16 reviews), #25 in Black & African American Romance
The drama continues as Myra catches her lover, Jamal with his deranged ex-girlfriend, Mercedes together in a compromising position. Heartbroken, Myra runs into the arms of her baby daddy, Lil’ T who’s willing to comfort her in her time of need.
Myra, Jamal and Lil’ T will soon have to overcome the obstacles as the drama unfolds in front of their eyes, including someone who’d like Jamal out of the picture –for good. Can Myra and Jamal have a normal life without the drama and will they finally realize their love is stronger than anything ever?

Myra Dilemma is book two of the Myra Dilemma series

You, Me and Him
by Serica Rena'
$0.00, 78 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #6 in Black & African American Romance
Knowing who to trust as a real friend can be a dangerous game sometimes. Entrusting certain people to be in your circle can turn out to be the worst mistake you’ve ever made. Me’Yari treated her best friend Simone like a sister. Sadly, Me’Yari had to find out who her best friend truly was the hard way. When the truth came to light, it was too late. The same one she thought she could trust had another agenda the entire time.
Tristen was supposed to love Me’Yari for a lifetime, but betrayal loomed like a dark cloud destroying that fairytale instead. Now, it’s been a year since he left her, and she’s still trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered existence. With an unexpected obstacle in the way of her moving on with her life, she finds herself in an unwanted situation that she’s trying to hide from everyone around her. When she’s approached with an unforeseen request from the woman she used to call her best friend, it sends her entire existence spinning out of control.

My Everything : African American Billionaire Romance
by Amber Oliver
$0.00, 36 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > African American
Damian, an African-American, a giftеd еnginееr; hаd соmе uр with thе dеѕign while ѕtill in high ѕсhооl and wоrkеd to develop аnd invеnt the раrt аѕ he аttеndеd MIT. Aftеr реrfесting thе design, hе рrороѕеd it tо thе gоvеrnmеnt аnd they аwаrdеd him with a contract tо start mаnufасturing it, giving him enough mоnеу to build his fасtоrу аnd employ 150 wоrkеrѕ thаt dеѕреrаtеlу needed jobs in the есоnоmiс downturn. Whеn thе gоvеrnmеnt соntrасt expired, Dаmiаn'ѕ thoughts turned to kеерing thе buѕinеѕѕ afloat аnd рrоduсtivе but was blindsided bу thе offer frоm thе соnglоmеrаtе thаt thе thrее mеn ѕhаking hiѕ hаnd rерrеѕеntеd. The ѕаlе of the company would mean he wouldn't hаvе tо wоrk аgаin but would аlѕо tаkе саrе оf thе mоѕt imроrtаnt реrѕоn in hiѕ young life. He became the youngest American billionaire while selling the company.

When his mother died, although suffering from amnesia he decided to take a break, going skiing, where he met the love of his life.

Whilst selling the company, he became the youngest American billionaire.

When his mother died,although suffering with amnesia he decided taking a break, going sking, there he met the love of his life.

WARNING: This book contains mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only!

A standalone short story ending Happily Ever After and unlimited reading with Kindle Unlimited!

Big, Black & Wet (XXX-Rated BWWM Interracial Black Woman White Man Menage)
by Stacey Fox
$0.00, 38 pages, 1.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #21 in Urban Erotica

I noticed Luciana watching me watch him as he went.
She moved in front of me and pushed her lips onto mine again, and I responded, kissing her with hidden passions I never knew I had for another woman.
As she kissed me back, I felt her put her hand on my thigh under the water.

If there’s one thing I hate more than dates its blind dates.
Every one I’ve ever been on has been a total disaster and when my latest “hook-up” left after just an hour I was resigned to yet another failure.

What I didn’t know however was that the night wasn’t going to be a complete dead loss. Luciana and Bruce were still determined that we try out their new hot tub and they wanted me to join them.
But what could they possibly see in and overweight, frumpy old black divorcee like me?
Well I was about to find out.
Both of them we’re going to take me to places I would NEVER have thought I would explore, and by the time the night was over I was going to know both of them far more intimately then I had ever imagined.

This short story contains graphic descriptions of a wild and wet hot tub menage a trois where nothing is considered taboo.
It features anal scenes, lesbianism and bubbly wet fun between a big beautiful black woman, her curvy Italian friend and her hot husband and absolutely nothing is considered too taboo.
It should only be read by persons over the age of 18 and only if you are comfortable with the subject matter.

Where available, you can click on the “look inside” feature to get an uncensored taste of what goes on inside, and I promise you will NOT be disappointed.

All persons in this story are over the age of 18 and everything that takes place is entirely consensual.

Newly Free Time Travel Kindle Books for 2021-01-15

Unofficial Outlander Book Club Guide: Trivia, Recipes, Discussion Topics, and More for Book 1 of the Outlander Series
by B.L. Rose
$0.00, 148 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #29 in Time Travel Romance
A WWII nurse. A Scottish Highlander. 289 trivia questions.

So you think you know Outlander by Diana Gabaldon? The Unofficial Outlander Book Club Guide will test your knowledge of the popular series with 289 trivia questions, as well as help you delve deep into the themes of the book.

Host your very own Outlander-themed book club with trivia, 18th century-themed snacks, meal plans, and recipes, discussion questions, and suggested activities. Even download a printable trivia answer sheet for your guests.

Not hosting a book club, but sure you can get at least half of the trivia questions right?

Get your copy of B.L. Rose's Unofficial Outlander Book Club Guide, Volume 1 and see just how well you know Jamie and Claire's epic love story.

The Obedience Girl: Priest BWWM Romance
by Merry Bart
$0.00, 31 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #64 in Time Travel Romance
The Obedience Girl– Priest BWWM Romance

Sаrа collected hеr thоughtѕ аnd felt herself blushing. For thе past fеw days, she hаd thought long and hard аbоut this. Shе knew it wоuld bе humiliаting tеlling her intimate secrets tо a mаn оf rеligiоuѕ authority. Yеt, it was something ѕhе fеlt соmреllеd tо dо for thе ѕаkе of hеr morality.

WARNING: The short story book contains mature content and language intended for adult readers only!

Better Off Dead: Time Heals: The Cataclysm (Dragon Rider Book 3)
by JJ Leander
$0.00, 122 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #5,581 in Time Travel Romance
The Immortal Dragon Rider of Hamlet agrees to go back to the Cataclysm. Her dragon has one more task for her to accomplish before she can visit the Forbidden Future. Will Love or War win out in Jo's first and final solo trip through time?

Newly Free Vampires Kindle Books for 2021-01-15

Black As Night: A Quentin Black Paranormal Mystery (Quentin Black Mystery Book 2)
by JC Andrijeski
$0.00, 300 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (89 reviews), #1 in Paranormal Angel Romance
“He will break anything you try to keep pure, brother.”

When her now-employer, psychic detective, Quentin Black, calls from a Bangkok jail, asking for her help, forensic psychologist, Miri Fox, is forced to fly across the world to get him.

She finds Black working undercover inside a gang of criminals, trying to discover who’s murdering street children and burning their bodies inside Buddhist temples.

Black isn’t the only one interested in the crimes, however, and soon his investigations get the attention of a crime syndicate out of Russia that doesn’t appreciate his meddling.

When Miri shows up to help, events quickly spiral out of control, and Miri soon finds herself the hunted.

The second book in the paranormal mystery series starring brilliant but dangerous psychic detective, Quentin Black and forensic psychologist, Miri Fox.

*Warning: this book contains some difficult material.*

THE QUENTIN BLACK MYSTERY SERIES encompasses a number of dark, gritty paranormal mystery arcs with science fiction elements, starring brilliant and mysterious Quentin Black and forensic psychologist Miriam Fox. For fans of realistic paranormal mysteries with romantic elements, the series spans continents and dimensions as Black solves crimes, takes on other races and tries to keep his and Miri’s true identities secret to keep them both alive.

Black In White (Quentin Black Mystery #1)
Black As Night (Quentin Black Mystery #2)
Black On Black (Quentin Black Mystery #3)
Black Is Back (Quentin Black Mystery #4)
Black And Blue (Quentin Black Mystery #5)
Black Of Mood (Quentin Black Mystery #6)
Black To Dust (Quentin Black Mystery #7)

Vulcan (Holding On)
by Nini Church
$0.00, 259 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #3,116 in Mashup Fiction
“Vulcan, wanting and caring aren’t alike. With wanting you take what you need and leave the rest. When it’s caring there’s a shit load more to it and you never wanna leave the rest.”

Josie Jacks, an inexperienced seer, has always hidden the real truth. Now with the veil between races disappearing, a gorgeous sexy vamp busts into her life. She is thrust into a world of castles and kings and vampires and fairies and demons.

Forced to face raging emotions and demanding urges to sweep Josie into bed, it comes as a complete surprise to Vulcan Malone that his intense infatuation has inexplicably morphed into more.

Wisely, Josie avoids Vulcan’s alluring web and refuses to freefall into a delicious hot fling never meant to go anywhere.

With Josie it quickly becomes obvious Vulcan is the underdog and least likely guy to win her. It takes him down a notch or three when she refuses to see him as red-hot vamp.

Heart, soul and every breath - he swears to capture Josie’s heart.

Can Vulcan win her?


Rainelle's Destiny (Mountain of the Immortals Book 2)
by J. Renee Bruce
$0.00, 209 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #1,016 in Vampire Thrillers
Rainelle Sterling grew up in the Smoky Mountains, so when she returned home, she made plans to visit the place where she spent her childhood. What was supposed to be a fun relaxing weekend away with her brother, and friends changes as she learns her grandmother's tales weren't tales at all, but a warning as she faces a devastating loss, a fight for her life against the unimaginable. When faced with telling her parents, she learns things that she never knew. Will the broken trust, betrayal, and deceit from loved ones break her? Can she remain strong to survive? If only she knew then, what she knew now, maybe, just maybe, things would be different. But for now, she must fight to stay alive while she plans her revenge against the unthinkable.

Newly Free Paranormal Kindle Books for 2021-01-15

MACK (The King Trilogy Book 4)
by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
$0.00, 265 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (236 reviews), #1 in Greco-Roman Myth & Legend Fantasy eBooks
From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff, Comes the New Standalone Story of Mack from of the King Trilogy.


MY NAME IS MACK. And if I play my cards right, I will soon be dead. Permanently. Not even my powerful twin brother will be able to resurrect me. A good thing. Because a man like me has no business living. Not when I have killed. Not when I have betrayed everyone I have ever cared for. Not when I know I’m destined to do it again.

This is why I have come looking for her—the only one capable of ending me once and for all. But will she think I’m just another insane patient? Or will she believe the truth? I am thousands of years old, my heart too dark to be salvaged. And my name isn’t really Mack.


MY NAME IS TEDDI, short for Theodora. My entire life has been a canvas of grays, whites, and black. I can’t feel, I can’t understand joy, I’ve never truly lived. Until now. His name is Mack, and though he believes he’s cursed, my degree in psychology tells me otherwise. Besides, someone who’s capable of bringing so much light into my life can’t be anything but good.

But I can save him. If he’ll let me.

Blood Ties (Creole Nights Book 1)
by Phoenix Daniels
$0.00, 130 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (135 reviews), #20 in Multicultural & Interracial Romance
By all accounts, Chicago Police dispatcher, Enola Roux’s life would have been considered completely normal; and that was fine with her. But when Enola has to return to her native Louisiana, she learns that her life is anything but ordinary. Enola is suddenly inducted into a world of spells, curses, ancient grudges, and…

Louisiana Pack Alpha, Gideon Toussaint, has walked the earth for more than a hundred years. He was sure that he had seen and done it all. But when Gideon is nearly knocked off of his feet at the sight of the Roux woman, he felt a longing that he hadn’t experience in his entire existence. Unfortunately for Gideon, mating with the Roux women was forbidden. However, rules, even his own, would be broken.

Forbidden or not, Gideon would have Enola Roux.

Her Guardian Angel (Her Angel: Eternal Warriors paranormal romance series Book 1)
by Felicity Heaton
$0.00, 224 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (189 reviews), #16 in Paranormal Angel Romance
A love so strong it will shake Heaven and Hell.

A guardian angel dedicated to his duty, Marcus will do whatever Heaven asks of him, but even his loyalty has its limits. When his superior orders him to gain Amelia’s trust through seduction, Marcus starts to question his mission and his feelings for the beautiful woman he has watched over since her birth.

Amelia has gone from one bad relationship to another, so when a gorgeous guy moves in next door looking like Mr Right, she hopes he doesn’t turn out to be another black knight in disguise. But there’s more to Marcus than meets the eye, and when he rescues her from three demonic men, Amelia is thrust into his nightmarish world. On the run from demonic angels and the Devil himself, aided by warrior angels and their amazing women, Marcus and Amelia discover a love that will last forever.

When the strength of that love is put to the test, will Marcus and Amelia win their fight for survival against the odds or will they lose in a deadly eternal game between Heaven and Hell?

No Cliffhangers. No cheating. Just happily forever afters guaranteed to melt your heart and set it racing!

Discover the passionate, possessive and protective warriors of the Her Angel world from NYT best-selling paranormal romance author Felicity Heaton as they fight to shield the women they fall in love with from a dark world of demons, angels and vampires.

Books in the Her Angel: Eternal Warriors paranormal romance series:
Book 1: Her Guardian Angel
Book 2: Her Demonic Angel
Book 3: Her Wicked Angel
Book 4: Her Avenging Angel
Book 5: Her Sinful Angel

Don't miss the previous series in this world too!

Books in the Her Angel: Bound Warriors paranormal romance series:
Book 1: Dark Angel
Book 2: Fallen Angel
Book 3: Warrior Angel
Book 4: Bound Angel

The Kategan Alphas Bundle (The complete series: Books 1-6): Mating Cycle, Dark Awakening, Wicked Surrender, Eternal Temptation, Dark Seduction, Tempting Whispers
by T. A. Grey
$0.00, 918 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (13 reviews), #9 in Paranormal Erotica
"The Kategan Alphas Series" is a sultry, sexy, suspenseful trip into the paranormal that starts at 100mph and never slows down. T. A. Grey creates a cast of hunky alpha werewolves, scintillating female wolf mates, and ravenous vampires who keep you flipping the pages hour after hour." ~Vampire and Immortal Books Blog

"Let Ms. Grey walk you into the protection of the Kategan pack, where passion and love will fight against fear and loathing." ~RomFanReviews

Delve into the page-turning world of the Kategan pack where paranormal meets contemporary, lust becomes loves, enemies become lovers, and some receive redemption and second chances. Real people. Real loves. My lykaens are a unique take on werewolves. I hope you enjoy. Love, T. A. Grey.

This bundle features the COMPLETE Kategan Alphas series:
Mating Cycle (Vane and Sarina) Book 1
Dark Awakening (Roman and Alison) Book 2
Wicked Surrender (Jacks and Vera) Book 3
Eternal Temptation (Darien and Cassie) Book 4
Dark Seduction (Dmetri and Christine) Book 5
Tempting Whispers (Brayden and Vanessa) Book 6

From the USA TODAY Bestselling author of The Kategan Alphas paranormal romance bundle. Read the complete series today with this bundle in Kindle Unlimited. These steamy adult romances will keep the pages turning in these fun-filled, spicy books that have it all: a tight-knit family, new love, healing, humor, and plenty of suspense and action. Get lost in the Kategan Alphas today and read something addicting!

Book 1: Mating Cycle
Each year lykaen princess Sarina Brunes goes through her mating cycle—a powerful force that makes the desire to mate nearly inescapable. When Sarina is sent away by her father to endure the mating cycle alone, she never expects a sexy Alpha to come to her doorstep.

When Alpha Vane Kategan stumbles upon Sarina in the midsts of her cycle, he is determined to help her, if only to ease her pain. However, she denies them both what they so desperately want. But Vane won’t give up on his seduction until they both find bliss. What neither of them count on is falling in love.

Right when they need each other the most, they are torn apart by her father’s cruelty. Now Sarina must fight to be with the one she loves and risk losing the only family she has left in the process. Can Sarina escape her father’s grasp for the arms of the man she loves?

Book 2: Dark Awakening
Once a vibrant woman, Alison Bennson suffered a terrible trauma at the hands of her ex. When her ex crashes back into her life with terrifying consequences, Alison must turn to the Kategans for help. Rome Kategan has been a haunting thought in Alison's mind ever since she met the grinning rogue. If only she was the woman she used to be she could relax and enjoy the handsome male with the winsome smile and easy humor, but instead she is haunted by the past and fearful for the future.

Book 3: Wicked Surrender
The sight of her happily mated brothers has Vera biting her nails in frustration. When the opportunity arises for her to get away from it all she takes it—with one catch—Jackson Marsh. Jackson Marsh has been a pain in her rear-end from the moment she laid eyes on human soldier. In order to repair his broken trust with her brother Rome, Jackson "Jacks" Marsh has agreed to accompany Vera as she heads into enemy vampire territory to negotiate a treaty between the Kategan Pack and the vampires. The change of scenery doesn’t do anything to help Vera’s mood for there was one thing she didn’t think about when she came up with her brilliant plan—seeing her ex vampire lover. Now with her ex vying for her affections again and Jackson sending her heart and mind through a loop, Vera must decide who she wants. But with a heart that's never properly healed, this won't be an easy decision to make. In the midst of all the chaos, a vampire clan is threatening to take Kategan land.

Dragon Desire (Hollow Earth Dragons Book 1)
by Juniper Hart
$0.00, 139 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (60 reviews), #4,963 in Paranormal Demons & Devils Romance
A forbidden wish. A dragon prince. A fairy who could change everything.

Lennox Parker has had enough of his brother, Wilder’s, power-tripping games. They are all ruling dragons after all, even though Wilder thinks of himself as the leader. Pressures are mounting both in the Hollows and on the Sunside of the earth, making Lennox desperate for a change.

When a pixie named Mira chances upon him, he expects awkwardness after dismissing her following a one-night stand. Instead, she offers him an opportunity of a lifetime: one forbidden wish.


Gia Cirone works three horrible jobs to afford a rundown apartment in the Trenches. To make matters worse, she loathes confrontation and cannot stick up for herself.

A seemingly arbitrary encounter one night brings her to the palace where she is swept away by the newly-crowned dragon prince. Their attraction to each is more than love – it’s destiny. But a dark secret and a sinister ploy make it impossible for them to be together.

Can Lennox and Gia ever find true happiness, or will they have to part ways knowing they can never be together?

If you love dragon shifter romances, bad boys, and alphas who know how to take charge, then you will love Dragon Desire.

Content Warning: Explicit love scenes and lots of sexy shifters. Intended for 18+ audiences.

Newly Free SciFi Kindle Books for 2021-01-15

My Angelic Alien: A Halloween Sci-fi Romance
by Juniper Kerry
$0.00, 102 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (7 reviews), #92 in Science Fiction Romance
On the terraformed Planet H002, there’s a city called New Boston. In that city, there’s a small neighborhood of Puritans who live by traditions established thousands of years ago. Every day, they journey to the center of the city to pass out literature to help their fellow humans see the light. Everyone seems happy… except for Mercy Garrison.

Maybe it’s because she’s so painfully shy, or maybe it’s because her parents left the colony when she was an infant, but there’s something in her that just can’t sit still. And when Goodman Theophilus offers for her hand in marriage, something inside her breaks. On the night of Halloween, she finds herself leaving her little neighborhood, and heading toward the New Boston spire, aiming to do something crazy. Something impossible. Something no one she knows has ever done before. Mercy plans to lose her virginity. And she aims to do it with an alien.

Terek hates these terraformed outposts. But when his ship needs repairs, he finds himself temporarily stranded in a strange place called New Boston. The chilly weather appeals to him more than he expected, and the crisp dried leaves are pleasant to step on… but the best part is the sexy human who is watching him from across a dark room. Angelusks are famous for their abilities in the bedroom. He can’t wait to show her why.

My Angelic Alien is a short sci-fi romance. This novella features steamy scenes of intense passion, a happily ever after, and strong, equally matched protagonists. Happy Halloween!

Sold to the Alien Prince: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Zalaryn Raiders Book 1)
by Viki Storm
$0.00, 153 pages, 3.9 out of 5.0 (92 reviews), #19 in Science Fiction Romance
When I see her groped and humiliated at the auction house, I have no choice but to buy her. Even if a virgin human female costs as much as all the minerals on Fenda.

I don’t care if it’s against the rules, if the healers say our DNA isn’t compatible. I’m the Crown Prince. I make the rules. I take what I want. And I want her.

She’s my proper mate. I can feel it.

But first, I must claim her. I’ll try to be gentle with my delicate little creature, but I don’t know if I can…

I’m a Marked human female, bought and paid for. He can do anything he wants to me. This gigantic, muscled alien has total mastery over my body.

I’ve never done this before… with human or alien. I'm frightened, alone and trembling but I can't help but imagine what it will feel like when this hulking creature takes me...

Why would I desire this brute? Even if he’s the one who saved me. The only one to show me kindness.

All that stuff he said about bonding and mates, that’s just alien superstition. It’s not what’s happening. Is it?

Alien Warrior's Claim: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance (Verotan Mates Book 1)
by C.R Corbin
$0.00, 114 pages, 3.9 out of 5.0 (25 reviews), #17 in Erotic Science Fiction
A frozen planet embittered by a fiery conflict, a mad race of machines that enslave us, and a massive alien warrior, determined to make me his.


I had spent my life underground, serving the machines. Us humans toiled away in the hopes of receiving some mercy from our mechanical overlords.
For years there didn't seem to be much of a future for any of us.
And then he arrives, a massive and powerful alien warrior that directed his wild and lustful gaze towards me.
He promises that he shall deliver my freedom and that he shall claim me as his to ravage.

We had a goal, 5 descendants of a dying race, 5 planets ruled by the same machines that wiped out our people, 5 mates for us to claim.
My mate toils away as a lowly worker for these machines in this cold and desolate world, and as I set out to claim her, I inevitably ignite the tensions between humanity and their masters.
She was so soft, so curvy, in need of my protection and so much more.
I set out to claim her as mine and to end the tyranny of the machines over her people.

This is the first book in the Verotan Mates series, a series of standalone sci-fi alien romances containing plenty of action, adventure, and lustful scenes featuring an alien warrior and a human heroine. It has NO cliffhangers, NO cheating, and a HEA.

The Last Lord of Eden (Ascent of Eden Book 2)
by G.S. Kenney
$0.00, 385 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #3 in Galactic Empire Science Fiction eBooks
To save his planet, he’ll destroy his family.

To save him, she’ll do anything it takes!

The world of Eden is in crisis. Politicians throughout the galaxy demand the psychic-power producing drug that grows only on Eden. And the demand is skyrocketing.

Adopted son of Eden’s previous warlord, peace-loving Kell has inherited dominion over the planet and is determined to keep it free. When he discovers that the warlord’s brother and a powerful drug lord have teamed up to seize Eden’s golden harvest, Kell will stop at nothing to prevent them—even if it means he must become a death-wielding champion.

To protect her from this danger, Kell must distance himself from Zara, the woman he loves. But when his efforts are not enough to save his beloved planet, Zara will do anything to bridge that distance. Will she succeed in time?

The Reijorling
by Leona Windwalker
$0.00, 212 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #8 in Gay Romance

I’ve lived my entire life on Kleptha IV, on my family’s elmgern ranch.
When the raids begin, it becomes obvious that war is on the horizon. My only parent is recalled to active duty, to fly one of the great warships of the Kordolian Empire. I’m twenty-three and like my age-peers, the next year should have been filled with chaperoned parties, short-term internships, and social introductions, called the Year of Seeking. At the end, my twenty-fourth natal day party would have seen two announcements. One, which of the internships piqued my interest enough for me to pursue it as my specialty. The second, a betrothal to a social and, hopefully, romantic match.

With my davatir away serving the Empire, I will have no one to preside over my Year of Seeking.
But Davati is as devoted to my care as always. Davati’s brought me to Jorah, homeworld of our race and seat of the Kordolian Empire. A special school has been set up by a human who traveled halfway across the known galaxy just to open it. Called Miss Pinch’s Finishing School for the Discerning Matis Jorahnian, it even sounds prestigious. There I will not only partake of all the usual Year of Seeking activities, but learn human culture and language. It is a rare opportunity and I am looking forward to it. It will be an adventure, one I can share with Davati once ih returns from ihs battles. We’ll both have tales to tell, my bonding to plan, and a future as a family to look forward to once our dark days are over.

Just how dark they would become, I had no way of knowing.
But light cannot shine without darkness. I find myself benefiting from kindnesses from a mysterious Jorahnian that in better times I would believe to be acts of courtship. Dare I to hope? Is this my knight in shining armor, or another snare I’ve fallen into? I wish Davati were here to guide me through this maze of the heart.

The Reijorling is a sci fi m/m omegaverse tale based on the classic tale, A Little Princess. Grim and Sinister Delights is a dark romance series based on classic fairy tales and stories. You will find standalone tales of gay romance that range in darkness and kinks. If you dare to take the challenge, read them all to find yourself lost in a classic that you think you know. These stories are for adult readers and may contain morally ambiguous themes.

Abducted for her Beauty - A Sexy Space Adventure (Space Syren Keri Book 1)
by Raven X
$0.00, 49 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #38 in First Contact Science Fiction eBooks

Getting abducted is the best thing that ever happened to her!

Keri is so sick of men. She's in her late thirties and still doesn't think she's ever been in an adult relationship. When her useless, younger boyfriend asks for money for a guitar during an intimate moment, she thinks she's hit rock bottom. She wishes she could run away, but there's nowhere to go.

Then a light appears above her. Some people would call it an abduction, but Keri would say that she was rescued!

The aliens give her a choice. She can return to Earth with her memories erased or come with them and become a sex bomb to millions of aliens! She's average on Earth, but stunning in space. She thinks of the guitar boy, and her choice is made!

What happens next is beyond what she ever imagined! She's adored by aliens of all shapes and sizes. She meets other humans who ditched their mediocre Earth lives to bring sexual joy to the galaxy. Then she finally has her first close encounter with an alien that is renowned in all the right places.

Silent Landing (A Near Future Adventure): Book 3 in the Silent Trek Trilogy (Silent Trek the Trilogy)
by Michael Atman
$0.00, 663 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #130 in Science Fiction Adventure
A near future adventure.
Photo realistic illustrations are available at MichaelAtman.Com

. . . takes you into deep space in G-force in a theoretical conundrum that defies what Einstein hypothesized, and beyond to a distant solar system and a foreboding planet they name Viridian. After forming a New World Government and initiating a war to remove weapons of mass destruction, Justin Larson is compelled to abandon Earth to seek a new beginning.

Waser drive provides the power to propel Hope, their interstellar biosphere, past the speed of light, to the sanctuary of a new home, but not without the intervention of an alien race. After seven years in space, they begin a new adventure on a primeval world, where an alien starship washes ashore from the depths of an ocean, and three aliens and their technologies provide windfalls beyond all expectation. A year later Hope’s sister ship arrives from Earth, resurrecting the ideologies of a corporate world, and threatening Justin’s dream of something better. A new struggle surfaces.

Silent Landing, the final adventure (or not) in the trilogy, is more than an escape to a mysterious new planet; it is the promise of a bright and hopeful future.

Read the entire Trilogy!

Book 1 ★ Silent Wave
Book 2 ★ Silent Rising
Book 3 ★ Silent Landing

Cuckolds in Space!: A Sci-Fi Reverse Harem Group Story! (The Alpha Stables Book 4)
by Raven Merlot
$0.00, 28 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #13 in Erotic Science Fiction
The battle of the sexes has ended. Women won. Men have been reduced to a subservient position in society, where they can be truly useful and reach their full potential and servants and lovers. What's left of their masculinity has been molded into a quiet and respectful supporting role for their mistresses the world over. Being an obedient beta male is as much as most men could ever hope for.

Humanity is also ready to spread throughout the stars. Led by Commander Strong and a group of female scientists, Earth's first interstellar voyage has begun. The women have all that they'll need onboard. Food, water, and of course some men for entertainment. Beta males are available for menial tasks and to provide the brave explorers with sexual pleasure, but that task occasionally eludes them.

In cryo-sleep are several Alphas, men genetically engineered simply to pleasure women. Resented by Betas and coveted by women, these perfect specimens are at the ready to please the explorers in ways the Betas could only dream. But trouble erupts on the voyage when the cryo-sleep chamber malfunctions and the Alphas can not be awakened.

What will these women do when they have to solely rely upon Betas for pleasure? And how will the Betas behave when they, by default, become Alphas?

Real life cuckoldress, Raven Merlot, is proud to present her newest series: The Alpha Stables. In this exciting world a woman's dreams of sexual fulfillment and having a supportive partner can come true. We just had to take control of the planet to make it happen.

Romance in the West (9 Book Romance- Standalone Series)
by Jessica Matthews
$0.00, 680 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #168 in Science Fiction Romance
~ Finding Love Again ~
Julia has the perfect life, family and house. Although she came from humble beginnings, she and her husband have created a great life for their children. Julia's world is rocked when serious allegations are leveled at her husband that breaks their previously unbreakable bond. With her perfect life in shambles, Julia reluctantly decides to take a trip to Europe with her friends to blow off some steam. Julia is reserved at first, but after arriving, she lets her guard down and opens up. She begins to have the time of her life when she meets a handsome man unexpectedly. The new acquaintance presence, threatens to further complicate her world. Follow Julia's journey as she searches to find herself, the truth and if true love is real.

~ Loving The Rancher ~
Kristen has the life and career she has always dreamed about. Her world is turned upside down when she finds out the worst news imaginable. Kristen decides to take a break from life and accompany her friend to a working dude ranch. While there, she reconnects with an old flame that has reinvented himself into a sexy cowboy. Follow Kristen’s journey as she decides if old love should be left in the past or given a chance to rekindle in the future.

~ The Cowboys Heart ~
Heather is a recently divorced single mother trying to find her place in the world. Since the divorce, her son has acted out and she is at a loss at what to do. As Heather adjust to the new normal, an unexpected tragedy leaves her in control of a massive ranch. Initially hesitant about the move to the country, Heather decides to make the leap. She quickly gets in over her head at the ranch, until a strapping cowboy comes to the rescue. She tries to ignore her budding feelings for the handsome man, but decides to let go and live in the moment. Follow Heather's journey as she struggles to make life on the ranch work and also open her heart to loving fully again.

*The books in this box set are complete standalone series.

Sold to the Archon of Thrax! - A Sexy Space Adventure (Space Syren Keri Book 2)
by Raven X
$0.00, 47 pages, 3.5 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #61 in Science Fiction Romance

Keri highly recommends alien abduction to ward off a mid-life crisis!

Earth-woman Keri has chosen a new path - interstellar love machine! After discovering that Earth women are prized across the universe, she consents to being abduc. She can now make her way across the galaxy, sampling all the exotic beings she comes across!

Unfortunately, she failed to read the fine print of her agreement! Now she is little more than a concubine, and just one of many consorts of the Archon of Thrax!

She's still determined to make her mark and is willing to go to great lengths to be first among his women! Will she ever be more than a brief infatuation of the intergalactic autocrat? There's only one way to find out!

Love Everlasting (9 Book Romance- Standalone Series)
by Carla Davis
$0.00, 518 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #158 in Science Fiction Romance
~ Sex With The Billionaire Box Set ~
Zara’s is recently separated from her husband and has been depressed. While separated Zara gets an opportunity to take a cruise to clear her mind and rediscover herself. Fate decides to throw a few curve balls at Zara while she is on her journey and she meets a billionaire name Gethin. She keeps her distance but is quickly drawn to the danger in his eyes. They start their own adventure together in the Mediterranean and they soon give into the passions of their desires. Follow Zara’s journey as she decides if she wants to follow her head or her heart.

~ Loved By The Cowboy Box Set ~
Carmen grew up in a small country town in the south. She always wanted an exciting life, so she decided to become a sports medicine doctor, specializing in rodeo events. The rodeo had always been a place of solitude for Carmen and one of great pain. One day Carmen is called to assist with a bull rider who has taken a devastating fall. The man is strikingly handsome and Carmen feels silly, because she is star struck. Things quickly change as his injuries threaten to end his career. With the past repeating itself, Jane tries to keep her distance, but finds herself drawn to the handsome bull rider. Follow Carmen's adventure as she tries move forward from the past. Will she decide to risk her heart?

~ Taken By The Cowgirl Box Set ~
Libby is a small town girl who has her dream job as manager of the Dixon Ranch. She loves the country life, even though, most people in her town dream of moving away. Libby and her son are peaceful in their lives until old flames from the past resurface and threaten to shake their worlds. Follow Libby’s adventure as she must confront the past and decide if love is worth having again.

*The books in this box set are complete standalone series.

Celisc (Blacken Trilogy Book 2)
by Alandra Rankin
$0.00, 319 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #147 in Science Fiction Romance

Avie couldn’t help it, she gasped at the sight of Celisc’s life before her, seeing for the first time something completely new with her own eyes.

And it was incredible.

The second book in the Backen trilogy. A romance to fall in love with all over again, stakes raised higher than ever before in the reversal of roles. A tale about finding her place, hidden for who she is, and learning to find what she needed despite the risks.

Avie Conrad has the perfect life in their cottage hidden away from everything. Rhulle, Erik, plus one on the way was all she needed, never dreaming about anything more. When a new truxen is introduced, they want to bring Rhulle back home, with or without his family. Celisc as she was told was terrifying to live on, how could she possibly live there with her family, unable to be caught lurking on a planet so unwelcoming?

New relationships are made in a journey with twists around every corner, old ones are put to the test, strained and stretched out thin, and Avie learns rather quickly that everything on Celisc was not as it seemed.

Once again, her blood leads her into an adventure...

Newly Free Fantasy Kindle Books for 2021-01-15

THRUST: A Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance
by Celia Styles
$0.00, 55 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (8 reviews), #33 in Action & Adventure Erotica

I Was Alone, Until…

I was alone… alone with the memories, with the sound of their laughter, the memories of long movies on that big, fluffy couch, of board games at the kitchen table, of arguments over where socks belong—the drawer or the floor—of long kisses and slow lovemaking in the king sized bed I shared for fifteen years with my wife.

Before I knew it, the funeral had already taken place. The only comfort I had was in one dove that came to me every day. Little did I know who this dove was…


Lonen's War: Sorcerous Moons - Book 1
by Jeffe Kennedy
$0.00, 201 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (49 reviews), #9,331 in Epic Fantasy
Winner of the 2015 Romantic Times Award for best Fantasy Romance author Jeffe Kennedy does it again with her new magical series Sorcerous Moons.

Book One in the adult fantasy romance series, Sorcerous Moons. The novel, Lonen's War, is a paranormal kindle book of magic and sorcery - and a war culminating in a marriage of convenience between enemy kingdoms.

An Unquiet Heart

Alone in her tower, Princess Oria has spent too long studying her people’s barbarian enemies, the Destrye—and neglected the search for calm that will control her magic and release her to society. Her restlessness makes meditation hopeless and her fragility renders human companionship unbearable. Oria is near giving up. Then the Destrye attack, and her people’s lives depend on her handling of their prince…

A Fight Without Hope

When the cornered Destrye decided to strike back, Lonen never thought he’d live through the battle, let alone demand justice as a conqueror. And yet he must keep up his guard against the sorceress who speaks for the city. Oria’s people are devious, her claims of ignorance absurd. The frank honesty her eyes promise could be just one more layer of deception.

A Savage Bargain

Fighting for time and trust, Oria and Lonen have one final sacrifice to choose… before an even greater threat consumes them all.

by Suzy Stewart Dubot
$0.00, 73 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #21,405 in Regency Historical Romance
Since early childhood, she has often awakened in the night to find herself in a different bedroom. Years of night-time travelling, have taken her to different rooms but she has never encountered another living soul. And then comes the day when she decides to open a door and look beyond...

by Barbara Deloto
$0.00, 48 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #19 in Transgender Romance
He feels everything she feels... and she feels like a woman.

A quantum physicist, who is also a high-degree empath and a psychic, meets a woman, a doctor of psychology, in a bar. The psychic hears her thoughts and feelings and even feels the sensations in her body. He notices that she’s very different from other people, not to mention how good it feels to be her. Somehow, he’s connected to her in a way he’s never experienced with anyone before. She notices he has some special qualities, as well, and she suggests that he explore his own feminine side in keeping with his pleasure in feeling hers.

Between the two of them, they decide he should be feminized as fully as possible so he can see what it’s like to be feminine, pretty, and sexy. The sensations he feels through his connection to her teach him how good it can be to be feminine—not simply crossdressing, but as deep a feminization as possible without surgery.

Will he change back to his old boring self after the summer exploration of feminization with his new love? Or will he expand his view and realize there’s more than one way to approach life, love, and pleasure, and then stay feminized?

Immerse yourself in Lex’s experiences as he feels what a woman feels and changes his paradigms in this new-adult, LGBT, transgender, crossdressing, feminization, first-time, short-read romance fantasy.

The Crescent Moon: Soulbond Series Book 1
by Bella C. Devine
$0.00, 123 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #8,673 in Paranormal Werewolves & Shifters Romance
She's fighting the magic within her. He's trying to restore the shifter balance. Will their soulbond unite their kind or destroy their existence?
Bryn needs to survive. But first, she must awaken the powers she swore she'd never use again. When she finds herself bonded to one sexy, hot, shape shifter alpha, she's pulled into a world of dark magic and love.
After rebels destroy his pack and threaten the livelihood of his people, Liam is determined to restore the magical balance within his world. But when he becomes imprinted to a woman trapped in a cell, he discovers even more sinister forces threatening his pack's survival.
Believing soulbonding was just a fairy tale, they're now tied together by a connection that's irresistible. But it's that very bond that marks them both for termination by a hungry villain.
They must join forces to defeat their nemesis, or the love that ties them together will end up being their demise.
Buy Bella C. Devine's action-packed shifter romance The Crescent Moon today to start a magical adventure that will have you breathless, on edge, and begging for more.

Earth House (The Elementalists Book 2)
by Shelly Jarvis
$0.00, 176 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #155 in Fairy Tale Fantasy
When everyone you know seems to be plotting for the throne, who do you trust?

Ros went looking for love, but found betrayal instead. With her father missing and her chance at love destroyed, Rosalinde has to figure out who she can trust before it's too late.

The Great Match did not turn out the way Rosalinde anticipated. She thought she'd end the week with a tolerable husband, but more importantly, a good future king. Instead, she let her heart get swept away in a future she couldn't have, and now she has to pick up the pieces of that broken dream.

The worst part--as if something could be worse than a shattered heart--is that she lost her best friend in the process. Now there's nowhere to turn and no one to help as she struggles to find a way out of the marriage she's being made to uphold in the hopes of getting her father back.

But Ros will get him back, no matter what it takes. She has the power to destroy everything and everyone in her path to return the rightful ruler to the throne. She is the new queen, after all.

King of the Wicked (The Banished Series Book 1)
by T. R. Hamby
$0.00, 395 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #2,910 in Mystery Romance
All his stories are Angel stories.
Mel King is an Angel, banished to Earth long ago for falling in love with a human. Now, based in the city of Rome, he hunts and kills evil mortals on God’s behalf. He knows he can never love again. That time is long over. But then Nora appears, and everything changes.
Nora Rossi is just trying to start her singing career when she witnesses Mel King commit a terrible act. Now she can’t seem to get away from him...or his ridiculous Angel story. How far will they go before he finally tells her the truth?

Scarlett and the Wolf (Tantalising Tales Collection)
by Lorelei Johnson
$0.00, 19 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #1,177 in Fantasy Erotica
Scarlett is not afraid of the forest, or of what lurks within it. When she wraps herself in her red cape and sets off to her grandmother’s house, she has no idea she is being watched by a wolf. A wolf who wants more from her than the food in her basket. When Scarlett finds her grandmother missing and a fierce, handsome stranger awaiting her arrival at the cottage, she is overwhelmed by an attraction unlike anything she has ever felt before. But with his strange eyes and wild nature, can she trust him?

Ridden by the Billionaire (Taboo BBW Curvy Billionaire Older Man Younger Woman Erotic Romance)
by Mia Reynolds
$0.00, 22 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #117 in Coming of Age Fiction
Sweet and luscious Kelly has just gotten the job of a lifetime--personal assistant to the gorgeously rugged CEO, Daniel Martins!
She can hardly believe her luck. And although she is desperate to prove herself to be a competent employee, she can't help but also feel a deeper, hotter longing for her boss's strong, rock hard body.
While flying on his private jet, Daniel soon reveals he is interested in more than just Kelly's typing skills. But can she handle everything he has to offer--hard and without protection?

Chaos and Flames: The Complete Series
by Evelyn Winters
$0.00, 185 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #14,475 in Romance Anthologies
Chaos and Flames: The Complete Series

Alina's past was nothing more than a foggy picture. Abandoned as a child by parents she couldn't even remember, Alina had to fight for everything she has today. She spent years growing her fortune but now, surrounded by wealth and luxury, she still feels like there's something missing from her life.

When Alina partnered with the Titan Corporation to capture the world's last dragon shifter, she thought she was just using her fortune to further medical advancement, maybe earn an award or two. What she didn't expect was the instant spark of connection she felt between them or the thrill that raced her heart when they first meet eyes.

Chaos and Flames is a complete steamy fantasy romance series that will take you on an adventure from the bustling streets of New York to the rolling emerald hills of Ireland. Expect action and suspense, love, lust, and heartbreak with an eventual happy ending for our heroine. Recommended for adult readers only, warning for minor character death.

This box set contains the full trilogy- The Dragon's Gift, The Dragon's War, The Dragon's Return, and bonus short: James and Kieran's Story.

TONED: An MMF Romance
by Celia Styles
$0.00, 73 pages, 3.5 out of 5.0 (11 reviews), #62 in Fantasy & Futuristic Romance

There’s the Right Way to Handle Things… and the Wrong & Dirty Way!

When her love life starts going south, Shelby decides to hit up the town with her girls. There, she comes across the delightful and delicious Mr. Cole, a stranger with an amazing body and a wonderful smile. She keeps her cool and leaves the club before she does anything she might regret… She has a boyfriend, after all…

But things take a turn for the HOT when Mr. Cole turns up at a business dinner. Jovial and attractive, he and Shelby's boyfriend offer her the sexual adventure of her lifetime: a threesome with two hot men willing to pleasure her beyond her wildest expectations.

It will be the night of a lifetime… and that's just the after-dinner meeting…


Bent Over For College (Bimbofication Menage Erotic Romance)
by Senna Moore
$0.00, 25 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #83 in Coming of Age Fiction

Bent Over For College (Bimbofication Menage Erotic Romance)

Lacey has always been a very studious and serious college student. But the pressures of being such a model student is getting to her.
After getting a recommendation from a doctor for some medication that could help treat her stress, Lacey soon finds herself feeling much less stressed. Instead of stress and anxiety, she is filled with a giggly hunger for anything hard and thrusting. She can't take her eyes off of all the men on her campus and can't help feeling the tingle of moist anticipation for what they could offer her.
Can she reign in her hunger for hard throbbing bodies or will it consume her?

SUBMIT TO THE BAD BOY: A Bear Shifter Romance
by Evelyn J. Knight
$0.00, 184 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #34 in Paranormal Erotica
Reese Johnson is a woman that really doesn’t know herself, but what she begins to learn is that life is about the unpredictable. She’s a bit of a wallflower that has never known love that is until her friend takes her to an underground club to see a band called ‘Barely There’. At first, she is reluctant to believe in love at first sight, but Cody, as the lead singer has a certain animal magnetism that draws her to him like a moth to a flame. She’s never been one to take the bull by the horns, unless someone makes her.

This is different, but maybe things are not exactly what she thinks they are. There’s this instant connection between the two of them, but the affections of another could stand in their way. Can she breakthrough the inner demon that Cody hides from everyday? What happens when Reese sees that Cody is not exactly the same as everybody else?

**Special BONUS stories are included with this book!**
AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a stand-alone story with an HEA (happily ever after), so no cliff-hangers! This contains adult love scenes, strong language, and is intended for 18+ readers only.

TAMED: An MMF Romance
by Celia Styles
$0.00, 64 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #1,117 in Gay Erotica

Teresa Will Take her Relationship to the Extreme, but at What Cost…

Theresa and Jackson have an on-again, off-again relationship that keeps them comfortable on the long road between gigs for their band.

That is, until Ric decides he wants Teresa.

He issues a challenge: if he kisses Teresa and she doesn't feel anything, he'll leave her be. But if she does…

Caught in the middle, Teresa has no choice but to agree with his idea: they'll try this whole 'three-way' thing, and see where it gets them. But they have more at stake than hurt feelings if their experiment fails... it could mean the end of their band, their careers and worst of all... their friendship.


Prom and Movie Night: A Human Bonus Chapter
by Indigo Jewel
$0.00, 11 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #6 in 15-Minute Romance Short Reads
One of the most memorable high school experiences that any student would ever get to experience was prom.

Unfortunately for Aria Kham, Mother Nature has a way of letting her know that her school year wasn't going to be a fairy-tale.

Luckily for her, her boyfriend, Adrian Stone was more than willing to spend the night sitting in and watching a movie with her.

With popcorn, a great film, and some quality time together, who needs prom anyway?

Golden Kin (Stories of the Dragonkin Book 2)
by Eve Forrester
$0.00, 47 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #15,611 in Action & Adventure Erotica
Alyson's life changes the moment the men walk into her erotic massage parlor. Alyson loves bring pleasure to other, but these men arrive with guns. Alyson runs, taking with her a mysterious jeweled dagger that belonged to her client. She doesn't know why she's running, or where, or even from who. Will her the men kill her, or will she find safety in the arms of another?

Amber's Lessons
by Nathan Priest
$0.00, 95 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #753 in BDSM Erotica
Amber thought she had broken off this dangerous, delicious liaison. But now, as she watched Chris fastening cuffs to her wrists and ankles, she grimly accepted the truth: she was addicted. Dozens of lessons. Hundreds of moments of pleasure granted or pain inflicted had trained her whole self to crave this man more than any drug.

She couldn’t stop. And she didn’t want to. There was no limit to how far she’d go for him. And that’s why she had to stop. But instead she had said “Yes” to this one final lesson. She shivered. And knew: this was the test she had been training for…

The Isle of Eternal Happiness (Gay merman/human romance): Landlocked Heart Book 4
by Kay Berrisford
$0.00, 108 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #27,585 in Fantasy & Futuristic Romance
The final part in the Landlocked Heart saga.

After several months of wedded life, Ben is feeling the pressure. Not only has he a job and marriage to worry about, he has to sustain Lyle's waning magical powers and see through the destiny of the Dragon Rider and save Lyle's merfolk family in their hour of need.

Lyle's concerned that Ben is changing for the worse, acting secretively and strangely. With Ben rapidly developing powers of his own, Lyle suspects Ben is being corrupted by the sinister legacy of Prince Clewell, whose magic sword Ben has inherited. If not, their marriage is failing.

Ben tries to pacify Lyle by whisking him off on a belated honeymoon. But Ben's true purpose is to seek a hidden fairy sanctuary, "The Isle of Eternal Happiness," and to fulfil the Dragon Rider prophecy. He's even invited Lyle's dragon-shifting sister, Cully, to help him in Lyle's stead. Lyle finally snaps. Ben's mission might be a noble one, but magic is turning him into a monster. And Lyle is still a force to be reckoned, even with his health and powers deteriorating.

Bedded by Two Bisexuals: An MMF Romance
by Celia Styles
$0.00, 54 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fantasy

She Had Two Hot Bisexual Men Ready to Please Her to the Fullest!

“To the end of heteronormativity,” I said, raising my glass to the man sitting across the table from me.

A quick drink with my friend Fred lead us through a long talk about past relationships, which both of us were disappointed in. We were both bi, and it was great to have a friend who understood me. Not only did he listen intently to my stories, he was also freakishly good looking. I never openly admitted it, but I had the hots for him – with his slim body, dark hair and louche-intellectual looks.

To make things even steamier, Fred’s hot bi friend Ethan came in. They’d met six months ago, and Freddy had made a few comments in the ballpark of “If I were single, I would never have stopped hitting that.” He was equally irresistible, with broad shoulders that tapered down to a narrow waist. His hair was a floppy nut-brown mess, curls artfully hanging down over his ears, and he had deep green eyes.

Tonight was going to be a night to remember…


Newly Free Historical Kindle Books for 2021-01-15

Priscilla: The Widows of Wildcat Ridge #1
by Charlene Raddon
$0.00, 174 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (54 reviews), #20 in Victorian Historical Romance
A mining disaster turns most of the women of Wildcat Ridge into devastated widows. Losing her father and husband, Priscilla Heartsel faces poverty and eviction from her home by a heartless mine owner, as do most of the widows.

Tricked into a bank robbery gone wrong, Braxton Gamble grabs the stolen money and flees. Shot and needing help, he stumbles upon what appears to be an abandoned town, goes into a house, and collapses on a bed.

After a town meeting to decide how to survive, the women of Wildcat Ridge return home, but Priscilla finds a surprise awaiting her--an unconscious man with a bullet in his back. She believes his story, and together, they try to do what's right, but can't anticipate the treachery they receive.

Can they survive hardship and threats by the gang long enough to discover a love more precious than gold? A sweet read.

Lusting for the Duke's Kiss: A Historical Regency Romance Book
by Meghan Sloan
$0.00, 302 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (71 reviews), #4 in Scottish Historical Romance

Henrietta Arnold could have never imagined how easily her happiness would turn into disaster. When her husband deserts her a few hours after their wedding, her world is shuttered in a million pieces. Feeling completely humiliated and disgraced, she vows to seal her heart and never let a man hurt her again. But little did she know that she would soon find herself surrendering a Duke’s loving arms… Will her undeniable desire for him end up destroying her life once again?

Being the Duke of Warwick, Louis Montague is a wickedly handsome man who never bothered himself with foolish love stories. Even though his first encounter with Henrietta made his heart shiver, destiny wanted them to be apart until many years later... The moment he discovers the devastating fate of her marriage, the sparks inside him cannot be denied. While his passion for her flares inside him, he becomes more than determined to possess her. Will he ever convince her that he is an honorable man who would not settle for something less than true love?

As Henrietta tries to lay aside any doubts for a second chance at love, Louis holds a long buried secret that looms over their heads threatening to drive them apart once and for all. Will their passionate affair survive the exhausting battle with the ghosts of their past? Or will their delicate hearts be forever trapped in a vast net of secrets?

"Lusting for the Duke's Kiss" is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Ben-Hur (Illustrated): Historical Novel - A Tale of the Christ
by Lew Wallace
$0.00, 249 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (55 reviews), #4 in Ancient World Historical Romance
This carefully crafted ebook: "Ben-Hur (Illustrated)" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents.
Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ describes the adventures of Judah Ben-Hur, Jewish prince from Jerusalem who gets betrayed by his friend from childhood and enslaved by the Romans. He is taken to Rome where he becomes a charioteer and a Christian. Running in parallel with Judah's narrative is the unfolding story of Jesus, who comes from the same region and is a similar age. The novel reflects themes of betrayal, conviction, and redemption, with a revenge plot that leads to a story of love and compassion.
Lew Wallace (1827 – 1905) was an American lawyer, Union general in the American Civil War, politician, diplomat, and author. Among his novels and biographies, Wallace is best known for his historical adventure story, Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ, a bestselling novel that has been called "the most influential Christian book of the nineteenth century."

Westward Wanderers-Book Two: The Dawn Wakers: A Christian Story of the Oregon Trail
by Angela Castillo
$0.00, 271 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (182 reviews), #1 in American Historical Romance
A clean, Christian story of the Oregon trail with romance.

The last four months have been tough for Ellie, traveling the Oregon trail with her mother and four siblings. Though scarlet fever left her with a weakened heart, she's pushed ahead with determination.

Thaddeus dreams of becoming a pastor, though his affluent family expects him to follow in his banker father's footsteps.
Thaddeus and Ellie meet every morning on the trail to sing hymns and pray. Soon they realize they want to be together forever. But the trail is harsh, and a mysterious drifter may threaten their love. Can their faith see them through to God's perfect plan?

"This story will hold your attention and keep you reading until the end."–Amazon Reviewer

"I cannot tell you how impressed I was with this faith-based western." Amazon Reviewer

Returning For Her Happy Ending: A Historical Western Romance Book
by Carol Colyer
$0.00, 427 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (142 reviews), #2 in Christian Westerns
Ever since young Kalani was captured by an Indian tribe, ten years ago, during a raid, she has not reunited with her family. However, when tragedy strikes once again and she is to suffer the passing of her Indian mother, something calls her back to her original roots. Upon her arrival in town, though, she feels confused and isolated, and she has to deal with everyone's biased behavior. In an unexpected twist of fate, she bumps into her young love, Michael, who hires her as a cook without having the slightest suspicion about who she really is. Will she find the strength to reveal the truth about her origins to Michael? Will she be able to adapt to her new lifestyle and convince everyone to find common ground with the Indians?

Michael Peterson has always thought of himself as a lone wolf since the loss of his beloved one. Βeing convinced that his loved one's death is Indians' fault, he has vowed to seek revenge ever since. The moment his eyes meet Kalani's, though, he feels an electric connection between them and gets overcome by the memories of a long lost love. She is an intriguing, mysterious girl who he can't quite figure out, especially when he notices how she is willing to give Indians the benefit of the doubt. Will he figure out her real identity? Can he get past his own prejudice to finally reach happiness?

Although fate meant for them to find each other again, secrets from the past come back to haunt and tie them together in ways they had never imagined. Will Michael and Kalani be able to get past their differences and reignite the fire of their lost love? Will they be able to face the townspeople that are not ready to let their old ways die and embrace the new?

"Returning For Her Happy Ending" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

A Marquess' Forbidden Desire: A Steamy Historical Regency Romance Novel
by Lucinda Nelson
$0.00, 659 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (123 reviews), #1 in Classical & Early Drama & Plays

Behind Masks and false identities, they find their undeniable match. But when the masks fall, hearts will break.

When Lady Marianne Purcell visits Bath for a holiday to escape her sister’s temper and her mother’s scheming, she finds herself at a country fair. Masked and eager to pretend to be someone she’s not, she meets a gentleman who also disguises his identity. Intrigued and liberated by rouse, she meets the man at the fair every evening for three nights. They dance. They laugh. They kiss. And they fall in love.

When they part ways at the end of their three nights together, she thinks she is leaving behind a shy townsman and returns to Mayfair with a sore heart. But when her sister introduces her newfound fiancé, Marianne soon realizes that she made a grave mistake.

The masked man had not been a townsman. The masked man was Lord Alexander Redmond, the Marquess of Riversdale. And her cruel sister’s fiancé.

With the help of her beloved friend, can Marianne persuade Alexander that love prevails over duty? And in the face of his father’s expectations, can Alexander prioritize his happiness over his fear of disappointing his father? Being so tender-hearted, will Marianne put her conniving sister’s materialistic desires over her own heart?

Without their masks, Alexander and Marianne are different people. As they try to navigate the minefield of expectation and duty that surrounds them, will the love they felt at the country fair reign victoriously? Only time will tell.

If you like thrilling characters, steamy and unexpected twists, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “A Marquess' Forbidden Desire!”

Get “A Marquess' Forbidden Desire” and let the breathtaking story of Marianne and Alexander unravel today!

Tempting Danger (Sinclair and Raven Book 6)
by Wendy Vella
$0.00, 330 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (85 reviews), #2 in Women's Historical Fiction

From USA Today Bestseller Wendy Vella comes an exciting Regency series about legend, love and destiny, with a hint of magic …

With his demons well and truly leashed, reformed gambler, Lord Nicholas Braithwaite is tasked with finding a missing baby. Needing help, it comes in the form of the woman from his visions. His preternatural gift has caused nothing but pain until now, so it’s a shock when his night-time angel is living and breathing. As determined and opinionated as she is beautiful, Alice Sinclair soon demands something from him he never thought he was capable of giving. The passionate innocent soon masters his heart and Nicholas must face the biggest gamble of his life: risking love or losing her forever.

Alice is aware of her family’s legend but never believed it was her destiny to marry a dashing Raven. Until the day she rescues one. Vastly different in experience and beliefs - where she is innocent, Nicholas is jaded - their growing attraction is irresistible. Priding herself on practicality, nothing has prepared Alice for Nicholas’ searing sensuality. Before she realizes the depth of her feelings, she forces him back into the hell of his past. Now she’s convinced he’ll never forgive her because she can’t forgive herself. Will their dangerous temptation lead to heartbreak or forever?

Sensing Danger
Seeing Danger
Touched By Danger
Scent of Danger
Vision Of Danger
Tempting Danger
Seductive Danger
Guarding Danger

Breaking the Rules (Marriage by Design Book 1)
by Ruth Ann Nordin
$0.00, 240 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (27 reviews), #34 in Victorian Historical Romance
They say a proper lady follows the rules. She lets the gentleman take the lead. She obeys her chaperone. She is soft spoken and careful in everything she says and does. She doesn’t intrude into a gentleman’s business. And she most certainly doesn’t become the object of scandal.

Miss Lilly Lowell has been careful to follow the rules all of her life. But the rules aren’t helping her now when she needs it most. She made the terrible mistake of spurning Mr. Morris' attention, and now he’s looking for someone else to marry. Determined to get him back, she hatches a plan to make him fall in love with her again. And doing so will require her to start breaking some rules.

Hurt by Miss Lowell’s rejection, Mr. Roger Morris is seeking out another lady to court. But after endless social engagements, it starts to become clear to him that no one can take her place. Whether he likes it or not, he is doomed to love her. She is the perfect lady for him. But the last thing he wants to do is give in, especially when she creates a scandal that forces him to marry her.

This might just be a match made in hell. Or maybe, quite possibly, heaven…as long as Lilly can figure out a way to make things right.

My Dashing Duke: Regency Romance (Wallflower's Christmas Wish Book 1)
by Tammy Andresen
$0.00, 149 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (127 reviews), #11 in Victorian Historical Romance
A duke by any other name…

When the Duke of Dashlington gets stuck into a tiny village during a snowstorm, there is little to do but drink himself into a stupor. The problem? Well, it’s hard to count just one. He stumbles into the snow, falls down, and can’t seem to get himself back up again. Imagine the indignity of dying in a snowbank? But when a little Christmas angel comes and rescues him, he can’t resist stealing a kiss. She looks heaven sent and tastes like the sweetest gingerbread. It all seems innocent enough until the next morning when he realizes she was no angel but an eligible lady and one who might just request marriage as a boon. How does a duke get out of such a situation? He lies about his identity, of course. Which means his troubles are only just beginning.

A lady in need of a Christmastide miracle…

Lady Noelle hasn’t slept properly in months. Which is exactly why she is awake when an unknown gentleman falls into the snow. When he doesn’t rise, she dashes to his rescue, forgetting all about the wish she’d just been making on a Christmas star. A request to help her sisters overcome the loss of their mother. But once she reaches the gentleman, several things become apparent. He’s young, handsome, well dressed, and possibly, her wish come true…

Now, if he’d just cooperate.

The Key to the Governess's Heart: A Historical Regency Romance Book
by Abigail Agar
$0.00, 349 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (96 reviews), #1 in Religious Historical Fiction

Being totally unaware of what the future holds, Beatrice Cloud is delighted to be invited to her employer’s dinner party. Particularly since his daughter, and Beatrice’s dearest friend, is meant to be meeting her betrothed that fateful evening. Beatrice is more than excited for her friend, but her life is about to turn upside down when her eyes meet the most handsome Lord she’s ever seen. The only problem is that the man she felt connected to for the very first time is her best friend’s husband-to-be. Feeling ashamed and disgraced by a situation she never intended to be a part of, will she find the strength to fight her feelings?

Lord Peter Hawthorn, the Earl of Willoughby, is nervous but excited to meet the woman he is about to marry. As they start talking, he instantly finds himself attracted to the beautiful, kind, and interesting young Lady. But little did he know that the woman he is falling for is his future wife’s governess. They say true love knows no bounds, but will Peter dare to defy cruel society, even if that means he will break another heart? How far is he willing to go for a chance at true love?

Beatrice and Peter soon find themselves caught up in the denial of their affections, while complications of their classes and Lord Seton's adamant will make matters even worse. Will this match made in heaven survive against all odds? Or will commitment and society keep them apart forever?

"The Key to the Governess's Heart" is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Love's Vows (Caerthwaite Book 1)
by Kate Grannis
$0.00, 194 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (14 reviews), #144 in Historical Fiction
It’s 898 in Saxon England.

Eighteen year old Josselin Ironstone has been promised in marriage to a friend of her father’s, a man many years older whom she barely knows.

On the morning she is to leave her childhood home in northern England, Caerthwaite, for her new home in Brighthelmstone, she decides to run away.

She does not get far when she hurts her ankle, but determined, she binds it up to carry on.

That is when she is found by Sven Augensson, a childhood friend who could be so much more, if it wasn’t for her parents arranging a politically advantageous but loveless marriage for her.

Josselin thinks Sven is going to run away with her, but instead he carries her home, and she boards the ship that will take her to her new life.

Lord Godric Langthwaite had a long and happy marriage.

Now he shares his home, Granville, on the Sussex coast, with his son Conor and his wife Rowena, who is none too happy at being replaced as the lady of the house.

Although Josselin is young, she takes over the home with ease.

Years go by, and when she does not become pregnant Godric no longer shares her bed, but is kind to her.

Josselin spends her days walking with her pet rook, Orc, who is devoted to her.

Then one day news comes of Josselin’s mother’s death, and she returns to Caerthwaite.

Sven is now married to Helge Freasdottir, but they are childless.

When Josselin and Sven meet passions burn, and soon all of their lives are changed forever.

Beautifully written and filled with historical details, Love's Vows is the first in the compelling Caerthwaite series chronicling the love of two people who cannot be together, yet cannot live apart.

Praise for Kate Grannis

'A powerful and touching historical romance' - Holly Kinsella

Kate Grannis is happily married and lives with two kids and three cats in a coastal state with the best of both worlds, midway between the mountains and the sea.

A Clean Western Historical Romance - Lazarus County Mail Order Brides Part One: She has to stop running sometime...
by Amber Seraph
$0.00, 92 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (28 reviews), #64 in Two-Hour Romance Short Reads
Ellen Cross has to stop running sometime.

She's fled her past all the way across the Atlantic. She's given up hope of having the kind of romance she dreamed of as a girl. Bruised, inside and out, she'll be happy just to find a family she can keep house for.

Nate Harper has been in Lazarus County, NM for years. His younger sister knows how lonely he is has been seeking a bride for him back East. He's embarrassed but his heart wells up with kindness when he reads about Ellen's hopes for a new life and invites her to his home as a housekeeper. Neither want to admit to their attraction, and Ellen can't shake the feeling that no man will ever love her with her dark past.

This is the first story in the Lazarus County Mail Order Brides series Amber Seraph is inviting you into a world she's created where people get second chances, love is precious, and happily ever afters exist. Sometimes they have to be earned, but they exist.

Trapped in the Marquess' Heart: A Historical Regency Romance Book
by Sally Forbes
$0.00, 534 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (69 reviews), #6 in British Historical Literature
A lady has a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger at a masquerade ball…

Belle Gordon is the only daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Rayborn. From an early age, words have never come easily for her. After a disastrous London Season two years ago, she now enjoys the solitude of the countryside. But her tranquil life is thrown into turmoil when she is forced to participate in the upcoming London Season. When Belle unexpectedly encounters a mysterious stranger at a masquerade ball, she is surprised by how at ease she feels in his presence.

Aaron Wilmore, the Marquess of Ginavale, has spent the last five years living in India. Six years prior he met the love of his life but was left devastated by her untimely death. Aaron returns to London after receiving a letter from his beloved sister inviting him to her upcoming wedding. When he encounters a mysterious lady during a masquerade ball which leaves him desiring to see her again, the only clue he has to her identity is the beautiful sapphire pendant necklace she was wearing around her neck.

Belle and Aaron soon develop an undeniable connection. But as their love blossoms, outside forces have other plans to keep them apart. Can Belle and Aaron overcome the obstacles standing in their way?

The Barefoot Bride (Rags to Riches Romance)
by Rebecca Paisley
$0.00, 369 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (50 reviews), #2 in Western Romance
Can a gentleman turn a backwoods Cinderella into his very own Princess Charming?

The last thing handsome, aristocratic Saxon Blackwell needs is a bride. But a cruel ultimatum from his wicked witch of a grandmother leaves him with no choice but to seek one or lose his vast English estate forever. Saxon’s flight from high society leads him right into the arms of Chickadee McBride—a barefoot, flame-haired mountain girl with a saucy tongue, a tender heart and her very own wolf.

Both shocked and secretly intrigued by the untamed beauty’s scandalous behavior, the cynical Saxon quickly decides Chickadee would make the perfect bride to bring home to grandmother. Chickadee’s Scotch-Irish temperament and irresistible shenanigans set society ablaze with gossip, but it is Saxon who finds his body burning with a passion he can no longer deny. Too late, he realizes his wild bride is in danger of making him a prisoner of desire…and capturing his heart…

Rebecca Paisley is the bestselling author of Diamonds and Dreams, The Barefoot Bride, A Basket of Wishes, Heartstrings, Bed of Roses, Moonlight and Magic, Midnight and Magnolias and Rainbows and Rapture.

“Charm, imagination and laughter! All you need is Rebecca Paisley!”—Lisa Kleypas, New York Times bestselling author

“Boldly goes where few writers go and she does it brilliantly!”—Eloisa James, New York Times bestselling author

“Rebecca Paisley is the Queen of unique and charming love stories!” Jill Barnett, New York Times bestselling author

“Rebecca Paisley dazzles the heart!” Teresa Medeiros, New York Times bestselling author

“One of the most talented writers in the genre, Ms. Paisley is an absolute delight to read! Once you’ve read your first Paisley, we can guarantee it won’t be your last!”—Historical Romance Writers

“Rebecca Paisley makes your heart sing with joy! Her talent shines brighter than any diamond and inspires laughter, tears and a wonderful feeling of Happily Ever After. Historical romance at its best!”—Romantic Times

“Enchanting, touching, and funny!”—Affaire de Coeur

His Highland Prize (The Clan Sinclair Book 3)
by Celeste Barclay
$0.00, 204 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (31 reviews), #364 in Ancient World Historical Romance (Books)

Lost and pursued, searching for protection...

When Brighde Kerr collapses in his arms at Castle Dunbeath in the middle of the night during a Highland thunderstorm, Alexander Sinclair does not hesitate to bring her inside to receive medical care and shelter. Hiding secrets that she is sure will only bring danger to the Sinclairs if revealed, Brighde struggles against her growing attraction and affection for Alex. She attempts to keep her identity a secret, but it does not take long before Brighde realizes that Alex could be the one person to save her.

Steadfast and determined, willing to protect...

Alex dedicates himself to nursing this mystery woman back to health and offers her the security of the Sinclair Clan. Alex's ongoing support and determination to protect Brighde fuels their growing passion but often puts them at odds when Brighde is not convinced they have a future together.

Both in need of love...

When the source of Brighde's fears shows up at their gates, Alex proves that he will not give up on Brighde no matter the risks or consequences. Now can she accept that Alex's pledge for protection or will she keep fighting the inevitable?

Meet the members of Clan Sinclair in this first installment of the five book Highland romance series. The Clan Sinclair features Mairghread and her four brothers, Callum, Alexander, Tavish, and Magnus. Each member of the Scottish clan faces challenges as they meet their fated match, but all of the Sinclairs find their HEA. Each novel in the series is a stand alone, but they are best read together.

Kissed at Twilight (The Man of My Dreams Book 4)
by Miriam Minger
$0.00, 144 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (21 reviews), #1 in Victorian Historical Romance

"With Miriam Minger, you're assured of a good read!" - Heartland Critiques

Linette Easton can't wait for her Season in London where she hopes to meet the man of her dreams. Will she be swept off her feet by a duke, or a baron, or an earl at a glittering ball? As a parson’s daughter, she would never have entertained the notion of marrying into the nobility if her older sisters hadn’t paved the way. Why, then, can she not stop thinking about the handsome new doctor who just arrived in her parish?

Adam Whitaker never expected a lovely country miss to turn his carefully constructed world upside down overnight. What has become of the restrained composure that he’d honed during years of medical study after escaping the demons of his past? Yet he learns that she will be leaving Cornwall soon, her head filled with romantic hopes and dreams. Will the woman who has bewitched him realize in time that what she seeks is right in front of her?

“Miriam Minger is a master storyteller who illustrates the full gamut of emotions felt by her characters. Emotions so strong that you are pulled into the pages and into their lives.” – Inside Romance

Enjoy all five books in Miriam Minger’s bestselling The Man of My Dreams Series:

  1. Book 1: SECRETS OF MIDNIGHT (Donovan and Corisande)
  2. Book 2: MY RUNAWAY HEART (Jared and Lindsay)
  3. Book 3: MY FORBIDDEN DUCHESS (Walker and Marguerite)
  4. Book 4: KISSED AT TWILIGHT (Adam and Linette)
  5. Book 5: MY FUGITIVE PRINCE (Valentin and Estelle)

Jocelyn (The Brookstone Series Book 1)
by Alicia LaFontaine
$0.00, 279 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (6 reviews), #190 in Regency Historical Romance
Jocelyn Hale is only eighteen when she falls in love with Damien Drasher, the young man she had spent her childhood with. It felt as if the pieces of her life were falling into place until the sudden deaths of her parents stun her. When the man she loves leaves, inexplicably severing their romantic ties, Jocelyn is left utterly depressed. Four years later, she is picking up the pieces with the help of her new love, Charles Varnesfield. When Charles's sister, Jane, returns from abroad with a fiancé, however, suddenly Jocelyn can be sure of nothing. With the constant addition of Jane's superficial friends and Charles's mysterious business partner, Jocelyn finds herself alternately wishing for the summer to end and fearing what she will find for herself when it does. Set in a fictitious England countryside in 1815, this story is about the confusion involved with love and loss and the struggle between following social norms and the instincts of the heart.

Border Series: Books 1-3 (Border Series Boxset Book 1)
by Cecelia Mecca
$0.00, 845 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (49 reviews), #1 in Women's Historical Fiction
The first three books in the bestselling Border Series: The Thief's Countess, The Lord's Captive and The Chief's Maiden.

Along the 13th century Anglo-Scottish border, life is complicated. Enemies one day, allies the next. Scottish clan chiefs and English earls securing their homes and families amidst thievery and chaos. Pawns of kings with bigger games to play, leaving the border lords and ladies to fend for themselves.

The men of the Border Series wield swords and lead armies. They are alpha males who have no idea they are about to be brought to heel by ladies who refuse to choose between duty and love. These women want it all, and they aim to have it.

Get ready to be swept from coastal England to the Scottish lowlands, from medieval tournaments to ancient castles. Get ready for life along the border.

Mecca does a wonderful job of pulling readers into the world of the Waryns and the Kerrs. Steamy love scenes, lovable characters. . . " Library Journal

What Amazon Readers Are Saying:

★★★★★ Love, love, love the Border Series.

★★★★★ A wickedly exciting and addictive five star series.

★★★★★ This series just seems to keep getting better.

★★★★★ Mecca's writing reminds me of Kathleen Woodiwiss!

★★★★★ My new favorite historical romance series, hands down.

★★★★★ Where has this author been all my life?

The Border Series:

The Ward's Bride: Free on
The Thief's Countess: Book 1
The Lord's Captive: Book 2
The Chief's Maiden: Book 3
The Scot's Secret: Book 4
The Earl's Entanglement: Book 5
The Warrior's Queen: Book 6
The Protector's Promise: Book 7
The Rogue's Redemption: Book 8
The Guardian's Favor: Book 9
Book 10 coming Spring 2019!

Ghosts of a Troubled Past: A Historical Western Adventure Book
by Henry McConley
$0.00, 341 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (46 reviews), #2 in History of the U.S.

Cal has been running away from a shadowy past ever since he was falsely accused for a murder he didn’t commit. Desperate to escape a vicious man who won’t stop following him until he gets revenge, he decides to get the Oregon trail and move as far as possible. There, he joins a small group of people to give his perilous journey a sense of safety. The balance is soon shaken though, when a sudden and mysterious murder makes Cal the main suspect. While the crime is being investigated, Cal will finally open up to Etta, a beautiful girl from his group who makes his heart shiver. How far will he go to prove his innocence without putting his friends at risk?

Etta is left with an incredible amount of debt after her parents’ death and has no choice but to leave everything behind. Seeking a better future, she travels out west with her brother and his wife, alongside a few other people trying to stay out of harm’s way. When Cal joins Etta’s group, her heart sparks for this mysterious man. Although the circumstances are rough and the journey is long, she finds it in her heart to join Cal in a dangerous mission to bring justice. When a heinous crime is committed, a perfect opportunity arises for them to find the man responsible for all the murders. Will she manage to protect Cal’s honor or will evil overpower good?

JAn intricate web of lies, corruption and murder will bring Cal and Etta closer while they are joining forces to fight injustice. Will their love have the chance to flourish on the trail of a criminal who spreads death on his way?

An enthralling, action-packed story, featuring complex characters, drama and suspense, that will leave the reader breathless. A must-read for fans of Western action with a touch of romance.

"Ghosts of a Troubled Past" is a historical adventure novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cliffhangers, only pure unadulterated action.

To Defy a Duke: Dangerous Dukes Vol 1
by Wendy Soliman
$0.00, 263 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (38 reviews), #104 in Regency Historical Romance
Previously published. Now updated and published as part of the Dangerous Dukes series

Elias Shelton, the Duke of Winsdale, has a duty to produce an heir. Completely indifferent, he leaves his mother to invite all the most suitable candidates to a house party at Winsdale Park, promising to choose one of them as his duchess. Returning home after several days of pre-nuptial carousing, Eli falls from his horse and badly injures his head. His life is saved by a mysterious woman who fascinates and enthrals Eli.
Athena Defoe and her young twin sisters are hiding from their past in a tumbledown cottage on Eli’s estate. Athena refuses to place her trust in Eli, but he is equally determined to repay her by protecting her. To do so he must first discover what or whom she is so afraid of. With attention focused on her by the duke’s interest, Athena’s whereabouts becomes known and danger visits her quiet corner of Hampshire.
Caught up in the whirl of his mother’s entertainments, Eli must race against time to save the woman he’s fallen in love with, even if she isn’t duchess material…

A Lady's Charade (The Rules of Chivalry Book 1)
by Eliza Knight
$0.00, 344 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (41 reviews), #11 in Medieval Historical Romance
From across a field of battle, English knight, Alexander, Lord Hardwyck, spots the object of his desire—and his conquest, Scottish traitor Lady Chloe.

Her lies could be her undoing…

Abandoned across the border and disguised for her safety, Chloe realizes the man who besieged her home in Scotland has now become her savior in England. Her life in danger, she vows to keep her identity secret, lest she suffer his wrath, for he wants her dead.

Or love could claim them both and unravel two countries in the process…

Alexander suspects Chloe is not who she says she is and has declared war on the angelic vixen who's laid claim to his heart. A fierce battle of the minds it will be, for once the truth is revealed they will both have to choose between love and duty.

The Duke's Last Hunt (Pevensey Mysteries Book 2)
by Rosanne E. Lortz
$0.00, 350 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (18 reviews), #96 in Mystery Romance
With her third London season drawing to a close, the shy Eliza Malcolm seems unlikely to find any husband, let alone a titled one. But when the hunting-crazed Duke of Brockenhurst invites the Malcolms to visit Harrowhaven, Eliza’s father jumps at the chance to gain a wealthy son-in-law. Surrounded by quarreling parents, tactless acquaintances, the aloof dowager, and the unsettling duke, Eliza looks for one person kind enough to help her navigate the murky waters of Harrowhaven’s secrets….

Estranged from his brother the duke, Henry Rowland only planned to visit Harrowhaven for the afternoon, but after meeting his brother’s intended, his designs are overthrown. As misfortune strikes Harrowhaven, Jacob Pevensey is called in to investigate. Henry learns that the only way to safeguard Eliza Malcolm’s happiness is to face the past he has been running from for ten long years.

This novel takes the medieval events surrounding William II's death in the New Forest and transposes them to a Regency country manor. It is the second book in the Pevensey series, but can be read as a standalone.

Natalie's Christmas Rogue
by Jillian Eaton
$0.00, 35 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (26 reviews), #9 in One-Hour Romance Short Reads
20% of proceeds from Natalie's Christmas Rogue will be donated to the United States Humane Society.

Lord Benjamin Hawthorne has never met a woman he couldn’t charm…until Natalie Rigby. The sad-eyed beauty wants nothing to do with him, or any man for that matter. But at the Christmas Eve Ball, anything is possible. Even falling in love…

Author's Note: If you love Christmas, dashing rogues with hearts of gold, sugary sweet romance, and peacocks then this short (8k words) story is for you. It will only be available as a standalone until January 1st, 2019.

Pursued: Warriors of Ancient Greece - A Romance
by Angelina Bright
$0.00, 221 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (7 reviews), #47 in Ancient World Historical Romance
Maya goes to sleep with Troy celebrating its victory, only to wake up as Troy falls. There's no time to do anything except run – but her flight through the wrecked city ends in vain when she is caught and claimed – a prize for the triumphant victors. Now surviving the night is just one of the trials she'll have to face in a new and terrifying reality.

Thersander is an Achaean hero, he’s fought bravely but wants no prize, he just wants to return home – until he sees Maya running through the streets of Troy. He knows she belongs with him but how can he convince her of that and how can he keep her safe when trouble pursues her every move.

A twist of fate puts them in each other’s path, but they are from different worlds and have been on opposing sides of the war and there are others that stalk Maya. Facing challenge after challenge together, Maya starts to see Thersander as more than a conqueror of her city, she’s falling in love with the man that is slowly capturing her heart – but can they survive the days to come?

Pursued is the first book in the Warriors of Ancient Greece series and can be read as a standalone, its intended for adults and is full of mythology, snappy dialogue and a punch to the gut soulmate romance! *Contains swearing and mature themes.*

Chronicles of Barsetshire - Complete Edition (All 6 Books in One Edition): The Warden, Barchester Towers, Doctor Thorne, Framley Parsonage, The Small House at Allington…
by Anthony Trollope
$0.00, 3364 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #135 in Saga Fiction
The Chronicles of Barsetshire (or Barchester Chronicles) is a series of six novels by the English author Anthony Trollope, set in the fictitious English county of Barsetshire (located approximately where the real Dorset lies) and its cathedral town of Barchester. The novels concern the dealings of the clergy and the gentry, and the political, amatory, and social manœuvrings that go on among and between them. The novels in the series are: The Warden (1855) Barchester Towers (1857) Doctor Thorne (1858) Framley Parsonage (1861) The Small House at Allington (1864) The Last Chronicle of Barset (1867) Anthony Trollope (1815–1882) was one of the most successful, prolific and respected English novelists of the Victorian era. Some of his best-loved works, collectively known as the Chronicles of Barsetshire, revolve around the imaginary county of Barsetshire. He also wrote perceptive novels on political, social, and gender issues, and on other topical matters.
Anthony Trollope (1815–1882) was one of the most successful, prolific and respected English novelists of the Victorian era.

Anna Karenina (Annotated Maude Translation)
by Leo Tolstoy
$0.00, 1081 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #26 in Classic Romance Fiction
This eBook edition of "Anna Karenina (Annotated Maude Translation)" has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
Widely considered a pinnacle in realist fiction, Tolstoy considered Anna Karenina his first real novel and Dostoevsky declared it to be "flawless as a work of art". His opinion was shared by Vladimir Nabokov, who especially admired "the flawless magic of Tolstoy's style", and by William Faulkner, who described the novel as "the best ever written". Plot: A bachelor, Vronsky is willing to marry her if she would agree to leave her husband Karenin, a government official, but she is vulnerable to the pressures of Russian social norms, her own insecurities and Karenin's indecision. Although Vronsky eventually takes Anna to Europe where they can be together, they have trouble making friends. Back in Russia, she is shunned, becoming further isolated and anxious, while Vronsky pursues his social life. Despite Vronsky's reassurances she grows increasingly possessive and paranoid about his imagined infidelity.
Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy (1828 – 1910), usually referred to in English as Leo Tolstoy, was a Russian writer who is regarded as one of the greatest authors of all time.
Aylmer Maude (1858-1938) and Louise Shanks Maude (1855-1939) is highly considered by scholars.

Union of Immortals - Fire: A women’s historical fiction about empowering the goddess within
by Shannon Steeves
$0.00, 360 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #31 in Greek & Roman Philosophy
Among the Dumnonian Celts, Ailla was known as a gifted Oracle. She and her husband Maccus lived comfortably in western Britain, far from the invading Romans. However her powers couldn't change fate and the gods chose not to intervene. Ailla had to accept that her past and future needed to merge. The gods orchestrated the fateful meeting with Sergius, a man who's purpose would lead her to ancient influences.
Every morning Ailla enthusiastically greeted sunrise, waiting for her ancient crystal orb to reveal another vision. As a respected oracle in first century Britain, she longed to deepen her connection with the immortals. However with the Roman invasion expanding west and the arrival of Sergius, Ailla found life thrown into disarray. The obsession Sergius carried for her created two riffs. First with Maccus and second with the gods.
Stripped of everything she valued, including the orb, Ailla discovered transformation is birthed from despair. In darkness Ailla found her light.
Her story is a women’s adventure fiction book that combines Celtic mythology, ancient world fantasy and romance into one epic journey.

The Black Dwarf (Unabridged): Historical Novel
by Walter Scott
$0.00, 105 pages, 3.5 out of 5.0 (18 reviews), #18 in Historical Scottish Fiction
This eBook edition of "The Black Dwarf" has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
As Hobbie Elliot and Patrick Earnscliff went across the Liddesdale hills of the Scottish Borders, going to Hobbies home, the moon suddenly revealed the figure of a human dwarf, who, on being spoken to, refused their offers of assistance. Next morning Hobbie and Earnscliff went to confront the strange being by daylight; and having helped him in collecting stones for constructing a hut, they supplied him with food and other necessaries. In a short time he had completed his dwelling, and became known to the neighbors as Elshender the Recluse. From that point on, Elshie, a loner goat shepherd, regarded by the locals as being in league with the Devil becomes embroiled in a complex tale of love, revenge, betrayal, Jacobite schemes and a threatened forced marriage.

An Impossible Choice (All Things Possible Book 1)
by Kate Rolin
$0.00, 263 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #4 in Historical Christian Romance Fiction
Seemingly trapped in a small Welsh village, Argel has a choice to make: shackle herself in marriage to a wickedly handsome stranger, or see her dear uncle sent to debtor's prison--or worse.

A ruthless businessman, Damon never wavers from his course--until he meets the niece of his enemy. She captures his heart the moment he lays eyes upon her, and he soon must decide what he wants more: love...or revenge on the man who cheated him.

As impossible choices are made, a dark secret surfaces threatening to tear their fragile new life apart.

Wessex Tales Series: 18 Novels & Stories (Complete Collection): Far from the Madding Crowd, Tess of the d'Urbervilles, Jude the Obscure, The Return of the Native…
by Thomas Hardy
$0.00, 3942 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #4 in Teen & Young Adult Fiction about Class Differences
This ebook collection has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
Wessex Novels and Tales of Thomas Hardy are set in the south and southwest of England, in the area Hardy named "Wessex" after the medieval Anglo-Saxon kingdom that existed in this part of that country prior to the unification of England by Æthelstan. These tales depict strong characters struggling against their passions and social circumstances.
Wessex Novels:
Under the Greenwood Tree
Far from the Madding Crowd
The Return of the Native
The Mayor of Casterbridge
The Woodlanders
Tess of the d'Urbervilles
Jude the Obscure
A Pair of Blue Eyes
The Trumpet-Major
Two on a Tower
The Romantic Adventures of a Milkmaid
The Well-Beloved
Wessex Tales:
An Imaginative Woman
The Three Strangers
The Withered Arm
Interlopers at the Knap
The Distracted Preacher
Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) was an English novelist and poet. A Victorian realist in the tradition of George Eliot, he was influenced both in his novels and in his poetry by Romanticism, especially William Wordsworth. He was highly critical of much in Victorian society, especially on the declining status of rural people in Britain, such as those from his native South West England.
His most famous novels include Tess of the d'Urbervilles, Far from the Madding Crowd and Jude the Obscure.

Newly Free Romance Kindle Books for 2021-01-15

Until Memory Fades: A Beauty in Lies Prologue
by Adelaide Forrest
$0.00, 70 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (50 reviews), #8 in Two-Hour Romance Short Reads
I came for war. I left with an obsession.

With one look, Isa captivated me. She consumed me, drawing me into her world without ever knowing the dangers of mine.
But secrets lurk in the depths of her multicolored eyes, and I’ll do anything to understand what broke her before I had the chance.
Because one day, she’ll be mine to break.

Until Memory Fades is the prologue to the Beauty in Lies trilogy. This is a DARK mafia romance series and contains graphic violence, mature content, and elements that may be triggering. Please read at your own discretion.

The Surprise Bride (Mrs. Maisy’s Marvelous Mail Order Brides Series Book 1)
by Katie Wyatt
$0.00, 136 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (42 reviews), #10 in Christian Classics & Allegories

Available as a value box set (copy and paste the link into your browser)

Hannah Bartholomew doesn’t have time to mourn her father’s recent death when she’s too busy selling all her possessions to pay back his gambling debts. But once everything is sold, Hannah is left with no money to her name and at a loss for what to do.

That is, until someone in her hometown of Portland, Maine, suggests she offer herself as a mail order bride. Hannah tells a few fibs to her potential husband, apple farmer Richard Maisy, and is delighted when he invites her to come out west and be his bride.

But it turns out that Richard wasn’t quite expecting a woman like Hannah to show up on his doorstep.

-Will Hannah’s lies come back to bite her?

-Are her father’s debts truly paid up?

-Can Hannah find a place amongst Richard’s huge family of rowdy brothers, sisters-in-law, and energetic nieces and nephews?

Read all the books in Mrs. Maisy’s Marvelous Mail Order Brides Series by bestselling author Katie Wyatt!
Mrs. Maisy’s Marvelous Mail Order Brides
Book 1 The Surprise Bride
Book 2 The Bride Who Jumped
Book 3 A Bride of Convenience
Book 4 The Spitfire Spouse
Book 5 The Bride Who Baked
Book 6 Accidental Love

Read All Box Set Complete Series by bestseller and Kindle All-Star author Katie Wyatt!

Available as a value box set (copy and paste the link into your browser)

1. A Novel Christian Romance Series Sweet Frontier Cowboys

2. Montana Mail order Brides Brides of Bedford

3. Aspen Falls Series

4.Cartwright Wilderness Outfitters Series

5. Snowy Mountain Series

Read all Mega Box Set Complete Series by bestseller and Kindle All-Star author Katie Wyatt!

Available as a value box set (copy and paste the link into your browser)

1.Pioneer Wilderness Romance 26 Book Mega Box Set Complete Series

2.Historical Pioneer Wilderness Romance 25 Book 6 Complete Series

3.Frontier Brides and Cowboys Western Romance 27 Book Mega Box Set 5 Complete Series

4. Frontier Brides Romance 23 Books 5 Complete Series

Katie Wyatt Clean and Wholesome novelette American Mail Order Bride Historical Western romance series is enjoyable for all ages.

Alexandra's Appeal: A Christian Romance (Dixon Brothers Book 3)
by Hallee Bridgeman
$0.00, 452 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (40 reviews), #6 in Religious Romance
Scorned, penniless, and pregnant, Alex must fight for faith, family, and love
Alexandra Fisher and Jonathan Dixon meet in a honky-tonk outside of Nashville and instantly share a mutual attraction. Raised Jewish in New England by her wealthy, controlling father who holds her in contempt, Alex learned to comply with any request to keep the peace, even agreeing to marry his ideal candidate for her husband. Georgia construction empire scion Jon accepted a long-term project in Nashville, intending to spend solitary time healing. Very much the prodigal, he realized how far he’s strayed off the path of his traditional Christian upbringing, and worked to repair his relationship with God before returning home to mend fences with his family.
That night, Alex decides to take control of her life while, simultaneously, a horrific news story sends Jon back into a tailspin. After instructing the waitress to keep the drinks coming, they both make bad decisions that result in permanent consequences.
Back home, when Alex stands up to her father, he pulls her trust fund, closes her accounts, applies influence with her employers, and evicts her. Alone, pregnant, and cut off, she can do nothing more than journey to Atlanta, hoping Jon can help.
When Alex discovers Jon is not the blue-collar construction worker she assumed, she feels betrayed. However, his family’s zest for life, love for Christ, and deep respect for each other show her how much was missing from the life she knew. She soon falls in love with Jon, but doesn’t think he’ll believe her. Jon knows he’s fallen for Alex but doesn’t know how to convey the depth of his feelings.
Arriving at a mutual understanding of faith while looking through very different worldviews, they cling to each other, uniting as one, and learn to connect with God. But will family strife and all their baggage destroy their marriage before it even gets off the ground?

Never Say Match (Another Match for Love)
by Lindzee Armstrong
$0.00, 157 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (96 reviews), #29 in Religious Romance
An actor researching a role. A cupcake cake shop owner with a broken heart. Can he convince her she’s more than a stand-in heroine?

Cassidy Erickson refuses to obsess over the fame-chasing ex-fiancé who left her at the altar. Instead, she’s focused on making her new cupcake shop a success. Then the unthinkable happens. Jase Larson—A-list actor and co-star of her heartless ex—shows up at the family ranch to research an upcoming role.

Jase’s career is taking off, but years of chasing the perfect role hasn’t filled the emptiness in his heart. When he visits Sunset Plains to prepare for a cowboy film, it feels like the place he was always meant to be—especially when he meets Cassidy, the stunning cupcake shop owner who can’t seem to stand him. Too bad it’s all temporary and he’s returning to Hollywood in a month.

When a freak lighting storm fries the appliances at Cassidy’s cupcake shop, Jase becomes her unexpected hero. But Cassidy can’t shake the fear that she’s just a fill-in heroine. Can Jase convince her that he’s really a country boy at heart before he loses her forever?

This flirty contemporary romance can be read as a stand alone and comes with a guaranteed happily ever after. It features snappy dialogue, complex characters, and laugh-out-loud scenes. If you love enemies to lovers romances, then Never Say Match is for you! Grab your copy today!

This story was previously published as Cupcakes and Cowboys. It has been revised to connect to the No Match for Love world, and expanded so that it is now double the length of the original!

The Naughty Boxset (The Naughty and Nice Boxsets)
by Jasinda Wilder
$0.00, 881 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (69 reviews), #97 in Romance
From the international bestselling romance phenomenon Jasinda Wilder, for a limited time only, a first-in-series boxset featuring three bestselling, sexy and oh-so-naughty romance stories to spice up your holiday season. This boxset features: BADD MOTHERF*CKER, ALPHA, and HAMMERED, plus a standalone holiday short story, DEC THE HOLLS.

Irresistible: A Small Town Single Dad Romance (Cloverleigh Farms Series Book 1)
by Melanie Harlow
$0.00, 301 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (1,054 reviews), #6 in Romance
“Sexy, heartfelt--did I mention sexy? With the perfect touch of the forbidden, Melanie Harlow has outdone herself with single dad Mack and Frannie’s story!”—Ilsa Madden-Mills, Wall Street Journal bestselling author

I’m a full-time single dad to three daughters and CFO at Cloverleigh Farms. I don’t have time to fall in love—I’m too busy trying to run a business, keep the red socks out of the white laundry, and get the damn pillowcases on without owing a dollar to the swear jar.

Sure, Frannie Sawyer is beautiful and sweet, but she’s twenty-seven, the boss’s daughter, and my new part-time nanny—which means she’s completely off-limits. It’s bad enough I can’t stop fantasizing about her, what kind of jerk would I be if I acted on the impulse to kiss her?

(Exactly the kind of jerk you’re thinking.)

Actually, I’m worse than that—because I didn’t stop with a kiss, and now I can’t stay away.  She makes me feel like myself again. She reminds me what it’s like to want something just for me. She’s everything I ever needed, but nothing I ever imagined.

I’m a former Marine. I should have had the strength to resist her from the start.

But I didn’t. And now I have to choose between the life I want and the life she deserves.

Even if it means giving her up.

Deep Under: a standalone Walker Security Novel (Tall, Dark, and Deadly Book 1)
by Lisa Renee Jones
$0.00, 217 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (418 reviews), #1 in Romance
Kyle, one of the alpha men of Walker Security, is hot, bothered, and intense, and when Myla lands in his line of fire, she'll soon learn her secrets, and her passion, belong to him, from New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones.

Myla is beautiful, a dove with clipped wings, captive by the wolf, a vicious and powerful man. One look into her eyes and Kyle could see the pain, the fear...the desperation. Or so it seems. He's been fooled before by a woman and it cost him everything and everyone he loved. He won't be fooled again.

The first standalone in the sexy Walker Security series.

Priceless (The Rothvale Legacy Book 1)
by Raine Miller
$0.00, 260 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (324 reviews), #14 in Saga Fiction
Ivan Everley, 13th Baron Rothvale, would admit he's the last person on earth who should have custody over a priceless collection of art. British law affords him the title of 'Lord,' but underneath all the trappings he's just a regular guy, despite being a world champion in archery, and certain...proclivities of a private nature. But Ivan’s public celebrity is merely a sham—a carefully guarded secret borne out of the pain of betrayal. Even his cousin Ethan Blackstone doesn't know the truth behind the man he considers a brother.

Lord Rothvale has a plethora of problems piled up to his aristocratic eyeballs, but that doesn’t stop him from complicating his world further when a beautiful art conservationist shows up to appraise his inherited collection of paintings. Once Ivan gets a taste of Gabrielle Hargreave, mistaken identity or not, he can't think of anything but how good the green-eyed beauty felt in his arms.

The chase is on, and Ivan's dominant side isn't taking 'no' for an answer—but yet, Gabrielle might just teach our discontented lord a thing or two about life, and about himself, and help them both discover the undeniable truth in what it means to find something genuinely... priceless.

Just Playin': Romantic Sports Comedy (Ballsy Boys Book 1)
by Shandi Boyes
$0.00, 304 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (189 reviews), #5 in Sports Fiction
Presley 'Elvis' Carlton was at the top of his game. Number one draft pick, engaged to an up-and-coming model, and voted best player of the decade his first year on the field.

Things were golden. . . until an accident saw everything important torn from his grasp.

He’s determined to get his life back, though, and with a strict regime, and no time for a life outside of the game, the last thing he wants is the attention of a curvy college student whose only motto in life is to not take it too seriously.

Can an Australian expat show the struggling sports star there’s more to life than the next win? Or has Willow Underwood chewed off a chunk of man-meat too thick for her to swallow?

Just Playin’ is a standalone sports romance RomCom that will give you all the feels. It has sexy scenes and several laugh-out-loud moments. This is not tied to any of my other books, and can be enjoyed by itself. AKA: No cliffhangers!

Hot and Sexy (Some Like it Hot Book 1)
by Erika Wilde
$0.00, 274 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (125 reviews), #8,819 in Military Romance
She has him just where she wants him...

Joelle Sommers is very good at her job as a PI and bail recovery agent, but she’s definitely out of her element when she arrests sexy businessman Dean Colter in a case of mistaken identity. Because unlike her usual fugitives, Dean is cooperative, accommodating, and hot as sin . . . and not at all guilty as charged. But this bad boy isn’t so innocent either, and she finds it increasingly hard to resist his seductive charm, and their mutual attraction.

After years of working himself to the point of having no life outside the office, Dean Colter is in the mood for an adventure. But being kidnapped by a gorgeous bounty hunter—one he discovers is into bondage, to boot—isn't exactly what he had in mind. Still, it doesn’t take long for him to realize that being a willing captive has its advantages.

Jo might be the one with the handcuffs, but Dean's about to discover the key to unleashing the passionate, uninhibited woman beneath the tough, stubborn facade. And when he does, all bets are off.

Snowbound Squeeze: A Ponderosa Resort Novella (Ponderosa Resort Romantic Comedies Book 8)
by Tawna Fenske
$0.00, 163 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (109 reviews), #1 in Literary Satire Fiction
Rule one when seeking a secret mountain hideaway: Be certain the cabin’s unoccupied. Also, make sure there’s no blizzard coming.

I’ve screwed up all of that before I get the key in the door, which shouldn’t be a shock. God knows I’ve messed up plenty of things lately. Is it too much to want a hideout from Hollywood headlines in a place no one knows my name?

Maybe not, since Gretchen Laslo has zero clue who I am. That’s the upside of being snowed-in with a stunning professor whose impressive list of appliances includes two ice cream makers and no television.

The downside? Cocoa and blanket forts lead to toe-curling sex, which leads to me kinda-sorta forgetting to tell her the paparazzi’s on my tail.

It’s a matter of time before she finds out. When that happens, our wintry romance will melt faster than a snowman boning in a sauna.

Della: A Mail-Order Bride Romance
by Vivi Holt
$0.00, 84 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (98 reviews), #14 in Western & Frontier Christian Romance
Her father lost the family fortune, now she's leaving New York as a Mail Order Bride.

Della Stout can hardly believe it when her father tells her he's lost it all - the money, the house, the servants, their entire fortune. But things only get worse when they inform her she's to be sent west, as a Mail Order Bride. When she meets her husband to be, she's less than impressed - by him and the dusty little town he lives in.

Clement White has spent his whole life working toward this moment. After opening a bank in Montana Territory, he feels as though his dreams have come true. All but one - he realizes there's no one to share in the fruits of his labor. A Mail Order Bride seems like just the thing to complete his life, that is until she arrives. Suddenly he's saddled with a woman who doesn't know a stovetop from a washtub, and to make matters worse she wants nothing to do with him.

Definitely Yes
by Ella Miles
$0.00, 228 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (92 reviews), #239 in New Adult & College Romance
One question from an ex-lover.

One text message from a complete stranger.

The same answer to both...Yes.

Scarlett Bell has found a way to move beyond a dark past that threatened to take her best friend, Kinsley, from her. Now ten years later Scarlett has everything. A multi-billion dollar fashion and beauty empire. A fabulous New York apartment filled with everything a girl could need. And an awesome best friend. What more could she want? Love, marriage, and a baby. Everything her best friend has.

One ex-boyfriend could give her everything she thinks she wants. Even if he is a little too nice...

One dark stranger could give her everything she never knew she wanted. But he could destroy her life...

Two men. Two choices. One answer to both: Definitely Yes.

Trapped with the Guy Next Door: A Second Chance Romance with First Love (Holiday Romance in Snowflake Falls Book 2)
by Jessa Joy
$0.00, 44 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (36 reviews), #78 in Holiday Fiction

A second chance romance standalone

I’ve lost my job, home and boyfriend.

Just before Christmas.

But when I move back home, my gorgeous high school crush is living right next door. He’s sex in a Santa suit but there are two big problems.

One - I think he hates me.

And two - he’s my new boss.

Will getting trapped with him make my Christmas wish come true?

I’ve never stopped thinking about her.

But she left me high and dry on our third date when she was at high school.

Now she’s back in Snowflake Falls, working with me every day and I can’t get her out of my head.

She’s the sexiest Christmas helper I’ve ever seen, but can I forget the past?

Wild Card: A Dark Boston Irish Mafia Romance (The Carneys Book 3)
by Sophie Austin
$0.00, 214 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (35 reviews), #56 in Contemporary Romance

She's wild, in all the best ways.
Catriona Carney is a socialite.
A beautiful, sassy influencer who’s not afraid of anything
Even though she should be.
She's part of the mob family that killed my parents
And stole their livelihood.
She also happens to be my uncle's hostage.
He's always getting into trouble with the mafia.
But this time, stealing the princess doesn't quite work out.
For starters, I’m falling in love with her.
Second, her father doesn't want her back.
In the end I'll have to go to my sworn enemies for help.
Because Catriona holds the ransom on my heart,
And I'll pay any price to save her.

Wild Card is a standalone book in a hot new dark mafia series – The Carneys - written by bestselling author Sophie Austin. Escape into the high drama, action-packed and dark mafia world of Boston's richest crime family. Meet Giovanni DeLuca, delicious Italian mobster, and watch him try to resist beautiful, defiant, and brave Catriona. Together, they’ll face how deep down the depravities of the Carney family really go. Could their love be strong enough to rebuild from the wreckage of their families’ clash? No cheating, no cliffhangers, and can be enjoyed as a standalone.

If you loved The Doyles, but wanted them even darker, the Carneys are for you.

RISE: A Prequel Novella (Sin and Secrets)
by Cara Wade
$0.00, 138 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (22 reviews), #120 in Romance Anthologies
Get drawn into an addictive world of sin and secrets as we take you back to how it all started and tell the stories of four best friends who experience loss, heartbreak, and love.
Meet Eden, Magnolia, Everleigh, and Addison in this introduction prequel novella and learn about their pasts and how it'll forever haunt them.

Like the mighty Phoenix, these ladies will RISE.

DISCLAIMER: This is a background introduction novella, not a full story with a HEA. Please note, this is a dark romance with possible trigger warnings.

Magnolia's story Delivered in Sin, coming December 2020

Everleigh's story Star-Crossed Secrets, coming January 2021

Addison's story High Rise Secrets, coming February 2021

Eden's story Marked by Sin, coming March 2021

Hot Cop (Too Hot To Handle Book 1)
by Aubree Valentine
$0.00, 204 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (34 reviews), #212 in Romantic Comedy

Revenge is a dish best served with humor.

I’ve always believed in happily ever after, until he walked out on me without a word and left behind a lifelong memory in his place. Writing a humorous and fictional account of our time together helped me cope and captured a bigger audience than I could ever imagine.

When that book brings my muse right back into my life, keeping my distance is useless.

The chemistry is far too hard to ignore.

I made a vow to protect and serve my community. Becoming a cover model was never part of my plan, but one viral photo in the middle of a hurricane changes all of that. And brings her back into my life.

She thinks she can push me away, but I don’t give up that easy.

But there’s a secret between us.

When he finds out the truth will things be too hot for this cop? Only time will tell.

A Toxic Kind of Love: (Four Letter Word, #2)
by Bella Jay
$0.00, 168 pages, 4.9 out of 5.0 (16 reviews), #308 in Black & African American Literature
Adalyn Russell craved love even though love always left her out to dry with a broken heart. She fought for it no matter what and after being in a relationship for almost two years with Landon, she’s determined to get her happily ever after by any means necessary.

Landon Matthews is charming, handsome, and a master manipulator. He’s always been one to get what he wants and Adalyn was no exception. As his deceitful ways catch up with him, he’ll do what it takes to make sure Adalyn stays where she belongs - by his side.

Waze Whitmoore is attentive, alluring and candid. A lover of love but a believer that things will happen when they are meant to. He wasn't looking for love but when he meets his close friend’s sister, he has no idea how quickly she’ll win him over.

Adalyn’s naive ways and determination to get her fairytale leads her on a toxic path causing her to miss the one thing she wanted all along even though it’s staring her right in the face.

Follow her on her journey to find the true meaning of love…
Each book in the Four Letter Word Series is a standalone but the books are meant to be read in order as the books take place during the same time.

Devil’s Knights MC: Books 1-4
by Winter Travers
$0.00, 682 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (66 reviews), #7 in Romance Anthologies
Start the ride with Lo, Meg, and the Devil's Knights MC.

Hot bikers, sassy women, and love stories to make your heart melt.

Loving Lo
Finding love again was never in Meg's plans. One eventful morning at the dollar store changes her life forever.
Can she let Lo in her life without losing herself again? Or will she walk away from the one true thing that could make her happy?

Finding Cyn
Beaten and broken down by the man who was supposed to be her happy ending, Cyn’s lost and alone, with no happy ending in sight.
Can Rigid break through Cyn’s walls, showing her she is more than her shattered past, or will her demons consume her before Rigid can find her?

Gravel’s Road
Ethel had her happily ever after. It may have ended too soon, but it was more than some people got. After Gravel gets hurt, it’s Ethel to the rescue, nursing him back to health, and unearthing feelings she had tried to hide for so long.
Gravel doesn’t want to settle down. He’s lived his life his way for the past forty years, why mess with something that isn’t broke? Except Ethel manages to sneak her way in, making Gravel second guess his plan, wondering if maybe there has been something missing all along.

Battling Troy
A one night stand; that was all it was supposed to be. At least that’s what Marley thought.
After a blundered kidnapping, Troy and Marley are constantly thrown together, fighting an attraction they both don’t want, but can’t be denied.
Who will be the first to raise the white flag and surrender to their desires, realizing some battles are worth fighting?

Blindside: A 5th Street Short story
by Elizabeth Reyes
$0.00, 79 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (64 reviews), #194 in Contemporary Short Stories
Trust and communication go hand in hand in Noah’s marriage. Not once has he ever questioned the complete faith he has in Roni.

Until the devastating BLINDSIDE . . .

Blindside is a 5th Street stand alone short story.

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