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Newly Free African American Kindle Books for 2021-04-09

As We Lay: Demi and Greyson (Forbidden Lust Series Book 1)
by Aubree Pynn
$0.00, 64 pages, 4.9 out of 5.0 (53 reviews), #3 in Black & African American Erotica
Demi is a force but Greyson is the enforcer. Together the race is on to tame each other. Can they make this week one to be remembered or will outside forces ruin a good thing before it’s started?
Find out in As We Lay: Forbidden Lust Series Book One.

Loyal to a Thug, Fiending for a G
by Stephanie Partee
$0.00, 146 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (25 reviews), #110 in Black & African American Urban Fiction
Loyalty. By definition it is a strong feeling of support or allegiance. But sometimes being devoted to the wrong one can be harmful to you.
When Imena Riley meets Ennis Paine, he makes her feel protected in a way she never had before. She goes from a mediocre life to being his first lady. Paine is a man of the streets, a thug. And his lifestyle isn’t anything new to her. She’s willing to look beyond what he does because of how he takes care of her, leaving her wanting for nothing. Soon, Imena realizes that a lot comes with being Paine’s woman. Have the rose colored glasses she’s been sporting during her relationship finally been removed?
Atron Gregory is a man about his money, by any means. He’s the kind of man that will work with his enemy if the price is right. Even his relationship with his childhood friend is something calculated and arranged. After suffering more losses than he would care to count in his personal life, his only focus right now is maintaining and building his business. Atron is the kind of man that doesn’t believe in meaningful relationships, at least not anymore. The last thing he expects is the odd pull that begins to develop with a business associates woman. But somehow, Imena is breaking through all of the barriers he’s placed around himself.
When Imena is left with nowhere to turn, will Atron be able to save her? Or is he just another man on a list of many to disappoint and use her?

Stuck in the Middle (The Reverse Harem Marvelous Three Saga: Sons of the Elite Book 2)
by Smauggy Universe
$0.00, 246 pages, 4.9 out of 5.0 (40 reviews), #3 in Black & African American Romance
The Richardson brothers have reached an impasse: give into their desire for Gabrielle Johansson and risk her safety, or distance themselves from her altogether to keep her safe. What will they do?

And what's the deal with the new blue-green eyed, Irish stud Michael Bo? Who is he and why does he have his sights on Gabrielle? Perhaps Charlie and Chris have more to worry about than they thought.

This is the SECOND book in the multi-genre, reverse-harem erotic thriller Marvelous 3 Saga. Gabrielle Johansson is Black Girl Magic personified in the Sons of the Elite Series. Take a ride with Smauggy on this roller-coaster journey and visit her website at SMAUGGY.COM for a full cinematic experience complete with casting and soundtrack.

This saga can be read in any series order. But if you're reading The Marvelous 3 Saga in its entirety, the order is as follows: Damaged > Stuck in the Middle > Man's Weakness > Family Ties > 4Play > Hackers with(out) Remorse > Rise of the Phoenix > Untamed > Rogue Gone Ravage

Damaged (The Reverse Harem Marvelous Three Saga: Sons of the Elite Book 1)
by Smauggy Universe
$0.00, 469 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (66 reviews), #2 in Black & African American Romance
Love. Wealth. Success. Gabrielle Johansson has attained all three as one of Los Angeles's most hard-working and successful young, black professionals. In addition to becoming one of LA's best surgeons, she is also engaged to world-renowned artist Damian DuPont.

All that seems to change when she gets a phone call that Steve Richardson, beloved friend of the family and father of her childhood best friends, Chris and Charlie, passed away. Upon her return back to rural Pennsylvania, she is overwhelmed with memories of her childhood, family, and friends. In an attempt to rekindle old friendships, Gabrielle is forced to face old buried feelings for the Richardson brothers and finds herself constantly succumbing to repressed desires.

But what are her childhood best friends really hiding? She soon finds herself in the cross-hairs of a toxic feud involving intense violence, dishonesty, love, and unthinkable betrayal.

This is the FIRST book in the multi-genre, reverse-harem erotic thriller Marvelous 3 Saga. Gabrielle Johansson is Black Girl Magic personified in the Sons of the Elite Series. Take a ride with Smauggy on this roller-coaster journey and visit her website at SMAUGGY.COM for a full cinematic experience complete with casting and soundtrack.

This saga can be read in any series order. But if you're reading The Marvelous 3 Saga in its entirety, the order is as follows: Damaged > Stuck in the Middle > Man's Weakness > Family Ties > 4Play > Hackers with(out) Remorse > Rise of the Phoenix > Untamed > Rogue Gone Ravage

The Sweet Spot: A Maple Hills Story (Book 1)
by Tay Mo'Nae
$0.00, 182 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (40 reviews), #1 in Black & African American Romance
While trying to balance her family bakery, losing her mother & learning a few secrets is a lot for anyone, Amara was walking with the weight of the world on her shoulders. Trying to gain control of her life again seemed impossible but falling in love with her best friend might be what the doctor ordered.

Knowing what it’s like to lose his parents and feel lost, Khalil promises Amara to stay by her side & help her through the pain. What he wasn’t expecting was his feelings for her to grow stronger as well as their bond!

They say once one door closes, another opens, and Amara and Khalil are about to find out just how right that is.

Man's Weakness (The Reverse Harem Marvelous Three Saga: Sons of the Elite Book 3)
by Smauggy Universe
$0.00, 320 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (41 reviews), #4 in Black & African American Romance
Gabrielle Johansson's childhood best friends, Chris and Charlie Richardson belong to the most infamous mobster family in the world. Known in their underworld as the 'Blue Kaiser' and the 'Blonde Lycan' for their brutal and ruthless history, their ledger runs red with blood.

Her Irish ex-boss, Michael Beaumont, runs one of the most elite and dangerous mobster family businesses the world has ever seen. With clients from national military all over the world, his weaponized drugs rival the nuclear bomb.

And they're all in love with her...

Did I mention that the Richardsons and the Beaumonts absolutely hate each other?

After surviving several life-threatening moments, Gabrielle finally not only learns the truth about her friends and her boss but even darker secrets about her past. She'll either cope with them or take them head-on regardless of what the collateral damage is.

This is the THIRD book in the multi-genre, reverse-harem erotic thriller Marvelous 3 Saga. Gabrielle Johansson is Black Girl Magic personified in the Sons of the Elite Series. Take a ride with Smauggy on this roller-coaster journey and visit her website at SMAUGGY.COM for a full cinematic experience complete with casting and soundtrack.

This saga can be read in any series order. But if you're reading The Marvelous 3 Saga in its entirety, the order is as follows: Damaged > Stuck in the Middle > Man's Weakness > Family Ties > 4Play > Hackers with(out) Remorse > Rise of the Phoenix > Untamed > Rogue Gone Ravage

Love On Repeat: A Valentine's Short
by Kyeate
$0.00, 41 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (11 reviews), #47 in Black & African American Women's Fiction
Are you willing to be locked in the studio for hours on end with your ex-lover creating your next big hit on Valentine’s Eve?

With feelings of passion and pain all coming back, how will Rory and Daxton survive this session with love on repeat?

Friends Before Lovers
by K Nicole
$0.00, 185 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (10 reviews), #1 in Black & African American Urban Fiction
Friends of the opposite sex can be friends without falling for one another, right? Yeah, but not for Bank and Stasia.

They met at ten years old and instantly clicked. Now at eighteen, Bank and Stasia hide their feelings for one another as they go through life together.

Bank hustled, and Stasia aimed to make her parents proud by attending college. Totally opposites, but they got each other.

No one could break them apart.

Cayendo: A Heart Betrayed
by Tyneese Fields
$0.00, 166 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (7 reviews), #5 in Black & African American Urban Fiction
Laila has only been in love once in her life. Although it ended in heartbreak, not even time and the girl who broke up her relationship could sever the love she has for Xavier Keys. Over time, her heart had healed, and Laila moved on from her one true love. However, when their paths unexpectedly cross seven years later, all of those old feelings rush to the surface.

Xavier Keys has been the backbone of his family since his father, Xavier Sr., was found guilty of murdering his mother. Along with his twin and his adopted brother, he has kept the family construction company and drug empire running during his father’s incarceration. When his father announces that he’s ready to hand down the keys to the kingdom and appoint one brother as leader, the family dynamic shifts. Will the brothers be able to maintain their bond once Xavier Sr. puts them in competition with each other?

Laila has always had Xavier’s heart, regardless of who he was married to. When Laila comes back to town, he feels that he has been given a second chance with the love of his life. With the race to the throne of his family’s empire and a vengeful wife complicating things, Xavier and Laila’s love is once again tested.

Will Xavier’s life choices betray Laila’s heart for good, or will Laila fall and indulge wholeheartedly in this torrid love affair.

Forbidden Acts: A Love Story
by Skylar Nightingale
$0.00, 326 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #7 in Black & African American Romance
Life seems perfect for twenty-six-year-old Zuri Adara. She lands her dream job as an academic advisor, purchases a new home, and meets a beautiful guy who sets her heart aflame, Alex Nile. Unfortunately, he’s her twenty-year-old college student.

She feels an unexplainable connection when looking into his eyes, which tears her up inside. In attempts to repel the spark, she avoids eye contact with him. However, his presence alone causes her to question her resolve. One night while assisting with a school mixer event, Alex asks her to dance. She initially rejects the invitation, but the enrapturing moment compels her to drift onto the floor with him.

Suddenly, she stops and warns him that it can never happen again. Feeling disappointed in herself, she realizes she must come up with a solution to tame her yearning heart; otherwise, she risks giving in to her desires and losing it all.

White Night : African American Romance Book Collection
by Tammy Ware
$0.00, 128 pages, 3.7 out of 5.0 (23 reviews), #28 in Black & African American Romance
Get FOUR hot African American romance short stories and enjoy over 40,000+ words of reading inside!

Dare for More - African American Romance
The Hubby I Never Knew - African American Threesome MFM Billionaire Romance
My Everything- African American Billionaire Romance
CROSSROAD - African American Ice Hockey Romance

WARNING: This book contains mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only!

Standalone short stories all ending Happily Ever After and unlimited reading with Kindle Unlimited!

Intentional Curse (Generational Curse)
by Tracy Reed
$0.00, 122 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #18 in Black & African American Romance
Before Dr. Eric King was with Kyla, he chased Olivia Bennett.

Dr. Eric King wants to be the most sought after marriage therapist in New York. Olivia Bennett is one of the most powerful socialites in Manhattan. An endorsement from her could give Eric everything he wants. He sets out to seduce her. Unfortunately, Olivia refuses to sleep with him. He's stumped and not sure how to resolve his problem.

Someone To Love Me Talon and Desi A Christmas Short
by Lasandra King
$0.00, 55 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #20 in U.S. Short Stories
What happens when you see someone and you get that instant attraction? Well that was what Mari Thompson thought when she dragged her best friend to her brother’s Christmas wedding. Hoping that when they laid eyes on each other, they would fall in love. Talon Monroe was what you called a self proclaimed bachelor. He vowed never to give his heart to another woman after his last girlfriend broke his heart so he did what all men did when their heart was broken, sleep with many women and hope that heals their broken heart but it never works. Talon realized that when he began to feel like something was missing from his life. He didn’t know what it was but he wanted it.
Desiree “Desi” Logan wanted love, like it was every woman’s dream to find their one true love, that one man that belonged to only her. She’s never had that and now she wanted it. Dating has become highly overrated and she wanted the marriage, kids, white picket fence and all that but she always fell short with the men she encountered. When her bestie dragged her to her brother’s wedding, she objected on every corner. She didn’t want to be at a wedding where she wanted what they had.
Laying eyes on each other for the first time, it was like there was no one in the room but them. Talon and Desi had this pull towards each other that they couldn’t explain but something that they didn’t want to fight so when Talon suggests that they have this sex filled weekend, Desi had her doubts but she threw caution to the wind and agreed to his terms: after this weekend they would go their separate ways and forget this weekend ever existed. But how can she do that when in that short time she fell head over heels for Talon. Talon never felt anything like it before and it scared him but he wanted her, all of her and past the weekend they agreed upon.
Can two people who have never met before have that feeling that they were the one that they were looking for all this time. Instant attraction is a feeling that will leave you second guessing everything you know about love. Will Talon and Desi get their happily ever after with each other? This is one Christmas that neither Talon or Desi will forget.

FIND HER KEEP HER (Russian Swirl Book 1)
by Alexandra Isobel
$0.00, 30 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #2 in 45-Minute Romance Short Reads
Savannah and Yuri have been happily married for two years. Now she's on a rampage to burn down their world, and disillusioned slightly crazy Yuri is desperately trying to find her and stop her.

Newly Free Time Travel Kindle Books for 2021-04-09

Ancient storm: fictional novel
by Johnson Harold
$0.00, 62 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #174 in Time Travel Romance

When a strange power threatens to wipe out the race of elves, they are sent a hero to be their saviour and he finds love among the elves while trying to save them from complete and sudden extinction.

Book synopsis: Asther Evans stumbles through a portal in his father’s yard to another world, a world of elves and dwarfs. They are faced with a new power they have never seen and prophecy says they have to look for their saviour in something they don’t know. Asther meets the princess; Aella and falls for her as she falls for him. Together they go on a journey to save both their world and his from the threat that seeks to consume both worlds. A story of love and old lies, where allegiances change and sacrifices are made.

Newly Free Vampires Kindle Books for 2021-04-09

Medusa and the Magic Touch: A Bully Reverse Harem Romance (Broken Monster Academy Episode Book 2)
by Avery Free
$0.00, 41 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #32 in One-Hour Romance Short Reads
I’ve never seen classes like this before.

Broken Monster Academy is wrong in all the right ways. Apparently, they see nothing wrong with me having to share an apartment with three hot men: a siren, an incubus, and a gargoyle. Nor do they have any qualms with having their professors cross some very hot lines with their students.

All that I can live with.

But when one my friends back home is hurt, and I learn someone at the academy might be responsible, everything changes. Now not only do I have to survive this school with its questionable rules, and its sexy-as-sin men, I have to seek revenge for friend.

Unfortunately for my enemies, Medusa is one monster they should never have crossed.

MEDUSA AND THE MAGIC TOUH is a paranormal reverse harem romance. It is a light bully academy, so her guys are not always the nicest, but they are redeemable. It is also a VERY steamy story that moves at a quick pace. This is the first episode in the series. Each episode will be released every two-four weeks.

Eternal Youth: An Eternal Novel
by K.G. Inglis
$0.00, 450 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #58 in Vampire Suspense

Book 7 – The Eternal Series

Sometimes destiny is stronger than the obstacles standing in your way

Philippe had been a 13 year old vampire for more than 150 years. Now he finds himself with an adult body complete with adult hormones, and no clue how to handle it all. And, becoming an overnight chick magnet has complicated things with Nadia, the only woman he has ever loved…secretly. The problem is he’s stuck in her friend zone, especially since her own recent changes are wreaking havoc on her life?

Nadia is just your average girl, who just happens to be a druid…with almost no magical abilities. And, her love life up until now has consisted of missteps and train wrecks. Oh, and she’s now an Ei'Ambriath, which basically means she can see auras…and nothing else because, well, she’s also blind. It’s a pretty underwhelming combination, right?

Figuring out how to manage their changes in a world ever present with supernatural dangers while navigating the boundaries of their relationship is tough enough, but adding to this turbulent mix is the looming shadow of Philippe’s murderous and traitorous brother, Nicholas.

Nicholas has already left a trail of bodies in his wake and now has Nadia set firmly in his sights. With the clock ticking and time running out, Philippe must find a way to save Nadia, and hopefully win her heart in the process. Tick, tick, tick!

Amazon Review:

“Breathtaking and exhilarating! A steamy, action packed adventure that will have you turning pages as fast as your heart is beating.”

Night Goddess (21st Century Sirens Book 5)
by T Stedman
$0.00, 605 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #6,466 in Psychic Romance
Everything we are and everything we’re meant to be is written in our blood …

In this, the penultimate installment of the 21st Century Sirens series, there is just one siren left unaccounted for. The truce with the humans is crumbling and Dante, the king, is struggling to hold the Atlantean race together. Meanwhile, in the shadows, a sect of warrior monks works tirelessly to wipe them from the face of the earth for ever.


PHOEBE RAY has planned a fun gap year in Seattle, but a wild night with enigmatic rock singer DREW STONE changes everything.

In the heat of passion, he makes the mistake of giving her his blood. Not that he has much choice when the change comes over her. Surprisingly he sticks around and from that moment they are inseparable and their whole world turns upside down.

After an offer they can’t refuse, they’re taken to a castle in Ireland to meet her people; a race Phoebe never knew existed. Hidden in plain sight, the Atlanteans have inhabited the earth for thousands of years. It soon becomes apparent that, even there, blood-drinking is frowned upon. Phoebe and Drew find themselves distrusted, and under scrutiny because something is happening with Drew too. He’s changing.

In a world out to get them, where no one can be trusted, all they want is to be together. But she is the very last in a 10,000-year-old prophecy and Drew could derail it all.

Time has run out and the Atlanteans are at risk of discovery. In the end it all rests on Phoebe…

Is she up to the task?… She’s a 21st Century Siren and makes up her own rules!

Night Goddess is Book 5 in the 21st Century Sirens series and a sexy, fast-paced fantasy romance. The Atlantean world of forbidden passion, dark strangers and tangled relationships is just a click away.

The Truth of Fate: Vampire and Pregnancy Romance Novel
by Joy Orange
$0.00, 153 pages, 3.4 out of 5.0 (30 reviews), #129 in Paranormal Vampire Romance
Olivia Hunt is dragged to the underworld.

Her ex-boyfriend, Sebastian Bart, rapes her in the backyard of her own house, she gets pregnant. The young adult is left to pay off huge debts that isn’t even hers which takes her out of her comfort zone. Disgraced, humiliated, broke and pregnant, Olivia finds herself in what she thought was a fairytale.

The Royal is the head of all super naturals; vampires, shifters and the unknown. He needs an heir and he needs it soon, with or without his destined. As a well-bred vampire, Lucas Royal knows his duty as a king, he sees the pregnant kidnapped girl brought to his palace without his knowledge.

Fate brings Olivia and Lucas together. It could be called twist of fate. Olivia discovers friendship isn’t pure, and babies can save your life, if you think outside the box. Pregnant for human!! Mated to a Vampire!!

WARNING: This eBook contains mature language and content intended for 18+ readers only!

A standalone romance novel ending Happily Ever After and unlimited reading with Kindle Unlimited!

Duke, Love Me Book 1: “Will you feel in love with your FOOD, if you were a vampire?”
by Novel Cat
$0.00, 517 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #332 in Paranormal Vampire Romance
Morgana Gilbert was a normal human girl, living with her father and step-mother. Just like all the Miss Cinderellas, she became the least beloved child. Therefore, for the family business, her father decided to sacrifice her and insisted on marrying her to an “ugly and violent” rich guy, who is also a noble Duke.
To cure her poor mother’s illness, Morgana accepted her fate and went to that legendary man, Mr. Royce Salvador’s villa. Then she found out a shocking secret of Royce's. He is a vampire, with half of his face destroyed under the silver mask!
Instead of fears, Morgana presented an uncharacteristic composure, which was totally out of Royce’s expectation. He became interested in this girl but also tried to figure out her darkest intentions. Meanwhile, Morgane indeed made up a crazy mind...

Newly Free Paranormal Kindle Books for 2021-04-09

Stone Song (The Isle of Destiny Series Book 1)
by Tricia O'Malley
$0.00, 306 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (860 reviews), #1 in Occult Magic
From New York Times Bestselling author, Tricia O’Malley, comes a riveting magickal romance set in modern day Dublin.

Clare MacBride has her life in exactly the order she wants it. In a year, she’ll have finished her geology dissertation, though she’s no closer to figuring out the answer to one question that plagues her.

Why does she feel stones pulse with energy?

A centuries-old curse, a mysterious faction of protectors, and a mythological godstone all sound like old world fairytale nonsense to Clare. It only takes one rainy evening with a silver-eyed fae and a handsome stranger promising protection to rock her world forever.

With her life plans shattered at her feet, the lines of science and fiction blur as Clare is forced to throw everything she knows about the world out the window and look deep within her heart for answers.

Wolfsbane: Evelyn & Aiden
by Bethany Shay Porteous
$0.00, 422 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (193 reviews), #5 in Paranormal Werewolves & Shifters Romance
Growing up in one of the most blood purity conscious wolf packs in the US, Evelyn, a half-blooded wolf is subjected to abuse and torment on a daily basis. Trusting no one, Evelyn lives a lonely life of solitude, dreaming of the day when she can leave pack life and live under the radar with humans. But could a trip to the Wolfsbane pack in Oregon change everything?

High House Ursa: The Complete Bear Shifter Box Set (Plymouth Falls Shifters Book 1)
by Riley Storm
$0.00, 1182 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (174 reviews), #7 in Science Fiction Romance
Big, growly, and utterly protective...

These huge, hunky bear shifters will stop at nothing to claim their mates and protect their loved ones. All five stories in one convenient place. Snuggle in and read along for some silly fun, scorching love, and fierce family bonds!

The House of Ursa is fractured, and the only thing that can bring it together again is if new shifters assume the positions of power. The catch? Law requires that they be mated first. With traitors in their midst, these bear shifters will have to fight tooth and claw to protect their newfound mates. Who knew small-town living could be so dangerous?!

Contained in this Box Set:

Bearing Secrets: Kirell. The Captain.
Furever Loyal: Kincaid. The Hunter.
Mated to the Enemy: Klaue. The Champion.
Shifting Alliances: Kasperi. The Magi.
Blood Bearon: Khove. The Knight.

Rise of the Phoenix (The Reverse Harem Marvelous Three Saga: NOLA Witches Book 2)
by Smauggy Universe
$0.00, 471 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (28 reviews), #15 in Multicultural & Interracial Romance
A newly empowered Kiara LaFleur has finally arrived in Louisiana, home of the infamous New Orleans Witch Massacre. With the help of her vampire and wolf families, the power of her ancestors, and a coven of witches at her side, Kiara has become one of the most powerful witches of her time.

She is the last hope they have to break the curse and stop the impending supernatural war among vampires, wolves, and witches alike.

But life has never been easy for Kiara, and it certaintly won't start now. More dark secrets lie ahead as Kiara discovers a danger greater than wolves, vampires, and evil witches...


This is the SEVENTH book in the multi-genre, reverse-harem erotic thriller Marvelous 3 Saga. Kiara LaFleur is literally Black Girl Magic in the NOLA Witches Series. Take a ride with Smauggy on this roller-coaster journey and visit her website at SMAUGGY.COM for a full cinematic experience complete with a trailer, casting and soundtrack.

This saga can be read in any series order. But if you're reading The Marvelous 3 Saga in its entirety, the order is as follows: Damaged > Stuck in the Middle > Man's Weakness > Family Ties > 4Play > Hackers with(out) Remorse > Rise of the Phoenix > Untamed > Rogue Gone Ravage

Family Ties (The Reverse Harem Marvelous Three Saga: NOLA Witches Book 1)
by Smauggy Universe
$0.00, 751 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (44 reviews), #1 in Erotic Thrillers
"When life gives you lemons, make something sweet!"
The kindhearted and high-spirited Kiara LaFleur is a hardworking, advanced nurse specialist. She studies rare diseases when she's not putting extra hours working in the ER. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity presents itself when she's offered a full-tuition scholarship to Excalibur University. The accelerated MD program allows her to practice her studies on a willing patient with the same illness she's been researching: Evangeline Blackbourne, the beloved sister of the Blackbourne brothers.

But who exactly are the Blackbournes? Kiara finds they're a little too invested in her. As she looks after the slowly dying Evangeline, Kiara starts to learn dark and life-changing secrets not just about the family, but about her town, and herself...

This is the FOURTH book in the multi-genre, reverse-harem ADULT THEME/EROTIC THRILLER Marvelous 3 Saga. Kiara LaFleur is literally Black Girl Magic in the NOLA Witches Series. Take a ride with Smauggy on this roller-coaster journey and visit her website at SMAUGGY.COM for a full cinematic experience complete with a trailer, casting and soundtrack.

This saga can be read in any series order. But if you're reading The Marvelous 3 Saga in its entirety, the order is as follows: Damaged > Stuck in the Middle > Man's Weakness > Family Ties > 4Play > Hackers with(out) Remorse > Rise of the Phoenix > Untamed > Rogue Gone Ravage

A Wolf's Honor (The Kincaid Werewolves Book 2)
by L.E. Wilson
$0.00, 252 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (28 reviews), #14 in Fantasy & Futuristic Romance
This book was previously published with the title "Fae Encounter".

He always followed the rules. Until she broke them.
Marc Kincaid must convince a rival werewolf pack that their worst nightmare is about to become reality. In order for their species to survive, the packs must form an alliance .To win them over, he has to play their games. But he runs across an unexpected glitch—a bonnie Fae lass with curves capable of unmanning him and a stubborn streak to match. His response to her is instant and hungry, and makes him burn for more than just survival. But she's not a rule he's willing to break.
Bronaugh Lane has been fighting her dark Fae nature her entire life. Giving up control is not in her character. If she did, she would lose everyone she cares about. So when she meets a werewolf with the hard muscles of a warrior and a soft Scottish brogue, her intense yearning for him is disconcerting. She should keep her distance, but her lusty nature is her undoing, nearly messing up her plans to get close to the Texas pack, because Marc is her only chance at infiltrating their den.
And then the game changes.
There are no rules now.

Untamed (The Reverse Harem Marvelous Three Saga: NOLA Witches Book 3)
by Smauggy Universe
$0.00, 583 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (25 reviews), #1 in Lesbian Erotica
This story relives the events of Rise of the Phoenix from two other perspectives: Cole & Peter Blackbourne.

Cole Blackbourne: the smartass, violent, and crude jokester with no filter. Cole is the playboy of the Blackbourne brothers. The only thing he dislikes more than mortals is witches. So, it doesn't help when one particular dark-skinned, pure-hearted, animal-loving witch who values all life completely consumes his mind to the point of obsession. Ava is slowly getting under his skin. Everything about her irks him. To Cole, she's too innocent and pure and he desperately wants to corrupt her. But Ava has secrets of her own. He's damaged. She's scarred. Sometimes healing comes from the most unlikely places.

Peter Blackbourne: from sweet, adorable toddler to moody, angry teenager overnight. Thanks to a blood bond gone horribly wrong, the 300-year-old vampire is not only back to his self-destructive mental state but confined to a 19-year-old body that he has no idea how to navigate. As he tries to rediscover a world he hates, Peter soon learns from two others that sexuality is fluid for a vampire. But do they just make his dick throb or is there something more?

This book has STRONG HOMOEROTIC scenes.

This is another perspective of the SEVENTH book in the multi-genre, reverse-harem erotic thriller Marvelous 3 Saga. Take a ride with Smauggy on this roller-coaster journey and visit her website at SMAUGGY.COM for a full cinematic experience complete with a trailer, casting and soundtrack.

This saga can be read in any series order. But if you're reading The Marvelous 3 Saga in its entirety, the order is as follows: Damaged > Stuck in the Middle > Man's Weakness > Family Ties > 4Play > Hackers with(out) Remorse > Rise of the Phoenix > Untamed > Rogue Gone Ravage

Pixie's Gift
by Raven Wolfe
$0.00, 148 pages, 4.9 out of 5.0 (10 reviews), #169 in Paranormal Ghost Romance

Love is a beautiful thing; the air that keeps us going and the brightness of our day. Love has depth, and when that level of depth mixes with loss, you see some of the most unexpected things manifesting. Pixie’s gift highlights the story of two individuals who are coming to terms with the loss of people whom they thought they couldn't live without. Life becomes unbearable, and all hope seems to be lost. The day gets darker, and living becomes more of a complication. All hope is lost, or is it?

Adam and Sarah, strangers until now, in the depth of their loss and with the need for closure, find they need to visit the local bridge in their small charming village for different reasons so they could move on with life. Would this adventure to the local bridge yield the right results? Can they put the ghosts of their pasts to bed, or would they need the help of a friendly ghost?

We capture the essence and beauty of love in this book, and even in the event of loss, we see that love never dies.

Pixie’s Gift Book Trailer Video

Gods and Shifters Boxset: A Paranormal Romance Collection
by Ava Williams
$0.00, 441 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (30 reviews), #102 in Romance Anthologies
Hot, gorgeous, and sinful shifters and gods await! This collection contains four standalone novellas featuring all the sizzling chemistry, naughty desires, and primal passions you could ever want.

Deal With the Wrong Devil (Covenant of Lust)

A fine line exists between mortals and demons, especially when it's your sworn enemy and ex-lover.

I’ve wanted Mr. Tall, Dark, And Cocky dead for years.

Now, he’s back in my life. And as much as I hate him, we have to work together to survive.

I see the way he looks at me. I know what he wants.

I want it too.

But not before he begs for mercy.

Things have always been complicated between us, and that was before the baby showed up.

Bad Boy God Next Door

I never thought I’d find a god on the ranch.

I’m a siren with nowhere to call home.
I’ve made mistakes in my life and lost everything.
But there’s one place left for me to start over and try again.
My old ancestral family home is available to me, but it will cost me.

I found him there.
He’s a Heraclean, a godly, gorgeous hunter of monsters.
I swore I’d never love a Heraclean after my past.
But he’s protected me and saved me.
And I don’t know why his sinful eyes tempt me.

He wants to claim me.
And I want to be ravaged by him.
But I don’t know if I can love him.

Not since his family killed my mother and ruined my life.

Jaguar's Forever Bride

I didn't know the witch was my forever mate when I came to kill her.

I’ve tracked her family line for generations to end my curse.
If I kill the reincarnated version of the witch who cursed me,
I can finally live again and end these centuries of torment.

But after all these years, I couldn’t finish the job.
Her sharp wit and feminine curves ignite a passion in me that I can’t control.
I have feelings for her that I don’t understand.
She agrees to do whatever I say, but I can tell she doesn’t trust me.
She’s afraid of my reputation as a shifter mercenary.

I know she feels the connection too.
I know she wants me as much as I want her.
There’s a way that I can break the curse and save her too,
But it comes at a hefty, forever price.

Bear Necessities

We once ruled kingdoms as gods.
Me, the cocky bear shifter.
She, the curvy witch with a spell so binding it would bring any shifter to their knees.

I was the first to take her purity when we were young.
And the first to break her heart.
A mistake I've always regretted.

Now, the curvy goddess is back after all these years.
And her sassy wit and hazel eyes make me regret my arrogant ways.

The fate of the world rests on our shoulders.
And she must put aside our past to save everything we hold dear.
We must return to the home of our love, where I first claimed her.
Her touch ignites a passion in me that I can no longer ignore.

I want her.

And I always get what I want.

No cheating and a guaranteed HEA. Contains sexy shifters and gods and should be enjoyed by 18+

Bearly Smitten: Grizzly Shifter Romance (The Alpha's Bride Book 1)
by Misha Carver
$0.00, 75 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (36 reviews), #24 in Paranormal Ghost Romance
Book 1 in The Alpha's Bride Series:

Surrendering my lips to his was akin to selling my soul to the devil...

When bear shifter Jed Barton’s keynote speaker engagement and his role as pack alpha require him to have a wife, he does what any other tycoon would do – he hires one – the last thing he wanted to do was fall in love with her.


Have you ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t? Jed, my boss, is hot. I mean, smoking hot. But it gets worse. He’s also a womanizing jerk and a bit of a tyrant. He’d devour me if I let him. I know I should turn around and walk away, but I can’t. The heart wants what the heart wants, and it will do or endure anything to get it.


There are rules in business. Never hire a beautiful woman and never fall in love with her. Rule number one comes back to bite me in the ass every single time. You’d think a grizzly shifter of my stature could find a suitable mate without picking off his employees one by one.

Will Carrie meet Jed’s expectations to fill the role of a lifetime or will he have to pass on one of his engagements? Fur flies, stocks rise, and passion ignites in this paranormal shapeshifter romance.

More from Misha:

Unplanned Fairy Tale
Unraveled Lives
Unforgettable Melody

Light My Fire
I'm On Fire
Ring of Fire

Purrfect Chaos
Purrfect Storm
Purrfect Harmony

Sasha's Storm

The Christmas Homecoming
The Christmas Reunion
The Christmas Spirit

Jingle Bell Growl
Jingle Bell Howl
Jingle Bell Prowl

About the Author:

Misha Carver loves writing sensual paranormal/shifter and new adult/contemporary romance stories for people who want to escape into another world. Whether you're looking for shifter tales or hot alpha males, Misha's your girl. Why not put her on your eReader or Kindle today?

Midlife Muse: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel: Nine Heirs and a Spare, Book 1
by Donna McDonald
$0.00, 328 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (36 reviews), #10 in Greco-Roman Myth & Legend Fantasy eBooks
Midlife Muse is a paranormal women’s fiction novel and a new action and adventure tale from USA Today Bestselling Author, Donna McDonald.

I may look like a 40-year-old woman, but inside I'm a goddess.

My name is Goddess Atlanta. Haven't you heard of me? No? Bet you've heard of my twin sister, Athena, the Goddess of War. Sure. Everyone’s heard of her.

Shunned by my birth family, I grew up with the Muses as sisters and friends. Being a Muse sucked, though, and I failed at inspiring others.

What can I say? Being a warrior is the song that sings in my blood. Just hand me a sword and move back while I call down lightning. Be careful though because my aim’s not what it used to be. Becoming a 40-year-old and mostly mortal woman has taken a toll, especially on my knees.

Because of my father, my entire pantheon is also mortal and dying. I have to find a worthy champion to help me save us all. Failure is not an option no matter how old or mortal I get.

My name is Atlanta, Goddess of the Doomsday Prophecy. And this is my Mortal Midlife Story.

WARNING: This new story is both paranormal (think Trolls, Pegasi, and Dragons) and women’s fiction (think about growing older). Some fantasy and romantic elements are also included. This is the first book in my new series, Nine Heirs and a Spare, which has its roots in Greek mythology. You can count on the good guys winning some of their battles, but that’s the only promise I can make. As with all my writing, there will also be lots of laughs along the way.

Protected by the Wolves: Paranormal Biker Reverse Harem Romance
by Lilly Wilder
$0.00, 243 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (140 reviews), #1 in Bisexuality Studies
My Life Hit Rock Bottom. I’d Always Been Afraid To Live Properly

After a bad break up, my friend Rachel convinced me to go to a bar and sing.
She said that it wouldn’t matter, that I’d never see anyone there again.
It was true freedom.
I could sing without consequences.
It wasn’t my usual place.
It was filled with bikers.
I was the odd one out.

But quickly things changed as I met Jack, Matt, and Buck.
The three men wanted me in a way that nobody had ever wanted me before.
My eyes were opened to a new world, a world of wolves…a world of desire.
I was taken to their motorcycle club and they became my werewolves.
I loved them and they protected me.

Protected by the Wolves is a standalone paranormal bear biker reverse harem romance with a HEA and NO cheating!

Hades: His Jewel (Steel Chariots MC Book 1)
by E. Adamson
$0.00, 207 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (35 reviews), #31 in Crime Fiction

Once again, I find myself in the middle of my brother, Zeus’s games in the mortal realm. This time, we’re all members of the Steel Chariots MC, a cover designed to combat the boredom Zeus was experiencing this time. As God of the Underworld, I bow to no one, but still play his games, even if it is against my will.  

When a mortal woman crosses my path, something stirs, and triggers my interest with one glance. Suddenly I’m helpless to stop the slow burn of desire I have for her, and the need to make her mine.

A rare jewel who sees me for who I am, yet enjoys my company despite it all, I can’t let her go. I have my own realm, maybe I’ll take her with me when I go. 

Newly Free SciFi Kindle Books for 2021-04-09

Make Me Exist: A Heart-Pounding Sci-Fi Romance (Lost in Time Book 1)
by Brittany Ziegler
$0.00, 423 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (33 reviews), #3 in Science Fiction Romance

Valerie isn't who she thinks she is. She isn't even human. Hunted by an alien race, can she discover the truth before it's too late?

Valerie's daughter Charlotte is celebrating her sixth birthday and she's loving it. Presents, games, and cake! For Valerie, it's not that simple. Being with her ex-husband and his new wife is always a strain, but not as hard as finding out that you're not who you think you are.

When a group of mysterious men unexpectedly show up at the party, suddenly Valerie's whole life feels like a lie. Why do they look so familiar? Why do they act like they know her? Stranger yet, why do they have the same startling green eyes as Charlotte?

Catapulted into a world she doesn't remember, Valerie needs to trust these strangers to help save her daughter and herself from a terrible fate. She and Charlotte are pure-bloods, the only chance for an alien race on the brink of extinction.

On the run and hunted, her enemies will not rest until they have them in their clutches. But as her memories return, can Valerie tap into the powers she didn't even know she possessed and save their lives?

Make Me Exist is a heart-pounding sci-fi adventure, with just the right amount of romance, that will keep you riveted to your seat in a journey of mind twisting awakenings.

Buy your copy now and join our heroine in her quest for freedom.

This is an adult serial- meaning the novels are meant to be read in order- have copious amounts of profanity, adult situations, violence, and some triggers.

Her Academy Alpha: A Scifi Romance (Alien Encounters Book 2)
by Ruby Free
$0.00, 57 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (12 reviews), #186 in Science Fiction Romance
Balancing the academy and her secret job is harder than she ever imagined.

All Erin ever wanted to do was to become a captain of her very own starship, but there’s more standing in her way than her fellow cadets. Her other priorities are dangerous. Her secret identity could get her killed.

And someone knows something. She just doesn’t know who.

The big, domineering alien at the academy seems to want her just as much as Caleb wants to keep her safe. But can she let down her guard and trust someone else before it’s too late?

Or will Caleb pay the ultimate price?

Note: This is episode two in the Alien Encounters series. Every week a new episode will be releasing, just like an episode of a television show. These stories are short, hot, and will keep you turning the page! (These stories have been previously released.)

Her Alien Warrior (Exiled Warriors of Planet Virix Book 1)
by Viki Storm
$0.00, 198 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (44 reviews), #19 in Science Fiction Romance
One last job before I go legit. An easy smuggling run, one crate off-planet and then I can leave all my dark secrets behind.

Crash landing was not part of the plan. Neither was being rescued by a monster.

Did I say rescued? Because I think I mean kidnapped. This muscle-bound alien is keeping me captive on his ship. And if he finds out what cargo I'm really carrying? I don't want to know what he'll do to me.

He's super intense, super scary… And super hot. Once you get past the fangs and claws. He says we're mates and he's going to claim me as his own. I'm totally at his mercy—I just hope he has some underneath his scaled exterior…

Humans and aliens are not supposed to mix. If he takes me, I'll be ruined. Tainted. Despoiled. But the more he looks at me with those yellow eyes, the more I think I want to be ruined…

Mine. The female is mine. She fell out of the sky in a fiery wreck of twisted metal and now she belongs to me. A gift from the Universe itself: my fated mate.

Even though I've been exiled, I'm still a Virixian warrior—and warriors don't ask. They take. I can't wait to defile her delicate, innocent body.

But first, I have to complete this mission. I can't screw it up. All I have to do is keep my hands off this sassy female so I can focus on the job. Not likely. The desires of a Virixian warrior are voracious. She's not just going to be the death of me, but the death of us all…

This is a standalone book, no cliffhanger, HEA guaranteed!

A Tempestuous Bride: A Sci-fi Alien Romance (Brides of Beshtast Book 1)
by Juniper Kerry
$0.00, 209 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #126 in Science Fiction Romance
When Stephanie volunteered to be part of the Beshtast breeding program, she did it more for inspiration than to meet a mate. After all, an alien planet! What could be better for a painter? Then she meets Terk; he's handsome, artistic, and intelligent, and they feel an instantaneous attraction. But after some very intense fireworks at their first meeting, things take a turn, and Terk becomes domineering and altogether too alpha for her liking. Pair-bond or no pair-bond, Stephanie's not going to stand for it. As soon as she reaches Beshtast, she intends to turn around and head back to Earth.

No matter how hard he tries, Terk cannot get Stephanie out of his mind. Her scent overwhelms him whenever she is near, memories of the sounds she makes when he touches her haunt him when he closes his eyes, and he cannot escape the feeling that she is more important than anything else in his world. The only problem? She is completely unwilling to submit to him. She pushes back at each and every one of his commands, and finds increasingly interesting ways to disobey him. Terk is beginning to think he will need to take a firmer hand with her when they arrive back on his planet, even if that means dominating her completely. He will admit... he thinks he might even enjoy it.

A Tempestuous Bride is the first book in the Brides of Beshtast series, which picks up where the Warriors of the Augur Nebula series left off. It is a steamy romance that features bonded partners, mild alpha dominance, alien/human romance, and a guaranteed happy ending.

Other Worlds
by Jessica Loft
$0.00, 33 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #14 in Space Fleet Science Fiction eBooks
CAUTION: This Is A Mind Blowing Alien SciFi Romance That Leaves VERY Little To The Imagination! Experience A Strange New Encounter And Blast Off…..

January Scanlon is a female astronaut within an elite team that lives up on a station on the Moon. Their one lone vessel consists of an alien technology that was pirated from a craft that landed on Earth many years ago.

They are on a mission of discovery. January knows that her second in command, Hanson, has a crush on her, but she feels that she is only going to be one of many who have scratched their names on his bed post.

They end up on a planet somewhat like Earth with the same atmosphere, and citizens who look almost exactly the same. She meets Walker, an alien warrior, and one who has the charm to melt the panties off her body!

What happens when she gets pregnant and finds out that this is not the type of man she wants to have as a father to her child?

WARNING: Contains mature themes and language and is intended for 18+ readers only.

The Boy Who Read Minds (Mind Reader Book 1)
by Veronica Soliman
$0.00, 244 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #112 in Science Fiction Romance
Aaron's special power might just be the coolest- or scariest- thing ever! It's always helped with his bad-boy reputation, his rightfully arrogant all-knowing intimidation seemed to go a long way with his love life.

Until he met Violet, one of the smartest girls in school. A girl he's been using for years, zoning in on her mind to ultimately cheat on tests and steal the title of valedictorian. Until one day, she failed him. Her mind wandered all over the place- her parent's divorce, her breakup and he couldn't help but sympathize with the burden of the secret she holds.. But Violet's a smart girl, who knows how long it'll take her to find out.

Aaron depends so much on his mind-reading capabilities that when they suddenly disappear- so does everything he hasn't worked for. His secret was like Samson and his hair, once it's told, the magic's all gone.

Love Beyond the Stars
by LeandroVSilva
$0.00, 170 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > SciFi

Drinihian, who dreams about being climbed for interstellar travel, trains to his limit to achieve your goal. Micahilla, who studies more effective techniques for detecting intelligent life around the universe, works beyond what it can support for to have time to dedicate itself to several other researches that it conducts at the same time.

They have a long-standing relationship and need to make a decision: Follow their professional aspirations or accept that, in order to be together, some dreams
will have to be sacrificed.

Love Beyond the Stars, book one of the series Love Beyond the Stars

In a future where interstellar travel has already begun, Drinihian and Micahilla work for the World Space Agency. They divide their time between a relationship weakened by their dreams, professional aspirations, and the missions that increasingly distance them from each other.

Micahilla works hard to be the first person to achieve the first contact with intelligent alien life and Drinihian is an aspiring pilot and trains with the intention of one day being selected for one of the most important exploration missions outside the system.

At all times, some events put their lives and careers at risk by making them distance themselves, more and more from each other.

About the Author LeandroVSilva®

LeandroVSilva® STUDIO CEO, graphic designer and creator of the Enerkry series, currently divides his time between the development of various literary projects, graphic arts, animation and programming.

Newly Free Fantasy Kindle Books for 2021-04-09

Glimmer: An Avian Romance Series
by Denise Keiser
$0.00, 367 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #256 in Mystery Action Fiction
When a devastating illness kills the women of the Avians, a gorgeous, otherworldly winged race so delicately connected to each other that mates are born perfectly matched, they look elsewhere to fill their void. In their search they find Celeste, a sixteen-year-old from Virginia.

Struck with amnesia at age six, Celeste finds herself experiencing new, extrasensory feelings one evening that compel her to venture out into the night. Once outside, she’s surrounded by unseen yet palpable forces engaged in a ferocious brawl. Terrified, Celeste retreats to the safety of her home, unaware that this is the beginning of the battle to make her a permanent part of the Avians.

The next day while on a date with the handsome Jacob, a disguised Avian who is overwhelmingly drawn to Celeste, she is captured against his will by other unseen Avians. They take her to the hidden Isle of Aves, where she becomes the leader’s pet captive and the first female experiment. Unable to leave without wings or to pass through the island’s protective shield as Avians do, she is trapped with the surprisingly affable bunch, who are forbidden to help her.

As Celeste struggles to escape the leader’s mistreatment and the island, she becomes more drawn to Jacob and discovers a perilous secret that compromises her safety. Surviving the mysterious island’s dangers and with growing questions, Celeste becomes the target of the leader’s jealousy and revenge, which escalate into a battle that threatens to annihilate the entire Avian species. Can Celeste endure the hardships that separate her from forbidden love and restore balance to the Avian world?

Glimmer, the first in a series of three, is a young-adult fantasy and romance novel.

Claimed by the Dragon: A Shapeshifter Romance
by Celia Styles
$0.00, 64 pages, 3.8 out of 5.0 (40 reviews), #196 in Fantasy & Futuristic Romance

He Was Willing to Die for Her…

It was settled… I would leave my tribe in search for my spirit animal. I was alone, or so I thought. Little did I know that he was watching, waiting, and protecting me from the shadows. He would not leave my side, and was willing to sacrifice everything to ensure my safety.

In my dreams I saw him, slept with him, and made passionate love to him. Would my dreams become reality…?


Falling For Different: A Fantasy Romance
by E. Adamson
$0.00, 162 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (8 reviews), #149 in Fantasy & Futuristic Romance
“Ah, Tempest, you’re making me wild."

“Spyder” works as a boxer whose past is marked on his face with a scar. His path crosses with Tempest Light, saving her from danger.

Just when he is falling for her, he finds his body naked and intertwined with a supernatural being!

Can Spyder resist the sexual desire this delusional woman is drawing him upon? How can Tempest convince him to believe that fairies do exist, and they are soulmates destined to bind as one?

Experience a story of love, lust, and hatred with a twist of magic!

Draecus Clan: Full Series
by Alexis Pierce
$0.00, 833 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #78 in Fantasy & Futuristic Romance
Serenity had no idea that dragons existed.
When she finds out that she's a dragon princess who's been lost for decades, her world turns upside-down.
Not only does she have to stop a war, but she has to figure out herself and her new powers.
With a series of fated mates at her side, though, there's nothing she can't do.
What are readers saying about Dragon Taken, book one of the Draecus Clan series?

"Do yourself a favor and fall in love with this book, this series, and these characters."

"Dragon Taken SAVED my sanity! I had the flu this day and still read the whole thing in one day!"

"This book is an amazing roller coaster of emotions and events. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and waiting for what will happen next. I can’t wait for the next book!"

by Shawna Lee
$0.00, 259 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #12 in Teen & Young Adult Greek & Roman Myths & Legends eBooks
Long before sirens slipped into the sea - they had wings...

The pent-up release of Amara's song always results in death—except this time. Protected by a charm as ancient as she, a stranger seems immune to her call.

At the whim of the gods, she is given a chance to earn freedom from forced isolation and repeatedly watching her victims die.

Bound by duty, Xander too lives in a world of secrets and restriction. As the sole heir to a Greek family of ancient origins, his every decision has been predetermined since birth.

When their worlds collide, there is an immediate connection. Two royal bloodlines, destined to intermingle, find themselves at cross purposes in a race against the coming full moon and the power of the gods.

Amara longs to once again be human, but at what cost?

Liv and Loki
by Signy Sigurdson
$0.00, 155 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #317 in Fantasy & Futuristic Romance
The old gods are gone. Or are they?
The cycle of life has repeated and the time of Ragnorak has, once again, come.
The gods have prepared and the catalyst, Loki, has been released from his prison beneath the earth.
But what happens when Loki returns only to find that earth isn't what it once was?
Liv, a mythology expert, and book shop owner might turn out to be more than she seems at first glance. And it doesn't hurt that she's just his type.
Could Loki discover there's more to life than repeating the same old prophecies?

The Divine Academy
by K.L Hart
$0.00, 135 pages, 3.1 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #21,542 in Fantasy & Futuristic Romance
Aurora turned seventeen less than ten minutes ago when she was brutally murdered on her way home from work!
She wakes up in heaven and when her powers are released in the unbinding ceremony the real problems start, not only is she the only person to ever have all ten Archangels powers, Lucifer is determined to make her the princess of hell!
Aurora Is prophosised to end the ragin war between the Angels and the Demons but which side will she help?
with colour changing wings, crazy powers and A god of man she has fell in love with how will she get through year one of the Academy!
Welcome to the Divine Academy,

In year one you will be learning about the angelic history and powers, we will start your magic, battle and other training to give you the best possible start to being a junior Angel. If you do not pass the first year and prove your soul is pure then you will be sent back to earth to live another life. If you pass and prove yourself you will officially become a junior angel and your powers will greatly increase, you will then discover your unique skill set and will be assigned a career path which will be more focused on in years three and four.


Does everyone come to heaven?

No everyone under the age of eighteen automatically comes here, if you are nineteen or over you would have had to prove your goodness and your pure soul in life.

What happens to people who do not come here?

They are reincarnated and their soul gets another chance to prove themselves with a new life.

Is hell real?

Hell is very much real, but people are not sent there, demons live there with their ruler and maker Lucifer.

Are angel's immortal.

Yes, unless you are sent back to earth in your first year and stripped of your angelic gifts, you are immortal.

Can we speak to loved ones on earth?

No, you may never have contact with your loved ones until they arrive here.

Contains, Angels, Demons, Vampires, Warewolves, witches, Warlocks, fae and much more!!

**has graphic sex scenes**

Night and Day
by Jessica Loft
$0.00, 33 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #105 in Fantasy & Futuristic Romance
This Is A Steamy Billionaire Romance That Leaves VERY Little To The Imagination, With NO Cliffhanger And A Happily Ever After Ending!

Young secretary Lillian Niles has always shied away from the unknown, but not when her love life is pretty much DOA. Tempted by her inner desires, she joins a club that allows her to sneak a peek at some of the depravity that goes on in people’s minds. It’s not until she gets the gold membership that she starts to seek out different experiences that go beyond the norm.

She meets a charismatic young man in a tiger mask who treats her like a naughty little vixen behind closed doors. Physical soon turns to emotional as a new twist begins to grow inside.

With secrecy held in the upmost regards at this club, will Lillian ever be able to confess her dark secret to her masked man?

WARNING: Contains mature themes and language and is intended for 18+ readers only.

Shifting Pleasure
by Emma Scarlett
$0.00, 28 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #69 in 45-Minute Romance Short Reads
Calise and Andrea are both set to be married in a few days. They are part of a old family with old traditions. Both girls are anxious about their upcoming nuptials, but one has taken that fear and ran with it. Andrea tries to run off, away from all the obligations and expectations. Calise tries to stop her, sure that she can talk some sense into her.

They go to a party and circumstances unfold that neither one of them could predict. A handsome stranger with raking good looks and a gleam in his eyes help them out of a jam. They go back to his place and learn the truth about their future. Everything changes in one night with Tym. Now the two girls have to make a decision that will change their lives forever. Will they make the right choice?

Spell Bound Novelette 1
by Lorri Moulton
$0.00, 42 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #243 in One-Hour Romance Short Reads
This is the first part of the story, so there will be cliffhangers!
Do you know the difference between a faerie and a pixie? Would you like to find out?

Felicia wonders if she’ll ever have a job she can keep, then comes across the opportunity of a lifetime. In this clean/sweet fairytale novelette, a young woman becomes an apprentice to the village candlemaker and discovers magic is all around her.

Space witch: Book 1
by Olga Shell
$0.00, 238 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #724 in Fantasy & Futuristic Romance
"...For the past five years, Alice had lived with her father on the C-3 satellite. It was not far from Earth. Not only Terran cargo ships, but also ships from other planets of the Galaxy, were parked and serviced here. On Sputnik, she and her father had their own apartment. Not very big, but comfortable. Alice even had her own little greenhouse. She loved to grow exotic plants. Her father encouraged her passion and brought her gifts from different planets in the form of new flowers, fruit trees, vegetables. They were so good and interesting to live together. Had Alice not had any issues where the father takes the money. They worked together for a private Corporation "Python" and she thought that this money they help their grandparents on the Ground and live themselves. The Corporation paid its pilots well. Dad sometimes joked, she said she was saving money to account for a "rainy day". Anything can happen in this life and in Space. How much he had in his account he did not say, and Alice was not interested.
After Alice found out what her father was doing, she cried for a long time in her room. Last night she decided she couldn't live here anymore. Look your father in the eye every day and pretend nothing happened. Therefore, she decided to go to her grandparents on Earth. Grandfather Alex Darkt, was once known a pilot, but then resigned on rest. He and his grandmother Sasha brought up and raised Alice. Alice's mom and dad were also pilots of the Earth Armada. They were out all the time. When Alice was five years old came the news that her mother Helen died and dad was missing.
Grandmother how she could protect Alice from these news, but on the street, during the game, friends told her the news. Alisa tear-stained came running home and grandmother with grandfather explained it, that so sometimes the case, that parents such a profession, and can still they to return. It is only necessary to strongly believe and wait.
Since then, Alice every night before going to bed, prayed to heaven to return her father and mother. She stared at the sky and the stars for a long time. And with tears in her eyes she begged, begged…"
Father returned, but much of Alice's life has become incomprehensible. Trying to find answers to their questions, she embarks on a journey through his beloved Space. Where its await the meeting, familiarity, betrayal, love...

The Audition: she was looking for a painter, but found a lover!
by Monika Cage
$0.00, 16 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #421 in Romantic Erotica
Monika was looking for someone to paint a portrait of her. She went online and met Brad, a painter who would agree to do the job only after he saw her, and approved her. What began as a simple video chat snowballed into something unexpected and ended with a sexplosion for both Monika and Brad.

Hedonistic Happenstance
by Lee Keene
$0.00, 77 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fantasy
In the fall of 2014.

The parti-colored leaves are scattered throughout the rural and urban plains of Middle Tennessee.

Our main protagonist by the name of Hanna is lonely and plaintive.

Long-brown hair and light-hazel eyes, sylphlike, and dulcet-sounding.

54 years old and a military veteran.

She is self-conscious of her age. Lugubrious of the aging process, and her anxiety of missing out.

Carnal companionship and mellifluous-sounding words of admiration, she deeply longs for!

Her mental health has taken a toll on her, that she has sought help via counseling.

The fear of dying alone, because of reduced sex appeal!

Could Hanna when least expecting it, find her amorous, tenebrous-haired, dandy?

A 23 year-old something-something!

Also coincidentally a military veteran.

6'2, Light-Brown Hair, Hazel-Eyes, and masculine in graceful being.

He is tall and enigmatic! Impossible to figure out from afar!

Hedonistically making her heart beat so fast!

Potentially lovey-dovey? Carnal flames of amorous desire?

A mystery man whose name is only known at this time...Wally!

Would this tall, saturnine-haired, something-something, have an interest in her?

Would her emotions be dealt crestfallenly?

Or would this tall, dark-haired, man named Wally have an interest in pretty, petite, Hanna?

Her winsome wisdom and his huge pizazz!

Can Hanna allay her ennui and insecurity? Could Wally impishly do it for her?

Does rapturous, carnal-inferred, happiness enter our life's when least expecting it?

Is there frolicsome fate that was always meant to exist in this damsel's life?

A tall dandy and his lissome coquette allaying each other's ennui...

Or was it simply just.... Hedonistic Happenstance?

Never Just A Dream: Book 2
by Lilly Jackson
$0.00, 181 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fantasy
Never Just A Dream, Book 2, The Psychic Trilogy, is set in the future, the year is 2053. Steve Gilbert and Lisa Harris are accomplished spies, but they are also in love. Two months ago, Steve went missing and Lisa is determined to find him. Was he dead or held captive, or she did not know, but she would find him no matter what the consequences meaning her life?

Marry me, if you love me!
by Jay Sharman
$0.00, 227 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fantasy
Paro falls in love with Raj but later finds that they have a twenty-three year gap between them. She has to decide whether to break that relationship or not. Her world falls apart when Raj is sent to prison after some allegations are brought against him. Paro fights tooth and nail for his freedom. However, Raj had another battle to fight. To win the approval of her father for their marriage, Raj had to pass certain tests laid by competing against a man twenty years his junior. Would he accept that challenge or just give up? Would he rot in prison or enjoy freedom. Read this gripping tale to find out.

$0.00, 361 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Fantasy
The continued story of Roxanna and Garrett Hong from Curse of the Time Witch as they journey uncovering hidden family secrets. Imagine waking up one day and finding out that everything you think you know about yourself is all lies. Is love strong enough to test the very fabric of time itself.

SPACE WITCH: Book 2 (Космическая ведьма)
$0.00, 363 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #740 in Fantasy & Futuristic Romance
Alice twisted the ring on her finger and stared into the dark vastness of Space. The world is strange. She'd never thought it would happen. Did she think she was going to get married like this, and to whom? Meet in Space Ranger, fall in love, and then suddenly, Bang, and Admiral. As it will be further. She was just a pilot, and he was high society. Now, looking out into the inviting vastness, it seemed to her that nothing would work. And the fact that they signed, it's all unreal. Alex has his priorities in life, he built his career on them, how can he sacrifice them for her. Who was she? They have different views, different lives. Would his family accept her? Even his brother and the as something watched on it, with irony that whether. Where the girl climbed into the wrong Sani village. Maybe so. But her husband's beloved face kept popping up in front of her eyes. No. She wouldn't give it to anyone. Her love was enough for both of them. If someone tried to come between them, well, then she had the strength to deal with them.
Time flew inexorably forward, and the transport quickly flew to the goal.

Newly Free Historical Kindle Books for 2021-04-09

Mysterious Lover (Crime & Passion Book 1)
by Mary Lancaster
$0.00, 238 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (110 reviews), #19 in Victorian Historical Romance
Welcome to a thrilling new series "Crime & Passion" from USA Today Bestselling Author Mary Lancaster.

London, 1851

In the shadow of the Great Exhibition, poverty and crime stalk the meaner backstreets of the city. But sin is not confined to the underworld. One couple passes seamlessly between the neighboring worlds of privilege and privation, solving crimes and enabling love to bloom.

Mysterious Lover, Book 1

An unforgettable night at the opera…

When she accompanies her family to Covent Garden, Lady Grizelda Niven does not expect to be discovered in a nearby back street, clutching a dagger over the dead body of her maid. However, she is even more surprised when the police arrest not her but the devastatingly handsome young man who found her. Clearly, it behoves her to have him released and to enlist his alliance in discovering who truly killed Nancy.

Dragan Tizsa, a Hungarian refugee doctor, revolutionary, and soldier, lives constantly with the anguish of loss. The death of one more acquaintance makes little difference to him, except that it brings the vital and eccentric Griz into his life. He is a man who likes puzzles, and the mystery that is Griz soon assumes as much importance as that of the murder.

As they work together to unravel the layers of Nancy’s life and discover why she died, friendship and attraction blossom, much to her family’s unease. From the danger of London’s underworld, to the glittering salons of her married sister, Griz and Dragan look out for each other. But is she right to believe in her new friend when the evidence begins to tell against him?

And as she comes face to face with the killer at last, is love and happiness forever beyond her reach?

Crime & Passion
Mysterious Lover
Letters to a Lover
Dangerous Lover

Consumed by the Lost Highlander: A Steamy Scottish Historical Romance Novel
by Maddie MacKenna
$0.00, 334 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (146 reviews), #2 in Classic Historical Fiction
This game started years ago, and can only end in the death of one...

On the verge of financial ruin, Lady Juliana Petrey sacrifices herself to save her family’s future. Traveling to Scotland to marry a Laird she has never met, all her plans are demolished when she meets the dashing Highlander sent to escort her.

Andrew MacLohl’s life changed with his father’s death. A warrior under Laird Lochenbrew’s command, he leads a quiet life, despite the Laird’s dismay for him. When he is tasked with the protection of the Laird’s bride-to-be, his efforts not to give in to his scorching desire for her fall short.

Ambushed by bandits, Juliana and an injured Andrew are forced to take shelter in a neighboring Laird’s castle. Only to stumble upon long-buried secrets that should have been taken to the grave: a conspiracy that started twenty-six years ago.

A conspiracy that thirsts for Andrew's blood…

*Consumed by the Lost Highlander is a steamy Scottish historical romance novel of 80,000 words (around 400 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, lots of steam and a happy ending.

Get this book for free with Kindle Unlimited!

The Dark Side of the Earl: Historical Regency Romance (Lords of Pleasure Book 1)
by Ella Edon
$0.00, 507 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (177 reviews), #3 in Tudor Romance

To yearn for the forbidden is to give in to the dark side

Lady Eleanor Heavenly had no intention of getting married. Being a wallflower, dedicated to philanthropy, was her choice and she was happy with it.

When her father sells her hand to settle his debts, Eleanor is shocked. Mainly because she has met her betrothed before. All alone, in secret, in the dark.

Captain Nathan Reynolds, Earl of Brixton, was a soldier, who didn't need a bride. Upon his return to England, he is thrust, by his mother, into an arranged engagement to a heavenly creature who has never seen before. What confuses him more is that his intended seems to know him already.

Despite their attraction and his sinister thoughts for Eleanor, Nathan cannot go through with the marriage until he discovers why his future was orchestrated behind his back. What begins as harmless research, quickly turns to a dangerous path.

For a man with the same face as Nathan may destroy their lives before they ever walk down the aisle…

Torn between light and dark, she must choose the side she belongs to…

*If you like seductive Earls, Dukes, and Barons with a soft heart but a strong will, and romance stories depicting the Regency period, then The Dark Side of the Earl is the perfect novel for you.

Dive into the epic world of the Regency Era Ladies, Governesses, and Bluestockings while Ella takes you on a suspenseful journey full of passion and true love!

"The Dark Side of the Earl" is a Historical Regency romance novel of more than 80,000 words (around 440 pages). STANDALONE, no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Letters from a Missing Lady: A Historical Regency Romance Novel
by Hanna Hamilton
$0.00, 371 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (125 reviews), #1 in Historical Regency Fiction
Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are those we trust the most...

Waking up to find out that she is to marry a man of her father’s choosing, Miss Evelina Ayles finds solace in the one thing she has left: the pseudonym that she uses in her letters to her best friend Abigail.

Matthew Warren, Earl of Hardingham, never expected to find a letter in the middle of the road while on his way to see his long-time friend, Jonathan Ayles. Or to become so frustrated with his inability to discover the identity of the mysterious “Elizabeth.”

With her wedding day approaching like a bad omen, Evelina makes one final request before her freedom is snatched away from her forever: a single meeting with the enigmatic “Percy”, whose poetic hand has captured her heart.

What Matthew and Evelina never expected though is how inextricably connected their fates are. Or to what gruesome lengths a certain someone will go to tear them apart forever. And then Evelina suddenly goes missing...

*If you like a realistic yet charming depiction of the Regency and Victorian era, then Letters from a Missing Lady is the novel for you.

This is Hanna Hamilton's 30th book, a historical Regency romance novel of 80,000 words (around 400 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a sweet happily ever after.

Pick up "Letters from a Missing Lady" today to discover Hanna's amazing new story!

Highlander's Leap Of Faith: A Scottish Medieval Historical Romance
by Ava McArthur
$0.00, 155 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (111 reviews), #11 in Tudor Romance

A lass must be mad to trust a man like that. Or truly in love…

Isabelle Greenley never expected that being betrothed to an unknown would bring her joy. But having spent the last fifteen years of her life closed in a convent, marriage seems like a chance for a new life.

Being an optimist, the English lass hopes that her future husband will be tolerable even if he is an older Scottish Laird. She will never get the chance to find out, though! On her way to his land, she encounters a group of Scottish outlaws tasked by the opposing laird to abduct her!

Instead of her husband, Isabelle finds herself in the hands of a terrifying Highlander rogue, named Fraser Barlas. It is evident that this is not the first time the handsome devil has done such a deed, but it feels like this is the first time a woman moves his heart.

Isabelle might be a prisoner, but until she is taken to the man that instructed her abduction, she begins to untangle the mystery of the Scottish brute. Fraser is a man that has been through things no other has, yet Isabelle can still see pureness in his soul.

But learning the truth about his past shakes her to the core! Putting her faith in this man could destroy her life forever…

"Highlander's Leap of Faith" is a standalone story by Ava McArthur, packed with romance, plot twists and redemption set in the beautiful backdrop of the Scottish Highlands. Get your copy TODAY for FREE With Kindle Unlimited!

Highlander’s Sinful Choice: Scottish Medieval Highlander Romance
by Juliana Wight
$0.00, 247 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (97 reviews), #2 in Historical Scottish Fiction

“It seems that we both have a past, but how can I trust you? What other secrets are you hiding from me?”

Lady Phoebe Howell is desperate to escape the engagement her father is forcing upon her. The only way out is to run away with the man she loves.

But moments away from her beloved, she is caught. Her fate is sealed; she must wed the imposing Highlander.

Diarmad, Laird of clan Moncreiffe, needs to secure an alliance with the English. His Scottish enemies move against him, and his home is threatened. He never expected that his Sassenach bride would be a puzzle he needed to solve, so distant, yet so seductive

Unraveling her riddle would be more salacious than he anticipated. But as opponents are closing in, and their deepest secrets are outed, all hell will break loose.

Phoebe and Diarmad have never been so close to being torn apart. For the only way to be together is to realize that desire is only a detour on the road to love

Will the thorns of secrets besmirch their marriage or bind them together?

"Highlander’s Sinful Choice" is a STANDALONE Historical Scottish romance novel. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

*If you like brawny Highland warriors with a soft heart, and steamy romantic stories depicting the majestic and mysterious Scottish Highlands, then Highlander’s Sinful Choice is the perfect novel for you.

Mercer's Belles (Timeless Western Collection Book 3)
by Heather B. Moore
$0.00, 299 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (33 reviews), #6 in Westerns
When Mr. Mercer sends out a call for single women to travel to Seattle for teaching positions and the potential of forming marriages, 45 answer his call, becoming Mercer's Belles.

The following collection is based on based on true events during the 1860s:

ONE DANCE by Heather B. Moore:
When Harriet Silverman arrives in Seattle for a fresh start and a new teaching position, the last person she expects is to meet is a fisherman who seems to be every place she turns. As she gets to know Caleb Munns, Harriet discovers they are a perfect match--for friendship. They both have solid reasons for not pursuing marriage. But as their paths continue to cross, Harriet begins to see a completely different future than she imagined.

A JOURNEY TO LOVE by Teri Harman:
Cora, a nurse and surgeon's assistant who learned her skills during the war, joins Mercer's expedition in hopes of finding a job in the West. She's a widow and does not want to marry again. When she meets Albert, a surgeon who is traveling on board the Continental, she finds herself intrigued. Yet, Albert's determined to open his own practice in Seattle, make it a success, and has no plans to look for a wife. But the more time Cora and Albert spend together on the voyage, the more they are drawn to each other.

A FARAWAY LIFE by Linda Carroll-Bradd:
Teacher Sorcha Geraghty yearns for a fresh start after the death of her beau and a factory accident maimed her hand. Asa Mercer’s call for teachers for Washington Territory provides a new opportunity, and she joins his ocean-going expedition. Upon arrival, she learns of the expectation for the women to become wives to the many bachelors. Sorcha needs a new plan and fast. Logging manager Lang Ingemar wants a teacher to provide basic English instruction to his Swedish-speaking crew and keep them out of trouble when they go to Seattle. When he convinces Miss Geraghty to relocate to the logging camp, he has no idea the ways his life will be changed.

Calico Ball
Big Sky
Mercer's Belles

Mercer's Belles is a Timeless Romance Anthology® book
Timeless Romance Anthology® is a registered trademark of Mirror Press, LLC

The Lady's Secret (The Unconventionals Book 2)
by Michelle Morrison
$0.00, 213 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (18 reviews), #104 in Regency Historical Romance
Lady Eleanor Chalcroft is the reigning queen of London society.
She has the requisite beauty, bloodlines, and breeding to ensure
that she has her pick of England’s eligible bachelors. No one
need know that written words jump around on the page eluding
her understanding, or that the notion of being outside alone
sends her into palpitations. To all appearances, Lady Eleanor
is perfect.

Alexander Fitzhugh, on the other hand, is far from perfect. His
paternity has been in question since before he was born and
his upbringing around smugglers far from London’s ballrooms
has left him decidedly on the outskirts of society. But he has
plans to confront the father who denied him and build a
business for himself. Those plans certainly don’t include falling
in love with the most sought-after debutante in London.

Though the attraction is instantaneous and the feelings as
intense, their best laid plans for a happily ever after don’t take
into account the malice of Alex’s father, the Earl of Southampton.
Eleanor and Alex must forge new lives on their own before
they can hope to find a love together.

Miss Margo: The Dirty Bird Series
by S. Cinders
$0.00, 118 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (10 reviews), #53 in Victorian Historical Romance
Rescued as a child from an abusive situation, Margo was raised in the lap of luxury. What the Rotherford family wasn't able to give her in the way of titles, they more than spoiled her with love and affection.

But the time has come to marry and Margo is trapped between between two worlds. With love, her parents send her to Hope House--the very place where she first was rescued.

Old friends come to light and there just might be romance sitting right beneath her nose.

Wicked in Winter (The Wicked Winters Book 1)
by Scarlett Scott
$0.00, 158 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (322 reviews), #1 in Holiday Romance
Devereaux Winter is one of the wealthiest men in England, but he hails from a notorious family. The Wicked Winters are as reviled as they are renowned. He is desperate to find a wife of good breeding so he can begin the Herculean task of seeing his siblings settled. Fortunately for him, the duke next door’s wits are addled. Even more fortunate? The duke’s only daughter is a beautiful spinster.

Lady Emilia King has sworn off love and vowed to remain unwed. When the brutish Mr. Winter wins her ailing father’s unentailed assets in a game of chance, she is aghast. Upon hearing his requirement for forgiving her father’s debt, she is outraged. She has no intention of marrying the villain and sponsoring his wild sisters in their seasons.

But Dev always gets what he wants, and Lady Emilia is about to discover what he wants more than anything is her. Far more astonishing, she just may want him too…

Wicked in Winter is the first in a new steamy Regency series about the Wicked Winter family!
Length: Novella.
Heat Level: Scorching Hot!

Don't miss the rest of The Wicked Winters!
Wicked in Winter (Book One)
Wedded in Winter (Book Two ~ NOW Available in the special limited collection Once Upon A Christmas Wedding!)
Wanton in Winter (Book Three)
Willful in Winter (Book Four)
Wagered in Winger (Book Five)
Wild in Winter (Book Six)
Wooed in Winter (Book 7)
Winter's Wallflower (Book 8)
Winter's Woman (Book 9)
Winter's Whispers (Book 10)
Winter's Waltz (Book 11)
Winter's Widow (Book 12)
Winter's Warrior (Book 13)

A Lord's Bet of Desire: A Historical Regency Romance Book
by Meghan Sloan
$0.00, 397 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (97 reviews), #4 in British Literature
Laura Hawkins knows that she's bound to a life of servitude at Sage Brook manor. While working at the house of Norman Pembroke, the Duke of Bancroft, she has always dreamt of advancing her life from a humble maid to that of a governess. Despite knowing that this opportunity may never appear, her love for reading is enough to keep the dream alive. But little did she know that fate would bring an unforeseen twist that would make this dream a tangible reality... When Edward, the endearingly attractive brother of the Duke, comes to visit, the last thing she expected was to end up under his roof and away from the only place she's ever known. Laura will inevitably find herself seduced by his ravishing beauty, but will she allow herself to finally surrender to her burning desire for him?

Edward Pembroke has always been the opposite of his brother. Being warm and dutiful himself, he was against his brother's love for gambling that was dwindling the Pembroke fortune every day. When he finally decides to confront him about his wayward habit, they both end up engaging in a fateful night of gambling, and Edward wins the prize of taking anything he wants with him. Without a second thought, he chooses Laura, as her fiery nature lightens a spark inside him. Once they move to his house, he can't help but be mesmerised by her every move, willing to do whatever it takes to possess her. Will he manage to turn this promising desire into an everlasting love?

Laura and Edward's attraction is impossible to deny, but their evident class differences are threatening their undeniable lust. The more time they spend together, the more they lose their hearts and bodies to one another. Will their passionate connection prove strong enough to shatter the insurmountable obstacles? Or will their heated affair go down in flames before it even sets them on fire?

"A Lord's Bet of Desire" is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

The Duke and the Siren (The Unwanted Dukes Book 3)
by Jessie Clever
$0.00, 260 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (59 reviews), #2 in British Historical Literature

Lady Vivianna Darby was considered a smashing success by society’s standards. After all, she landed Ryder Maxen, the coveted Duke of Margate, in her first season out. Wildly in love, Viv believed herself lucky to have escaped the cold marriages common amongst the ton.

Until she found her husband in bed with an opera singer.

Now four years later, Viv is determined to save her sisters from the same fate until Viv’s phaeton-racing husband suffers a deadly accident, and she’s forced by duty to go to his deathbed.

Preparing herself for widowhood, she realizes she’ll soon be free of the empty marriage she’s been trapped in.

But what will she do if he lives?

The Duke and the Siren is the third book in the steamy, heart-stopping historical romance series, The Unwanted Dukes. If you love sexy, spellbinding romance and heartwarming humor, don’t miss this captivating series from bestselling author Jessie Clever. Discover adventure and romance when you download The Duke and the Siren today.

When the Marquess Fell Under Her Spell: A Steamy Historical Regency Romance Novel
by Violet Hamers
$0.00, 454 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (95 reviews), #3 in Historical Regency Fiction
The ones you trust the most can betray you the worst...

Amelia Lewis knows better than to get attached to the people she aims to deceive.

But when she regains consciousness in a Duke’s manor, it becomes difficult to maintain her disguise as Lady Jane Alston once she falls under the amorous spell of a young Marquess.

Colin Montgomery, the Marquess of Carlefair, wants nothing to do with London or its Season. Until the day he discovers an injured lady on the side of the road and he suddenly has to fight not to succumb to his deepest desires.

But sometimes, the devil wears a familiar face...

When a stranger from Amelia’s past returns to collect what he is owed, her worst nightmare becomes reality. She must pay her debt or suffer the consequences. The price? Colin’s life...

*If you like a realistic yet steamy depiction of the Regency and Victorian era, then When the Marquess Fell Under Her Spell is the novel for you.

This is Violet's 8th novel, a historical Regency romance novel of 80,000 words (around 400 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a strong happily ever after.

Pick up "When the Marquess Fell Under Her Spell" today to discover Violet's fantastic new story!

For a Dreamy Lady's Honour: A Historical Regency Romance Book
by Abigail Agar
$0.00, 502 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (90 reviews), #1 in Religious Historical Fiction

As Lady Melody Rivers recovers from the sting of abandonment, she is shocked to find that the man who rejected her and whom she considered her other half is now working for her father. Since he never gave her an explanation for his disappearance, she concludes that he played with her feelings and is not worth her attention. With her pride wounded and her heart broken into pieces, she is dreading what the future holds for her… However, light shines again upon her life when she finds hope in the smile of the charming Lord Findlay. Is he really the one for her or does her heart still belong to her first dreamy love?

Baron Vincent Jacobs is caught up in a family secret that forced him to reject marrying the woman he loved. Confused and frustrated by the prison in which he finds himself, all he wants is to turn his back on Nerissa Boden, the despicable woman who trapped him. Fearing that a lifelong hopelessness is inescapable, he decides to take fate in his own hands and claim Melody again, the woman he was clearly born to be with. Does he stand a chance with the only person he has ever loved or will his past mistakes condemn him to a loveless and empty life?

As if the many hurdles weren’t enough, when rumours of Nerissa’s ties to Vincent are spread, Melody starts to wonder if she was a fool all along or if there is something more to this story. Torn between the questionable gossip about Vincent and the truth that lies in her wounded heart, Melody must make a decision. Will she let her soul return to the man she is hopelessly in love with? In the end, after everything they have been through, will they dare to give love a second chance?

"For a Dreamy Lady's Honour" is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Jewel of Winter (Thieves of Winter Book 1)
by Kirsten S. Blacketer
$0.00, 98 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (23 reviews), #85 in Victorian Historical Romance
***This is the first book in a Trilogy. Each book focuses on a different relationship taking place during the same time frame.***

A simple country girl at the mercy of a cold-hearted thief with more secrets than scruples.

As a widow, Jessamine gained the freedom she’d always desired. Her late husband left her his sole possession, an inn on the north road to Scotland. When a trio of gentlemen appear at the doorstep of her isolated inn during a snowstorm, Jess can’t help the curiosity coursing through her veins. Eavesdropping on their conversation only entangles her in their web of deception.

To the petite innkeeper, Edmund is a wealthy thief. Allowing her to think what she will, he decides to use her to his advantage. That is until she hides the stolen jewels and refuses to reveal their location. Never cowed by a challenge, Edmund issues an ultimatum: return the jewels or repay the debt with her body.

The Downfall of a Treacherous Enemy: A Historical Western Adventure Book
by Henry McConley
$0.00, 361 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (46 reviews), #3 in History of the U.S.
Harvey Cook is a mighty bounty hunter who has made it his life's mission to bring the outlaws to justice, no matter what it takes. He is hired along with his partner to escort the criminal Micky McGhee to prison, but his investigation leads him down a dangerous path he never expected. When a disastrous altercation with Micky will leave his partner terribly injured, Harvey will be forced to go on an epic journey that will test his mettle at every turn. While his first priority will be getting his partner to a doctor before he dies, he won't stop until he takes Micky to the man who hired him. As the danger spirals out of control, how far will he be willing to go in order to reach justice?

When Harvey comes clean to his employer about Micky's escape, he offers to hire a team to help him continue the search. Angry at himself, Harvey won't tolerate failure until his mission is complete. His world turns upside down, though, when he meets Penelope, his employer's daughter, who will captivate him instantly with her unique wit. Even though a relationship is the last thing on his mind, Harvey will soon find himself worrying about his life without Penelope but he will not give up the hunt that easily. Will Harvey manage to capture the gang members before it's too late or will he eventually lose his only chance at love?

Harvey and Penelope will form a strong connection while they realize how much they are alike. Even though they lead completely different lives, they will find encouragement in the tentative trust that grows between them, but whether it can withstand the looming danger is far from certain. As they work together for a common cause, will the new lives they seek for themselves include love, or will justice take a back seat to evil?

"The Downfall of a Treacherous Enemy" is a historical adventure novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cliffhangers, only pure unadulterated action.

Pearls & Steel (Gilded Age Romance Book 1)
by J.B. Wadsworth
$0.00, 316 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #5 in Teen & Young Adult Historical Romance eBooks
Is love really worth any price?

After being driven from his home in Vermont by a mother perched on the edge of insanity and a money-grubbing old woman who won’t let him marry the woman he loves, Sheridan Baird seeks his fortune in the steel mills in Pittsburgh. But when his worst fears come true and his love marries another, he wonders if it wouldn’t have been better to have perished in the Civil War like his brothers. Then, he meets the attractive and sophisticated Elinor Taylor from Manhattan. Encouraged by the death wish of a good friend and in a reckless bid to seize control of his fortunes, Sheridan moves to Brooklyn, New York, to try to win her heart. Things rarely go according to plan, and he ends up fighting, not only for Elinor’s love but also for his very life.

Elinor Taylor, the daughter of a wealthy financier from Manhattan, chafes under the constraints of upper-class society. When her parents take it upon themselves to find her a husband from among the snobby, self-important New York elite, she rebels by providing her own bachelor to court. Things veer off course when he falls in love with her, and Elinor and her parents spend Christmas in Pittsburgh, where she meets Sheridan Baird, a steelworker from Vermont. Now, she must determine if she should settle for a safe marriage to a good man from a Knickerbocker family or chase her dream of marrying a man she can both love and respect.

Marissa: Chosen By A King (Romance Reigns Book 2)
by Sandra Kyle
$0.00, 244 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #22 in Medieval Historical Romance
Marissa, a theater musician, desired an escape from her impoverished existence in 17th century France. After watching Marissa perform, King Louis XIV snatched her from the stage only to cast her in his royal court. Marissa plots a betrothal to a marquis to cement her place among nobility. Her plans are interrupted by Michael, a noble and gallant musketeer. When Michael meets Marissa his service to the crown is challenged by a passion that overshadows duty.

Surrounded by intrigue and clouded by doubt, can Marissa unravel the mystery of her own heart before it’s too late?

Note: This book contains explicit adult content.

True North
by Melissa Lynne Blue
$0.00, 96 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #340 in Two-Hour Romance Short Reads
Tennessee, 1864…

Major Everett Connors is insufferable, infuriating, rude and downright insulting to every other member of the hospital staff. The army surgeon is as known for his foul temper as his brilliant surgical skill. Most every nurse in the hospital refuses to work with him, but as the new head nurse, Grace Sinclair, doesn’t have that luxury.

After the war ripped her family apart, Grace has devoted herself to the care of wounded soldiers regardless of their uniform. Unfortunately, not everyone in the hospital shares her belief that all men should be treated equally. When her brother-in-law, a Confederate soldier, is brought to the hospital, her loyalties are challenged, and her enemies become known.

Accused of treason, Grace finds an ally in the last place she ever expected… the exasperating, Everett Connors. On the run and fighting for justice, can Grace and Everett negotiate the murky waters of wartime morality and maybe… just maybe, find love in the midst of hate?

Daring the Forbidden Earl: A Steamy Historical Regency Romance Novel (The Bachelors’ Pact Book 2)
by Ava MacAdams
$0.00, 417 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #10 in Scottish Historical Romance
Intrigue makes for strange bedfellows…

Recently widowed Miss Johanna Carlton is tired of her passionless life. For the man she is secretly in love with is no other than her late husband’s nephew. And not only is he a scoundrel, but he obviously detests her.

Mark Carlton, newly appointed Earl of Sinclair, still cannot deal with what his late uncle did to his mother. Or with the fact that he stole the only woman he ever loved from him. Until a naughty letter of hers sets his heart suddenly aflame.

But with their affair kept a secret, a desperate pregnant lady, meddling friends, and a touch of blackmail aren’t the only things that stand in the way of their happy ending. Shadows of their past come back with a vengeance. And they won’t be put to rest until Mark draws his last breath...

*If you like a realistic yet steamy depiction of the Regency and Victorian era, then Daring the Forbidden Earl is the novel for you.

This is Ava's 11th novel, a historical Regency romance standalone novel of 80,000 words (around 400 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a strong happily ever after.

Pick up "Daring the Forbidden Earl" today to discover Ava's fantastic new story!

Promised to a Marquess: A Regency Novella
by Patricia Lyn Bradt
$0.00, 135 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #20 in Historical Regency Fiction
An arranged marriage is in the cards, until love intervenes

Lady Helena Staley knows that she will one day marry a peer of her father’s choosing. She has only resented her future once, when Mr. Price stole her heart at Almack’s and did not even send her flowers in return.

Matthew Price is in no position to marry. He knows this. But that fact has not kept him from pining for the mystery lady he met at Almack’s. If only he knew where to find her.

Fate, or possibly bad luck, brings them together again. There is just one problem, Lady Helena is promised to the Marquess of Boxwood, Matthew’s best friend.

Will duty and pride stand in the way, or can Matthew and Helena find a way to choose their own path?

This Clean & Wholesome Regency Romance novella is sure to touch your heart and leave a smile on your face.

The Complete Works of Jane Austen: Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion, Lady ... Sandition, and the Complete Juvenilia
by Jane Austen
$0.00, 2341 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #1 in Women Writers
Since its immediate success in 1813, Pride and Prejudice has remained one of the most popular novels in the English language. Jane Austen called this brilliant work "her own darling child" and its vivacious heroine, Elizabeth Bennet, "as delightful a creature as ever appeared in print." The romantic clash between the opinionated Elizabeth and her proud beau, Mr. Darcy, is a splendid performance of civilized sparring. And Jane Austen's radiant wit sparkles as her characters dance a delicate quadrille of flirtation and intrigue, making this book the most superb comedy of manners of Regency England.

Among the writers who have approached nearest to the manner of the great master, we have no hesitation in placing Jane Austen. —Thomas Macaulay
'Pride and Prejudice' is the best novel in the language. —Anthony Trollope
I used to think that men did everything better than women, but that was before I read Jane Austen. I don't think any man ever wrote better than Jane Austen. —Rex Stout
Elizabeth Bennet has but to speak, and I am at her knees. —Robert Louis Stevenson
Read again, and for the third time at least, Miss Austen's very finely written novel of 'Pride and Prejudice.' That young lady has a talent for describing the involvements and feelings and characters of ordinary life which is to me the most wonderful I ever met with. —Sir Walter Scott

Wuthering Heights
by Emily Brontë
$0.00, 331 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #3 in Classic British & Irish Fiction
Considered lurid and shocking by mid-19th-century standards, Wuthering Heights was initially thought to be such a publishing risk that its author, Emily Brontë, was asked to pay some of the publication costs.
Wuthering Heights is a wild, passionate story of the intense and almost demonic love between Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff, a foundling adopted by Catherine's father. After Mr Earnshaw's death, Heathcliff is bullied and humiliated by Catherine's brother Hindley and wrongly believing that his love for Catherine is not reciprocated, leaves Wuthering Heights, only to return years later as a wealthy and polished man. He proceeds to exact a terrible revenge for his former miseries. The action of the story is chaotic and unremittingly violent, but the accomplished handling of a complex structure, the evocative descriptions of the lonely moorland setting and the poetic grandeur of vision combine to make this unique novel a masterpiece of English literature.

A fiend of a book — an incredible monster... The action is laid in hell, — only it seems places and people have English names there. —Dante Gabriel Rossetti
A monument of the most striking genius that nineteenth-century womanhood has given us. —Clement Shorter
The greatest work of fiction by any man or woman Europe has produced to date. —Anthony Ludovici
There is no "I" in 'Wuthering Heights'. There are no governesses. There are no employers. There is love, but it is not the love of men and women. Emily was inspired by some more general conception. The impulse which urged her to create was not her own suffering or her own injuries. She looked out upon a world cleft into gigantic disorder and felt within her the power to unite it in a book. —Virginia Woolf

Yearning For More
by Jessica Loft
$0.00, 48 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #2 in Amish Romance
This Is A Tempting And Inspirational Romance With A Happily Ever After Ending!

After four years of marriage with her husband and 3 Sister wives, Maryann begins to question her life choices. All of the other sister wives now have at least one child to their husband. This makes the once sweet, and loving man she chose to marry become distant and cross with her, treating her more like a maid than a wife.

Her husband travels to Loveland every weekend to sell his extra produce for a profit. One week he falls ill with the flu, so he sends Maryann to take care of their business. There, she meets William, a mysterious 'badboy' that recharges her sexual being. Little does she know that this man is hated by her husband, but the more time she spends with him, the more she realizes that her life needs a change.

Will she give into temptation and choose her husband’s enemy over her husband?

If she chooses to leave, will her husband allow it?

WARNING: Contains mature themes and language and is intended for 18+ readers only.

Secrets of Grace Manor: a Kate Grace Novel
by Maryann Ridini Spencer
$0.00, 242 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #35 in Mystery Romance
From the magical shores of present-day Kauai to the stately manors of 19th century Europe the gift of a family heirloom exposes a centuries-old mystery. In Secrets of Grace Manor, a Kate Grace Novel, when Kate Grace receives the gift of a unique family heirloom, a gateway opens to solving a centuries-old mystery exposing a shocking web of intolerance and betrayal, ultimately forging the pathway to understanding and inspiring a new, authentic way to live.

by Jane Austen
$0.00, 238 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #1 in Romance Graphic Novels
First published in 1818, Persuasion was Jane Austen's last work. Its mellow character and autumnal tone have long made it a favorite with Austen readers. Set in Somersetshire and Bath, the novel revolves around the lives and love affair of Sir Walter Elliot, his daughters Elizabeth, Anne, and Mary, and various in-laws, friends, suitors, and other characters, In Anne Elliot, the author created perhaps her sweetest, most appealing heroine.
At the center of the novel is Anne's thwarted romance with Captain Frederick Wentworth, a navy man Anne met and fell in love with when she was 19. At the time, Wentworth was deemed an unsuitable match and Anne was forced to break off the relationship. Eight years later, however, they meet again. By this time Captain Wentworth has made his fortune in the navy and is an attractive "catch." However, Anne is now uncertain about his feelings for her. But after various twists and turns of fortune, the novel ends on a happy note.
In Persuasion, as in such novels as Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, and Emma, Austen limned the plight of young women who could escape the constraints of family life only by marrying, and suggest the foolishness of women who believed they were free and not dependent on the financial and social resources of men. At the same time, Persuasion offers an ironic and subtle paean to the true love that enables one woman to rise above straitened economic circumstances and the stifling social conventions that restricted women to narrowly circumscribed lives in the common sitting room.
Sure to appeal to admirers of Jane Austen, Persuasion will delight any reader with its finely drawn characters, gentle satire, and charming re-creation of the genteel world of the 19th-century English countryside.

Anne Elliot must have been Jane Austen herself, speaking for the last time. There is something so true, so womanly about her, that it is impossible not to love her. She is the bright-eyed heroine of the earlier novels matured, chastened, cultivated, to whom fidelity has brought only greater depth and sweetness instead of bitterness and pain. —Anne Thackeray Ritchie
The wit of Jane Austen has for partner the perfection of her taste. —Virginia Woolf

Seduced by the Stowaway (Heart's Treasure Book 1)
by Ann Mikal
$0.00, 81 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #124 in Regency Historical Romance
Marisa Villeneuve is facing what is probably her greatest life challenge: an impending forced marriage orchestrated by her stepfather who wants to make money from the match. But Marisa is nothing if not determined, independent and feisty. Rather than giving in to her stepfather’s demand, she runs away from home and boards a ship on route to the faraway colonies in the Americas – as a stowaway! But it is here, aboard the ship, that she finds that she must make the most important decision of her life – a decision that could affect her for the rest of her life.

Byron Treasure is captain of a merchant ship heading for a British colony in the west, a voyage which he has taken so many times he’s stopped counting. This time, though, things are different. Halfway along the journey his world is tossed into a tornado when he finds a stowaway aboard his ship. But that’s not the most shocking part. What the blue blazes do you do when the stowaway you find on your ship is not the lad you thought he was, but a girl? And, for her safety, a girl you must keep in your own cabin?

A Countess By Any Other Name: A Historical Regency Romance Novel
by Emma Linfield
$0.00, 430 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #30 in Scottish Historical Romance
She was a risk, a mystery, and the most certain thing he had ever known...

Equipped with a sharp tongue and an even sharper mind, solicitor's daughter Miss Ophelia Clanben loves to solve mysteries. And there is one she is determined to dedicate her life to solving: her own mother's disappearance.

Isaac Barrington, newly appointed Earl of Cliffspirit, has made a lot of mistakes in the eyes of his mother, but two are his greatest sins: not being his father, and falling in love with the lowborn lady who bumped into him on the street. And he is determined to aid her in her quest for answers.

With scandal lurking just around the corner, Ophelia and Isaac find themselves facing questions with dangerous answers. For why does her mother's trail go cold just outside their manor? And why does that complete stranger look so much like Ophelia?

*If you like powerful Dukes, loving Duchesses and a marvelous depiction of the majestic Regency and Victorian era, then A Countess By Any Other Name is the novel for you.

Emma Linfield's 41st book is a historical Regency romance novel of 80,000 words (around 400 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a sweet happily ever after.

Pick up "A Countess By Any Other Name" today to discover Emma's amazing new story!

Her Every Wish (Somershire Chronicles Book 2)
by Nicole Highland
$0.00, 54 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #119 in Holiday Fiction

Lady Justine Everly has almost everything her heart has ever desired. With a doting husband and a beautiful estate, nearly all of her wishes have been fulfilled, except for one: a child of her own. When at last she finally conceives, she concocts a plan to surprise her husband Calvin at Christmas with the happy news. But can she keep the secret growing inside her a surprise until the Christmas bells begin to chime?

♥Author's Note: This is a low-steam, holiday-themed mini novella that can be read as a standalone, and has an approximate reading time of forty minutes.

Darkest Summer
by Leona Bushman
$0.00, 241 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #184 in Victorian Historical Romance
Book three in the ongoing Darkest Saga...
Hermione's story

Hermione, pregnant and unwed in Victorian times, watched her friends be happily married to their powerful husbands. Due to the belief she was a widow, she still ran in the highest circles of the ton, but she wanted more. Wanted the love she'd thought she'd had with the Marquess before he showed his true colors. Resigned to helping her parents on their estates or living with her brother and Sarah, she wasn't ready when she met the Scottish lord. Definitely did not expect him to pursue her and keep her promises, not after everything she'd been through. And how could he stay when he found out the danger she and her friends were in?

Lord Thomas needed a wife. Had gone to Edinburgh with just that in mind. However, he wasn't prepared for the English miss he found...a pregnant English miss with connections to the Dark Duke. He hated the big city, but now, in order to pursue the first woman to interest him as wife material, he'd have to go to London. and convince her parents that he'd be good enough for her and their grandchild. The more he learned about his brave intended, the more he wanted her, wanted to protect her.

A dead bishop, revolution, and a tricked marquess have them all on the brink of death, the obstacles to love and marriage had Hermione and her friends fighting for their lives and for love.

Newly Free Romance Kindle Books for 2021-04-09

Two Hearts: (Kinsella Family Book 1) (Sweetbriar Cove 10)
by Melody Grace
$0.00, 259 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (355 reviews), #65 in Contemporary Women's Fiction
"If you like Sweet Magnolias and Virgin River, you'll fall in love with Sweetbriar Cove!"

Begin a brand new chapter in the bestselling series and escape to Cape Cod for summertime. Millions of readers love Melody's feel-good romances -- join them today!

Alice Evans wants to shake things up. Two years after tragedy first brought her back to Cape Cod, she's still going through the motions, stuck in the same old routine. She's looking for something to get her heart racing... Something, or someone -- like the handsome stranger who comes roaring into town on a classic motorcycle, turning heads and sending the summer temperatures soaring.

Jackson Kinsella isn't looking to be tied down. A world-class photographer, he's just in town visiting his grandfather and getting some much-needed rest and relaxation. But the mysterious brunette he meets on the Fourth of July won't let his mind rest, and the sparks between them are anything but relaxing...

The connection between them is immediate, and soon, their romance is heating up Sweetbriar Cove. But can Alice find the strength to start over? And will Jackson's restless spirit keep him from true love?

Find out in the new swoon-worthy romance from New York Times bestselling author, Melody Grace!

Note: All the books in the Sweetbriar Cove series are standalone romances, and can be read independently of the series. 'Two Hearts' is the start of a new chapter in the series, introducing the Kinsella family, so offer the perfect jumping in point for new readers and old fans alike.

Sweetbriar Cove:
1. Meant to Be
2. All for You
3. The Only One
4. I'm Yours
5. Holiday Kisses
6. No Ordinary Love
7. Wildest Dreams
8. This Kiss
9. Always Be Mine

The Kinsella Family of Sweetbriar Cove:
10. Two Hearts
11. The Story of Us
12. Back to You
13. One More Night
14 Time After Time

Beachcomber Inn:
15. Forever Summer
16. Simply Irresistible
17. From This Moment

"Melody Grace created fascinating characters that are simply I-R-R-E-S-I-S-T-I-B-L-E ! Her stories leave you with a big smile on your face and a heart bursting with love." - A Bookish Escape Blog

"Sexy and sweet: the perfect summer read!" - Corinne Michaels, New York Times bestselling author

"Heartwarming, swoony, and sexy as hell." - Claire Contreras, New York Times bestselling author

"Sizzling summer perfection! Melody Grace does it again." - Kendall Ryan, New York Times bestselling author

"Sizzling hot and super emotional - the perfect combo!" - NYT and USA Today bestselling Lauren Blakely

"A roller coaster ride of pure emotion... beautifully written." Blame it on the Rain Reviews

Counterfeit Love
by Jessica Gadziala
$0.00, 236 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (88 reviews), #33 in Romantic Suspense
Finch can spot a fake a mile away.
Raised in the Bayou with crime in his veins,
he managed to turn his talent into a career.
Making money.
Racking up a few enemies along the way.
On the run from one of those, he starts over
in a new town.
Where he meets her.
Full of lists and guards and attitude.
Someone beautiful enough to make even blackmail seem sexy.

Chris has lived through hell.
And she’s made it her mission
to take out all the devils still walking around.
The only problem?
She needs seed money for the project.
Which is where he comes in.
The best counterfeiter around.
Someone with a past that can be used against him.
She has everything planned out.
Except the impossible.
Something she never could have prepared for.
Something she is sure she never could experience.
Things that had been taken from her years ago.
But as much as she tries, there is no denying what is growing between them.

In a world full of fake, can they find something real?

Rogue Gone RaVage (The Reverse Harem Marvelous Three Saga: Anarchists Book 2)
by Smauggy Universe
$0.00, 531 pages, 4.9 out of 5.0 (30 reviews), #1 in LGBTQ+ Science Fiction
"Never trust a Morris!"

Never in a million years did Tiana Morris think she'd end up in this position: on the outside of a tight group that she had just started to call family. Unthinkable betrayal has hit the Anarchist hacker group RaVage. For once in their chaotic lives, they have no idea what to do next.

Unruly, reckless, and unfiltered. Owen, Tyler, and Jason are so unapologetically obsessed with their dark-skinned computer genius that they would sooner burn the world to the ground than let any harm come to her. But will this shocking revelation be the breaking point of their relationship? How do they move on from this? Can they?

This last installment of the Anarchist series is full of twists and turns that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Just how far will Tiana's three lovers go if it comes down to life and death?

Please note that this book is graphic with explicit sexual and violent content including homoeroticism.

This is the EIGTH book in the multi-genre, reverse-harem erotic thriller Marvelous 3 Saga. Tiana Morris takes the cyberpunk genre by storm as a Black Genius in the Anarchists Series. Take a ride with Smauggy on this roller-coaster journey and visit her website at SMAUGGY.COM for a full cinematic experience complete with a trailer, casting and soundtrack.

This saga can be read in any series order. But if you're reading The Marvelous 3 Saga in its entirety, the order is as follows: Damaged > Stuck in the Middle > Man's Weakness > Family Ties > 4Play > Hackers with(out) Remorse > Rise of the Phoenix > Untamed > Rogue Gone Ravage

Crash Into You (Dare With Me Series Book 1)
by J.H. Croix
$0.00, 284 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (230 reviews), #2,086 in Western Romances
A swoon-worthy romance from USA Today Bestselling Author J.H. Croix!

Opposites attract in a big way when an ex-military pilots rescues a sassy Southern chef in small town Alaska.

Daphne is everything I don’t need, and she makes me crazy in all the wrong ways. This princess does not belong in the wilderness. Or, so I think. But then, thought is hard to come by around Daphne.

Between flying tourists all over Alaska’s skies, hotshot firefighting on the side, and raising my sixteen-year old sister, I don’t have time for anything, much less for a woman.

But time’s been laughing at me ever since Daphne showed up. I can’t get her out of my mind, and my control has fled the building. Oh, and I’m her boss.

One night, just one night, I let things go too far. Now, all bets are off.

Daphne & Flynn’s story is perfect for readers who love small town romance, military heroes, sassy heroines, opposites attract, workplace/boss romance, slow burn, emotional romance with a dash of angst, plenty of steam and swoon, and a grumpy hero with a protective streak as big as Alaska.

*A full-length, standalone romance.

Johnny: Connelly Cousins, Book 2
by Abbie Zanders
$0.00, 260 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (195 reviews), #4 in Contemporary Literary Fiction

Carpe Diem is more than just a catchy phrase to Stacey Mallory. At least it was, until the near-fatal accident that took the use of her legs and changed her life forever.

Stacey would do anything to dive once again into cool blue waters from a towering cliff, or feel the wind in her face as she opens up the throttle of her sleek, sporty motorcycle.

To dance under the moonlight in the arms of a strong, sexy man.

To escape her new reality, Stacey reinvents herself as Salienne Dulcette, the reclusive author of steamy erotic romances, and lives life vicariously through her characters. Writing about life isn’t the same as living it, but until her miracle comes through, it’s all she has.

Johnny Connelly is loving life. His construction business is booming, he’s surrounded by family and friends, and there’s plenty of women willing to keep him company.

So why does he feel like something’s missing?

When his sister’s college roommate comes to town for a visit, Johnny thinks he may have found that answer. Stacey is smart, sassy, and sexy as hell. She manages to do what no other woman has – she not only lights a fire in his blood, but she touches his ragged soul in the process.

Johnny knows he can reawaken Stacey’s passion, but is it enough to make her realize what’s really important?

Make Me Crazy
by Kennedy Fox
$0.00, 258 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (170 reviews), #14 in Romance
Never trust a man who gets paid to take off his clothes for a living and then uses it as a pick-up line to get girls in bed with him.

Being an author’s assistant comes with its perks but when Maverick Kingston barges into my life and becomes my responsibility, he’s more than I can handle.

I’ve worked with male cover models like him before and they’re all the same—egotistical know-it-alls who think they’re God’s gift to women.

When we’re forced to take a two-week road trip together, he makes me crazy in more ways than one and rearranges my thoughts on playing it safe.

*Can be read as a complete stand-alone! Formally titled Falling for the Playboy. Content has not changed.*

Mending the Billionaire Movie Star: A Clean Scottish Romance Book One (A MacLachlan Brothers Romance 1)
by Bree Livingston
$0.00, 486 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (43 reviews), #26 in Inspirational Romance

A woman hiding from her past, a celebrity desperate to fix his image, and the reality show that forces them together.

Penelope Cooper loves her single life. It’s safe and predictable. When her meddling twin sister, Paige, assumes her identity and auditions for Celebrity Proposal—and wins—Penelope’s life is upended. It’s either go on the show with the hunky movie star with a less-than desirable reputation or her sister could be in serious trouble.

Angus MacLachlan was Hollywood’s hottest leading man until a bitter, very public breakup with his agent—and subsequent bad behavior—ruined his image and tanked his career. Desperate to get back into his fans’ good graces, he agrees to be on the show, Celebrity Proposal.

Neither of them is looking for love, but as the weeks pass, they find themselves growing closer. Can two cold hearts warm up to love, or will the past keep them frozen in time?

Other books by Bree Livingston:

The Clean Billionaire Romance Series:

1. Her Pretend Billionaire Boyfriend

2. Her Second Chance Billionaire Sweetheart

3. Her Broken Billionaire Boss

4. Her Fake Billionaire Fiancé

5. Her Stranded Billionaire Mix-Up

6. Her Secret Billionaire Roommate

A Sweet Fake Marriage Romance Series:

1. The Cowboy's Fake Marriage

2. The Star's Fake Marriage

3. The Bodyguard’s Fake Marriage

4. The Matchmaker’s Fake Marriage

5. The Beast’s Fake Marriage

A Clean Army Ranger Romance Series:

1. The Ranger’s Chance

2. The Ranger’s Peace

3. The Ranger’s Heart

4. The Ranger’s Hope

5. The Ranger’s Forgiveness

A Clean Scottish Romance Series:

1. Mending the Billionaire Movie Star

2. Mending the Billionaire Scotsman

3. Mending the Billionaire Brother

Stand Alone Romances:

Love and Charity

The Mistletoe Game: A Clean Christmas Novella

Hard Nox (Wild Scots, #1)
by Jolie Vines
$0.00, 314 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (122 reviews), #4 in Military Romance

The lass is a menace, and she's mine.


What do you do with an over sized, hot headed, dirty fighting Scot? I had the chance to find out when Lennox ruined my first car race.

When I should've yelled at him, up against his castle walls, I kissed the jerk.

Only to watch him walk away with another woman.

Fast forward a few years and he's fresh out of the military.

All muscles.

Devastating with his smirk.

No matter how hot he is in a kilt, I'll be damned if Lennox McRae is getting an easy ride back into my life.


Isobel is a menace. She races cars and has tattoos in places I can't even imagine. But I've never forgotten the kiss we shared.

A road trip in a too-small car gives me the second chance I've waited for.

I'm going to tame this lass's wild heart.


From the author of the Marry the Scot series comes a brand-new generation. The Wild Scots books bring you everything you love about Scottish heroes and contemporary romance but sexier, faster, and supercharged.

Start with enemies to lovers in Hard Nox before meeting more McRae cousins in this completed series of standalone romances.

Speed away with Isobel and Lennox today.

Desolation Point
by Lisa Phillips
$0.00, 178 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (98 reviews), #15 in Christian Mystery & Suspense Romance
Buried secrets.

A town under siege.

Someone has Malvern County in a choke hold. Sheriff’s Deputy Ellie Maxwell knows something is wrong in her town. When her boss tells her to drop the case, she reaches out to the only resident who can help her.

Drew Turner is a private investigator with more secrets than the town. But he’s the only one Ellie can trust. The only one who can find out the truth.

Ellie and Drew have to figure out what’s going on before the fallout destroys an entire town, and loneliness ends both of them.

This novel features characters from the Northwest Counter-Terrorism Taskforce, but isn't part of the series.
*a Christian romantic suspense*

Scratch: Mischief Makers MC: Mother Chapter
by Flora Burgos
$0.00, 177 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (35 reviews), #41 in Romantic Suspense
A pink-haired beauty with a point to prove

The cards hadn't shown her that anything was coming. Fate didn't tap her on the shoulder, and the tea leaves formed no warning of the danger she would be facing. Maisie wasn't ready for the nightmare when she was kidnapped and brutally beaten by an enemy of the Mischief Makers MC. But now she's finally on the mend and ready to go after the life she wants with the biker she's always loved. If he would just quit resisting her.

The biker who loves her but shouldn't

When he lays his head down at night, he relives it over and over again. The way he found the girl he's loved since they were kids. Bruised and broken, unclothed and wild with terror. The images pound at him, ripping his soul to shreds. He's struggling to keep her at arms-length while deep down in his soul he's desperate to have her by his side. It's getting harder and harder to fight her when she seems determined to tear down his walls.

The end is nigh

As Maisie breaks through and gets Scratch to see that they belong together, the brothers are pushed past their limits, and now they won't stop till the enemy is dead. With an army of brethren behind them, they're going to take on the devil with every intention of winning.

They will never know what hit them.

New Beginnings at The Birdie and Bramble: A sunny and uplifting romance
by Alison Craig
$0.00, 291 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (64 reviews), #1 in English, Scottish & Welsh Cooking

'Fun, fab, fresh, joyful and awesome.' Netgalley Reviewer

Can going home be a fresh start?

The Birdie & Bramble used to have queues out the door, but when Maddy Campbell makes her way back to St Andrews after her father's sudden death, the restaurant and her future seems bleak. Especially when she discovers that the restaurant isn't worth a thing. Now Maddy needs to save the restaurant before everything her dad built falls apart, even if she is planning to head back to London any day now.

Then she meets Jack, utterly gorgeous and grumpy, which is very inconvenient when a single look from him makes her heart race. But when someone steps in to ruin her plans at The Birdie & Bramble, Maddy has to decide if she's going to stay and fight to save her dad's legacy and forge her very own new beginning, or run away again?

The first novel in The Birdie & Bramble series. Don't miss a single book in this hilarious and feel-good series:

1. New Beginnings at The Birdie & Bramble

2. Snowdrops at The Birdie & Bramble
3. Blue Skies at The Birdie & Bramble

Reviewers have falling in love with The Birdie and Bramble - have you?

'Well written with loveable and relatable characters, such a heartwarming read'

'This is a brilliant book. I loved the characters. They are well written and relatable
The plot is entertaining and kept me interested until the end. This is the first book in the series and I can't wait for the next one.'

'This is a brilliant book about new starts, family, grief, and friendship. It's one of those book that can be an easy read or make you think if you read them at the right moment in your life.'

'This story so made me want to pack a bag and return for a visit to Scotland!'

'I really enjoyed reading this book, It has a lovely feel good factor, and it is an engaging read.'

'This novel has interesting characters, a great storyline and is unputdownable. Would recommend you give this read a go.'

'New Beginnings at The Birdie and Bramble is the first novel by Alison Craig that I've read and I can honestly say that I will be picking up more of her work in the future. I really liked her style of writing and found this an easy book to read. Her writing is so descriptive and I could honestly picture everything she was describing, especially the food! '

'This is very similar to a Katie Fforde novel. I loved the glorious food descriptions (not to be read if you are on a diet), the cosy small town feel, the morning walks on the beach, the romantic tension between Maddie's boyfriend in London and her new venison supplier for the restaurant. There's a suitably evil Laird, secret identities and nefarious plots to reveal all while serving sumptuous Scottish fare.'

The Only Witness: A Cozy Animal Mystery (The Neema Mystery Series Book 1)
by Pamela Beason
$0.00, 286 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (1,103 reviews), #31 in Domestic Thrillers


Seventeen-year-old Brittany Morgan dashed into the store for just a minute, leaving her sleeping baby in the car. Now Ivy’s gone and half the town believes Brittany murdered her daughter.


Detective Matthew Finn, a big-city fish out of water in small-town Evansburg, Washington, struggles with his wife’s betrayal as he investigates Ivy Morgan's disappearance. The clock is ticking and he can't find any witnesses.


Imaginative, manipulative, and volatile, with the intelligence of a five-year-old child, Neema knows enough sign language to invent jokes and insults. She can also hurl a grown man across the room. Neema is a gorilla.


After a psycho murdered one of her “talking” gorillas in Seattle, Dr. Grace McKenna relocated to the Evansburg area. Now with the economy on the rocks and her funding cut, her beloved gorillas Neema and Gumu are in jeopardy. When Neema repeats a story of a crying baby, a cucumber car, and a snake, Grace realizes her gorilla is the only witness to whatever happened to baby Ivy. Does Grace dare go public with Neema’s sketchy clues? Can she afford not to?

The Neema Mysteries, #1

Over The Edge (Bridge Series)
by Meredith Wild
$0.00, 304 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (598 reviews), #13 in Contemporary Romance Fiction
Editorial Reviews

"Over the Edge checks off all the boxes: it’s emotional, intense and extremely sexy."
-RT Book Reviews

"Erotic and unexpectedly tender..."
-Kirkus Reviews

"The third book in Wild’s Bridge series is a fantastic read, certain to woo new readers and satiate her returning fans. Over the Edge checks off all the boxes: it’s emotional, intense and extremely sexy. Wild taps into an often thought of as taboo fantasy — one woman sharing two men — and makes it a possibility, allowing the reader to live vicariously through the main character. While this is part of the Bridge series, it’s also effective as a standalone novel."
-RT Book Reviews

"Sinful, emotional, explosive, profound...this is all the best we know and love from Meredith Wild, cranked to an epic Level 11. You will not be able to put it down."
-USA Today Bestselling Author Angel Payne

"Scorching hot ménage? Check. A romance that will pull at your heartstrings? Check. A story that will stay with you long after you’ve finished it? Check. What more can I say? I simply loved it."
-NYT Bestselling Author Sawyer Bennett

"Just when you thought Meredith Wild had delivered the hottest, steamiest scenes in the romance world, she turns it up. Over the Edge will leave you wondering how you ever lived without men like Ian and Will in your bed. At the same time. Man. I wished I was Olivia."
-USA Today Bestselling Author CD Reiss

"An intriguing, sexy story about unexpected love and balancing others' expectations against your heart"
-NYT Bestselling Author Shayla Black

"Emotionally charged. Sexy. Forbidden. You won’t be able to put Over the Edge down."
-Heidi McLaughlin, NYT Bestselling Author

"Intensely sexy and deeply romantic, Over The Edge is more than just a scorching hot menage story -- it's about a captivating love that you can't help but root for."
-Lauren Blakely, NYT Bestselling Author

"Meredith Wild delivers yet again with another sizzling romance where sharing takes on a whole new meaning... "
-Sarah Robinson, bestselling author of the Kavanagh Legends series

"Meredith Wild creates the perfect ménage for her fans: scorching sex, unexpected love, and a happily ever after sure to please romance fans long after they've closed the cover on Ian, Olivia, and Will."
-Madhuri Pavamani

"The heat is on! Meredith Wild really turns it up with this sizzling, beautifully written menage story. Two sexy, captivating men and one strong, determined heroine. I loved Meredith's Hacker Series and this is just as good and at times even hotter. All I can say is WOW!"
-Nelle L'Amour, NYT Bestselling Author of the THAT MAN TRILOGY.

"Meredith Wild ends the series with such a gem. "
-Heroes & Heartbreakers

"One of the hottest books I've ever read."
-Book Boyfriend Addict

"I was hooked from the start! Over The Edge was sexy as hell with a love story I never saw coming."
-Nina Levine, USA Today Bestselling Author


Olivia Bridge has always been a good girl—good grades, good friends, and a good job that her wealthy parents handed her. Desperate to carve out a life that is truly hers, Liv walks away from it all and takes on the challenge of helping her brothers open a chain of fitness centers in New York City. Just as she’s beginning to find her footing in a new place, she’s caught between two men who couldn’t be more determined to turn all her goodness inside out.

Will Donovan has the capital to make the Bridge brothers’ entrepreneurial dreams a reality. Taking their uptight sister to bed seems a reasonable perk for the risk. Liv is the smartest, sexiest prude Will’s ever met, and he can’t wait to break her down.

Life is too short for Ian Savo to play by anyone’s rules. Sharing women with his best friend isn’t anything new, so when Will introduces him to Liv, he can’t wait to get a taste. But falling for the same girl, or falling at all, was never in the plans...

River Wild
by Samantha Towle
$0.00, 301 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (320 reviews), #3 in Romantic Suspense
From New York Times bestselling author Samantha Towle comes an unexpected love story between two unlikeliest of people...

A new town. A new identity. Pregnant and alone.
And far away from a past that can never find me.

River Wild.
Moody. Sullen. Jerk.
And my new neighbor.

I have no interest in befriending River. And he definitely doesn’t want to be befriended by me.

Then, he helps me rescue an abandoned dog. And, that day, I see something in his eyes that reflects back in my own. Sadness. Pain. Loneliness.

I know all of those things well.

An unwanted and unexpected friendship that somehow works. Then, without warning, it turns into something more.

River and I both have our secrets, and that’s okay. Because I understand him. And he understands me.

For the first time in my life, I have something I never thought I would have—happiness.

But happiness isn’t forever. Not for people like me.

Especially not when my past is waiting just around the corner, ready to come and take it all away.

Something Like Redemption (Beacon Hill Series Book 5)
by J.D. Fondry
$0.00, 201 pages, 4.9 out of 5.0 (19 reviews), #6,973 in Contemporary Literature & Fiction
How do you destroy a monster without becoming one?


Will I always be the villain I’ve been made out to be?
It’s hard to tell anymore.
To the outside world I have it all. My life seems picture perfect.
Sometimes those who talk the biggest game are hiding the most pain.
And I have misery by the truckload.
I didn’t ask for any of this. Especially not her.
By letting my purpose be greater than my pain, I know I can make it through this.
I can survive my father without dragging her down with me.
May the bridges I burn light the way to my reckoning—even if I destroy myself in the process.

Is this a love story?
This a little something like redemption.

Dimitri (The Italian Cartel Book 1)
by Shandi Boyes
$0.00, 294 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (169 reviews), #2 in Organized Crime
Famiglia prima di tutto. Family first of all. That’s the motto the Petrettis lived by when New York was governed by the Italian Cartel, and our name was worth something.

Now, it’s disrespected.
Now, it’s tainted with hate.

I had plans to alter that, but the game changed when my pregnant wife was kidnapped by a rival. Her body was never found, and I’ve paid to guarantee our daughter’s safety ever since.

During the day, I’m a businessman in a tailored suit. At night, I’m an avenger who’ll do whatever it takes to get his daughter back. My father may have forgotten the morals our ancestors ruled with, however, I cannot. My daughter is the princess of the Italian Cartel, and she will be protected accordingly.

I just need to get a pesky redhead with gleaming green eyes out of my head first. Her entrance into my life could ruin everything, including her very existence.

Dimitri is book one in the highly anticipated Italian Cartel series by bestselling author Shandi Boyes. It’s a new series with gritty males and the women who bring them to their knees.

Remember Me: A Military Romance Thriller (Ranger Mine Book 1)
by Jo Chambliss
$0.00, 377 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (26 reviews), #112 in Military Romance
What do you do when the devil takes everything you care about?... You fight hell to get it all back.

Sargent Chase “Omen” McDaniels made a promise. He’s coming back for her.

But, when a mission to take down a group of rogue Rangers goes south, he comes face to face with his worst nightmare. People die and Chase makes an enemy who threatens to destroy his family and the woman he loves. The only way to protect them is to walk away.

When the threat dies, he returns home hoping to pick up the pieces of his broken life.

Sam has spent the last ten years wondering what she did wrong and why Chase never came back to her. When she has a chance encounter with the man she never forgot, it looks like there’s a chance they can start over.

As Sam and Chase are learning their way again, the failed mission comes back to haunt them both. The devil is back and in Chase’s hometown. Now that Chase has his family and the love of his life back, he'll fight hell on earth to keep them safe.

"Captivating! I could recommend this book to everyone I know!! I read it in two sittings I couldn't stop. I love your writing style. I can't wait to follow Erin's story next!!" Micheledeck2001

"If you want a Great Story time experience with your Friends/Sisters... Read this book!" R. Wallace

"This was a must read book!! Took it to the beach to read and couldn't put it down!" M. Parker

"Love, Love this book... waiting impatiently for the next book" D. Smith

JFK to Dublin (Shower & Shelter Artist Collective Book 1)
by Brooke St. James
$0.00, 211 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (122 reviews), #81 in Contemporary Christian Romance
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Sarah Spicer took this saying to heart, at least where love was concerned. She had given up any hope in ever finding a decent man. She was convinced they had only one thing on their minds and were untrustworthy and unfit for relationships. This was exactly why she had a strict no-dating policy.

That was before she met Collin Ross. He was handsome, successful, and possessed a refined confidence that any woman would have adored. Well, any woman except for Sarah. Her indifference toward his charms made gaining her affection difficult. But patience is a virtue, and Collin was determined to prove that if there was a man worthy of winning her heart, he was the one.

Cade's Convenience (Cowboys of Cauldron Valley Book 2)
by Caroline Lee
$0.00, 121 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (108 reviews), #50 in Western Romance
Cade Cauldron is good at worrying. It's what he does. That, and manage the nutrition of the racing horses on his family's ranch. He's devoted to making the place a continuing success, and like 80% of his worrying is about Cauldron Valley Ranch... Right up until his grandfather tells him and his brothers and cousins that it's time for them to marry. Then he's got a whole other pile of worries.

Dr. Jami Boatright has made a career out of studying modern-day marriages of convenience, and her bestselling books on the subject have made her a common name when it comes to the psychology and anthropology of marriage. But there's one thing lacking from her research...she's never actually been married, much less experienced a marriage of convenience.

But when she arrives at the ranch, studying the latest Cauldron cousin's meeting-at-the-altar, Cade realizes she's exactly what he needs: A wife who will say yes for reasons of her own. A real-life modern marriage of convenience.

But after the "I Do"s, real trouble starts, as they realize they don't know everything they thought they did about their new spouse. And even worse...these revelations don't seem to matter to their hearts, which keep forgetting this marriage has nothing to do with love.

Or does it?

Scarification (Irons and Works Book 6)
by E.M. Lindsey
$0.00, 256 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (106 reviews), #3 in Gay & Lesbian
Missing his dominant hand and half his face covered in scars, Miguel Ruiz can kiss his dreams of a happy future goodbye. He resigns himself to a life of servitude in a badly run club until one day, a tattoo artist in a random bar sees both talent and a future in the scarred artist. He makes an offer Miguel would be a fool to turn down, and Miguel decides it’s finally time to start living for himself, even with the ten tons of baggage he’s carrying on his shoulders.

If anyone in the world can understand secrets, it’s Amit Baqri. Growing up bisexual, Deaf, and femme in a conservative Muslim family, Amit keeps his true self close to his chest. He’s spent most of his life conforming to others from the way he communicates to the way he presents himself to others, but the weight of it all is starting to crush him. He understands his familial obligations—taking care of his mother is his top priority, and his sisters are second. But when Amit sets eyes on the gorgeous tattoo artist with one hand and a waterfall of scars, his life is suddenly turned upside down.

Will Amit and Miguel find a way to shed the weight of their pasts to be happy together, or will assumptions and expectations leave them forever trapped in a closet of their own making?

Scarification is the sixth book of the Irons and Works series, and contains no cheating with an HEA.

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