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Tales Of The Apocalypse: A Dystopian Anthology
by BBB Publishings
$0.00, 199 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (14 reviews), #1423 in Dystopian Fiction
Are you prepared?

It may be the aftermath of the apocalypse, but the stories don't end just because the world has.
Come read these tales of those left trying to survive everything from zombies to plagues to fire and brimstone.

The Apocalypse is coming. Are you ready?

Newly Free Post-Apocalyptic Kindle Books for 2020-08-09

Aletheia (The Seventh River Book 1)
by Megan Tennant
$0.00, 530 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (45 reviews), #6 in Teen & Young Adult Dystopian eBooks
Nearly two decades after the fall, the transcendent city of Iris is the only place rumored to have a cure to the disease that decimated the world. Beyond Iris, are the remnants of the old world, crawling with the Depraved. Infected with Lethe, they no longer remember the people or dreams they were once willing to fight for, and are left instead with familiar voices that whisper dark and unfamiliar words within their minds. Instinct is all that keeps the diseased struggling to exist another day.

Deep underground, below Iris, exists a compound, prison to the Nameless who traded their freedom for the cure to Lethe. It is here that 736 fights to protect those she loves. Not against the Depraved that she's taught to fear, but against the society that saved her from that fate. She was willing to trade away her rights to regain the ability to form memories, but she won't let the cult that cured her treat the lives of the Nameless like a resource to be used and discarded. At least, not without a fight.

How much is 736 willing to sacrifice for revenge against her captors? For those she cares about? For freedom? Everything has a cost, what would you be willing to pay?

***For trigger warnings visit:

After the Bombs II: Contact
by Marietta Standlee
$0.00, 321 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #106 in Alien Invasion Science Fiction eBooks
After escaping the city, Ash, Cooper, and Dexter find themselves stranded at the lake. Surrounded by forest and menacing alien creatures, getting back to camp Iron Fist seems impossible. With winter fast approaching they are running out of options, until a new friend emerges, who offers a way back home.
But even after Ash and her friends make it back to the valley, they soon find out, that in this new world, there are no more safe havens. Hope is not all lost though, as Cooper's father, General Broderick, explains his great escape plan to Ash. A plan so bizarre and dangerous, that it just might work. Fighting against alien and human foes alike, the trio tries everything in their power to finalize the General's plan to save humankind.

This is the second part of the 'After the Bombs' series, and it picks right back up, where the first part ended.

Big Bang
by A. J. Desmond
$0.00, 276 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (6 reviews), #20915 in War & Military Action Fiction (Books)
Modern-day London...

A group of eclectic characters once bankrolled the construction of a huge underground complex beneath the streets to use as a retreat in the event of nuclear war.

It is run by a supercomputer that can bend reality to its own ends.

None of them thought they would ever have to use it...
until the day came they did.

Welsh author A.J. Desmond takes readers down Alice’s rabbit-hole by the scruff of the neck and doesn’t let go until the very last page of this visionary science fiction novel.

The Untold History of Modern Medicine from the Future: A Short Story
by Joshua Alexander
$0.00, 14 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #148 in 30-Minute Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Reads
A riveting tale of corruption, deception, and lies in the medical industry. Families were broken, lives lost, and countless suffering was caused. However, with awareness comes hope! A history told from the future, so that we do not repeat the past. Hold onto your seats and get ready to have your mind blown!

Out Around Rigel
by Robert Henry Wilson
$0.00, 30 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #2 in Humorous Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
An astounding chronicle of two Lunarians' conquest of time and interstellar space.

The Infra-Medians
by Sewell Peaslee Wright
$0.00, 29 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #25 in Time Travel Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
Into a land of shadows and lost
souls goes Pete Grahame in search
of his hapless friends.

The New World (The Sun Chronicles Book 1)
by Ava Hayward
$0.00, 239 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #178 in Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
Samuel finds out that there is more to the world than the dystopian misery he lives in. The knowledge changes him, encourages him, makes him do things he'd normally be too afraid to do. Soon enough, he joins the rebellion but ahead of him lies more - far more - than a straight path to freedom. There are things he doesn’t understand, things he wants to deny, things he can do that no one else can... and they’re all coming for him.

"Hayward’s world takes place in a frightening version of a world that ours could become. She does a wonderful job of capturing the worried, secretive feeling of needing to avoid the watchful gaze of a regime that is not looking out for the best interest of its people. In a lot of ways, it hits home, especially in these days of riots, lockdowns and unethical facial recognition. Despite it all, Hayward leads forth into a new and hopeful day, assuring the reader will need to know what comes next"
- Michael DeAngelo, That's Entertainment

The Christmas Plague
by Jen Haeger
$0.00, 426 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #268 in Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
July 8, 1954. PJ has 126 days to live and he doesn't even have the Christmas Plague. When things were normal and PJ lived with his parents in Chicago, his diabetes was an embarrassment. Then the Christmas hit, spreading like wildfire through the cities, and his parents sent him to live with Miss Bernice where his diabetes became an annoyance. Now with his parents and Miss Bernice gone, down to his last bottles of insulin, his diabetes feels like a death sentence.

Now, Millie, a fellow plague refugee living at a neighboring farm, tells him rumors of a city where there's no more plague and things are getting back to normal. It sounds too good to be true, but dying slowly alone in rural Nebraska sounds worse, so PJ heads out with her on a thousand mile trek to find more insulin. But this post-plague world is full of dangerous surprises and PJ and Millie don't know who to trust. Are they really heading toward a promise of the past or into a nightmare future?

Reaper Moon: Race War in the Post Apocalypse: BOOK IV: BLOOD & SOIL
by Ted Neill
$0.00, pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #216 in Children's Abuse books
When pandemic meets politics, the US fractures. Unite to survive.




Scot resorts to desperate measures to face down his pursuers. The result will have a wide ranging impact upon them all. Kimberly joins up with the other captive women of The Tombs to turn against Lucien the Cajun, before a new supremacist army, Storm Mount, sweeps north to enforce control on the region.

An Inconvenient Wormhole (New Warped City Stories Book 1)
by James Wondrasek
$0.00, 14 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #177 in 30-Minute Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Reads
2am. Not a single person is around to witness the blossoming of a fresh crack in the fragile reality of Madhattan. It’s just a small wormhole, really, a bridging between two points in space and time that would have preferred to remain ignorant of each other.

That's how this first story in the New Warped City Stories series opens. What happens next, like most of what happens in NWC, is unexpected.

These stories are a dry, darkly humorous, and inventive look at people who take mutation for granted and random acts of physics as a simple fact of day-to-day life.

First time in New Warped City?

When the first modulation hit everything changed, even the name.

The effects weren’t localised to Madhattan, or the Eastern Seaboard or North America or Earth. There’s no-one to tell anyone how extensive the modulation was. Science needs stability, lenses need precise curves, computers need logic.

The nights are dark in New Warped City and when the corkscrew moon isn’t dimly glowing you can see the stars, but you can’t recognise any of them. In the black sky there are clusters and voids, great blue and green sweepings of light, ripples, spirals, godawful confusions and nonstellations. Every night a wedge of an entire galaxy, cut like a piece of sparkle pie, sweeps overhead, disintegrating in a fear almost audible.

As above, so below. Nothing escaped the modulation.

Turned: A post-apocalyptic vampire novel
by J Mazlow
$0.00, 273 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #282 in Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
Vampires rule the ruins that are all that remain of America. Eli lives by scavenging but is given the task of delivering an ultimatum from the vampires to the leader of a free human settlement, his estranged brother. With a mysterious vampire companion he must journey into the darkness that is necessary to survive without fear of being drained.

Dead Earth Dreaming: Post-Moonwar Sydney. Genetic engineering can never hide the truth. They can never beat the man inside. Upside they want him dead. Downside the fight for freedom has just begun.
by Rik Valuks
$0.00, 220 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #48 in Cyberpunk Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
The moon's orbit has been disturbed by corporate warfare, laying the Earth victim to massive king tides and fierce dry electrical storms. The elite have taken to the skies in gigantic flying cities, leaving the third class workers to survive on the ground with no support, striving to rebuild life on the planet's surface.
This is the setting for Dead Earth Dreaming.
Above the waterline but underground are Breeding Colonies, used to create genetically engineered workers by the Upside authorities, pumping out obedient and thoughtless slaves for the system. Occasionally though, a worker will show signs of individualism, and for this they are placed in a rehabilitation institution.
C22108/3 was incarcerated as an indigenous boy, and after 23 years he escapes his outback prison and heads for the old city of Sydney to find freedom as a man. An Upside detective, Junger, is sent to find him with the aid of a T2R, a Tactical Response Retriever.
C22108/3 connects with the locals, inheriting the name 'Kelly' through his use of a lead suit to evade the tracking of his Internal Position Monitor. The chase is on for Junger to intercept Kelly before he reaches the Bunker, an abandoned Colony reopened by a band of punk squatters. Overseen by the sole survivor, Cat, the Bunker is now utilized as a medical centre and IPM removal ward for Upside refugees wishing to be freed from the constraints of Authority.
Human spirit will shine in a world with no future.
Originally written in the 1990s, now is the time to read Dead Earth Dreaming.

The Choice
by Aleana Robins
$0.00, 295 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #32427 in Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction (Books)
If you knew that in 100 days the world as you know it will end, but you are given fifty people to save. Whom would you save? Join our character Everett as he faces not only the struggle of making this very choice. He is faced with the world that he knew was not what he thought it was, nor will his future.

Gadget: Alien Moscow
by Dmitrii Sillov
$0.00, 294 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #6360 in Alien Invasion Science Fiction eBooks
It all started harmlessly enough. On the streets of Moscow, an advertisement for a new gadget called "neurophone" began popping up everywhere. A tiny piece of plastic the size of an earbud, all a person needed to do was insert it into their ear and they'd be immersed into a world of augmented reality. The dull, gray, ordinary days of life would suddenly become unbelievably vibrant, each moment as exciting as the last. With new adventures every day, how could a person ever be bored? What could possibly go wrong?

Sniper, a veteran of many battles, returns to pay a visit to his old hometown of Moscow, the city where he spent his childhood and teenage years. Eager to find a moment's peace from his life of constant fighting, Sniper discovers that the world seems to have advanced in leaps and bounds, leaving an old, technologically-illiterate warrior like him in the dust. And yet, something sinister is brewing beneath the surface of Moscow. Not everything is as innocent and happy as it seems in the Russian capital.

by M C Masters
$0.00, 72 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #114 in Steampunk Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
First they honor. Then they kill.

Charlotte Adler. Status Change: ODS. Obsolete. Designation: Spandrel. One of the chosen few who offer their lives to conserve dwindling resources and, in turn, save the remaining population. NuGenus calls this the highest honor… before they murder you six weeks later. Is there a chance for escape? It’s only a rumor, but it’s all Charlotte has.

Read this thrilling novella from MC Masters.

Venom Sun
by Emory Miklos
$0.00, 183 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Post-Apocalyptic
For millennia, the world has been static, until a spark of genius ignited a new industrial revolution. Under the fading warmth of three suns, two brothers lived their lives away from the lumbering beast of industry and the violence it brought, until it appeared on the shores of their home. Now, the two of them must seek refuge in the one place they think they might find safety - the legendary City of Glass - but on the way, they will have to survive horrific threats, new and ancient. They can only hope to arrive in one piece, so that they can avoid the boiling heat of the Venom Sun.

A message from the future
by Mark Sanders
$0.00, 130 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Post-Apocalyptic
Is the truth really out there?. This is the question that Senator Lizzie Whitehouse has the answer to when she is taken into the Secret Space Program. A Program she finds horrific from the outset and is determined to disclose to the public.
Major Matt Stevens, Army Air Corps, is also a part of that program. He too is Forced to serve and like Senator Whitehouse finds difficulty in accepting it's methods. The question is, can either or both of them do anything to disclose this global conspiracy. Is the truth really out there?.

Phoenix (4 Book Series)
by Martin Allen
$0.00, pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Post-Apocalyptic
From Book 1: As the pyres of the Inquisition burned, the faith of Decimus Vespilo did not waiver. Holding to the tenants of his training he remained detached from that which he visited on others. Assigned to an Investigation he deemed beneath him he is caught up, not only in a rapidly growing movement but a conspiracy that could destabilise the teachings of the temple to which he devoted his life. Is the mysterious preacher the "Phoenix" a threat or the salvation he has been subconsciously seeking since consigning his own grandfather to the flames when just a child?
As his ties to the movement grow stronger during his undercover investigation, will his affection for Histar sway his course? The emergence of a Shadowy mastermind casts a sinister foreboding to Decimus`s mission as his every move is predicted and countered. Could it be the "Phoenix" is an unexpected ally to forestall the inhuman manoeuvring of those seeking to subvert the original message of the Empire? Manoeuvring that has been bastardising this message for years,so much so that the original is lost and incompatible.
Decimus must decide between his beliefs and the Empire he has been trained to protect at all costs.

The Lodestone Files: The Cat, The Mouse, and The Thing From Another World (Among Us: Contact, Assimilation, Control, Extermination Book 2)
by Robert McCartney
$0.00, 38 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Post-Apocalyptic

What would you do?

Life had been somewhat normal up until that miserable night. Idris and Cal are on the run from the government, and an alien. After witnessing their small town, Lodestone, get wiped out, and the loss of their family, the boys need to keep moving with no time to grieve. With the help of a strange drunkard named Mac, they may just live.

Hot on their trail is the secret government agent, Murdoch, who is tasked with making sure that are no survivors or evidence could otherwise jeopardize the very confidential agreement between two worlds.

Elsewhere, the alien that has taken on the form of James has begun to carry out his plans for Earth and humankind’s extinction. Earth, as it seems, is in due for overwhelming destruction with no hope for humanity’s survival in this elaborate game of cat and mouse.

So, what would you do?

Welcome to book two of the novelette series Among Us: Contact, Assimilation, Control, Extermination.

Newly Free Time Travel Kindle Books for 2020-08-09

Chairman's Planet: Space Fantasy Sci-Fi Adventure (Red Star #1)
by Rayner Ye
$0.00, 194 pages, 3.6 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #23 in Colonization Science Fiction eBooks
Three-hundred years ago, Chairman Yacopo forced his people to leave their planet and invade a neighbouring water world. Within that time, he sterilised and exterminated groups of his population in the name of environmentalism.

Now, he wants a planet in a red dwarf system, twenty light-years away. A planet left devastated by a nuclear war. His scientists have created an organism to de radiate it, and he must seek permission to gain access.

But because these organisms are sentient beings, he must deceive the alliance to sidestep anti-slavery laws.

He’s also ignorant that a six-year-old time traveller sets his heart on assassinating him.

Can the Chairman achieve his dream based on lies?


Red Star is better to read after Rayner’s first series—Plan8 Slaves (Firesnake,) whether that be in the form of the original complex multi-point of view box set or as a simplified standalone omnibus book (spanning the first series) from a single character’s point of view.

An Alien Encounter
by Rahul Nayani
$0.00, 13 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #3 in 30-Minute Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Reads
A short story about first contact with an alien civilization with interesting consequences.

Time Of The Lost
by Nicole Whittaker
$0.00, 64 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #1096 in 90-Minute Literature & Fiction Short Reads

Time travel through dreams, is it possible?

A fantasy story set in both prehistoric Europe and the modern day.

Edwin ends up just another waiting to die resident in Back to Eden, A bottom of the rung retirement home where only the poor and abandoned end up, after his son sells the family home following the death of his mother.

Nodding off one day, he finds himself in a strange world that feels too real to be a dream.

Drawn to a young man who has been cast out by his tribe, Edwin wonders if he is going senile or has he really traveled back in time.

Humans Love Shiny Things That Go Fast: The Story That Changes Everything (Book 1)
by Steven McQuigg
$0.00, 360 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #347 in Science Fiction Adventure
A Science Fiction, Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure, Drama about Time Travel. Insect aliens pass themselves off as gods to humanity while a reptilian element hiding in plain sight on earth tries to help humankind as best as it can while trying to be taken seriously. With a jokingly serious religious and philosophical plot the heroes and bystanders do what they can to fight the good fight.

by Mark Kale
$0.00, 806 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #145 in Alien Invasion Science Fiction eBooks
The President of the United States is coming to terms with being told that he has not been privy to the biggest secret. A country starts an operation to rewrite history, with the aim of rearranging the geographical make-up of the world for its own benefit.

Max Ritter is working hard on renovating his house deep in the English countryside and is oblivious to that fact that an emissary from a benevolent alien species from a distant star system has brought a message. A message to humanity, and very shortly it’s going to face its ultimate challenge from dark forces and if not acted upon human civilisation will be changed forever.

A member of parliament, and a possible future Prime Minister has been put in the insufferable position of being blackmailed by an international drug trafficker and pornographer. An elderly scientist learns about the alternate life he’s lived, and is finally able to tell the truth about what he witnessed in 1945.

For Max Ritter all those memories of his previous life and the war have been almost forgotten, along with the thoughts of the suicide of Adolf Hitler, the architect of Nazism in a bunker under Berlin in 1945.

That was the end of Max’s journey, or so he thought, and the start of a new life for both he and his wife. Not once did they consider that they would again suffer the feeling of absolute fear and the dreadful hopelessness they’d endured all those years ago. Not until one warm summer’s day decades later when they are visited by Ralph Barnes.

Barnes is the powerhouse behind the black world. He wields immense power across the globe, and has spent more than fifty years masterminding, controlling and organising the operations in the secret black world. He brings evidence that Hitler did not die in 1945 as the world thought, and with that news comes a new and a far more frightening enemy.

Barnes asks Ritter if he can help, and after a fruitful meeting with the old scientist, Ritter reveals to the President that he wasn’t as open with the truth when they travelled back in time. He offers up an idea entirely based on the recovery of one vital piece of equipment. The president immediately orders that everything possible must be done to recover the equipment.

The powers that move in the shadows behind the British government cannot allow the blackmailing of a member of parliament, and the fear shuffling along the corridors of power is that the material could be sold to rogue state to bring down the government.

Mike Jarvis and Nick Grant are members of the shadow British department that works alongside the Americans on alien retrievals. They are sent to recover the material from the criminal whose business spans the globe and his connections within the intelligence world run deep. His reach goes further, and he is responsible for a more heart breaking crime closer to home.

The search for the equipment Ritter spoke of had become the property of a billionaire who subsequently traded for favours to a foreign power. The President after a consultation with a specialist advisor, realises that the foreign power in question will start to, or is already using the equipment to create their own new world order.

After discussions with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, President Daniels orders General Cooper to ready a recovery team, and to retrieve the equipment. Zak Winters is the nephew of another black world leading light and it is he and his team are chosen.

With the prospect of their actions starting a nuclear war, the decision is made to deploy the team to retrieve the equipment, as the outcome of the other scenario is unthinkable. The team are sent to infiltrate the foreign country and retrieve the equipment in an all-out gamble. Time is running out as alien forces return to reap Hitler’s revenge.

Winters, Grant and Jarvis along the rest of the team face the final test, to finish the job started all those years ago.

Newly Free Colonization Kindle Books for 2020-08-09

Extinction: The Warriors Return
by Jay Korza
$0.00, 622 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (58 reviews), #4436 in Space Exploration Science Fiction eBooks
In a small portion of the galaxy, Earth is joined with many other worlds to form the Coalition. The Coalition and its member species work together in an attempt to mitigate the inevitable conflicts that arise as more and more of the galaxy is explored and its riches claimed. Daria is a Marine Corps Corpsman assigned to one of the many Coalition’s combined species units. After her husband is killed in a training flight accident, Daria and her closest friend are deployed to a scientific research planet to guard the personnel at the base. Along with a team of Force Recon Marines, she will descend into the buried remains of a long-lost civilization and uncover startling information about a warrior species who are returning to their once claimed portion of the galaxy to take it back into their empire. Meanwhile, a group of Coalition Special Forces is sent into the very heart of the warrior’s home system in an attempt to gain any information they can on their new enemy. Seth, a newly graduated officer, is thrust into a leading role on the mission after he shows exceptional promise as a team operator. Together with his mentor, they must rescue a group of prisoners on an enemy planet and return home to help prepare for the inevitable invasion. The warriors are coming back with advanced technology, genetically-engineered superior soldiers, and a lust for blood and war that is unrivaled among the Coalition forces. Two teams race against time in an attempt to save everything the Coalition has worked for centuries to build…

(188,121 Words)

Synthetic: A Paradigm of Prejudice
by Geoff Benstead
$0.00, 313 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #56 in Cyberpunk Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
366 is a cynical, jadded narc who left the Hub, a tethered manufactory in space, for a simpler life chasing down e-drug lords. Pi, a newly printed person, a synth, with embedded memories and talents necessary for police work is a blank canvas.

Their world is run by Quantum Intelligences, QIs, that embed their own memories in printed proxies to run and execute their Corporate interests that run the world from the Hub.

366 and Pi are thrown together against these all powerful QIs, in an effort to solve what looks like a simple murder in a world full of egos and prejudice.

Each must confront who they are and where they have come from in order to get the job finally done.

Newly Free Space Opera Kindle Books for 2020-08-09

Lightwave: Clocker (Folding Space Series Book 1)
by AM Scott
$0.00, 373 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (43 reviews), #1 in LGBT Science Fiction (Kindle Store)

Saree’s got a secret. A truly unique talent.

Trillions rely on her rare gift. If they knew, they’d betray her in a heartbeat for the huge reward.

Despite Saree’s best efforts, rumors fly. Desperate, she jumps on Lightwave Fold Transport just ahead of a bounty hunter.

But Lightwave might not be safer.

Lightwave’s crew were mercenaries. Mercenaries who destroyed her childhood home. Saree barely escaped last time. Will they recognize her?

Worse, will they discover who she really is?

Discover Saree’s secret today.

This seven-book classic space opera series is complete and ready for binge-reading!

(All the swear words are made up and while there are adult topics and relationships, there’s no sex in this series.)

Mercury's Shadow (The Kardashev Cycle Book 1)
by PJ Garcin
$0.00, 307 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #1 in Science Fiction Adventure
A civilization changing technology threatens the future of humanity — can a young girl from the outer system stop it all?

Imogen “Chim” Esper is thrust into the center of an interplanetary conflict when her father is injured on a spacewalk on a mining station. Haunted by guilt over her own role in the events leading to the accident and the cold indifference of the Kardashev corporation, Chim struggles to find her place in a society that is poised for revolutionary transformation.

The Kardashev Corporation dominates all commerce and politics in the solar system after coming to prominence in the great expansion led by space mining. Alton Neal, the CEO of Kardashev is hell bent on transforming society by capturing the full energy output of the sun.

Citizens of Earth and the stations throughout the system must band together to protect access to the lifeblood of the system or risk becoming permanently enslaved to the Kardashev Corporation.

Mercury’s Shadow is a thrilling adventure that blends real science, big ideas, grand adventure and high stakes to introduce a new heroine and a deep universe that will leave readers asking for more.

H.G. Wells: Masterpieces: The Invisible Man, The Time Machine, The War of the Worlds, The Food of the Gods... (Bauer Classics) (All Time Best Writers Book 26)
by H.G. Wells
$0.00, 1503 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #16 in Science Fiction Anthologies (Kindle Store)
Prolific in many genres, he wrote dozens of novels, short stories, and works of social commentary, history, satire, biography and autobiography. His work also included two books on recreational war games. Wells is now best remembered for his science fiction novels and is often called the "father of science fiction".

'H.G. Wells: Masterpieces' contains:
  • The Time Machine
  • The Island of Doctor Moreau
  • The Invisible Man
  • The War of the Worlds
  • When the Sleeper Awakes
  • The First Men in the Moon
  • The Food of the Gods
  • Days of the Comet

PALDERYN: In Place of Deceit: Book Two of the Palderyn Odyssey
by Michael R. Hartman
$0.00, 360 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #174 in Science Fiction Adventure
This is the second volume of the PALDERYN series, and is a follow-on from the first book, PALDERYN: Apocalypse:

Five Star Rating - “Palderyn was a very intriguing read. The way the author weaved the different timelines together and how the humanity of the divine entities was portrayed made it hard to put the book down. I look forward to reading Book Two of the series” - Diana.

The second volume carries on the tradition in the same vein as the first novel taking the reader deeper into the Palderyn world. What was once friend, is now foe, and things are not as they seem. Peace has been destroyed, and a warning has been issued by Ntombi, the young African sangoma from Earth:

"… The adversary has set in motion a series of events challenging the very nature of our understanding. The creature is also the guardian of an alternative future, and if you try to prevent what is happening, that event will destroy you. Do you understand? In that choice, everything will be lost …”

Four significant events happened across three worlds:

The planet Palderyn is recovering from war and life is returning to normality. However, things are not as they seem. Dissension is growing and a new cult is taking hold.

On the planet Luxo, a cyborg reflects on the demise of his creator, and clones his creator’s daughter to assist him. The daughter takes on the task to resurrect her species.

In the Place of No-Time, the Guild of the Oracles identify a malignancy within the overall time frame of the universe. They determine that if the situation is left unchecked, the malaise would lead to the eventual dissolution of all. The oracles identify only one entity that is able to rectify this.

On Earth, a young African sangoma and guardian discovers there was a false initiation of the universe. In this, the original entities within were displaced into an abyss, together with a deep hatred for all that supplanted them.

During these circumstances, the various viewpoint characters in the story are scattered, and each in their own right, contribute towards defeating the entity that deceives them all.

Expedition Nereus: At Close Range - Part One (Nereus Chronicles, Book One)
by Ilya Martynov
$0.00, 237 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #73 in Space Exploration Science Fiction eBooks
Only two astronauts survive a deadly crash in deep space...
Earth remains silent...
A young lieutenant must trek alone across a planet with strange and dangerous creatures...

All three research expedition shuttles crashed during their landing on planet Nereus. From the wreckage, only two astronauts survived, Lieutenant Jack Sallenge and a critically injured Anne Petrow, both of whom seem doomed to die on an untamed alien world while Earth remains out of contact.

After it feels like they have been abandoned to die on the planet, Mission Control starts communicating, but instead of rescue, Jack and Anne receive strange orders that compel Jack to journey across Nereus, a planet abundant with unusual, life-threatening organisms, both plant and animal.

As he explores and examines his surroundings, he encounters something so extraordinary that it can alter not only his destiny, but the fate of humanity.

Expedition Nereus: At Close Range, Part One is the first part of The Nereus Chronicles, a six-book series originally released in Russia, describing Jack's trials and tribulations on Nereus. For readers who loved The Martian or The Frontiers Saga, Expedition Nereus is the book for you.

Space Crusader
by Alan David
$0.00, 177 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #58 in Space Fleet Science Fiction eBooks

The tide is turning…

The galaxy is in peril. An infamous tyrant rules a fleet of pirate ships that has made space a dangerous new frontier, nearly impossible to traverse.

But they are not the only ones vying for control.

Star Fleet Captain Cosmo Kirk lost a crucial battle in the fight against Leopold Merrill, this notorious space pirate.

Nonetheless, he is soon after promoted to Commodore and sent back into action with three ships to bring about Merrill’s final defeat.

But soon, Kirk discovers that commanding three ships is no simple matter…

Admiral Kynon now launches another strategy, which he claims is sure to bring an end to this galactic feud.

He orders that a secret agent be used to gain vital inside information against the pirates.

But not just any agent – the Admiral selects Kirk’s fiancée, Lieutenant Lora Jade, as his pawn.

Kirk has endeavoured throughout his career to put up a good fight against the indomitable presence of Merrill amongst the stars.

Now, he learns that it isn’t going to be so easy…

Can Kirk protect the life of the woman he loves?

Or will he once again fail his mission, and doom the world to total annihilation?

Space Crusader is a thrilling sci fi space opera from a master of the genre. It was originally published under the pseudonym Mark Suffling.

Alan David is one of many pseudonyms used by the prolific author Donald S Rowland. His works have spanned three decades, ranging from science fiction to romance, westerns to military fiction. His various names have been attributed to hundreds of titles.

Aliens Space Future: Lucky no (Cosmos)
by Maestro William Simpkin MCaughey
$0.00, 16 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Space Opera
The Cosmos The Universe The Milky Way inhabitants on other planets our future

Rocket Rider
by H.J. Rethuan
$0.00, 58 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #149 in Alien Invasion Science Fiction eBooks
A young woman leaves a post-apocalyptic Earth still recovering from an alien invasion and joins the fledgling space defense force, where she unwittingly becomes a war hero after surviving an attack that wipes out her entire ship's crew.

Newly Free First Contact Kindle Books for 2020-08-09

Alien In a Small Town
by Jim Cleaveland
$0.00, 274 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (13 reviews), #1 in Christian Futuristic Fiction
It is The Future, and the Mennonites of rural Pennsylvania live much as they always have, while the world around them has changed enormously. Indira left this place years ago to travel the Earth and beyond, but now for personal reasons she has returned. It is here, of all places, that she encounters "Paul" (his real name unpronounceable), a lumbering, stone-skinned, yet soulful alien who has now settled on Earth as penance for a crime he committed long ago. This is their story.

"A wonderful story, beautifully told." — Brynne Chandler, screenwriter for Gargoyles and Batman: The Animated Series

"Jim Cleaveland's first novel, Alien In a Small Town, is a philosophical meditation on Science and Theology. It's also a lot of fun. A truly alien extraterrestrial, appropriately named Paul, goes on a moral quest in a world of humans. From a sexy female android to space hermits, Cleaveland presents a universe of wild possibilities that never loses its moral center." — Brad Linaweaver, author of Moon of Ice and The Land Beyond Summer.

Alien-UFO-Consciousness Evolution 2
by Paul Tasch
$0.00, 357 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #162 in First Contact Science Fiction eBooks
List of the names and links of my 13 ebooks

Superhero Savior Bible found on Pluto

Humans before Us


USO The Truth

DISCLOSURE Alien-UFO Disclaimer

God...a UFO ???






Dimensional Reflection: No Beginning

How I Became President of the United States of America: I’ve Had Enough Fake News

Dark Constellation
by Alex Random
$0.00, 192 pages, 3.3 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #5921 in Space Exploration Science Fiction eBooks

"Surrender will mean annihilation for every man, woman and child on Earth and the space colonies. We are doomed, Madison, and our only hope of survival is to destroy Deorca.”

Captain Greg Madison of the Trans-Solar Defense, is running a routine patrol with his crew when he has a strange encounter with the enemy.

The Deorcans were reptilian; ruthless invaders from beyond the Black Deeps, and they intended killing all known life forms throughout the Universes.

Then after thirty years of resource draining war, they finally lay down an ultimatum: Earth had to surrender or be destroyed by a missile that would cause the disintegration of the solar system!

While those back on Earth are navigating the surrender, Madison and his crew take aboard the Admiral with a secret mission.

They are making their way back to the Deorcan home planet to destroy it, or die trying, beginning a nightmare voyage to the Dark Constellation, home of the Deorcan home world.

When crew members start acting strangely and sabotage is discovered in the engines, Madison and the doctor begin to look for clues of this strange behavior. When crew members start seizing, they discover a connection between the strange behavior and physical ailments with an undetectable radiation, which literally causes people affected to go mad before dying.

As they traverse deep space and reach the edge of explored space, things continue to get more perilous and unexplainable.

The Dark Constellation sits in a place that they may not return from, but they push on in the hopes of their sacrifice saving those they left behind.

Praise for Alex Random

"It is science fiction of powerful imagination." - David S. Garnett

Alex Random is one of many pseudonyms used by the prolific author Donald S. Rowland. His works have spanned three decades, ranging from science fiction to romance, westerns to military fiction. His various names have been attributed to hundreds of titles.

Newly Free Alien Invasion Kindle Books for 2020-08-09

The Novel of the Catastrophe
by Laura Cremonini
$0.00, 196 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #147 in Alien Invasion Science Fiction eBooks
The theme of Catastrophe is a theme that has always fascinated lovers of literature and cinema. What happens if …. This if it makes the topic interesting. The end of the Earth can occur through nuclear war, alien invasion, viruses, earthquakes, tsunamis, huge fires.
Here the theme is addressed by the mistrust that the modern world has towards Science which is considered Evil. Content of the work: The Novel of the Catastrophe, Works of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction, List of apocalyptic films: Pre-1950, 1950–1959, 1960–1969, 1970–1979, 1980–1989, 1990–1999, 2000–2009, 2010–2019. Five representative films on disasters: Armageddon, Nippon chinbotsu (Tidal Wave), Twister, Outbreak, Volcano. Per ogni film: Poster, Cast, Plot, Critic and many scenes from the movie.

Invasion: Kashchey the Immortal (Part One)
by Dmitrii Mansurov
$0.00, 144 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #33745 in Science Fiction Adventure
Kashchey the Immortal has lived a long time… a veeeery long time. After centuries of playing tricks on his enemies and an unsuspecting populace, there’s little Kashchey feels he hasn’t seen. But all that changes the day Kashchey kidnaps the Princess.

The moment Kashchey whisks the Princess to his castle overlooking the Peculiar Forest, his immortal life is turned upside down, all because his curiosity demanded an answer to a question constantly tugging at his mind. In the midst of a vampire invasion, Kashchey is forced to do battle with knights and the odd, unique creatures of the forest, all while trying to finally solve the ultimate question…

What is the secret of the ‘Golden’ Princess?

Science fiction and fantasy lovers will enjoy Invasion, the first installment of the Kashchey the Immortal series! Fans of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy will love the eccentricity of Kashchey as he is brought to life (or, rather, revived) to embark on a journey to solve the mysteries plaguing his mind, including the secret to his immortality, in this science fiction fantasy adventure!

Newly Free Military Kindle Books for 2020-08-09

Rescue at Waverly: Book 1 of the Thaddeus Marcell Chronicles
by TJ Mott
$0.00, 254 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #1 in Space Fleet Science Fiction eBooks
Thaddeus Marcell is an enigmatic mercenary and the leader of a secretive paramilitary fleet. His group operates in the galaxy's Independent Regions, taking on contract work for some of the star empires, interstellar corporations, and pirate groups, fighting on their behalf whenever the pay is high enough.

But despite his reputation as a skilled and reliable--although very eccentric--fleet commander, he does his work to finance his real mission: To locate and return to his unmapped homeworld, long believed a myth by the galaxy at large. So when his intelligence network discovers a woman he knew from home, he must take one of his fleets into action and risk everything he's ever accomplished to free her from a slave ship. Along the way, he must face a number of unpleasant truths about both the galaxy and himself...

Mia: preview
by J.B Main
$0.00, 1 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Military
Mia is no ordinary child, orphaned at the age of seven and destined to live with her aunt who didn't know that she existed just a few weeks earlier.

by Tristam James
$0.00, 62 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #164 in Military Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
Victor is not his real name.

His memory gone. His past unknown. An institution that may be more than it seems. His only clue - a fragmented memory of an air raid over Germany. A war in which truth, reality and destiny are not always as clear as they seem.

...And time is running out.

Newly Free Science Fiction Kindle Books for 2020-08-09

Complex City (Seven Cities Series Book Book 1)
by GH Edwards
$0.00, 242 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (27 reviews), #6 in Dystopian Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
People believe the reality they’re presented; ever wonder who’s presenting it?

Complex City is a completely original, modern-day thriller that puts a thought-provoking spin on the word Dystopian. With a fast-paced, multi-layered plot, Complex City is perfect for anyone who is not afraid to use their brain.

Complex City is the place where 1984 meets The Hunger Games with a bit of The Wizard of Oz.

Claire, like everyone else in Mega City Houston, believes she and her husband are free. They live normal lives, going to work and coming home to their giant apartment complex. But when a devastating hurricane sweeps through Mega-City Houston, it leaves behind an item from another city that shows maybe things aren’t as them seem.
Now Claire must get her dying husband to a place no one from Houston has ever been: a different city.
During her nearly impossible trip she discovers a secret that will shake the country to its core, if she can survive long enough to tell it.

The Alternate Safe World of Sanctuary
by Mariam Cheshire
$0.00, 305 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (10 reviews), #111 in Alternative History
Sanctuary Bulletin 511 pictured a safe wonderful 1972 world. Evangeline rode the bus to the walled city, not knowing what to expect and ready to fight any obstacles in her path. She found allies who helped in her determined search. The underground world almost stopped her. Love did not enter into her plan and she pushed it away.

A forgotten manuscript, covered with dust, came to light after 42 years. Evangeline and her story appears now to show a world that might yet be the answer to those who need help.

Abandoned: A sacred mission
by Neal Thompson
$0.00, 240 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (32 reviews), #284 in Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
The International Space Station holds a secret and freelance journalist Eric Dundston has obtained a clue to solving the mystery. The author gives the reader a behind-the-scenes look at the world of journalism and how an ordinary event can lead to a great adventure.

Unedited Realities: Journeys beyond time and infinity
by Fred Schäfer
$0.00, 351 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #76 in Metaphysical Fiction
A riveting philosophical sci-fi mystery. Brilliant, creative, humorous, and provocative. From the author of “The 92-Year-Old Lady Who Made Me Steal a Dead Man’s Car”.

What you should know before you buy this book
This is a complicated book. Of all my books, it is the most complicated one. It is also a funny book, but—and how can I put that without offending you?—your sense of humour may not get it if the quality of your mind is mutilated due to watching too many mindless TV shows. As the title says, it is an unedited book. So, don’t complain about mistakes. There could be few, there could be many. If your English is below average as mine, you may be lucky and not notice any mistakes. But whatever errors you discover, they are part of the deal. Very importantly, this book is a serious read from a metaphysical and philosophical perspective. However, sadly, most of you may not understand that; some of you, however, will. What else should you know? This book is a hell of an entertaining novel with a crazy plot. So, if the metaphysical and philosophical stuff doesn’t click with you, just ignore it and focus on the plot. That should be okay as long as you don’t ask stupid questions like, “Is this realistic?” The answer to that question is always, “Yes, it is!” Everything is realistic if you see it in the context of its relevant reality. You see, this is where the crazy plot and the serious metaphysical contemplations merge. Does that sound confusing? It shouldn’t, provided that you maintained enough of your childhood’s inquisitiveness. Well, I’ll leave it at that. Just read the book. It’s not really complicated at all as long as you manage to negotiate your thinking around the little challenges mentioned above.

Initially, each of the following three parts was planned to be a separate book. However, thematically—especially from a philosophical perspective, but also as far as the plot is concerned—these three parts complement each other, and it was decided to combine them into one book.

ONE: Unedited Memories
Just in the event that Emma #2 crashed the car and killed us both or only me or should the gangsters or only one of the gangsters, which would have been enough, manage to kill me with a well-aimed bullet, if I didn’t manage to shoot him first, my other self and I decided to separate before the race so that at least one of us would survive in the event of a disaster of the kind mentioned in the first half of this “crazy” sentence.

TWO: Unedited Realities
We had this long conversation about the end of time, God’s residence, and what the universe and BMWs are really made of, at first between ourselves, then later a fly, the gentleman with the Space SUV and two robots joined us. That conversation went from Tuesday 8 a.m. until 11 p.m. the same day. That’s a long time.
On the other hand, Einstein tells us that time is an illusion, and that reality isn’t what we think it is. These are issues that needed to be clarified, which is precisely what we did.

THREE: The End of Eternity
The year is 2090. I, Carl Andrew Quinton, am 94. Inexplicably, my appearance hadn’t changed since 2018, when I was 22. There is an explanation.
This explanation represents literary and scientific breakthroughs. There is no other literary and scientific work like it and no appropriate introduction for the reading adventure that’s waiting for you could be found anywhere in the universe. So, this here will have to do.
Sounds exaggerated, I know, but it is true.
Scientists and literary critics around the world will discuss, argue and get excited about the thrilling metaphysical revelations in this book for decades to come.
You, the reader, will find out how the world was created and why it can be both at the same time, infinitely large and tiny as nothingness.

Human Resources
by Geoffrey Neil
$0.00, 277 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (181 reviews), #169 in Science Fiction (Kindle Store)

They thought getting fired was the worst thing that could happen. They were dead wrong.

A business consultant swoops in to rescue a struggling company. She cancels layoffs and dazzles everyone with her killer looks and corporate savvy. When her over-the-top attention and affection for a particular employee becomes suspicious, an unlikely hero uncovers her true identity and a secret plan more terrifying than anyone could have imagined.

Human Resources has been optioned for film or TV adaptation by Mace Neufeld Productions, producers of The Omen, The Sum of All Fears, The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Invictus, and many other successful titles.

Get HR and buckle up for this dark thriller's knuckle-biting ride!

Rise of a Kingdom (Book 1) (Realms of Men and Others)
by Gerry Wathen
$0.00, 415 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #76 in Science Fiction Adventure
A young man named Rolf, a blacksmith's son, seeks out freedom for his small town in the midst of oppression. Magic, betrayal, romance and epic battles are hallmarks of this story. Heroes and heroines are forged through battles. Will other kingdoms give aid to the rebellion or just watch? Will Rolf betray his morals in order to achieve victory? Will his people face annihilation? Will he start a movement unrivaled in his era or will it fade into the burned pages of history?

Mechanical Heart
by Sarah Pennington
$0.00, 398 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #2712 in Steampunk Fiction
Can you save someone who doesn’t know if she’s alive?

Breen lives locked away, separated from the world by the walls of her clock tower and the machine of gems, gears, and magic that replaces her heart. That is, until an unexpected visitor appears in her tower, offering a dangerous gift: freedom. His promises awaken hope for a life unbound by the tower walls — but she knows that if he learns about her heart, it’s only a matter of time before he turns on her.

Josiah is powerless. Though he’s the crown prince of the mighty Chanian empire, he feels stifled by his inability to protect his people from the schemes of corrupt nobles. When he discovers a girl trapped in a locked clock tower, he thinks he’s finally found a problem he can solve . . . but more than just walls keep her captive.

From the royal palace to the streets of Rivenford to the tops of clock towers, secrets hide around every corner in this steampunk retelling of Rapunzel. Breen and Josiah hold the keys to each other's struggles — if they can break down the barriers that divide them.

The Code: If your AI loses its mind, can it take meds?
by Peter McAllister
$0.00, 270 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #1629 in Hard Science Fiction (Books)
Life on earth is at risk when an AI sent to the moon goes rogue!

Shutting him down means an unscheduled trip to the moon and a battle for our very survival.

Liam, a gifted engineer, is trying to save the world, by finding a way to let industry mine for metals without the environmental disasters that make the news. Nanobots mining asteroids are the answer, and they are being tested on the dark side of the moon.

But Gene, the AI tasked with helping him, spirals down the path of schizophrenia and is on track to mine the moon to dust -- and without the influence of the moon, the ecosystems that mankind depends on for its survival as a species will be lost.

This leaves Liam and his colleagues to battle the creation and his own demons to save humanity -- who are oblivious to the potential destruction around the corner.

Gulliver's Travels illustrated by Arthur Rackham
by Jonathan Swift
$0.00, 267 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (6 reviews), #480 in Science Fiction Adventure
This carefully crafted ebook: "Gulliver's Travels illustrated by Arthur Rackham" is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. Gulliver's Travels (Original title - Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World. In Four Parts. By Lemuel Gulliver, First a Surgeon, and then a Captain of Several Ships), a misanthropic satire of humanity, was written in 1726 by Jonathan Swift. Like many other authors, Swift uses the journey as the backdrop for his satire. He invents a second author, Captain Lemuel Gulliver, who because of a series of mishaps en route to recognized ports, ends up, instead, on several unknown islands living with people and animals of unusual sizes, behaviors, and philosophies, but who, after each adventure, is somehow able to return to his home in England where he recovers from these unusual experiences and then sets out again on a new voyage. Jonathan Swift (1667 – 1745) was an Anglo-Irish poet, writer and cleric who gained reputation as a great political writer and an essayist. Jonathan, who became Dean of St. Patrick's in Dublin, is also known for his excellence in satire. His most remembered works include Gulliver's Travels, A modest Proposal, An Argument against Abolishing Christianity and A Tale of a Tub.

The Eyes of Sarsis
by Andrew J. Offutt
$0.00, 207 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #15411 in Science Fiction Adventure
A strange white cat wandered about the streets of Reme while Captain Tiana Highrider, master of the pirate ship Vixen, held court.

The red-haired beauty was queen of the pirates and had seen many strange things throughout her adventures, but when a harmless blind beggar moves with the certainty of his sighted days, her instincts are prickling.

Suddenly, she and her adopted father, the mighty Caranga, are brought before the king and asked to take up the quest to return his kidnapped daughter. The king also tells of a dark power he unwittingly unleashed in his desperation to have his daughter returned; the Eyes of Sarsis – a dark power even the most commanding of magicians desire to remain buried in the earth.
At the same time, more mysterious things are happening through the city – animated bodies, mysterious orders, corpses without blood – and at all, a white cat lurks in the shadows.

Tiana’s thirst for adventure and the promised reward lead them through the city, out onto the open sea, into dangerous territory, and seeking strange lands in the quest to return the king’s daughter, find the stolen treasure, and most of all, defeat the Eyes of Sarsis, a power no man can break.

Along the way they ally with strong barbarians, magicians, unknowable creatures, and ancient beings to fight the awful power of the vampiric Eyes…

Born in Kentucky in 1934, Andrew J. Offutt has been a prolific writer for the majority of his life, specifically within the genres of science fiction, fantasy and erotica. One of his most notable works was his contribution to the Conan the Barbarian saga.

A professional research scientist, Richard Lyon began writing at the suggestion of his wife. After over thirty years working as a scientist, Lyon retired to a smaller company and focused more on his writing. Upon joining the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America he began corresponding with Andrew J Offutt, which lead to the collaborative work The Demon in the Mirror.

Venture Press is a science fiction and fantasy imprint of Endeavour Press, the UK’s leading independent digital publisher. We are committed to the discovery and rediscovery of immensely talented authors in the SFF genre, and continue to push boundaries in search of great literature. Join us as we venture across universes and unknown landscapes – past, present and future.

Schaefer's Integrity
by Huw Langridge
$0.00, 265 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #514 in Science Fiction Adventure
Duncan Schaefer is a chef in the Kuiper Mining Colony, at the edge of our solar system. He has become infected by a virus that is baffling science. With the help of his disfigured companion Maxan, he struggles to understand the physical changes his body is undergoing, which is earning him an unwanted celebrity status. Everyone wants a piece of him. Schaefer soon learns that the illness has a design of its own, and that there are greater things at stake than just his own life. Can he survive long enough to uncover the mystery of his illness, and make the connection between the physical changes in his body, and the future of mankind's place in the universe?

Out of Darkness: Twists & Turns (Riveting Short Fiction Series Book 1)
by Chris Baum
$0.00, 215 pages, 3.8 out of 5.0 (11 reviews), #15 in World Literature Short Stories
Consumed by darkness. Determined to live. A struggle to survive.

As you pass through the pages of this magical portal of a book containing a cross-genre of many fictional stories, each one will take you on a unique journey. You will discover a wide variety of fiction in its many forms (flash fiction, short stories, a novelette and poetry), and sometimes observe the ways in which people face their demons.

Each character-driven story encompasses actions and reactions sometimes triggered by lies, regret, sorrow, sweet revenge, joy, pride, love, etc. Some feel defeated by life's trials and tribulations, yet are fueled by a burning desire to overcome their fear. Can those feeling trapped escape the darkness like a phoenix rising?

Out of darkness: Twists & Turns is book 1 of the Riveting Short Fiction Series. If you like action with quick results, unpredictable plots, and a feeling of being transported to a better place and time, then you’ll love the first installment of Chris Baum’s page-turning series.

BuyOut of Darkness: Twists & Turns to start your adventure today!

The Player Blackout: A Superhero LitRPG Adventure (Capes Online Book 1)
by Lucas Flint
$0.00, 334 pages, 3.6 out of 5.0 (34 reviews), #2 in Video & Electronic Games
In 2043, Capes Online is the biggest, most popular VRMMORPG in the world. With over one billion active players and counting, gamers can become brave Heroes or cunning Villains, their every choice determining their Alignment. Everyone wants to play this game and almost everyone does.

Except for 25-year-old police officer Nyle Maxwell, who can't log out. Killed in a car accident on his first day on the job, Nyle gets his mind uploaded to Capes Online to save his life. But the one way mind-to-game upload process means Nyle can never return to his physical body in the real world. Nor is he allowed to contact his friends and family outside the game or else he risks deletion by the secretive government organization that put him in the game in the first place.

Things get even worse when a villain known as Dark Kosmos takes over Capes Online not long after Nyle's arrival. Trapping all of the players in the game and cutting off all contact with the real world, Dark Kosmos targets Nyle for death.

Now Nyle must become a true superhero and save his fellow players from Dark Kosmos while adjusting to his new digital life. All of which would be much easier if he didn't have a hyperactive sidekick overly fond of puns or if he even wanted to be here in the first place.

Queen Julius Caesar
by Martin Campbell
$0.00, 216 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #124 in Historical Fiction (Kindle Store)
Untold histories are often the most interesting...
Can a King be a Queen?
Can an Emperor love a King and a Queen?
Are you ready to accept that Rome’s greatest ruler was Bisexual?
In an ancient Greek province, there lived a King and his sister-wife. You are unlikely to have heard of them, yet they changed history in ways that have been blushed about, scorned, edited, redacted and buried for nearly 2,000 years.
For, you see, those minor royals encountered the young Gaius Julius Caesar, long before he became the ruler of Rome. They both fell under his spell and set out to seduce him. He didn’t resist. Their remarkable interplay set in motion the emergence of the Caesar that we find described in our history books today.
Watched over by the Goddess Minerva, the young Caesar escapes Rome just in time to avoid annihilation. Leaving his wife behind he journeys across the Mediterranean, Aegean and Black seas encountering pirates and scoundrels.

Inca City on the Edge of Forever: A Cord Devlin Adventure
by Michael J. Foy
$0.00, 14 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #53 in 30-Minute Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Reads
A satellite registers a weird power signature deep in an ancient Inca jungle enclave. Leftist activities in the area provide the excuse for sending in a team. In spite of his inclusion the true mission is kept from Cord Devlin who often free lances for American Intelligence. The NSA and CIA are ill at ease with his childish obsession with Star Trek yet his worldview has proven indispensable on similarly strange operations.

Starlog Magazine The Sci Fi Comics: July 1988
by William Shatner
$0.00, pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #401 in Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
You are holding the a magazine devoted to the field of science fiction in films and television: the realm that combines science, adventure, romance, and philosophy.

Welcome aboard, new friends!

Starlog Magazine The Sci Fi Comics: September 1996
by William Shatner
$0.00, pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #121 in Science Fiction Adventure
Welcome aboard, new friends! May our journey together be long and wonderful...

You are holding the a magazine devoted to the field of science fiction in films and television: the realm that combines science, adventure, romance, and philosophy.

At its best, science fiction in the visual media creates worlds apart from our own, in which we can lose ourselves for a time while dwelling upon truths about the human condition that can be isolated by imagination and presented dramatically.

We constantly strive to give our readers the best, most exciting and beautiful magazine the science fiction world has ever seen.

Downloaded this book? Please leave a review!

•Little Big Man: Don Marshall recalls his life in a Land of the Giants
•Destroyers of Worlds: Come Independence Day, they got to blow up earth
•Earth's Top Gun: Flying high in Independence Day, Will Smith kicks E.T.'s ass
•Dark Knight Views: Joel Schumacher checks in to preview Batman & Robin
•Secure Channels: On Babylon 5, Jeff Conaway walks the straight & narrow
•Cockroach Fever: Jerry O'Connell talks to the insects; they sing & dance
•Bad Man's World: John Carpenter finally makes his Escape From LA
•I, Solo: Mario van Peebles is now a lean, mean, killing machine
•Serpent Stalker: In Loch Ness, Ted Danson searches for the Monster
•Beyond Judgment Day: The Terminator will be back daily at Universal Florida
•Shades of Intensity: Always playing jerks, nice guy William Atherton finishes last

Wakers: Sayonara Sleep
by Michaela Hoffman
$0.00, 290 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #446 in Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
Lava Rowe-Darkus is a Waker: a person who, on the brink of sleep, Rises in a dreamlike reality; Nightworld is a sunless, bioluminescent plane that is led by five territory rulers. When Lava Awakens there, she discovers that she is a Guardian charged with saving the Waker people. There is a mysterious corruptive force that threatens not only their freedom, but their lives.

Meanwhile in Reality, Lava is a graduate school student facing her own battles. Haunted by the memories of her missing father and sister, she struggles to cope while moving forward in her life. But as Lava spends more time in Nightworld, it becomes clear that she can’t hide from her past in either reality state. Can Lava find out the truth behind the disappearances in her family? Or will she lose herself in a dream world?

Starlog Magazine The Sci Fi Comics: November 1989
by William Shatner
$0.00, pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #384 in Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
You are holding the a magazine devoted to the field of science fiction in films and television: the realm that combines science, adventure, romance, and philosophy.

Welcome aboard, new friends!

Mask of the Beast
by M.L. Rose
$0.00, 4 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #7 in 15-Minute Literature & Fiction Short Reads
"Reminds me of the quality short stories from the old masters." GPD - Amazon Reviewer

Josie is just a normal girl going shopping during a deadly pandemic. But when a protest turns violent, Josie is trapped. Now she must act quick in order to live as the riot grows out of control.

If you enjoy stories about deadly viruses and the end of the world you'll enjoy this one. Inspired by modern day real life events.

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I started making these lists for my own use in 2013 when an Amazon policy change gutted all of the web sites that listed free Kindle books. Before the policy change, those sites would get some amount of compensation for directing people to the Amazon web site. After the policy change, they lost all compensation for the month if most of their referrals that month were for free books. So most of those web sites stopped listing the free books.

I use the description "newly free" for these book lists. That means I won't list a book again if I've listed it recently. There are so many books that are permanently free, or frequently free, that it makes it difficult to find "newly free" books manually looking through the Amazon search results. There are just too many repeats every day. But I have included the links to those Amazon searches on the category headers, so you can always click the link to see the full list if you'd like. My process just extracts the "newly free" books from those search results, by keeping a record of books I've listed in the past.

The lists are designed for easy navigation through the books. Clicking on the blurb of any given book will bring the next book in the list up to the top of the screen. This makes it easy to quickly go through them one-by-one. Each category header has an index of the various categories available, and also shows the number of books available in each category. Clicking on the category header itself will bring up the full Amazon search listing of free books for that category.

If you're in Canada, Germany, or the UK, clicking on the "CA" or "DE" or "UK" link in the top right hand corner of the document will change all of the book links from USA to Canada or Germany or the UK. But they may not be free there as they are in the USA. Usually, but not always.

If an author classifies their book as belonging to multiple genres (e.g. fantasy, horror), it will only be listed in the first genre that I process. I process the sub-categories of a major category first, so that the book will be listed in the more specific category.

The rating and # of reviews will be highlighted green to flag ratings above 4.5 stars with more than 50 reviews.

Horizontal bars above the blurbs may be red. You can ignore that. They're just reminders to me that I have already purchased that book.

Free book searches on Amazon

Three ways to search for free (or Prime) books on Amazon:

Currently, there are about 90,000 free Kindle books, a thousand "Prime Reading" books, and over 1.6 million "Prime Eligible" books. With only a few exceptions, "Kindle Unlimited" means "Prime Eligible". "Prime Reading" offers unlimited loans per month, while "Prime Eligible" is just one loan per month.

From the initial search results, you can drill down into categories and use any of the left navigation bar filters.

Those same searches with a keyword:

Click on the "search" part of the "results for" line and you can change the search term to whatever you desire. Then you can continue as before and use the normal drill-down and/or filter choices.

Reddit Groups

There are two Reddit groups that regularly have free Kindle books listed:

Kindle Freebies
Free E-Books


The eReaderIQ web site is a price tracking service for Kindle books. It allows you to set up watch lists for books and authors, and then they will send you an email alert when a book reaches a certain price, or an author has a book with a price reduction.


The BookBub web site will send you email alerts with handpicked recommendations on books, for your selected genres. Some are free, others just have price reductions.

Galaxy Magazine

Galaxy Science Fiction was an American digest-size science fiction magazine, published from 1950 to 1980, and they are now offered free online:

​They can be downloaded as mobi files for the Kindle as well as being read online.​ Used to be one of my favorite SF magazines. I almost always had one with me when I was in high school.


If you're more interested in mainstream books, check to see what options you have from your local library. Many use the Overdrive or Libby sites to loan out Kindle books. If that's not available to you, or your local library has a limited collection, the "Free Library of Philadelphia" has an extensive Overdrive collection, and an out-of-state library card is only $50 per year. Less than half the price of KU.


Project Gutenberg, founded in 1971, is an Internet archive of free public domain books, created via a volunteer effort that digitizes and archives such books. You can download the Kindle format of a book and then transfer the book to your Kindle directly using a USB cable or by emailing it to your Kindle via its Send-to-Kindle email address using your email client or something like the Amazon Send-To-Kindle tool or an eBook management tool like Calibre.


Notifications of new listings will be made in various GoodReads discussion groups (e.g. Amazon Kindle), as well as on the Reddit FreeEBOOKS group. There is also an RSS Feed.