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Newly Free Zombies Kindle Books for 2020-05-31

The Unblessed Dead (The Hidden Necromancer Series Book 1)
by Rhiannon Frater
$0.00, 267 pages, 4.9 out of 5.0 (31 reviews), #5148 in Dystopian Fiction
When I was younger, my mother saved my settlement from the Unblessed Dead that would have killed us all. It cost her everything to reveal her necromancy and sent shockwaves through our stringent religious settlement. Convicted of heresy against our sacred Lost Texts, she died soon after.
Since then, I have worked hard to maintain my Pious Standing so that when I turn eighteen I will be selected by a suitable husband at the Bridal Auction.
As the large clock in town square ticks down to my eighteenth birthday, the dead have been appearing in my garden. If I’m discovered, I’ll face the Necromancer Trial just as my mother, oldest sister, and I did all those years ago. This time I fear I will not survive it.
To add to my worries, an enigmatic handsome young man has arrived in the settlement. Around him swirls a green aura only I can see. Is he here to help me? Or does he have more nefarious plans?
My name is Ilyse Nott, and I fear I am a necromancer.
If I am, my life is over.

Dead Meat: Day 1
by Nick Clausen
$0.00, 187 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (54 reviews), #1 in Contagious Diseases

The dead have awakened.
Driven by insatiable hunger.
In eternal search of fresh meat.
The infection spreads like the plague.
Nothing stands between the undead and humanity.

Is it too late to save the world from disaster?

The end of the world one day at a time

In this new apocalyptic zombie series from the author of They Come at Night and Human Flesh, we follow events day for day as the world slowly but surely decends into mayhem as the zombies take over. Don't miss the thrilling ride!

For fans of The Walking Dead, The Orphans Book and World War Z.

How it all began

Three teenagers find themselves trapped in a stuffy, warm basement. The old lady who used to own the house is now dead. She's also standing right on the other side of the basement door, scraping and moaning, trying to get in. Patiently. Tirelessly.

Said about the DEAD MEAT series

★★★★★ “super exciting, totally entertaining and innovative zombie series”

★★★★★ “you won't be able to put it down until the last page”

★★★★★ “terrifying, nightmare-inducing, impossible to put down”


Thomas makes his way through the room, noticing the bloody footprints on the carpet. A sound reaches him, makes him stop dead in his tracks. It’s a wet smacking noise. Like a child eating Bolognese for the first time and making a mess of it.

It’s coming from the kitchen.

Thomas looks around for a weapon. He didn’t think to bring the pipe. Instead, he grabs a big, pink crystal rock from a shelf. It feels satisfyingly heavy in his hand, giving him the courage to go on towards the opening to the kitchen. A dreadful sight meets him.

In the middle of the kitchen, sprawled out on the vinyl floor, is a grown man. His skin is dark and he’s wearing shorts and a T-shirt. The colors of his clothes are hard to discern, as they’re completely soaked with blood.

His stomach is open. It reminds Thomas of something he saw in a medical documentary about open heart surgery. Something is hanging out of the side of the crater. It looks like a piece of raw sausage with the filling sucked out of it. The rest of the content of the poor man’s stomach is mercifully hidden from view by the girl who’s sitting on her knees, feasting away. With one hand, she digs eagerly into the man’s intestines, transporting them to her mouth and chewing loudly. The other arm, which is broken, hangs limply by her side.

Apparently, this one-armed system isn’t working fast enough to satisfy the girl’s appetite, because suddenly she bends over and simply buries her face in the guy’s stomach.

Thomas breathes firmly through his nose—which immediately proves a mistake, as it only intensifies the smell of blood and meat. He knows he needs to move on. That he’s still in a hurry. That the guy on the floor might only be minutes from waking up, and then he’ll have two zombies to deal with.

So, he slips through the kitchen as close to the wall as possible. His eyes are fixed on the girl, and that’s why he doesn’t notice the bottle of olive oil lying on the floor. He accidentally kicks it, and it rolls across the floor, hitting the table leg with a loud Clank!

Thomas freezes, raising the stone, ready to throw it at the zombie girl.

But she doesn’t react at all to the noise; not even a flinch. She just keeps eating.

Thomas breathes a sigh of relief. He hurries on. Makes it out of the kitchen and into a hallway. There are a couple of closed doors. At the end is the scullery. He reminds himself about the fact that he can’t know for sure if anyone else is in the house—living or dead. So, he keeps the crystal stone held high, ready to strike at anyone trying to surprise him ...

Day 2 and Day 3 are also out! Begin the thrilling series right here, with Day 1

Wear Chainmail to the Apocalypse: Book 1: The Beginning of the End
by David Hopkins
$0.00, 69 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (7 reviews), #8 in Two-Hour Teen & Young Adult Short Reads
We’re all gonna die. Load up on reading material, and enjoy the journey.

This is the end-of-the-world you've been waiting for! The sweet-Jesus-pandemic-martial-law-nuclear-wasteland-horror-theme-park level event you always dreamed it would be, it’s here. Lucky you. Did you prepare for the end? Do you have chainmail? If there’s one thing I know, it’s that you should always WEAR CHAINMAIL TO THE APOCALYPSE.

Tom the Copywriter (definitely not an avatar for the author who also happens to be a copywriter) joins a group of knights from a dinner-and-joust theatre company (definitely not a knock off of some other well known Medieval Times™ entertainment venue). They travel in search of a better life. But obviously, it wouldn’t be a story, if it were easy.

Diseased hordes! Guns! Swords! Packs of angry abandoned house pets! Overly researched details about horseback riding! Creepy retail outlets! Small towns! Thoughtful commentary about the world we knew! A plot-relevant chicken!

Read the book that the author's mom described as "interesting and funny in a weird way" — and that his dad couldn't finish because "too many characters died." With so many apocalypses to choose from, don't settle for cheap, imitation apocalypses.

What Zombie Apocalypse?
by Nick James
$0.00, 125 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #24 in Colonization Science Fiction eBooks
The dead are now walking the earth, spreading chaos and hurt throughout the land. Can Tony the Terrible, online gamer and Apocalypse warrior survive the coming storm? Has he the skills?...No. Will he become the leader the world needs him to be?...doubtful. But the main question is, will he survive?…...Maybe.

Worlds Avenged: An Alien Invasion Prequel (Clashing Kingdoms Series Book 0)
by Drake Mason
$0.00, 48 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #7 in 90-Minute Teen & Young Adult Short Reads

He took my world. I stole his heart.

The Kreons invaded my planet and killed my family. And if that isn't bad enough, now I'm supposed to marry the prince who killed my brother. All I want to do is honor my culture's rituals and give my kin a proper burial, but it's been forbidden by the new king, which means—my defiance is criminal. They thought they had us beaten, but they weren't prepared for me. I have powers of my own, and it's about time to fight back.

This is a prequel to a full-length, post-apocalyptic alien invasion series you won't want to miss! Look for book one, Worlds Between.

Ps. The main story is a retelling of the Greek myth of Antigone.

L´amore ( e il Sesso) in tempo degli Zombie
by Christian Herr
$0.00, 285 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Zombies
Vi invitiamo a leggere questa bella storia.
Se vi piace questo libro, vi preghiamo di commentare. Grazie!

Newly Free Post-Apocalyptic Kindle Books for 2020-05-31

Justice: A Fortinbras Short Story (Fortinbras Short Stories)
by Cora Foerstner
$0.00, 35 pages, 4.9 out of 5.0 (17 reviews), #25 in One-Hour Literature & Fiction Short Reads
A young assassin trained to kill with precision, Fortinbras hasn’t been tested in the savage world of the 22nd century.

In this dystopian short story, earth’s few survivors struggle to stay alive and carve out a better life. The fortunate ones live in communities or small towns. When a barbaric attack threatens the town of Orange Hope, Fortinbras and his two friends hunt the killers.

Armed with expert training and youthful confidence, they ride off to face the heartless murderers. Their success will keep their town safe. Their failure will be the end of Orange Hope.

The Long Road: A Story of the World Hereafter
by S. L. MacLellan
$0.00, 375 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #439 in Western Science Fiction
It was fifty years ago when the Bombs fell and the world was brought to a screeching halt. But humanity is stubborn, and a new world is being built from the ashes of the Time Before. For Locke, surviving in this land is hard enough between the flesh-rending sandstorms, ravenous mutants, and the daily challenges of protecting a young child from a harsh world. While traveling along the Long Road - the only path to civilization - in search of revenge he is caught up in the machinations of an enigmatic warlord known only as “Phoenix.” To make matters worse, the warlord seems to know Locke… and he’s looking to slake the wasteland’s thirst with Locke’s blood. Welcome to the World Hereafter…

Death Awoken: A GameLit Series (Death God System - Book #1)
by M.Q. Kajack
$0.00, 451 pages, 3.8 out of 5.0 (24 reviews), #1 in Role Playing & Fantasy Games

On a small planet, an unknown presence was stirring.

With no physical body, all of its previous memories messed up and without a clear name, our MC starts his journey. Fused on its soul a strange System that will help him be stronger on this strange unknown new world.

To claim back all that has been stripped away, he must first generate a body. For this, the system reveals that it needs to collect sufficient XP points by absorbing forces, death auras, regaining fundamental skills like talking and weapon wielding to go on dangerous missions. One kill equals one death point.

The more quests he goes on, and the strong beasts and humans slew – the more the Death Core whispers in his ear and torments his soul.

“I know one thing, Death brings me peace.”

This tale is a GameLit adventure that will have you rolling over the pages to see what consequences lie ahead! It is not for the fainthearted, it requires a steady hand, a strategic mind – and a strong stomach.
Death Awoken is the first book in the series: Death God System. A GameLit Wuxia / Xianxia adventure with lots of LitRPG elements.

Future Machine
by Johan Michaels
$0.00, pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #125 in Science Fiction Adventure
The Corporation is here for you. . . Whether you like it or not.

In the year 2141, climate disaster has wreaked havoc on the globe as Gregory is thrown headfirst into the Insurrection; a motley group of hackers who want to take down The Corporation and spread their wealth to the masses. In a moment of tribulation, the brothers at Dionysus Abbey must choose to fight alongside their newly found tribe while Captain Maakah is hell-bent on taking them out.

War, greed, love and robots. . . Enter into Johan Michael’s debut novel, rich with action and suspense in a devastated future.

Glass World
by Suzanne Brandyn
$0.00, 541 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #344 in Suspense (Kindle Store)
Apocalyptic/Suspense/Thriller with a touch of romance.

Our world is fragile. One could say it is like glass. One fine crack followed by another, may leave our hearts failing us with fear.

Surviving Covid 19, the world is now faced with another catastrophe.

Glass World is about a couple with a seven-week-old baby, who face unimaginable obstacles when their perfect existence is stripped away, along with everything they know as civilisation.

On the run, with three companions, amidst utter chaos, they fight for survival while facing unbelievable terror.

As our world rotates, anything is possible.

NEW EDEN: A Dystopian Sci-Fi Fantasy (The Joining Trilogy Book 1)
by J. A. Louvel
$0.00, 386 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (7 reviews), #120 in Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
On New Eden, men live in terror of the female gaze.

Two thousand years after the destruction of Earth, the last of humanity is headed towards extinction. Females (eves) are kept mute, segregated, and heavily veiled: prohibited from looking a male above the knee.

Theresa was born corrupt: a danger to mankind. Although her life is meticulously orchestrated to snuff out all sense of resistance, Theresa quietly rebels against her painful, stifled life. Will it lead her to liberation or Expulsion into a demon-filled wasteland?

Robert is an illegit, raised from infancy by priests. When he stumbles onto an appalling secret, he must get as far from the Church as possible or risk discovery and Expulsion.

William is a nervous, sensitive prince who suffers badly in this world where males are callously trained into hardened, pitiless brutes, and all weakness is punished. He’s despised and tortured by his brothers, ignored by his father, and manipulated by the Church, who conspires to use the devout William as a puppet-king.

As the story unfolds, the lives of these three heroes will intersect through circumstance, impacting each other dramatically and changing their lives forever.

Gradually, through forbidden metaphysical powers, it’s revealed how New Eden developed into this cruel, regressive world. Yet the fearful William can’t resist the lure of these terrifying powers or the exhilaration of sacrilegious ideas that could hold the answer to Humanity’s survival. Can William find the courage to break free of the Church’s grip?

A dystopian scifi with metaphysical elements and well-developed characters, mixed with intrigue, action, betrayal and conspiracy -with a dash of romance.

The first book in The Joining Trilogy series

Snow Punk: A Post-Apocalypse LitRPG Novel (Twelve Worlds at War Book 1)
by Paul Bellow
$0.00, 248 pages, 3.4 out of 5.0 (15 reviews), #2 in Science Fiction TV, Movie & Game Tie-In

Fallout meets Frostpunk in this Fresh Sci-Fi LitRPG!

After months in a frozen virtual wasteland, Scout still has no answers about how she got trapped in the sick and twisted simulation. While most inhabitants believe their world and the underground shelters that keep them alive are real, Scout knows the truth. As one of only a few who remembers, she'll do whatever it takes to get answers.

With no clues about her situation and no way to escape the game, she has only one option; build a better world inside the game for herself and her new found friend, Missy. When rumors about a mysterious broken beacon lead Scout deep into Shelter 12's black market, she sees an opportunity to advance. Harrison is just the man to help her.

The shrewd smuggler is anxious to unload the strange device as his ticket to a better life, and he needs all the help he can get. Scout assists him, but she has plans of her own. Once she achieves enough power, she will turn her attention to how and why everyone is trapped. Nothing will stop her from the learning the truth. Or so she thinks.

Fallout meets RimWorld and Frostpunk in this post-apoc, Sci-Fi LitRPG. One-Click today!

Akropolis: Omnibus
by HC Edwards
$0.00, 566 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #67 in Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
The entire Akropolis trilogy now under one cover. Akropolis is a city at the end of times, a sanctuary where the brightest and best have been housed since the last Great War. A genome defect has afflicted the majority of the population and scientists are desperate to find a cure. In the meantime, humanity has found temporary salvation in the form of the QUBIT (quantum processing bio-synthetic), an android that is capable of prolonging life almost indefinitely, yet many fear what makes them human in the first place has been lost in the transition. The ruling council believes that salvation is nigh, but whether that hope arrives in time is questionable. The city's future depends upon the actions of a few individuals, all of whom are struggling with their own mortality. Quentin is the boy who dreams of death. Mia is the tortured soul. Trey is the soldier that defines duty. Misao is the future of the ruling council. Claire is the girl with a secret that will rock the foundations of their entire civilization. Unbeknownst to them, the entire fate of Akropolis lies in their hands. Either humanity will find a way to survive or it will sink slowly into the sea of extinction.

March on the Citadel
by Dennis Fueyo
$0.00, 145 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #121 in First Contact Science Fiction eBooks
Monstrous alien assassins, disgruntled soldiers, scorned relatives—is there anyone not seeking to kill Mario Estevez Christian? Serving the army of the Ten Families, he has marched for years from Louisiana to California, annexing North America under their flag in a post-Holocene world. Mario’s mission nears its end when he is assigned one more by Lucinda Dexter, future overlord of the Ten Families. At her request, he must collect two members of her estranged family. To fulfill his duty, he tracks them down from war-torn Southern California to North Carolina, all the while obtaining accounts of her family history, a tale fragmented when humanity lost its ability to colonize other worlds. He can trust no one, relying on a gift passed down from his alien mother, the ability to call on the realm of sound, a gift abhorred by sinister other-worldly individuals.

March on the Citadel takes place in post-apocalyptic North America with recounts connecting Earth to the planet Gliese Cc. Mario travels between his destinations by foot, horse, boat, and train, and with each leg of the journey, he learns more about not only Lucinda Dexter’s family but his own sorted family tree.

The Understudy
by Keith Azariah-Kribbs
$0.00, 299 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #70 in Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
It’s the end of the world . . . but only for a little while.

When a killing fever sweeps across the world, the CDC’s Geoffrey Answorth rushes to develop a cure. He can do it—he just needs a few years. The problem is that we’ll all be dead in six months.

Well, not quite all of us. . . . The Origyn Systems model 27000, an artificial human with a normal human body but a sealed, electronic mind, is immune to the fever. So, why not just leave them the job of completing the cure? Then, they can use frozen human embryos to bring mankind to life again.

So the 27000s are given the rules: keep things running, find the cure, and then raise the children. And above all, do not tell the new human children what their parents really are. Not until the oldest of the new generation is twenty-one. Then they have to tell them everything, including who—or what—raised them no matter what the consequences. Those are the rules.

But there are rules, and then there are rules. Thena Havik, an early model 27000, breaks the rules when she marries Geoffrey Answorth, who dies never knowing his wife was pregnant and not human. Paul Attik, a 27000 obsessed with Thena, breaks the rules when he sabotages a 27000 manufacturing plant in a bid to stall the reintroduction of humans. But Jack Mannish, another 27000, is certain only that his duty is to serve humans, however wicked their demands. Altogether, Thena, Attik, and Mannish are learning that raising children means breaking a lot of rules. In fact, the rules demand it.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow
by Cassidy Raine Wolters
$0.00, 82 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #506 in Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
Fifteen Fabrications from the Far-Flung Future:

1 - A Better World
2 - Max's Marvelous Machine
3 - Brides & Grooms
4 - Robot Hater
5 - Merge
6 - Watching, Waiting
7 - Ice Station Alpha
8 - Adrift on a Sea of Stars
9 - For Every Action
10 - Catacombs
11 - September 17, 2043
12 - Deep, Dark, & Dangerous
13 - Risk/Reward
14 - Fruitcake
15 - The Dark Tower

by Christian Herr
$0.00, 285 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Post-Apocalyptic
Convidamo-lo a ler esta boa história.
Se gostar deste livro, por favor comente. Obrigado!

The Girl Fallen (The Girl Series Book 2)
by Mark Lawerence
$0.00, 476 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Post-Apocalyptic
After the devestating results of Clara and Eddie's rescue of Benjamin and Sarah, Eddie must make preperations for an ever-increasing number of wards to look after. But once Eddie concludes that Tom survived the raid on his house, he decides that he will take all of the children to Greenville, hundreds of miles away. But, not knowing when the last child will arrive, he cuts it close and the day that Tom makes it back into town with numbers, there is a tremendous early snow storm, stranding the group in a cabin Eddie had found years earlier. There they must stay until the earliest signs of spring creep in, when Eddie fears that they must go or else be found by Tom. But it's when they are nearly at Leviton, their first stop, that things go terribly wrong once again. This is not the end of their story. And after years of waiting, the second installment of this long story has finally come. Enjoy. Rate and comment.

The Year the World Stopped Spinning: A Corona Virus Story
by Ken Clifton
$0.00, 14 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #51 in 30-Minute Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Reads
“Dad, why did everything change,” Matthew asked his father, as he slowly drifted off to sleep.
“Fear, son… power and fear,” whispered his father, as he walked to the door, shaking his head..


Michael remembered it like it was, yesterday, even though it had been a decade. In an instant of time, things had changed…reality’s very framework had changed…and everything was different. It was like someone had changed the channel on the tv of society, and the characters on the screen were acting out a different story, entirely.

Before the change, Michael had goals of making money, getting up a savings, and making a career for himself. He thought about the things he could buy and the trips and vacations he could do. He worked hard for his money, but he made sure to take time for running, shopping, entertainment, and more. His last relationship was ending, and he began to think about starting again with new dating profiles and thinking about future dates and romance with various women.

Then….the change.

From a young age, Michael had always been able to read situations and recognize patterns and adjust, faster than those around him. As it unfolded, he knew within days how the dominoes would fall, and he began to make preparations, but even he could not have anticipated how things would change….would not have assumed that society would surrender to much and follow the paths that were taken.

Coronavirus was the name given to the instrument of change…..the scalpel that would slice civilization right off the corpse of humanity’s populace, leaving in its wake the dystopian survivalist free for all that within one year eliminated the concept of freedom and choice and replaced it with promises of safety and control.

Where the year before a satire of a religious society that dominated its people was nominated for multiple awards, that same society was actively at work establishing which form the next government dominance would take and deciding what freedoms would be returned…. Freedoms that would NEVER be returned, as it would seem. After that, those prior goals became pipe dreams, and it soon became clear those days would never be repeated, again.

Michael remembered when it all happened, though he didn't know the depths it would take him …

This is a satirical look at our present situation and the coronavirus with references to real life changes taking place. My hope is that this STAYS satirical and that humanity would be wise and courageous enough to never let it happen, even though we live in a society ripe for the picking and have young generations unfamiliar with the warnings the world has experienced in in the past and which are STILL happening in places we don't talk about.

by Scott Falcon
$0.00, 457 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #16 in Teen & Young Adult Visionary & Metaphysical Fiction eBooks
2040. Technology stops working. All of it.

Becca Wilde, a terminally ill teenage autistic savant, senses a presence—an intelligence—in The STREAM, the virtual reality entertainment phenomenon created by her tech-billionaire father.

She believes the intelligence can create a cure, but her father intends to use radical technology. They are running out of time.

Then technology stops working.

All of it.

No Internet. No screens. Not even cars. But one thing is working—a Russian A.I. that mutated—and is now In the Wild.

Becca may hold the key to the future. Any future. If there is going to be one.

But…only if she can communicate with a super-intelligence—that hasn’t been invented yet.

The Refuge Conquest (1)
by Nathan Welke
$0.00, 334 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #1867 in Action & Adventure Fiction (Kindle Store)
In Australia, at least, an educational refuge system has been formed to rebuild the fallen humanity following a global blackout. Among the refuges in this system is Ibisquill Refuge, where a lonesome boy known as Duncan Parksworth resides. When Duncan encounters a mysterious girl known as Hannah Raven, he soon embarks on a quest with her to stop the refuge conquest. The pair scrambles to unearth the secrets of the refuge conquest, all while trying to find their own sanctuary...

Newly Free Time Travel Kindle Books for 2020-05-31

DEAD PEOPLE ON FACEBOOK: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction
by Roger Ley
$0.00, 268 pages, 4.9 out of 5.0 (10 reviews), #22 in Steampunk Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
Artificial Intelligences, Space Elevators, Time Travel, Robots, Steampunk, Fantasy, Horror, Magic and Romance.
The stories in this book were published, podcast and broadcast by various e-zines internationally during the years 2018 to 2020.

These are some of the five star reviews from website editors in the US and UK:

I've published a few of these stories at my web zine Fiction on the Web - I love how much Roger Ley can pack in to a super-short story. He builds his characters with just a few deft strokes, gets you ready for a great punchline, and then blindsides you with a dark twist. These stories are like jellybeans: you're never sure what flavour you're going to get, and it might be earwax, but you can't help yourself from having just one more.

The problem with short stories is that all too often writers don't write a story, they write a scene. Roger Ley establishes his characters and settings, puts together a compelling plot, and tosses in an unexpected twist with a satisfying finish! He's mastered the art of compact writing.

Roger Ley has a quirky and offbeat way of looking at the world that leads to some very imaginative ideas. I’ve been pleased to publish Roger on my own website – The Short Humour Site – and have really enjoyed this latest collection of his work. Definitely worth a read!

From the author of the time travel novel "Chronoscape," is a brand new take on all things sci-fi. Journeying through this speculative collection of short stories is like travelling in the Twilight Zone. Each story is uniquely intriguing, some with horrifying premonitions of unholy futures; some with glints of hope in an alternate reality.
Divided into five parts, the stories can be read out of order or section by section.

Roger Ley is a fantastic new writer, and one whose work I shall follow closely. He has an offbeat vision of the future, exploring the kind of issues probed by Black Mirror. This vision would unsettle if Ley didn't manage to bring such humanity to bear on the bizarre tableaus that may lurk in our not too distant future. His writing is spare and unpretentious, which allows his story-lines and characters to take centre stage. Very easy to dip into - you won't regret downloading this!

The Academy (The Mage of Shadows Book 1)
by Colin Daumen
$0.00, 158 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #9 in Time Travel Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
So I've reincarnated into a world where magic exists? I have a secret power that would get me killed if anybody finds out about it? A secret organization has made it their goal to hunt me down?

Mage of Shadows is a story about Favian Umbra, a second-year medical student from Earth who died young in the blandest way possible. Instead of rising up into the heavens or falling into the depths of hell, he has reincarnated to the continent Ortu Solis along with his World of Exile game system. How will Favian survive in this new bizarre world and make his rise to power? That is for the reader to find out here exclusively on kindle unlimited.

Experience the beginning of an epic sword and sorcery LitRPG saga. The Mage of Shadows is perfect for fans of Warlock of the Magus World, Age of Adepts and The Wizard World. If you have read any wuxia novels, then you surely will love this!

Astounding Stories of Super-Science: Volume 14, February 1931
by Various
$0.00, 293 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #10 in Science Fiction Anthologies (Kindle Store)
No science fiction library would be complete without Astounding Stories of Super-Science, a highly influential pulp magazine of both sci-fi and horror from the early 1930s!

Vol. 14 includes:

Painted in Water-Colors from a Scene in "The Tentacles from Below."    

The Story of the "Torpedo Plan" and of Capt. Lance's Heroic Part in America's Last Mighty Battle with the United Slavs.    

Down to Tremendous Ocean Depths Goes Commander Keith Wells in His Blind Duel with the Marauding "Machine-Fish." (A Complete Novelette.)    

Dr. Bird and His Friend Carnes Unravel Another Criminal Web of Scientific Mystery.    

Only in Dim Legends Did Mankind Remember Atlantis and the Lost Tribes—Until Victor Nelson's Extraordinary Adventure in the Unknown Arctic. (Beginning a Two-Part Novel.)    

From Earth and Sub-Venus Converge a Titanic Offensive of Justice on the Unspeakable Man-Things of Torg. (Conclusion.)
A Meeting Place for Readers of Astounding Stories.

Thank You for reading and Enjoy!

Ripples In Time: The Paradox Journals
by K.D. Mack
$0.00, 45 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #176 in Science Fiction Adventure

Introducing “Ripples In Time” Discover YOUR New Time Travel Adventure Series By Best Selling Author KD Mack

When Amy finds herself in the middle of a bank robbery, she must quickly decide if this is an odd coincidence or something more sinister at work…
Elliot, momentarily intrigued by Amy's smooth efficiency at dispatching the robbers, is jolted back to reality when he discovers what the real target was...
Now they must race amidst timelines where one misstep could create paradoxical chaos in time!

Check out this first book in “The Paradox Journals” series, a futuristic adventure in time travel

by Dan Stull
$0.00, 327 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #35 in Time Travel Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
Stephen is lost.
He has his alcohol and his anger.
But he is lost.

After a run-in with a bartender and a police officer, Stephen is sentenced to serious jail time. After release, and finally sober, he begins the long and arduous journey back home, back to his childhood, and to the heart of not only his nightmare but his family’s as well.

Haunted by a past that doesn’t make any sense, paved over by countless lies that it didn’t happen the way they all remembered, Stephen and his siblings go home only to realize that it doesn’t feel like a day has passed. And through the complications between siblings, and terrifying experiences resurfacing, the past breaks through into the present and Stephen is sent on a journey of the mind and soul to confront his demons and find out what happened when he was a kid, where his mom disappeared to, and whether or not the events that haunted the house were real or the fabrication of a child’s mind.

Time moves one way. But what if it didn’t? What monsters might be hiding in the in-between? And to what extent will our minds go to keep us sane and safe?

MR. BLACK and his Secret Wife
by Marianne Madson
$0.00, 450 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #2473 in Time Travel Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
By 2174, our planet’s lease will be up. Everyone and everything will die. And, it is because someone in 1974 changed history. If you don't like the man in charge, replace him with someone else. It’s a save the world story you've never heard before. It's most unusual and will have you turning the pages to found out the surprising end.

MR. BLACK and his Secret Wife is a fast paced romantic thriller about two mysterious time travelers. Jane Love, a Physicist, and Jett Black, an Astronaut turned Ecological Consultant. While the future is on the brink of destruction, they travel back to 1974 to unravel a mistake. They must save someone that shouldn't never have died. Save an individual who on the surface doesn't look worthy. But, time has shown his death was the trigger that shifted Earth toward certain doom.

Who is the planet's savior? The unlikely hero is a music composer, living a self-indulgent decadent lifestyle in Hollywood, 1974.

A Romance, Time Travel, Suspense, Science Fiction, Mystery

by Dale Harrison
$0.00, 111 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #1443 in Action & Adventure Fiction (Kindle Store)
Rachel O' Connor is crazy about Shakespeare and Europe, and has always dreamed of a European vacation; when a time machine is created at the laboratory where her husband Ken works, he thinks he has found the ideal way to help his wife: Europe and Shakespeare in one go.
Unfortunately, Ken doesn't know the foul plans being plotted in 1605, as the family get caught up in the most explosive vacation in history. Two weeks in the past for a family outatime!

A Page in Time
by Ashley Hanover
$0.00, 82 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #6070 in Time Travel Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
Steph and Kenzie are two 13-year-old girls who buy a mysterious locked book. When they eventually manage to open it they find photographs from the 1870s and 1880s, If they look into the pictures they fall into them and find themselves in the time an place in the photograph.

Once the shock of their discovery is over, they decide to stay in the past and experience life in the old west. However, this doesn’t all go to as planned, with some surprising twists and dangers that they could never have imagined.

This is a book about time travel and the accidental adventures of two young teens who faced more than they bargained for.

Secrets of the alchemist star lord of wars in a rings of time matrix (Dawn of interstellar voyager cyber sapiens in a magic circular pi life Book 1)
by Dan Plouff
$0.00, 199 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Time Travel
This MK-Ultra style metaphorical philosophical thought experiment literary novel will drive you insane that is about trauma based mind control, psychology, psychiatry, the science of mental health, hypnosis, brainwashing, cult deprogramming, cults, the CIA Alice method, cognitive dissonance, disassociation, subliminal messaging, occult elite secret society religious knowledge, split personalities, project monarch, time travel, scientifically possible heavens, scientifically possible hells, reincarnation of recycled atoms that have been in many living things for eternity, infinity, the limits of time, the limits of space, the limits of the human mind, conspiracies the government says are true, all religious holy books combined together in a quantum physics multiverse series of new Chrislam Bible and Quran versions forming a one world religion government, the signing of the seventh age peace covenant by people with six letters in each of their three names, scientifically possible afterlives including in atheistic philosophies, scientifically predicted versions of the apocalypse, predictive programming prophecies, the Mandela effect, and various other mind-bending topics all blended into the strangest scariest science fiction fantasy horror novel you’ll ever read. This heart stopping terrifying novel is a lot like the title of this book, and is beyond explanation, since you have to experience it for yourself, because it just may steal your mind, and what you call a soul, forever.

Newly Free Colonization Kindle Books for 2020-05-31

Eternal Frontier (The Eternal Frontier Book 1)
by Anthony J Melchiorri
$0.00, 346 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (169 reviews), #40 in Space Fleet Science Fiction eBooks
What if your only potential ally in a dangerous world was the one you brought to life in the lab…
And it wanted to kill you, too?

Tag Brewer is the medical officer of an exploratory scientific vessel called the Argo. His life consists of experiments and research on all the strange alien lifeforms they encounter. He is content to explore the universe through a microscope.

All that changes when the Argo is attacked by an unknown alien ship. Tag is the sole survivor.

After crash-landing the damaged Argo, Tag is stranded on a deadly planet filled with mysterious creatures. He must figure out why the Argo was attacked and escape before his attackers return to finish the job. His only hope is to somehow find a crew that can help him—or create one from his biological artificial intelligence research.

But creating a new unpredictable intelligent lifeform is only half the battle. Convincing it to help you instead of killing you and taking command of your ship is a whole other ordeal.

The Eternal Frontier Series
Book 1: Eternal Frontier
Book 2: Edge of War
Book 3: Shattered Dawn
Book 4: Rebel World

Starship Relic (Lost Colony Uprising Book 1)
by Darcy Troy Paulin
$0.00, 348 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (6 reviews), #2 in Space Fleet Science Fiction eBooks
Ancient alien technology. Secret histories. And squids. In space.

Max is completing a survey in the barren, frozen north of planet Grailliyn, when he makes a startling discovery. There's a high-tech pod buried beneath the ice, and inside the pod is a young woman. She speaks his language, but with a strange accent.

The two are barely past awkward introductions when they are attacked. Max and his new friend are forced to flee. The worst part? They don't even know who is trying to kill them, or why.

Now, with assassins on their tail, the duo must find a way off the planet without blowing their cover. And then, if they can do that without getting eaten by space monsters, they might just find out the truth about their world.

Starship Relic is book one of the Lost Colony Uprising Trilogy, a sci-fi space opera adventure with spaceships, alien contact, deep conspiracies, wise-cracking characters, and lots of pew-pew (space battle action).

Content rating: All ages, teen and up. Minimal language.

Absence of Blade (The Expansion Series Book 1)
by Caitlin Demaris McKenna
$0.00, 284 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (17 reviews), #5201 in Galactic Empire Science Fiction eBooks
The war should have ended years ago.

Professional assassin Gau Shesharrim wants to retire. But as his desperate colony’s best operative against the superior Terran forces, retirement is easier said than done.

For six years, Terrans and Osk have fought for control of the barely habitable planet Olios 3. The Terrans should have won easily: their Expansion fleet outclasses the Osk in ships, weaponry, technology. Operatives like Gau have held the line through espionage, sabotage, and assassinations, but every failed mission brings them closer to defeat.

Gau’s commanding officers are gambling his life on one more mission. If he can assassinate General Shanazkowitz, leader of the Terran forces, it might turn the tide.

The bitter, war-weary Gau accepts the assignment with one hope in mind: that it will end the conflict.

But what Gau discovers on the mission could be his colony’s doom.

Absence of Blade is the first volume in the Expansion space opera series, a sci-fi epic that reads like a thriller.


What’s special about the Expansion series and why might readers want to pick it up?

A lot of fictional galactic empires start from one of two positions: either we are surrounded by aliens that are an active threat to the human republic, or we are alone in the universe. In the Terran Expansion, I wanted to create an empire whose relations with its alien neighbors were more nuanced, yet still contentious.

I wrote the story primarily from the perspective of the Osk, an alien species that has clashed with the Expansion’s empire several times, to explore what a human galactic republic might look like from a nonhuman perspective.

What made you decide to write science fiction?

I've always been fascinated by outer space and the possibility of alien invasion and interstellar colonization. Short of becoming a theoretical exobiologist (they do exist!), writing science fiction has allowed me to indulge my imagination while asking some big questions about our place in the universe, including whom we might share it with.

Where can readers find you?

I blog about writing and science fiction over at The Expansion Front ( For a limited time, subscribers can download free alien concept art, including an early cover draft, at this link:

I’m also on Twitter @CaitlinDMcKenna and Facebook @CaitlinDemarisMcKenna. See you there!

Mantivore Dreams (The Arcadian Chronicles Book 1)
by S.J. Higbee
$0.00, 270 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #4 in Science Fiction Adventure
On a colony planet, in a hot, dusty village where no one wants to live, is someone who was exiled there a long time ago. Someone who stole something so precious, others are prepared to lie, kidnap and murder to get it back.

Drawn into this web of deceit is Kyrillia, a teenager who dreams of running the village’s branch of the Node, the planetwide organic information system, but instead drudges for her mother…

Seth, member of the disgraced Priest family who can read and write, but instead toils as a day labourer on the smelliest, most thankless jobs in the village, in exchange for scraps of food and temporary shelter…

And Vrox, an ancient, sentient alien who lives only in Kyrillia’s imagination, or so she thinks...

When Kyrillia sneaks into the Node and opens up a forbidden site, she triggers a chain of events that not only rips through her own life, but affects those living thousands of miles away in the capital. For when something so precious goes missing, others will stop at nothing to get it back.

For fans who enjoy Lois McMaster Bujold

by Robert Maas
$0.00, 387 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #63 in Space Fleet Science Fiction eBooks
The Schnaebeli Annulus spread out before the ship, vast and destructive. For the crew, it meant certain death. The dust of the Annulus would slice through the ship like a butcher's knife.

They have less than four hours to get out the way. But they've lost maneuvering power, half their number are dead, their systems are crippled, and they're almost out of air. And sitting alongside them is an ancient space shuttle containing the most ferocious weapon mankind has ever devised.

Fierce, brutal and shocking, Residuum is a novel about life on the brink.


The explosion tore open the science bay. Air gulped out, concussing through the tumbler. The sudden drop in pressure turned the atmosphere to a sparkling frost. Every object not fastened down was spewed out into space.

Hauer, standing immediately above the hole when the leaking gas exploded, was hurled first up toward the ceiling then, before he impacted, flung back down into the chasm where the floor had been. The air was blown out of his lungs. He must have hit something. Alarm sirens whooped all around him. At once they grew faint and distant. There was shouting and screaming on the smut. It also seemed to shoot off into the distance, leaving him isolated in a silence throbbing with angry pulsations.

His hands clawed desperately for a hold. For a moment he saw the dome of stars, flickering with burning. Then his eyes clouded over. He was falling through the hole.


Seven men, cast adrift in space. They're angry, desperate, physically deformed – hairless, macrocephalic, crippled, lacking tear ducts, massively altered internally – and unable to make sensible decisions.

Residuum deals with how these men struggle to survive against two unbeatable adversaries: the inflexible laws of physics, and their own shame.

Born From Ash
by Robert Maas
$0.00, 286 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #59 in Colonization Science Fiction eBooks
From warped science to the decaying edge of the galaxy, from alien abduction to the monster inside, from zombie holocaust survivors to sexed-up girls on their big night out on the town, these are stories designed to amuse, horrify, and anger you.


The spaceship was an enormous oval void punched out of the clouds. She had the impression of long, craggy promontories reaching all around it like the legs of an insect.

Light pounded overhead, changed color to red, and flicked off. A rolling reverberation came in from the mountains, and then there was silence but for Leona’s own retching lungs. The dark thing that was lying nearby kicked weakly at the ridges of the frozen mud, rolled over, and began to heave itself up from the ground. It was Joe.

In that moment, Leona knew. She knew before she steadied her breathing enough to shout the question at him. She knew before he managed to lift a trembling hand to point through the hole in the clouds.

'Joe, where’s Mark? Where’s our son?'


  • Another Golden Age

  • Deduction

  • Crossing The River

  • Recharge Station

  • One Last Shot

  • A Bag Of Sugar

  • Hearse With No Name

  • Red Dwarfs Are Aborted Star Children

  • It's All About Timing

  • Singles Night

  • Time Zero

  • Born From Ash

  • Biophemia

  • Local Event

  • Down Time

  • banged up in the black tower

  • Damage

  • Borova Nightfall

Post-Terra Firma: Book 10: Three Sons
by Saxon Keeley
$0.00, 44 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Colonization
Following the murder of the CERE, Alistair Jung takes advantage of the Separatist’s disarray and pushes Loyalist forces through to Nibiru, the last line of Earth’s defence. The catastrophic campaign ends with the death of the Chairman’s most valued general, Sun Ren, who falls at the hands of an unknown assassin. The colony of Neo-Shanxi suffers drought and Alistair must convince his brother, Oscar, to run maintenance on the planet’s Terraforming Plant, only to discover how years of grief have weighed heavy on his heart. No longer able to live at home with her brother, Jessica runs away into the dark and stormy streets of Maia.
Post-Terra Firma is a brutally savage and serenely beautiful depiction of a future not so unrecognisable from present day. With humanity in the early stages of colonising distant planets, the series explores the lives and relationships of those affected by the conflicts of political interest and the desolation of war.

Newly Free Space Opera Kindle Books for 2020-05-31

Prospector's Run (Artifact Book 1)
by Kevin W. Bates
$0.00, 277 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (20 reviews), #3 in Space Exploration Science Fiction eBooks

Five thousand years ago in a savage assault, someone tried to annihilate humanity.

They almost succeeded.

Now, millennia after the First Stellar Civilization’s cataclysmic destruction, humans have clawed their way back from the brink of extinction and returned to the stars. Massive riches in the form of forgotten tech lie hidden in the ruins of the First Civ’s dead, shattered worlds. For a prospector with luck and the right coordinates, they are ripe for the taking. Holtz Mitsumi has neither.

Down and out from a failed expedition, Mitsumi allows an enigmatic stranger to talk him into one more prospecting run. After scraping together a crew, Mitsumi embarks with high hopes. But nothing is as it seems and this run may be his last.

Enemy Ally: An Echo's Way Adventure
by Mike Waller
$0.00, 222 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #52 in Galactic Empire Science Fiction eBooks
Sometimes, your worst enemy can prove to be your greatest ally, as long as he can be trusted not to kill you.

As Echo Bourke, newly graduated member of Fleet’s Special Services rescue squad, looks forward to her first assignment she desperately wants to prove herself, but never does she believe that her first mission could be her last.

The war with the Tolleani rolls onward and the Federation is at the mercy of an insidious biological weapon that has the potential to decimate humanity. A small group of scientists held captive in enemy territory, has a possible solution.
Echo is sent to Persephone, a dark, alien moon drenched by incessant rain, the air poisonous and every land surface brimming with life so aggressive that just being there is to place yourself at risk. And hidden within that living morass is the greatest of all secrets.

From the beginning, the mission does not go as planned, becoming worse as Echo realizes the greatest threat to success comes not from the enemy, but from within her own squad. Captured by the Tolleani she learns that Barbus Koll, the alien who destroyed her entire family, is also present on this tiny, deadly world. When she discovers the true purpose of the mission, she fights to deal with her overpowering desire for revenge. Finding herself alone, she joins the most unlikely of allies in her efforts to salvage what remains of the mission. But can he be trusted? Can she, alone, complete her mission without losing her own life?

Enemy Ally is the third stand-alone story in the space opera series Echo’s Way. If you like fast-paced adventure, surprising plot twists, compelling characters and a kick-ass female heroine, you will love this new addition to Mike Waller’s page-turning series.

Pick up your copy of Enemy Ally today, to discover the adventure-filled universe of Echo Bourke.

Cadet Adam
by Bill Eckel
$0.00, 301 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (6 reviews), #109 in Galactic Empire Science Fiction eBooks
The Ninharsug Award for Science is rarely given. Adam has won it. With it he can choose his future. Rebelling against his parents, Adam follows his crib-mate, Evie, into the Fleet Academy. Once there he falls afoul of the Psychic Wing, the menacing new branch of Space Fleet, who has recruited Evie. He is determined to save her.
But first he must save himself. The Psychics plan to usurp the throne of the Ancient of Days, leader of the Most High Federation of Planets, and Adam stands in their way.

Fred, eh?
by B.Y. Yan
$0.00, 31 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #95 in Space Marine Science Fiction eBooks
A Kindle short read.

Fred is a member of an Endless Army of Clones. The clones are all Fred because, for some reason only Fred (the original) was compatible with the cloning tanks. This Fred, like all of the others, exists purely to fight an endless war, on behalf of real people somewhere else in the galaxy.

That is...

Until Fred is abducted by alien entities, and learns there is far more to the universe than he first imagined.

Also, for some reason, cosmic takeout.

PUZZLE: 2 The Golden Thruster
by Sascha von Bornheim
$0.00, 17 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Space Opera
PUZZLE is the new sci-fi series by Sascha von Bornheim.
Taking place eight hundred years in the future, each volume adds a piece to the overall universe.

Following the events of Volume 1 The Mars Run, Meyer finds himself in Zubrin, a mining town on Mars.
Looking for answers, he begins to look for the people who attacked the Eterna.

Carballo, meanwhile, is tasked with investigating the Eterna incident, but quickly finds that all is not what it seems...

Newly Free First Contact Kindle Books for 2020-05-31

Adventures of Poorna
by Mayur Kalbag
$0.00, 572 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #132 in First Contact Science Fiction eBooks
Adventures of Poorna is a mythical voyage of the young, self-driven and adventurous protagonist, Poorna. It is about his vibrant journeys that are interspersed with intensely intriguing, inspiring and enchanting experiences, escapades and almost heart-stopping explorations, some of which transpire even beyond planet earth, and all this with an amazing culmination towards probably a new beginning! A truly scintillating story with illuminating imaginations where Poorna explores lakes, mountains, sages, weird and wonderful creatures as well as aliens through his inter planetary travels. The book constitutes an indelible dosage of tantric spirituality and cosmic energy, intrinsically inspiring you, the reader in getting glued to the fluently flowing story. As you keep moving through the chapters, trust me, you would rather it not end.

Cyber Commandos: Xeno Hunt Pt.1
by Michael G. Thomas
$0.00, 42 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #1 in One-Hour Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Reads

The Cyber Commandos came from the ‘80s to save the future. They’re not looking to make friends, they’re here for revenge and they’re packing every weapon known to man.

It’s 1985 as the Xeno War comes to a climatic end. Humanity wants payback, and they want it bigtime. A restored alien warship is sent back to the Xeno homeworld, lightyears from Earth, and inside waits an army of Cyber Commandos eager for revenge.

Years later the warship wakes Sergeant Duke Jackson and Soviet super soldier Lieutenant Makarov from their long hibernation into a scene from Hell itself. They’re not alone aboard their ship, and the intruders seek nothing more than killing every Cyber Commando on the ship. This may be the future, but with their boom boxes, and their collection of VHS tapes and music, they’ve brought the 80s with them to save humanity from the terror of the Xenos.

Cyber Commandos: Xeno Hunt Part 1 is the first in a thrilling 6-part science fiction series of short novels by bestselling author Michael G. Thomas. Aliens and Terminator meet Kung Fury and Stranger Things in classic over-the-top ‘80s style!

by R Chatterjee
$0.00, 188 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #15203 in Military Science Fiction (Kindle Store)

The Vincent Aurellius aka Aura sits on the far fringes of our galaxy – ostensibly a deep space research platform designed to listen and record quasar bursts, neutrino passage, x-ray and gamma ray emissions from outside our galaxy. Its sensors sit with their backs to both its parent star and the galaxy to minimise background noise using the planet it orbits - Vela - as a shield of sorts. It sits in perpetual gloom, with only the dim halo from Vela as a light source.

Vela is a super-massive gas giant, many times the mass of Jupiter – bordering on brown dwarf. It is surrounded by a flat disk of material from the break-up of its moons millions of years ago. This disk is coalescing to form rings but at present only extend to 70% around the vast planet creating an unusual “three quarter hoop” feature. Within the gap, in geosynchronous orbit sits Aura like a diamond on a ring.

The on-board research team change shifts every 5 years. At this time the station is also resupplied. The Station Chief, Dr Willard Fielding, is close to completing his third straight shift. The lone maintenance man, Raoul “Cable” Conroy, has chosen the lonely place as his home and never leaves – this suits him just fine.

Alongside its research requirement it also functions as an outpost – almost at the end of space. Visitors are infrequent. Room is available to rest, recuperate and ships can recharge/refuel here. There is hardly any passing trade of this sort because there isn’t much past Aura.

Aura was designed with grander plans in mind back when the budget and enthusiasm to expand into every corner of space was readily available. Originally seen as a gateway to the LMC (Large Magellanic Cloud) and beyond - its purpose has been pared down significantly over its half century of service. Its hull is an enormous cigar shape with over 200 decks, incorporating living space, hydroponics, recreational spaces, docks, fuel tanks, reactors and the sensitive instruments required for research. These days less than 1% of the space is utilised - the rest left in low or zero power state to slowly degrade in the freezing temperatures of deep space.

The internal space of Aura is cavernous but barren. It is a cold hard place but the corner in which the scientists call home is a more inviting space. Despite being forgotten by pretty much everyone, funding remains available from The Company to keep the station staffed and listening.

USCSS Grimulcan

Grimulcan is a middle-of-the-road military frigate. Lightly armed and armoured, it is functional deep space vessel with few comforts. The spacecraft contains a contingent of fourteen Colonial Marines – more specifically known as REEPS – or Rim swEEPS – these soldiers are tasked with patrolling the Outer Rim and investigating anything unusual or suspicious. In this role they range for months beyond the Outer Markers in what is considered the least favourable role in the Core.

A singular task takes precedence for the REEPS in this corner of deep space; enormous derelict ships are known to drift through the fringes – apparently remnants of a war that occurred millennia ago by species unknown. The REEPS’ job is to tag, board, and sweep each of these vessels for anything of use, value or knowledge. In over 120 recorded instances of these derelicts being located and searched nothing of any worth nor any clue as to their origin has ever been found. While the first instance was lauded as an incredible discovery the intervening decades have made this become yet another rote and mundane chore among many in the Rim. Given the nature and auspiciousness of the Grimulcan’s task, unsurprisingly it doesn’t attract the best and brightest of the USCSS have to offer.

The crew of the Grimulcan are returning home from a two-year Outer Rim range.

Aura is their first stop.

It could be their last.

Science Fiction Fantasies: Tales and Origins
by Bill Eckel
$0.00, 172 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #142 in First Contact Science Fiction eBooks
The Most High Federation of Planets did not spring into being overnight. It grew one civilization at a time. Fanciful flights into the what might have been, could have been, and may yet happen. Until we actually discover The Most High Federation of Planets, we will never know.

Elementary Science 101
by P.G. Henck
$0.00, pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #2603 in Space Exploration Science Fiction eBooks
For decades an unknown battle has been going on between destructive invaders from space, and benevolent protectors placed on earth by mysterious beings millions of years ago. The invaders inhabit living creatures to bring about their agenda of destruction and death. Through the use of war, violent attacks, and now natural disasters, they have brought the Human Race to the brink of disaster. Ironically, all Humans are unaware they are even under attack by these outside forces. All except one that is. A professor was called upon to help these protectors in their efforts to save the Earth from total destruction, far from the halls of academia he had comfortably called home.

Now these “protectors”, are not your typical bunch of superheroes, who seldom make mistakes, have great wardrobes, and are cool beyond conception. Far from it. Though possessing great abilities and vastly superior technology to anything on Earth, their unorthodox behavior and methods have not always led to the success needed to end this alien threat. From their network of caverns and tunnels underneath the Earth, they at best have only fought the invaders to a standstill, and at the worst, they are about to lose. But things quite often are not what they appear to be in the complex and often comically bizarre world of these Elementaries, as they like to call themselves.

Join the Professor on his trip of discovery, and quest with the Elementaries to save his home planet and everything in, on, and around it from certain destruction. From their spectacular base of operations far below the Earth, to the Moon, then to the far reaches of the Solar System, they will go to protect Mother Earth, and resolve the many mysteries they will find on the way. And oh yes, there is a love story within this saga. One as true as the hearts of the heroes you will follow, and as compelling as the new worlds and places you will visit.

Mira's secret
by Felipe dos Santos Ferreira de Souza
$0.00, 38 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > First Contact
A group of young people decide to spend the night on a mountain located in the Serra do Mar, on the coast of São Paulo, when shooting stars cross or sky and all end up falling in depth.
A great mystery in the air when young people wake up and discover that an unknown girl spent the night with them, but seems to have lost her memory, remembering only her name, Mira.
Miguel, one of the young people, is responsible for helping Mira to recover her memory and return home. Over time, Miguel and the young people will discover that Mira is not just any girl.

by Ashok Mohanty
$0.00, 210 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #xx in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > First Contact
This story is about a young girl, whose soul leaves her body, undergoes past life regression, travels through different abodes in outer space, and finally returns to earth as an angel god. Some of the places, people, objects, happenings, and thoughts depicted in the story may seem too incredible to be real and yet too real to be imaginary. While writing this story, many bizarre things kept coming to my mind in such vivid details as if happening before my eyes.But truly, I don’t know if it was dream, hallucination, phantasm, madness or some reality? Could such things have happened? One thing is sure. We came from the astral world and we shall return to it.

The 7 Eyes On Mars
by Govinda Chaddha
$0.00, 34 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #134 in One-Hour Literature & Fiction Short Reads
"In the near future Earth unites its resources to send a team to Mars, where a sleeping menace waits to continue what they started billions of years ago."

Poems Found In The Wreckage Of A Multi-Generational Spaceship
by Robert Maas
$0.00, 211 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #94 in Space Fleet Science Fiction eBooks
This book documents the launch, flight, and mysterious destruction of a spaceship heading for a planet orbiting Regulus-A entirely through the poetry written by sixteen generations of its inhabitants.

Through these poems, we learn not only of the mundane facts of multi-generational flight, the onboard intrigues and the factionalism that will tear the vessel apart psychologically, but of the infiltration of something beyond that, little by little, takes over the ship.

From the introduction

To date, the 116 poems in this collection are all that remains of the actions, thoughts, and emotions of the inhabitants of the spaceship Ixios (14-06-UU-IX), a colonist vessel that left Earth in October 2121 CE. As time passes, it seems unlikely that other debris will be recovered, and the radio plume is maddeningly silent. We must therefore assume that, along with the physical wreckage itself, this will remain our sole source of information regarding the fate of that ship.

The poems were found in a single notebook of some 203 extant leaves, rolled and sealed in a cylindrical metal canister that was stamped flat by the explosion, expelling whatever atmosphere it might have contained, but quickly sealed by heat and not subsequently breached during its more than 300 years of drift.

The collection, we think, is complete. The poems are in numerous hands, and represent generations of poets or transcribers. They are presented in the order in which they appear in the notebook, and where the words are ambiguous due to faded inks or unsteady writing, with our best current guess as to the intended final draft.

Newly Free Military Kindle Books for 2020-05-31

Game Of Killers: The Spartan
by Charles Purcell
$0.00, 410 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (7 reviews), #52 in Military Thrillers (Kindle Store)

The perfect assassin's tool has been stolen from America's high-tech labs. Only Tier 1 soldier the Spartan can prevent it from killing the US President.

It was one word. Spartan. A name. Spartan. A call sign. Spartan. A blood oath. Spartan. A way of life. Spartan. And America's only hope. Spartan.

Millions died in the United States when a weaponized plague was unleashed upon the world.

Now a new menace threatens the country just as it begins to recover.

The perfect assassin's tool has been stolen from America's high-tech labs.

No one is safe ... not even the President.

And in the hands of the assassins's leader is a legendary lost sword: the Honjo Masamune.

Now Tier 1 soldier the Spartan and his ex-Mexican policewoman partner Teresa Vasquez must save the President from being murdered by a bold new enemy - one that seems to be constantly ahead of them every step of the way.

If the President is killed, America will be brought to its knees and the world plunged into war.

Plus the ghosts of the past have come to haunt the Spartan: Mexican cartels out for blood, elite operatives chasing revenge and a scarred US General looking to end their deadly grudge match forever.

Can the Spartan and Vasquez defeat their enemies and save America itself?

The Cyborg Protocols
by Anthony Aidan
$0.00, 475 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #13331 in Military Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
One hundred and sixty years after the appalling devastation of a global nuclear Apocalypse, two very different societies have emerged from the ashes. The dominant Federation is led by scientists become senators, whose forefathers used AI to create worker cyborgs to cope with the high radiation. The Alliance is a union of disparate enclaves, which have come together to defend themselves against the increasing aggression of the powerful Federation. The Alliance is made up of many isolated communities and twenty seven underground cities. Their people have suffered prolonged hardships, the devastation setting their society back many hundreds of years. Disillusioned by an increasingly autocratic Federation, three waves of defecting scientists have considerably bolstered the Alliance’s ability to fight their hardships and defend themselves against attacks.
Doctor Tom Fielding is the Federation's brilliant leading young scientist, a senator at twenty-three and tipped to become the President. He is determined to achieve the first transition of a human brain to a cyborg host. His sister is a fearless reporter, reluctantly agreeing to take on an emotionally sentient cyborg companion as part of a PR offensive to gain widespread acceptance of an increasingly cyborg dominated world. Extremely sceptical at first, she finds herself more and more dependent on Seb, as love blossoms between a human and her machine.
The earth is dying. The population of the Alliance continues to struggle to increase, beset by infertility problems. The population of the Federation has recovered, helped by the virtual eradication of disease. The senator class has sought to cling on to their privilege by introducing ‘Serenity’ to the water and food chains, leaving the people drugged and without purpose. The Federation has implemented a series of secret programs to forcibly reduce their own population to protect the earth's dwindling resources. Opposing them from within is the underground resistance movement, led by the fearless Imogen Stevens and her irascible on / off boyfriend, Clive Hendry. The Federation resistance combines with the increasingly sophisticated armies of the Alliance to offer a slim hope of defeating the highly sophisticated technological resources massed against them. All the players know there will be all-out war. The very existence of mankind hangs by a thread.

Newly Free Science Fiction Kindle Books for 2020-05-31

Linked: Can Empathy Save the United Terrestrial Democracy? A post-apocalyptic supernatural sci-fi (Antiheores Book 1)
by Gaia B Amman
$0.00, 172 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (21 reviews), #11 in LGBT Science Fiction (Kindle Store)




Spoiler alert: President Crash will die!

Naira will make sure of it, but how?

Orphaned and hungry on a post-apocalyptic Earth, the wanna-be curer stands no chance against the all-powerful Cursoi protecting him.

Until she discovers Cursoi powers within herself…

…and falls for one of them.

Could you love your infuriating sworn enemy? Is there a chance for understanding?

The fate of the planet depends on it.

You will love this riveting sci-fi full of diversity because it digs into the complexity of all human souls. The author is a renown molecular biologist, which makes the speculative science in it gripping and compelling.

Buy it now.

The Phoenix Project: Book I: Flight
by Katherine Macdonald
$0.00, 357 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (9 reviews), #1952 in Literature & Fiction (Kindle Store)
Made in a lab, Ashe was manufactured to be a genetically perfect specimen and raised to be a leader, a soldier. Until one day she fought back… at a terrible cost.

Ashe and her remaining family flee towards the city of Luca, a dark, grim metropolis riddled with violence and disease. Despite this, and the loss that haunts them still, they manage to thrive and stay hidden from their creators. All that is threatened when Ashe saves the life of Nick, a member of the resistance group known as Phoenix. Nick is convinced that Ashe is the key to bringing down a corrupt government and building a better tomorrow, and Ashe finds herself increasingly drawn to him.

But then the past catches up to them, and Ashe is forced to finally confront her true purpose...

Book I of the explosive Phoenix Project Trilogy.
YA/NA: mild language, mild sexual content.

Jacobs & Goodman
by J.R. Forest
$0.00, 50 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (9 reviews), #1070 in Suspense (Kindle Store)
A classic re-imagined—a tale of dark secrets and deception.

A retired lawyer is caught up in the mysterious life of a former client. His client’s life is falling into darkness, and when the client starts keeping strange company, the retired lawyer suspects something is amiss. Caught between guilt and honor, the retired lawyer searches for answers, but his findings are shocking and disturbing.

Format (CAUTION): This story is a novelette, which is about a quarter of the length of a typical novel.

by Colleen Nye
$0.00, 252 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (15 reviews), #35 in Science Fiction Adventure
Earth. A once rich and plush planet, full of prosperity, advancements and success. Now, a shell of its former glory.

After years of struggle with dying economies and rising crime rates, people have sought to find solace in a virtual world, and B.I.G.S. was right there to take them away.

Now, with lives lost and even more at stake, Seren knows what she has to do. And the moment Chase walks back into her life, she knows it's all set into motion.

Take down B.I.G.S. and its financiers. But with corruption and secrets everywhere, that's easier said than done.

What happens when the game turns to genocide?

Steel Fox Investigations, Book 1: Isn't It Past Your Bedtime?
by J.L. Ender
$0.00, 141 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #64 in Children's Science Fiction Books (Kindle Store)

The world has transformed in the last fifteen years. Now children are often born with superpowers. Some choose to become heroes, others take to villainy. 

Fox was born with no powers. Curious about the life he can't have, he sneaks out at night in the hopes of witnessing a battle. Soon he finds himself caught up in the world of superheroes when he accidentally foils a jewelry store robbery. 

Now the legendary young hero Iron Wraith is coming to him for help, and Fox might just be about to learn how a boy with no powers or special abilities can make a difference in a world growing crazier by the day. 

The Robin Hood of Couches
by Aaron Frale
$0.00, 259 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #274 in Mysteries (Kindle Store)
Reese investigates corporate fraud and discovers some joker has been giving away free couches to the needy, because when a person can no longer afford the subscription service fees, all their furniture disappears. The bearer of sofas ends up in a ditch when blunt force trauma snuffs out the poor’s best chance of not living in an empty room their whole life. Reese rolls up his sleeves. Time to get to work.

The Backup
by Patricia Gilliam
$0.00, 24 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #56 in 45-Minute Literature & Fiction Short Reads
After being shot during a press conference, tech mogul Nick Mathis wakes up alone in a cloning lab over nine hundred miles away.

Unsure of whom he can trust, he seeks out his best friend from childhood, Josh McFerrin—and draws his killer to them both.

Author's note: This short story contains characters from The Hannaria Series Book 4: Something Like the Truth. While not required for understanding the overall story, events from the novel are referenced.

The Heart of Alchemy: A Steampunk Fantasy Short Story
by J.M. Jablowski
$0.00, 28 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #7 in Children's Folk Tales & Myth Collections
A disenchanted alchemist. An exiled sidhe. A disabled gentleman.

A mysterious artifact with a dangerous secret.

Thalia Vidale is probably the only alchemist in London that can’t do magic. In fact, the only magical thing in her shop is a talking sidhe-cat named Sid. Thalia is content to rely on science and her knowledge of herbs to treat her clients and simply ignore the magic that has always failed her.
But then a gentleman with an ancient mechanical artifact comes into her shop seeking her help finding the Philosopher's Stone, the very heart of alchemy. Magic is calling out to Thalia now, calling her to the Otherworld and possibly into danger, but she finds she can no longer ignore it.

A Steampunk Fantasy Short Story

Justice Denied: An absolutely gripping thriller with nail-biting suspense (A Jake Hudley Novel Book 1)
$0.00, 363 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #13033 in Genetic Engineering Science Fiction eBooks
“A compelling story from start to finish! …Middle Eastern religious intolerance with a quick pace and lot's of action.” Goodreads Reviewer ★★★★
Jake pulled all tricks together to enter enemy territory. Will he rescue his one true love from an excruciating death without betraying his country?

Jake Hudley, a former US military operative, can’t believe his beloved is not coming home. His pain becomes unbearable when he tells his children. Fear turns to rage, and he blames the Iranian authorities for throwing his wife, Laila, into the most notorious prison in the world.

With the US government and the military refusing to help, Laila’s fate will mirror her brother’s—death by firing squad—unless Jake takes matters into his own hands. After sneaking into enemy territory, Jake finds himself in over his head and can’t help but wonder if he’s risked too much by placing not only his own life on the line but also the lives of his children, family, and friends to save one woman.

Meanwhile, Ali Momed, an unbending interrogator at Evin Prison and a loyal servant of the Iranian Islamic Regime, is determined to convert Jake’s wife, Laila, to Islam. To Ali, this is a mind game he must win. But as she remains steadfast in her beliefs, each passing week inches Laila toward the ultimate injustice of execution without a fair trial.

NSA/CIA agents track Jake closely because he possesses a classified military computer. Conspiracy theories and misinformation are spreading like a vicious virus in the US media. But armed with a vast knowledge of computers, the secrets of a US Satellite Surveillance System, and a military discipline he never truly ascribed to, Jake plans an impossible rescue mission.

Can Jake save Laila from execution without the intelligence community branding him a traitor?

Get your copy of Justice Denied NOW to experience this fast-paced justice thriller.
Praise for Justice Denied
An incredible story of true love fighting against all odds, Gopaul has laid bare a harsh reality so few are willing to see.” ~ Infinite Pathways Press

… a fast moving story that engages the reader instantly. The characters are real and believable and we become immediately immersed in this real moving drama.” ~ Saundra Arnold

From page one you had my full attention, filled with deep concern for all the characters in peril.” ~ Susan Haines

Dare to have your eyes opened and your sleep disrupted!” ~ Sonya Scholl

The Beige Ones
by Emily Oakes
$0.00, 168 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #224 in Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
Being a teenager is hard. It's harder when your parents are wanted criminals; even if they are known as the Robin Hood Vigilantes.

When her parents decide to pull off one last job things don't go as planned, and Milly's mom is left in a coma.
Milly's dad finds a small town near her mom's hospice, seemingly cut off from the outside world. Sure, the residents eat the same boring food every day, and the town is void of any color, but at least nobody there knows about the Robin Hood Vigilantes.

Pear Tree Ville seems a little strange at first, but it isn't long before it turns downright dangerous. Something lurks beneath the surface of Pear Tree Ville, and it's anything but friendly.

Starlog Magazine The Sci Fi Comics: June 1982
by William Shatner
$0.00, pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #501 in Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
Welcome aboard, new friends! May our journey together be long and wonderful...

You are holding the a magazine devoted to the field of science fiction in films and television: the realm that combines science, adventure, romance, and philosophy.

At its best, science fiction in the visual media creates worlds apart from our own, in which we can lose ourselves for a time while dwelling upon truths about the human condition that can be isolated by imagination and presented dramatically.

We constantly strive to give our readers the best, most exciting and beautiful magazine the science fiction world has ever seen.

Downloaded this book? Please leave a review!

Starlog Magazine The Sci Fi Comics: September 1982
by William Shatner
$0.00, pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #518 in Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
Welcome aboard, new friends! May our journey together be long and wonderful...

You are holding the a magazine devoted to the field of science fiction in films and television: the realm that combines science, adventure, romance, and philosophy.

At its best, science fiction in the visual media creates worlds apart from our own, in which we can lose ourselves for a time while dwelling upon truths about the human condition that can be isolated by imagination and presented dramatically.

We constantly strive to give our readers the best, most exciting and beautiful magazine the science fiction world has ever seen.

Downloaded this book? Please leave a review!

Oraiáphon: A Novella of The Empire
by Marian L Thorpe
$0.00, 243 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #56 in Historical Fantasy (Kindle Store)
Can a musician heal, when a physician cannot? All scáeli’en know the tale of Oraiáphon: how his music tamed the wildest beasts and charmed the darkest god. Only a fable—until song becomes Sorley’s last supplication to bring Cillian back from certain death, for Lena, for their child, and for the country that so desperately needs him.

"Terror In Manila"
by Frank Q Aurillo Jr
$0.00, 110 pages, 4.1 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #35 in Historical Fiction (Kindle Store)
Time travel is explored in the book. Using a time machine inspired by movies such as “Back To The Future” and “The Time Machine” the main character in the story goes back to the year 1946 to kill US High Commissioner Paul V. McNutt in Manila who read President Harry S. Truman’s proclamation declaring Independence for the Philippines from the US. The Philippines, up to that point, was an American territory after the US acquired it from Spain which colonized that country for nearly 300 years. The idea was to prevent separation from America and thus keep the Philippines under continued American sovereignty. The long-term goal was to improve the lives of the Filipinos with their country remaining an American territory or even a US state.

The Gobo Bride: A Lewis Gregory Mystery
by Mason Adgett
$0.00, 178 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #119 in Science Fiction Adventure
An interspecies engagement,
A journey through the Space Machine...
A mystery spanning multiple star systems.

Reality 3V Private Investigator Lewis Gregory is hired to investigate the background of a wealthy alien who has become engaged to a famous human actress. An off-world case sounds like a grand adventure, but once they leave earth things turn deadly against a backdrop of interstellar civilization, online gaming, virtual reality and the constant fear of hackers threatening the safety of every species. How can our hero hope to unravel the threads that threaten THE GOBO BRIDE?

The Shapiro Matrix
by Michael Lechtman
$0.00, 197 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #57 in Political Fiction (Kindle Store)
What would you get if you combined 1984, Blade Runner, and Brazil, and added a sprinkling of wry humor to lighten the darkness a bit? It would be my latest book, The Shapiro Matrix. It stands on its own as a look at a dystopian near future in an America where all freedoms have been taken away by the government in the name of progress, replaced by computer algorithms that control everyone’s life.
The Constitution has been sequestered, and the legal system has been relegated to filing a 3 x 5 card and waiting for the algorithm to generate a person’s fate. All cars have been confiscated by the government, replaced by a system of independent, self-driven vehicles, known as the “mainline.” People are charged a tax for breathing, because they emit CO2, contrary to the government’s phony Big Change. The tax, and the money realized by the forced sale of all personal vehicles pays for the mainline operation and other government self-indulgences, enjoyed by the ruling elite. There is very little work available, and people are forced to live on a small universal basic income. Poverty is rampant, and people will do anything to earn extra money, just to live. Lawless gangs of immigrants, intentionally brought in by the government, are roaming everywhere, homeless. There is one government TV station that constantly broadcasts its strange propaganda, to people who are forced to listen to it while they ride the mainline. All communications between people are highly monitored and sanctioned severely if they fail to say the correct thing. The President of the United States may, or may not, even exist as a real person.
Enter Nick Shapiro, a once successful lawyer, who is now struggling to survive under the new repressive government regulations. Quite by accident, through the self-dealing lawyer, Pete Jacobs, he discovers a flaw in the algorithms that allows him to fight back against the matrix of totalitarianism. With the assistance of his girlfriend, Gloria, and his long-time secretary, Carol Emry, they recruit Diane, a mysterious older woman who looks twenty-nine years old, to slowly make inroads against the repression. Just when they think they are in position to restore democracy, by manipulating the algorithm and having Martin T. Van Coghlan elected president, things only become worse. The absolute power and wealth Van Coghlan obtains, at the direction of Pete Jacobs, pushes him to the far right, with even more oppression, and the planned elimination of twenty-million immigrants living in America, through a suicidal war with a Mideastern country.
The surprising conclusion unfolds slowly, as the lives of Shapiro, Gloria, Diane, and Carol are explored in depth, and how each fits into the cogs of the machine to engage in a difficult fight that might restore the liberties and affluence America once knew. Will they be successful in their fight against the mysterious dictatorship America has become? Find out when you read The Shapiro Matrix.

Where There's Muck There's Power: Heapland (Book 1)
by Sam J Fires
$0.00, 37 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #20 in One-Hour Literature & Fiction Short Reads

A young boy helplessly watches as his father is murdered, and the future is forecast.

The world post- apocalypse is a grotesque, man eat dog broken world where Darwin’s hypothesis ‘survival of the fittest’ rings very true, although perhaps could be more appropriately re-named as ‘survival of the wiliest’.

This fascinating and disturbing story is one of both the near and far future following the exploits of Olly and his younger brother in the post-apocalyptic world, while simultaneously telling the story of how that monstrous world came to be, as a picture is painted of humans as social, (un)ethical and (im)moral creatures.

The heaps have arisen as strongholds, like urban techno-castles, cruelly run by the Heap Lords and their minion Heap Sharks, braindead savage animal-like creatures, highly trained to defend their territories.

The two brothers are professional scavengers, relentlessly sifting through the vast heaps of accumulated metal and other artifacts for the treasure they can use as currency in the outlying shanty borders where damaged human beings scrape a living in a sordid, squalid hell that is the new world.

Can the brothers successfully conquer the seemingly impenetrable heaps undetected and bring back the treasure to trade on the outside? This is a dangerous world where every day is a fight for survival.

Heapland is book 1 of a collection of three gripping stories of the near and far future featuring complex and flawed characters, written by this exciting new best selling author Sam Fires.

Endy: Reaching for the Missing Moon
by Jiny Lee
$0.00, 260 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (1 reviews), #266 in Science Fiction Adventure
A boy is lying on the cold roof top, 200 stories high on this colossal building. He's watching the full moon slowly setting. He tries to reach it, but he can't. He's just waiting for the burning Sun to come up and tear down his flesh and bones into ashes. He's lying there, looking up at the full moon, the goddess, and he tries to recall his life, the choices he's made, and his dear old friend Diane.


"This is it. This is how this story ends. The Sun will come up in anytime soon and I, as one of the people living in this monstrous building, should be dead after only a minute of exposure to the sunlight. A long painful minute it surely will be. But, before the Sun crawls up to end it, I'd like to tell you the rest of the story other than this rather disappointing ending..."


What has happened to this poor boy? In a world where the richest minority take everything from the poor majority, in a world where people living in the building can't even dream of getting out, all he has ever wanted was to get his old friend, Diane, back in his arms.

A fantastic story that takes place in a near future, dystopian skyscraper.

A growing-up story of a boy named Endy, inspired by the old Greek mythology of Endymion and the moon goddess.

Intended for readers of all ages.

Special thanks to my dear friend, an author, and teacher, Chris Hoodie for helping me make it through my first E-book publishing!

Book 2 of the same series is to be released soon.

Praying For The Surgeon: A Biopunk Noir Novel
by Frank D. Lawrence
$0.00, 198 pages, 3.3 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #108 in Cyberpunk Science Fiction (Kindle Store)
"Praying For The Surgeon" is a fast-paced novel with lots of twists and turns that keep smashing its reader's head against the wall... It is full of action, drama, and suspense - all set in a future where genetic engineering and total data control is running rampant. It combines cyberpunk, 80s retro style and the modern genre of biopunk into a thrilling ride of a book!

Witness what happens when Philip K. Dick meets Mickey Spillane... Deckard and Mike Hammer are about to have a little baby - and it is nasty!

In a war-torn America of the future where genetic engineering has become commodity, Rhys Faulkner works as an assassin for the police by day and as a private investigator by night. Hired by the government he kills enemies of the state for head money and makes the rest of his living by hunting down the vilest scum imaginable at the request of his civilian clients - but this time he has bitten off more than he can chew...

It looked like an easy job. Expose the unfaithful husband, get the cash, move on. But things turn out differently as he soon finds himself hunted by his own police colleagues who try to kill him with extreme prejudice!

Something is going on in the streets of St. Fallen. Something scary and unfathomable.

Ghosts of the past rise, blood runs through the gutters, the citizens are hunted by dark perverse visions - and Rhys Faulkner
has to fight for his life while he tries to save everyone's soul from the corrupting influence of an evil that has emerged from the laboratories of progress!

Welcome to a world where the American Dream has turned into a genetic nightmare...

Welcome to unfiltered terror...

Welcome to the fear that robs you blind...

...Welcome to the REIGN OF THE TURANID...

This book was so badly written it made for a hilarious read. Clearly nobody had edited it at all, the author had certainly never heard of a comma. Further, the main character was About as dense as they come, but somehow OP and the development of all the characters was almost non existent. However, the story itself was actually really good (even though some things, like the title, were never explained). And as I've said it was so funny that I burst out laughter so many times in the library where I was reading that I was asked to leave. Overall, if you're a grammar pedant who gets annoyed at typos and poor punctuation do not read this book, if however, you can see past its faults, then boy are you in for a good time.

Bedtime Stories for Kids: Fables and Fairy Talesto Help Children and Toddlers Fall Asleep Fast and Have a Peaceful Sleeping and Thrive
by Just Be Awesome
$0.00, 54 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 reviews), #69 in Science Fiction (Kindle Store)

Long bedtime stories written very interesting, all children love fairy tales and stories, especially before going to sleep, and in this ebook we show a number of long bedtime stories with pictures written very interesting, to provide assistance and suggestions to parents to tell interesting stories to children before bed, to enjoy A quiet and pleasant sleep.

With this ebook you will learn:

  • Smart deer
  • The story of the rabbit and the water well
  • Confused cat
  • The story of the lion, king of the jungle and the little mouse
  • The story of the fish and sparrow
  • The child Remy
  • A break after getting tired

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