New free Space Opera Kindle books for 2016-12-10:

Raptor Squadron Mercenary Corps Official Information Booklet
by GFMakina
$0.00, 92 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (7 reviews), #65 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Space Exploration
A brilliant book and introduction to the world of Raptor Squadron!

This book from the Epos of Souls saga written by GFMakina:
We present to you Raptor Squadron, the most dangerous mercenary group in the galaxy.

Book Description:

Raptor Squadron is one of the most lucrative and dangerous mercenary groups in all of the Kaleco Galaxy, but their superb efficiency comes at a great price.

If you are interested in hiring a professional mercenary group to do your job then look no further. Raptor Squadron will do practically any job as long as the pay is good and the action is grand. Inside this book you will find information on all the members of the squadron and their personal back stories that brought them into this line of work.

You will also find pricing information and equipment details, as well as general information about the galaxy, just in case you aren't too savvy on the way things work in the underworld of galaxy.

Remember that WE ARE NOT CHEAP. Hiring us is like hiring your own personal Air Force, so expect our price to be just as great.

Like the Firebird of legend, we raptors will leave your enemy in cinders.

(Note: This book is only an information booklet for the Raptor Squadron book series and is not a full story. Here you will find all sorts of fun facts about the Raptor Squadron universe and is a great introduction to the series.)

The Intitiate's Crucible (The Freeworlds Chronicles Book 1)
by Brett Baker
$0.00, 205 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #41 in > Children's eBooks > Science Fiction, Fantasy & Scary Stories > Science Fiction
Abby Ashford was a student at the Psion Academy, a school dedicated to training the young and talented to become psions - telepathic and telekinetic warriors who dedicate their lives in service to the United Freeworlds. However, Abby proved to be a bit of a handful at the academy, and her life took a dramatic turn when she was shipped out to learn from Master Jax Idor as his apprentice.

But Abby's time in training may prove to be short-lived. There is a crisis brewing on the planet of Mentallos - an influential member of the Freeworlds. Can Master Idor and Abby contain the situation? Or will they find themselves overhwelmed?

Twilight of the Star Vampires (Book2): A Parody of the Twilight Saga, Star Wars and Star Trek
by Paula Sunsong
$0.00, 105 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #1 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > TV, Movie, Video Game Adaptations > Star Trek
Vampire's Anonymous may say their serenity prayer, but they're ready to take action and bite anyone crossing their members. Vampire Vulcanturi Spocko is falling for Princess Lela, but she may prefer Chewy, the werewolf. General Gleevous, while dancing to Disco tunes, commands his droids to capture the Jedi.

Can Obegone turn Manikin back to the light side of The Farce, or will he have to battle Manikin at the Hot Flows of Cheddar on the Planet Nabiscko? Will the vampire Edward Cullet be able to escape the Vulcanturi, and find his way to his beloved Padme and his twin children, Luck and Lela?

Buy now and find out the fate of the amusing mash of characters from Star Wars, The Twilight Saga, and Star Trek.

Please Enjoy this Excerpt:
“Open the door to Princess Lela’s cell,” said Cater to the guard. Cater stomped loudly in. On the bunk sat Princess Lela, carefully coiling her hair into bun shapes on each side of her head. Cater shook his head. Kids these days with their fad hairstyles.

“I hope you find our accommodations adequate,” snickered Cater as he stood towering over Lela.

“Yes, thank you.” Princess Lela said with no hint of sarcasm. “The guards have been very kind.”

“Really? You like eating cold mush three meals a day?”

“I was sick of my low carbohydrate diet.”

“You like sleeping on a rock hard bed.”

“It’s good for my back.”

“You don’t mind the 24 hour security camera focused on you.”

“Oh, I did that before, for my webcast. It got high ratings.”

“Hmm, maybe I should move in here if it’s so comfortable,” said Cater putting his chin in his hand, and looking around the cell. He could add some comfy throw pillows and a breakfast nook. Plus, he could store his action figure collection above the security camera. Cater shook his head and focused on the task at hand. He leaned menacing over Lela.

“Tell me where the rebel base is, or I will force you to move from this great prison cell to a luxury apartment with a soft bed.”

“Tempting, but no,” said Lela.

“Come now, Lela. If you don’t tell me, Darkin will use electricity on your legs.”

“I’ve already done that to get rid of leg hair,” said Lela.

Cater looked surprised. “Does that work?” He looked down at his legs. Would VQ, Villain Quarterly, like his legs better if they were bald? It might work better with his Roman mini tunic outfit.

Returning to the interrogation, Cater looked back at Lela. “Well, if you’re used to electricity on your legs, then Darkin will use electricity on your face!”

“I already do that for wrinkles. Haven’t you heard of Suzanne Somers’ Facemaster?”

“No, but I use her Thighmaster.

“I can tell.”

“Thanks.” Cater swelled with pride. It was worth it to spend hours working on his inner thighs. “Okay then, if the electricity doesn’t work, then Darkin will pour hot wax over you. You’ll talk when it hits your crotch.”

Lela started to say something.

“Wait, let me guess,” said Cater. “You’ve already done that.”

“To clean up my bikini line. Bathing suits are so tiny nowadays.”

“I know,” said Cater going dreamy eyed inside of his mask.

“Lord Cater,” said the guard. “Darkin texted us a message asking if you have the location of the rebel base.”

Cater turned to the guard outside. “She is stubborn, bring in the Convince-o-droid!”

A strange humming noise echoed down the corridor, and became louder as it came closer. Lela looked towards her cell door. A hovering round metal robot floated in. Lela’s eyes zoomed in on the huge syringe in its cruel metal hand.

“Intimidating, isn’t it,” said Cater. “Now tell me where the rebel base is or feel the droid’s sting.”

Lela backed away from the syringe, until she was against the cold cell wall. She could go no further.

“I don’t know where the rebel base is!”

“Inject!” yelled Cater to the Convince-o-droid. The droid rushed towards Lela.

Whispers from a Distant Reality: From The Misadventures of Amata Zegarra
by GFMakina
$0.00, 520 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 Customer Reviews), #128 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Genetic Engineering
A supernatural journey through a technological utopia!
Note: read disclaimer before purchasing

Amata Zegarra is a lower class girl living in the fourth millennium of humanity surrounded by strange people and strange phenomenons!

In the fourth millennium, humanity is no longer plagued by war. Governments live in peace, medical technology has increased the human lifespan, and Alien races are common sights in major cities. In the grand colonies of humanity spread across the galaxy, humans are modified before birth to destroy defects and to amplify human physical and mental potential. Because of this and human tenacity, the human race is now the ruling species in the galaxy, with the other 6000 races of the First Galactic Council on the sidelines as inferiors. Poverty has all but been eradicated, and humanity enjoys a period of technological and economic prosperity.

Despite this, there are those that do not get to enjoy the benefits of being human. Amata Zegarra is one of them.

After facing heart wrenching tragedies and rough school life in the secluded outland societies of the human planet of Seta, Amata receives an opportunity to study and live among the upper class of humanity in the galactic powerhouse city of Hirametros. Everything seems to be going well until she starts hearing strange whispers in her sleep telling her to keep her distance from a fellow classmate, Soren Martel, and to keep clear of the draws of an object called "The Mansaci".

Join Amata, a girl incredulous to the supernatural, on her journey through the city of Hirametros. Explore the hidden mysteries of humanity's past, Amata's strange abilites, and meet the many strange characters inhabiting this chaotic city and those attending the upper class high school of Hedrich Academy.


This book, although lighthearted and full of teenage antics, is extremely graphic and has vivid depictions of cruelty, gore, and sexual assault (though sparingly). Reader discretion is advised.

Armwrestling The Dead
by Andrew McEwan, Jane Parker
$0.00, 304 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 Customer Reviews), #145 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Space Opera
Oriel is a planet with a roof, a crusted atmospheric ceiling that falls in chunks like oversized snow. The snow is alive, the Ologists joke. It mimics life, but only out of the corner of your eye...or behind your back.

Oriel is a far-flung world whose raw potential is contested, although not understood. A deliberately crashed spaceship throws the planet's atmosphere into turmoil, kick-starting an evolutionary process that accelerates out of control. There is indigenous life on Oriel but in a form unrecognised by man. Soon though this, along with man himself, is transmuted into a pastiche of Earth-like forms, people and buildings grown from the land itself in a matter of days, briefly flourishing before falling into conflict and decay. It is difficult to tell what is human and what mutant. A few surviving humans struggle to make sense of this new world, whilst others are drawn to Oriel in a hopeless search for answers, redemption and even lost love.

In the end even reality itself is twisted.

Regarding the Boundless Incident
by Rodney Wilmoth
$0.00, 334 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 Customer Reviews), #179 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Space Opera
Humanity could have explored the stars, but there was no profit in it.

Sheltered comfortably in the heart of the solar system lay the Kuiper Plutocracy—a product of human greed, where the size of one's bank account determines one's worth. After a bloody conflict known as the Interim War, the Jovian colonies have wrought a fragile republic, which struggles to coexist with the Plutocracy. Poverty, disease, and rampant crime plague its citizens, who strive to make ends meet in any way necessary.

At the fringe of the solar system two miners find themselves far out of their depth as they discover biological life in the form of an aggressive mold. A nearby research vessel named Boundless answers their call for help. As it happens, the interests of two opposing espionage agencies—REAP and the OSA—lie within the ship. They make their moves as an outbreak grips Boundless, but they’re not the only ones with vested interest in what’s shaping up to be the vessel’s terminal flight.

Pirates, terrorists, cultists of the Octogod, and corpse-trading entrepreneurs make their mark as the ship lances toward the heart of the Kuiper Plutocracy. Alliances are shattered and re-forged, true friends-in-need are found. It is ultimately up to a self-proclaimed pacifist pirate to prevent disaster and mitigate the damage of the Boundless Incident

Winterhill: The Wreath of Dreams
by Iain Martin
$0.00, 184 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 Customer Reviews), #267 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Space Opera
"You seem ridiculously keen to conjure up scenarios of death and disaster," Maddy said, rolling her eyes.
"This is rich, coming from the girl who won't stop accusing me of armed mutiny, sexual slavery and - or pathological intergalactic criminality," Winterhill retorted as she followed Maddy into the darkness.

The beautiful but enigmatic Rebecca Winterhill, a woman with no memories whatsoever, awakens in a cargo-hold aboard a luxury star-liner under the watchful gaze of the equally mysterious cyber-criminal and party girl Madagascar Talifero, who is on the run from her own family. They have precious little time to bond, as the mighty star-liner in question is about to be attacked by famished wraiths who feed on blood. And if they survive that, the rest of the universe is pretty dangerous too...

In all six episodes in this first series of adventures, Winterhill and Maddy travel from one escapade to another, fighting space vampires, fleeing cyborg spider monsters, meeting alien megalomaniacs, art-collectors and, most terrifyingly, the Taliferos of Minerva, all the while keeping their eyes peeled in case there are any delicious cocktails to be sampled along the way.

Who is the mysterious Rebecca Winterhill? Why is Maddy a fugitive? And who is the silent figure spying on them both from inside their subconscious minds?

Perfect for fans of Doctor Who and Orphan Black comes this new SF series which has been hailed as "Thelma and Louise for the SF generation" and "really, really funny, well-paced stuff" by industry insiders.

Contains six adventures: 'Death and the Demeter', 'Pipeline', 'The Stone of Tomorrows', 'The Taliferos', 'Artemis Falling' and 'The Ethers Tragic'.