New free Sword and Sorcery Kindle books for 2018-02-21:

Embers at Galdrilene (Dragon's Call Series Book 1)
by A.D. Trosper
$0.00, 494 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (117 reviews), #12 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Sword & Sorcery
“A ray of light, a stain of shadow, shall endure to breathe life and death into the future”

The war between the Guardians and the Shadow Riders ended in total devastation. The final battle killed all the dragons and left nothing but fields of ash. A small clutch of dragon eggs was all that remained to provide hope for the future.

Five hundred years later, the ability to use magic is a death sentence and dragons are remembered as a curse. But the unhatched dragons sing for their riders...and six lives will be changed forever.

The elements of magic are drawn together as the dragons’ call leads them on a journey where they learn everything they've been taught to believe about magic and dragons is wrong.

When an evil from the past rises again, and Shadow Dragons ride the dawn once more, they will risk everything to save a future none of them thought possible.

Tempus: The Terraunum Origins Series (Book 2)
by R.J. Batla
$0.00, 226 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (11 reviews), #18 in > Teen & Young Adult > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Myths & Legends

Celeste Dumas is the most powerful water Senturian her race has produced in generations. But skill alone doesn’t make you a leader.

Fierce drive and determination have led to her becoming the youngest captain in Tempus history.

Her elation is cut short when a simple assignment goes terribly wrong. A vanishing ship and an invisible adversary lurking below the surface sends her and the crew of the Ajax into uncharted waters fraught with danger as they uncover a much more sinister plot.

Can Celeste overcome her past and stop the enemy outmaneuvering her at every turn? Not only is her crew at risk, but the entire Tempus race.  

Pirates, action, and amazing powers combine in the second novel in the Terraunum Origins Series, chronicling characters from Fire Eyes Awakened.

Each book in the Terraunum Origins Series is complete in itself, but is set in the same world/timeframe as the rest of the series.

Tempus is approx. 50,000 words.

Hemlock and the Dead God's Legacy (The Maker's Fire Book 2)
by B Throwsnaill
$0.00, 265 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (12 reviews), #86 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Sword & Sorcery
Hemlock realizes that the life of a leader is more complex and tiresome than she anticipated. Feeling burdened by her many responsibilities, she yearns for the freedom of adventure. When Tored arrives from the Witch Crags with information about the likely location of another powerful Wand, she seizes the opportunity to embark on a new quest.

Before she leaves, she entrusts a secret book into the possession of Merit, a mechanical gnome who is developing an affinity for history and lore. Merit begins to uncover an ancient narrative in those dusty pages--and he soon realizes it's the tale of the creation of the Wizard Tower itself!
Meanwhile Hemlock and Tored begin what they expect will be a simple quest to a mysterious vale nestled deep in the Witch Crags. But the adventure has several surprises in store for them...

Will Hemlock understand her ever evolving role amidst rapidly changing circumstances? And can she unite the City in time to resist the menace of the legacy of a dead God?

The Sword of Senack (The Mer-son Cycle Book 1)
by EC Stilson
$0.00, 316 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (11 reviews), #224 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Sword & Sorcery
In this middle grade fantasy, Aliya Fisher knows nothing about her true heritage until a vindictive sorceress kidnaps her brother and sister. The young adventurer must take up her birthright, battle strange creatures, and find the Sword of Senack if she hopes to best the witch. But even if Aliya finds the famed weapon and survives the perilous oceanic journey, the enchantress is far more than she appears. How does one defeat an immortal who lusts for revenge?

Blade of Toran (The Forgotten Heirs Trilogy Book 2)
by Dan Allen
$0.00, 334 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #83 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Sword & Sorcery
Reann, youngest of five secret heirs of Toran, has claimed the throne of her father. Now, the young princess and former castle servant must meet a threat greater than any her father faced. The eastern realm has fallen to the Outlander horde, and in the southern coasts the Witch Queen's corsair fleet ushers in a new reign of terror. Both forces are headed for the inland plains, the last bastion of hope for the five realms. With time running out and only a handful of clues, Reann seeks out the other heirs of Toran: Nehal, an unlikely magician's apprentice with the power to stop the Witch Queen, and Goran, a warrior from the west desert with the strength to lead her armies to victory.

by Florian Armas
$0.00, 295 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (6 reviews), #6 in > Teen & Young Adult > Romance > Historical
His family dead in an ambush, Codrin, the legitimate heir to the Arenian throne, runs for his life into the wilderness. Trained to fight by a renegade from the Assassins Sect, he has only one friend left in the whole world - his sword.
A chance encounter with Jara and her family, draws Codrin to Severin, a land threatened by Orban, the killer of Jara’s husband. The Circle, a secret order created to rebuilt the lost empire, is helping Orban, and Severin must fall.
Codrin and Jara’s daughter, Saliné, are drawn to each other, but their love has no chance of acceptance; they both know it - for political reasons she is betrothed to a prince from a neighboring kingdom. Torn between his love for Saliné and his conflict with Mohor, Seigneur of Severin, Codrin must decide whether to fight Orban or risk losing Saliné by rejecting the court and all it represents.

Errant is by turns taut medieval fantasy and heartbreaking love story; an irresistible read.

Past of Shadows (The Three Realms Book 1)
by Colleen Connally
$0.00, 231 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #1 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Epic
Kela Calledwdele was born with a destiny, a Euchoun with only one purpose in protect. Torn between two worlds, Kela soon discovers she is the hope of both. Now she must find the courage to face the destiny, fate has dictated to her.

Kela has always known what path in life she would follow. She was born a Euchoun. Half Witheleghean, a passive, peaceful race where magic runs freely and the other half, Sordarin, a valiant warrior race of hawkmen who rule the sky, she knows well her parents gave the ultimate sacrifice to give her a chance to live. Yet, in so doing, they have left Kela unprepared to face the danger that awaits her—an evil like no other—Asmeodai!

Author’s Note: This series was previously published as Whispers of a Legend under another penname, Carrie James Haynes. The book has been completely rewritten and revised.

The Battlelords
by Lee Timmer
$0.00, 337 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #310 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Sword & Sorcery
In a multidimensional battle of universal importance, a group of new and experienced warriors alike face off against their eons old adversary, the netherkin. City Gate guard Ian Gregory has lived a simple life of soldiering, until a frantic encounter with dark and deadly enemies leads him to life he has only dreamed about. Follow Ian and his allies as they pursue their foes across different worlds and dimensions in search of a kidnapped sorceress that may hold the key to ending the universal war with the netherkin once and for all.

Wolf in the Moonlight
by Danny Planet
$0.00, 16 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 review), #43 in > Literature & Fiction > Mythology & Folk Tales > Fairy Tales
A boy named Ashley meets friends and monsters in an enchanted forest and discovers his destiny...

The Slave Girl (The Mortal Orphan Book 1)
by Jennifer Stone
$0.00, 129 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 review), #253 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Sword & Sorcery
Taya believes she is no-one special; just a servant.
After being beaten and left destitute, she begins her life anew, and alone. When she has visions of ancient battles, Taya seeks the reason, revealing a destiny more important than she could ever hope for.
The Gods of Jagwraith are angry; after being forgotten and ignored for centuries, they have become vengeful. Destruction threatens the country of Canderra and only the Mortal Orphan can prevent it.
Is Taya the human descendant of the Gods? Can a slave girl save the world?

Captain Clankingsmith - Dragons and Iron Men (Volume 2)
by Earl Brigham
$0.00, 412 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 Customer Reviews), #264 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Sword & Sorcery
A mechanical aeorenaut, dragons and resurrected knights clash with invading Germans and Napoleon's zombie army in Victorian-era England. Pirates, mermaids, dwarfs and the good folk of England join the fray. Captain Clankingsmith - Dragons and Iron Men is the second book in a steampunk/fantasy crossover series that grows directly out of The Queens of Dragonia trilogy, bringing several fantasy characters into the ultra-modern and sophisticated era of steam and aereonauts.

Prepare to enter a steam-driven world of dirigibles and fantastic machines that is also occupied by dragons and a few magical creatures.

Captain Clankingsmith - Dragons and Iron Men is well-illustrated story that is as much about the characters who witness the struggle for England and the world of magic as those who participate in it. Neither purely high fantasy or steampunk, the fast-paced story blurs the lines the lines between genres, propelling a story that begins in pre-Arthurian times into the ultra-modern late 19th century.

Profaner of Jorron (Saga of the Shan'dar Book 1)
by James Kampras
$0.00, 688 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 Customer Reviews), #146 in > Literature & Fiction > Horror > Dark Fantasy
Strat, a young artist turned thief, flees Jorron pursued by an infamous assassin and an Insane member of the National Council. He must locate Jesfel - A warlock from Seedy Acres - hiring him to perform a transmogrification which he might not survive. He must then travel to Morganthane, placing himself in the hands of the most feared man in the world. There he must coalesce with Challenger - A young Har'tar - who witnesses the death of his parents by at the hands of Riam before he and Strat merge into a single body. The coalesced pair must pit their wills against Riam while he places an insidious compulsion into them while they are transforming. Can the pair, suffering unimaginable pain in the process, change the spell that will forever keep them Compulsed, or will Riam prevail, sending the world in chaos never before imagined?

Inheritants: Episode 1- Taken
by T R Reed
$0.00, 114 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 Customer Reviews)
Jesi Goldmire, a late teen who's stuck getting dragged around the world with her businessman father, counts the days before she is free to stay in one place.
When she thinks her new move will be the same as the rest, her world turns upside down when she's kidnapped by a mysterious woman.
Who is she? Will she be able to get away from her?
Jesi is determined to escape, but not everything is what it seems. Strange things happen which makes her question everything. Things which no amount of logic can explain.
Magic doesn't exist. Does it?
Part 1 in a serial which follows this girl into a world of magic where the fate of the universe rests on her shoulders.

The Assassins
by Brian Quirke
$0.00, 66 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 Customer Reviews), #345 in > Literature & Fiction > Horror > Dark Fantasy
A father's love is unbreakable.
He bears the mark of an assassin on his cheek, the mark of a warrior on his head.
Betrayed by those he trusts, is there anywhere he can go?
Can he keep them safe? Can he afford not to?
A father can only do so much.

The Gods Isle: Five Seas
by Steve Spalding
$0.00, 103 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 Customer Reviews), #218 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Anthologies & Short Stories
In this collection of fifteen short stories (and one poem), writer and podcast producer Steve Spalding (Founders Saga, Steve Reads Stories), introduces readers to The Gods Isle, and the kingdoms of the Five Seas.

This a world where the powers of creation walk among men, where dread regents wage proxy wars against kingdoms they have never seen, and where Wryms slumber beneath the earth, waiting to destroy all who dare worship the Isle.

It's a place of pirate princes and ageless empires, of blind priests and holy assassins. On the Five Seas, whether you are surrounded by a carpet of blue, or an ocean of sand, the only thing you know for certain is that They are always watching.

These short tales are meant to give readers a first look at the Kingdoms of the Five Seas, and act as a formal introduction to the gods who rule them.

Crown of Power ( book 1 }
by Clifford Eddins
$0.00, 314 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 Customer Reviews)
The crown of a slain king will determine the fate of all.

Since the end of the War of Men, Magic and Monsters, Lord Spiro, the dragon king has seen the coming of a greater battle raged on all sides. The War of Eternity. As the remaining kings abandon hope their people are left at the mercy of Farrell, the goblin king. Wizard Walter and Knight Reynard lead the war against the goblin uprising.

Witch Evie and the Shadowing boy Alex, escape from McKamy Castle, and while hunted by the witches of the McKamy Sisterhood, embark on a perilous quest to discover their true identities.

Witch Frieda hatches a cunning plan, she will stop at nothing to claim the seat of the most powerful sisterhood of them all. The McKamy throne is Witch Frieda's goal, but first, she must contend with her grates challenge, Mother Zeng.

Crypt Shyfter: The Complete Series
by Danny Planet
$0.00, 87 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 Customer Reviews)
A group of foul-mouthed gamers embark on the most epic tabletop RPG campaign of all time when they're magically transported into their own game!

Relive the magic of Crypt Shyfter over and over and over again with this special book containing the complete scripts for the entire series.

And then go rewatch it on Newgrounds and complain about how much better the script is than the actual cartoon in the review section!

Game on!


Watch Crypt Shyfter and other wacky cartoons by Kung Fu Space Barbarian on

Forged in Ice
by Bridget Halfaker
$0.00, 242 pages, 2.0 out of 5.0 (1 review), #161 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Coming of Age
A lone forge on a moor. A youth who belongs neither to the humans who have raised him, nor the elves who claim him. Sebsatian must leave the comforts of the forge, embarking on a dangerous mission. Along the way he will meet many magical creatures who become new friends. With their help he can develop the skills necessary to accomplish his quest. Follow Sebastian through treacherous treks over the mountains and perilous battles. Examine the meaning of it all as he continuously wonders: "Why me?"