New free Time Travel Kindle books for 2017-08-15:

The Scent of Eternity
by Alan T. McKean
$0.00, 216 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #9 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Time Travel
In the third installment of The Scent trilogy, evil time travel organization PATCH seeks to change history to their agenda. Time traveler Drew Faulker attempts to counter their efforts while others try to end his life. Amidst a mix of adventure, kidnapping, and attempted weddings surfaces the realization that the fight against evil never ends.

We Happy Few: The Screenplay
by Seth Chambers
$0.00, 145 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #12 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > TV, Movie, Video Game Adaptations
Screenplay WGA# 1730385. Based on the novelette of the same title.

What if time travel was different than anybody expected?

Prisoners are used as lab rats in a ruthless series of temporal experiments. It turns out that time travel is different than anyone expected, and the past can be exploited without affecting the present. Or so it seems.

One prisoner is highly dubious, but nobody listens. He gathers a crew, commandeers a time capsule, and launches a mission to save past, present, and future.

This is not your ordinary time-travel story, but a tale of brutality, courage, unlikely friendship, and ultimate redemption.

Seth Chambers spent much of his formative years happily engrossed in the works of Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, Theodore Sturgeon, Alfred Bester, and numerous other science fiction masters.

Seth is the author of What Rough Beasts, Little Bird, and Beautiful Machines. His novella, "In Her Eyes," was a nominee for the Sturgeon award and an honoree of the James Tiptree award. Seth lives in the Chicago area and can be contacted directly at

The Scent of Freedom
by Alan T. McKean
$0.00, 176 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #8 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Time Travel

Vanguard time traveler Drew Faulkner marries. Tragedy strikes. Marie is kidnapped.

Clues lead back to Waterloo 1815. Drew and ex-girlfriend Meryl are on opposite sides of the Battle of Waterloo.

Drew is wounded, but the agony is his rescued wife abandoning him for a French captain.

The threat switches to President Lincoln. If he is killed before the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, U.S. history will change.

Time travelers learn to expect the unexpected. Drew never expected a foe to rise from the dead.

Bellefield is attacked by an enemy time traveling organization determined to change history. Vanguard’s leader is betrayed by one of his own.

Meanwhile, a plane with an atomic bomb sits on a runway in Scotland in 1943, waiting to be piloted to London.

Working closely with his ex, Drew realizes he still loves her. Drew excels at time traveling—will he ever excel at love?

Alien Queens 1
by Molly Cutpurse
$0.00, 212 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 review), #124 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Time Travel
Lord Glayva is a vicious and unforgiving aristocratic who has the means of travelling across the centuries. After betraying him once too many times, his sulky and vindictive lady assistant, Velvet, assisted by the plucky and occasionally funny, Anne Boleyn and her apoplectic mother, Elizabeth the First become friends with two men from modern day London. It’s a recipe for the most ludicrous of wacky adventures as they attempt to stay one step ahead of the psychopathic Lord.
Alien Queens is a fantastic time-travel comedy that takes the, ‘Grandfather Paradox’, and mocks it relentlessly before wringing its neck and throwing its dead body on a heap!
Author’s note: If you have already purchased this on the Kindle before 6 May 2013, please don’t buy again. I have rewritten it, but it’s basically the same story.

WHITE SLAVES: The Parallel Universe
$0.00, 52 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 review), #73 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Time Travel
John, the arrogant, ruthless son of a slave master terrorizes the slaves on his father’s plantation until a slave’s spell causes him to wake up in a Parallel Universe where whites are slaves and blacks are the slave masters.

Homer and the General
by Bernice Erehart
$0.00, 40 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 review), #63 in > Literature & Fiction > Historical Fiction > Short Stories
Homer Johnson is the amusement critic for a magazine geared toward having fun. His last assignment is to critique a new amusement boasting time travel. Homer chooses a destination to meet the father of our country. The ride is so real, that even Homer can’t figure out how they do it.

Bernie and the Wizards: young adult fantasy (The Universe Builders Book 3)
by Steve LeBel
$0.00, 357 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (45 reviews), #1 in > Teen & Young Adult > Literature & Fiction > Science & Technology

For God School's latest graduate, the adventure continues...

Bernie is a young god who fixes broken universes for a living. Unfortunately, the universe he's working on is in the middle of a civil war caused by Ashok, a murderous wizard determined to control the lucrative pepper trade.

Bernie's boss urges him to solve the problem by destroying the evil Ashok and his people, but Bernie wants no part of such a massacre. Struggling to find another solution, Bernie tries to get Ashok to give up his plans for world domination. As Bernie's attempts at peaceful solutions continue to fail, his boss comes to believe the best solution is to destroy all the people and start over again.

But Bernie can't let that happen. He must destroy Ashok and his followers. Although he hates the idea of destroying life, Bernie prepares to do what is necessary, only to discover the evil wizard's powers are far more than superstitious nonsense. The young god is drawn into an epic battle pitting the power of the gods against the forces of magic, while the lives of every man, woman, and child on the planet hang in the balance.

All books in The Universe Builders are standalone and can be read in any order. The first book, Bernie and the Putty, won 16 national and international awards for excellence.

Destructive Interference
by Michael Christopher Carter
$0.00, 408 pages, 4.7 out of 5.0 (8 reviews), #3 in > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > Metaphysical

What if a seemingly harmless choice had the power to take away everything you love the most?

When Matthew Morrissey takes an innocent stroll to his local convenience store to buy batteries for his daughter’s Christmas present, he doesn’t know it will change his life forever…

But for every choice we make, the alternative is lived out in a parallel reality. When the choice is small, the realities quickly merge, like split ends in a shampoo commercial.
More weighty decisions can result in a whole new life existing at an entirely different frequency.
When life on one frequency is at a peak whilst in another it's in a trough, they can converge for a fleeting moment with unpredictable consequences.
This is destructive interference.

Matthew Morrissey is about to discover just how destructive.
Can he save himself and his family before it’s too late?

If you like a twist in your tale, this latest voyage into the paranormal world of Wales's premier writer of supernatural fiction is the most remarkable yet!

Buy it today. You can be sure it won't be like anything you've read before.

Luke's Quest 1: Prisoner of Time
by K. C. Collier, Al Collier
$0.00, 328 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (9 reviews), #30 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Time Travel
(Note This is a complete book) In Prisoner of Time, the first of the Luke’s Quest series, Luke Bradley discovers a journal from 1881 written by a time traveler who is trapped in the past. Not only does Luke uncover a murder plot, but he also meets a woman he has seen in his dreams for years. Luke’s love for Lisa presents a few problems. A few months from now Lisa may be murdered or may murder someone else, and Luke is not sure which. Meanwhile, both Luke and Lisa are attacked and nearly killed, and he tries to find out who is behind those attacks and why. Lisa’s husband is one suspect. A rejected lover is another possibility. Or it could be the head of security for the secret government time-travel research project where she works. Or even all of them working together may be responsible. Will Luke live long enough to save Lisa, or will she die, too, while another time-traveler is trapped in 1881?

Within the Dead Space
by Gary Hutchens
$0.00, 262 pages, 4.2 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #49 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Time Travel
BREAKING NEWS: ABC reports tonight that Chaco, a teenage boy from Peru, while giving a speech at Harvard University about Inca history was possessed by the son of an Inca king from the 1500’s. The son, Pusca, revealed intricate details of a gold ship, named the Santa Cortina that sank off the coast of San Diego in 1540. According to Pusca, the ship’s cargo was gold and silver. Pusca said they removed the gold from the ship and buried it in a cave a few hundred yards inland…
The following day, Chaco went into a small windowless room that had earlier been examined by several newsmen. As soon as they had left the room and closed the door, Chaco crawled into what he calls dead space and vanished. He says dead space is where light and air interacts in such a way that causes the bending of light across a small spectrum of space making the space invisible. He reappeared a few minutes later.
Is Chaco a magician? Is reincarnation possible? Are the laws of physics turned upside down? Is it a parlor trick or does dead space exist?

This book was originally titled Dead Space.

The Children Who Time Lost
by Marvin Amazon
$0.00, 518 pages, 3.4 out of 5.0 (23 reviews), #19 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Time Travel
What happened to the children?

The year is 2043, and humans have been mysteriously unable to reproduce for almost thirty years. To prevent panic and keep the population from dwindling to nothing, global authorities offer a Lotto, where a few winners each week can enter a time portal and bring back adopted children from the future. They’re never allowed to talk about what they saw.

The exception to this system is Los Angeles resident and reluctant celebrity Rachel Harris, the only woman of her generation to naturally give birth. Years of medical tests and treatments have been unable to explain or replicate her pregnancy, and the whole world grieved when Rachel’s daughter died in a tragic accident.

When Rachel wins the Lotto, she’s shocked, and then elated. She can be a mother again. But the baby she meets in 2108 carries a secret that will shatter Rachel’s reality and endanger everyone close to her. Now Rachel must race across time to save her life and her child, even as she discovers that nothing—and no one—are what they seem.

Unit of Measure of the Cosmos: The awakening
by Valerio Viale
$0.00, 178 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 Customer Reviews), #116 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Time Travel
The yellowed leaves on the branches served as a counterweight to the cold wind that was beginning to rise and crawl along the windows of his house on the third floor, decorated in Japanese style, with no expense spared and very tastefully. Its owner was there, alone, looking out; with one eye looking at her reflection, with the other he looked out but actually thought of her daughter. She, even if it was not, felt old inside, yellowed like an old parchment and as the leaves on the trees in the courtyard.
Joint custody [...]

Rudolf Hess and the Time Machine 2nd Ed.
by V Bertolaccini
$0.00, 196 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 Customer Reviews), #146 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Time Travel
Action-packed adventures of an exploration club uncovering an object of unknown origins from where Rudolf Hess crashed during the Second World War ...
The mind-bending artifact is activated in a museum and a strange being appears from its energy sphere and it turns out to be a time traveler expecting to be revived in the future ...

A time machine crashed during the Second World War at the same time and location as Rudolf Hess crashed and its passenger was about to die just before entering suspended animation ...
The time traveler dies but before his death he tells them why he arrived and that he was searching for the ultimate technology of colossal value of an ultimate time traveler ...
They realize what he missed and that he arrived at the wrong latitude and that the location is at the same exact line through the same longitude, and while searching there their scanning equipment activates something ...