New free Vampires (P&UF) Kindle books for 2017-08-15:

by Eden R. Souther
$0.00, 290 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 review), #24 in > Literature & Fiction > Action & Adventure > Fantasy
While humanity slumbers, vampires rule the night.
Ignorant of the constant danger, humans live their lives in bliss.
Life has never been easy for Cassandra Brooks. She and her family—her father William and her brother Austin—never stay in one place for long. To complicate matters, her dreams are haunted by a man she has never met.
Her existence becomes a fight for survival after her brother saves her from a group of nomadic vampires. With help from an unexpected source, Cassandra must embark on a journey to piece together the shattered remnants of her life. All the while, she is hunted by a dark specter she can't seem to shake.

Love Conquers All (Vampire Love Story Book 8)
by H.T. Night
$0.00, 214 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (26 reviews), #10 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Superhero
Fighting is what Josiah Reign does best, especially when Tommy the werewolf is his right-hand man. Josiah will fight for true love, for his ideals, and for the survival of his people. But sometimes, fighting is futile…

After Josiah goes against the will of the Triat to save his son, Jason, from Brock, the megalomaniac leader of the Mani, he learns there will be dire consequences for his noble actions.

And, as Josiah discovers the startling truth of his own existence, a terrifying destiny is set in motion, one that he doesn’t know how to stop with a fist, a blade, or even with his brave heart.

As Brock gathers a massive army for an all-out war, Josiah scrambles for supporters, resources, and answers. When a battle royal ensues, Josiah knows there’s only one way to save them all. It’s the most unconventional tactical idea, ever. It’s also the only way to save all whom he loves and holds dear.

More than just the legacy of his sons is at stake. In a world where Josiah Reign must keep his friends close, and perhaps, keep his enemies closer, can love really conquer all of the evil in the world—before it’s too late for every paranormal species on earth?

Don’t miss the stunning conclusion to the Vampire Love Story series by bestselling author, H.T. Night.

**Acclaim for the novels of H.T. Night**

"A hip and timely vampire novel filled with real characters and some of the coolest vampires since The Lost Boys! You're going to love Night’s completely original take on the supernatural."
—J.R. Rain, author of Moon Dance and The Body Departed

"Vampire Love Story is a passionate story that is told from a refreshing perspective. This book was a blast. Night invents a brand new world for the Vampire genre. Great Job!"
—Summer Lee, author of Kindred Spirits and Shenanigans

"Night is a true story teller. This book is thoughtful and inspirational! I enjoyed the ride."
—Elaine Babich, author Relatively Normal and You Never Called Me Princess

"Bad Blood is fast, hilarious and sexy. Rain, Nicholson and Night just might have created the coolest vampire since Kiefer Sutherland. The Mount Shasta setting is dreamy. The cult is deliciously creepy. And Spider is as sexy as they come. I was pressing the ereader’s ‘forward’ button so fast that I broke it. Let’s hope we hear more from Spider."
—H.P. Mallory, author of Ghouls Rush In and Better Off Dead

"H.T. Night is a riveting storyteller."
—April M. Reign, author of The Turning and Quest for the Keys

Snow Island: Chronicles of a Rabbit-Shifter (Chronicles of a Wererabbit Book 3)
by M. Y. Zeman
$0.00, 286 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (11 reviews), #16 in > Children's eBooks > Action & Adventure > Survival Stories
FROM AMAZON BESTSELLING AUTHOR M.Y. Zeman:Are you brave enough to discover the dark secret of Snow Island? 
Vampires, werewolves, unicorns, pterodactyls, and other creatures from myth or brought back from extinction. A deadly monorail with an insanely cheery Artificial Intelligence tour guide.
A fortune teller's frighteningly accurate prediction of death... 
Snow Island begins five months after Snow Bunny with Snow, now 15, receiving an ominous prediction from a fortune teller. She travels to a mysterious island with Josh, her dads, her friends David and Charlene to find out what happened to the creatures and werewolves that have been disappearing. 

"M.Y. Zeman's paranormal thriller, Snow Island: Chronicles of a Wererabbit, is an action-packed adventure tale that kept me on the edge of my seat.A modern classic that should not be missed.  This decidedly different and fabulous shifter action fantasy novel is most highly recommended."
-- Reader's Favorite

"It's a wonderful combination of Jurassic Park, The Hunger Games and The Most Dangerous Game!"
--Amazon reader

Chronicles of Wererabbit is a young adult paranormal/fantasy series about a girl who can shift into a rabbit and her journey to become a hero.

"The creatures living on the island that Snow and her companions travelled to were deliciously frightening. All of the descriptions of them were so vivid that I almost felt as though they were creeping up behind me."
--Long and Short Reviews YA

"Not just a fantasy world where good battles to overcome evil, there is a deeper message too. I felt a strong Ecological awareness and learned many facts about animals, nature and the world around us. The need to improve conservation and how we can make personal changes to help our earth are cleverly woven into the story. The frightening reality facing many of our endangered animals is highlighted yet offering hope that having heart being brave, ethically minded and responsible can all help in making a difference."
-- Yolanda Boag

Knowledge Revealed (The Nememiah Chronicles Book 1)
by D.S. Williams
$0.00, 389 pages, 4.6 out of 5.0 (21 reviews), #1 in > Teen & Young Adult > Mysteries & Thrillers > Romantic
After a tragedy, Charlotte Duncan moves to the small town of Puckhaber Falls. The unexpected kindness of the residents catches her by surprise, and one day, a fateful accident introduces her to Lucas Tine.

Charlotte finds herself drawn to this man for reasons she cannot understand. What is it about Lucas that she finds so difficult to ignore?

As time passes, she uncovers Lucas’s ancient past — and reveals secrets of her own.

Graveyard Rose (The Rose Chronicles Book 1)
by Ginny Clyde
$0.00, 144 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (33 reviews), #270 in > Teen & Young Adult > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Coming of Age
"She clings to life as tenaciously as the rose which grows from the cold, inhospitable graveyard soil," spoke the stranger at her side. "A graveyard rose!"

In a world where the undead and other demonic creatures run at large, the Guardians, a special rank of men are all that stand between the citizens of Maldorfina and the legions of monsters that hide in the deep, dark Carpathian forests.
Seventeen year old Lenara Gerrickson, a lone female Guardian, struggles to maintain her position while going on her own secret missions into the dark woods. Betrayed in love, all she has is family and honor.

As she rides out to face the threat of a new breed of werewolves, her intuition warns her against unforeseen horror. Her very existence comes under peril…until the day fate puts her in the path of a masked man. Can she find love in this dark and desolate world, or will she perish in the line of duty? Here begins the incredible tale of a lost maiden, and a mysterious, gentleman who calls himself a beast...

Deadly Secrets Revealed Book 2: Brothers That Bite (Paranormal Romance, Vampire, Werewolf, BBW)
by Ebony Bowser, Hepzibah Nanna
$0.00, 206 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (10 reviews), #242 in > Literature & Fiction > African American > Romance
The Deadly Secrets is an exciting series focused on Taria, Michael, Quinn, and LaToya – friends and lovers, who are fighting against the forces of evil. Deadly Secrets Revealed is book II in this series and it begins where Deadly Secrets finished off at.
This book presents many questions, such as: will Quinn get to LaToya in time to save her life? How will being kidnapped affect her and her baby? Will Taria die from her plan to bring Damon down or will Michael be able to save her - both from herself and Damon? Michael’s secrets has come back with a deadly bite to haunt him. His brother Damon is targeting everything he holds close to him. With unseen enemies around every corner will they all make it out alive? Will more secrets be revealed to turn their lives upside down once again? Or, will this be their end?

The Soul of A Vampire: Book 1
by Rachel E Rice
$0.00, 212 pages, 4.3 out of 5.0 (9 reviews), #24 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Metaphysical & Visionary
When Zoey Miller was kidnapped as a young child, she never expected to meet the man whose family stole her innocence. After years of trying to remember that harrowing time she finally realized that the nightmare she tried to remember faded away.
All she wanted to be was a normal twenty-one year old and go out to a bar with her girlfriend, but life isn't what you want it to be it just is. On that night her girlfriend died and Zoey ended up in a coma.

When she woke, it was three months later, and standing before her a handsome pale stranger who refused to answer her questions.

All Sebastian Vesper wanted was to keep Zoey safe and prevent her from finding out about him, and especially his family, who wants her dead. He soon discovers that keeping Zoey safe is not so easy, especially with a bounty on her head by a witch who is in love with him, and a brother who wants to put a stake in his heart.

Hot Chicks Infected With Stomach Parasites
by Brendan Detzner
$0.00, 19 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #13 in > Short Reads > 30 minutes (12-21 pages) > Teen & Young Adult
Guided by fate. Driven by justice. Infected with stomach parasites.

Mary O'Connor is one of the Chosen, the secret fighting force that protect humanity from vampires, werewolves, and other creatures of the night. She's also been dealing with a lot of weird stomach cramps lately...

Brendan Detzner is the author of the short story collections "Scarce Resources" and "Beasts", along with a lot of other stuff. He isn't always such a wiseass.

Turned (Book #1 in the Vampire Journals)
by Morgan Rice
$0.00, 150 pages, 4.0 out of 5.0 (1,413 reviews), #5 in > Teen & Young Adult > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Sword & Sorcery
"TURNED is a book to rival TWILIGHT and VAMPIRE DIARIES, and one that will have you wanting to keep reading until the very last page! If you are into adventure, love and vampires this book is the one for you!"

The #1 bestseller, with over 600 five star reviews on Amazon!

TURNED is book #1 in the #1 Bestselling series THE VAMPIRE JOURNALS, which includes eleven books (and counting).

In TURNED (Book #1 of the Vampire Journals), 18 year old Caitlin Paine finds herself uprooted from her nice suburb and forced to attend a dangerous New York City high school when her Mom moves again. The one ray of light in her new surroundings is Jonah, a new classmate who takes an instant liking to her.

But before their romance can blossom, Caitlin suddenly finds herself changing. She is overcome by a superhuman strength, a sensitivity to light, a desire to feed--by feelings she does not understand. She seeks answers to what’s happening to her, and her cravings lead her to the wrong place at the wrong time. Her eyes are opened to a hidden world, right beneath her feet, thriving underground in New York City. She finds herself caught between two dangerous covens, right in the middle of a vampire war.

It is at this moment that Caitlin meets Caleb, a mysterious and powerful vampire who rescues her from the dark forces. He needs her to help lead him to the legendary lost artifact. And she needs him for answers, and for protection. Together, they will need to answer one crucial question: who was her real father?

But Caitlin finds herself caught between two men as something else arises between them: a forbidden love. A love between the races that will risk both of their lives, and will force them to decide whether to risk it all for each other…

"TURNED is an ideal story for young readers. Morgan Rice did a good job spinning an interesting twist on what could have been a typical vampire tale. Refreshing and unique, TURNED has the classic elements found in many Young Adult paranormal stories. Book #1 of the Vampire Journals Series focuses around one girl…one extraordinary girl!...TURNED is easy to read but extremely fast-paced....Recommended for anyone who likes to read soft paranormal romances. Rated PG."
--The Romance Reviews

“TURNED grabbed my attention from the beginning and did not let go….This story is an amazing adventure that is fast paced and action packed from the very beginning. There is not a dull moment to be found. Morgan Rice did an awesome job bringing the reader into the story. She also made it easy to root for Caitlin and want desperately to her succeed in finding her truth….I will be looking forward to the second book in the series.”
--Paranormal Romance Guild

“TURNED is a likable, easy, dark read that you can read in between other books, as it is short….You’re sure to be entertained!“

All 11 books in the VAMPIRE JOURNALS are also available for sale. Morgan Rice's dystopian series is also available, beginning with ARENA ONE (Book #1 of the Survival Trilogy), a free download. Also available for free are A QUEST OF HEROES and RISE OF THE DRAGONS, two series starters from Morgan Rice's #1 Bestselling epic fantasy series THE SORCERER'S RING and KINGS AND SORCERERS!

by Kaden Brown
$0.00, 186 pages, 3.3 out of 5.0 (3 reviews), #319 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Fairy Tales
Saved by the angel Samael, Lilith, the Dark Immortal, lives her life avenging evil and killing those who refuse to repent. Gaining her life-force from those she slaughters, there are those other immortals who see her as the evil one.

But when a human gets caught between herself and the Antediluvians who are bent upon destroying her kind, Lilith must make a decision she does not understand with consequences she cannot imagine.

Moonlight Society: Initiation (Moonlight Society (A Urban Fantasy Series) Book 1)
by S. Cary, Story Ninjas
$0.00, 53 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 Customer Reviews), #407 in > Short Reads > 90 minutes (44-64 pages) > Science Fiction & Fantasy
Ember is a college student celebrating her 21st birthday with Alistair, her eccentric uncle. While heading to a restaurant, they stop by an old bank. Alistair gives her a book that belonged to her parents. Apparently they wanted her to have it once she was old enough. He explains that her parents were leaders of a secret society with origins that go as far back as Atlantis. Before he can explain more, they are attacked by a group of well dressed men. Ember tries to escape, but the suits seem to have inhuman speed. Luckily a gang of tattooed men and women come to her aid. During the scuffle Ember hits her head pretty hard. Before she falls unconscious, several of the gang-members seem to change into bears and fend off her attackers. From this point on, Ember's world will never be the same.

Blood Red: Chronicles of the Cursed: Book 1
by Aline de Chevigny
$0.00, 29 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 Customer Reviews), #156 in > Short Reads > 45 minutes (22-32 pages) > Science Fiction & Fantasy
Mikael De Wohlf better known to his kind as Cerberus Gnosis, became the head of his clan with the simple act of killing his Sire. That act alone gained him the power and respect he needed to take control of all the ruling houses and reshape the clans to help them survive in this day and age. His reputation painted him as a ruthless killer and terrified everyone who knew him, everyone but her. Everyone but his Bella, his obsession.
Annabella Micelli knew exactly who he was and wasn’t afraid of him one bit. To her dismay she found herself attracted to him and couldn’t get him out of her mind. As keeper for his clan she had insights into the Vampire world that other humans would never have and could never know of.
Will Mikael be able win over the one person that could help him attain his goals, or ruin the one chance he had at happiness?