New free Zombies Kindle books for 2017-08-15:

Lonely Girl (Chronicles of the Damned Book 1)
by Beeman
$0.00, 208 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (6 reviews), #43 in > Literature & Fiction > Horror > Occult
Once the world had rules and rituals that made everything predictable. That world is gone. Now a young girl is the sole survivor of her family after The Bad, a world-devastating event has killed the lucky ones and brought others back as undead. In a world of survivors and hungry dead, no one is sure who the Damned are.

H1Z9 Infection: The Island (H1Z9 Infection Series)
by Justin Gowland
$0.00, 147 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #355 in > Literature & Fiction > Horror
OK so let’s get a few things straight. My name is Chris James, I’m from the North East of England. I had thought a little holiday after basic training was a good idea before I started my first posting. Spending it in the Caribbean might have been a great idea at the time, but at the moment well, I’m truly fucked. Yeah, you wouldn’t have thought the beautiful Caribbean Sea and everything. I mean the beaches stretch for miles. I know because it feels like I have walked every fucking inch of them since I've been here. Anyway, like I said earlier let’s get some things straight. I'm not here on this island paradise because I want to be, more like it was forced upon me. I suppose I should start at the beginning….

Suicide Run (The Infected Series Book 5)
by Justin Gowland, Amy Downs
$0.00, 234 pages, 5.0 out of 5.0 (1 review), #415 in > Literature & Fiction > Horror
Amy awakes to find Marc missing. With the aid of Chris and CCTV footage they see him leaving the Bunker.

Meanwhile Marc meets a child survivor and with his dog Spirit in tow head toward Hull.

by Stephen Hodgman
$0.00, 87 pages, 4.8 out of 5.0 (7 reviews), #1454 in > Literature & Fiction > Horror
Four unlikely survivors regain hope when they stumble upon a mysterious woman with a forgotten past, whose remarkable fighting skills add to her strange character. Before they know it, their new found hope fades when they discover they are being hunted by another deadly threat, apart from the zombie hoards. A secret government agency is hot on the woman’s trail putting the survivors in her company in danger. The mystery grows deeper after the survivors realize she may not even be human herself.

Damn The Dead (Arcadia Book 1)
by Phillip Tomasso
$0.00, 262 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (30 reviews), #75 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Post-Apocalyptic
*Damn The Dead marks the beginning of an exciting new stand-alone series from Phillip Tomasso and takes place some 3 years after the conclusion of the best-selling Vaccination Trilogy.

Even in the heat of the zombie apocalypse, a time must come to rebuild.

Charlene McKinney and her friends are on the run in the mountain ranges of North Carolina. They’ve stolen an 18 wheeler filled with food and supplies and the brutal gang they stole the vehicle from won’t give up until they get back what belongs to them.

The band of survivors stumble across Arcadia, a fortified town erected deep in a valley. There is food, shelter and electricity. Arcadia is fully functional as a community. They offer employment, have a fire department, peace officers, and a judge. The welcome sign posted by the front entrance boasts 3 simple laws for citizenship. No stealing. No fighting. No murder. Seeking sanctuary within the walls of Arcadia seems like the perfect place to hide. But in Arcadia, if you break the law you will find yourself damned with the dead.

Wrecked (The Infected Series Book 4)
by Justin Gowland, Amy Downs
$0.00, 246 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (4 reviews), #60 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Post-Apocalyptic
With Marc, Amy and Chris setting off to rescue Jane and her survivors from their overrun ship. They leave the other half of the team behind to provide security for the remaining survivors and help create a secure fenced off area just outside the bunker.

The Others (Leeches Book 2)
by Justin Gowland, Ashlei Hawley
$0.00, 121 pages, 4.5 out of 5.0 (2 reviews), #492 in > Literature & Fiction > Horror
The Others canablistic survivors living in Newcastle have been hired by the Leadership to track down and bring Marc and Chris back to the Castle.

Their reward….the children of the Castle.

Marc and his friends manage to stay one step ahead of the Others and out of the hands of the Leadership. Until Marc and his dog Spirit lose touch with Chris, Matt and Lisa. Whilst searching for them he finds a compound hidden in a valley and they take him and Spirit in. He finds that they have used a caravans as their main housing and have the rarest of resources a ‘Doctor’!

Marc finds new friends whilst still having to still deal with the compound bully and the Others. Will Marc leave to find his friends? Only time will tell.

Moms Against Zombies
by Alathia Paris Morgan, Nicole Paris, Rebel Edits
$0.00, 143 pages, 4.4 out of 5.0 (5 reviews), #3 in > Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction > War
Emma Jackson is an army wife and new mom with all the uncertainties that come with it… until that fear is pushed in a different direction. Instead of worrying about diapers and feeding schedules, her only objective is to keep her child alive after being chased by a man who looks entirely too dead.

Trish Walsh thought her day was bad when she had to drag all four of her children on an errand, but she rethinks the meaning after what she can only hope was someone dressed up like a zombie beats on her car door. Yet, the bloody mess left behind is anything but reassuring.

Cooper Walsh’s job is top secret. When criminals break in to steal his company’s secrets, he overhears the conspiracy devised to create chaos as a cover-up. Knowing he must do everything in his power to right the wrong, he sets out on a mission.

Surviving long enough to reunite with their families is all that matters. That… and stopping the zombie apocalypse before it destroys them.

by Wick Welker
$0.00, 290 pages, 3.8 out of 5.0 (48 reviews), #111 in > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Post-Apocalyptic
In one hour the streets will stream with the once departed. In two hours the buildings will burst with white-collar workers learning the feel of human teeth in their skin. In four hours the National Guard will retreat as the bridges crumble. In six hours we will lose New York and in eight, our humanity. A small family fights through skyscrapers and schools to find one another as a family friend enlists in a classified military unit led by a commander with a guilty secret. A wayward researcher becomes entangled in the mystery of Medora, North Dakota as a default President fights off a modern age of imperialism. As policemen flee from children and mothers brandish hacksaws, the country’s fate will depend on the civil war between man and the dead. Welcome to Medora, population zero and spreading.

by K. Bartholomew
$0.00, 58 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 Customer Reviews), #10 in > Literature & Fiction > Horror > United States
Compliance, by K. Bartholomew.

Life is perfect for Sarah – Or so she thinks.

In a post zombie apocalyptic world, Sarah begins having strange flashbacks to her former life. She realises that things aren’t what they seem in Clinton County, Ohio. When she begins questioning the establishment and the laws of the land, she places herself in great danger. Why are the women forced to exercise? Why are they artificially inseminated? What happens to their litters after birth? Where are all the men?

Find out, in this disturbing tale, what happens when zombies develop intelligence.

This post apocalyptic zombie story contains scenes of violence and gore.

Zombie Kids of Silver Oaks
by Luis Perdomo, Jacob Moncada
$0.00, 41 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 Customer Reviews), #139 in > Teen & Young Adult > Horror
The nightmare begins on Halloween night! In the usually quiet and peaceful community of Silver Oaks, neighborhood bullies finally get a taste of their own medicine.

$0.00, 223 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 Customer Reviews), #3 in > Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Horror
First came the fog, smothering the cities and towns. Then the power and communications, dead. Birds falling out of the sky. By the break of dawn, a new terror will be unleashed upon humanity...
Judith, a student at the University of Teesside just wanted to get home for the half term holidays. A break from the pressures of friendships and university life beckoned. From within the fog, a new nightmare emerges. Trapped in a town with no way out, a desperate fight for survival ensues when she realises the terrifying fate that awaits them all...

"As with Sawyer's previous offering 'The Familiar', the horror comes unexpectedly at times. We are left with the feeling that the threat is lurking behind every page, just waiting to jump out at us. The sequences are written in a truly honest and raw fashion, the same style that drew me towards writers such as James Herbert." - Chris Tetreault-Blay - Author of 'The Wildermoor Apocalypse.'

“Fascinating and disturbing in equal measure, 'Chasm' will creep you out. Make sure you’re not on your own when you read it!” - Jack Strange. The author of, 'Confessions of an English Psychopath.'

How I Met Barbara The Zombie Hunter
by Claudia D. Zawa
$0.00, 41 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 Customer Reviews), #2 in > Literature & Fiction > Horror > Comedy
Yes, there are zombies, even in Hawaii. A foolish, lonely writer learns this the hard way from a beautiful woman who claims to be a hunter of the living dead. (Note to self: Next time, when a stranger on the internet wants to see you, just say no.) A horror comedy novelette.

Dreaming the Dead Man: Prequel to the Dagger Saga - A Dark Fantasy Ebook
by Walt Popester
$0.00, 16 pages, 0.0 out of 5.0 (0 Customer Reviews), #416 in > Romance > Fantasy
A woman. Her King.
A dying World.
The Dagger Saga has sold thousands of copies throughout the world, still counting.
Drunk sadistic Werewolves? Check.
Haunted ruins? Check.
Badass warriors with a past of which they are not too proud? Of course, check.
Bipolar, depressed gods? Oh, check two times.
Believe it or not, the only dark fantasy saga with a soundtrack.
This is a short prequel to taste the style of the author, give it a try and you won't regret.