This function is now obsolete.

Documentation for RCHGetYahooQuotes() function


    Returns delayed stock quotes and other data from the Yahoo quotes interface.


    =RCHGetYahooQuotes( tickerlist, [datacodelist], [serverid], [refresh], [headers] )


    tickerlist= A list of ticker symbols to get quotes and/or other data for from the Yahoo quotes server. This parameter can either be a single ticker symbol, a comma-delimited list of ticker symbols, a cell reference, or a range reference.

    datacodelist= An optional list of data codes telling the Yahoo quotes server which data elements you want. This parameter can either be a string concatenation of all desired data codes, a cell reference, or a range reference. The default value for this parameter is "sl1d1t1c1ohgv", which would return ticker symbol, last price, date and time of last price, change for the date, opening/high/low price of the day, and volume for the day. Here is a table listing the most commonly used data codes:

Basic QuoteFundamentalsTechnicalsEstimatesReal-Time (ECN)
sSymbolj1Market Capitalizationa2Average Daily Volumet81yr Target Pricek1Last Trade (ECN with Time)
nNamef6Float Sharest7Ticker Trende9EPS Est. Next Quarterb3Bid (ECN)
pPrevious Closer5PEG Ratioj52-week Lowe7EPS Est. Current Yrb2Ask (ECN)
oOpenp5Price/Salesj5Change From 52-week Lowe8EPS Est. Next Yearc6Change (ECN)
hHighp6Price/Bookj6Pct Chg From 52-week Lowr6Price/EPS Est. Current Yrw4Day's Value Change (ECN)
gLowb4Book Valuek52-week Highr7Price/EPS Est. Next Yrc8After Hours Change (ECN)
xExchangerP/E Ratiok4Change From 52-week High  j3Market Cap (ECN)
l1Last Trade (Price Only)eEarnings/Sharek5Pct Chg From 52-week High  r2P/E (ECN)
lLast Trade (With Time)j4EBITDAm350-day Moving Avg  k2Change & Percent (ECN)
d1Date of Last Trades7Short Ratiom7Change From 50-day Moving Avg  v7Holdings Value (ECN)
t1Time of Last TradedDividend/Sharem8Pct Chg From 50-day Moving Avg  g5Holdings Gain & Percent (ECN)
k3Last Trade SizeyDividend Yieldm4200-day Moving Avg  g6Holdings Gain (ECN)
c1Changer1Dividend Pay Datem5Change From 200-day Moving Avg  m2Day's Range (ECN)
p2Percent ChangeqEx-Dividend Datem6Pct Chg From 200-day Moving Avg  i5Order Book (ECN)
cChange & Percent      
vVolumeOption Quote Additions      
mDay's RangeCodeDescription      
j52-week Lowo1Open interest?      
k52-week Highp3Type of option      
w52-week Rangee3Expiration date      
bBids3Strike price      
b6Bid SizenName of option      
a5Ask Size        

     serverid = An optional parameter to specify the country id of an alternative Yahoo Quotes server. The default is a null string, which uses the normal server. From what I've seen on Yahoo, I believe these values can be specified:

Server IDYahoo Quotes Server For
auAustralia and New Zealand
cfFrench Canada
hkHong Kong
ukUK and Ireland

    refresh= An optional parameter that allows automatic refreshing of quotes via the F9 key (i.e. "recalculate"). All you need to do is pass "NOW()" as the value of this parameter to activate a refresh capability. Basically, all it does is cause a change in parameter values, which makes the function recalculate.

    headers= An optional parameter that allows column headings to be generated for the returned columns of data.

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