Documentation for smfGetYahooJSONData() function


    Returns a field extracted from one or more of Yahoo's JSON modules


    =smfGetYahooJSONData( Ticker, Module Name, Field Name, [Occurrence], [Type] )


    Ticker= Ticker symbol (e.g "MMM")

    Module Name= The modules(s) from which to extract the data. This can also be a URL, since some JSON code can be found within the source code of a web page. There are numerous modules (e.g. "defaultKeyStatistics" or "assetProfile")

    Field Name= The name of the field to extract from the JSON file. This is used as a "search" criteria in the JSON file. For example, "yield" or "rankInCategory.oneYear". In the second case, the function would first look for a field name of "rankInCategory", and then look for a field name of "oneYear". At this point, there is no guarantee that the "oneYear" will be from the "rankInCategory" group -- it's just a search and I don't know how the full JSON file will be structured.

    Occurrence= The number of times the (final) field name should be searched for; optional; defaults to a value of 1.

    Type= Type of data to retrieve for the field name; optional; defaults to "raw"; other possible values might be "" or "fmt".

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