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LinkFAQ or Tip Description
LinkHow to install the add-in
LinkYouTube video on how to use the smfFixLinks macro to remove the hard coded location in SMF add-in templates
LinkYouTube video on how to manually remove the hard coded location in SMF add-in templates

Yahoo Group LINKS items (for reference purposes)

LinkFAQ or Tip Description
Link0. Installing the add-in
Link0.1 Frequent questions asked by new users of the add-in, or just good things to know
Link0.2 Fixing Add-in Location Errors (i.e. #NAME?)
Link0.3 Why is RCHGetElementNumber() returning "Undefined"?
Link0.4 Number conversions for non U.S. regional settings
Link0.4a - Number conversions for non U.S. regional settings
Link2. Creating a table for RCHGetYahooQuotes
Link2.1a - Using the smfUpdateDownloadTable macro
Link2.1b - Using the smfUpdateDownloadTable macro
Link2.1c - A blog entry on using the smfUpdateDownloadTable macro
Link2.1d - Using the smfUpdateDownloadTable macro ("referback")
Link2.2 A step-by-step example of using some of the new option functions
Link9.1 - Tip: Using the cell named "Ticker"
Link9.2 - Tip: Using SMF functions in VBA modules
Link9.3.1 - Tip: Adding new element numbers
Link9.3.2 - Tip: AdvFN element number definitions
Link9.3.3 - Tip: Creating new element numbers
Link9.4.1 - FAQ: Why are IE cookies needed for some sites?
Link9.4.2 - FAQ: What do I need in addtion to smfForceRecalculation to get my data to refresh?
Link9.5 - FAQ: What is the smfForceRecalculation macro and how do I use it?
Link9.5.1 - EXCEL 2010 security issue for smfForceRecalculation
Link9.6 - FAQ: How do I combine (i.e. "concatenate") a string to a cell reference, to make a dyamic URL
Link99.1 - Independent Installation and Trouble-Shooting Manual
LinkAdvFN.001 - A possible fix for "Error" responses from AdvFN due to a change from a Windows Update.
LinkAdvFN.002 - A workaround for AdvFN users that get redirected to one of their regional domains
LinkFRED.001 - A database of FRED links (Federal Reserve Economic Data)
LinkFinViz.001 - How to grab FinViz Screener output (Now only for subscribers)
LinkFinViz.002 - Grabbing data for multiple companies from FinViz quotes page
LinkGoogle.001 - Grabbing data items from the Google API (Obsolete)
LinkMSN.001 - How to grab MSN options data (Obsolete)
LinkMStar.001 - Grabbing the financial statements CSV file from Morningstar
LinkNASDAQ.001 - Financial reports data available on NASDAQ
LinkTA-Lib.001 -- About free TA-Lib Technical Analysis Add-in