SMF Add-In --Tips and FAQS -- Installation

What is the add-in?

The Stock Market Functions (SMF) add-in is primarily a collection of user-defined functions (UDF) for EXCEL, that can allow data to be extracted and/or retrieved from web pages and files and placed directly into EXCEL cells or ranges.

The add-in cannot be used with Open Office, and it cannot be used on the Mac without a simulated Windows environment. Coding is in place for using the add-in natively on the Mac, but I've had no response from people that said they'd test it.

How do I install the add-in?

There is no automated installer, but it only takes a few steps:

  1. Create this folder on your PC ==> C:\SMF Add-In
  2. Download the ZIP archive that contains the current version of the add-in from the top page of the SMF web site into that directory.
  3. Extract ALL files from the ZIP archive into the folder you just created.
  4. Start EXCEL and open a new workbook
  5. Go to the add-in manager (keyboard shortcut alt+t+i) and click on the Browse... button.
  6. Browse to the folder you just created, and select the XLA file from that folder.

That's all you need to do. There should now be a line in the add-in manager for "Stock Market Functions add-in", with a checked box in front of it. However, an easy way to verify if the add-in is installed is to try this function in your worksheet:


If the add-in wasn't installed properly, you will get a #NAME? error with that function. Otherwise, it should tell you which version of the add-in you have installed, as well as echoing back which folder you have the add-in installed in. For example:

Stock Market Functions add-in, Version 2.1.2016.08.07 (C:\SMF Add-in; Windows (32-bit) NT 6.00; 12.0; ; xInternet; 1)

How do I uninstall the add-in?

Again, just a few steps:

  1. Start EXCEL and open a new workbook.
  2. Go to the add-in manager (keyboard shortcut alt+t+i) and uncheck the box in front of the "Stock Market Functions add-in" list item.
  3. Exit EXCEL. At this point, EXCEL should no longer be aware of the SMF add-in when you open it up.
  4. Optional: Delete the folder and files that were created when you installed the add-in

Special Notes

  1. In July of 2016, Microsoft did a security update that affects the latest several versions of the O/S and EXCEL. This security update inadvertently prevents EXCEL from being able to load add-ins when it starts up. Until they can fix the problem, they have suggested a workaround of unblocking the XLA file. For more information.
  2. If you're having issues with AdvFN, be sure to check out the two items on the Tips and FAQs web page.